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HRB Tax Group, Inc.
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User Reviews for MyBlock

4.59 out of 5
56.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Sumbum04
The best of the best
I have been going through H&RBLOCK for 27 years now we’ll 1 year I decided to go to Jackson Hewitt well I didn’t think it sounded right so I went to H&RBLOCK to have them check it over well I was being ripped off by $3,000 that’s a lot of money that Jackson Hewitt was ripping me off on. So H&RBLOCK helped me on what to do to stop the filing process through Jackson Hewitt which I still had to pay the fees but that was better then losing out on so much more. I ended up having H&RBLOCK file for me and I got my $3,000 more then what I was. I will never doubt H&RBLOCK again. And to this day I get the best service and help from them as I did when I first started going there. Everyone is so nice and patient that u feel so comfortable at even if u have to wait a long period time they always are making sure u are doing ok or need anything.H&RBLOCK I thank u keep doing what u do your the best can’t get no better thank u to the H&RBLOCK in Town & Country Mishawaka Indiana
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2 years ago, MamaSaucy
Service okay app trash
I had to file 2 years late because of another outside CPA failed to do their job so I took my return needs to HR Block. First time using them. They took a month to match me to an agent which is fine it’s off season and she was great the issue is with the app and online site. I had to sign to file but when you agree to “docusign” it takes you to a form you have to download and sign then upload back to the agent. I don’t know how they thought that was supposed to worn on the iPhone but it doesn’t it shows the document and then doesn’t have a download button so it can imported into any other app or even a share button to import into any other app. There was no back button so I had to force close the app and when I reopen it it’s asking for another payment before I can try to get the documents again. I tried on a computer and the same thing. It wants a payment to see the documents you’re supposed to sign. Besides them asking for payment again after giving me the receipt the first time docusign is supposed to be a lot easier. On the PC they give two signing options that lead you to the same file to download. And to top off the frustration I have to sign into the app every time I open it and it won’t save the password into apple passwords and when I try to view my account to see if there is a Face ID option the page never loads. I’ll try another service next year just because of the horrible experience with the app and website.
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1 year ago, Stalebird
The software works, don’t pay for “expert support”
The software works to do your taxes. Just like TaxAct, TurboTax, etc. Let’s not fool ourselves: it’s literally inputting numbers from documents and hitting enter. Good news is my numbers match on all three; I use all three to triple check that everything lines up since my tax situation is a bit more complicated as I have to file in three states, then submitted with HRBlock since they’re a reputable name. So, step one, completing the taxes works; but again, of course it does. It’s math. But I paid for the “have a tax expert review your taxes” as again I’m neurotic and just wanted that piece of mind. I had two questions: one a bit complicated due to the state issue and the other was very basic. Both times I emailed my “advisor” through the app and both times waited three full days for a response. Neither got a response until I sent a follow up, and that was the first one. I’m on day 3.5 of the second, without any reply. It’s tax season, you’re busy. I get it. But Tax people are literally the example of seasonal work. You know you’ll be busy in late March, early May. So plan for it. OR, let me know my questions will take several days to get a response so I can go elsewhere. All that said, if your tax situation is simple, or you think there’s zero chance you’ll actually need advice, it’s… meh. If you think you’ll need any help at all, I’d advise against it.
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1 year ago, KendellB84
Not what I expected
So for several years now I have done my own taxes and used turbo tax and was happy with turbo tax. However this year I found myself in a lil different situation and circumstances as this past year I changed jobs and this was also the first year that I had an job that had an slow period during the winter. So I was strapped for cash and saw a an ad on the internet that H&R Block offered and refund advance and decided because of that I would give them a try. Not all is bad as my return did double in amount but when advertised and I switched for that one reason, I expect them to live up to what they advertised. So I started filling out my taxes and the advertisement said at the end of my tax preparation I would be able to fill out for the return advance so I finish filling out my taxes and then filed but was never asked if I wanted to try for the advance. So the next day I called to see why which they couldn’t give an explanation and even thought I opted to have my return put on their Emerald card they couldn’t change anything which also meant I couldn’t apply for the refund advance. Even though they own the financial company that actually give the advances and I had it put on one of their cards which completely baffled me. Why couldn’t they just let me get the loan and take the money out if an account they own. So needless to say this will be my first and last year using H&R Block.
