My Talking Tom

4.3 (304.9K)
435.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Talking Tom

4.34 out of 5
304.9K Ratings
12 months ago, Skamilha
For the OG Talking Tom Players
Around a week ago I had a huge wave of nostalgia hit me when I saw a little kid playing talking Tom on the street. So I decided to get it again, not thinking that they removed my all time favorite part of the game. When I got it, I was a bit upset that they removed the feature where you can visit other players houses, and open chests to get free coins. Then they replaced it with that goofy travel around the world feature. I think any OG who has played the game knows what I’m talking about and probably agrees with it. Other than that, it’s a really fun game and it’s kinda addicting. Also I think Tom gets tired really quickly because I always catch myself watching so many ads to give him a sleep potion. Outfit7, why did you remove the visit players houses feature?!
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5 days ago, astri shop
Horror story (btw this is fake)
It was a rainy night my parents told me to brush my teeth before going to bed so that's what I did and then I went to bed to sleep after that at exactly 3:12 am I was woken up by a notification on my phone telling me Tom's app "I'm hungry" I was scared and confused because I never installed that game on my cell phone so I decided to show it to my parents no matter what time it was and they scolded me and told me to go back to bed they wouldn't believe me so I obeyed them and went back to sleep for another hour before that I deleted the game and then I woke up at 4:10 am with another notification telling me this time "I'm here, open the door for me" so this time I was scared. I showed my parents they didn't believe me again and I was brave and I went to the door I opened it and there was nothing but darkness I said in my mind "maybe my parents played a prank on me" so I went to my room and I found Tom with his entire stomach open showing organs and guts and as he was gouging out his eyes then I woke up and it was all a dream
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3 years ago, Cadence_P
Good game!!
Hi there. I’m sania and I like playing outfit7 games. But first of all I really like this game and talking Tom is really cute I like the updates and the lake tap on the duck Summer update and stuff like it was so fun. For the people who are reading this review I can tell you like people who play the game but they’re not the person who created it when you click on the TV a couple of times you receive like when you see Hank you will see like when you click on it like on the TV not the buttons it’s just the TV you’ll see like it’ll give you a hang outfit and I love the heck outfit not love it but I like it and I like the talking hank game to because it’s Hawaii and stuff but that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about Talking Tom and I wanted to write a review on that too but it wouldn’t let me for some reason like the button was just gone but whoever made this game thanks and keep training and I think you should just like add more features to the game because it is kind of boring oh and please add more mini games thanks!
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2 years ago, Sonic.exe. 2018
It’s meh
A kids game came and theres A inappropriate add and it made me back then uncomfortable and when Tom’s in the bathroom like you have to leave the door open and try to close it it just opened it back up I don’t think I like about this game or like when you can play the little mini games because I at least those are still there but I don’t play talking Angela because everyone says creepy and I don’t want to get calls at 3 AM and it won’t says there’s a weird thing in a in Tom‘s eye and I just looked there’s nothing but yeah outfit7. Can do better at this like at least talking Ben doesn’t have any inappropriate act as like even though it’s been here since like 2012 or 11 it’s still the same like kid friendly because like sometimes it could play it makes you choose that and then it immediately chooses it and there’s way too many ads like get rid of the ads and get and make a better graphics and I’m not trying to get Talking Tom 2 is I just really don’t like it it’s what’s making me not get it it’s juju like the first one I’ve had too many ads that the other one has a lot of games but what makes me not wanna buy it’s that little slime think it’s just annoying
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4 years ago, elsa 821
Add problem
Ok so this app is really good but there are so many adds. Let me explain. So 1 time was playing Flappy Tom and I crashed so then it asked me if I wanted to watch a add to save me. I didn’t want to so I just sat there and a add popped up so I had to watch a add. When the add was over when it was over I didn’t saved!! It happened another time. Tom was sleepy so I took him to bed and I saw that I could use 3 diamonds 💎 💎💎so I did but those were my last diamonds so a add popped up so I watched it then when it was over I was out of diamonds and Tom was still sleepy. This app is a waste of time and don’t buy anything on this game it’s a waste of money 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎Outfit 7 should be ashamed to put so many adds in this app. I mean it’s so annoying that every time you touch the screen add add add . I mean l know everyone is complaining about adds but they have every right to because it is a horrible game and it is all because of these adds. I mean come on like almost l have seen different adds every time that’s how many adds there are. So for Pete’s sake please make this game add free 😡😡and I am definitely deleting this game From angle love
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1 year ago, hdbshdjdn
Talking Tom
The game is like a kitty that you have to pet him and it’s so muddy fun I play it for every day it’s simple the game is to feed your kitten,clean him, play with him,take care with him and sleep it’s the best game for like taking care a pet so when you grown up and you get a pet you can take care like this app and I wish it will always be here to have fun for children and the game is like the best game for to take care of your pet on a phone or iPad it’s the best game in my opinion for it and I love to take care of a pet in the future and we can learn about it for it to take care our pet so the pet we take care of will be happy to us of taking care of it it’s a 5 star rating for me I love it thank you some much whoever made this game to take care a pet for in the future and right now I love it thank you so much I love thank you, Have a great day.
