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User Reviews for mydlink Lite

4.09 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, slowmotoad
Excellent picture
I have been using the camera for over a year. I used it to check on my mom at night when I was at work to make sure she was ok. No falling or stroke. Now I use it to check if she is awake so I won’t wake her up, she is on hospice now. The picture is great and easy to see with night view, very clear. It did not want to set up with my internet but got ahold of customer service and they got it up and running. Then when it updated it went offline my daughter got it back on line. With those little hiccups I really like the camera great for what I am using it for. It gave me piece of mind while at work to make sure mom was safe. Would buy again very good camera.
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4 years ago, ShoobyTaylor
Total nightmare!
I had my camera installed all of 20 minutes before my router notified me that a hacker was trying to break into my network using an exploit found in the camera. So I tried to remove the camera from my D-Link account, and this app doesn’t let you remove device once you’ve added it. So I open the web browser to try and login to remove it, and he told me that I cannot use chrome to sign into the website, which just might be the stupidest, most unprofessional thing I have ever encountered. So I tried to use Firefox, which is the only thing that allows you to use, and I couldn’t sign in with Firefox, so I’m screwed, and all I can do is throw out the camera unless I want to hackers trying to break into my network. EDIT: even better, I got another computer and finally managed to login with fire fox… And it tells me fire fox is an unsupported browser, and he only supported browser is Firefox. That’s right, you can’t login on any browser from macOS, because when you login on the only browser that it tells you you can use, it tells you you’re using the wrong browser. This is total garbage, it is unprofessional as I have ever seen, it’s a nightmare and I’m sorry I ever got involved with this. Dlink you have permanently lost a customer.
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6 years ago, Sandra499
Does what it’s supposed to do - perfectly!
Set it up for motion activation, noise activation or both. Set up notification prefs on your phone - my Notification shows on my phone immediately and when I click on it, it opens the camera immediately. Click on the camera icon to take stills that go automatically to your photos area...or hit the red button to record video on se card (if you’ve put one in the unit). Custom set the camera to the view you want to set it to monitor and how sensitive you want it to be to noise or motion. We plug it in when we go out/want it monitoring and unplug it if we don’t want monitoring. If there’s a shut off button I don’t know where it is but it’s not a big deal. You only have to enter the password on setup and if you logged out. If I had a 32 digit password I’d just set it to a 30 letter password for this app. What’s important to me is that it’s very reliable, good camera quality. Ours is a baby monitor. Does what it says it will. Great peace of mind.
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6 years ago, Kayliana™
Works intermittently
I am using the app to try and view dlink cam on local network. When I click on the camera in the app to connect to it, sometimes the app will connect and sometimes it won't. No error message or anything; the app simply stops trying. Considering that connecting to the camera to view the video feed is this app's primary purpose, this is extremely disappointing. Also most settings cannot be accessed or changed using this app. Why? Dlink can and should do better. I also tried the remote feature, which is equally hit and miss. Configuring the camera via a web browser (the only way to access the majority of the camera’s settings) and setting it to “HTTPS only” will break the remote portion of the mobile app because the mobile app doesn’t support this setting, but the app won’t tell you that, it will just fail. The My D-link website live view will also fail and not tell you why. I will never buy another DLink camera because the software is a broken mess.
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7 years ago, Namdnas78
Sheer stupid oversight within app
Just received my 2-pack of the new DCS-8000LH cameras to review. From the unboxing to getting them ready to use, they seem really nice. Too bad I can’t use them due to an oversight in the app. Coming from a company that makes routers, this particular oversight is inexcusable. When I go to set the cameras up using the app on my Wi-Fi network, it will not take my 32-character password. It’s limited to accepting 30 characters. Really? I entered my password 5 different times and encountered a “connection timeout” error each time. Then I realized upon the 6th try that when I typed the 31st character, it wouldn’t temporarily show the letter, indicating it wasn’t taking it. I called tech support and they said “it sounded like a limitation with the app” and with this particular model, there are no other workarounds for setup outside the app. So, because of this, these cameras are nothing more than paperweights. And I’m not changing my Wi-Fi password to set these up. Garbage setup. 😡
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1 year ago, qqqqqqqqqqmmmmmmmuuuuuukkkkk
10 years a d still working
The camera we have is very slow when turning and can be and I’m not happy with the allotted view time before it times itself out… However it has worked well while away in different countries to view our cats in the U.S. for the past 10 years and if it didn’t have a preset time out and turned around much faster or turning speed was adjustable, then it would get 10+ stars on a 5 star rating. Anyway we are pleased and do recommend D-Link cameras and apps.
