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User Reviews for myFICO - FICO Score Monitoring

4.76 out of 5
26.9K Ratings
10 months ago, WW1984$!
I’ve been using MyFICO for over a year now and am so VERY PLEASED. Unlike other similar apps that monitor VantageScore scores which very few creditors use, this app tells you your current FICO Score 5/4/2, 8, Auto Score 8, Bankcard Score 8, and 10. This app was very useful for me prior to purchasing my new electric car (EV) and Federal Background Check. Getting alerts regarding changes to reports puts my mind at ease. MyFICO has also helped me raise my credit score due to monitoring and maintaining a low 1% credit utilization which makes up 30% of your credit score. I absolutely LOVE this app! My only complaint is that you’re unable to participate in MyFICO Forums directly from the app which is a shame. Other than that, this app is truly an investment!
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3 years ago, Annoyed Guy in DC
Inaccurate and faulty...
I’m spending way to much time trying to figure things out. Or example, only on a he MyFICO app and experian does it show my credit score is in the low 600s on all credit bureaus for the past 3 months. But for the last two months, I’ve been checking the Equifax and TransUnion apps as well, and they score me at 719 and 721. They more accurately reflect my credit card balances and student loan issues. So I don’t know why I’m paying for conflicting, outdated and inaccurate information. My credit card balance was listed at $7 for nearly 3 months, but when it finally registered that the balance was $0, MyFICO took my score down by -14 points on each bureau. That cannot be right. For a while I was wondering if TransUnion was faulty and they were right, but after checking with my bank (Capital One), they told me I need to do this and that to get that fixed with them, because there’s no reason my score should have gone down. And there’s no reason my scores should be so much lower on the MyFICO app. Experian has as low as 640 there, and Equifax has me at 680, and that gap has been like that for nearly 2 months. The reason I pay for the app, is to make sure all my scores are above 670 before I do something like a new auto loan, but I feel like I’m paying for inaccuracy and it’s been an inconvenience to my finacial goals.
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4 years ago, JA261038
Sorry but this was my experience
This app is a total waste of money. It doesn’t give ANY information on what websites your password has been compromised OR even tell what exactly is bringing your credit score down. It’s so vague for the amount of money you want monthly. I was very excited to finally get this app, when I seen exactly what we get with our subscription, I wanted to cancel the same day and ask for my money back, but your offices were closed. You MIGHT not get a real accurate score from Credit Karma but at least it has a TON of information about your creditors and past due accounts that you can look into and even dispute on their website, above all else IT’S FREE. You can get identity protection from life lock for less than $30-40/mo . So what exactly are you offering us by getting your subscription??? In my opinion, again this just my opinion. What you are offering us as your customers is not worth the money you have to pay it’s a total rip-off because your company knows EXACTLY how important a FICO score is in life. People download this app with the expectations of actually being helped to reach their goals and dream of getting a home or a new car etc. but you guys deliver nothing .Again, In my opinion , you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. This thing is Junk a total waste of time and money.
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9 months ago, Dude0u812
This is $20/month minimum, up to $40/month
Noticed it had no “in app purchases” showing and assumed this rating information was a complimentary service. These FICO thieves who steal and monitor our personal data (while claiming it to be their “property”) have repeatedly shown no conscience or accountability for what they do with it. Foolishly assumed this was an effort by them to be more transparent, haha. What a business model- spy on our lives and accumulate tons of personal data that they claim is their own. Then leverage it against us, and hide it from us unless we cough up $20-40 per month to see just a little sliver of what they are doing with our data. And the fact they even have to do that despite all their regulatory capture is we still had some vestiges of Ralph Nader’s legacy in the government that forced the credit bureaus to share some of what they’ve been up to with our PII. We need to push for a law that puts ownership of our data into OUR hands, and these companies can pay US to “rent” access. I’ll be happy to discuss MY terms for this $20-$40/month service I’ll provide to FICO, Transunion/Equfax/Experian/Nexus-Lexis…..