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1 year ago, lwdhifliwd
Great Game! I recommend.
I have had this game for about five years now either because I like the game or it might be because I have trouble deleting games for some reason but either way I play this game just about everyday even though I am not a little kid anymore I am a teenager there is so many different games in this one app it’s amazing it can help kids learn how to take care of something of there own too and they can gain responsibility the only thing that annoys me about this game is that when you are trying to play one of the games on there it lets you play like 2 round then it says that Tom is too tired to play and you have to either use diamonds or watch an ad and both are annoying but overall I really do recommend this game for pretty much all ages.
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11 months ago, Nemo(the fish)
I watched the vids about the rumors but- THERE FREAKING REAL. Believe me if you want but this is a warning to YOU if you download this- So, I downloaded it bc I wanted to see if the rumors were real or not, It started out great! I loved the game and it was pretty fun! I loved playing the side games and I actually really liked it. I had it for a month or two and I was playing one of the side games when I went out from the side game to the main game I was back in the living room, Right then The screen got glitched out then back to normal then THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY REALLY SCARY- he looked right in the camera and I could see a man in his eyes then he spoke in a really high pitched voice I got so scared then I went out of the game before I read it- I think I could have read it but it was to scary I deleted it right away and I couldn’t sleep for nights but one thing that I remember is I saw my REAL NAME IN THE TEXT and I don’t use my name for the nicknames or anything the only way he could know my name is if he was listening all along…
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3 years ago, heart flake
...Why tho...
So I’m just going state some things down for you... I don’t understand this, why when Tom needs to go to the toilet lil kids have to watch him go to the bathroom it’s a bad influence for them cuz someday their going need to go to the bathroom and their going be like “Mommy Daddy! Come here! Watch me go to the bathroom!” Like why it’s not right it’s a terrible influence. Like rumors are they true are they not like why, they put talking Angela on the news what’s next talking Tom, I believe in the rumors because I have seen stuff in their eyes but why, if your going let 4 year olds play the app WHY PUT IT ON THE NEWS AND BE LIKE “oh don’t let you kids play this” LIKE WHY?!? Sometimes these apps glitch and yea it’s kinda annoying but when it glitches and you can still interact with the talking cats when their eyes are just still and they don’t blink it gives me a bad vibe like someone is scanning you or watching from the other side of the cats. That’s all I have byee lovely people!
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1 year ago, XXvane01
This little taco muncher eats too much, when I starve him he doesn’t wanna do anything but eat, like cmon fattie get up and do something productive. Also when I cuss at him he repeats it, not okay. You can hit him which is animal abuse and why r u teaching kids that ? Also when I don’t let him go to the bathroom he gropes his private parts? He also makes noise which is kinda weird. I was playing this at school and people started laughing at me beacuse I was playing. Why? I’m in math class procrastinating my work cus I don’t get it and the game won’t download, I’ve had it before that’s how I know what to write about it. I have to swipe out of reviews everytime my teacher walks by cus I don’t want his mosey self to ask what I’m doing, I’m like 4 minutes away from lunch and I don’t know what to do, I was thinking about playing this game but nevermknd I guess. My teacher just walked past me and I swiped out so fast that was so embarrassing I think he thinks I’m writing an email don’t download this game unless u wanna be embarrassed
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2 years ago, JSC problems
Big problem that caused my to delete it
I love the game talking Tom. I always have and have got it off and on for years now. I have never had any problem with the games until now. For some reason I downloaded the game and got to level 6 then a screen popped up says you have past games and you have to either hit the past games you start over and I didn’t see this is as a huge problem at first but then it just kept happening to me and not just when I got to level six but I would start to get far and it would keep saying that I have past games. THE DEVELOPERS need to fix this ASAP!!!!! It would be different if there was a third options say keep going with current progress. This needs to be added and you need to FIX this problem I ended up just deleting the app because I didn’t want to keep starting over. FIX THIS ASAP please
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4 weeks ago, amia m.