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5 years ago, Juliet8786
I have a lot of troubles with my cameras. I have three outside cameras, four inside cameras. I'm constantly making adjustments the auto day and night never work every time there's an update I have to make adjustments. These cameras are the worst and I wish I would've never installed them. I'm also very worried about hackers and them also hacking into D-Link what is their security I don't trust D-Link. Now these cameras I cannot even load them onto my new router which I upgraded because dlink does not have set up wizard working right now and have no timeline in the future to get it back on dlink support. What the heck is wrong with these people. How can they still sell their cameras when you can’t even load them on your wireless WiFi. This is criminal!!!
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7 years ago, Cesarson
So far so good.
The app is very smooth and easy to use once you get it up and running. I love the control features that allow you to take screen shots whenever you want. The only snag was getting it set up and connected to each camera (2). I will always admit bay some may have been user error but for the most part I have sufficient knowledge and skills with lost technology. With all that being said, will definitely keep using if all stays consistent and maybe even get more.
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6 years ago, MamabearLou
Garbage, garbage, piece of junk system. Don’t waste your money.
We’ve had D Link for three years, and use it for a baby video monitor as well as house security. GARBAGE!!!!! It RARELY works. The cameras are ALWAYS going offline, which makes the whole thing useless. Our internet is very highspeed and works well, so it’s not that. If your baby is asleep or you’re away from home, how are you supposed to fix that? And why should you need to??? Make a product and app that WORK! The night vision is black and white and grainy when it does work. We have several cameras, two of which are never online. And they were the most expensive one. This is utter garbage and honestly feels like a scam it’s so bad. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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7 years ago, KearleeQ
Very Pleased
It took some doing to get the camera connected, but this app has been terrific. Most of the time it works well. Once in a while we have needed to shut the camera off and then turn it on - to reboot the camera. We've had it working for 15 months and had to reboot it three times. We use this app to check in on an elderly family member. It's nice to be able too know if she's alright- wherever we may be and at the same time allow her to keep her independence.
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6 years ago, RockyMaine
Works exactly as I expected. Real time surveillance with ability to take still shots or video. It seems to time out often, but able to resume quickly. The video image is clear for my needs but doubt would be able to pick up facial details unless up close to camera. Overall, I would recommend for child or pet surveillance, but would suggest higher tech performance for home protection.
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6 years ago, iBikeNE
D-Link App review
App in general is pretty good, but have to go into D-Link software on my PC for other functions, like recording. App seems to "disconnect" way to often, and not sure what is causing that...maybe because my camera is a bit older. As with other alarm apps, it takes quite a while to get familiar with them and figure out how they function. Overall pretty good though.
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5 years ago, bkkwayne
never update your camera through the app
Never update your camera through this app. It just bricked mine. Worst of all, you have to pay the ships back to the manufacture to get it fixed. If it mentioned update may destroy your camera, I would have never take the risk. The customer service is the hardest one to solve the problem compared with other band products. Other product if defected, either a replacement will send to you or prepared label will be provided. After seven days communicating with the customer support, they said I have to pay for the shipping back to them for the replacement. Very disappointed and never try again with Dlinks.
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6 years ago, equalsalot
Great cam
I built an outdoor stand for my D-Link tilt/pan cam and found a glass vase to cover it with and everything including the WiFi connection works I can cover my entire property with one camera for security...the only things that could be improved for my purposes for this cam are zoom, and infrared night vision, but I love this setup rather than having several cameras and I can use it from anywhere with my IPhone ...Thanks
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5 years ago, Love Da Puss
Decent Security
I purchased a DCS-5030L Aug/Sept 2016 which, at the beginning, served it's purpose in allowing me to monitor the going's-on at my home while I'm away. Currently, I've had to call the help desk with connectivity issues and a few other hiccups. The help desk was great and was able to get me back up and running only to realize that I may have to repeat certain steps in order to reconnect, which seems counterintuitive, should you need to connect rapidly. Other than that, I've been able to monitor my home for the most part.
