MyChoice Benefits

4.5 (3.1K)
43.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyChoice Benefits

4.48 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
3 years ago, SuperSNX23
Time saving app
Never thought I’d use this app as often has I do but it has saved me time on several occasions. My husband and I never carry our insurance cards so taking a pic and storing it in the app has saved us from scrolling through our pictures at the doctors office (awkward) or having to log into our insurance’s website. My favorite part is the ability to easily check my FSA balances and upload my FSA receipts. I realized recently that I still had $200 in my FSA from last year and was able to quickly take a pic of my day care receipt and upload it.
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1 year ago, Laloonie
Horrible! Just Horrible!
The customer service and this crappy app are both horrible!! They recently stated they improved the app so that you can see what you uploaded. WRONG!!! Not only can’t you see any documents but you also can’t upload a pdf file. Also I don’t know what the claim reps are doing but they seem to have trouble approving claims. I have a few claims that they requested receipts for and i uploaded as requested but they were rejected for some unknown reason. Of course they never tell you but I keep getting emails asking for receipts. This is a major problem because it’s now tax time and those claims need to be processed otherwise you will face penalties from the IRS. I tried calling customer service multiple times and even asked to speak to a supervisor. Suddenly they acted like they never heard the word before and just kept transferring me to the abyss. Horrible! Just horrible!
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3 years ago, k_crist
Unable to request reimbursement and Sofia isn’t helpful
All of the sudden the app is wonky. Won’t let me sign in. Says there are errors and freezes and can’t find the request reimbursement icon! Tried asking Sofia and she was no help- even with asking my questions in various ways. Reviewing my benefits won’t help to get the reimbursement! Update- customer service was quick to respond and issue was addressed. Easy to use!
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3 years ago, Nana Banana 08
Alamo Pack POC
I don’t have very good internet connection or a good signal, so I got started on my lap top and at least got my user name, password and security question and security answer and then I was able to finish up on my cell phone enrolling. It was so much easier after installing this app!
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2 years ago, Mr. Chips 2013
It doesn’t tell you if they received documentation
This app is good in theory and bad in execution. When you upload documents there is no way to see if even successfully was uploaded to the app. It will list things as approved only to ask for documentation for a claim months later. It doesn’t show you through the app what could qualify and when you call them to double check they refer you to a website. Actually the customer service over the phone was extremely frustrating because they wouldn’t give me any information. I only use this app because I have no other option.
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12 months ago, dhwufvrkekd
It’s good, but not great. Having all your docs in an app which are available at any time is very convenient. I think some updates might be necessary for user friendliness. For example, Face ID doesn’t work. It scans your face and just stays in the login page (iPhone 14). Besides little things like ease of use, the app is solid.
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9 months ago, SaskInExile
App orientation on tablets
Main complaint about the app is that it needs a version for iPad - for those of us who work in landscape mode, the app’s phone-only orientation is a problem when having to turn the turn the device sideways. Other than that, the app does its job.
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5 months ago, _kkitts
Just OK
The app is OK. I have to reset my PIN every time I want to log in because the app does not recognize my PIN. Once I reset it, it asks if I want to set up FaceID, which I do (every time) and it never works. I have removed the app and redownloaded a couple times to no avail. Once in the app, it’s sufficient and shows pertinent benefit and account information.
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11 months ago, GmcTraveler
Convenient and easy!
This app gets me all the critical info I need for my benefits while away from work and my computer. I love being able to access my ID cards!
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2 years ago, FollowersOfChrist
I love the app but for some reason, it is not giving me the option for reimbursement. When I click in the piggy bank icon, there’s nothing but a “transfer fund” option. There used to be a reimbursement option, but not anymore.
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3 years ago, LisaB1977
All access in the go!
So great to have everything in the app! My HSA balances and contributions, make payments, contact my healthcare carriers, and my favorite part — store all my ID cards! I actually stored my Covid Vaccination card here!
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3 years ago, GoldenGrizzly33
Really easy to use!
The app is so easy to navigate and is so simple to get the information I need. I especially like the ability to see my HSA balance and interact with Sofia!
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4 years ago, Albeit4me
Hard to login and answer security questions.
