My Talking Tom Friends

4.4 (253K)
253.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Talking Tom Friends

4.45 out of 5
253K Ratings
3 years ago, DJ doggolol707
Cool game but few stuff I need to tell you…
So this game is amazing I still play it today and I love it, all the little characters just complain and you have to do the stuff they give you but .. yea there is a but to this review. So first of all the adds are so annoying and I know in like every game like talking Tom style has a problem but the adds in this game the adds practically own this game. And second thing there is some lags and glitches in this game. So today I got on thinking * ohh I’m gonna help my Tom and help my ginger clean the trash today* when I got on everything was normal just your average Tom game and all the sudden my ginger cat started floating!!! Like literally floating in the air so I tried to move to another character and ginger just followed me so I tried to click on ginger and for some reason he just started to stare at me like in my eyes so as soon as I saw that I literally left the game. So fix this lagging and add problem because I will still play this game but I will be scared about this so don’t worry I’m just staying on my opinion of these games and no offense to anybody thank you for reading my comment 🙂
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2 years ago, noelle714
How great this game
This is a great game but I don’t like that you have to wait for friends each day I am waiting for Ginger and getting him tomorrow but that means now that I have 10 bananas and I have to feed everybody because they do everything at the same time and it’s not really fun because now you have to like be the or do everything you have to wait this is a great game but I don’t like that you have to wait for friends each day I am waiting for Ginger and getting him tomorrow but that means now that I have 10 bananas and I have to feed everybody because they do everything at the same time and it’s not really fun plus now you have to like be the more do everything you have to wait like this everything there’s only like two things or like to something it’s weird and this is also being a game and you play it because it is really fun when you put stuff you can you get me angry because I feel like this box is parts and you have to like it was a 15 an hour you have to wait to get these cards and it’s something super super frustrating I agree with if you said that because it is a great game but it does make you angry sometimes so try to game and everything you do in special Angela I just mommies party dresses every time this boy so it makes it harder and the sound is made me create sometimes go to sleep and I am starting to play with it and it makes me wanna go to bed and it’s weird and now somebody else to take a shower like almost everybody now
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3 years ago, ry loves dogs and cats
This is why I’m only giving it a three star review
So I bet you wondered why only gave it three stars oh I love the game it’s so fun and so cool however I do feel like you should not have a children’s game where there is money that’s fake and money that’s real and way too many ads it’s just wait a minute because well I love the game it’s super cool it’s like my favorite game on my tablet however if my little brother was ever allowed to play on my tablet if he wanted to play that game he would not know the difference between the real money and the fake money this is a game stop it I wrote a list in my head that I think you could use for changes one make it to where you can trade bus coins for real coins to don’t use real money only the fake money And to do not ever put that many add in that case children would love to play that game I was when I was asked how it was and I told her horrible I love the game I love the design however seriously you’re gonna put that real money on it no no no if you want more customers to fire to get your game not by it’s not a bad game you don’t be nice to get it and I love that however all your ads make mud more money and I know that but you could limit the ads and there’s ads for games that little kids wouldn’t even like so I hope that you make some changes in this game please read this outfit seven I hope you’re reading that so your next future changes
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3 years ago, Cadence_P
Good game
Hi my name is sania and I’m a big fan of outfit7 games. And I like this game because it’s all of my favorite talking pet games in one app they’re just all kids and they don’t grow up. It’s like I’m the parent and I make the rules and there’s so much stuff to do it’s almost better than the other games that you made! The only thing I don’t like about this game is that it’s just ads and you how to make an app purchases but like everyone knows it’s normal I guess you have to do that in every single one of your games. But anyways all the characters in this game is super cute but I request that you make it a point where they can grow up and you can take care of them in many different ways and I ask that you add more games like that they can play they play like that they play in this app like add more games when you go to the TV and drag your character to the TV to play games yeah add more of those. And can you add more play equipment because it is so cool and please get rid of an app purchases I know you have to make money but it would be so much better if the whole game was just free plus get rid of ads please thank you whoever read this and to the developers now that’s it bye-bye.
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3 years ago, yeah yeah yeah who
I have it on my Mimi’s phone so it is really cool and awesome I love the features i’m just wondering if we can add a detail like that we can talk to each other so we can be like we can have a conversation when I tap on them and maybe we can have a playground have a city have some levels like when they grow up and I may be thinking of worse games and more stuff like maybe we can have some updates like we can get a pet we can build and buy more stuff and put it wherever we want I’m just thinking of that and also all of you guys or girls ideas are amazing I think we can just mask them all together so we can all have fun i’m going to read the rest of them I’m just saying this since I think it would be really nice I just finished 1st grade and I’m so excited happy new year to you all maybe we can I also have some stuffed animals so cute when they go to sleep I’m just thinking of fun stuff I may think of some more stuff to put on here so just be ready see you later alligator‘s ✋🏻✌🏻Bye! Anjelica I am a little girl to I’m 7 by the way I am downloading it right now (: FOR YOU
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3 years ago, lulutheawsome
This game is really good but...