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3 years ago, The.ardest
This app might have been a great tool to help me build my credit. However, they want $30 a MONTH for quarterly updates, and 40 for monthly. At that rate I might as well pay some of my debts off. I downloaded it and once I saw the price without a free/cheaper option I instantly deleted the app. I guess I’ll never know. People looking to fix their credit aren’t always in the best position to SPEND money on a tool like this to fix their credit when they could put that money towards their debts instead. I could understand a few bucks, but 30-40 a MONTH? That’s a whole bill. A whole bill for something that, based on some of the reviews isn’t even as thorough as others that offer free services. I wanted to give this app benefit of the doubt, but the price isn’t even worth it. It would be nice to offer a month free trial and bill after, but you offer expensive services with zero trial period, and zero refunds on top of it. So basically if you don’t like the app, you just wasted someone’s hard earned money and can’t even refund them for a service they didn’t even know they’ll like.. That’s horrible quite honestly.
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6 years ago, Hot Shot Man
No free option
I’ve been using credit karma for a while and have been happy with the way it immediately keeps you up to date on credit scores, but I’ve found that my FICO score is about 50 points higher than what credit karma shows because FICO is a more complete snapshot of your credit history. I get free FICO scores through my Discover card, but I was hoping for a more complete picture by going directly through FICO. Once I downloaded the app I found that there is no Free option to see your credit score. I don’t feel it necessary to spend hundreds of dollars a year, unless maybe I was buying a new house or something, but even then it seems unnecessary when you can get one free copy of your credit report each year directly from the provider(trans union experience etc). I feel the app is misleading by never mentioning that there is no free version. It only mentions that “some services” are only available with a subscription. I tried calling the 800 number but gave up after lengthy hold time. I don’t want to say this app is a scam, but it really doesn’t provide any value for service.
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4 years ago, Pharaoh2377
FICO: we take your money FIRST
FICO takes your money first then you MUST call to verify your identity! First I was mad then I realized it’s better for my security but I would appreciate it if they were more transparent before charging my CC! I have Experian $10/month and love it but it’s not fully intensive like myfico! But I cannot cancel either because you have to pay to lock it! Equifax and TransUnion are free to lock! Myfico shows me 3 companies of course for UN acceptable $40/month But it’s a must if you want to apply for mortgage especially car loan. Apparently there are a looooot of scores you have to check before applying. What you get from banks every month? Forget it! It’s just a general FICO 8 TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what lenders see when you apply for car loan! Secret I discovered after reading a lot about it, that only lenders check a certain score that’s NOT SOLD to consumers! When buying a car called FICO score Auto enhancement! So my humble advice: just buy it for 1 month or 2 before applying for a car loan to have the upper hand at the dealership or when negotiating with lenders! Also use the simulator bar in the App or the website to see what you can do to increase your score! It’s also in Experian App or their website! I find it legit! All in all I’ll only pay for it for 2 month till I finalize my new car loan then CANCEL IT! MyFico you want my money every month? Don’t be GREEDY and make it cheaper!
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5 years ago, mikeg585
Great if looking for a house
We are in process of buying a home and this app (it’s a paid service) gave us the exact info we needed across all three bureaus. Was able to clean up some negative stuff and they updated any changed info along the way. One of my scores does not reflect the actual since changes on my end and I think the subscription only “checks” for an update once a month, but for the most part if something major changes the bureaus usually report it an it’s takes effect almost immediately. Happy with this app an service and yes I do recommend if your serious about fixing your credit or buying a house or car
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6 years ago, NascarJoy
I find this tool very handy for keeping up with what’s going on behind the scenes with my credit and creditors. I let my subscription lapse not realizing that I did that (because I moved & bought a house) and recently re-subscribe and I’m so glad I did. I’ve worked very hard to get a good credit score so I could buy my first home then after I bought my home I got credit cards and maxed them out over time, which brought my FICO down so now I’m in the process of paying those off and I need to keep my eyes on everything so I can make sure it’s correct. This app helps me manage my affairs!
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5 years ago, Azariah Seer
As of recently (a little over a year now) I have been focused and steadfast towards building up my credit score and profile. This app is extremely helpful in helping me stay up to date, the only knock I have against it is that it doesn’t provide specific details on what debt, derogatory mark, or collection it is that is still showing on my report ; For instance, it shows the total number of factors helping and/or damaging my score but when I click on it to get more details it just shows the number of negative accounts, but not specifically which account it is, nor any contact info regarding the debtor or agency for me to reach them. This is the only thing I pardon for that we get fixed, thank you guys!
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4 years ago, SikaaB
Glitches OFTEN.
