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RDI Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd
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2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyCam View

2.2 out of 5
284 Ratings
5 years ago, DallasVina
Very hit or miss
So I’ve only had the app and the security camera system for like two weeks and the app has already stopped allowing me to see recorded videos. I keep getting alerts whenever motion is detected (usually a car driving in front of my house). Under events, it’s completely erased all the previously recorded videos. I can see the live stream with no issues but who has time to constantly have the app open???
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6 years ago, Wrangler1945
Harbor Freight-Cobra
System came with 2 wireless cameras. I plugged them into power and then connected the receiver to the router using supplied cables. Plugged the power to the receiver and video showed up on the monitor. It automatically paired up the cameras. I was impressed. Turned the receiver on and off again per instructions and I was connected to the internet. Downloaded the app and I could see the cameras, as it automatically found my receiver. Used the app away from my home network and it worked fine. Back to Harbor Freight for two more cameras to make the maximum of 4 wireless cameras. To add the third and fourth cameras, I had to go to the menu option to pair them to the receiver. Selected pair and push the pair button on the back of the camera after a message to do so appeared on the screen, and presto I could see 4 cameras on the monitor. Did not come with a memory card, so to Walmart I went. Installing the SD card allows recording of a camera. Set up to record when motion was detected on the cameras. Works perfectly. I can also access the recordings from my IPhone. Was built by RDI Technologies in China, so support may be limited. However, Harbor Freight does sell extended warranties if you need extra peace of mind.
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3 years ago, ShirleyToon
Great Security Camera wish this app was better
The security cameras are great and I have had no problems with them. I just wish they had come in a 4 pack instead of 2. My internet is slow so I bought a booster to put with my monitor and it works wireless great. I show up on my phone just fine. The only problem is it will not alert me on my phone when it starts to record. That would be a great feature as there have been many times I would have liked to contact the person at my house when they were there but didn’t know until I get home. I will have to buy a second set to put at the front of my house as many delivery people have discovered the cameras at the back of the house so the park in a blind spot where I have no window.
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2 years ago, bdbchdjdj
Honest opinion
The cameras themselves are pretty nice but you better hope you have A1 wifi. I’m going to be honest like I said, if something were to have been happening at my house I’m not going to say they would for sure catch whatever happened on video. Somebody fell right in front of where it would see in my front yard and it showed nothing. But it will show tiny leaves flying around or bugs. It takes unnecessary videos 24/7, sometimes audio doesn’t work, the app doesn’t show the events half the time, and overall I just figured I’d get a little better quality with what I paid even going as far as having to buy different SD cards for it. Maybe try to patch the app ? When you’re away from home and have a newer iPhone it’s a bit scary that it takes as long as it does to let me see my house and like I said it doesn’t record the things it need to
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4 years ago, Risskid
Works great
Had this app and cameras for 3 years. I have 2 systems working at 2 different locations with 4 cameras each. The app allows me to monitor both systems easily. I have high speed internet at both locations and I have no issues. All of my cameras are outside even far from the base and still work well. I don’t see how you can find a cheaper more reliable system. To get this type of coverage wireless for 8 cameras and then installed would cost well over 2k. I’m in for about 1/4 of that. And professional systems are not any better. I’ve seen pros show up with the same equipment and charge 4x the price.
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3 years ago, JMichael1994
Works excellent
I bought mine 3 - 4 years ago still going strong - the cameras are awesome and they pair up immediately. While working out of town I could see my property and house perfectly, as well as hearing perfect audio from whichever camera I tapped on - only thing I wish was different is there is no audio when watching recorded content on my iPhone - the recordings have audio but only when you remove the SD card from the monitor and put it into a computer or some other device that reads SD cards but while viewing recorded video on mobile device the audio isn’t included with the video
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5 years ago, Thfdcbhjm
OK ***update***
Worked great for 7 months and then it stopped allowing to view recorded videos from my ipad and it is hit or miss on motion detection. ***update*** I e-mailed Mike Yuan in tech support at the MyCam view App. and after a few e-mails, he figured out what was wrong (I hope). After I had turned the monitor off/on, rebooted my wifi, reloaded the App, got a new memory card it still would not let me access recorded videos from my mobile devices. Turns out we had a power outage and the time on the monitor was way off, Mike told me to reset the time to correct time and timezone and now it works again! Thanks Mike!
