MyFlorida for FLHSMV

2.1 (818)
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PayIt, LLC
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyFlorida for FLHSMV

2.1 out of 5
818 Ratings
5 years ago, TakoKnight
Great app, if you have time and don’t care about tracking
I got the app and as soon as I opened it a chat bot walked my through getting my new registration with only a few taps. When I was all done I got a receipt and tracking ID number. It’s been 6 days. I think the app told me to allow up to 10 business days. Only thing is can’t figure out where to use this tracking number. For all I know I’ve been scammed. I could easily find out if I just call the DMV and give them my info and ask them if my tag is renewed, but at that point I could have just renewed any other way. Why give me a tracking ID number and not even give me a clue where to enter it? The app has two features, update your DMV info and renew tag. Can’t do anything else on there
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2 years ago, Bribribear1
Horrible app
I’ve never written a review in my life before so, I’m quite glad to be here writing one for this god awful app. I know the move to making everything online is supposed to make it easier for the “customer” who just wants to do stuff outside of the DMV, but this is app is freaking stupid. The very first photo on this App Store for this app shows that you can do other services on the app besides renewing your registration. I lost my registration, realized it before having a need to find it on the road, and decided to replace it online instead of at the DMV. The website says you can do it on the app. okay great, so I downloaded the stupid app and made an account. Literally after all of that work, i can’t request a registration replacement on the stupid app. It literally can’t be done. The stupid chat bot thinks I’m trying to renew it not replace or duplicate it so the stupid thing is telling me that bc my registration is not yet ready for renewal I can’t do it?? Like I’m not an idiot I know that I can’t renew nor do I WANT to. Stupid app and stupid waste of time. If it can’t complete a service, stop advertising that it can and just be honest and tell people that. Geez. Incredibly upsetting.
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10 months ago, _sentifer_
Terrible App
I had downloaded this app about 4 years ago and it’s been on my phone unused ever since. I wanted to try it out again, but let me just tell you that you know an app is really terrible if after 4 years there is no new update for it. I can’t believe there’s no new update for this app to fix all the things that were definitely wrong with it before. I had used it to renew my car registration those 4 years ago, and I never received the new tag in the mail, I just had to cross my fingers 🤞🏻 and hope it was reflected in the system that I paid for the renewal even though I didn’t have the sticker on my car to show for it. At this point I wanted to try out this app again with my cr registration, but it won’t let me reset the password for the account I created 4 years ago. It’s been an hour and I have not received the email to reset my password. So all in all this is a terrible app that doesn’t work right. Please update so we can actually have a good online resource to take care of silly things such as car registration without having to waste my time and ask for time off at work simply to get this done in person.
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6 months ago, Yar.zoe
Be Careful Using This App
When I received my renewal in the mail it suggested using this app as a renewal option, given the convenience of it I opted to try it. In the beginning everything went fairly easy and I paid for the renewal and was told I would get an email once payment was processed with tracking details. That was done December 1st the payment posted to my account on December 4th, it’s now December 27th and I still had not received anything. I decided to call the DMV and they said they could not see on their end that a payment was processed and it’s a possibility that it was refunded to me. It was not refunded to me and they couldn’t do anything about it since it wasn’t showing on their end as paid. I couldn’t find any number or information to reach out to someone on the app to get any help or request a refund. I had to go through my bank to file a dispute and ended up having to go in to the DMV to get the new registration since it was now past renewal date.
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4 years ago, Manasota
Convenient way to pay but...
I just download this app and used it for the first time to pay my car registration. It was easy to go through the steps to find my registration and set up a payment method. The app informed me that my payment would be available to view in the app wallet. After I finished paying I clicked on the little wallet icon. I got a blank screen with some little blue dots blinking in the middle. There was no menu, back arrow or any way to get out of that screen. After about 5 minutes I closed the app. When I reopened it, it did show my payment in the wallet. There is a $4.00 fee to process the payment with the app. There is a $2 fee if you do it online. But the app is convenient. Would be more convenient if it had ApplePay or PayPal.
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3 years ago, Reesey31
A few glitches but easy renewal in 2 mins
I used this app to renew my plate for 2 years. The chatbot found my information easily and gave me a 1 or 2 year renewal option. The 2 year renewal option DOES NOT WORK! This should be fixed. I chose 1 year. I received a message about adding something else. I chose yes, and then added the 2nd year renewal option. The cart updated to allow me the option of a two year renewal! Adding payment and receiving the confirmation email was completed in less than a minute. Gen X here who is tech saavy so this AI in government feature was easy to use and it saved time! 4 stars only because the 2 year renewal option did not work without a workaround.