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2 years ago, Sneaky Buffalo
Terrible company
Both the app and the website refused to let me even start my taxes. After being on hold for over an hour the phone representative, while polite and somewhat professional, was completely unable to help me. I have been doing my taxes with them for the last 5 years and she told me that my account was in a status that would not let me do anything at all and that I needed to create a new account with a different email address and then see how it goes. When I finally figured out how to get started on my own the app and website constantly tell me that there are items that I need to check off but when I click them it just takes me to a blank page. At this point I am going to have to go in to one of their physical locations just to see if my taxes have even been started and finish them there, while paying their ridiculous fees. I will never do business with them again. As soon as my taxes have been completed for this year I am going to use someone local that is not part of this terrible company that has been lobbying the government for decades to prevent us from doing our taxes like any other first world country. Seriously, I never will use them again for the rest of my life
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3 years ago, s.behrad
Emerald card was a bigger step than they could handle
I have had an emerald card since 2019 and honestly it is my worst debit card, since there is no or no atm for this card and you have to pay fees everywhere to use you own card, of course there could be this one ATM 100 miles away that could work with this card. Ever since last year this guys changed their bank for the cards and the old cards got expired on their own; now they haven’t sent me a new card so I can use my account, after spending an hour on the phone with H&R they said that they can make me a new account but they can’t move my own money to it. So now I have a account with H&R with all my cash and they won’t let me access it, funny part is they can’t even access it themselves. That is why I don’t recommend HR emerald card to anyone, simply there is gonna be a lot of headache and they are going to take your money away from you and put in a expired bank account and not be able to fix it for you. Side note: I made 3 phone calls each one of these calls had 1+hour wait on the phone and there is no physical branch, if you go to an office they will encourage you to call them, because they don’t even know what they are doing.
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2 years ago, S.User.21
I don’t know if I will continue to use HR Block
Filed my 2021 taxes via online (no software) paid extra for tax shield, having someone look over them which is all extra. It took her 2 mins to look over both state and fed refunds before she “approved” my refund! I signed them, she efiled them and no I can’t get my documents from anywhere! It tells you to go to “filing summary for a copy” nothing is there. I have reached out to the person to “approved” my refund and I’ve heard nothing back from her. I called the support line and the girl there seem like she was on to something and I will get an email after IT escalation in 3-5 business days. Well now it’s been almost 2 weeks and still nothing. NOW they have updated the app and I can’t even get to my filing summary. “The young lady tells me, I haven’t filed them yet, they still in the cart until she dug deeper” Ive gotten my state refund back so how are they still in my “cart” Oh and don’t worry about going to the local offices, they don’t know anything about online, pretty much used my login to see the same stuff I can see. No help or support for the online way to file taxes that they advertise all day long. My next stop is BBB and the IRS myself!
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4 years ago, Sgaitor385
H&R Block messed me up with me receiving my stimulus
The IRS sent my stimulus to H&R Block. It took me over ten hours to get in contact with H&R Block for them to tell me that they are sending my stimulus back to the IRS because the IRS sent it to them wrong by putting my stimulus check in a general account with H&R Block. How would the IRS know were to send the stimulus check to if H&R Block didn’t give them that account number originally. H&R Block then lied to me and told me that I could update my information with the IRS once the check is sent back by them but that’s a lie because the IRS said on their website that they were going to send out the checks they way you filed the income tax and that information couldn’t be changed. So now because of H&R Block I might have to wait until September to receive my stimulus!!!! I’m never using H&R Block again!!! They are so uncaring in this time of crisis and when I tried to understand why they couldn’t send me out a card that my stimulus was sent to H&R Block stop answering my questions and I kept saying hello but I had to hang up because the agent refused to talk anymore. This is a disgusting and disgraceful company!!!! They don’t care about their customers. If I could’ve given them zero stars I would have.
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5 years ago, Stelagirl12
This app almost makes me regret using h and r block to begin with.
I was so excited to go with h and r block this year since they got me a hell of a lot more money than my other tax service. However I absolutely hate this app! When I open the app it takes several minutes of the spinning wheel before it will actually let me into the home screen to log in and that’s frustrating when all I want to see is the status of my returns. Then once I finally get in if it is at night after about 8ish or so it will do the Face ID and act like it’s going to log in but it just goes back into the login with the Face ID and it keeps doing that and won’t let me in at all but if I try and log in after I wake up in the morning it works just fine. It’s almost like they have something set where you can’t use the app between certain times. But I can use Face ID just fine on any other app at that time and have never had that issue ever so I highly doubt it is Face ID. Plus I’ve had both of these issues regardless of if I’m using WiFi or cellular so that tells me the app is the issue. I’m highly disappointed with this app.