Ok. So I hope people see this,DOSE ANYONE ELSE THINK THAT THERE IS TO MANY ADDS AND IT ALSO GLITCHES FOR ME it takes forever and I mean FOR- EV-ER to load, and here’s the funny thing, are they speaking gibberish or somthin!? because they say do- bod- do AND IT Hilarious 😂. Anyways my two friends have this game and the same trouble that I have with this game. And can you make a few changes because can you make the outfits more easy to get and for the bus and where it takes you can you make it own shop and like the play ground where you can play in and the piano place aka art place too can you guys make it where you actually paint and play the Piano I’m just kinda bored with all of those places being shops please can you make like a grocery store I’m mean that’s where we get mostly all of are needs and wants am I right one last change is updating the game more faster iv had this game for more that 2 weeks and it’s still been the Chinese New Year version Anyways I hope you have a nice rest of your day and where a mask too lol bye
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4 years ago, Marisa Paul
Great! But there could be more things
I love talking tom and friends so much and I always watch your episodes. I just wanted to say that you should add Jeremy into the game. (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong) but It would be way more better is he was in. Also I think it would be cool if there was a multiplayer mode where you can choose a character to play as and hang around, chat with people, and explore: when I say explore I mean go in different maps. For example A Forest, A Farm and many more things. You should also be able to go into other peoples homes and see what they decorate. You should also be able to go on quests/tasks. Like get 1000 bus tokens or win a soccer ball and more. One more thing. I think the stores in the game should match with whatever is in the bags. Like there is a store that look like it’s for toys but when you choose a bag you get food. I think that should be switched up. I hope you see this message and change a few things I said here. Thank you 💕
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4 years ago, RBnickname*****!
Room to Improve
Disclaimer: I am not trying to sound rude or mean if I sound like it!! This game is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it, but there’s always room to improve. 1. Personalities: I think they should have personalities. Right now I’m just pretending they do. Like I make Tom use the soccer ball because he likes soccer and Angela uses the easel because she likes to paint or something like that. 2. Outfits: I think you should be able to buy outfits. 3. Road Trips: I think you should be able to take them on road trips and vacations instead of them being cooped up in the house forever. 4. Upgrades: I think you should be able to upgrade your house and get them bedrooms. Don’t get me wrong, the fort is adorable, but bedrooms would be cool. 5. Age Ups: They should grow up. I think that would be really cool. Get jobs and unlock new items. And last but not least 6. Dating: They must date you do not understand I ship them and I try to set them up but it’s not possible the ships must sail and sorry for no punctuation I understand that it takes time and hard work and effort to make and update a game and I’m not expecting these updates. These are just suggestions. I love the art style of this game! They are super adorable! All in all, NICE GAME!!! :)))))
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4 years ago, Bacon crunchyness
Amazing game, but I have a few suggestions...
Hi! So this is an awesome game, and I love how they sing “Do body do yo” or some gibberish that sounds kinda like that. 😂🐶 I also love how you unlock more toys, characters, and stuff like that. But as I said in the title, I have some ideas. For one thing, they sleep for a REALLY long time, so maybe you could change the amount of time that they sleep? And maybe they grow up too, like in the other games you guys have made. What if they went to school, made new friends, and that kind of thing? And also, when you’re in the town buying stuff, maybe they could actually hang out there, and you could play with them while they’re there. And what if they had personalities, such as things they’re interested in, they’re favorite/least favorite foods, etc. Sorry that this was a long review, but yeah. Also, you don’t need to change anything, but those were just some recommendations. Keep up your awesome work!!!! 🥳
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2 years ago, Raebees1122
Good for kids!
I see a lot of kids using these Tom games I played this with my little cousins once! It’s really cute but I don’t exactly know if it’s safe! I think the rumors are fake but in the same time I don’t know.. But I honestly request to let child’s play this game! Like I said me and my cousins played it and we are safe but I can’t see them since my mom is enemy’s with my cousins mom, but I think they are safe! and I hope so, this is a really cute and it looks very innocent! I don’t think this can kidnap people since they don’t use the microphone cause I don’t remember having the question for microphone, I don’t think this game is dangerous because I played it before like I said, but I also think the talking games rumors are fake to, It’s my opinion so don’t hate me for my opinion, everyone has different opinions right? Anyways that was my text for this game I think this is safe!