The app is great overall. I’ve been using it for about 5 years, however the score screen glitches OFTEN. It will give you an update in your alert notifications, but then not update the score screen. For example: Equifax or TransUnion will update with a 20+ increase to your score but the score screen will show a -20 decrease instead of the actual information. When you call myFico, they’ll say they don’t see that on their end and that you should just delete and reinstall the app or clear your cookies on your screen. But, I’ve seen this in the forums before as well. There is a definite glitch. If the glitch can be fixed, would be worth 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Mlbank68
Love this site and app
It's very nice to see the changes as they occur on a daily basis! Well I don't understand all of it, I do know now what affects my credit on a daily basis. I appreciate the fact that I get to look at my photo credit report and know when my score is fluctuating and know what caused it. My only complaint is the cost. I wish it were less expensive and quite frankly others are now offering the Fico score through my various credit cards as well. Something to possibly consider. But I do love with this site has to offer.
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5 years ago, Brandon Lane 10
Mediocre at Best
It’s mediocre. I recently signed up for service this month. So far I’ve been unimpressed with the application as a whole. I still pay for Experian services but I wanted to give MyFICO a try after reading up. Glad I didn’t cancel Experian yet. MyFICO updates extremely slow. It took me around 3 weeks to get any updates. Funny enough I received updates for Transunion and Equifax before receiving an update from Experian. I know this because a) I still have Experian and b) I recently tried “credit check total” and got my 3 bureaus report twice for feee. Furthermore when I called support for MyFICO I was told it took a couple weeks for the system to synchronize. just took my $50 for a service and your system isn’t fully functional for paid service. That’s weird. So you take my money but I won’t get the service until later?!?! Didn’t see that in the fine print. Anyways - I might as well finish my month. I do like the community. Very friendly and extremely helpful. The customers are about all MyFICO has going for it. The irony.
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3 years ago, DarrenPA72
Great when buying a home
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. When I was in the process of buying a home, I knew my credit score, and what to expect in terms of interest rate. My lender was impressed. My goal was to use this app until I purchased my home, but with the alerting and up to date information concerning my credit, I think it’s worth keeping. This app gives me a peace of mind knowing my credit score from the 3 major credit agencies.
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5 years ago, BCMjack
Disappearing paid reports.
They intentionally erase you previous paid for reports just to force you into paying for a subscription to their service. Forget them. They don’t deserve my money cause they just sell our personal information without our permission anyway. Just don’t give them your money. There are plenty of places where you can get enough information about your score. Sign up for all the free sources regardless if it’s a real score or not, then do an average of them all. Drop the highest & lowest. Add up the rest and divide by how many scores you added up. That is almost always as close to a real score you will ever get anyway. Besides there is not just 1 score, there are hundreds, depending on who is looking at your score and what version they use.
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3 years ago, Adreannaneace
MyFICO is a total scam
MyFICO scores are almost 100 points below my actual Equifax, Transunion and Experian score. I've done everything to bring up my credit the past year and while my scores continue to raise on the Equifax, Experian and Transunion apps it drops on MyFICO. Increased my credit limit by 20k, paid off debt, had lawyer remove all negative comments... yet MyFICO plummets while the actual scores go up. I was told that maybe I needed to pay to refresh my data (even though I pay $39 a month and the score drops DAILY) so I spent an addition $100 on new reports this month and they just continue to drop for no reason. Having lawyer take over at this point. So sad the American people have to work a total scam to buy a home!
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5 years ago, IslandGirl4Life82
Most helpful app I’ve ever used!!!!
I was hesitant to pay $40 a month for a credit monitoring app but months later, I can’t give this app up! If you are actively trying to change or better your credit, this app is a necessity! I have made significant improvements to my credit in only a few months! I feel better about my credit & financial situation than I have in years! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to anyone working towards bettering their credit &/or working towards a financial goal like buying a home! 👍🏻
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5 years ago, Big Tim 804
I’ve used most of the apps and websites out there for credit scores and alerts. I did opted for the $30/month deal and I have to say, I could not be more pleased. There is massive amounts of very valuable information within. I never believed in paying for such info but I’m extremely pleased I made the choice. I like how in depth it goes with cards and mortgage info keeping you ahead of the game. The online user forums are jam packed with all the help you can ask for from other members. I have followed the forums for a while and is what made my decision to bite the bullet and join. If your serious about getting or keeping your credit in good standings I would highly recommend the myFICO app. From my experience updates are faster then the others which is pertinent for catching any fraudulent attempts at against your identity/credit.
