My Video Playlist

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3.4 (40)
1.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vishal Chaudhry
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for My Video Playlist

3.4 out of 5
40 Ratings
7 years ago, gsheppard56
My Video Playlist
This app has a "fairly intuitive interface. You will want tinker around with it about 10 mins to see what you can do as well as cant't do. If This app would use the iCloud to update playlists, with all IOS devices, and even MAC OS, I would give it 5 stars, if I cant't figure it out without syncing other devices, then it's only a 3 star app
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6 years ago, JSAer24
Headache of an app
I paid for the unlimited playlist. Most of the time the play/pause button doesn’t work and I have to hit it a minimum of three times to make it pause. If I have to walk away from my device and I put my video on pause, I return to my phone and find that the app has begun to play my video again and I have to rewind to find my place where I left off. The app has a button for resuming play where the playlist left off, nice feature... IF IT WORKED! Hit that button and the playlist begins again from the beginning. The only thing that this app does that it promised was to play a video playlist... even when you want it to pause. Avoid it and find something better. Let my $3.99 payment be your savings.
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6 years ago, Sabrina Ira
Perfect for my needs
I download a lot of mp4s that I like to listen to in the background. After my classic iPod became too old to function, I needed to move all my mp4s to my iPhone, but there was no app built-in that would allow me to sort and play my videos in the background. This app is PERFECT for doing just that. DISCLAIMER: It cost $3.99 to get the real deal (unlimited playlist lengths and looping) but it’s definitely been worth it. Ideal for people who want to listen to things on their phone while they’re doing something else.
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5 years ago, MixMaster Blade
I have been searching for an App like this for years! FINALLY, I can play my TV Shows back to back without having to cue up the next episode! This App is easily worth the four bucks to be able to play my Honeymooners Classic 39 episodes back to back! Also, icing on the cake is being able to shuffle episodes of different shows and create custom playlists of them as well! And it works with EVERYTHING! Music Videos, Podcasts, etc...! WELL DONE!!!!
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7 years ago, Khem NY
My Video Playlist
Excellent App. I found what I needed. During driving time it was hard for me to play each independent video clip continuously. This app resolved my problem, And I can condense as many video clips as I wish under particular playlist seamlessly. Thanks so much to the developer of this app. I give all the five stars and I will be more than happy to recommend this app to my friends and families. Thank again 👍
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7 years ago, Tinubhai patel
Very good app
This app lets you use your home personal videos that you transferred from iTunes. As a suggestion I would add that when you click on a playlist , all videos should show up in a tile layer out format so that you can easily just pick. Of course the app shows you a list and you can customize how this list appears. Which is also great. Thanks!!!
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6 years ago, Billypea
Great video organizer and player
I’ve organized over 1,000 videos into about 45 playlists I imported from iTunes. Works great. Just remember to use in landscape mode to see your playlists. Feature request... Would like to preview videos from selected playlist instead of every video in the library when I open the app.
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6 years ago, 12jerr
My Video Playlist App Is Terrific!
I have over 300 dance videos on numerous playlists, I can quickly access and play them and create new ones easily. It only took a few minutes to familiarize myself with the operation of the app. I had tried several apps beforehand without any luck.
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7 years ago, Godeeprasti
Used to be good, now it's useless
When I first got this app, I was able to add all of my own personal videos and put a playlist together. Now that they've updated it, none of my videos work (aside from the crap you have to buy). Very disappointing, I actually paid for this garbage too.
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6 years ago, goodwinml
Some of the people need to stay with pencil and paper!
A lot of the 1 stars are from people that really should stick to pencil and paper for their enjoyment! Either they can’t read or are to stupid to understand what they read! This app works awesome!!!! Well worth $3.99
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12 months ago, Crack Berry David
Bad color choice
The orange on gray isn’t really easy to see. I tried emailing their support and it bounced back undeliverable. I tried the support link and Safari said not secure and the website wouldn’t load.
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3 years ago, TheOnlyOneMi
Great App!
I’m a programmer, and began looking for an app to play my videos. I was disappointed and thought I would have to write it myself, until I ran across this app. It does everything I wanted, and more. I have not been disappointed.