My daughter, where have you gone?
I downloaded this app for my young daughter and upon us entering the app, he said, “I’m watching your every move” and looking into his eyes, I saw someone in the reflection in the iris of his eye. He tries talking to my daughter through the screen. I hear absolutely inappropriate words coming out of talking Tom’s mouth in the game toward my daughter. I immediately yelled and deleted the application in a panic. Then, my daughters iPad suddenly shut off and the screen turned completely black. I checked my phone to find that there was no signal. Our WiFi had went out right after deleting the app. Fear. Pain. The sounds of his nails scraping against our walls. The lights above our heads started to flicker and went out. Pitch darkness. Silence. The light turned back on and my daughter was gone. All that was left was her iPad. The Talking Tom app was left opened. Tom stood there, his eyes staring menacingly into mine. “I’m watching your every move.” My daughter, where have you gone?
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4 years ago, Gigi785
good game but unnecessary amount of ads
This is a really fun game that i’ve been playing for years. However I don’t like how there are ads literally everywhere. I have this problem with the My Talking Angela app and the second My Talking Tom. There’s an ad after I lose in a game even though I never click watch an ad to double the amount of coins. There’s an ad when I go to different stations. They just randomly pop up. I understand that you need to make money but you’ve already included the spinning wheel in your games and ads to unlock things for a certain amount of time. I think the random ads should be removed and you should only give the person ads if they agree to watch one. Don’t just throw random ads in peoples faces. For me it doesn’t make the game as appealing.
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6 months ago, almond joysssss
100,000 COINS!? (continued)
Hey guys so like I’ve said in my last review that I thought that Diamonds and Coin things were a glitch? Turns out, it isn’t. These 100,000 coins and 9,999 diamonds you randomly get happen to any app you download that’s made by Outfit7. I’ve noticed this on Talking ANGELA too and all the other apps! When I was 6, I started to play this, but I had zero money nor diamonds at all. But now I guess they just felt bad for all of those other players so they did this. I really love this game but there are lots of bad reviews ignore them all. The fact that this happens whenever you download the apps are insane. But this year my sister downloaded it, but she got 9.5 MILLION DIAMONDS AND COINS!! I LOVE THIS GAME UYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH THANK YOU TOM FOR MAKING MY CHILDHOOD NOSTALGIC AND FUN.
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2 years ago, Someone ❤️❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥😱🤬
*dangerous game, don’t get!* ||please read this before you get this game||
*please read this before you get this game. please. I used to love this game when I was a kid. I used to always go on my grandmas/Gigi’s iPad and play the game until now. so, this game is annoying/scary.* *first, there are sooo many adds. like, there’s too many. and I wouldn’t want to pay money to remove the app. plus it’s just a game, I would probably delete the game anyways, so, I wouldn’t pay to remove the adds. still, they’re pretty annoying.* *then, I hate his voice. it got really annoying. and I hate his voice because one time (a while ago when I used to go on my grandmas/Gigi’s iPad so I could play the game), I got a hugeee headache from the voice, and I couldn’t sleep at all that night because of it. even if I took medicine, it wouldn’t help even a little bit.* *lastly, this game is terrifying. it’s not even the game, it’s the phone. well, it’s both. so, my question is how can he hear you? if he hears you, then your phone is listening to you all the time. that’s what scares me. maybe you and your friend are talking or whatever. your phone is listening. it’s listening to everything you say. it’s terrifying! sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I’m too terrified.* *thank you for reading this, I really appreciate it. and again, please, please! don’t get this game. bye.*
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3 years ago, Tommy X Factor's owner
Too many ads and wardrobe
First of all, I keep getting ads everywhere. When I lose in a game, there is an opportunity to watch an ad to continue the game. I don’t watch an ad to do that but once I click the X button, an ad shows up anyway. When I switch to a different room sometimes, I get an ad. Sometimes, I can skip it. Other times, I have to watch the whole ad. Find another way to make money. Second of all, you have to be on a certain level to buy a clothing. I’ve wanted to buy a superhero outfit for Tommy X Factor, my cat but I have to be on a high level and even if I have at least 8000 coins, I still cannot buy it. I’ve been saving up my diamonds to 120 of them to buy it cuz I can’t wait.
