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User Reviews for MyASUS

4.15 out of 5
542 Ratings
3 years ago, Vel12$
Best place for understanding your ASUS computer
Need help using your computer or need to fix your computer, this is the place you need to be. Wondering about your next computer, here is the right site for you. Who could know your computer experience better.
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2 years ago, cash app support wont help me
Same bad online chat, no way to submit tickets
This app funnels you into an internal app browser that’s brings you to the webpage of the the same outdated chat application they use on their website. You can’t file any claims through this app without using that feature, which I find quite benign. The only time I have time to submit information about my claim is during their live chat’s off hours, making it exceedingly difficult for me. Let alone the arbitrary hurdle of waiting in a que to start a claim, which directly affects my ability to make a claim within the required time before my warranty expires. Honestly quite lame
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2 years ago, BlackDog47
Poor experience for support
I was prompted to get this app when seeking support for my motherboard. I had an account and my product was registered but when I wanted to start a chat I had to select my product from a list then fill in details like serial number that were already in my account. The agent was then unhelpful and when I switched to the camera of my phone to take a picture to attach to the chat it closed the chat and there is apparently no way back without starting again… which requires me to type everything in again. Poor experience
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2 years ago, NetMammal
Yep, not buying an ASUS product again
Strange lack of technical competence when it comes to their tech support (or intentional?) I own a zenWiFi router. Let me tell you these are not budget-priced, so I would expect better support than provided by their cheaper competitors. Not! Since they don’t have phone support the app is all I have. (Web support requires windows) On the 2nd go-round with the app, I’m still batting 0.000%. When I try to register product serial number, I get a server error. When I go into support, and tap on any of three support link/button options at bottom do not respond. (Online chat, call or email us). I’ve got a Mac, so when their web support sends me to a windows app, that’s a non-starter. Running out of ideas short of junking a $200 router after one year of ownership
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4 years ago, 17isthebest
Gaming Notebook
My grandson purchased a Gaming Laptop. His screen blacked out, we sent it to them and they are fixing it or replacing it. No problem
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2 years ago, PipWasHere
I have registered devices. When I went to initiate chat, I had to use selections to choose my device from scratch. There were no references to my already registered devices. When I drilled down, the model I have was missing from their drop down selections. Most everything else was there. When I went to the next step to choose the subject (Accessories) the app crashed. Repeat…crash. App is useless.
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4 years ago, CGM1025
This app is the single reason i am done with ASUS
The app does not work!!! The company pushes all of their support to this broken app, the live chat never connects, the “email us” button goes to a broken webpage without a submit button, the “call us” button does nothing when pressed. They made it so you are completely unable to get in touch with support except via their phone service if you can even find the number!
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4 years ago, pleader1st
No way to make general inquiry
This app provides an avenue to communicate with Asus on only a limited predefined set of inquiries. Useless to me. Prior emails to Asus gave gone unacknowledfed. No other way exists to communicate with Asus other than through a tight window of defined questions. Pretty poor customer service. Will not be shopping for Asus in the future.
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2 years ago, Phliily
Repair Status Option
Each time I submit a request for a repair status using the option it continues to time out. Luckily there are some e-mail updates.
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2 years ago, CJJacobs
This app is pure garbage and ASUS should be ashamed of themselves for even putting it out. I’ve been trying to login unsuccessfully for almost 24 hours. After inputting my information it just sits there with the rotating circle endlessly making its rounds. No time out, no error message, just an infinite circle. Do Better!
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4 years ago, D.R. Hoover
Great app!
I was able to register my motherboard and the exercise the warranty. Well thought out app.
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2 years ago, RecipeRose
LinktoMyAsus connection
Extremely inconsistent and requires re-connecting work each use. Often never connects. The few times it has worked it is great and I really would like this function to work as it is the reason I purchased the ZenBook
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3 years ago, hgvarts
I bought a gaming laptop for my son four years ago for $2,000. Now the keyboard doesn’t work and it can not be repaired bc the parts are no longer available. It’s nearly impossible to get customer service. Not again & not recommending it to anyone. Four years.
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4 years ago, Igor Leandro
Sign up with Apple Fiasco
Terrible implementation of Signup with Apple. If you choose that the very next thing it does is ask you for your email or you can’t sing up. What a joke. That just renders the option and app useless. I guess I’ll just continue to use twitter or website chat.
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8 years ago, Mike Triantafelo
Fast tracking of issue resolutions
My new laptop had an issue. I received excellent help and direction from the person on the 800 number. My device needed service. This app let me track the entire process. I am grateful for the people and services provided by ASUS.
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2 years ago, goodboy19967
Crashes when asking for help
If I want to chat with an agent the app just crashes and shuts down after I put in the reason for discussion.
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4 years ago, buzzpark
Useless - Unable to Login
This app is completely worthless. Signed up for an ASUS account and confirmed via email. Downloaded the app but refuses to accept my login credentials. Reset the password via the app, but STILL doesn’t recognize my login. Piece of crap and worthless for ASUS customers needing support
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2 years ago, mkrigsman
Garbage. Don’t bother.
A terrible app with almost no value or utility. Poorly designed. Hardly works for even the most basic functions for which it was designed.
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2 years ago, Que3two
The app keeps kicking me out to my Home Screen. It’s also difficult to navigate and my new laptop isn’t listed in the model number list.
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1 year ago, juliafaith06
I just got my laptop and I’m trying to connect it to my iPhone and I was sent to this app but while trying to register its saying it isn’t responding try again later ???!! HELP !