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4 years ago, mandy bellefeuille
They have done the best for me
I have been using H & R block for 6 years now have never used anyone else my taxes were done so fast this year it didn’t take as long as waiting at the doctors office I was in an out an my federal an state was excepted by the irs by the time I got home that same night I also got an advance loaded onto my card I had the biggest return I’ve had yet this year I have always liked how it goes on my emerald card so there’s no waiting for a check to come in the mail I constantly get updates which I also love so I’m always in the know with how things are processing an I get text alerts every time money is added or removed from my card an it show the remaining balance in the text message so I know exactly how much I have at all times which is a great piece of mind I will always go to H & R block for my taxes they have never done me wrong
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5 years ago, DHess78
The best!!!
This app is amazing, just like the company. A LOT of people do not like H&R Block because they think their expensive! But you guys do the best for taxes! And I do mean, THE BEST!! I am so proud of you guys for improving and making sure everyone is understood with terms and conditions and why it happened or didn’t happen! You guys talk about everything! And you make sure those who have been with you for more then 10 years have the best quality and love from your company! You guys are the best! Keep up your love, kindness, and patience! And it will make this business boom more then it ever has!! Thank you so much for helping us! This app is even better and pretty easy to use! I will recommend this app! And I will recommend this tax company before any other! Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, Nati5878
Where do I start? I typically just do my return myself using the Federal and State edition but because we had an inherited IRA included in our return this year, I was forced to add the Tax Pro Review. Annoying, especially since I’m a CPA myself but whatever. I pay for the product, the return gets finalized and sent to the IRS and the state. The next day, I go into my account to get a copy of my return so that I can do my local taxes. It’s locked with an error message stating that I never paid. Appears to be some sort of a system glitch. Long story short, I’m now on my 3rd call with customer service (currently clocking in at 1:51:43 on call duration, for this call, which doesn’t include the 51 minutes I spent on the phone earlier this week) and my 10th is customer service rep (again, just today, total this week is probably 20ish), none of whom can fix my issue. Will I ever get my tax return? Not sure. Will I ever use H&R Block again or ever recommend it to anyone ever again? Absolutely NOT.
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3 years ago, cherryeddylive
Waste. Of. Time.
First off I couldn’t upload pictures of my W-2s due to whatever crazy method THAT was. No biggie- I’ll press on. Now I understand that I am an imbecile when it comes to tax work- however last year using TurboTax I felt confident in what I was doing. I was looking for another option and the example pictures look easy to follow. However, once filing, it’s like whiplash. I’m making good head way and then it smacks me with “Oh pay now to go further” so I agree cause, whatever I’ve made it this far and I’m frustrated. It’s 49 bucks and I do have questions anyways so sure. Then it takes me down another confusing rabbit hole and I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. So I’m looking around for a way to get help in the app , a chat bubble, a “?” , a help option - nothing.. even after agreeing to payment. Also the “learn more” buttons next to each new item - not a single one worked. I had a pretty low bar and this was way under. I don’t usually care enough to leave reviews but seriously. Waste. Of. Time.
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1 year ago, free-tennis-player
All deceptive company (should not be in business)
I always used Turbotax until 2020 when I tried to compare it H&R block, and for exact same information it gave me more tax refund. Since then I switched to this company that has no respect for their word and customer. I received an IRS letter in December of 2022 and had to pay back over $8,000 plus over $500 interest because the bogus online tool miscalculated that was why I was getting more refund in 2020 with them. Called and emailed and over one hour from software to retail back to online department they even lied by telling that they would call back but the Guaranteed calculation accuracy is a joke with H&R Block. The online tool had downloaded all directly from IRS and they are saying it was not their failure miscalculating. Worst customer service. They have no values just bunch of crooks stealing further your hard earned money I won’t use this company unless they own their mistake. I can’t believe people can legally be thieves
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5 years ago, Poke you
Awesome service
When I got a tax preparer to do my taxes back in 96 and was audited and I had to do the leg work to prove I didn’t owe I was mad I needed to go with a service that worked for me, I tired Jackson Hewitt as they were knowledgeable in my opinion but than went with H and R Block because they informed me of all the new tax laws and things I could or couldn’t claim and some would say the fees are crazy but for peace of mind knowing they will represent you when things go wrong is worth the price. I need a professional working on my behalf I want to be able to say here are all my documents and the rest happens magically so to speak 😃😃😃😊😊😊😊
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6 years ago, Charlie Outback
H&R BLOCK can’t make an app that doesn’t crash every time!