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4 years ago, hostboye
Hayden Stewart
I love this game so much but it’s the man in the eye in the talking Angela app scares me because talking ginger talking Angela and talking Tom is a scary app so don’t download it so don’t download it ever if you actually get the app talking Ginger and talking Tom and talking Angela will call you And it’s terrifying talking Angela and talking gender and talking Tom will do that at 3 PM in the morning don’t download this app Because I was little and I had this game and I didn’t even notice a man in the eye on the talking Angela app however if you turn on child mode on the talking Angela she will say weird things. And without the child mode she won’t he’ll still say we are things so if you’re a child that can download the image you need to not turn on child mode so don’t download talking Angela it’s scary and it’s full of terrifying cats that will FaceTime audio you at night because the man in the eye is a real hacker
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10 months ago, Tinkle bottoms jr
Why is this game so stupid
This game is the worst cat on earth I swear it is a game where you have no idea how many people you can play and no one is going out and you can’t play the same games and people just go don’t know where to start because you can’t play it games that are fun to watch but I you can do that I can play the same thing I do you know how I play games I play the same way you can do it I don’t know what you can play the game but you know how you do it you can play games you know how much you do you know what I mean I don’t play the same games I play games you don’t know what to play the game I play the games I don’t play it doesn’t even know how much you play it you know I just like playing the games I do you can do this you know I play the best thing that makes it easy for people to be nice people like this I do not care how you can be. This is my reasoning why this is the worst cat game of all time.
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4 years ago, ccturtley11love
Super fun!
I’m not even going to complain about the ads because so many already have. (Pro tip- turn your WiFi off!) I watch ads because I am broke, and because of those ads I have all the Royal items. However, maybe you could make the Jackpot chances higher, so that you actually have a chance to win the Jackpot. I also have Talking Angela, and they baby-age potion is diamonds instead of real money. I really want this to be the same for Tom because he looks so cute as a baby! The last thing I want to say is please, please, PLEASE raise the amount of money you play in the mini games. You’ll play for 10 minuets and win maybe 100 coins. I know that’s ten coins per minute but that’s only if you pass enough levels! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day😊
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4 years ago, BTS Fan ♥️
Rumors are fake don’t worry
So i saw a review that said something along the lines of “when I tried to delete the app I heard a deep male voice say “don’t delete me or I’ll kill you.” This is not true. Don’t fall for those fake 3 A.M. videos, the people making the videos are either trying to scare you, freak you out, or just make clickbait videos. When I deleted this app nothing happened. Also the rumors about a man/ hacker in toms eyes are very fake once I took a screenshot of his eyes and saw absolutely nothing. They just looked cute and cartoony that’s all. When I had this game it was very fun but there were quite a few annoying ads but I understand they have to make money so I’m not too angry about that. Thank you for reading.
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6 years ago, Team csi
Going downhill quick
Every Time there is a so called upgrade, it is actually a downgrade. Changing to spin wheel for watching adds, we lost our coins because you rarely win anything good. I used to watch adds (monitored of course because you allow really inappropriate adds) with kids as part of the game to win stuff but, not worth it anymore! Next, Adding the diamonds with no way to win them besides the very few u get from watching adds....really? Bad move guys. We finally got the Gold Fur Tom BUT Now we can't save coins for the diamond fur, so, we have no more goals to hit! Lastly, the daily challenge has changed.....more work for more lame gifts. The daily challenge was the one thing kept us opening this game as often as possible but, again, NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE. I'll give it a lil while to see if you respond to your many players complaints and change some things back to how your players liked it. If not, time to delete.
