MyBTR Money

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Bank of Travelers Rest
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6 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyBTR Money

4.83 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Billy Dwain
Best Service in Banking anywhere.
My wife and I joined BTR right after we got married in 2010. We were with one of the BIG banks and were feeling like a number instead of a local person that loves the community. My friend was the president of the bank we left. It wasn’t long before he left them for a much better outcome as well. Since the move, we have never had a second of regret. BTR always makes us feel special and valuable as customers. I want to commend your business model. I believe if the businesses here were more caring for the individuals of the community, we all would be better off. Thank You all, BDG
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4 months ago, Chelle Hill
1 flaw, otherwise great app and wonderful banking!!
Would love to be able to write in what transfers are from one account to the others like you can on the website. I love this bank and the staff. They are competent, friendly, and efficient. Would never bank anywhere else!
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8 months ago, A Mad Chemist
Great to have credit card access
I’m delighted that I can directly manage my BTR credit card in MyBTR Money rather than having to use Card Valet. The functionality is superior and makes things easier. Thanks, Bank of Travelers Rest, for making this change.
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12 months ago, RJ Red Bird
Very Good
For a local small bank compared to Welsfargo banking app it's good & BTR is making improvements to make it better. GO LOCAL GO SMALL BANK if you value your security & customer service is excellent. Excellent bankers & they are always available if you just walk into the bank. A banker is always available.
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5 years ago, sk8ingirl
Great App!
Makes my business banking easy and saves so much time. Instead of going to the bank each time a client gives me a check, I can now deposit quickly from home or work.
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9 months ago, rmseppala
Great way to do a loan
I went into the back and the banker got me a loan to consolidate my credit card and lower my interest payment by 2/3 i am so happy with the convinces of paying it off as well.
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2 months ago, kambiz-jay
Transfer the money
It was easy, safe and convenient. Thank you for providing us with this service.
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3 months ago, No hay mejor que tú
I like
So much
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4 years ago, hdnichols
The app has lots of info about the different services. The balances are hard to understand considering the posting days. Therefore hard to see quickly what the actual available balance is.
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2 months ago, Moi, Edward
Review of app NOT bank
App lacking behind others. A few small things needed now. Must be able to see image of a deposited check! Must be able to choose date for transfer! Less down time! Thanks.
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6 months ago, annamariejacobs
Crashes upon opening
This app used to be very easy to use, self explanatory, and convenient. Now it won’t open. It crashes upon opening. 🤷‍♀️😅
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3 years ago, dhowaed
Stop forcing me to answer questions while tryin to deposit checks this is an inconvenience in itself when the app deposit is supposed to make things more convenient.
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3 years ago, kcjo1998
Actually the worst banking app I’ve ever used. It’s so glitchy, has the absolute minimal features, and has technical errors all the time. It just doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Doug$3435
This bank is not tech at all.
This bank is not technically advanced at all. If you want and old time bank they are great but if you want to be in the 21 Century run.
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2 weeks ago, HamphaskellIV
Wont let me use Zelle!?
For the most part works I just can’t use Zelle and that hurts it for me.
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9 years ago, SBT858614
Please mark pending transactions!
For the most part, I like this app. I don't expect anything flashy from a small local bank, just good functionality, and this app has it. I like that I have access to bill pay and the ability to transfer funds between accounts. I like that I have to enter my password every time I use it. I only have one complaint, but it's a big one. On the transaction history screen, it lists all transactions, processed and pending, but it doesn't mark which ones are pending. Because the account balance listed does not take into account pending transactions, it makes it impossible to know how much money you actually have available. Please fix this! A simple asterisk on pending transactions would make this app 100% more usable.
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7 years ago, $!?ap57
At first I really appreciated the simplicity of this app. But I am so fed up with transactions list. I can check my balance on Monday at 10 AM, and everything is good in the green but by Tuesday morning because several transactions were pending (I guess?) not so good. There needs to be a way to note that transactions are pending. If I check my balance & available balance is right, then I should be able to trust that number.
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6 years ago, Stone43079!
Pending Balance
It would be nice if the App would show the account balance and pending account balance, which would include transactions that are pending.
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9 years ago, Siechen
I can no longer use the app because I need and update that's not available.
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1 year ago, Domesticschwill
jams shal
Bay ke dkalahdn
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