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3 years ago, nativeTexanATX
Version 3 is a good, not great, but beautiful improvement
With the release of Version 3, this is a great step in the right direction. The UI has been refined a good bit, which improves the overall UX. The changes are very polished and Face ID is much faster, which is a welcome fix. I also like the new "Score History Table" feature; that is very useful. However, there are still two issues with Version 3: 1. FICO 9 is still under "Other Loans". FICO 9 should be on the main UI right above FICO 8. (FICO 9 is the newest, and while it may not be as heavily used right, it is increasing in usage.) Put FICO 9 on the home screen right above FICO 8. Add an explanation that FICO 9 is the newest or something. 2. The FICO 10 and 10T scores are still missing. Here's an idea that fits in the 21st century: allow us to "swipe" through the various scores. You can default to FICO 8, but allow swiping left and right on that tile on the "Scores" page. (FICO 8 -> FICO 9 -> FICO 10 -> FICO 10T -> back again)
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2 years ago, needed my meditation
Free Services Are Better Than This App
After paying for MyFICO for several years, I’m about to cancel my account. For all the great things that the app does, it doesn’t provide basic useful information. For instance, if a delinquent account is removed from your credit, it doesn’t tell you what account it is related to. You have to pull out credit reports and compare what changed from last time and a bunch of other crap. Even Credit Karma (the free service) will tell you this info. And with many credit cards and banks providing free credit updates, etc…..tell me why I pay monthly for a service that WON’T (they can, but choose not to) provide simple information? See ya ✌🏽
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5 years ago, rwizard
Overpriced, stale data, feels a little like extortion
While the information supplied is useful, paying $40 for an update every 30 days is ridiculous. Of course when you create the means to hold everyone hostage to your secret formula, you can get away with undeserving while overcharging. How ironic that they are named “Fair” Issacs. More frequent updates, free updates on demand for subscribers, or more modest subscription fees would be in order. After all, it is ultimately our data. Given what a poor steward the industry has been with our data, we need laws that put our data firmly under our control.
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6 years ago, caleman725
My husband and I have been trying to build our credit to help get us a great mortgage rates. Our financial advisor advised us to use this app. It has been beyond helpful. It gives us great advice. I love the simulator, it helps me make the best decisions when it comes to our credit review. I highly recommend this app for anyone trying to improve their credit, track their habits or have any questions or concerns about making financial choices in their life.
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5 years ago, Wileylak
This app helped me to track and analyze my credit and make decisions to help improve my credit
I like the fact that it is accurate and up to date unlike some other apps I have used. Quick and consistent notifications that help me keep up with what is going on with my credit. All the information you need to make effective and accurately informed decisions . It is FICO what more can I say.
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5 years ago, CJAdomiak
Unreasonably expensive and NO FREE TRIAL
I downloaded this to take a more serious and secure approach to my credit and identity protection. I was interested and it looked very useful. Then you sign up and they want $30 a month without any trial period to evaluate the service. I deleted the app thereafter. Any good service is worth paying for, but at the same time users should be given an opportunity to evaluate features and determine if the service is right for them. Not being cheap and complaining, but even one day trial would be enough for me because I was legit interested in this app. FICOwned :/
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4 years ago, jkhuckaby1985
Not Accessible With VoiceOver
I downloaded this app to get a more comprehensive idea of my credit scores and issues from all three credit reporting bureaus. Unfortunately, there are some issues with accessibility. I’m a blind VoiceOver user, and there are parts of the app that VoiceOver can’t read, such as my actual credit scores. I would appreciate it if the developers would fix this issue so that I can use it just as effectively as a sighted person. Either that, or I’d like a full refund. I shouldn’t have to pay for a service I can’t fully use.
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11 months ago, ghostrider201975
Not worth the money
This app is good for checking your credit score and making sure that it’s somewhat in line with the other bureaus. But if you’re looking for an accurate score, go someplace else. It told me my credit dropped four points, and when I went to it, it said, you have a negative item effecting it so tap on the category for additional information and it’ll show you everything, the problem is it never does. The app doesn’t work properly. Don’t waste your money on it.
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4 years ago, myloverweeps
A Must Have
Hands down, this is the BEST credit monitoring app next to Experian. These are your REAL scores—all 20 plus of them. What lenders showed me as the scores they pulled matched up exactly. I pay every 3 months to keep track of my scores because it is a bit expensive. But what price can you put on being armed with your scores that lenders will see and what you are entitled to for your interest rate?