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4 years ago, alyssa_andMads
I mean it's ok it's really fun and I have been playing this game for a while and I have never been kidnapped so really think there is no hacker behind any of the cute little animals but I wish I could say the same to ginger...I mean if you go to the App Store and look the right eye has a window and the left has a man but whenever I play the other game absolutely nothing I take screen shots of them and I can't see nothing I'm only scared of my talking ginger and the Angela that you can chat with sitting at the table when you can switch off child mode yeah I'm to scared to get it and right now I have almost all the apps and if you still believe there is a hacker then I would suggest my talking hank bc there is no hacker behind and no bad reviews so yeah so I believe you should get my talking hank plus he is so cute and I've taking like more then 12 screens and nothing bad so yeah
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8 months ago, toasyboy!
Minigames are ripoffs
This game isn’t very fun, there’s literally nothing to do than just take care of Tom and punch him, the clothing is very expensive and same goes for house customization, also very expensive, some things require using diamonds to unlock with, the only way to get diamonds is to either spin the wheel by watching ads, or you can buy diamonds using real money, now let’s talk about the mini games, I must say that the mini games are complete ripoffs of other games that you can literally just download on app store, Flappy Tom is a rip off of Flappy bird, an old game that people have raged a lot on, and Flappy Tom is just the same concept of Flappy Bird, Connect minigame is a rip off of Flow Free and Flow Free Bridges by big duck games, there are no timer limits and the puzzles are harder, in the connect minigame here, you are timed and the puzzles aren’t even hard, play flow free over the connect minigame here,
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3 years ago, FnafFreakAsh1887
i swear it stalks you!!
So I’ve been hearing that this app stalks you. And I was watching video of it and they were looking over the reviews for this app and someone said that she and her friend were playing this app when they got a text message from a unknown number saying the same exact thing that Angela or her had said. And I’ve been talking at the eyes on Talking Angela and I’ve seen that there was a office looking room in her eyes. And that in the old one were you could talk to her, they would ask a question like who are you or something like that and it would answer with “kidnapper” so I to the parents out there I recommend that you DO NOT let your child play or download this game! Now I’m not sure if this is even real but from what I’ve heard and seen I’m starting to think it is. So please be safe and careful with these apps! Thank you for reading this!
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4 years ago, Roblox Piggy player
It’s sort of suspicious 🤔🤔🤔
So I have been hearing stuff about talking Tom, Angela, and ginger all having these things in their eyes. I watched a few videos of you tubers checking out this app. I thought that maybe when the person was creating the game some thing happened, and it did some sort of screen shot, because I saw that the person in tom’s eyes wasn’t moving at all. But then people have been saying that little kids were going missing and that when they looked in their eyes they saw all sorts of different rooms and people. It also is a bit suspicious that Tom doesn’t repeat every thing I say and just cuts some off. I don’t think that anything bad was going on, but I deleted the app anyway. If you believe that stalkers are using this game to steal kids, then I would not get this game( you should just get Gacha Club instead).
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9 months ago, CasÜalCØffee
😸Decent Game😸
I’ve had Talking Tom through my childhood and got it on my phone again about a year ago. The game is great for something to do in the morning, or when you’re bored. Raising Tom becomes a part of your routine and you can buy your Tom accessories, home improvements and foods. For as long as the game has been around there haven’t been many new games or clothes added. I know that there is more Talking Tom games in the franchise, but this one is my favorite and I’m not moving to Talking Tom 2. I would just like to suggest that the creators pay more attention to this game, and add some new features to attract long time players. Thanks!
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2 years ago, ELANIY
Best game ever🥰❤️😍😇
This is the best game ever you get to feed him wash him sign that says I'm hungry so that lets you know that you're hungry and when you hit him it's a funny reaction it's a safe app there's no rumors about it being bad of like a gateway thing it's not bad nobody's watching your camera you get to dress them up I have this game it's so fun talking Tom two is even funnier you get to feed him right right a plane to get chassis so cute and he even have a pet mouse the pet mouse and you get to challenge other people by their outfit you get to challenge them by their outfit and you can see who gets the most likes best game ever not the same rumors as talking ginger
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3 years ago, maximilliano Turrietta
Max thinks about talking Tom
I think talking Tom is good but in sept I don’t like that I need to watch an ad for the wheel and every time that I lose it I have to watch an ad and I have to earn coins for food and I have to keep track of it because I sleep at 9 o’clock at night that’s when I go to sleep and he keeps sending me messages and I can’t open the phone because I don’t know the password I wish there was like a mode that you can keep in from not texting you at night and I wish you can call Tom on the game FaceTime FaceTime him and text him yes so I just wish we can do that stuff so I hope you read my book read my report and thank you if you did read it
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6 years ago, Az-taz
Fix the ad “black out” screen
Many time the random ads will black out the screen with no skip, count down or x to click causing me to exit the game and the screen to still be blacked out when reopening the app. The only way to clear the black out is to completely restart my phone which I just had to do 6 times in a row cause I had to completely restart my phone almost after every mini game trying to get past a random pop up ad causing a black out screen. Now due to the pop up ads causing a gl tech I’ve quit watching the ads to get extra time, potions or whatever because of how annoying it is to have to restart my phone. I remember years ago when this this first ever came out ... the original one .. and it was a cute idea. I’d rather pay a few bucks to have that with no adds than this.
