4.8 (1.5K)
45.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyFLFCU

4.76 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 months ago, Appledoug
No problems with this app
Since I downloaded this application I can’t recall any problems depositing checks when out of state. I had someone steal as check from me and used my information to buy about $2200 from my checking account and FLCU investigated and remibursed the money lost. Even though I live in Ohio I still keep Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union
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3 years ago, sherrill maynard
Love my bank
Easy sign in fast check on my account and sleep good at night
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3 years ago, Kz1322.
Bill Pay From External Accounts
I have a loan through this bank for my car which is the only reason I have this app so I can pay off my car. I have automatic payments every month from a different bank account than FBFCU. I used to be able to pay extra on my car through the app but that option has gone away so I am now unable to pay off my car faster. This is frustrating because I shouldn’t have to contact or go to the bank to take care of this it should be easily done through the app.
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1 year ago, Mrs. Jeep
No communication
This app does not allow for contacting them. Many questions could be answered by email. But instead we have to call the branch and sit on hold for awhile. I can’t find my account number anywhere. I have to log in to gain access but can’t find the account number. I understand protecting me for the outside world - but you are hindering me in the process.
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3 years ago, JackFresh
Missing important security tool
Why do FBFCU lack the capability for customers to lock and unlock their debit card using FBFCU mobile app. I bank with a few other banks/credit unions and they have this great security tool. Even most credit cards companies have this tool for their customers that allow them to lock Visa cards via mobile app. In today’s global economy, when security is extremely important, the lack of this feature for your FBFCU customers doesn’t allow your customer the additional capability to protect their accounts like most banks/credit unions do. You should offer this feature to your customers.
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5 years ago, Leojb
The app is so easy to use and the notifications are great. I hope they include notifications for excessive charges from online purchases
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6 years ago, Ajayski
Great App
So easy to use and love the alerts and notifications!!
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1 year ago, Twenty-nineyears
Update the online bank
Please look at updating your website application and user interface
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6 years ago, TMarab73
Just right
Does everything I want it to. Haven’t had any issues
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5 years ago, UnbakedPigeon
Like the app
Easy to use and navigate.
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7 years ago, Cpg2323
Love the app!!! Very easy to navigate!
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2 years ago, 57 shades of grey
opening app
I used to open the app with my finger, but I can not do it now after your last update.
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7 months ago, jus6667777
Not Functional
I find it difficult to say this is a good app when I still require to sign in online to conduct my transactions.
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4 years ago, big big maamaa
Can’t transfer money easier
Want to transfer money Easier
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4 years ago, Y Reidy
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4 years ago, Repobug
Doesn’t Work
Simply stopped working in March 2020 with “problem with the application”.
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5 years ago, Goozy10
Among the Top 5 on Worst customer service
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9 years ago, ArmyWife1997
Convenient & efficient
We live over 100 miles away. The app is convenient and efficient. I personally love the check deposit by phone. We have been with FBCU for nearly 20yrs and are grateful they continue to grow with the times.
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9 years ago, iloverain012
difficult with mobile banking
It's so convenient I am able to continue and use this bank even though there is no local branch where I am. The app doesn't update often which became a problem for my most recent deposit. It didn't say to write FOR E-deposit and your acct last four digits and still said FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT. My deposit was canceled. It's difficult to use the camera function sometimes. It takes a good photo with all the words and edges showing but the app still says it's unreadable and makes you take it again. I've attempted to do one deposit 10 times with the photos. Please update this app for any bugs. I've recently (2015) used the newer version of this app and had so much difficulty using the camera function again only this time it was worse. The check would be straight and within the specified borders to capture but when the image was previewed it showed crooked or not showing the full check. Please fix your camera part of the app~!!
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8 years ago, FasFizzy
New Version Gone Bad
The previous version of this app was the best appearing app of any banking app I've ever seen. This new version is much less user friendly, has reverted a decade in the way information is displayed, and you can't even access documents, such as how much you may owe from your last credit card statement. It's ridiculous that the entire app was changed for what. I can tell the only real change is the addition of biometric sign-in. I'm very disappointed and would rather have to manually sign-in with the previous version for that excellent GUI. What a shame.
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12 years ago, Dumanehu
Simple. Not Enough.
