MyBonds ⋅ Series I bonds &more

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1 year ago
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11.4 or later
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User Reviews for MyBonds ⋅ Series I bonds &more

3.39 out of 5
41 Ratings
4 years ago, adbqk
Too simple, basic info not tracked
Thought this app would at least be as good as a simple program I downloaded to my computer in 2015, but far from it. First, I was expecting a more thorough accounting of my bonds. I’m wondering why it doesn’t cover certain minimum information. Like a real inventory. Should allow entry of the bond’s Serial Number, along with interest rate and yield, interest amount and current value, next interest date and final maturity date. Second, even though “serial” was on a bar at the bottom of the screen, I could find no way to actually enter the serial number of each of my bonds. Why? Third, there seems to be no way to print out a listing of my bonds. Hopefully an upcoming update will improve this basic tracking information. For $2.99, I expected more.
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3 years ago, tupf78
Permusoft is very responsive
After loading 86 EE and I bonds purchased between 1991 and 2007 in this app I got a chance to put it through its paces. It is a big improvement over the old, poorly supported US Treasury bond tracking website. I like the ability to load each individual bond's info once, and the tab on the bottom of each portfolio gives you the ability to rack and stack them in various ways. The printing function is also a big plus. An improvement request I sent to the developer was the ability to order by maturity date in each portfolio because I want to see at a glance when I should cash a bond. Also, on the first page I'd like to have the ability to arrange the portfolios manually instead of the haphazard way it appears now. I constructed my portfolios by each year of bond maturity so would like to see the several portfolio years displayed chronologically started from maturing next to maturing last. The developer answered my email quickly and I hope to see these added functions in future revisions.
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3 years ago, BradPA
Could be better
I mistakenly thought this App would be able to scan the bond to read the information, saving the hassle of manual data entry for hundreds of savings bonds. Why else would one want to do this calculation on a phone? Disappointed. Hope the developer can add the camera feature. it’s common in lots of apps now.
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2 years ago, ERS377
Just what I needed
I jumped on the I Bond train when rates hit 9.62% and found this app as a way to avoid logging into the clunky Treasury Direct page. I was disappointed though because the app didn’t show updated values for bonds in the initial 12 month holding period. So if you were buying new bonds each year the values in this app would literally never be correct. I sent feedback to the developer and just noticed they corrected this “value during holding period” issue. I can’t say whether it was my feedback that prompted the update but I’m thrilled either way. 5/5 stars!
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4 years ago, bj49f
Great app
My suggestions for improvement would be to add a field to be able to show bonds that are cashed in. I would suggest a field with redemption date and value, then set current value to zero. The current interest rate for each bond would be a nice additiin also. I use the tracker to know how much the bonds are worth before cashing them in at the bank.
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1 year ago, Descent 20
Good App!
It’s so much easier to look at my bonds on this app compared to logging into the Treasurydirect website. My only complaint is that the app does not allow this use of decimals. While not a major inconvenience, I can always purchase in whole numbers, the option to use decimals would be nice.
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12 years ago, jfeino
Lacks security and portfolio totals
Absolutely needs to have a password added once the app is opened. Although it gives a total for each individual portfolio, it does not show the total for all portfolios combined. It also does not allow you to arrange the order of the portfolios. I will give it 5 stars once those items are addressed.
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3 years ago, JeffandSisko
Interest Rate Info.
This is a simple and convenient app for bond values. Since the US Treasury no longer provides the Savings Bond Wizard program/app, it would be very helpful to have interest rate information available for the bonds (ex. - rate history, current rates, etc.). Thank you.
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2 years ago, Kpage68684
2 previous updates were absolutely useless
I already wrote a review about this issue and I’m sure that any user of this app has done the same. WHY are you not publishing these reviews??? People need to know that this app no longer does anything close what it used to!!! Now they publish a 3rd update! Are you kidding me??? They wiped out values, destroyed lists, and they don’t respond to inquiries. What are you doing about it??? KPage
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10 months ago, Green Sub
Interest posted on 1st day of the month
Interest posted on 1st day of the month on my I Bonds with the correct amount. Very please with the app.
