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General Motors Company
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for myChevrolet

4.83 out of 5
685.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Styeven
Handy and intuitive
At my job I work in a console vehicle all day and run the risk of getting into an accident or losing my cars keys. So I leave my keys in my locker and this app allows me to do that and still have access to my vehicle. I love the diagnostics! I was recently planning a vacation and was able to sit in the comfort of my home and see when I needed an oil change, schedule one if it was needed and see my fuel level to know if I needed a little extra time to gas up. When I had the limited trial WiFi it showed me how much I was using so I was able to gauge if getting the unlimited plan or limited plan was right for me. Remote start using the app has been amazing I don’t have to guess if my cat started because the app tells me. If f it says “sent” and you scout the app you’ll receive a push notification it started. A nice touch is the accessories tab instantly taking my to a webpage showing accessories compatible for my truck. My critiques the Apple Watch companion app is a little finicky and doesn’t always execute my commands, I haven’t really gotten the locate feature to work or the navigation through the app. None are a big deal the watch is a minor inconvenience, “location” my phone tells me where my cars is parked in the maps app and navigation I have a cell phone. Overall I’m very pleased with the my Chevrolet app, looks great and very easy to use. A lot of features I didn’t expect like my trucks owners manual.
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5 years ago, Mbaraga
App was updated to be far less useful
The old app had more features One thing that has changed is that you can no longer see how far away your vehicle is from your current location so for instants if somebody else is driving the vehicle and they’re coming to your location you can no longer see how far away they are and what time they’ll get there another thing that has changed is you used to be able to leave a mall or an airport for some event and you could say find my vehicle and then it would give you the little arrow like Google map stuff so you can walk to where your vehicle is it also tell you the distance you are from your vehicle it no longer does that at all so that that is totally gone and there’s just so many location features like when you find my vehicle now it doesn’t even tell you the address it’s at so just good luck for that where the hell tap kind of pointlessBecause now it’s just a dot on a map with no address so good luck even trying to Uber to your freaking vehicle if you borrowed it to somebody or if you parked there at the airport or just any any reason you want to know the location of your vehicle address not showing anymore pay they took away some of those features it’s just awful now it’s almost useless it’s just a app that you use to remote start locking unlock your vehicle and other than that it’s pretty freaking pointless
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4 years ago, Andy W 2016 Impala
App overall and need for more
Generally speaking, it’s a pretty good app. It’s been stable for me. Not sure why it logs me out from time to time, but I suspect there is some sort of timeout feature after so many days not opened. I was at the GM dealership this morning, and the advisor asked if I had an extended warranty, which I have Chevy’s (v. 3rd party), and he asked if I had the information. I did not, but asked if it would be in the myChevrolet app. To my surprise, the app doesn’t have 5is information nor does it have a place for me to re odd it anywhere. (Notes field or something...). Additionally, it would be great if the app was able to push alerts about service items. Ex. You’re approaching your 75,000 miles service level. Select it and it will tell you items which are typically serviced at that milage and have an option to schedule from the notification your service appt. Keep in mind that the app should ALSO know what items have been done prior to the 75k service in case you had them done ahead of schedule and only recommend ‘actual’ things needing done. If the app is tied into to GM and the dealerships from a service perspective, I want to be able to search my service history to see what was done when. I do have faith in my advisors to tell me truth, but I trust and verify!
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8 months ago, heisundertreos
Needs work
This is not a terrible app. But it has three critical flaws that are easily fixable. 1) with the last update, there is now an unloveable “shop accessories” ad that has completely knee-capped the app. Virtually all of the actual features of the app are behind this overlay and it cannot be closed or removed. What’s especially annoying is that there is already a shop accessories tab. If we wanted to shop, we would. Get rid of this so we can use the app again 2) the app is designed with a “family sharing” feature. However, this does not work at all. We tried everything to get this to work for days before finally being told by customer support that “it doesn’t really work” and just sign into one persons account across all devices. If you can’t figure out how to make it work, then get rid of that as an option. Preferably, you figure it out. 3) there is no status on features of the car. I can lock or unlock the car from the app (when those feature are not being blocked by the shop accessories overlay), but 100x more often I want to check to see if I did lock it already. It would be soooooo much more usefully to indicate if it was locked or unlocked. If you’re going to fix that, you may as well other things like adding tire pressure or perhaps if windows are down if that’s possible. Pending those fixes (number one being highest priority), this will be a great app and worth 5 stars. As it is, I don’t recommend it
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3 years ago, BBarton777
The Chevy app update is crap
There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old version of this app. You tap a button and it works. This new app needs to go. Now instead of just tapping the button, you now have to hold the buttons to unlock and lock your vehicle. If you don’t hold it long mouth it won’t do anything. And you have to literally lift your finger to see wether or not you held it long enough which makes you have to start over. Update this. A tap is sufficient enough to start, unlock, or POV your vehicle. If there’s an emergency or if someone is after you in a parking lot the last thing you Amy to do is hold a button and wait to find out if your going to get mugged or if your car is Going to open in time for you to get into it and lock it. Please update this issue it could save someone’s life and it’s really annoying when it’s no an emergency. Ppl are paying good money To have this app expecting it to be easy to use and be somewhat quick on the button activation on the app. It does take time to send the signal but still sending it should be easier. The old version was awesome as this one is other than the button operation. I would give 5 stars if fixed for sure! —owner of a 2020 Chevy Silverado 5.3V8 4x4//
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6 years ago, Iluvhk
Remote start & navigation disappeared!