It’s absurd that a company this size isn’t able to make a reliable app. Even with all the bells and whistles the app crashes every time I’m about to complete a single process. Seriously it’s a joke they have a app that allows me to hear a snake fart in Egypt but when it comes to your taxes and it has a MasterCard stamp God Forbid it completes a task. People have been putting up complaints for months and nothing is done to fix the bugs. Every time I need to prove my identity by taking a picture of my license it crashes before it loads. Don’t worry if you need worthless information about the accountant that did your taxes this app has all that information. H&R BLOCK is one of the better tax companies but come on how many reviews, how many phone calls have to made before your tech team fixes the app? If it can’t be done make your website able to do the things we all signed up for. No one needs another app, especially a useless one.
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4 years ago, 1ps9
Pathetic Service and Policies
I have been filing my taxes with H&R for so many years and you will be satisfied until you get into an issue. My taxes got rejected by IRS for some reason and the customer services representative was not able to identify what the issue is and was not even knowledgeable enough to understand some basic tax terms. I paid ~100 for the Deluxe service and the response I got from the representative and his Supervisor that since the tax got rejected by IRS you need to print the taxes and sent to IRS by mail and wait for the office to open post Covid issue is resolved. Per their policy a refund cannot be issued since it is the problem from IRS end and I have used their service to submit the taxes. No matter whether IRS approves it or not if you use their service you will be charged and no support from their end to resolve the issue. Tax filing services like Credit Karma gives better platform than this and is totally FREE to file taxes. #H&RPATHETICSERVICE
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3 years ago, kingpro8938 mom
Liars with Horrible Service
Do NOT use the My Block App! I transferred money to my ePocket, money that I am supposed to have access to when needed. That is a LIE! Instead my screen does NOT show the ePocket icon and when I try to access it I get a blank gray screen. I have contacted the online Emerald Card tech support people and have been lied to, given the transfer from line to line run around, and have been hung up on numerous times. I have been told numerous times that I would receive an email. Then told a call or an email and I have received neither. I have had numerous people give me reference numbers that do NOT appear in the system when I call back and give the numbers. I want the money that I have transferred into the ePocket account! I have been trying to gain access to it for almost 3 weeks now! This is ridiculous and no one should have to go through this! Please do NOT make the same mistake that I have made in trusting this app as I have done.
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2 years ago, aksotbsbz821
Misleading, bait and switch.
I have used HR Block for a couple years now because I can file for free and have no issues until now. I complete the process and go to file but it won’t let me efile unless I now upgrade to their deluxe package because of some savings credit. After speaking to someone from sustainer service they say there is no way to remove it because they claim this is some this the IRS requires. So if it is something the IRS requires then I shouldn’t have to pay. My fiancée uses HR Block to file for free and she makes more than I do and she wasn’t prompted with this credit. So someone who made little enough last year to qualify for this credit has to pay to file while someone who made significantly more still files for free. This is wrong and unacceptable. I will not be using them again. I used credit karma and got the same refund amount as what HR Block was showing.
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2 years ago, HNRBlocked
Another embarrassment for this company
So, in addition to having my taxes screwed up two years in a row, I now can’t even get my taxes done for this year, because this lousy app doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for nearly a week to upload documents, and enter the information required of me, to no avail. This is very likely my last year using H&R Block there’s way too many other companies out there, that are more affordable and make it way easier to do your taxes, then this antiquated,Over priced “service and quote that you provided. H&R Block needs to get into the 21st-century, or it needs to go away. This is outrageous. Every single year it’s a new problem. I have not had a year in the last five where there wasn’t a significant, major issue with filing my taxes with H&R Block. And now the app doesn’t even work. Why have an app, if it isn’t going to work properly? Absolutely outrageous.
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2 years ago, TheStarlighter
App says I did not file with them…
Apps says I did not file with them even though I used their Tax Prep app for the past 3 yrs. The Tax Prep app got rid of their feature to look up past returns and directed me to download their My Block app which I just did. When I initially logged in, it showed me my prior years but after confirming my identity, the app is now suddenly saying I did not file with them and there is no way to look up or download my past returns. Frustrating. I really loved the ease of their tax prep app and gave it glowing reviews in the past; however not appreciating the additional download and now the runaround just to get a digital look at my past returns without having to dig through my physical archive . :(
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1 year ago, Misteek2
Concept is poorly executed
It’s supposed to be an upgrade to the website version with easy to access your documents and request assistance quickly with a simple layout. However, it keeps freezing. Clicked over a dozen times to look at my tax documents and it actually timed out or made me sign in again. Tax pro is incompetent. Decided to redo my state taxes even though I already received online assistance. As active duty military I do not pay NYS taxes as long as I don’t reside in the state. Tax pro undid all of that and taxes my income for NYS which i will receive 1400 less now. Called the hotline to remove my tax pro so I can file again. Transferred 8 times in over an hour. Kept switching departments until I gave up. I will not allow myself to be ripped off for $1400 plus fees to file because H&R Block can’t fix it’s app so I can complain and reject my return or fox issues at the call center.