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1 year ago, PurpleCatMom777
The first two times I used this app, it worked great. It found all my information quickly and efficiently and I received my tag renewal stickers in the normal amount of time. Tried to use it today and it says it can’t find my vehicle. I’m looking right at the tag there’s no question I have the right number. Also I saved my vehicle in the app so that it would be there without me having to type it in. That worked before. But now I can’t find my vehicle even though it saved and I’m entering a valid number. So now this app is completely useless and will be deleting it. Nice thought though.
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2 years ago, ldicorp
Won’t recognize 2 year renewal
I noticed the last two years it will only allow me to renew my plates for one year. When I try to renew for two years I get an error something like, “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize that option please try again “. Last year when that happened I thought just a bug, but same thing happened again this year. Now I’m thinking they want the extra processing fee that yearly will provide. When I wrote them about it they replied by giving me a link to a list of DMV offices and telling me I could do it in person.
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4 weeks ago, Qrstwre
App is fine, Fee is Not.
The app found me and my vehicle perfectly, but even though the fee was being paid by direct deposit from my bank, it would have charged me 14.8% as a “convenience fee”. My transaction was for a license plate renewal so it was small and that percentage probably could be different with a larger transaction amount. I chose not to proceed because the mailing of the form with a check was just as convenient for me. Either way that I chose to I renew, the license plate sticker was going to be mailed to me.
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1 year ago, Lexiraee
Tracking Id???
First of all is like to make it a point and highlight the fact that the makers of this app do not reply to any reviews or answer any questions for whatever god awful reason second of all why give me a tracking number and not help me through the steps of actually using that tracking number it’s ridiculous and why not at least give me a phone number to call if anything doesn’t pan out the way it is supposed to.. I sent for my registration 16 days ago and still have not received it at all this is idiculous. 😒
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6 years ago, Houseofnoel
I forgot to renew...
I went online to renew in October when my birthday is in August. I forgot again this year! I used to receive a renewal form in the mail. The DMV led me to this app. I downloaded it and within minutes I filled out a brief application and paid and went on my way. One of the easiest processes I have ever encountered online. I love that I have a digital receipt. I don’t have to take off from work to go to the DMV or race tomorrow after work or ride around freaked out because I forgot to renew and have an expired tag!
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5 years ago, KayC1010
Great service!
Honestly I was sketched out about the download while reading reviews prior to installing the app. I decided to proceed and download the app anyway to have a look myself. Chat bot came up instantly and went straight into asking simple, quick questions which made the process of renewal very easy. I had no glitches, or stalls. Now I just have to wait the 10 business day and was given a confirmation number just in case. Don’t overanalyze people!
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2 years ago, ItsLUCYbabi
Easy to use
I had to renew my license plate and it was way easier to use the app then go to the website site. The chat bot is simple and easy to use and you can remove your card after paying so your card isn’t stuck to the account. Overall great experience now I’m just waiting 7-10 business day for my tag to come in and will update my review afterwards.
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10 months ago, WhydoI needanicknametoleaveaco
Great and easy application
I just download this application because I was approaching the deadline for renewing my registration, and after reading the reviews I was skeptical as to how well it would work. However, I was pleasantly surprised as this one of the easiest, friendliest apps I have ever used. In about 2 minutes I was able to navigate the app and pay for my renewal. Could not be easier!!
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3 years ago, livexlivestinks
Chatbot doesn’t recognize 2 year renewal option
Using the app for registration renewal is pretty straight forward until you get to the part where you are supposed to choose 1 year or 2 year renewal. If you select 2 year, the chat bot says it doesn’t understand your selection. To get around this, select 1 year. A few questions later, it will ask you if every looks ok and when you select no, the option to change the registration length will be there. Changed it to 2 years and I was done in about 2 seconds.
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9 months ago, SkyeValkeryie
Update ?
Used this last year and the idea is amazing if it worked correctly. The ai is quick and easy to walk you through the steps , but at the end I kept running into Errors trying to add payment methods . Finally got one to work . This year I can’t add any payment method and the one from last time has disappeared. Every time you try to select the country in the payment info it crashes/closes.
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8 months ago, Since1791
Same problems for years
This app does not seem to have any updates made to it as it has had the same problems for the 3rd year now. If using on iPhone it completely crashes and closes, requiring the whole registration process to be started all over again from the beginning. Doing any of the following will cause the app to crash: updating payment method and selecting the ‘Country’ button on billing address, it states that a verified 16 digit credit card # is not a valid card #, and it will crash if you choose 2 year registration renewal over just 1 year.
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1 month ago, fnu arpani
Don’t use this app !!! No
This app is like scam ! After payment received my registration got email explaining to me i will receive my registration within 7-10 days of purchase!! But its been more than 14day / 2 weeks i am never received my registration! And i am in emergency i need because i am going to out of state! When u come to local DMV i have to pay $35 fee in i don’t want to pay the fee i have to wait till 21day ! Wow what kind of service Florida have ? So every one don’t use this app ! No tracking number provided ! No e-mail updates! Nothing! Like waiting for nothing!