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8 years ago, StarLord-089
Everything works with ios10
This app is so good to use especially for videos that are just long conversations; I can listen to them in the background without any disturbances
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6 years ago, Docmac2
Finally, an end around iTunes!
It takes a little work understanding the buttons etc., but it works great. This is the best app I’ve downloaded in years.
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5 months ago, bnm73
Might be ababdonware??
No updates or anything for more than 2 years, and the developer does not respond to questions sent through the apps website. Sadly, there is t really anything else available to make video playlists though.
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3 years ago, Hosercann
Great app for music video playlist
Great app to create video playlist with iTunes. Also developer is great at getting back with questions and concerns. Recommended!
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8 years ago, kbarona
We paid for the pro features that allow for looping and an unlimited playlist. Our first problem, which is a minor one, is that making and editing playlists are not as streamline or user friendly as it should be. Secondly, and more importantly the app seems unreliable. We use it to play children's videos on long car rides. Because we don't allow our kids to actually play with the iPad we need this app to continuously play videos as we cannot reach the kids in the back seat of our van when driving. The app seems to crash occasionally. Most times the app will not play the next video on the playlist and will simply display a blank screen or sometimes it will just go back to the apps main menu. If it would work consistently it would be well worth the money for parents who need something like this. Unfortunately it falls way too short. Just a quick note for the dev, in case you read this. Please be sure you have this app play nice with the iPad's guided access as we need it on one of the other iPads where the kids are constantly trying to touch the device.
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7 years ago, Holzberlein405
App is very they say! Read the fine print. Bought to play continuous tv shows bought off iTunes and it will not support it. If they could make that happen then it would be worth every penny. But until then it is a complete waste of money. You're welcome for my $5!
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9 months ago, MeemaBaps
Won’t play itunes purchased movies
i don’t understand the value of this app. It claims immediately that it won’t play itunes videos. who do they think is trying to use this for ipad? Why is this app still available?
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5 years ago, gdunn98055
Unable to restore on iPad
No in app purchase screen on iPad can’t restore purchase
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7 years ago, sayf2th
Loop the video
Unbelievable, Apple couldn't do this. It is perfect for looping video's. Driving made easy. Good work my man !!!
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7 years ago, LaoBushido
Great app
This app works amassing and organizing video playlist, my only issue is that I can't start a playlist as shuffled
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7 years ago, ohnonichole
Not the solution
I couldn't tell you if this is the solution to the glaring decade issue of no video playlist from Apple because the app doesn't let you do anything or test it without insisting you make an in-app purchase.
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8 years ago, Imused
Disappointing Results
There were no clear insturctions on how to use this App. I needed to get this App for an event and had to suspend using it. In addition I couldn't get a full screen. Instead I got a partial screen with a title of the video on top.
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7 years ago, sinoda25
Don't waste your time
This app is trash. Doesn't play continuously as advertised. If you pay the in-app price for looping you will be robbed like I was 10 minutes ago. Smh
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7 years ago, turtletx12
Doesnt work
Cons you into spending $4 to upgrade in the hopes you can create playlists for your apple purchased videos but then doesnt work
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7 years ago, fullyassembled
Great APP
This is a great APP. It does exactly what I wanted it to do.
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9 years ago, Salvajetaz
Full screen please
Please full screen when is conectes to tv with hdmi adapte
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9 years ago, AlexandreCzeczko
Works really well
App delivers exactly what is promised - creating and managing video playlists. This is perfect for my 1 year old daughter to watch a video selection we assembled for her during our daily commute or when traveling. A good bonus is the background playing - this means I can have the songs from the videos continue to play even when using other apps. Congratulations to the developer.
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9 years ago, VideoWatcher22
Great app for watching videos on iPhone
I watch videos on my iPhone and was very happy to find this app. Now I can easily create playlists of videos, organize them, and enjoy my videos the way I like. Usually, I create my own playlists inside the app, but I also appreciate that it can use iTunes playlists as well. Nicely done!
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9 years ago, Migal69
Thank You!!!