10/25 - Right after I left my last review I started getting an error message saying I didn’t have a plan & I couldn’t use any features. Right around the time I got a response from the developer the app started working again. I use this app every day to start my car and use the send navigation to vehicle feature a lot. If you are having issues try deleting it and reinstalling or logging out and pull down to refresh it when you open the app. I have the Guidance plan that includes navigation but after the last app update the navigation option disappeared in the app. I was using the send to vehicle option just fine until the last update and considering all the people who are complaining on here that it also disappeared for them I would say it is clearly your app update that messed it up! Please fix it and I already called Onstar and all they could do is put in a ticket for the issue. Please fix your app because it worked perfectly before your last update!
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3 years ago, Ewm2
Latest Upgrade is Terroble
The vehicle status screen is now just a white page - won’t display status of anything. The menu from the top right just shows a black page with a close button. Hopefully the electronic functions in my new Tahoe got a better look from QA than this app which is complete crap. Update 4/13: after deleting/reloading the app it worked for a couple days. Now it’s back to totally broken. The developer responses are laughable. Like, “Oh no, what’s not working...” Really? There’s a couple hundred reviews, most 1 star, in the last 3 days describing what’s not working. But to some it up, pretty much EVERYTHING is not working. Lastly, as the Director of Software Development & Integration for a $4B company, I can say this is a complete catastrophe. The whole QA team should be fired. Whoever was the architect that came up with a design that requires the user to delete and reinstall the app should join the QA team in the unemployment line. There’s no excuse for that in today’s world. Netflix can run 2,000 plus updates a day and the users don’t even know it happened but GM can’t update a phone app. 5/1 Update: app is still terrible. The only way I can make it work is to delete it and reinstall it and then only some things work. Here’s the worst part. I got a message asking me to email info. I did complete with screenshots of the problems. That was about two weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything back probably because it’s all lip service; they don’t really care.
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2 months ago, ispshadow
Edit - Absolutely hate this app!
Edit 2: Sent email as directed and will troubleshoot when contacted. This is disappointing to deal with an issue about our account for a second time since I’ve owned this vehicle. On top of finding out new electric GM vehicles aren’t getting CarPlay, we’re dealing with this problem. That puts us firmly in the “never buy another GM product” camp at the moment. We don’t care if the stock price goes up if quality comes second to that mission. Edit: App currently broken. Cannot interact with vehicle at all. Already uninstalled/reinstalled app. ************************************************ Been using this app for about a year. I love being to able remotely condition the car interior before I walk out to the car so that it’s already comfortable. Sure beats having to wait for the AC or heater to get ready a mile or two down the road. Since I’m using battery, it’s cheap to do! It’s also nice to be able to remotely check the amount of charge my car has to see if I need to plug it in that day or not Edit: Ever since the redesign of the interface in the last year or so, I’ve had trouble remembering (and finding) the car location portion of the app. It just doesn’t flow right to me and I get confused about where to look. I always find it on accident🤷‍♂️
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2 years ago, MetoU2me
Errors in App Shopping for Accessories
Frustrating. Signed into the app to shop for floor mats. Tapped shop, it asked me to sign in even though I was already signed in, I did then it flipped to a screen that said I was automatically signed out because I timed out. Again it asked me to sign in, but I could see at the top that I was already signed in. Once again it flipped to the screen that said I was automatically signed out because I timed out. It said continue as guest so I selected that. It took me to the accessories shopping and I could see I was signed in because it had my name and total rewards points. I selected my floor mats and applied my points, entered my credit card info and placed the order. It clocked for a minute then popped up a message that said there was a technical error and to try again later. I checked my credit card account online and there was a charge for the purchase that I was told didn’t happen. So now I have a charge and no order information. Is this 1998? You would think in 2022 this app would be sleek and flawless. How can this app be such crap? Is this the best GM / Chevy can do? So what hoops will I have to jump through to get my money back for the ghost order this app placed?
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3 years ago, ryan653
Update: Still not able to stay logged in
I still have an open case with OnStar to address the problem. That was early January, I was told three days snd someone would contact me. Still no luck. The app constantly logs itself out. It worked fine on my iPhone 11 but my 12’s longest log on has been less than 48 hours. I attempt to open on my series 3 watch, it says I must log in on phone, I open app on phone and it’s just a white screen. I have to close it and log in again. I have deleted and reinstall multiple times. I have changed the stay signed in setting multiple times hoping to fix it. Nothing works. Now it has become so frequent that I have to log back in almost each time I use the app making it almost useless. Someone please help 2020 Chevrolet Silverado, iPhone 12, I watch series 3. UPDATE: do not bother calling onstar about the issue. The staff emailing seemed to want to help but when told to call in to further troubleshoot I was met with an employee who was condescending and not willing to help. Her only response was it isn’t our system it’s your equipment.
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3 years ago, Tim-steel
Useful, but could be better
I solely use the Bluetooth Keypass feature on my Bolt. It’s useful for when I’m close to the car but can’t see it (me in the house with the car in the driveway) to get confirmation that the doors locked or pre-conditioning actually triggered, or to check charge progress. Older versions of the app didn’t have the login screen when you open the app, but the latest versions do. It now takes considerably longer to get to the key fob commands than before. It would be great to go back to not having to skip the login each time I open the app. Also, on iOS 13.4, I have the issue where I open the app and it goes to a blank white screen. I have to force close the app, re-open, and then it lets me in. I then have to tap login and skip login to get to the Keypass features. Both issues appeared with the app update. Also, it would be amazing to have integration with Apple CarPlay’s EV routing feature, where the navigation gets range data from the car and automatically routes through charging stops as needed. This would put the Bolt on a much closer level to Tesla’s in-car navigation.