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6 years ago, NHRA #K164
Resolved: iPhone notifications stopped
Update: Got in touch with app company and they were more than helpful troubleshooting back and forth via email. Turns out the monitor wasn’t talking correctly with the server. The fix... turn the monitor off then back on!! Just like everyone else said, worked fine then notifications just stopped. All settings still set to allow notifications from this app. Notifications are the most important part of the entire camera system.
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2 years ago, Edmcdogg
Getting slower and slower (DO NOT BUY get something better for the same price)
At first the camera’s were decent. A little slow but nothing worry some. Now after one year one camera has died and our other camera will not load on the app anymore.. the app just loads and loads and loads. Then it will say “finished playing video” of the recordings when it didn’t even load it in the first place. Honestly these cameras were trash for the amount I paid for them. DO NOT RECOMMEND unless you just want them for something to look at on the monitor that comes with it… Anything that has to do with internet features hardly work.
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7 years ago, Skeeter todd
Harbor Freight -Cobra Security Cams-BEWARE
This app and the option to pair to your smart phone or iPad etc are GARBAGE! Tech-savvy user but Mickey Mouse cameras and app. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS PRODUCT! Will not pair after multiple attempts. Harbor Freight has NO tech support for any wireless products. No management on staff AND states they are made “overseas and they have no way of reaching the manufacturer”. All they could offer was the manual instructions which do not help as we followed them correctly which is why the call was placed initially. False advertising, sub par product. There’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for” Save your money for a real security camera system as this one is JUNK! Lesson learned. Do not shop at Harbor Freight unless your ok with junk products.
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4 years ago, bluecat2103
Mobile viewing of recordings
I have had my cobra system for almost 2 years then I had the same problems as most of the other reviews. Cannot see recordings on my phone. Reboot router, uninstalled and reinstalled my cam view app. Nothing working. I finally solved the problem.”user error “. Make sure the bottom right corner has red man running visible on monitor. It is the indicator for motion detect. On monitor the 1st button on top left of monitor turns motion on and off. Will be buying 2 more wireless cameras now.
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2 years ago, review about game
Piece of junk and waste of time
This is a piece of junk and waste of time. I can’t view my recordings from my devices when I’m away and the app has been glitchy. It’s just not worth the price. Emailing Mike for help is even a waste of time. He blames your internet speed when it’s the app itself and then sends you an old version of the app as if that’s a resolution to the problem. Fix the app or either remove the device and all it’s cameras from the shelves and reimburse all customers who’ve bought this piece of junk and waste of time product.S/N: I wish I could give zero stars.
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5 months ago, BJ1512
We’ve had these cameras about a year now. The cameras have pretty good picture except at night it’s more grainy looking. My issue is all of a sudden the app does not store the recordings (when it used too). I even tried deleting and reinstalling and it still doesn’t work. Not it won’t save anything to my SD card so if something does happen I have no way to pull the video. Right now I only have live viewing that’s it. This app needs to be updated!!!!
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4 years ago, RC8CWB
Outdated and Primitive
This app is in serious need of an update or a complete rebuild. Very outdated, cheap, overly simple, only half the functions work about 25 percent of the time, everything has a lag or freezes, and unsophisticated. This camera system should be priced at about 5 percent of what it is currently at based off the functionality of the entire platform. I don’t know anything about app development but I’m quite certain that if you gave me a crash course and a few hours, I could come up with something much better than this “current” 2017 version of this app.
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3 years ago, Alamom1965
The cameras are very clear…
However the app is unpredictable and sometimes will not connect to the internet/ethernet. It lets me know when the cameras have been activated by motion detection, but then displays a red triangle under the event section and says no event found. Sometimes It takes a long time to switch from 1 camera to the next as much as 3 minutes or not at all. The system is great but the app has compatibility issues.
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4 years ago, Kodiaky
Amend my review
On my first review I erroneously stated I could only see one camera on my iPad and no way to navigate in the app. I recently discovered, by accident, if your iPad orientation is turned from horizontal to vertical the correct picture and controls are displayed. I’m sure the app could use some updating, but it works for offers many features and lest we’s free!
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4 years ago, BAAPR
Like the cameras but the app...
I like the cameras. Decent quality picture/ videos, but I think the app needs some work. I’m finding more and more that I am having to close out of the app after every video I watch just so I can watch the next one, and If the videos are longer than 30sec they freeze up after 25-26sec and I am unable to watch the rest of it.
