myCCCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (1.1K)
57.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Christian Community Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for myCCCU Mobile Banking

4.83 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, flowergal67
Giving to missions and easy
I am grateful to have one company that I can participate with that I don’t feel like I’m funding organization that don't share my value I live in Phx, AZ. I mainly use the online banking. It is pretty easy. If you have problems just call for help. I rarely need to go into a bank. If I do there are few other credit unions I can go to.
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4 years ago, JJMM1776
App Check Deposit Photo Capture Unusable
Captured what appeared to be a perfect image multiple times but your App will not accept this perfect image with perfect no shadow all corners HD photo from an iphone. I am now left with no way to deposit my check unless maybe I mail the paper check thru the USPS. My spouse used my same phone to deposit the check in less than 1 minute into her bank. Have you tried using your own App to test its functionality? Need more control over electronic banking, transfers to external, bill payments and instant online bank service approvals. This will not workout for me unless you fix this problem. Online banking is the only way but it must work. Unfortunately I may need to go back to a local bank instead just to have access to real live people. 2nd major issue with CCCU. Seeking best possible online financial institutions for fast, accurate & comprehensive service options in online banking.
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8 years ago, Hurleygirl93!!
Very convenient!!
CCCU's mobile app is very user friendly! I love being able to deposit my checks from home and transfer balances to different accounts whenever I need to!! I also love how it will alert me when my account gets to a certain balance or a large withdrawal has been made... CCCU is the best!
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3 years ago, jrt0111
I love the convenience this app provides. Remote check deposit and reoccurring bill pay options are two of my favorite features. The support staff are loving and caring people as well.
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3 years ago, afong
Wow wow wow
It’s everything that you could want in an banking app. The only thing that needs improvement is the photo capture of checks.
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4 years ago, Agegerg
Love this app
Always available unless they tell you before hand! Easy transfers and check deposits!
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5 years ago, Mr J12
Mobile Deposit
The technology isn’t quite up to par for taking pictures of checks
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4 years ago, Matthew G. Mills
Major area that needs improvement
The mobile deposit system is super picky. The check picture is rejected if the background isn’t perfectly black and lighting isn’t perfect, or check is slightly not centered. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get the deposit accepted. I just keep trying for days sometimes.
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3 years ago, NDpendence shopper
Has worked well
Working good for over a year now.
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5 years ago, TPraiseMan
Love my CCCU!
This kind of credit union is great and so is the app. One can do what’s needed especially since the physical presence is a substantial distance away. Thank God for this place!
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7 years ago, KnCplus2
Easy, convenient and reliable!
I love this app! Easy and simple! I give it a 10!
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2 years ago, christianGal2:20
This app does not show real-time balances especially on the weekends. A person used to be able to check specific deposits and debits but they got rid of that of that feature as well. If you go into the credit union good luck getting help!!
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4 years ago, SKessen
Very easy to use!
Super user friendly
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2 weeks ago, mevans7777
Bank good, mobile deposit BAD
I tried depositing a check with the app on an iPad. Camera was 90 degrees off from reality. Nearly impossible to get lined up. Can we make the camera and device use the same rotation?!
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3 years ago, MEK1
Terrible Phone/iPad online deposit feature..
Have spent 40 min attempting to make a dpst and still didn’t go through
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7 years ago, Megahope428
Love it!
This app makes our deposits super easy!
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6 years ago, GArnGeoJr
Easy 2 Use
This is one of the easiest apps I’ve used.
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1 year ago, Elijah-24
Absolutely Love CCCU and there heart for missions and church’s and Gods people!
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2 years ago, Kent from Downey
Good but annoying
The app works quite well, but for asking me to rate it every five seconds, it gets one star.
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7 years ago, mcillusions
Very easy to use.
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7 years ago, Brandt Dary
Great App
This is a great app. Thanks.
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10 years ago, Vernl E.
CCCU has been wonderful
The app is working for our family and many of our staff. There is a need to become aware of how to make it work but that has been easy. Keep updated and it will stay a great financial tool. I use it on my iPhone 5 & 6+.
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12 years ago, Melissa_Rae
Good Start
Would give 5 stars if Bill Pay services were added. It would be fantastic to be able to easily set up payees and payments through the app instead of having to access the website through the browser. Hopefully this function will be added in an update. Also, please add a "Forgot Password" link on the login screen. I forgot mine recently and got locked out. That option is also one that's available from the current website. Thanks! And great start!
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10 years ago, Rainbow Wrasse
Great app!