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5 years ago, Harrypol9853.45
Relay connection errors – all too frequent
The cameras have a very low dynamic range. So shadows tend to be black and highlights tend to be blown out. The image is fine for noncontrasty scenes. It fails to connect about 10% of the time. Which doesn’t seem bad but it always seems to be those times when you most need to connect. And of course there’s absolutely no support. But if you’re looking for a cheap solution these will fill the bill. Just not with the quality and reliability of more expensive alternatives.
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6 years ago, Chuck die
Security cameras should work 100% of the time!!!
Sooo.. we are headed out of the country. Checked the camera before leaving home. Seemed fine. One day later I get a screen (that I assume is) telling me I need to connect the device to a server to run a firmware upgrade. So no camera for the entire week we will be gone! The worst part is, this type of thing is not unusual! More often than not, when I need to quickly access the camera, I have been kicked out and have to re-login.... or some other delay. Time to change to a different brand!
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6 years ago, Jaimees4567
Timeout too frequently, slow opening app
When I would get a notification of a sound or detection of movement, it takes FOREVER for me actually to view. Very sloooooow. Also recently, as I would be watching live streaming, it will give a warning that it will time out and starts the countdown! Why?? Very frustrating. NOW, I cant even view live streaming, it just gives connection error. These cameras worked OK for about 2 years with some minor glitches but now they are total garbage! Too bad we have 4, I was never really impressed with them but they did the job for a CHEAP price. You get what you pay for.
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2 years ago, Franarry
Excellent Camera
Camera picture is sharp with excellent depth of field. The unit is quite sensitive to sound and movement so you may get a few false alarms, but better that way than the other. Easy access on the cellphone app. I use old cellphones as monitors in the house so I continually observe the front door and backyard and see the deer munching on the shrubs!!!
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5 years ago, marcusp75
Overall a good system, but frequent issues
I have used the app with several cameras for years, but every few months they release an update, that messes everything up. Cameras I haven’t had an issue for years, suddenly loose their connection and it’s always the cameras most difficult to physically access. Sometimes you have to reset all cameras and re-install the app to fix connectivity issues. I bought smart switches to reset the cameras remotely now.
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6 years ago, Kat6582
A few problems
Setup and download was easy. Relatively intuitive user interface. But audio does not play with phone locked (in using this as a baby monitor, so I need the audio always on) and video times out often. I'm hoping to find a work around. After using for a few months, I’m giving this 2 stars. The app takes forever to connect to the camera, and it only will connect about half the time. Sometimes while I’m viewing the baby, it will just “time out”. It’s a pretty terrible app.
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4 years ago, Rbrun
-Slow. Maybe it’s my internet connection, but many times it gives me a “connection timed out” message. Sometimes the message comes after the picture is already displayed. -And it’s a real pain trying to replay recorded material. First it’s slow to gather and display All the files even ones from the time you last formatted. Then very slow again after you select the date to view. Then the date is broken down to hourly. Again is is slow to access the hour to view. It has to be worst slow and cumbersome software one might encounter. It certainly is on mine. I have used the D-Link cameras for several years and am now looking to replace them all. I have four. The picture is good and the ability to remotely control the view is very good. If you buy them you will need a lot of patience. Bob B
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5 years ago, Goofy Chef
I was going to give this 4 stars
My review is quite simple as a business owner of father and as a consumer most of all d-link light the latest download very very very bad!! The app crashes all the time I can’t log into either one of my devices locally on the same Wi-Fi network so I’m burning up data both on my phone into my Wi-Fi carrier I have two cameras one is for the protection of my six month old child in the other one is for the safety of my house in my family until they get d-link light fixed don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, LG
Worked very well for the Legacy apps until iPhone IOS16 got released last week.
Worked very well for the Legacy apps until iPhone IOS16 got released last week. On the iPhone 12 when you turn the phone from portrait to landscape the picture displays as a small square picture. Dlink did and update about a week ago also when Apple did theirs. It works fine on an iPad but not the iPhones.