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3 years ago, i dont no what 2 do 4 nickname
When you are playing a mini game and you die it says; watch an ad and try again. So rarely I click try again, and when I don’t hit try again and hit they X instead it STILL gives me an ad to watch. One of those annoying toon blast ads where it has a bunch of characters from toon blast coming up and down on your screen and then says click to download toy blast for 7 seconds on a blank white screen. And the X is really small so most of the time you end up going to some random toon blast website. Other wise the game is pretty great, if it didn’t have so many ads it would get 5/5 stars. I would seriously consider getting this app.
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3 years ago, Luke3333
really fun
I have this game and it’s really fun to play but when you spin it it takes loads of ads to get the jackpot I mean it’s really cute and you can dress up Tom and you can play fun mini games but also a lot stuff is fake the eyes are like normal pixel but the punching is really funny and when he goes pooping the sound of it makes me laugh and the ads are super annoying and I have to wait 30 seconds before it ends but I also like the TV and I’m also really looking forward to downloading my talking hank he is cute and plus he’s my dad’s favorite talking Tom character please have an amazing day and maybe play the game😁😀
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7 years ago, Tay-Lo-Jo
Love this app! A couple of dev requests though..
I love this app! I'm addicted to the games and buying new things for the rooms! Fun game for kids to play too!! A couple of things I would suggest as far as development requests.. once you have been to all countries, you still get a notification to fly each day but there are no incentives/prizes left to win. It would be cool to add additional prizes for multiple trips around the world. Also, i would like to be able to trade coins for diamonds like you can trade diamonds for coins. Everything I have left to purchase costs diamonds but they are harder to accumulate. I have lots of coins but nothing to buy with them.
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2 years ago, goob809
Error file not found
So I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out and it was very fun well… until now I’m 12 years old and I was just goofing off with the app but you know saying stuff like God is good God is great and if you love god kinda like IShowSpeed but after this incident I don’t wanna play this game anymore so I was playing this game and I noticed the man in his eyes and I was freaked out so I just had to turn off the game I gathered enough courage to turn the game back on but before I saw the time a message said this” where were you I was searching for you I couldn’t find you”I got scared instantly so I deleted the game and I got a notification saying “you never should’ve deleted me” so I went to bed and my iPad started saying this over and over again “error file not found” this game is cursed cursed I tell you your next you’re next!
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3 years ago, shammaG💕💕
Taking Tom
Ok so I have heread lots of things about taking Tom like there’s a man looking at yiu frome the camera and now I’m a litle scared and wen I was small I always played it and talked and idk if it here’s me and now I’m gonna loser and then I downloaded the app so guess waht I am gonna dance infront of it and say anything and I will tell him I know you are seeing common move do something fat Tom and ya I will se what happens I will do it with my cousin so hopefully nothing happens and my litle sister also has the game but she’s literally plays it all the time like what do I do and ya bye and who made this game delete it it’s really bad I hate it and you will see what I do ☺️☺️
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2 years ago, that one crazy weirdo
Amazing! Get it for your younger kids :D
:3 Tom is furry* This is amazing, and your younger kids will love it! There is no man when you look in his eyes, and nothing about rumors is true. Some people are fake. 💅 Also, I played it and wanted to test how child friendly it is, so there is a touch feature where you can punch. I touched his chest on accident and his nuts bc I misclicked. When I accidentally touched his nuts, he moved the leg and said “no no” . This teaches kids about keeping your body safe! When I misclicked the chest, he blocked and moved his hands as if to say “no no”. This was very teachable to kids about protecting your body and the no-no’s
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4 years ago, Quoya k
I play with Tom while my baby is sleeping. BAM!