It is nice that you take the time to make video watching the way it is suppose to be. Apple needs to take some notes from you. It seems like they enjoy making there products a pain to do the simplest things. Hats off to you with this GREAT APP.. It is every thing it says it is.
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10 years ago, DeltaPro
Finally, A Video Playlist App!!
Simple design and it works well. It sees all if your iTunes content and can make playlists from it as needed. Why this is not built in to the iPhone is beyond me, but at least this app is here to fill the need.
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9 years ago, Ihyfes
Excellent app
Does everything a video app should, including creating playlists. A little pricey but worth it. Added bonus is the ability to play videos in background!
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9 years ago, MAHousley
A must have!
If you like watching music videos, you should definitely get this app. I have tried other video playlist apps and none work as well as this one.
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9 years ago, ISakuma
Great app
This a great app, I was looking for an app that would allow me to play my videos continuously and this app does what it says. Very easy to use, great for parties and family gatherings.
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10 years ago, Gab from tha block
I bought the in-app and its so worth it as i love watching all the music videos that i love in playlist so i dont need to keep on selecting. Very helpful app
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9 years ago, HermanFam
Perfect for what I needed!
This app allows you to loop and shuffle your movie or videos from a playlist. It works perfectly!
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8 years ago, DVTVFilm
Conson airplay drops. Unreliable.
Consistently stops playing in the middle of a video. Consistently does not play the next video in rotation using airplay. Consistently drops the airplay connection. And this is using an iPhone 6 Plus and the latest Apple TV. The app is unreliable. I would return it for a refund if I could.
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8 years ago, Blinkuldhc 1
No exaggeration, this is the ONLY review you need to read.
Do NOT download this "app." It has zero APPlication as anything. Once downloaded, the very first (and last) thing you'll see is a message saying "This app cannot play DRM-protected media, like music or videos downloaded from the iTunes Store." Ok, so basically it can't play anything not-pirated. Seriously. It literally cannot do the one thing it is supposed to do. Probably the worst thing I've ever downloaded, absolutely useless.
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10 years ago, Natures_Moment
Easy to use!
Does exactly what it is suppose to do! Easy to use.
Show more
9 years ago, kiembo
Excellent app for playing music video continuous on my iPhone 6 plus/AirPlay. A must have app!
Show more
10 years ago, Mimi99999999
Not free to loop videos
I want to run one video after another. You have to pay for it so it's no different than the native app. And it cut the end off the video I was watching.
Show more
8 years ago, Marshall Fender
Thanks for a non-streaming player
This is just what I was looking for, a way to create video playlists from my own videos, not YouTube or other music services. The app is easy to use and I have contacted the developer regarding some features I would like to see. While I was learning to work with the app, the developer was very responsive to questions that I had, so I would rate them as excellent for support. If a few other features I requested were in there I would give it 5 stars, but for my purposes it is a very solid 4 stars. Nice app. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Shawn7359
Stops after every video. Even will all or more then one is selected. Continuous and random play fails.
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8 years ago, TheCodeman2
Nice idea but poor execution
Randomly stops sending video out of the hdmi port via adapter and kicks out to menu even if set to loop. Waste of $3
Show more
8 years ago, Gigi_m924
Crashes each time I try to open it.
Show more
8 years ago, Cxshade
Not functionally free
Restricts any more than 3 files to $4 in app purchase. Don't advertise as free if you're going to pull this stunt
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9 years ago, Amy SG
Exactly what I wanted
Since iOS no longer allows you to play video playlists, I wanted an app that would allow me to a) make and watch video playlists and b) listen to the audio of the videos with the phone locked. This works perfectly for videos I've downloaded from YouTube onto my computer and transferred to my iPhone.
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10 years ago, RomanBuffalo
Awesome. Exactly what I needed
As my phone carrier changed my plan from unlimited data to 2 GB a month, the first day I realized that two hours of playing YouTube on my phone had already cost me 1 GB of data. With all the internal memory on my phone, the best option was to download videos on my phone and play them. But iTunes does not allow continuous play. And another app which allows playlist, is asking $9.99. This app does the same thing for two bucks, it's easy to use and has provided me hours of entertainment sense. Five stars all the way.
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