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2 years ago, jcoop269
iPhone 14 Pro Max Face ID……..
The app does what it needs to, but Face ID doesn’t currently work with the 14 Pro Max. Update perhaps… And to the others complaining about inconsistencies between their scores here and elsewhere…PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCORE VERSION geniuses. One dude was complaining because his Experian score in this app is so much lower than what he sees in his bank app. Many banks give Vantage 3.0 scores and NOT Fico 8 scores slick. Capital One (one he mentioned) is one of those banks.
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6 years ago, Kris-ting
My Credit Score is going through the roof
My intention was to have this app for only 1 month, here I am 12 months later and I refuse to let it go. It taught me so much about my Credit things I would have never known, that you don’t learn in those bogus Credit repair classes. This app will teach you not only how to improve your score, but how to maintain and manage credit!
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4 years ago, 486456
$25+ A MONTH!?
I understand that service costs money but $25+ a month is freaking steep especially seeing how this is all automated and you have no personal contact with a human. MAYBE if you had designated phone support for questions and suggestions to improve your score I can see this costing what you’re charging, however, this doesn’t. I would pay $25 for a yearly subscription but definitely not a month. Anyone who is truly invested in saving money and improving their score wouldn’t waste money on this especially seeing as you can get this for free yearly. Stick to credit karma and your free yearly statements.
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5 years ago, 144klas
I’m not sure I understand ?
I often look at other websites that I pay for. One is Transunion, which recently showed my score dropping 14 points for whatever? I should not worry because it doesn’t affect my credit worthiness. Many times it has been as high as 644. However this number is not reflected on my Fico score website that I check frequently. Why the disparity? Can you please help me understand this proceeds? I’m working hard to rebuild my credit. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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3 years ago, zodiaccat
The app is fine, the service is not.
The app functions as intended, and is easy enough to use. The problem is that the service it’s attached to is far less useful than it needs to be. For between $30 and $50 per month (depending on the plan), the scores I’m reading need to be accurate to what a lender is using, and it’s just not. Fair Isaac even acknowledges this, instead claiming that the score displayed is ‘accurate enough,’ but different from a lenders score. That makes it no better than reading a VantageScore, or one of the fly-by-night scorers.
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5 years ago, Shell bell 56
Not Necessary
Not all financial businesses (your creditors) have these yet, but to pay for credit reports and credit scores is a waste of money. Most financial organizations are giving you free credit scores now monthly or instantly. Check with all your current creditors online or call them. I currently have 8 different creditors that do and more every month. They also represent all three credit reporting agencies, and most use the Fico Score. Also your credit report is free every year, just order one every 4 months from a different credit reporting agency. Good luck improving your prchasing Power!
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3 years ago, BibleSavant
A One Look App
When you first purchase this app it seems like an incredible tool. Your FICO scores in various forms, and many useful pieces of information. After a week you realize that everything you have already seen the first day, never changes, is not updated. Not until a month later when they charge you the monthly fee again, and you get only one look with no updates for another month. I paid $40 for the premium service. It was a complete waste of money. All this information can be obtained for free online.
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3 years ago, TheAlexHawk
This is very bad
If I could give this 0 stars I would. I entered my debit card info in the first 2 times and it said that it was incorrect... I entered a third time and it went through except it got stuck on the processing screen. I exited the app and opened it back up and it was asking me to log in, I logged in now it’s asking me to pay for a plan... I already payed for a plan and also it charged me 3 times including the ones where it said my card info was wrong. So now I’ve been charged 3 times and it’s still asking me to pay for a plan as if I didn’t.
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1 year ago, Twich321
The best
Honestly, after using so many credit monitoring apps, both free and paid, this one is by far the best. I get updated as soon as anything happens to my credit report, and I can very simply see all my scores in one place. Great if you are very carefully monitoring your credit prior to a purchase
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8 months ago, Mr Lee 610
Website has outdated information.
I called Myfico customer service because the information on their app and website is outdated and not accurate. On their website they have stated “instantly access your credit report from Equifax so you can check for errors that may be holding you back” and when I called I got a lady going back and forth with me about my FICO score. I was trying to explain the Equifax data is outdated but she didn’t care. Avoid this app, the information is not up to date at all.