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5 years ago, Blue-Jay-
Not smart
The most recent recording should be listed from the top . Why would anyone want to scroll each time to the bottom to view most recent recording is stupid. Plus almost every time you need to refresh to see recorded entries. Also. Why can’t you have ability to record or transfer the video that’s already recorded on camera. How else can you save this for evidence besides having short little clips sent to your email. Poor thinking who ever design these apps.
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7 years ago, Shannarrie
The more things change, the more they remain the same
After almost 6 month Without being able to view my camera without the use of WiFi T-mobile version, now I can’t take pictures with it the app anymore and the recorded videos I manually did is not save on the device.
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7 years ago, Jusluvbeinme
Love the app..
I bought this device as a doggy camera to watch my mini schnauzer at home while I am work because he's 2 months old. The set up was very easy. The camera has a good picture and good audio. However, if you set your setting for audio's going to notify you of every single noise. Great app!
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3 years ago, Leigh Gen
Expensive piece of trash camera and app
This camera sometimes finds the app, sometimes doesn’t. The WPS doesn’t work at all for me. (But my printer finds my WPS just fine...) Right now I moved it to a different wifi and it won’t connect at all. I used to at least be able to connect through ethernet and see an image. Can’t upgrade firmware unless you have a PC. Can’t format the SD card unless you have a PC. I have a Ring camera that works perfect, set up is simple. Had this for several months and it’s going in the trash and I’ll get another Ring. Bye bye. 👋
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7 years ago, Bags305
Hate it already
Nvm that it doesn't stream (and that wasn't made clear on the packaging), but it was terribly difficult to set up without WPS... And I work in IT. The troubleshooting wasn't intuitive at all and I'm still not exactly sure how it finally connected. Also, constant loss of connections, have to restart my phone to get out of freeze-ups. Plus when you record video, it records at the camera distance, not the pinch-zoom distance. What a disaster. Taking it back tomorrow.
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2 years ago, MRGentille
Going Downhill
Overall, this app has been pretty good. However, the latest update has made it impossible for the landscape view to fill my entire screen. This feature used to work, but stopped with the last update. Can you please “restore” this feature back to us so that we can see up-close details in our feeds?
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6 years ago, K311Y83
Simple to Use
The product was a little difficult to set up for a novice, but a great product for the price. Allows me to check in on my pup from work. Everything is password protected & only I have access; although I believe you have the option to add others. It even has night vision! I’d highly recommend the DCS-5020L Camera
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7 years ago, bb318
I like it but wish it would record with me off the app
I like it but wish it would automatically record with motion even with me off of the app. Mine faces my driveway because of the recent car break ins and I wish I wasn’t having to be stuck to the app. Or if there is a way it would and I’m missing it. Any advice?
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7 years ago, Zooba17
Great App
This is a very easy to use camera and a great APP. Easy to set up and it works great. I have a series of indoor cameras by another company and now I wish they were all this brand. I can move it whenever I need to and not have to set it up again. Definitely would buy again.
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6 years ago, Maverick medic
Hoping that you read this
Great product have had several. App works well and the only reason not 5 Stars is because the delete button on the playback pages only works in the min recordings. Please make the delete button active on all playback pages, (date, hour, min etc...)
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5 years ago, galleria photo studio
1/2 star Scam...
this company offers a Camera that should record to sd card. No it doesn’t record at all they do this so you can buy their subscription to save videos on their version of the Cloud. Cameras work only on live video but if you need to see annearlier recording never mind it will never record to sd card. We had six of them and none of them work their product is just useless. We have friends with the commercial features and they don’t record either. Scam of a product and company.
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6 years ago, AZ PI
Works as described 95% of the time
At times there have been small glitches. Nothing that all of these types of systems seem to have. That's why I don't give it 5 stars. What's really important to me is that customer support is top notch. All issues easily and quickly resolved. Have been a customer for 4+ years and continue to add new cameras.
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6 years ago, DJ K-ONE
App shutdown too often
I have no clue as to why the app has been non-responsive the last few days. I always get an error message which allow me to view my home. I understand apps may have some glitches, but this has been going on for the last few days. Please send an update fix to your app. I would hate to delete the app and get rid of my d link equipment.