I play with talking Tom mostly at night while my daughter is fast asleep in our bedroom. I put my phone on silent and turn the settings on the game to no sound to be sure not to disturb her. I love Tom and don’t mind the ads because most of the time the ads get me free rewards. But the PROBLEM that I have with some of the ads is that they switch the volume on and startle me and my child. Not all the ads but some and it’s at random but the bubble shooter ad mostly does it oh and the Apple Music ad turns the volume on even when I have it off. This is the most ANNOYING thing about Talking Tom. I almost want to stop playing with Tom because of this reason alone. Please fix this issue. If I want my volume on I will turn it on myself. Change this and I will change my rating!
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6 years ago, cyborg 27
Why can’t you play certain mini games
So I started playing this game a lot a little while ago and there’s been a few things that I realized on my talking Tom I have been there’s games I have tried playing but it brought me straight to the App Store and I and I had to download it but I didn’t want to download it so I didn’t end it those are the games that I want to play those are some of the games I want to play but I can’t play. I love all I think I would probably love them so I’m still going to play the game but please please do this either take them oh way. Or make it so that you can play all the mini games please do and I love the game
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10 months ago, John Hamilton Laurens
Talking Tom
Talking Tom is a better kids game. Amanda the Adventurer is also supposed to be a kid game but its a lot scarier than Talking Tom. Also, most of the scary reviews are definitely fake and just trying to scare little kids or even teenagers who like playing animal games. I got this game for my little sister and nothing bad has ever happened, even when I turned the notifications off and kept forgetting to check on Tom he is still okay. Also I like being able to make him customized like rainbows and stuff, and I like unrealistic games so this game is a perfect mix of both! Also he is really cute as a baby.
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3 years ago, Bunnyrabbit14/17
Fun game but...
Talking Tom is a very fun game. I could play the mini games for hours, IF he didn’t get too tired every 15 minutes. I get that they’re trying to make you buy gems but it kinda makes the game not fun. Related to that also is the ads. Now the amount of ads is actually not the problem, it’s when I get ads that have an ad over the button to quit out of the ad. For example, if I’m trying to get an energy potion, and I have only two gems so I try to watch an ad to get another one so I can buy the potion and an ad covers the ad I’m watching. There’s no way for me to close it so I have to quit out of the game altogether. Which makes me lose my place etc etc. Other than that really fun game!
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10 months ago, Stefanuri
Parents you will love this game
Tom is a black cat when your child plays it Tom is a baby after 10 levels done Tom grows and grows until he an adult now your child might HATE Toms skin so you can change it eye too and don’t forget to give Tom a outfit you can feed,clean,potty train, Tom and play with him you could play with him anywhere your car,playground, even airports here’s a example of games you’ll like to (talking Tom and friends , talking hank, talking Angela (not the furry Angela) here are examples that you child CANT play because a man would get him/her (talking ginger , talking Ben , talking Juan) why just look at the reviews
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2 years ago, hyunbyjjn
Super fun
I like this game because it’s good for kids because you know kids always want to have their own pet and this is like having your own pet but on a screen and it’s just great for kids that are like a little bit older but still wanna play like fun kid games so I think that this is so fun for my 12-year-old she loves it she likes please like every single day and I just wanted to give this nice review because she’s been like begging me to try it and I was like OK I’ll try it because she thinks it’s just so much fun so thank you electronics and whoever made up this game thank you cause my daughter loves it🥰😊
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4 years ago, Minysleepycat
A little boring
I like this game, don’t get me wrong, but it does get kinda boring fast. I remember whenever you were able to make videos with Tom and upload them. That kept me busy for a long time. Now it’s just kind of, take care of him and exit. There’s games to play and stuff but it doesn’t keep my attention for very long. It just get pretty boring fast. Not to mention how fast he gets tired. It’s like I just woke him up and he’s already ready to go back to bed. It’s just like there’s really nothing else to do except take care of him and play a few games. Other than that it’s a good game but I would suggest some improvements to make the game a bit more interesting. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Sincerely, AJ
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6 months ago, Rowannnn657
This app isn't what it seems