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4 months ago, TroysRUs8
Not dependable
We just bought a Chevy Bolt two days ago, and for two morning straight we can not use the app to start the car in the morning. The app reports “Service Unavailable”. Later in the day, the app works just fine. When you rely it most, it can’t be trusted to work. Very frustrating. I have tried uninstalling the app, rebooting my phone, all with no luck. Yes, I can start the car with the key fob, but we should be able to rely on the app working as designed. Zero for 2 days so far. I’ll keep trying. If it clears up, and works going forward, I’ll update my review. **Update** The past 3 days of using the app have been successful, and I am pleased with the results. I don’t know if the app was offline for maintenance the first 2 days, but seems good now. I will update my rating to a 4 at this time and will give it a bit more time before adjusting again. If the issue was a maintenance thing, maybe there can be at least an email notice of such going forward. I will say I am new to this app, so maybe things had not fully baked with our account.
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3 years ago, S. ATX
Don’t bother. Just use the phone App
Sounds nice, until I have to use it. I especially wanted the Watch app to work because it would be convenient. I remote start my vehicle often because I don’t like to run it cold. If I take the watch off, and randomly even when I don’t, I have to log into the phone app all over again for the watch app to work. Here’s how it goes. I’m already logged into phone app. I try to use watch app and it tells me I have to login to phone app and select a vehicle. I open the phone app (where I am already logged in) and it loads to a blank dark screen. I have to force close the phone app and launch it again. Then, I now have to log out of the phone app and log back in. Then I have to enter my pin and ask it to save it for use with Face ID (which had already been set before). Now, I can start my car with the watch app. OR, I can just go straight to the phone app and remote start my car in one click. NOTE: I have tried uninstalling both and reinstalling both more than once. At one time it appeared to resolve the issue but that was short lived. I have set all the necessary setting in watch and phone to save my login/pin etc as well. :(
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3 years ago, Nolte3
Remote Link
I have had my 2010 Chevy Silverado brand new from day one. I’ve always used my remote link for the convenience of checking my tire pressure, oil life and maintenance. Most of all I used it to start my truck and to make sure I locked my doors on many occasions. Within the last three months my app had stopped working completely. I had no access to anything I normally checked. Come to find out after a dozen phone calls to Onstar, they changed the software and now my truck is no longer equipped to communicate with this app and can not use the remote link service. Why not keep the vehicles that can use these features on the same system and do something different for the newer vehicles. In my opinion, this is just a ploy to make you buy a new vehicle. Yes my Truck is 11 years old but it only has 80K miles and is in excellent condition. Makes me very angry to have something taken away from you that was used regularly and not be notified ahead of time. Sincerely, Nolte
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4 years ago, leebythesea
Nice on phone; poor on watch
This app is incredible on the phone. It far exceeds another very reputable automobile manufacturer’s attempt at the technology. Specifically, the data on my 2018 vehicle systems including servicing interval status, tire pressure status and recall issues is useful. The remote start and remote locking and unlocking are excellent features on this app that really should be available on all significant brands (although it is not). Sadly the Apple Watch technology is, by comparison, in its infancy. A fun feature would be to talk to the watch to remote start or at least unlock the truck. But even pushing the virtual buttons rarely enables the function attempted. Specifically, locking or unlocking give a yellow indicator that seem to show the system is trying but it may lock/unlock one time out of 20, regardless of WiFi status or tethered phone proximity or status. I only keep the watch app on the watch in hopes that it may one day be as reliable as the phone app. If there was a way to rate the apps separately, I’d rate the phone app a solid 5 stars; the watch app 1 or 2. Hence my rating here. I look forward to significant improvements going forward!
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2 years ago, theethanberg
App works but slowly. Apple Watch useless.
The original My Chevrolet app was better. This one it’s very, very slow. It has to stop and think (run API calls) for everything, even if it has nothing to do with communicating with the vehicle. It’s workable, though. The dapple Watch is useless though. There are at least fifty other reviews complaining about this over the past two years and the developers clearly don’t care. Almost every single time I try to use it, it tells me I need to sign back in with my phone and select a vehicle. That’s wrong because the phone is still signed in and the Watch app itself lets you select a vehicle. But when you try, the phone app only loads a blank white screen. You then have to force-close the phone app, re-open it, sign back in, and then try the Watch again. What’s the point if I still have to pull my phone out every time? Plus, when the Watch app finally loads, it only sends the command to the vehicle maybe once every ten tries. The orange icon appears to show its trying, but nothing ever happens. I don’t mean to be insulting, but I would think a multi billion dollar company could hire better app developers.
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3 years ago, wtrskiiercj7
Useful app for Bolt EV owners
I haven’t had any issues with the app and I use it literally everyday. As a Bolt owner, the app allows Preconditioning (similar to remote start) and access to charging options. One thing missing from the charging options is the ability to set the maximum charge state and to change from “Immediate” to “Departure” and set times to charge based on utility costs. It would be nice to be able change the maximum state of charge from the app (e.g. set the maximum SOC from 75% to 100%). It would also be useful to be able to not only change the charge mode from “Immediate” to “Departure” or “Departure and rate” but also to set the departure time and the times to charge based on utility rates within the app. Currently, Bolt owners can only set the maximum SOC and time of departure from inside the vehicle via the built in display. The app does allow changing from 8amp to 12amp if you’re charging the vehicle with the supplied Level 1 charger. You can also change from immediate to departure (with or without priority charging) but that’s all that is accessible with the app.