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6 years ago, Eyelessmd
I like chat bot
Very smooth experience, updated 2 of my car within 2 minutes, no need to think about navigation at all! Only 1 concern about search. I have custom tag with my last name, when I search it first time app returned no result. Then I changed O to 0 and got my car in result. It will be more convenient if app will do it automatically. Other then that works great.
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6 years ago, Snc942
Awesome APP
If you are comfortable text messaging, you’re going to love this app, as I did. It was such a breeze to be able to purchase the renewal license is for my husband‘s truck and trailer. Not only was I able to renew I was able to pay through this app. It was fast it was easy and extremely convenient. My hats off to the state of Florida for putting together such a fantastic app
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3 years ago, SouthFloridaDriver
Easy to renege registration
I used this today to renew my car tags. Took me 5 minutes with the automated text program. They have text options available for you to quickly reply, or you can type your own. Added my card and updated my registration for 2 years. Very simple and easy.
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12 months ago, iSnuffleupagus
Love this app for vehicle renewal
I’ve been using this app for years to renew the vehicles and vessels in our household. It only takes minutes. It walks you through the entire process and confirms the decisions you’re making so there’s no question as to whether or not you’re selecting the right options :)
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4 years ago, stylhp
Easy and Convenient
I just read about this app and tried it. It was so easy and quick to renew my license plate tags. It was much better than talking with a person or trying to navigate your way through a voice response type system. I’ll definitely use it again and will tell my friends about it.
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6 years ago, D-nezy
Don’t believe all the negative reviews
I was skeptical never renewing my tag through this app before. But was intrigued how easy it was to locate my tag and choose the Two year Renewal Option . Received my new tag within 4 days. 10/10 would recommend. If they had any bugs before, they solved them this process was a breeze for me.
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5 years ago, iamnotbitter
Apple Pay Would Be Nice ...
Renewal process for registration was pretty straight forward, a little glitch after entering payment info (you have to hit the back button and then Submit.). Using Apple Pay would speed this up considerably. The processing fee is high - $4 - No doubt to pay for this app which is farmed out to a 3rd party. It is up to you if it is worth it or not. Next year, I may pay in person.
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6 years ago, Civilreeper
I don’t understand the bad reviews. State site charges 2 bucks, this app 4. Was fast and got my renewal same time frame as state site. This app is faster, not all the questions as the state. State tries to prove it’s you but if you want to pay for my tags, go for it. App asks just for your tag number then asks if this is the vehicle. You pay and move on.
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3 years ago, swbevan
This app reminds me of how the government works
This app is worthless, extremely limited, no real customer service, just a bot explaining how it can’t help you. What’s the point of an app if you can’t even set up an appointment without calling? If you want an actual app that works, download QLESS where you can make appointments and even set reminders 15 minutes(or customize the reminders to whatever time suits you) prior to your appointment and holds your spot in line. Show up, go right to the counter without sitting and waiting.
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6 years ago, Grangin
Works pretty well, could use some work
The chatbot style works pretty well if all you need is renewal and basic features. The app couldn’t scan my discover card. Also, the display didn’t refresh after selecting my payment method, I had to drag around to get the text to reset. Beats the etags site in term of cost and ease of use. Also, could you please add support for Apple Pay?
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1 month ago, Carl Ahlers
Useless App
Downloaded the App, filled in my license plate and DoB, and then… nothing… the choices are: Start Over, Search Again, or Find Office Nearest to You. I came to this App to renew my registration. Just goes to show that the lack of free competition when it comes to government yields extremely poor results. You have to pay $22 for a private service to get your registration renewed… but it works because it’s a for profit company with competitors forcing it to provide an excellent service. Too bad I couldn’t give this App Zero stars.
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6 years ago, jadeurveda
Awesome App !!!
If you just want to renew it is the fastest , easiest and cooles tool to use I’ve experienced in a long time . This app saves you a trip to the dmv and a headache going through the website ! I put in my details and the system found my cars in 3 seconds . I renewed payed and had my paperwork in the mailbox 4 days later !!!! Thank you so much !!!!
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7 months ago, Argantes81
Everything was going fine until it asked to save my card and give authorization for Payit to charge the card at their whim. As a rule I never save my card on any merchants system. I have no problem paying, but I do have a problem with being forced to save my card. Especially in an app that hasn’t been updated for three years
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5 years ago, SpideyBoy38
This app is genius and exactly what this country needs more of
I’ve never had a smoother, quicker experience with anything DMV related in my life. I have no idea how this app could have a 3 star average. It’s amazing and incredibly intuitive. I appreciate this things existence. Please don’t cut funding to it and create more of these to other departments of the government.
