4.3 (23)
80.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Advantage One Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for MYAOCU Mobile

4.3 out of 5
23 Ratings
12 years ago, Mitchell112694
Good App
I've been waiting for this to come out, now that it has it makes online banking way easier. But you need to put out an update out for the iPhone 5 to fill up the full screen
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2 years ago, Dnnrndp
Never accurate
I’ve been using this app for so many years now, but ever since they did the update and basically remodeled the app, when you go to open the app, it’s never accurate. It always says a different account balance, then what’s really there. I have to close the app out and then re-open it and then I will get the correct balance. It’s every single time I open this app, I always have to close and re open. What’s up with that? Fix this, it’s seriously irritating and it didn’t start until you guys redesigned it. It’s user friendly and easy to navigate, I love it besides this one issue.
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1 year ago, ThatHonestGurl
Easy to use
I am constantly on my app. I’m always checking my balance before making a purchase. It’s really easy to transfer and deposit. And if you have a minor child, setting up an account for them is really easy. Transferring to their account and watching their balance is a great way to help them learn how to manage their money.
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3 months ago, Addicted2dig
Super User Friendly
By far one of the easiest apps I have ever used. I was able to open my bank account and apply for a loan through the app with ease. Applying for the loan online was extremely easy and stress free. A members solution specialist was in touch with me within a be to short amount of time. Joann has been fabulous to deal with.
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2 years ago, iwizzerp
best app ever!!!
every time I use this app it really increases my mood from poor to amazing!! it always puts a pep in my step and depositing is super easy and simple!! if I ever made an app I know for sure it would never come close to how good this app is. best app on the market by far!!
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2 years ago, Jessie0118
I hate this app
I would literally rather throw myself down a flight of stairs than try to deposit a check or do a transfer, or sometimes even try to get into my account using this app. I genuinely wish I wasn’t using this bank so I never had to deal with this app again. Nothing ever works. Half the time I’ll click on something and it’ll face id me and then do nothing. Can not stand it. Please just put SOME sort of effort into your app.
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11 months ago, mort345
Please fix the screen orientation!
I have used this app on my IPad and found it to be excellent The most recent version / update (7/18) has changed the screen orientation to IPhone (rotated 90-degrees) which makes it hard to use Please correct back to pervious screen orientation Thanks
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2 years ago, kadencekae
This app is so easy to use
You can trust me when it comes to banking apps. This app is so easy to use and very easy to navigate. My 16 year old daughter even uses this and says it’s great!
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2 years ago, Destinyrevahoe
Most Used App
I love the snapshot and being able to see my balance real quick without having to sign in!
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2 weeks ago, Master at gaming and minecraft
Great banking app
As of July 9th, 2024 I’ve had no issues at all with the app and it’s worked great for me ever since I started using Advantage One Credit Union.
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3 months ago, Anomsrry
depostits never go through, app is slow, and constantly logs me out. no work has been put into this app. theres no point in having a banking app of you cant DEPOSIT CHECKS on it.
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5 years ago, nottodayjunya
I’ve had this app for like ever now, like well over two years, if not more, well shortly after I got the app, I closed a credit card... they said it would stop showing up on the app yet it’s still there to this day, which is years later!! They also said uninstall and reinstall the app, which clearly didn’t do the trick either. I don’t want an old credit card with 0.00 balance showing constantly and taking up more room!! I just want to see the active accounts!! Also the app tends to not be functioning quite often..? Annoying.
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11 years ago, tridenour
Great app
A very useful app, much better than having to use the mobile site.
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8 years ago, Mobile734
Nice update
Nice update! Easy to use. Gets the job done. Pretty much gives me everything in online banking, but on the go! Touch ID was a good addition!
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11 years ago, Mr.andy Boii
How awesome!
So far it's perfect, been waiting forever for this !!
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4 years ago, The Ginger Beard
Worst banking app I have ever used
This app has been broken for years and nobody cares enough to fix it. Half the features don’t work half the time and it crashes constantly.
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10 years ago, ReviewTimes
Welcome to the real world. What an improvement over what was archaic before!
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8 years ago, Chappyscustoms
Touch ID update
Please fix the bug to the Touch ID keeps popping up a window saying "time expired" and never allowing to even log on!
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11 years ago, Furious Freddy
Session timed out
Session timed out every time I try to view an account. Terrible
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