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6 years ago, SCGay
UPDATED: Geolocation of vehicle no longer working
I gave the following feedback yesterday. The App was corrected and functioning correctly today. I also received a personal email informing me the corrections had been made. **Rating 1 yesterday / 5 today. Thank you developers!! ——————————————————— Until today, I have been able to “Locate Vehicle” from anyplace whether I have been driving or not. That way I always new where either of them are regardless of where I am or the vehicles are. Today that function went away suddenly and my only choice is to ‘choose’ a location on a map that forces to my personal current location (phone location). For instance; my 2015 Traverse is currently located in Nashville, TN with my son. I am in Albany, GA on W Doublegate Drive. When I refresh the “Parked Location” of that vehicle it places it where I am; NOT where the vehicle is!! This is absolutely NOT what I need from the app and service! Fix it ASAP, please!
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1 year ago, Mikkäel
Just wanted to be able to remote start the car from my phone. Activated on star, thank the heavens it’s a free trial, if I was paying for this garbage, I would be really upset. Every time I open the app, it defaults back to the message about driving a “safer and more connected vehicle” by activating OnStar. Yeah tried that, would be great if it actually CONNECTED. Ok, but I can at least see info about my car. Nope, the main thing I would love to see about my EV would be charge level, and when charging at home info like the current charging speed and estimated miles gained would be great, but no such information to be seen. Well at least I can nickname my car and honor my three year olds daughter’s wishes, to name it Lily. Surely such a simple feature as updating a String in whatever database is being used, or keeping it in UserDefaults would work, right?Wrong again. I’ve renamed it three times, only to find it reverted back to the default. The one redeeming quality is that the app design isn’t trash like most first party American car manufacturer’s websites. The one star in this review is for that team, pat those guys in the back and give ‘em a hearty high five.
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12 months ago, BlackMattie
Horrible updates
I used to like this app until the updates that were supposed to enhance the app. Now it takes a very long time to load, the navigation is more unnecessarily complicated than previous version, the map is hard to see now that it is dark mode (black with white lines as streets), navigating the other options is tedious and scheduling service through the app does not actually schedule service at the chosen location. I scheduled service, given a confirmation of my appointment and when I got to the dealership they had no idea of my appointment and couldn’t fit me in for service that day. It’s extremely frustrating to have to use this app! I don’t have built in navigation in the car and depend on this app for that. Now I can’t. It’s far too difficult. Checking my cars status is easier than navigation but not as important given that I can retrieve that information quickly and easily in the vehicle itself. I don’t need to wait 4 minutes for the app to load and refresh. There isn’t another app choice for my Chevy but I am considering going with Waze for navigation. I suggest you do too and skip this Chevy screwup.
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3 years ago, C130H2Driver
Chevy doesn’t trust you to not be an idiot.
Chevy regressed to bend to idiots that apparently “accidentally” remotely started their vehicles. How that was a problem, IDK, but they say that the press and hold function was added as a “safety” function because of feedback that people were accidentally starting or unlocking their vehicles. How that’s possible is beyond me. You needed to open the app, enter a pin or face scan, then go to the remote screen. The new “update” requires so much, and makes you press and hold, it’s useless for someone with full hands, which was why someone wanted to use it in the past. Every review on here cites how “feedback” prompted the update, yet all I see are complaints that they “solved” a problem that didn’t exist. Moreover, there are no florid reviews from grateful customers who had armies of uselessly idling engines. It’s yet again how manufacturers are shoving one-size-fits-all down consumers’ throats and they don’t really care about what your feedback is, or what you really want. Just like 2x15 minutes is the max time it will remote start,(and living in the northern plains in winter, that’s totally inadequate) they don’t trust you to control your own equipment.
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2 years ago, Mr. Not Haapy
It had worked occasionally yet very slowly. My use was primarily to remote start (e.g. it is 1 degree f today). I have deleted and reinstalled it before to try to get it to perform (when it did work it usually could not locate my vehicle even when I was standing next to it trying to unlock). So, a few days ago I again deleted and reinstalled. It recognized my Colorado and Cruze yet was devoid of any information, even mileage. This is a new scenario and it is worthless. I am putting new batteries in my hand fob and checking out the Ranger (after a lifetime of Chevys). Update: I once again deleted and reinstalled, this time my info was back as well as the e-fob, I tried to start it and it surprisingly worked. I’m sticking with a 1 star as this is the most frustrating app I have used. Let’s see if it works tomorrow as it will be below 0 temp. Update: I went up to 3 stars. My last delete and reinstall seemed to work. It’s been a week since my last time so we’ll see how it goes, it has been working consistently now.
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2 years ago, jankplus
Useful App features now require payment
I’ve been using this app, and a related OnStar app, since I bought my Chevy in 2017. For five years it’s been immensely useful to be able to check the charging status of my EV remotely, especially in situations where I was paying for parking or for charging. Last week I found that the new update seems to have locked these features behind a paywall. Honestly the new design is confusing - if they’re trying to entice me to subscribe to some OnStar plan, they’re not making it very clear. But judging from the app’s clumsy phrasing and other reactions to the upgrade I’ve found online, my best guess is that this is not a bug but an intentional (and intentionally obscured) shift from freely offering these features to requiring a paid subscription. Really all this means is the app’s become useless to me, and the Chevrolet brand has lost a little more of its appeal. I intend to hold out for one more app update in case this is truly just bad design/programming and not a cynical ploy to squeeze money out of a captive customer audience, but after that I’ll just delete the app and do without. But it’s extremely disappointing.