The mobility of the device out performs what this application can be used for. This is a very cleanly designed banking application. It allows simple transfers and bill payment, but it isn't a mobile banking center. As a customer that doesn't live near Fort Bragg, I need to do more. I need to deposit a check with my phone's camera (the technology exists) and simply use the application to email FBCU directly. - Bigger picture.
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9 years ago, Newkentsmiths
Great app
I find it user friendly. Love being able to deposit checks although sometimes it's tricky to get the picture of the check just right. I have two different accounts with fbfcu and wish I could transfer from account to account on the app. Other than that it's great.
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9 years ago, Kitching
Good app
This app is pretty good. I'm able to pay bills and check my balance quickly and efficiently. This app does not do everything the website does but it works for a person who is on the go.
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11 years ago, Sgt jeff
No title
Works as good as can be expected, extremely helpful to have this option on the phone ( which will most often be available), the app has saved me time and money. Sometimes I use it instead of the computer- handy, useful and at hand .
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11 years ago, Provider61
Mobile Deposit
Great!! Makes my depositing checks so much easier. I almost changed banks because of the inability to deposit checks by using my iPhone.
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13 years ago, WesFil
It's about time!
I've been waiting for a FBCU ap since FOREVER! this thing is so cool. You can do it all just as you could on the computer. It's very user friendly and finally brings Ft Bragg into the future!
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11 years ago, AirborneGrunt
Makes my banking much easier since I no longer live in NC. Rarely does something come up that I cannot take care of on my phone, tablet, or my laptop wether I am at home or not.
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12 years ago, horned halo
Love it
Being military & far away from any branch, this app has proved to be a lifesaver and the paramount reason I haven't had to close my account! Smart & easy to navigate!
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11 years ago, JumpMaik
I've been a member since '98, but been outside of NC since 2002. FBFCU has been my primary bank my whole military career, the addition of this app has allowed me to remotely bank from anywhere. Love the "submit check by picture" feature.
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7 years ago, Rankthetank569
Just did an update
The app was working great until the update came out. Now I can't access my account because and it's giving and invalid credentials error. I can't even recover my credentials because it says my recovery information is invalid. So I am basically locked out of my account! Fix the update please!!
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12 years ago, jwhammodog
Quick and easy
I like using this better than the website a lot of times.
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11 years ago, mrjoetodd
One of the better mobile banking apps I have used. Easy to navigate and simple
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11 years ago, MilitaryMack
It's been a long time coming and I'm thankful you finally updated your services! This app is so convenient and easy to use!!!
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12 years ago, TheBearess
Useful App!
Good app. Allows me to access my accounts while on-the-go. Works fast and never had any problems with it.
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11 years ago, KelleyGrant
Wht have you been waiting for?
I love this app. Convenient, fast, accurate. I count on this app often ! Don't know where I'd be without it
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11 years ago, 4563chris
Great App
I find this to be very useful to take care of things online as opposed to going through the hustle of traffic.
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8 years ago, FoxyMama923
So convenient.
Awesome app. It's so easy to check my account on the go and transfer when I need to! Thumbs up!
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11 years ago, BikerCrick
One of the best apps!
Very user friendly! This app is so useful on my phone. Able to do transfers with no problem!
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11 years ago, C.I.P.
I've been wanting an app for my banking for a long time and this is exactly how I want it. Fits my needs.
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8 years ago, Brendon228
Love it
Saved me an hour drive to deposit a check
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11 years ago, DC_FAY
Wonderful app, makes online banking easy.
I like anything that makes my life easier and this app does just that.
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11 years ago, Antiupboss
Just the app I needed!!
I have been banking with FBCU for over 10 years and this app is the greatest thing ever!
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11 years ago, Softcaveman
Good app
Very good working app. No more having to use my safari to pay bills.
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12 years ago, chubichuck
Great app!
This app is very direct and concise. it makes my life easier when it comes to finance management.
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9 years ago, MUCALL
Great App
Love how easy is to make transactions and log in with the fingerprint option. Very stable app
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11 years ago, Nygchamp
Simple app
Great app smooth and easy use and view you money.
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12 years ago, Ill Conceived
Quick and handy
I use this app daily. Very well done
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11 years ago, Airborne Soldier
Soldier's request
Great added bonus for those on the road away from Ft Bragg.
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12 years ago, jdb120293
Awesome App
Easy and simple app to use. I use it instead of the website!
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12 years ago, ztalsii
Need iPad version
Very useful, but an iPad version should have been made available by now.
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