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1 year ago, layan-love
STOP STOP!!! Read before you get this app
That game is so CRAZY!!!! like what the $&;!; it’s even more worse then the others I was normally playing until when the time where hank was about to appear up Angela and tom’s eyes fell off i thought it was my imagination... but when the time when ginger appeared up...... everything became worse.... everyTime when I go back to this app they keep saying words that makes me curious. A lot ... whenever I check on hank he say:HELP And Angela say: what did I do wrong? Tom say : don’t you wanna help us ?? Ginger say: Humans are sometimes scary. Gina say : I want them back... Ben say : that hurts ;(. ( I got so much curious about this ) but when I looked back for a second the screen was black and they were all standing on the screen they said : what did we do ? To deserve this?! And they start glitching around my phone and when it turned back to normal I deleted the app... and I’m not sure what did they mean by what did we deserve this? ....... WELL IDK IF OUTFIT7 IS A MONSTER JUST KIDNAPPED SOME KIDS
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4 years ago, DolphinWorldGirl 🐬🐬🐬🐬
Fun yet... Frustrating.i
This game is so cute! 🤣I just had a few stuff that could be better that I want to tell you guys. I love how you can dress them up but I just wish we could take OFF the headbands and hats 🙊☹️🥺 I’ve tried EVERYTHING to try and take them off, I even deleted the game and downloaded it again. But that just made me start over 😡!!!! All you can do is change the headband or hat so I was stuck with a weird hat for Tom that I didn’t like. And I hate to say it but well... it’s getting kind of boring when all I can do is take them around the house. I just wish the bus could take them to places other then shops like Disney World for example. Oh and I wish the doorways actually had DOORS duh. It’s like someone took the hinges off it. Because for example when it starts raining and Tom and his friends are playing outside and I take them in, they just go out again so I just want it to have doors so the only way to open it is if I click on it. And then double click to close it. Thanks.
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2 years ago, hockey bear 12345689020$
Great game but some step backs
First of all a major step back is that you can pull the cats and dogs every where and get to hurt them. I mean why. This is a good game to give to your children to build them up to getting there own pet. My kids thought it was neat. They tell me all about it like how fun it is to earn new characters every day for a week and get all of the fun kittens and puppies. I do recommend it for at least 0-100 years because it is a great game for everyone parents to. Now let’s talk mistakes. We’ll one is the gross sound effects they have going to the bathrooms. It is very gross because it is oddly realistic. Also you need good internet to play but if it gets laggy you could get lucky and get random coins and when it says you get an ad you don’t!😂 I do recommend this game especially for younger viewers.
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3 years ago, lacey ann warner
I love this game but...
Hi I like this game because the caruters are so cute and I love playing and taking care of them but once I tried all the old games they were good to but they watch you once that I saw all the videos by laurenside infiete and many other I quickly deleted it but this one dose not watch or have any pictures in the eyes I checked just for everyone’s safety and if you thinks it’s not safe watch videos first or cover you camera while you playing the game and also if the cerater sees this here’s a question why did you make games that watch little kid are you like a crazy you know I’m terrified if you stop watching kid play8ng you other games that’s what a crazy person would so if you don’t feel safe scared when you play this game you should not play it at so tell the truth cerater ok and respond to me.
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3 years ago, Muffins with MM
Fun, but has issues 👍
When I first downloaded this game I was very excited and happy because I love talking Tom and watched the show when I was a younger kid. Also, I loved how the character would grow up when you helped them with what they needed and how you could dress them up. But in this game they don’t grow up. They stay young and that isn’t very exciting, but the game is very fun and entertaining to play. But there is some issues. (1.) The first issue is: the game has lots of ads. But when the game is transitioning to the ads the game sometimes freezes and I have to exit the game and come back. (2.) Another issue is: there isn’t really a tutorial on how to start the game. So I started last week and it took me a few days to learn the game. (3.) Another issue is: you start out with 2 charters. To get more characters you have to play the game everyday and get one daily. That is an issue because it’s annoying how you have to play the game everyday just to get all the characters. (4.) The last issue I have noticed would be: how the game freezes a lot, and I don’t know if it’s just my wifi or my device but it’s really annoying. So I have to leave the game and go back. Besides all the issues the game is very fun and entertaining to have. Especially when you can take care of the characters (when you get most of them) and dress them up and help them.
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3 years ago, GirlMom82
I bought this house first start with talking Tom and talking Angela then they asked for stuff and they were like question bubble and he said he wanted to play softball really cute when we did it it was so animation was so cute and Angela sings and she’s cute too by the days go by you get more characters I’m almost at day six once I got it once I got today five there was a robber in the house and stole some candy from us I was like OMG but then it started out normal there is nothing in their eyes it’s all safe but be careful it’s your fault if you’re younger than four under for your maybe you the mom and dad say no to this app I really like this app and I love this hat and I play it almost every day I’m not saying that you should not download it I think you should but just check with your parents first.