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2 years ago, Mymomlovesme
Road Trippers Beware
This app alone will not get you to where you are going with the route planner. It looks like it will work but it DOES NOT account for variations in the battery life like temperature/speed/etc. I recommend using this app in conjunction with an app like PlugShare or A Better Route Planner to effectively find chargers along a planned route so you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road. Today we filled up at one stop, and then before we could make it to the next planned stop, we had to detour to an emergency stop or we were going to lose power on the side of I-95. Additionally, many of the recommended stops were Level 2 chargers that add a significant amount of time to a planned trip. My recommendation is to use PlugShare to find higher voltage charging stations to get you to your destination with as little charging time as possible. Good Luck on your adventures! We are currently in route from Orlando to Richmond with only minor issues.
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5 years ago, Hrs107
Great app
After a minimal delay on obtaining the right information of the app not connecting with the car, I do have to say that the customer service was just amazing and respectful when I had doubts on what could be the problem. I will say that I’m thankful for not only this app but more to those who work in the background of Onstar, the core of great care and customer service unlike any other service provider for your safety and needs. The one feature I enjoy, their is always someone on the other side of that little blue star button on your car and on the app. Truly worth it. They not only are their to help with common issues but are always their to help you be safe and stay safe in cases of emergency. Thank you Onstar and this app for making my new Chevy experience an amazing one. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, mac5u
Good but a couple of suggestions
I own a 2017 Chevy Volt. The Volt has been very reliable and except for a shift to park linkage issue, it had not given me any trouble. Until today. My wife was driving the Volt home from work when she got an error message, “No propulsion power“. Now you would think that between the app which is connected with OnStar service, and my car, it would send some kind of an alert to me via the app that there was a problem. My wife was kind enough to call but without that notification I would not have known there were any issues. On the app itself, it says no issues found and that all systems are good to go. Which is kind of funny given the circumstances. So there seems to be a rather limited vehicle diagnostic feature in the app and that is unfortunate. The app does have a vehicle locate feature which is very nice, but again I think there could be an upgrade here where if you are calling OnStar for a tow, it would be nice if OnStar could send tow information directly to the app. Even better would be the ability to track the location of the tow truck via the app but since were dealing obviously with third parties here, that might be too much of a stretch. AAA can provide that; I can track the tow truck enroute to my location. Something I’d like to see available in an app like this, especially when you are paying for the OnStar service.
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3 years ago, Bout2PutThisChevy2TheLevee
Buggy, Crashes, and Disappointing
I pay about $14 a month for this app and it rarely works. I always get logged out and it says, “unable to receive account details.” When this app does work and allows me to log in it crashes constantly. With the recent UI upgrade I expected good things. When I hold down the button to start my car the app just crashes. It takes several minutes to view my vehicle diagnostics. It’s so infuriating. I’ve tried closing the app and reinstalling, but there is always a new issue. I used to pay a little extra to have my car be a mobile hotspot, but it takes so long for the WiFi to start. When I get in my car I have to sit for about 3 or so minutes before my phone is able to connect to stable internet. Speed varies from 3 mbps to 20mbps. So it’s basic at best. Whenever I reach out to customer support it boils down to: “Lol, just turn it off and turn it back on!” Or “Oh wow, we will send a stronger signal to your car!” Neither of these work. Clearly there is an issue on their end. Something is not working, but since it does work for a certain percentage of people they aren’t addressing the issues.
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5 years ago, Capt white
It’s just ok, What needs a fix.
I’ve had my Chevy Colorado for a year now and pay for additional On Star services. I enjoy the knowledge that if a sudden crash occurred or I spot another roadside emergency with others On Star is there as my 911 go to for help. I don’t like the upgrades to app covering tracking my vehicles location. A slow down in tracking my own vehicle on the app has occurred over the last years upgrades. If I purchase a higher plan On Stars would coordinate with law enforcement to track my vehicle not thru or with me. I used to be able to add into the app when I performed service on my truck. I used to track when I put on upgraded equipment so I had a quick reference to everything on my truck. Can’t do this anymore, disappointing! On the other hand basic unlock, sound horn, and remote other item, if installed are a plus. Over all app is good! It was better but the dealers lose money when I perform services. Use the app it’s still a good app but could be great.
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2 years ago, tex7891
Not Worth It
Edit: still a terrible app. Reduce to 1 star. I’m done with GM and their products. In my opinion, this app is not worth the space on my phone. I would give it no stars, but since the remote key fob usually works, I’m giving it 2. Aside from the remote key fob, this app does not work as intended 75% of the time. I’ll refresh the app to show my vehicle diagnostic and get “- -“ instead of numbers for fuel range, fuel remaining, oil percentage, etc. even after turning on my vehicle or having my vehicle connected to WiFi. Also, for at least the last month (even after removing and re-installing the app) I keep getting asked to “agree to new terms” each time I open the app even though I select agree each and every time. This app certainly has potential! It would be nice if it could act COMPLETELY as your key fob so that I could just take my phone and wallet and leave my physical key at home. I’m sure with the connected services that this app and OnStar provide that my phone should be more than capable of being my “key” as well. Tesla, BMW, Audi, and other carmakers are already employing this technology, why isn’t GM?