I played this app and unlike talking Angela this one at least doesn't have some weird shelf in his eye but I covered my front camera and every time I blinked talking Tom thought I was talking and then he would open and close his mouth and make a loud noise like this" bum bum bum" it kinda sounded like footsteps and he also looked kinda mad I think talking Tom can see us why you may ask? Well because how would he ONLY go off when I blinked like it's one thing he can hear us but that's next level and he also KNEW I covered the screen and this makes me move scared because I have the friends app Angela and Tom apps so for most likely your safety don't download this or if you already did delete it unless you wanna be spied on goodbye
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5 years ago, haifbakxbdhaj
The latest update
i don’t like the piñata, it’s just in the way and theres no way to remove it from your view.. i don’t get why the amount of times you have to break it keeps going up and why you have to watch an add every time to even get the prize.. i don’t get the point of the “AR” either, you can’t interact with him in any other way that you normally would so i don’t see the point; and the recommendation to use it EVERY time i open the game also gets annoying.. there’s also way too many adds, i get an add just by switching rooms, which is irritating.. other than that some of the the new games are cool, and it’s fun to play.. i think it would be more enjoyable if some of these things were changed though 👍
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9 months ago, DUCCCCCKY
Very fun but I want the old games back
It’s very fun to play I started to play in June and I got 10k gems and 100k coins and I got to 72 in no time and bought everything in the store but one problem I had a thing that I liked the old talking Tom games the trash can game the guess the clothing game the the cheese game I don’t remember them but I loved those games when I was 5 or 6 it’s just I want them back so I can be more happy and add more stars on another accounts and play my childhood games again am now 11 and am still waiting for the old games so I can play them and have extra fun
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2 years ago, Mikaylabiblereader
Great but..
this app is REALLY great its easy to level him up and he recharges energy fast ALSO the rumors are semi true but not on this app I had obe problem while ibwas playing so i went to take him to the toilet and whrn i did i took him to the kitchen and all the sudden my sound turned on but so far its only on talking ginger rn 😵‍💫😵‍💫 but thats beside the point i have a few suggestions maybe less ads more things to do to make him not bored there are very little so i get bored when im playing with him so thats just a few but anywho i highly recommend this app have a blessed day 🌺🌸🌷
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5 years ago, MrSackBoyFreak
Hi I’ve played my talking Tom and I love it! But I have some problems with the game. First of all I think they should get rid of the diamonds or give us ( the community) 200 diamonds at the start but my biggest complaint is sleeping now I think when I put or stop the app and go on a different game because I don’t wanna play the game twenty-four seven right? Well the sleeping mechanic if he’s sleeping u can’t really do anything. Well when I get off the game and get back on like a few hours later he’s still sleepy because I did not put him to bed! So I think when I close the game it should put Tom to sleep. Well I hope they fix that and thank you for reading this and have a good day!👍
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6 years ago, Whetzell15
All of the advertisement
I really like this game but having to watch all the videos to do basically anything and to get any coins or diamonds unless you buy them is a little ridiculous then when you watch the video to spin the wheel all you get is basically one diamond every single time it’s just a little annoying and now having to watch the videos just to change rooms is a little Tedious. Also talking Tom the same thing to try and get coins I having to watch the video spin the wheel just to get basically nothing it would be better if you would you know get out more than just one diamond or a few Coins EVERY SINGLE time & having to watch the videos constantly is ridiculous I think.
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2 years ago, walkerbait911
Ads 🙄
Fun game and I enjoy playing. For the most part, I don’t even mind the ads… the ones with where the “X” at the end is covered by a label ad and you can’t even exit the ad and your stuck and have to close out the app and reopen, lose your reward because it cleared it when you closed out the game…. THOSE are annoying. Other than that, it’s a really fun game. I enjoy all the mini games that you can play. I try to keep as much of my phone storage as possible so I only have a few games on my phone, period. This one is the one I play most often.
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7 years ago, AmericanAngel
What even is this app???
I used to really, REALLY like this app, but now I can just tell that it's only there for money. I understand that money is a big part of what you need for your company to thrive, but you can't really do anything anymore. Can't buy potions because they cost diamonds, can't buy diamonds (well, I can't) because they cost money. The ads are getting annoying, too. Sometimes I end up tapping on one and I get sent to the App Store. Just to avoid them, I constantly have to turn my Wi-Fi off (I have it set to where this app isn't using my Cellular Data). This was a great game, now spiraling out of control because you need money. You were better than this, Outfit 7. The point I'm trying to make is that unless you've got a huge wallet, you shouldn't download the app.
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