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4 months ago, 🐱👘👑💍
I love it,it’s cute 💕 ..a concern though…😗😐🫤😑🫨
So I will tell u that I haven’t played this game in about a year ok and I redownloaded it because back a while ago,I DELETED ALL THE TALKING FRIENDS games because I kinda believed the rumors but idk if they real and because I downloaded the talking Angela on my other device I will tell u da story afterwords. I redownloaded this game and it says to me”Enter your birthdate here” I put in the year after my REAL BIRTHDAY ok just for safety. Now real quick I don’t wanna be rude talking about outfit7 because me and my brother LOVE talking Tom and friends we watch it my brother watches the channel a lot when he’s in the mood obviously. So after I put in my”REAL BIRTHDATE” it says “download old game or new game?” And I was like what FYI I put my hand over my camera. And when it said that I was like:OMG it went in my iCloud Drive AHHH! And if it has my old game and I put my real birthdate I am scared but it is ok nothing in eyes so we’re ok
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2 years ago, thenameofWB
Don’t trust little kids.
Okay first of all, there is nothing in the eyes! Some people just try to scare the younger kids but no nonono do not even try. I thought I did see something but it's just the eye. If you are the dumb people who are writing scary reviews that mess kids up, STOP. And I saw another review that said: "Don't trust ten year olds." Yes some ten year olds can do stupid things that will scare kids. But I myself am a ten year old but I encourage the people who think those reviews are real. I'm helping out kids who are scared of the man in the eye, LISTEN UP DO NOT TRICK KIDS ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE EYE TRYING TO STALK ( spy ) you! I'm going to be honest, this game is just not for me. But this game is suitable for younger kids. I love this game, I know I'm just ten, but I try to encourage kids that, that stuff is fake. PEACE OUT AND HAVE A GOOD DAY OR NIGHT!!!!!! 🥳😆
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4 years ago, so1989123456
This is the best game ever :)
I love this game it is so good and fun I love all the cutie animals you get and this game is so funny and I love all the cutie clothes you get and all the cool stuff you get it is really cool and I love getting new stuff like toys food clothes new accessories new animals I live to play this game when I am bored because it is super entertaining and a little hard work because you get 6 characters and you have to take care of all of them also I have lots of toddlers in my family so when ever I give them my phone they always go on this app they think it is so much fun and they always show me all the cool stuff they get and I think this game is good for a lot of ages like toddlers,kids,teens I think they well all love this game it is a really great and amazing game I really do love it and it always brings a smile to my face :) 🥳🤩😃😁
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4 years ago, anikadoesntexist
Meh😐Plz ReadIfYouWantToKnowWhatTheDon’tTellYou
This game is great, but if you played my tom or angela or whatever your whole life (even though you only, like, 10), it’s just not as fun. the reason is: 1~ all you really do is BRING the characters to the activities, you don’t really get to play it WITH them, unless you have some sort of special toy. 2~ The game selection is very limited, and the games you can play are the games you get to play with their toys (if that makes any sense). Lastly, you don’t really earn much money, but to unlock a single picture to color, you have to pay 720 coins! And on top of that, you need to pay 10 coins to use a certain crayon color. Not cool. This game is fun either way, and i’m sorry if i sounded mean😰, i was trying not to. But the design is so cute, and i like the game. Can you please put my requests into consideration? and if you are a buyer, then... bye? idk.
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4 years ago, Dumplings!!! ❤️❤️❤️
❤️ This game is so addicting!!! 😝
I love this game so much but there is always room for improvement. I think that the characters should have personalities meaning if Angela rejects cheese once she should always reject it and if Hank likes the skate bored then he should want to play it a lot and if Angela and Tom talk to each other a lot they should do other things together too like they are bffs. Also people keep saying things about the eyes of the characters and at first I was a little skeptical but I decided to get the game anyways just to try it out and I’m happy to say that I have been playing for awhile and haven’t had any problems or seen anything at all. So if you are reading these comments too please consider my review before you make your final decision about deleting the game or not getting it because I really believe that this game is so much more adorable than scary.