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3 years ago, nipowar
Ridiculous load times, can’t connect to the car most of the time
The old version of this app had its issues, but at the end of the day offered valuable info for Bolt EV owners to plan routes and remote start. Since the recent 5.0 update however, the functionality of the app has taken a huge hit. Nearly every time I try to connect to my vehicle to check location and charge or to unlock my doors, the app loads for such a long time that it would be easier to just look for my keys. The load times have always been an issue, but with the new update the app fails to connect to my vehicle most of the time. Even if I’m willing to wait out the load time, the app fails to connect to my vehicle 9 times out of 10 and I’m left looking for my keys. The trip planning feature of the app is brilliant and super helpful for Bolt EV owners, but since the update the app is unable to connect to my car to help me plan my trips. Please fix these issues because this app has so much potential to be helpful, but right now it’s unusable!
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3 years ago, Caliking94
From an employee of Chevrolet
This app is pretty cool! I love the push to start feature on my phone and the convenience of having that feature and locks and lights as well on my Apple Watch is even cooler. My friends and family with BMWs can’t even do that. Props for that. One thing I’d like to suggest is that you connect more with the preferred dealership in regards to keeping your service records and major upcoming services intertwined. I work in the service dept at Arroyo Grande Chevrolet and I think it would be beneficial to the customer/ dealership providing the reminders through the app. Also, the push to start on the phone app is not working properly. I hold to press as soon as the apps opened, but then it continues to say hold. I end up having to release the button and then on the second attempt it works. Also I’m always getting a notification for unexpected problems in the app and to update. But I’m updated with iOS and the myChevrolet app. What’s up with that? Thanks for the cool app. 😎
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1 month ago, Monica1692
Lost/Confused PLUS UPDATE
I used to love the Chevy app! My app hasn’t updated since a year ago. It caused my car Def Fluid to become low because I never got any notification for it. The app says 65,000 miles but I’m currently at 69,000 miles now. I’ve tried talking to over 7 people, I tried reaching out to higher up and sending pictures through email and I never got a response. All I’ve asked for was my app to be fix or possibly get my account deleted and back added but no luck. This was my last resort to get in contact with someone. All I want for my app is to updated my fuel levels, oil life, Def fluid levels and all like it used too. I’ve been told it only updates every 30 days but it used to update every time I logged into the app. I’m just getting excuses. Hopefully someone can let me know what to do because Chevy isn’t helping me and I’m paying every month for services. This is an updated! No one still has not fixed my issues and it is February 29, 2024. When will someone do so? I have spoke with two people and no one has been able to fix what I need done.
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9 months ago, benfrank2000
It’s ok, less connected than expected.
The app is ok. The fact that you can essentially use your phone as an extra key fob is nice. The thing is, it’s missing some features that seem a given for such an app. Like charge level of the car, keeping track of mileage, and a few other stats. You must enter in the mileage manually each time to find out if you need to set up a service appointment. It seems easy to either have the app automatically update when connected to the car or have it remember what you put in last. The former would be more convenient. It feels like the app is just useful enough to have on the phone, but not so useful to regularly open and use. I also suspect that there are features that are locked behind the OnStar pay wall. I am not keen on another subscription or similar service. There are already too many pulling from my wallet.
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4 years ago, Runner1983
Epic failure on Apple Watch
This app works okay on the phone, but they shouldn’t say it has an app for the watch. If you can ever get it to work on the watch, it takes multiple times. I’m at my vehicle before it does anything. Lately, it doesn’t work on the watch at all. Not one function of the remote will work. I’m also upset, although not surprised, that they have begun to charge for even the most basic use of the app. And it is not cheap. I’ll be leasing again soon and if it is a Chevy, I will stop using the app rather than pay for it. Update 2/7/20: I received a response from GM today and although it was nice to get a response, their suggestions were ridiculous and insulting. They told me to update my iOS and watch OS and finally, remove the app from my watch and reinstall it. My devices are always up to date and the uninstall/reinstall rarely works, which it didn’t. I actually tried the app this morning and as usual, it did nothing. The app has NEVER worked properly on the watch, it’s frustrating, and I deleted it after trying it earlier today.
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5 years ago, Liking it less..
Updates=login all over again
Both the previous OnStar app and the new MyChevrolet app have a truly annoying tendency to lose all the info one has previously entered after updates. We don’t need to use the app daily, but when we do it is often for an important reason, like remote start or unlocking the doors. Go to open the app, and it makes you update before using. Do the update, and all acct info has disappeared. Re-entering the user name/password is bad enough, but today I also had to re-enter the *!&#* VIN! So if I’m in a situation that feels unsafe and want to utilize the app in an emergency, I have to hope that all the login information hasn’t vaporized YET AGAIN. I should not have to add “Make sure the MyChevrolet app is working and I’m still logged in” to my pre-travel list of things to do! This has been on ongoing problem with the old app and now with the new app, despite asking the app to “remember me” with each login. And yes, I had previously switched to the new app and logged in already. An app update should not lose all your login info and preferences.
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1 year ago, fed up with improvements
Dealer Location services don’t recognize Puerto Rico and St. Thomas zip codes (website doesn’t either), and default to some arpitrary Detroit location - useless for locating vehicles at a specific dealer. When actually locating a dealer to search inventory, it shows “2 vehicles”, then when you click on one of them, it reverts back to a list of vehicles in the Detroit area! I WANT TO KNOW THE INVENTORY AT THE SELECTED DEALER ONLY! That’s why I selected that dealer. And fix your list of zip codes to include PR dealers and St. Thomas dealers. Good grief! The updated app description stated that you can “shop for eligible vehicles”. Apparently you can’t shop for a Chevy unless you already OWN a Chevy. That eliminates the majority of people who are shopping for cars. I’ve owned a dozen Chevys, but not at the moment. Thought I was in the market for one again, but apparently not… I’d like to be able to view commands with apply to the EVs, but I can’t access the users guide for the app until I register a vehicle. Clicking on “Continue as guest” does NOTHING.