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4 years ago, ghibfeudsfvi
Easy to Use
Enjoy the App. It would be nice if you could scan your bond and it would enter the date purchased and Serial number
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3 years ago, step 1 taker
Nice way to check/store savings bond portfolio. However a nice upgrade feature would be if it gave current interest rate for each bond you hold.
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2 years ago, L1.0005
Good basic app
Overall a good app to enter your bond information. I would add a feature to sort report by group name. Maybe add a feature to mark a bond as redeemed.
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4 years ago, tekdout
Solid App - could use a couple features
This app works as advertised. But it could use a few features: 1. Needs to support FaceID for privacy. 2. Needs to backup to iCloud for recovery. 3. Ability to export/save/email the bond list for saving to my desktop computer.
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2 years ago, nonamextra
Great appp
Does outstanding job. What Treasury app should have been all along.
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2 months ago, OpenMikeG
Don't Bother
Was hoping for a camera scan serial #s to input bonds. Even if you manually input your sn#s it does not do anything to calculate your values. Basically you manually enter the dates. Better off to just use Treasury Direct
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2 years ago, JBritonHamilton
I just bought digital Series I bonds at very random values. This app doesn’t allow you to input a custom value - it predetermines the values for you. That may work for paper bonds, but not digital.
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2 years ago, TimeWaster42
Not much functionality
Would be nice to include tbill etc to track all treasurydirect offerings.
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7 months ago, MScottSr1
This app has quit working
quit working
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14 years ago, Pathdocjlwint
Very good app!
Downloaded this app and entered my kids' bond info last night. Values and interest for the bonds were exactly the same as generated using the PC program from the government, SavingsBond Wizard. App easy to use, clean interface. I second the suggestion That it would be nice not to have to hit enter with the text field. I would also like bonds to be displayed by issue date (or at least be able to sort). Finally, in the portfolio summary in addition to value and interest could you give the face value of the portfolio as well?
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14 years ago, JKMorgan
Not saving bonds
It's still not saving any bonds. Supposedly the issue was fixed but I'm still having problems. I love the app and really wish it would work like it's supposed to. ***UPDATE*** the new version 1.12 fixed all issues I was having saving my bonds. I'm completely happy with the app and will continue to recommend to my friends!!!
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5 years ago, Kevin in CT
Needs to show Mature Bonds
Nice and easy app to use. Inputting information simple. My biggest gripe is that there is no indication of bond that is Mature. After a few months you might notice the overall value of a bond has not changed which might cause you to think app isn’t updating. When actually the bond has Matured and it is no longer gaining any Interest. Keep the updates coming.
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6 years ago, Rdp3ct
App refuses to load
I paid the $2.99 for this app and it opened just fine for the first 2 days and then it stopped loading all together and drops back to my home screen. I tried restarting the phone and nothing works. Was really hoping to use this since the government dropped the program I used to use. I’m giving this 2 stars for the fact that when it did work I liked it, but now that it doesn’t I can’t give it more than 2 stars.
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8 years ago, Farmer Curt
App does everything I need it to do and is very accurate. Even better, the support staff is great. I found a minor bug, pointed it out to the them, they got back to me same day.....and an update to fix the problem was available in two business days. Good job, folks!
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5 years ago, jschustr
Inventory & current values
As a simple tracker of what bonds you own and their current values, this gets the job done. Things that would greatly improve the usefulness of this app: - Display current rates on your bonds - Show significant dates (next accrual and final maturity) - Allow you to mark bonds as “cashed” rather than simply having to delete them from your inventory
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10 years ago, cableguy316
Good app but currently broke
Simple, intuitive app that does one thing and does it well - tracks savings bonds. Unfortunately, it now crashes when you try to look at a particular bond or add a new one. Not sure if this is still being supported.
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14 years ago, Let me think
Now saving bonds
Pretty good app does all the basics pretty good. If you hit the return button after entering your serial number then it will save the information otherwise it forgets the info. I would like the program to remember the last values entered as it would make entering info easier.