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4 years ago, unicon Ava
Good but
It gets really annoyingEvery time on my phone and it keeps saying it keeps doing like this song thing and it’s just gets like really really annoyingAnd I just don’t like it so I want you to change that and I would like different music in the day in the night so that would be like better for meIt’s just a suggestion if you want to I mean I do really like it but it just gets annoying sometimes so that’s why I gave it gave you four stars sorry but I do really love this game so I want I love you and I want you guys to download it because it’s really fun and cool do you really like the clips that you guys added it’s really cool and it hurt whenever it’s like I think I’m on day 12 no I forgot what I have with them on but it’s really cool so I think you should download it have a great day bye
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3 years ago, williams🥰😍😘
Best game ever
This game is fun and all but you need to start taking peoples coins because if you do that you went to coin’s and you don’t know how to collect them and then you only have a little of math this game is fun and all but you need to start taking peoples coin‘s because if you do that you want out of coins and you don’t know how to collect them and then you only have a little bit of coins so stop taking tables coins and let me buy stuff with the coins instead of taking the coins why don’t you help them make the calls and if you don’t fix I’m not gonna play this game anymore because it’s such a rip off and give this game a very horrible rating and I’ll write the meanest most meanest thing ever about your game if you don’t fix it anyway bye
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3 years ago, Cocobutter2388468458
Kinda creepy PLEASE READ
So I know how all the other talking Tom and Angela games are like watching you or something and I don’t think this is much different. I heard the “white noise” from the zepeto app in this one too. And I NEVER gave it access to my microphone! It’s like it was listening. I wasn’t talking or anything because I’m very cautious of these types of things, and when you go to “app privacy” it says the data is being used to track you. So please be safe! Otherwise this is a pretty fun game! The characters are cute and there is nothing in the eyes! So be safe and try not to talk while using this! Now for the good part, I love the little hats and dress ups! They are adorable the characters are more updated, they are very cute! It’s a pretty good app if you don’t think about it listening to you! Now here is a game! Finish the lyrics I’m in love with the shape of you _______ did you get it? Great! If not you will get it!
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3 years ago, Orginal Super Cracker
Football,volleyball,a playground for the friends and they should hang out at the store and check out the prize,make it to where the skateboard can actually roll and can go around the house,add a second story with bedrooms and bathrooms,they can brush their teeth before they go to bed,xylophone,drums,trumpet and flute,slime,action figures,dolls,tablets,phones,add a restaurant instead of them being have to be feed at home all the time like add a restaurant and Rhonda from talking Tom and friends,Pierre,Harry,make it to where the friends could talk and they should grow up and go to school and they go on a school bus and add a prison if they don’t follow the rules,outfit7 add all of this to the game next update and remove the ads like add a thing for $0.99 and it can remove ads
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4 years ago, rndidndieneiw
Talking Becca the new character
Hi I’m Malia I’m 11 years old and love all of your talking Tom and friends games and i Ben a fan forever and I Watch the Tom and friends and you have a new character I see and well i see I think you guys should make my talking Becca just like the same with my talking Angela with my talking Becca she can sleep eat pet her hit her and dance like Angela and do stickers to get outfits and pay for outfit and put on make up and all of that can level you up just like Angela I’m just saying that if you make if people might play it and I thing if you make my talking Becca it going to fair because every character after a game and it’s not gonna be here for Becca if she doesn’t have her own game so I’m just it will be cool if you make thanks by the way I love your games.🥰🥰🥰
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3 years ago, kw_69arts
Absolutely love it!
I have been playing this game for a few days now and I am OBSESSED with the little characters and how they have such a large space to move around and interact with not to mention the bus and the mini games as an addition! But.. I have a sound problem. I have deleted and re-downloaded the game with no avail to it fixing. I’ve even adjusted the sound from within the game but it just won’t work? Aside from the sound problems,, it is a very fun and cute game! Especially for those who need to be kept stimulated like me- I have to have my hands in motion as well with mind to keep myself from getting bored or just involuntarily moving around like an overly energetic wiggle worm. Perfect adhd game for sure!
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4 years ago, ⚽️🐻Claire Bear🐻⚽️
(Read until end) Amazing! Two issues:
Talking Tom & Friends is such a great game! Its sooo cute! I treat Tom and his friends like they’re my children 😂 I love all the mini games too! My brother is absolutely obsessed with all of your games but this is everyones favorite (so is My talking tom 2) 🤩 This game is truly fun and I can sit there playing it for awhile. One issue though: Recently an update occurred and now it takes forever for Tom & his friends to do anything!! Especially shower, use the bathroom, and sleep! There is my other issue: They want to sleep all the time now so I can’t play the game for that long. Overall this game is amazing and I encourage you guys to get it. P.S. I love how you can get lots of clothes and customize your house.