You can’t even see the password as you’re typing it. The first security question is “What is your father”. Obviously the font is too large to display the entire question. Hard to believe my company would send us to an app with such a bad user experience. No need to bug me to do a review for this app. My desire was instantaneous.
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2 years ago, D. E. K.
Won’t login - just constant spinning circle.
I recently had open enrollment process for work and was reminded afterward about this app. I had connected to my account previously and therefore was on my phone already. Went to open the app and login was already saved - acts like it is logging in but never will - just endlessly stuck on the login screen with a spinning circle.
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6 years ago, Fastpitchjunkie
Missing important feature
App allows for uploading beneficiaries on the go, which is pointless in a mobile app since that happens once per year, at the most. What would make for a better rating would be if I could upload Spending Account receipts, which is a much more frequent occurrence than adding a beneficiary. Technically, the app works. However, it was designed poorly and does not function.
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1 year ago, Pauljjjjjj
Frustrating system with zero customer service.
It’s impossible to use the funds taken out of my paycheck pretax for healthcare needs. The money is taken with no problem, but all claims submitted for healthcare use are denied with no explanation. There is no one who can be reached to discuss it either. Only a useless chat bot. Bottom line is, my money is taken from me and not usable. Basically stolen.
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1 year ago, brett2015
Awesome app as well as the information, very easy to navigate and gets straight to the point when in need of an answer to a question
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2 years ago, mxghy
Done right
Love this app. Had a great person help me set up Thankyou great job. This is one of easiest app I have tried and use. Who ever set this up made it very user friendly.
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2 years ago, renatelewin
Page won’t scroll right to show details of reimbursements
Lot of this might need to be a discussion between my company and this vendor but the terminology and navigation on the app has problems. Most recently, when trying to see details of my reimbursements like amounts and deposit details, the phone app does not let me scroll right to see all the columns.
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3 weeks ago, K_David33
Super Easy
This makes finding benefits information really easy and Sofia helps me find information instantly.
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2 years ago, bird9mm
Excellent to check medical insurance
Quick,convenient way to review your data
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1 year ago, 2023kajenn
Mobile app Iphone
It was great until app on my Iphone won’t let me log in. I can log in om my Ipad and used to be able to do both! I can’t find a nickname you will take! Can’t post!
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1 year ago, Tom NJ 89
Just broken
This app barely let me log in. When it did, the messages that I got a text notification are nowhere to be found. The service is better online but even then I would avoid this whole thing. I booked appointments faster over the phone than through the automated thing
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2 years ago, Kwink57
Lumen retiree benefit in My Choice App
4.0 because I had to have assistance the first use so it could be easier to use with a guide of where to start and what’s I’d needed in each field on a “help “ page
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3 years ago, Viktor Del Rio
Horrible experience
This app does nothing, and it's not user friendly. When I call customer service, I never get an answer, and I am left feeling unsatisfactory with every age I speak with as they never resolve any of my issues. This is the worst customer service I've ever encounter, and never have I resolve my issues since January of 2020. We are now entering 2021 and continue not to like their service but through my employer. The reps I speak with are not knowledgeable about the issues and bugs and any account management. I've wasted a lot of my time trying to fix my account, and it's not resolved yet (12 months later).
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5 months ago, LLB2277
Pin never works
I have to reset my pin every single time I go into the app. It’s so frustrating. It seems to not save the new pin at all and I keep checking off to allow face ID and that never works either. It’s been an entire year of this.
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8 months ago, Back Hack
Can never find where to put additional documentation
This Ap is terrible. When you open it, it says that no additional information is needed. Then you get a message saying that you need to add additional information. It is under a sequence of pages that do not make sense. One star is generous.
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2 years ago, Summer in Nash
Too Basic
Several features do not work (i.e. "tap button to verify a new bamk account does nothing.). Information provided is incomplete. (i.e. "partially reimbursed" why only partially? no help to be found). Looks good, but fairly worthless to actually get useful information.
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4 years ago, nmaggiefan
Lots of Problems
The app is a great idea, but it has lots of problems. For example, it shows I have an unread notification, but when I open up the app, there is nothing unread. In addition, when I go to view my documents, they won’t pull up. If I try to do anything else, it takes me to Safari to log into the web portal.