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2 years ago, Jahani93
The app itself is trash
I know sometimes we have to adjust the settings but to be honest I didn’t like it at all. Last update is worse, I can’t even see what my cameras recorded between 12 hours ago for example: when you hit the option to look at your recorder half day back it doesn’t let you see it, it appears from those 12 hours but behind that. Not exactly the 12 hours ago that I want to see. It’s crazy! I don’t like it. Cameras are fine but not the app. :(
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5 months ago, Yomama123466543
Worked for years now no push notifications
Can’t figure out why, I uninstalled app, restarted camera system, changed all the settings I could think of, about to restore to default…. Got new internet but it’s hard wired so shouldn’t matter, and I can go to events to see recorded just no notifications… kinda bizarre, not only one with issue please help
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5 years ago, Kaylin D.
Needs improved
The app itself has great aspects and potential, just needs updates such as: it lags when movement is occurring on live feed. You can’t fast forward on your phone- only the monitor. If you try and watch while motion is detected it can erase the motion portion and only record after the fact. Etc. Just needs improved. Very slow and timed out or fails too often.
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2 years ago, guc k
I’ve had system for over two years I have to say I ain’t had no problems at all only alerts on phone and monitor are a pain have to silent them won’t let me sleep any little Motion set them off very pleased
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4 years ago, rogereads
App works now
I had problems with app. I had the WiFi connected to the DSL modem. I then used the user name and password to the router. Works perfect. I even downloaded the app from two other security cams. All 3 works with this cam. Try it
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2 years ago, JunebugBecca
Great picture
When I purchase a second phone just to watch on the cameras —I can’t log in and see from cameras that I’ve already added on original phone —-I have to find and download all the cameras again—should be an option to just sign in my account and they be there
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6 months ago, Lamb watching joke
Would not purchase again
Cameras work well and you can zoom in with some blurriness. The system crashes constantly with the wheel of death, of 2 cameras only one ever is on line to see, unplug do directions on line and nothing works on 3 separate phones! Have placed the router in many different places and nothing helps. Lambing in -33 degrees and having this system that doesn’t work is beyond frustrating.
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2 years ago, Rfrischer
Alerts don’t always trigger notification
Sometimes the notifications work and sometimes they don’t. I can connect okay to units and other devices give notifications but this works sometimes but not always. I believe the developers server not always working. Today alerts back. They must have rebooted their server.
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5 years ago, 3rbuckle
I have the two camera system from harbor freight and although it’s priced right it could be better. I get a kazillion alerts but when I go to it it’s says No video available. It gets old! All in all it does allow me to see the areas I need. Two months later... it will not display on my phone now and I can not get it reset! Not happy!!!!!
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2 years ago, jasperr23
Bad app
I can’t even see what the camera captured without a notification popping up. 20%of the time it will let me see the events it captured. Audio in the recording does not work for most of the time and errors pop up most of the time when trying to see live video.
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4 years ago, lil bsty
MyCam View
Easy to set up until notification came across to say to change password. I put in new password and notification comes across to say password change successful! Unfortunately, when I look at app to see what my cameras are showing, I get notification saying password incorrect. I deleted app and downloaded again and still have same problem. Please work out the password bug problem. Thanks.
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12 months ago, Bwtc67
Just bad
Worse cameras iv seen. Didn’t think anything could be worse until I downloaded the app. I really regret buying this system. The cameras would get a better review if the app was any good. Thanks to the app developers you managed to find the bottom. I would rate the app a -10 if that’s was an option for me. I really don’t like giving it a 1star. I think that way to generous.
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3 months ago, monji2003qpon
Used to worked
Had these camera for over 4 years and never had an issue. All of a sudden the app just says connecting and I’m not able to view anything thing on my phone. The monitor still shows the live feed and records/saves to SD card but for some reason the app won’t let me see anything it just says connecting. Please update the app.
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12 months ago, Comcrap
This app is crap
Horrible. The cams are good. This app is ridiculous. Doesn't show current captures. You have to search. IF you get a video to load it's slowwwwww to load plus whatever is moving in the vid is in slow motion. I have to get completely out and go back in (that's what she said) to watch the next video. It's pointless. The monitor is ok but this app needs to be trashed and redone. Good lord.
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2 years ago, 8-BitJoseph
Good but needs work
While you guys are alive maybe try and fix the app some more the cameras are good but long loading times really set this app back, waiting 30 to 45 seconds to see the cameras to preview is a little to long a wait time
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6 years ago, Fabb23!