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4 years ago, Nayeli leslie Diaz Flores
It’s good just a little problem
This game is the most cutest most entertaining most enjoyable game ever but the problem is that you have to almost buy everything! And there are six of the characters so they eat food a LOT that is why you have to buy a TON OF IT and medicine, games for the tree house to! Well if you are planing to get this game I would recommend you thinking 🤔 💭 about if you want to spend most of your money for just for the KIDS but the kids are so adorable I can’t help it and for the food there just like 10$ or 5$ but think of that like 💯 times wasting that money! Well I hope this compliment helped you chose if you want it or not but I got it and I’m fine 🙂 if I spend a lot of money because I will get more from the game!😊🙂😀😃😄😁😆😉 well I hope you have a great day 👍bye!😁
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3 years ago, Anomly Axy
This game is better then the others.
This is probably the most advanced game in the Talking tom franchise. It ads a lot more then other game and it doesn’t get boring so quickly. I like how you take care of all them, and how they have also added the bunny to the franchise. Another girl! I also like how there’s also a leveling up system and how you gotta do specific things to reach the level. I also don’t believe in the whole, “These characters are watching you and are going to hunt you down” stuff, I just think it’s people listening to what others say and are trying to scare them. I have had these games for over 3 years now and nothing has ever happened to me. This review is my opinion and is all from experience.
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3 years ago, bhjsidjjsisissu
I like love it so much and it’s awesome and so creative and not just that we have to even collect characters to get the full set and it is so creative game and I love it very very much please don’t delete this game and it came out before on 2020 or 2019?! Unbelievable this game is still kind of new!?!? :0 not scary at all the horror games are granny and many more stuff once when it came out I was so excited to try it out because we’ve searched on Safari or Google that this game is about to come out and I was so excited I told my friend and this game has became very popular and things no problems no nothing I love it very very much it’s gonna be my favorite game of all and nothing could be better than this I love it very very much and Game is amazing
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4 years ago, daryaghanbary
LOVE the game!!!! But a few ideas
I luv this game I’ve been playing it since it came out. There are just a few cool ideas that I wanted to really see in the game. My first idea is that make the characters grow up then when the fully grew up u could restart. My second idea is that add more places like a park or a school, cuz I think it’s kinda boring that they’re only in a daycare. My third idea is that maybe u should add piano classes and art class, that well be really fun, then u could earn coins for doing fun tasks at the classes. I have another idea which I really liked myself, maybe you should allow everyone to go to the treehouse cuz that would be really fun to do! Hope u like my ideas btw ur game is AWSOME
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2 years ago, isabella_encanto
Naptime is boring
You have to wait when I take naps it’s so boring it takes like two hours I don’t like this game it’s so so so boring I’ve played this game and it’s so boring when they go take a nap it’s so boring because there’s no game there’s no like next time because it should take like 10 seconds second it’s literally the opposite of hours what are you thinking Tom the creators made a mistake they should change theirs right now!!! Do not download this I’m telling you this is very very very boring and you shouldn’t download I’m going to delete this app after I write this review so I’m telling you delete this app right now and go download another game and I’m pretty sure all the talking games are dangerous to this app isn’t dangerous but diss App is boring so I’m gonna say it again before I delete this app do not download unless you want to stare at Tom’s friend take a nap
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3 years ago, the buffalooonwingg girl
The things you should know
1- The characters get tired, and lay down for a nap. And you’re wondering, what’s wrong with a nap? Well, the naps they take last for hours, meaning you can’t play for hours. 2- there are these cards you collect for scrapbooks that come in packs as rewards from watching ads, or paying for them with the coins you have earned. Well, you try to fill up the pages of your scrapbook and try to collect all the cards to complete the pages. But you can get doubles. For example: you open a L.O.L surprise doll. Then you buy another one and you get the same one! So basically it’s kinda a waste of coins if your paying for cards u don’t even need!! Thank uuu for readinggg 🥔 😢🦔😝😇😣😫😘
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4 years ago, Will czleryna
Best Outfit7 Game Ever.... But where is Pierre the Bird and who is the Bunny?
I’m a huge fan of all the games including this one! The characters in this game are so adorable! I’d love to see what you do next! 2 things though. 1: Where is Pierre the Bird!?: My second favorite game of Outfit7 and I think the most underrated is My Talking Pierre, so in a new update, please add Pierre. I bet he’ll be a perfect addition to the cast! And to make Pierre a permanent addition to the cast, give him another game, so in the game after that, you can put him in. 2: Who is the Bunny Girl!?: I haven’t seen this character in this series of games you have made. I want a game where the main purpous is taking care of an adult version of her. Other than those 2 things, this game is superb and the best Outfit7 game!