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2 years ago, froglady71
This app is lacking and onstar can’t fix
I purchased my second Chevy bolt recently. The app worked great for my previous one but this one not so much. You want a view your diagnostic and tire pressure …it claims it can’t do it without you turning the car on. However it did it just fine for my other bolt. Oh and by the way I drive my car almost ever day yet it tells me it hasn’t been started in 3 days. The best one yet … it keeps telling me I have no oil and to get it serviced right away. It’s 100% electric… there is no oil. I told the dealership that I purchased from they tell me to call Onstar. I spent over an hour on the phone with them to tell me they have to place a ticket. I never heard back from anyone. It’s been over a month. Love the car! The app is great for pre-conditioning and alerting me when my car is charged etc. love that part. Just confused how the app worked perfectly for my 2019 bolt but doesn’t work so well with my 2022 bolt. With todays technology… this should be an easy fix.
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3 years ago, Demonrich88
Nice idea, tons of bugs, no resolutions
I have had this app since I started my lease and at 1st I loved it. Then something changed. The app got very glitchy but usable and I still loved it. Then I got an Apple Watch for Xmas and the app got SUPER glitchy from that point on. The watch app would make me put in the pin 80 time and only give me 2 seconds to type it in. Sometimes it would take commands but never actually send them. Then it got worse, it began to crash a lot. Called support and they fixed it for about 3 days and then new problems appeared. The watch app would LOG ME OUT or randomly disconnect me for no good reason. More of the same issues but now much more frequently. Now marked with the newest update, there is only a 25% chance the phone commands will work without a full crash. The app crashes literally all the time now and the watch just keeps saying I’ve been logged out. Tech support keeps saying reinstall but that doesn’t fix it and I’m fed up. VERY disappointed for a PAID SERVICE!
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5 years ago, bigwil1
A bit torn
Sounded great, the presentation was awesome. The reviews on here all made it sound like it was the bees knees... but then it wasn’t. I just got a second hand 2016 Chevy Volt, wonderful car regardless of the futility of getting the app working let alone finding out that Chevy/OnStar decided to change their terms and conditions apparently as of November to no longer include the “3 years on us” basic services... but wait, the app was updated in December and maybe the developers weren’t informed because when you select the “get connected” button, it presents you with the promotion for the “3 years on us”!! It even tells you some of the key features, like controlling your range extended electric vehicle’s charging features!! Even my previous 2016 VW e-Golf included that for 3 years because someone thought that knowing your charge state without having to walk to your car was important! So, yes, in order to use any part of this app or any feature aside from the diagnostic reports and electronic manual, you actually have to sign up and pay their outlandish rates. At least there’s no contracts! That’s a plus!
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2 years ago, PW_712_517
I TRY to use this app daily. I use the app/Alexa/remote to start my ‘16 Silverado every morning. Then, when I get to work, I TRY to use the app to lock my truck about an hour later. Some days are great! I press the icon on my Home Screen, select Start and the process goes smooth. A majority of the time however, I have to log back in, and go through the entire setup process, other than entering my vehicle info. I have had to delete and re-install the app a few times in just the last week or so. This has been brought on by the unlock or lock command still showing “sent” when I last used the app about ten hours prior. I use the app instead of my fob, so that my truck is heated/cooled by the time that I arrive to drive home from my work site. Sometimes, the lock or unlock feature are immediately executed, but usually I have to wait a 30 seconds to one minute, regardless of whether the WiFi is on or off. My cellular service is at the same signal strength all of the time, but the app operation is still not consistent. I won’t even go into the functionality of the Apple Watch app. If I keep my phone, watch and app up to date all of the time, then why do I have to log back in almost every time that I use the app? As far as the Apple Watch app, why bother when it tells me to log in using my phone every time that I try to use it. PLEASE, fix this app! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Kaizer_911
5.0 Update Buggy
The new 5.0 app update is very buggy. It will NOT switch between vehicles on the account. It crashes every time I try. Old app I could switch no problems. Other features don’t seem to work right or fail. This update is very much in need of fixing. [Update]: After removing and reinstalling the app. It finally loads my garage and lets me switch between vehicles. It keeps giving, randomly, an error that states “Unexpected server response. Please Log On again. If issue persists, then contact support for Assitance.” The only problem is I can’t pinpoint the issue. When it does this it acts like it can’t connect to the vehicle but it does and processes things but the Home Screen of the app doesn’t update. Closing out and reopening the app or changing cars fixes this issue. But again it’s not all the time. Hoping for some bug fixes in the next release and a notice that you have uninstall and reinstall would have been nice on the front end.
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10 months ago, Unhappy with ECONET
App still useless for navigation
I have been using this app for almost 4 years and it is still only good to sometimes to see tire pressure and fuel level shown in percent- use to be in gallons. The navigation sent to vehicle still only sends the turn by turn instruction or a blank map-not both, it has never worked properly so I always punch in the destination by hand in the vehicle and get the turn by turn directions along with the map route shown. The map is necessary because sometimes the turn by turn leads you to blocked roads so the map is needed to navigate around those situations. Too bad the developers don’t understand real road conditions and give the driver information to avoid bad situations. So the app is useless for navigation, also never can can’t get any of the traffic conditions to show on the map- have tried Onstar and Sirius neither worked- their tech support said to get the newest infotainment system— I think I will- in a new Audi!