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14 years ago, Brandini weenie
This app is perfect. You actually CAN delete old profiles. Just slide your finger. Horizontally over the profile name to make the delete button appear. If one knows about bonds, then they will find this handy. A++:)
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11 years ago, jhf3rd
Balance with TreasuryDirect?
Overall, app works great and "meets expectations or 4 stars" In this app, EE Bonds that are within the minimum 12 month holding period are NOT added into the portfolio value. Why? They still have a value of the purchase price even though unable to redeem per bond parameters. Please add value of these bonds into portfolio value so that I can balance back to TreasuryDirect! This feature would be great and would then earn an "exceeds expectations or 5 stars." Thanks for the nice app, easy to use, nice UI, look, and feel.
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7 years ago, yawyeow
Glad to have it
I have been using this app for many years, it does what I need, and I am so happy to have it. I do wish there was a print option, though.
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13 years ago, SLRich24
MyBonds is Awesome!!
This app is awesome and with the new sorting functionality makes it easy to use. Support is very responsive and can answer all my questions. 5 stars!!
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12 years ago, VictoriannMcQueen
I was able to enter about 50 bonds in an hours time. Easy to use. I would love to see a feature that would tell you when the bond has reached its full value. (color coding or something)
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8 years ago, Gold Birdman
Needs More Information Input
Would be nice if it turned sideways for iPad. Also should have a place to put the serial number and show the amount of interest that each bond pays
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11 years ago, Richfrazier
Good basic app
Works well. Would like it to have a few more data fields for the info on the bond. Also be nice to have some charts n graphs for interest growth over time - past and forecast. -- Good start
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5 years ago, CurtisHart
Update: App is fixed and works fine now
Didn’t load for a while but a fix corrected this and now works fine. A good app to track your bonds.
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11 years ago, Kessler92
Now, Okie Dokie !!
Took approx. two weeks but finally, all previous, cogent info has been re-established to the I Bond Series. A most definite time saver and useful application.
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12 years ago, JmeTom
I wish you could print out the list of your bonds
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7 years ago, Docarth
Good recent app for savings bonds.
My old app is out of date. Very happy to find this new one updated in 2017. Easy to use; format not quite as good as old app, but at least it's modern.
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5 years ago, My dog has flies
What happened?
What happened to the Apple My Bonds app? After the recent update, my screen is blank.
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6 years ago, Dr. Taekwondo
Love the App. But needs backup function
Overall, this app does a very good job, but it lacks two crucial components: backup and print out of databases. When it comes to protecting and maintaining your data, these two elements absolutely degrade this apps usefulness. Add these components and your app will be outstanding!
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13 years ago, Gonzmania
Great little app
Great for my kids -- would love to see more functionality!
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5 years ago, irishsheila
Simple & Easy Way to Track My Bonds
I really appreciate how easy this app is to keep track of my bonds & their values.
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11 years ago, Tiger@1
Password protection bottom
I love this application, but I wish it had a password protection bottom so no one else will see my information.I will give it a 5 if it has a password protection.
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10 years ago, M Como
Simple easy
Very easy to use. Logged all my bonds and it automatically adds the values for me. Thanks!
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10 years ago, davred
Unable to add bonds to a new portfolio.
No matter how I enter the information it says no such bod was issued. There is no help screen, no true sample of how the added bond should look. On my windows PV I use SBW and it's great but I wanted to have the inventory on my iPad. Since I can't even enter one bond I would give it ZERO stars but it won't let me so I give it one.
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12 years ago, EdSmlnsk
Great tool for keeping track of US Bond values. Just having the values updated every month saves time.
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5 years ago, rhettdb2005
Please add interest rate data
Biggest weakness is the inability to see the interest rates of the bonds you have in your portfolio, but otherwise a helpful app.
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13 years ago, wallyrit
Does the job
Functions as you would expect. Solid app.
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13 years ago, crupert
Good little app
Clever and easy, but what's with swipe to drlete? Cloud functionality coming soon?
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6 years ago, Gull Lane
With the ending of support by TREASURY DIRECT of the US Savings Bond Wizard this is the only game in town if you want to keep your US Savings Bond Portfolio up to date!!! Bravo!!!
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