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4 months ago, Redlionpr
Read for good luck!!! And is not a rumor
So this game is one of the one I like but there is something off *odd* in talking Angela the white cat so one of the games so the front cover is light blue with a bit on light but I played that game and creepy thing started to happen in every question I said to her she responded me and one YouTuber was telling the truth also talking Angela has a dark secret she has a sister and her name is Pregnant Emma also when u take a screenshot of talking Angela’s eyes you see a man also one kid was kidnapped after he downloaded talking angela and he was never found but the thing is why does the explanation in the game that say for 4 years old and by the way if u have that game DELETE IT NOW😱😱
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4 years ago, dip7LOL
Amazing game
This game is not haunted this is the best game the others were the reflection of the people making it and when the rumors came I was so scared I deleted this game but I wanted to see it again to see if they are true cuz I liked it before I deleted it and their not it’s so much fun I watched a news video and watch the end of them it says that there’s not actually predators behind the eyes it’s all fake stop making such a big deal out of nothing it’s so much fun all of the outfit27 games if that the company I don’t remember anyways it’s a good game and pls in talking Angela bring the chat bar back it’s more fun with it the people who are believing the rumors are stupid and you shouldn’t have took it away bring it back please
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4 years ago, xstarlightzd
It’s a good game but I have some thoughts
Ok so first there are so many adds even if u say no thanks it still gives you a add and something else is it’s really hard to do all there needs at the same time so I think I should only have one animal at a time and something that I really want they to fix is the when we’re u born thing because they don’t need to know your day of birth so pls get that fixed one more thing I want them to fix is how many cats you get at a time like it’s way to hard to go back and see what they want and then have to go we’re you where before and see what they want so pls get that fixed to but other then that’s it’s a good game but I just have to say to things number one thank you for reading this and don’t pick this game if you don’t feel like it’s a good idea have a great day and bless you all
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4 years ago, UNICORN CEL
They are my virtual children!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I remember loving playing talking Tom when I was little. And when I got this game, I loved it more! This game is like giving children parental advice! I can see the little kids who play this when they’re grown up and think back ‘talking Tom and friends was like having kids!’ But this time it’s more then one kid! They are so cute! They’re adorable when they sleep, when they’re really happy, and all the time! But here’s the catch, I feel like they’re my blood children. I always check on them thinking it should check on my kids’ and every time my phone falls under the bed, I think ‘MY BABIES!!!!!’ I hope you add more toys and clothes and maybe hobbies in your next major updates.
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2 years ago, hayley_james😘
Scary…. Hayley_james
I thought this was a fun game I always look a the reviews before I get the game and I saw some stuff like this game is haunted and people are looking at you through the eyes so I went on safari and searched up talking Tom and friends eyes and they was people in them so I wanted to know the truth and I download the game😬I played the game for a couple couple of days and I got all the characters I Took a screenshot of it and zoomed in and I saw like a Office and a closet and it freaked me out so I like threw my phone across the room I was home alone so I deleted the game instantly but a couple hours later I got back on my phone because I got a message and guess what I saw the App reinstalled I like the only child so I have no like little siblings to reinstall🙁 P.S if it make you feel more unscarred I I threw my phone it Bounced off my bouncy ball bouncy ball hit me in my toe🤣😂
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6 months ago, Minecraft xx
The way things are around here
I love talking Tom and friends. It can be really stressful when it lags a lot. I have a lot of problems with it because a lot of things on there just last like two days and I want them to last at least 10 days so everybody can get that experience of what they can do are you like trying to catch Roy? Do you have the whole paper but it only last like three or four days make it last longer It will help impact the community on getting that great family experience they can Do it And get stuff. there’s not too much problems, but I just want to aware you of that informationJust please notify me soon
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3 years ago, Arty Ella
I love it ! And updates that could be added :)
Why cant Rebecca (the bunny) have her own app :( can you plz make her own app cause she’s one of my favorite characters and her voice sounds Cool and she’s really pretty so I want her to have her own app :) btw can there be fun places they can go to and make more friends and invite them to their house :) examples for places : water park, the park , movie theater ,amusement parks , a hotel , school, etc :) Examples for new characters: a mouse, a bird , a axolotl , frog , fairy , a Pegasus, unicorn , Alicorn , bear , fox,cow,horse, bee, panda,bat, etc :) I would love for more characters to be added so if you could make it more fun and exciting I would play it a lot more ! :)))
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4 years ago, abby131313131313
I love this game so much! It’s very challenging sometimes and it’s also really funny! There’s not many ads either! IM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME! And honestly I have no problems with it! It’s absolutely perfect! I love to put them in the pool and make them play on the playground! I love to make them nap and play with toys and make them put on outfits and even give the a bath. Sometimes you have to feed them, and make them go to the bathroom! 😂 You also get to play mini games! I also recommend getting their individual games because they are really fun too!! Each of them have about 2-3 games of their own! And that’s what I love! And they’re all so fun!!!! Thank you so much the creator of this game!!! ❤️❤️
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4 years ago, gracie.lynn24
Great game
I love the game but the only thing is that it has a few issues I don’t like . First, i don’t like how there r so many characters and only a few toilets. And once I had all of them having to got to the bathroom and only too toilets!! Next, I don’t like how there are so many glitches!! I know people don’t notice them but I did!! There r only 2 glitches but I did notice them!! I still love the game though and I love all the characters but please make more restrooms 🚽 I saw the add for the I need more restrooms and I can relate to that!! Thank you I love the game it brings back so many childhood memories I mean I’m still a child but when I was littler!!! I love this game!! Love the characters!! Love it 😊!!!!