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3 years ago, Nerd_Herd99
Update never reached QA
New updates shouldn’t be release to the entire public for beta testing. Yea it puts a pretty face on it and a “safety” feature to make you hold the buttons. However, Checy should go check with Ford on how to properly implement the hold as its miles ahead of what has made it into this. Their service is also free! Hold the button for a upwards of a minute and it acts like it works then tells you to keep holding it all the while not working. I’m still not sure how people were accidentally pressing buttons such as the reasoning provided for even implementing this. You have to authentic to the app after all. Either way how did they get this so wrong and released publicly? Couple that with having to delete the app every few days as it becomes unusable. All features under more go missing is just one problem. Leads me to think I just need to cancel my subscription or may just finally get away from Chevy all together. Drastic I know but with all the advances in other brands and problems with this SUV, straw that broke the camels back comes to mind.
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1 year ago, bencwang
Last update broke charge settings
I used to be able to start my Bolt EUV charging with the app so I could get an earlier charge when my car is using delayed charge mode for right before departure time. However, the most recent update seems to have broken this capability. It shows the car is plugged in but not charging, but the button to “start charging now” is no longer there. In addition, the L2 charge settings control don’t seem to work. First, the charge setting mode always shows as unselected in the app. I set it to “departure mode”, then I turn on “avoid high rates” slider since that’s how I remember the car being setup like before, but in the app it shows as off. Anyway, after sliding it on and applying, it says “command sent to car”. However, next time I check it in the app, the charge mode is back to unset and the “avoid high rates” setting is back to off.
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6 months ago, Lucky Little 13
It’s okay. Helpful but could be better.
Negatives: 1. There is no “Feedback” within the app, or if there is, it is extremely well hidden leaving no intuitive medium to report bugs, crashes and errors; as well as no intuitive medium to submit enhancement requests. 2. If there is more than 1 alert and 1 of them has suggested maintenance, you cannot see the list of alerts being triggered; so if your tire pressure is low and your oil is at 28% life then all you can see is that you need to schedule an oil change. You are disallowed to see anything else. Positives: 1. Remote start from my phone is cool. 2. Remote start when I’m out of the country and don’t want my fuel to settle or want to scare my adult daughter is fun. 3. You can see your dealerships information so it’s easy to avoid their crappy service department to find another instead. 4. You can manage your points and some on-star things.
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3 years ago, Sad:"(
Family sharing
Family sharing does not work. My husband linked a new truck to this app and then invited me to family sharing. When I created my account and attempted to join family it seemed simple at first but then it would not let me access anything via required pin and sometimes password. I would enter the info and it would either tell me to try again or just stay on the same confirm pin screen. Tried several attempts to change and the app would not recognize. My husband attempted to contact service and again unable to resolve the issue or direct us with steps to rectify the issue or even let us know if it is something on our end. Then said it would take 5 days to hear something back. Good thing I am not stranded on the side of the road somewhere or locked out of my car. Please know I do not like to give poor reviews however just spent over 2 hours to navigate this app that does not have any troubleshooting assistance within. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, MadMaxx0530
Great app
Update……. I’ve always love this app and then as my review says things changed I was not able to start my car without having to hold the button in for up to five minutes. Now it only happens within seconds! I am very happy with it again. Thank you for the adjustment. The only thing different now is I am not able to lock or unlock my car using the app anymore .. i’m hoping that changes. I am changing the one star rating to a four star rating :) I got this app back in 2018 when I purchased my vehicle and I absolutely loved it and raved about it. About a month ago when you guys did the new update, it takes forever for you to hold the button to get it started. There’s times I have to hold it for up to 5 minutes before it will start rather than just tapping it like before. I hope this changes
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3 years ago, JoeyRoberto
Great for basic tasks, still has a lot of work
The most recent UI update is great and has really brought it into modern design. That diagnostic features a cool. And haptic feedback and animations are intentional and intuitive. The additions of the following would make it flawless!!! A graphic of your car on the dashboard. Faster startup and authentication with biometrics. Display the current status: whether it’s currently locked or unlocked, what is on and what is off, if it’s currently in motion or not, doors and windows open or closed, which seats are buckled, has the car alarm been triggered. Car alarm notifications. Ability to see and change current climate settings if remote started: temp, fan speed, heated seats, heated steering wheel, A/C, heat, direction of air, defrosters, wipers. What is there is well refined, useful, and reliable. But the potential this app has can set this app apart from the rest if further developed.
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2 years ago, Burch917
Last update
Love the app but after last update the vehicle status is not updating very well. I would like to update this review. I deleted the app and reinstalled it after I submitted the review. The reinstall went really well and all my information was reinstalled after I logged back in. The app seems to be working fine now. I got a response from GM the day after my review asking for more information. This prompt response is just one more reason why I have only bought and owned GM vehicles since 1976. It’s also why I went from 4 stars to 5 stars on my review. I currently own own a Chevy Volt and really enjoy it. My father and son also own Volts. They are very pleased as well. Just wish they were still produced. Thanks for the fast response and years of enjoyment 👍🏼
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3 years ago, ClarkSnowdall
Useless app
I’m a loyal GM owner and consider myself an early adopter and tech savvy. The old version of this app worked very well and provided what I needed. The new version of the app is horrible and completely unusable. On iOS on a new iPhone 12 the app rarely remains up and running more than 30 seconds at a time. It’s highly unstable and usually takes a dozen or more launches before I can get status of my car. I have restarted the phone multiple times, I have restarted the app repeatedly, I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing will make this app stay open longer that 10-30 seconds. It has become a tragic burden that I can’t use my fancy app with my fancy EV. Please please please GM fix app stability!!
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