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7 years ago, RSI op
Maybe 3 1/2 stars. I would rate this higher if it did more. There is no online recording available. If it detects motion it does notify my phone, but that seems to happen 20 times a day? Shadows I think. When I'm away I can click the little no and see inside my home so that's good. Use Google to shop and learn. There are better systems.
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7 years ago, Androidrobin
Poor design.. hard to use. Missing features
Extremely unreliable. Looks like the cell phone carriers are able to recognize the content and block it coz I can only see video when I'm on a Wi-Fi network. When it detects motion the server should be able to at least provide the latest snapshot showing the scenes where motion was detected. Video is not that important. Not once have I seen the thing that actually caused motion to be detected
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7 years ago, One4jazz
Lovely view!
Camera does everything it claims and the remote app is very simple to use. I'm not sure I understand how motion detection and push notifications work as I get a notification when I launch the app and it says it detects movement but there is nothing there. Can I adjust the sensitivity? Regardless I'm so happy. Now I want a zoom camera!
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5 years ago, Stel NYC
It’s an ok camera but lately the sound doesn’t always come on with the picture. Another’s issue is that when I go in, the camera plays 1 or 2 seconds of the end of the previous video I viewed. It’s frustrating. These issues only started within the last 2 months so it’s making me re-evaluate if it’s time to replace what used to be a really good camera.
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6 years ago, Master Lord202Boss
Firmware Update May 2018
The app has served its purpose. But I have the give 1 Star because I can’t log into Dlink with any PC, not good and today I Select to do the firmware update for my cams via the app, and it disabled my camera. Too much of an inconvenience when I’m simply trying to keep the firmware current. Prior to this firmware it’s been working very good for me for several weeks now. I was hopeful this firmware would correct some minor issues, but now I have dead camera. Wish I could have given a great review .. but!
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6 years ago, Joetheway
Keeps me happy!
I have multiple camera’s all around the inside and outside. It’s great being able to check on my house when I’m on the road and talk to my wife through the camera. Simple to set up and has more features than I realized.
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5 years ago, Amy Jepp
Sound levels not adjustable with the update!!
For some reason the sound levels are no longer adjustable in Dlink lite. I assume another app is required to adjust the dB setting. I am getting alerts every 5 minutes and I am NOT HAPPY. It worked perfectly prior to this.
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6 years ago, Altrain123
Only thing a pain is setting it up with wifi
The cameras are very clear! I just had a hard time connecting with wifi And resetting WSP, pressings and holding buttons in cameras for 6 seconds and so on! I give it. 5 out of 10, I like the fact that when I am not at my client home I can actually see what is going on in my client home to see if my workers are doing their job right!
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6 years ago, desertsmer
It keeps freezing up during playback. IT ONLY GIVES A 7 SECOND RECORDING TO VIEW!!!! Huge negative there. And maybe if directions could be revised. Because it was easier to set up my Momentum (5 mins) but this one took till the next day and it was because I did it with Momentum directions cause MDL directions kept gives me s fight. And REALLY? Only 7 seconds. How to change that to at least 15.
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6 years ago, Pluralburrito
Works very well
The app works very well! Occasionally I have to close out of it if i was in it previously looking at the camera and go back in. Sometimes it has issues loading the camera over LAN. Or it will load it and when it tries to connect, it times out. Also, iPhone X support would be cool!
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3 years ago, OhioSnowShoe
Very reliable camera over 5 years outside
Have looked at this camera from one side of U.S.A. to the other side of U.S.A. Keeps an eye on who comes and goes out of my driveway and insures that my garage doors stay shut. Not a fancy camera or high res. but gets the job done for what I need.
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6 years ago, Tonya T-H
It records and does what it should, but it freezes up a good bit when trying to look through the cameras and takes much longer than it should to load. I still use the “My DLink Lite” and it loads quickly. Additionally, the cameras on my account didn’t all cross over to the new updated DLink app”. I’m thinking I will just have to reload them all.
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6 years ago, mr cuen
I just moved these cameras from my house to myRental and it was so easy to set up and the clarity works so well I think I’m going to get more of them and I love the push notifications it’s easy to set up in the settings so easy to use lam surprised I got a running myself I’m an old man
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