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3 years ago, WharfRatVail
Worst app
I’ve submitted multiple claims for daycare reimbursement on this app and have never had one successful attempt. I always get a generic email telling me that my claim needs attention but doesn’t tell me specifically what is wrong. All information and documentation is complete and accurate and it still gets an error. Waste of time...don’t download this app.
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2 years ago, Perkfect10
Great app
App is very convenient especially for times when getting in contact with HR is problematic.
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4 months ago, Teresaoz
Problems in 1st Month
I downloaded the app in January. It’s was easy to use and find all of my information. In February I signed on and it’s completely changed. I couldn’t find any of my information and it said, I needed to submit and sign off on everything. So frustrating!
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8 months ago, TLTrue
Pleasing app
I’m able to monitor my payments and current account balances. Very happy with this app.
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4 years ago, Lesin25
I keep putting my pin in and all it says it to retry
There was an error processing your request. Please try again. I’ve tried again several times. It’ll tell me if I put in the wrong pin, so i know when I put the right pin in. There’s no other options. Idk what to do now.
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5 years ago, blair878
Unable to open app
I have an iPhone Xs with the latest update and I cannot open this app to view my benefits. If I pull the open apps I can see it but I cannot actually get it to open. I don’t know if their latest update isn’t actually compatible with the new newest update (12.1.4) but I’m disappointed I cannot use the app in lieu of my desktop.
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4 years ago, Kimm88.
Happy with the app
I was able to upload my documents to the app on the go it’s so easy just snap and go
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3 years ago, **Joe**
Please enable uploads of PDF files from iCloud to FSA claims
The app helpfully allows attaching pictures of receipts to FSA claims. However, I scan my receipts as PDFs to keep for my records; it would be great if I could upload the PDF rather than snap an unnecessary photo.
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2 years ago, Soccer9Mom
App never opens
Anytime I try to use the app to easily access my benefits, it just spins and loads but will never open. It’s frustrating because I don’t always have access to a computer and would like to be able to access my benefits on the go. Please fix!!
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2 years ago, VAGameGuy
Unusable (Updated to Not enough information)
For the last three days, upon logging into the app, the message "Whoops! There was an error loading data" displays. I've restarted and reinstalled it with the same result. My original message is above. This has been resolved In my world, a benefit summary shows exactly that - my benefits, with limits, copays, coinsurance, deductible, etc. The benefit summary just doesn't have what I expected.
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2 years ago, sklaszky
I can enter user name but password box scrolls upward off screen as soon as I touch it. Developer has contacted me and advised that a fix is forthcoming. Add one star for acknowledging the problem. More stars if/when the problem is fully resolved.
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2 years ago, Chrissyliz
When can I use this app?
I am unable to access application consistently. Any suggestions appreciated!
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3 years ago, Chuckles23456
Great app!
I use the app all the time when looking up ID cards and managing my FSA. Would definitely recommend.
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11 months ago, Emshiggins
This app is useless, even more the people who don’t pick up the phones. I have been stuck waiting for someone to answer the phone for 1 h. What kind of service is this? Are you guys getting paid well that you can’t even pick up a phone?
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3 years ago, mcd_fam
Learn something new everyday
Useful information right at your fingertips
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3 years ago, angryminnesotan
Upload doesn’t support pdf
The upload file input says it can support pdf but file select defaults to pictures.
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1 year ago, munchkin7803
FSA access
I love the app but I don’t have any options to access my FSA account. I can’t even see my accounts tab at all
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7 months ago, LiL-Terry
Never remember pins or Face ID
I have to reset my pin to the same pin every time I try to open the app because it’s the incorrect pin according to the app. Then when I enable Face ID after I’m able to log in it doesn’t remember that option either. Fix it!
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7 months ago, Chiver in the IE
Access pin
The app never remembers my pin. Always tells me it’s wrong. I have to go through the changing process, change it, then as soon as I need to get back in, it says wrong pin
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4 months ago, chodee
Could be Better
It would be great if they allowed you to add the debit cards for your accounts to a smart/apple wallet.
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7 months ago, Hitz Positive
App update issue
This app could be great if the bugs got fixed. Update issues are constant, also the enter pin page does not work half the time.
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