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3 years ago, ryphill02
Worst service ever
I can’t believe this has a 4+ star rating. This application is the worst. And the H&R Block customer service system is terrible. I’ve just waited on the phone 3 different times for an hour each time. First time the call dropped after talking to someone (no call back), second call dropped after an hour of waiting, 3rd call sent me to the wrong department and I got forwarded just to be on hold for another hour. Never got through to talk to someone. The online chat button doesn’t show up anywhere. This is all after I did my return just to have the tax pro review and delete information and now she won’t send my original file and she can’t add the information back and I can only approve the document or send back for changes. I’ve been charged $134 for all this headache and I can’t get a hold of anyone to reset my account or refund my money. Never using H&R Block again!
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1 year ago, Sammy027
Extremely inconvenient & time wasting experience
I’ve filed taxes with H&R Block every year but this year you guys have officially lost me as a customer. Your tax pro service is absolutely terrible. I have been trying to e-file my taxes for weeks! with no success at all! My tax pro person has had to re upload my return multiple times because every time I sign it, she does not receive my signature & claims “we’re still waiting on your final approval” Although I got an email confirmation for my signature every single time. At some point she just stopped responding to me which went on for about a week until I called H&R Block customer service for her to finally get back to me! I finally decided to stop wasting my time with you guys & I went to TurboTax who were able to get it done in less than an hour! Goodbye H&R Block. You’ve lost me as a customer.
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3 years ago, GioLioness
Dropped the ball 2020
Terrible customer service I received. I started off doing my own taxes through the self service version online. I used the self employed package for a fee. Before I could finish up, I was advised to have a tax preparer look it over for more money. From the way it was worded, it made me feel like I had no choice but to buy this extra service that I was sure I didn’t need. The tax preparer looked over my taxes and after her making a few guesses on things that l already figured out, she goes on to send me a return she guessed up that was $3000 less than the amount I got. She titled the email “I finished your return and saved you from filing a incorrect return” I couldn’t believe it. As a tax preparer her job was to get me every possible deduction I could get and she failed to do so. I have children and she completely left out the EIC credits. It was unbelievable!!! I emailed her back saying I went with another tax service and she responded with “do what’s best for you” She didn’t even offer to fix her mistakes!! I went with turbo tax this year with no issues at all and it really was unfortunate because I use H&R Block every year. That tax preparer needs to be retrained and the self employment version of H&R Block should really be less pushy about adding on more services.
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4 years ago, Tinybubbles1945
This app is not for the faint. if You can not set it up correctly the first time it will cause errors with any additional attempts. Once you do get it set up unfortunately you cannot close out the other attempts. This will make it highly improbable that you will be able to see any information. Unfortunately when you call the number given due to not being able to securely reach your tax pro they are of no assistance. The only information the person gave me was it was due to multiple accounts. So I still set unable to do anything due to the fact I could not get it set up the first time. I am not a tech geek but I do understand and have some computer knowledge. With that this app still was not an easy sell for an older person.
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6 years ago, AmoodyMomma
Some Days it’s GREAT & OTHERS WELL???
Been an Emerald card holder as long as they’ve existed I believe! Even though I started doing my own taxes over 10 yrs ago! When the App first became available it was OK and with time has gotten better. It’s nice to be able to TAP FOR BALANCE, but once you sign in getting back to that isn’t always easy! That’s if your able to sign in! Don’t want to curse myself by writing it, but thankfully since I change my password AGAIN 2 weeks ago I haven’t had trouble signing in! Previous to that I had to make a new password EVERY-TIME I tried to log in! To the point I stopped using the App whenever is needed to check my balance or see my statement! Called the toll free number and sat and listened to them! Wish there was an App JUST FOR EMERALD CARD holders aside from H&R Block.
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3 years ago, Yukim Nomoto
Have they even use their app?
It can be an irritating experience using their app(s). First there’s two different apps they offer, featuring basically the same exact thing; HRB TaxPrep and MyBlock. If you sign into one it’ll log you out the other, or send you to the other app to make you resign in. Sign ins with Face ID is useless because it doesn’t activate until you manually sign in by going on a browser on MyBlock. Messaging on the app is just pointless because you can’t even see the messages you’re typing when your keyboard blocks it from the second line of the message box. There’s just basic things they’ve completely looked over as if they’ve never used their own app and just slapped it together just to have more apps.