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4 years ago, Disgruntled ASUS User
Misleading Features
The app purports to have an online chat feature, but when you click on the chat button, you’re taken to a series of FAQs. Not helpful and very disappointing.
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4 years ago, peanut0966
Need help
I have been trying to get someone to respond to and email and also phones calls and I am unable to talk to NO ONE!😡
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3 years ago, miracle123-
Not supported for IOS devices
Please fix the compatibility issue with IOS devices. This feature would make my life so much easier :(
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4 years ago, LiquidMacabre
Can’t log in
I go to log into the app my with account and I just get a never ending loading wheel. I have deleted and installed many times, same result.
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4 years ago, Maxgameing
They give no information on when products will be released, or restocked.
They give
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2 years ago, TagTerror
Does Not Accept Login
Every time I try to login with my ASUS account, it just spins and never signs in. Worthless app until this is addressed.
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1 year ago, shiiffles
Repair Link Crashes App
Whenever you press the repair option on the App. The App automatically closes
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4 years ago, Kirkkerekes
Sign In with Apple not working
App still asks for your email address.
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3 years ago, trons
Can’t log in
Trying to login and it won’t. Same thing with “link my ASUS”.
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4 years ago, DreadHeadcj1
Can’t complete my warranty
Laptop was damged, won’t load the screen correctly at al.
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4 years ago, Wiedemer
Cannot use app - not updated for iOS 14
Update your app.
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8 years ago, DasDogisBrown
App good product support stinks
I had a formula DVIII Maximus motherboard under warranty. It failed post within three weeks of owning it. I sent it in they sent it back saying it passed all tests. I then had to purchase all the components to troubleshoot; CPU, PSU, RAM and sent to professional shop since all components resulted in same issue. They concluded it still was motherboard. I called and explained this to ASUS and they said they didn't have a board to replace it, couldn't tell me when one might be available. Frustrated with the month long ordeal and unknown availability ( from the company that manufactures it) I bought another board, same type. And, it fixed the non-POST issue. If ASUS had tested it correctly, I would have been back up within a week. No apologies from ASUS. Very expensive ordeal for me. Crap customer service for a 300 billion dollar company.
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12 years ago, ducduydaovn
Good app for preview Asus product. Please help me change language of this app. I don't understand Chiness. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Assassins unity
My review
Great app very useful if you have any asus products or if you are like me and built your own
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4 years ago, ok fine have it your way
Great Service, Great Product!
I bought an FX505DY, it was my first computer ever, I don’t know what exactly happened to it, but it completely cut out on me. Within 15 minutes they cleared me to send it to them, and they’d fix it. I didn’t have to pay shipping or anything! Plus the customer service is absolutely fantastic! And since receiving the fixed FX505, no problems at all : )
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8 years ago, stopmooching
Asus junk
This app is garbage the 800 numbers for customers service rings into someone's answering machine the person speaking sounds like trailer trash not a professional company none of the links work I would recommend apple getting rid of this worthless app
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5 years ago, Henry - Atlanta
Bad customer service
Very hard to get to talk or chat with their rep. After submitting all information, no response back. What a company.., not backing up their own product... what a shame
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10 years ago, Shmerls
This app is all in Chinese!
I got this app but there isn't a letter of English anywhere! Is there an American version?
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7 months ago, Poppetseed
Too difficult to start a repair
My daughter’s keyboard stopped working within two weeks of getting it. I tried to register the product with the information inside it and all emails were returned as failures and I never managed to get it to register online. I downloaded the app but it is less than helpful. Her Chromebook isn’t even listed when I try to submit a repair request. Amazon won’t let me use the extra coverage I bought because it is a manufacturer defect still covered by them. Very frustrated.
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1 year ago, chcucjcu
For some reason, I can’t register my laptop, and its really pissing me off. I want to be able to check on my laptop from my phone, but I can’t.
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2 years ago, storm clouds ahead
Never worked from day 1
I ordered my computer through one of the vendors on Amazon….first mistake. When it arrived it came in a big box with NO packing material just the original box. I was extremely busy during this time and just sat it aside to set up later….second mistake. When I went to set it up a couple months later it wouldn’t work properly. It kept giving me an error message and then close down. I contacted the company I purchased it from and was told I missed the date to return it. I told them they said in the ad there was a year’s guarantee. They at first refused to honor it saying it was the manufacturer’s fault. Finally they agreed to look at it. I packaged it as it should have been initially and paid $50 to send it back. When it came back about four to five weeks later again with no packing materials the same error message came up in the first 15 minutes. This saga goes on and on and I’m sick of telling it. The bottom line is I have a $900 paperweight that has never worked.
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3 years ago, DG55432
awful app. awful company. awful product. worst ever.
I buy the most expensive headset on Amazon and what do I get? malfunctions in 3 weeks. cant get a repair service going to save my life. giving me the runaround. absolutely horrid.
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4 years ago, Luyer
No help
RMA USCYL71856 we are so disappointed. We bought this product because we really believed that it was the best product to help our daughter with her online classes. It has been a great product until August 6 it stopped working. It was so difficult to navigate the website to figure out what we need to do to send it back we purchased it on August 11, 2019 so we didn’t have much time. Unless you know exactly what you’re talking about exactly big words that need to be said to be able to figure out exactly what needed to be done was very difficult. We finally got it sent back in before August 11 only to get a message back from ASIS saying that it was past warranty date and it was a problem that we had caused. This chrome book is so lightly used if there was some kind of a problem it wasn’t because of the way it was used. We need this for school and this company has made it so difficult to get some kind of resolution. The only thing that I could do was to say return it. We were so disappointed. Lots of people use their equipment to play on but that’s not what this is used for we need it.
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