I need to reset the password and I tried doing it on the tablet the cameras came with and it doesn’t work can you please help me and also tried to view your website and it never loads I can’t view the cameras on my phone because I forgot the password and got a new phone
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5 years ago, No name 54
Operational Issues
This app does not appear to work on I-pad as indicated. It only displays camera 1 with no apparent way to change to camera 2. The links to support or developer web page are broken so developer support is no existent. Would I recommend the App for an I-pad NO! That said The cobra video system has proven to be better than I expected.
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3 years ago, Mack 46
Camera system
Don’t waste ur money on this one. Lost connection and wouldn’t connect again. Monitor keep goin off and on. It records fine when it’s on. Want connect to my phone after a month of use. Don’t waste ur money. I should have done a better research then this. Goin to research something else better then this.
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4 years ago, BrookeW09
This is the app that works with my cameras. Takes forever to load after it messages you that there was motion in a camera. By that time whoever was there is now gone. So you go to check the recordings and the app doesn’t actually record anything and save it. I have a blink system on my other house and it never fails. I think I’ll be replacing this system soon!
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5 years ago, ssremus
Issues with phone connecting using MyCam app
MyCam View app keeps showing connection failed every time I try to connect my iPhone to view the camera. Fix fast. Also, cam 1 and 2 blackout for a few seconds and comes back on. I really can’t describe how frustrated I am.
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2 years ago, A concerned citizen 4
Harbor freight cameras
Cameras are great but this app is total garbage. This app constantly crashes and locks up requiring constant reboots. Video playback is choppy and almost unusable. We’ve been using this app for awhile with zero changes in the usability or functionality. Hopefully someone can figure out a different app to use for the harbor freight cameras.
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1 year ago, Turkeylady3
Got this app to view my security camera especially when away I rarely if ever can get the cameras to show up or events when I’m away Wi-Fi good at home where I can see them and Wi-Fi good when I’m away but can not see the views or the events that happened it says online but no picture
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4 years ago, kizz0217
Would be lovely if you made a newer version for this app where it automatically records for you on your account for the camera set up. Deeply appreciated. Please& Thankyou 😇☺️ ~from A lot
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4 years ago, veiwtrouble007
Unable to view
I’ve have had this security system for about 2.5 years. It just recently stop letting me view the recordings on my phone cannot figure out how to fix it. So, unhappy at this time.
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2 years ago, dullpicklethr44th
Stopped send push notifications
Really like the system but yesterday it stopped sending motion notifications. A camera system is pretty useless if it doesn’t notify you there is movement at your door
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2 years ago, AlAudra
Not happy. Can’t get them anymore. They need to update this issue. I just purchased this camera system. I’m going to return it and have Harbor freight aware of this issue and go with an American company
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2 years ago, Carter BossLady
App needs updated
The app notifies me when there’s activity but unless I’m at home I can’t see it. I click to view and it just sits there - nothing showing. The app is almost useless and what good are the cameras if you can monitor what’s going on when it’s happening? Please update or redo your app!
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4 years ago, widyward
Video notification issue
All went well until I replaced the router. I cannot longer use this app. It doesn’t connect with the monitor. There is no troubleshoot fixing on this problem. It sends notification to my app on cell phone but no video. If somebody can help me fix this, I can up a star to at least 3 stars.
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2 years ago, Redirectory
Absolute worst
This app is the absolute worst security app I could imagine. It continuously fails to capture anything that goes on with the camera and never seems to work properly. I would not recommend this app going forward to any one. If I could do 0 stars I would.
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4 years ago, Lurodo3000
Can’t watch playback
I’ve had this app for about 4 months now and I am still not able to watch the recorded videos. Was told it would be fixed and working so far nothing has changed. I can handle the lag time but not being able to watch the recordings is not ok with me.
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2 years ago, xReviewGirL2X
Worker well for just a few months now I’m unable to view the camera and watch any playback ! I get notifications if there is activity outside and that’s all! Only way for me to see what’s happening is to go to the main monitor! How convenient is that! NOT!!!
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6 years ago, CT84Palm
Needs fixing
App worked for the first day. Then the notifications stopped sending after the first day. Live view works good. But not worth anything if you can’t see when something walks by when your not live viewing. No support whatsoever.
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5 years ago, fustratedinindiana
I downloaded the app but it won’t connect! I have a iPhone 10 and I can’t seem to connect. I keep getting an error message saying connection failed!!! I removed the app and downloaded it about five times. The monitor and cameras work awesome! But what good is it if I can’t view the cameras when I’m away from home! Help!!!
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