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3 years ago, JaeDot1226
Issues with adding taxes paid to another state
For the third year in a row the application and also web based filing seems to glitch when adding taxes paid to another state. For instance I work in one state and live in another state.I first filed my income as a nonresident for the state that I work in. Then as I am filing for the state that I live in and I go to add my taxes paid to the other state I fill in the info and it won’t stick. I press “next” And on the list of taxes I paid to other states the state I added is not listed and so I continue in a loop of adding it but it won’t keep the info. The problem usually fixes itself after like a week but it takes like 50 attempts and a ton of patience it is extremely inconvenient and frustrating.
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2 years ago, Abu Peterstau
Still useful, but…
The navigation on the app has been modified since I first started using it and not in a good way. I’ve had to go out to the webpage a couple of times to be able to move backwards and forwards through my tax filing information. I could the app itself used to have this functionality, but now it’s gone. You also no longer get to see a running total of refund amount based on the information entered in. You only get the end number. It was more useful for future tax planning to see the running total. All in all, still useful for my tax preparation, but not as good as it used to be.
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2 years ago, DScottReese
Poor customer service
I brought my personal and business taxes to the Casselberry, Florida location. They couldn’t not finish them on time, after finishing the project I hired them to do. Which they did fix. I paid the manager to extend my taxes, but the manager unbeknownst to made a mistake and ONLY filed the personal extension. Why would a manager do that? She was told to do both!! Several times, but she was in a hurry to go to Miami to visit family. Couple months later I get a $1200 fine! For not extending the business taxes. I contact the store, and the manger would not even call me. Made a subordinate call me and said it was a he said she said situation. The original manager who made the mistake has been let go since. Hire a true tax profession, an accountant with a degree. Not this company. I will never use them again.
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4 years ago, Jcisco2369
Irs return status is slow to update info about tax return. Emerald card options are limited and atm fees are out rages! The emerald advance line of credit is a great product I Love and use! Downfall of the line of credit advance is I made a payment and it did not go thru and was lost for almost 3weeks and no one could help or give me an answer! So my payment was late because of it and then said payment was due but said I will pay with my tax return when I got it! Does that hurt my ability to get a new one? To many questions Also there needs to be live support options or email options out there for us! I know I hate being on hold and not getting answers! Rather email!
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4 years ago, dukmouse
Complete disregard for long time customers
In this incredibly stressful time the fact that there is NO way to talk to a living person for help is beyond ridiculous!!! I have tried the local office who for years have been great, their only answer was they’ve been told by corporate to send everyone to the IRS or to the corporate call line. Since what I need help with is past the part where the IRS could help and is solidly in HR Blocks hands that leaves me with calling. So over the last 2 days I’ve spent over 14 hours either being hung up on by the automated system or never connected through (then hung up on). I’ve tried using this app- it refers you to the SAME useless phone number!!! I’ve tried utilizing Facebook messenger and that’s right it’s auto response is THE SAME USELESS PHONE NUMBER!!! Today I regret ever using HR Block for anything.
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1 year ago, SelfFit
Approve and file
The app was ok until I tried filling with the help of a pro. I wanted to try the new way of filling online with a tax pro, so I didn’t have to have my children with me sitting for so long at the office. I have not been able to access my return to view or approve it. I have messaged the pro back several times stating that I am unable to access the return anymore. I can not see anything, there is no link, no one seems to be able to help, not even the number for technical assistance that is provided, no one was able to figure out the problem. I don’t know if it’s the app or the tax pro that is dropping the ball, but it is so inconvenient. I am going to just go back to the office in person to file.
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3 years ago, Scott386386
Never use this company
This is the most on organized company that I have ever dealt with. Especially if you have their emerald card it was one of the worst decisions in my life to even get it no one can help you with customer service and if you lose your card in order it it takes two weeks to get a new one but that’s even if they send you out a new one because I’ve been waiting on mine for two months now and every time I call them they say they have no record of me ordering a new one when it says that I’ve ordered several on the app so the money that I have on that card which is over $1000 it’s just useless and I can’t talk to anyone to figure out how to get it and this is their regular practices of business to do this to their customers this is just sad stay away from this company
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6 years ago, RedBear1961
NOT what I’d expect from H&R Block
The app starts strong - you can setup touch ID for security, and find a local office. It falls flat from there. Once you locate an office, you cannot save it as “My H&R Block Office”. Once you setup your profile, if you already have a standing appointment at the office you selected, it does not show up in the app. If the app does not interface with the local office, why would I waste time uploading my tax documents, only to risk getting to my appointment and finding none of those documents are available? I like that you can see which Professionals work at your office, plus their experience levels (but I also know that the experienced folks help and mentor the new folks), but my overall confidence in the app/local office interface is very low. Hopefully, they will have it fixed by next tax season.