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6 years ago, Mainebug
I find it worth the money
I love working on my finances. It's actually a special interest of mine. So I love this app. It's in depth, showing me a number of different scoring models. It updates whenever a change happens, so I don't have to wait till a certain day to check it. The app is user friendly and easy to navigate. I like it, no complaints
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4 years ago, heavenislove
Great App
Since using this I’ve monitored my score and has taken it up I used it online first since often times cell phones can limit your ability too see everything. It showed me what I need to work on and I’ve paid down so much some things I got deleted I’d use it for years I simply think it’s a great investment
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1 month ago, MSNICOL3
I just have to write that I love the setup and the layout of this app. Simple easy to read all credit scores right at top, everything all organized I love it! Even though I have to pay for having all three reports I don’t mind comparing to all other credit apps I’ve used, THIS ONE I LOVE THE MOST! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS APP !
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4 years ago, Footloose301
Notifications could be better
I like receiving notifications, but the issue is that I click on the notification and it tells me what happened (great) then I click the back button to go to the dashboard and the alert is still there! I have to open the notifications a few times before the blue dot disappears. Make it work better please.
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10 months ago, hw1221
Feels unsafe.
Spent way too long trying to set this up only to never show that I have. I have had to enter my ssn way more times than I’m comfortable with and am still showing no evidence they have all my info. I’m giving up and will now monitor my credit for the next year because I feel like I’ve been tricked into giving all my info. Something this vital shouldn’t be so glitchy. Take it seriously that you have an individual’s incredibly private personal info. Super lame. Super disappointing.
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4 years ago, Ben Pruitt
Wasted My Time
I downloaded the app and registered 10/30. I answered the questions to confirm my identity. I received an email requesting a government ID. I replied and attached photos of my passport the next day. I also called the provided number given on the app login screen stating my account was locked. The customer service rep said I would be contacted regarding my account. No one ever called. I received an email on 11/5 stating it had been seven days since they requested my ID and my order had been cancelled. These are not people I want to have my legal information and now it’s too late.
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5 years ago, ejdofklwak
Great app
I am using this company because i am the victim of id theft and have been fighting for months to get the negative unverified accounts off my records. I love watching all the updates to my profile that can happen everyday depending on activity. This is the most up to date accurate app you can use for credit scores
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1 year ago, DON DUBB
Most accurate credit app out!
I will start by stating my wife and I love this app. It’s very accurate and valuable when it comes to finding out what is impacting your credit. However after the last iOS update 16.2 the Face ID feature stopped working.
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5 years ago, no nonsense norb
Not accurate DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!!!
I have used other sights and credit accessors was happy with them but wanted an accurate actual fico score. This was not it. Things were missing from my report, including key collections I was looking to pay off and see how they would affect my score. They were not even on here. What a waste of money it took me 20 minutes to realize I had been scammed. Then I spoke with someone in customer service who acknowledged the faulty reports they were showing but was told a refund was impossible...DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!!!!
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6 years ago, jcoombs21
The real deal
Unlike Credit Karma, these scores are real and are used by real credit agencies. I learned the hard way when I tried to get boat financing and got declined because my counted on my credit karma scores. Those scores were 15 points higher then my Fico score. When I saw my Fico scores on here they matched what the boat loan company had.
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4 years ago, kar1ton
You pay then verify your identity
Hey class this is what’s up wanted to monitor my fico scores ordered on Apple store then told information they have on file don’t match, in the mean time they placed a order with my credit card and after speaking with customers service they will release my $ in 7 day if I don’t verify my identity really calling bank . Apple can you please have one of your personal go through the App and see if they have the same problems as me . I am a grain of sand but there are billions of us our here that really hurt ☹️ just one grain of sand.
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5 years ago, DeathMetalJesus
Great app, Terrible customer service.
I love the app and all it has to offer. I don’t know if it is an isolated incident or not but the person I was talking to could hardly speak English, dealing with sensitive information you need to full understand each other on the phone. It was a frustrating experience.
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2 years ago, astrangerpersonx
Losing Customers
I’ve noticed many are in the same boat as me in that paying $40 a MONTH is way too much for the “service” provided. Clearly app developers are okay with losing all the people that saw $40 a month and said “F no!”, but maybe the more of us that the developers actually witness leave and delete the app, they might think about offering a lower expense option. Til this happens this app is an absolute no from me! Especially considering those who’ve paid firsthand say it’s overpriced. 😐
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