I use this app often to deposit checks and transfer funds. I was not able to give 5 stars because it is sometimes difficult to get a clear picture, and sometimes even when the photo is clear it rejects it. I have not used I to pay bills yet, but will soon!
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9 years ago, Amazed by Apple
Pretty good overall.
Only drawback is that the camera guides are off for Mobile Deposit. Makes getting a proper picture for deposit of checks more a stroke of luck then anything else. As it is, mobile depositing one check is difficult; mobile depositing multiple checks is unthinkable.
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9 years ago, Clayp2007
Extremely helpful!
I have used this app for several years. Any difficulty I had has been resolved since the changeover to the new system. I recommend it highly. I would recommend this app to snugness using CCCU!
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11 years ago, Cooldude0540
I can't deposit checks... I try to choose an account and it doesn't do anything, I try to put the amount, nothing shows, I try deposit check and it says to take a picture of it but how am I supposed to take a picture if there's no open camera in the app?
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12 years ago, Sam Adams Marin
Great start!
Love to see my CU leveraging technology to help people become better stewards and achieve their financial goals. I agree with the two previous reviews. Great start but looking forward to added features. Especially BillPayer. Good job Development team!
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11 years ago, pops415
Love it
I love being able to deposit a check where ever I'm at. Love being able to check my account. I would give it 5 stars, but when I try to open the main page it always comes up "server timed" out. It opens after the 2 or 3 time.
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9 years ago, atchius
Great update
VERY happy with this update. Touch ID is extremely convenient, and the mobile deposit photo feature works much better than it did before on my iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Phreddy1
Great app
Great app, sometimes their mobile app is better than the website, their bill pay was down online but I was able to pay using the app
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12 years ago, tclintonw
Simple, clean, to the point, faster than their website. Don't stop at great though. Adding Bill Payer would make this app even better.
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9 years ago, Middlesex NJ
Much improved
No glitches found with this app, and the photo feature works really well. This makes it very easy to do my banking.
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10 years ago, Patchbox
Good app but what happened to viewing the full history for the dates specified? It will not view the full history - this needs to be fixed!
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12 years ago, goingirish
Great job
I agree having bill pay would be awesome! Love the convenience of the app. Have it on my iPad too but the problem with that is it only works in portrait view, not landscape. Tried settings but I can't change it.
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10 years ago, Myrrdin
Wonderful convenience
This makes banking so much easier! Would be 5 stars if I didn't have to restart because it crashed when taking picture of check.
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10 years ago, Normaljb
Very handy!
This mobile app makes it possible to keep using Christian Community Credit Union. It makes banking very convenient. The app is handy and easy to use :)
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12 years ago, Mama Tazzy
Extremely useful
Very user friendly, simple and convenient. Highly recommend.
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10 years ago, Jhamp323
Great and convenient
It's a great and very convenient app. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the picture taking part always seems blurry. That said, they've always accepted it.
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10 years ago, Isaac the King
I like this banking app. Does everything I need it too. Only suggestion I have for the developers for the next update is to have a running total next to each transaction. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Carina Noy
Very good!
I like the easy access to all the accounts, would have given 5 star if able to see credit card account as well!
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11 years ago, Fern Ave
Quick and Easy!
This app is very useful and simple to use. I would love to have "bill pay" added to it someday.
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12 years ago, Figborg
Everything I need on my phone
Helps me avoid logging into my computer or call the credit union to take care of business.
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11 years ago, Bigpileofashes
Very convenient app
This app is user- friendly, very stable and secure. It brings all of the features of mobile banking to your PDA in very sleek and efficient style. Well done CCCU!
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12 years ago, Momma Huth
Easy to use and gets you right where you need to go. Very clear and concise!
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9 years ago, Jeanneguzman
Christian Credit Union
Great app for tracking your account and making FREE mobile deposits.
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11 years ago, HaloJax
Great App
This app allows me to do all my banking from my mobile phone. Transfers. Deposits. It's great. No more need to goto the bank.
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11 years ago, Olinia
Convenience Plus!
Easy to use! Quick and simple. I prefer it to the uDeposit on the website. Thanks, CCCU!
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9 years ago, ShanCan64
Grateful Customer
Great easy-to-use app, CCCU! You've been a consistent, trusted financial partner for me & my family for 40 years & counting!
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10 years ago, chrisburnett94
The mobile depositing features in this app are almost unusable. The camera guides are off, the app crashes, and it infuriatingly won't allow you to submit the picture until it is "happy" with it, even if the picture is acceptable.
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