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3 years ago, Siksika333286
Crappy service/ Crappy Communication
Went through the process of this app and selected to have a tax pro help, I selected the option of paying with my refund, got a conformation that my taxes were being prepared. and said I would receive an email. I did receive an email saying my taxes where complete, but I noticed the email was from another employee of hr so I called the office listed in the email and they couldn’t find me in the system when I called costumer service they said I wasn’t assigned and said I had to go through steps I already done after an hour of trying to explain that I completed that and gave the names of the 2 tax preparers is when costumer service saw still no answer on how I have no tax preparer but my taxes are completed with them... horrible communication and stupid.
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1 year ago, Lector8888
Good before, but 2022 …
In the past I found this app fairly easy to use, but this year, on my iPad, it was a nightmare. Doing taxes is a nightmare in itself, but no need to have the app contribute to the difficulty. It told me to press buttons that weren’t there. I fixed the issues, or tried, that it told me to, but they didn’t go away until after multiple attempts. I’m not confident I got it all right, since the app’s directions didn’t always conform to reality. I’ll give it one more chance next year, but if the experience starts out promising to be a repeat of this year’s, I’ll switch to something else fast.
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1 year ago, kaylaaaaathegreat
Such a hassle
So when adding one of the last forms I needed the app decides to pop up an option to upgrade very out of the blue and not very telling. So I accidentally clicked yes or continue and then it upgraded my account. Obviously I didn’t want this and thought okay I can just switch back to my free account I had two seconds ago…. NO You have to contact customer service and then erase your a whole account and everything you have done and put into it. So now I have to completely restart my taxes and I will definitely not be doing it with H&R. I’ve done it with them the last two years and didn’t have a problem until now but this changed my mind. If one accidentally pressing a button, means erasing all my time and information I put into doing my taxes with H&R then I just won’t deal with that and go somewhere it’s easier and stress free. Somewhere they aren’t trying to scam you into upgrading your account and the cheapest is 30$ by the way just to be able to chat with a customer service rep and they professionally check it which I could do the same things on their free account. No thank you.
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2 years ago, Prettygrlg
F This Compamy
I would NEVER use H&R block again! Not worth it!! I decided to get an h&r Tax expert to get more money and she got me the same amount I could have got myself! I knew how much I was getting back before I decided to get a tax expert! Waste of money! Do NOT do it! She was also in communicative, the experience was stressful! I sent all my documents as instructed by h&r system and she called me one time asking for documents I then wrote her a message that I sent all documents she requested over the phone and I have not heard back from her but I did get a email notifying me that my tax return was filled and I signed my signature! I want a reimbursement because she didn't get me a hire amount! Everyone from customer service has not helped me!!! Very bad company I would never do this again
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4 months ago, Rezellen
The worst
H&R Block. This company is a pure rip off. I have never dealt with so many unprofessional people in my life who have no idea what they’re doing. I went to school for accounting and when I go to have my taxes done I got it for the RAL which they told me I was approved for but then when I was all said and done and I had paid them 600 bucks to get that loan. I wasn’t approved imagine that was a scam. I could’ve done my taxes, faster and more efficiently without H&R Block. The app also stinks it’s always down it never works you have to login and then you have to login again and didn’t have to login a third time and they have to send your password, this is a joke. I can’t even understand why they’re in business I will never ever use them again.
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4 years ago, Domopking
Can’t get in
I never remember signing up for MyBlock but looks like I already have an account. I did forgot password and it sends me a passcode. I put the passcode in and it asks me security questions I know and answer but is not right... ok whatever. It asks for my social dob and address verification and stuff. Then it asks more security questions which I answer correctly. Next message I get is my account is locked, try again later. Then I call to figure this out and after sitting on hold for 20 minutes and am told call somewhere else where I hold for 20+ minutes. To then be told I have to call somewhere else again. I’m writing this while on hold again just because the verification system is broken! If I’m told call another number one more time never again will I be using H&R!