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6 months ago, bobjoedsvid
This game is HORRIBLE!
I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t played this game since I was 10 or so, now I’m 12 and I know the difference between a crappy game and a good game and this is most definitely a crappy game and here’s why. 1. It’s still stuck on the Halloween update from 2 MONTHS AGO! 2. The ‘Cooking’ mini game advertised on the game doesn’t even exist. I’ve waited for about 5-10 minutes to see if it would pop up, but nope. It doesn’t seem to be anywhere else either. 3. It’s been ages since any new clothes, games, or abilities have been added. 4. If anyone is reading this DON’T BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION! Though I haven’t bought it my self, I can already tell it’s not worth it. The only things you get are the “season” pass, some random toys for the treehouse, 500 tokens, are you even serious, some other random things, and of course NO ADS, but I doubt they would actually remove ads for a game that Outfit7 doesn’t even care about. They only care about Talking Tom and Angela 1 and 2 and the time rush game. And there is still a whole bunch of stuff I could complain about this game, if your going to have a game on the App Store you don’t care about, then you should either update it, or take it off the App Store.
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4 years ago, your bro nick
Awesome&best game of OUTFIT7 even tho I am 10
Bro this game is honestly the best game bro it's just like talking Tom2 but with a bigger and better map and with friends and bro it srsly has all the the friends but the bird but in outfit7 they made the friends never know hem so whatever anyway they made the game have more and better toys and like in talking Tom2 Tom has a airplane but in this game they have a bus. But why did they have a bunny?🤔like maybe they made the friends have a new friend I mean that's cool I don't understand why not. love this game 5 stars totally any ways that's what I think what about you guys? Do you or not. make a review what you think about what you think about this new game. Bye guys.🤗
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5 months ago, Rebecca032
For outfit7
I feel very bad that people are creating rumors about your games and I don’t believe them but when I was younger I had lots of your games and now I have 2 but I deleted them because I don’t believe the rumors but I am still a kid and I was reading many of the rumors and to be honest they scared me a lot and so I looked up many things and they said that it is all a hoax which I know but I still got scared so please tell me how did this rumor start and why and please respond cause if you don’t I will be scared for the rest of my life and why people are saying there are hackers operating all the games
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3 years ago, angry parent (not)
Awesome game!! But have some suggestions.
Dear developers, PLEASE READ THIS!!! I love this game so much! But could you plz make the characters go into the tree house? I don’t know if they already can, but it would be awesome if they could! And maybe make some funny things actually happen like on the pictures. Like maybe Ginger making a giant mess for no reason. Or hank eating all the food. And could you plz have them visit Angela's house just for a little bit? Or even just make a video of the characters going into her house, not interactive. I love this game, but these were a few suggestions. Thanks for reading this giant review!
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4 years ago, LoudHouseBriteBomber
Download Immediately
How does Outfit7 lure you in? With a friendly approach, appropriate ads, and exciting choreography, you can now enjoy all the Talking Tom friends altogether, which is a ginormous update from having to download all of their apps—1 and 2—where now they are all in one place and you can take care of them all. Very appropriate for younger viewers, which is a huge problem in some other games; they do not have any moderation of the sort. Highly recommended for anyone who wants... a. A good laugh b. An appropriate and fun app c. An exciting game! P.S. The rumor with the Talking Angela (the person in the eye, in case you are not familiar) is a fake. Outfit7 would never allow that.
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3 years ago, FreshPlayz
💯% fun and safe not haunted
As i said this game is 💯% fun and 0% haunted so there is nothing in angla’s eye nothing in her eye. People please stop saying this scary things. If you are scared 😱 of this “haunted” stuff and the “angela’s eye” business i checked angela’s eye and there is nothing on it. Any ways this game is so MUCH FUN 🤩!!! As i didn’t say in my title i have a few suggestions let me say it. 1. I love the shopes you put and when i first downloaded this game i went on the bus 🚌 and i saw something that looks like a playground so i went in but it wasn’t a playground it was a shop every place is a shop so please make the playground into a playgrond.
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