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4 years ago, Mikeglantz
Do not file through H&R Block
I myself have been going through H&R Block for 11 years until now. They have withholding my stimulus check now for three days while other H&R Block individuals have been getting theirs. I have spoke with seven different H&R Block representatives including their corporate office. I’ve been lied to by all of them about my status and why this money is sitting in my account and has not been released to my card they all have been very very rude and defensive and I will no longer tolerate this matter. My children and I are loading our place because of their delinquency on handling this matter and we will be homeless during this corona epidemic. I am baffled about how this humongous company is not handling things properly you just ruined my life I will be filling a lawsuit sincerely Michael Glantz.
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2 years ago, Hdhhakdbdufdooqahb
Login issues
The app itself is fine but every time I leave the app and have to log in again there’s always a issue with the password. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’ve had to change my password at least 50 times now cause it never seems to remember it. I used a few complicated passwords at first since it’s an important account but now I just use extremely simple ones that I know I can’t forget. Each time the password was saved to my phone and each time I still had problems logging in. It’s getting to the point where I’d rather not have the account at all for security’s sake
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5 years ago, Poop_Scute_McGee
Very Poorly Coded App Built by incompetent Developers
Downloaded this app because it’s nice to check my balance when I’m away from a computer and unfortunately these developers just completely dropped the ball when it came to checking things on a mobile device. Please do not download this app: Most days you cannot even login as the app while continually return you to the login screen. In addition, the app crashes almost CONSTANTLY. I was only able to check my balance ONE TIME in the past few days and when I tried to click on the link to deposit a check into my Emerald Account the app crashed yet again. I don’t know if HR Block outsourced this job to the lowest bidder but it’s clear the Devs behind this do not take pride in their work. Avoid this app at all costs.
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3 years ago, Jak-k
Not About How Great Is My HRB Tax Consultant
The HRB physical office said there was no way to go contactless to submit tax docs and that I had to “risk” coming in to drop them off. With this App I would have had a contactless submission. I am still researching this app to determine if it includes a DocuSign type utility app so I do not have to go back to sign anything. Btw this app appears to support Apple wallet so why does the HR Block Office Mgr want me to drive over to pay by credit card.? I’ve used HRB for over 15 years and appreciate everything my tax preparer does but this US Corporation company needs to inform their employees about the App as well as provide clear information to seniors who are customers.
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3 years ago, impoverished mother of two
Not free!
Says I can file for free but prompts me to pay! It has done This twice now for my partners taxes now mine. I’d understand if it said we didn’t qualify we are low income and are parents. but free version is offered and won’t allow us to do so. Can’t exit out nor does it offer the free in this prompt that says are you sure you don’t want pro version? I feel like I’m being scammed with software. They probably hope most people just have the 30$ taken out of the refund. I feel very taken advantage of as a consumer. And if I remember correctly the gov/IRS said companies must offer a free version. Your not really offering it with trickster software and coding now are you?wish I could post screenshots about this prompt I’m speaking of
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4 years ago, JBSimp
Terrible redesign
Updating from last review: guess what? NOTHING has changed. It’s just become worse. Seriously, who ever has had a hand in the redesign and whoever is in charge of updating this app needs a new job. Nothing works, ever! I am so disappointed in this app, and we’ll be losing the card and app! So unfortunate. This latest update is AWFUL! There is no ease of flow to the app anymore, my tap to view balance is gone -which I loved- because I didn’t have to sign in. The check to card is longer available on the app -again, I loved it because I could just add birthday checks without leaving the house- the app is extremely slow and lags. I just can’t believe you guys would change it so drastically and make it worse than before. That’s a shame.
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1 year ago, Joseph's iphonee
Accordion to the app, I tried to do my taxes online through the app for $0.00 because the only thing I had to do was file my taxes, and claim my daughter simple RIGHT. Every time I hit the do it myself button on the app it keeps on refreshing me and asking me again how I would like to do it for the no money down doing it myself or for the $80 and have some help. For three days straight I try to do it for the no money down and it kept on refreshing and not allowing me to do it so I end up bringing my taxes in and now I'm getting charge almost $300 not like the $80 it says on the app???🤨🤬💸THANKS H&R. I've been filing my taxes with you guys for years now it looks like this is going to be my last year with you.👋🏼
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4 months ago, DeniseS17
Glitchy app
This app is so glitchy. It makes me sign in every 45 seconds if I am moving around the app to different screens. The app will also 2FA every time it makes me sign back in during the same session, which is also super frustrating. I went to the accuracy page and now I that have gone too far and I want to go back to the beginning of my return to double check items, it’s impossible to get there… I have to either switch to a desktop or the website browser instead. This happened to me last year too and I end up delaying filing because I get annoyed. I am about to ditch HR Block after loyally using it for years and see if TurboTax’s app has a smother experience.
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