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6 years ago, Cyndifrenz
Worked great.
At first I was wary to renew any other way but online. After repeated attempts to get through the website I gave up and decided to try this. The first attempt the app was telling me that my vehicle couldn’t be found, then I realized maybe the letter O was a zero.... boom it worked. This was the fastest and easiest way to get it done. Wish our government could be this efficient.
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6 months ago, Gkshevr snugvv
Don’t bother
I used the app to renew my vehicle registration. The confirmation stated I would receive the new reg in 7-10 days. Five weeks later, nothing. I went to the DMV after making an appointment, waited in line only for them to tell me they only do driver licenses there. Funny, considering the DMV website’s registration page directed me to make an appointment at a location that only handles DLs. Long story short , had to go to a private tag agency, pay for a duplicate registration as well as a $20 fee to the agency.
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1 year ago, SithlordsoupOfYoutube
App is so easy. Why is everyone complaining.
Pretty obvious those giving it one star are too frustrated to understand how to use an app that is 99% fool proof so I get it, if you know how to operate a bottle of water or a soda can, this app should be pretty straightforward. Mostly good for renewals.
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3 months ago, andyisarobot
Easiest way to renew your tags!!!
I’m not sure why the review score is so low for this app but it is so easy to renew your tags on this app that I actually just got on the App Store so I could give it a good review. Why can’t every bill paying service be this easy?!
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5 years ago, princewells
Never comes in the mail!!
I bought two registrations from here for both of my cars. They both never came in the mail and you have to go to the dmv sit for hours and then pick it up which once my number was called was like 2 min. Just frustrating waiting for it and it never comes. Tried it twice just to see if the first was a glitch but clearly not.
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6 years ago, sert-ad
Very clever (I wish app supported Apple Pay)
Whoever thought and created this app is really clever. No typing, just selected Bot’s suggested answer besides DOB and license plate. I just renewed 2 car took less than 5 mins with no headache. No more dealing with dmv’s nonsense website. 5 of 5 star. I could have given 6 star if app supported Apple Pay.
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12 months ago, Jhard94
Worked Fast
Used this app for the first time to new my registration instead of going through the site and it was extremely easy and fast. Definitely using this method moving forward!
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8 months ago, Rudy Render
App Crashes
I’m late on getting my tag renewed because this app hasn’t been updated in a long time. For starters, I try to add my credit card to the Payment Methods section, and when I select “Country”, it crashes every time. I then went on the website, more issues. These services are supposed to be convenient, but if I get pulled over by a cop, he’s not going to buy my issue or excuse which can lead to more issues financially. Please fix this app!
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4 years ago, Steven4515
Amazing App!!
I usually don’t write reviews but this app is just amazing. First, it’s way cheaper than other websites. I was able to renew two car registrations in less than 2 minutes using the smart chat which is great. Great job to whoever is making this app. Just use it, thank me later.
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2 years ago, xiomara2917
No option to order duplicate registration
I downloaded this app because it says that it allows you to order duplicate registrations, but in order to get duplicate registration it appears that you have to renew your registration it within the app first. However, because I renewed my registration recently already, it won't allow me to renew the registration again which effectively makes this app useless since it won't allow me to request a duplicate without renewing.
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2 years ago, Surferboy026
Great app
No problems for me if it doesn’t allow you a two year renewal click on one year then at the end change it before payment. Just renewed for 2 years on my car and motorcycle.
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4 months ago, ekrubmj
Didn’t work for me
I was able to walk thru the chatbot and “renew” my auto registration. The payment processed fine but the renewal never processed with the state. I didn’t get my renewal in the mail. Had to go to the local tax office. They said it never renewed and my registration was expired. Had to pay a larger amount since it was expired and now have to challenge the original charge with my credit card company. I’d give the app zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, TheMs.Future
Worst app created
I am trying to renew my drivers license but the only options it keeps giving me from that stupid bot is to renew my vessel or renew my vehicle. Well for one I don’t have a boat and my vehicle is up-to-date and does not need to be renewed until next year. This app is impossible and doing it online is even more stressful and I will be darned if I have to go to a DMV in person because those lines are atrocious in the workers attitudes are disgusting. I hate it here.
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5 years ago, LawDawg22001166
Not Received
The process of renewing your registration is pretty easy and would rate this higher if it was just based on that. But after 3 weeks of not receiving my registration I had to go to the tax collectors office and pick it up in person. I never received one in the mail. So based on that I’m rating this lower. Looks like it’s a gamble on when and if you will receive your registration when using this app.
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5 months ago, __KingTravis__
10 minutes renewed 2 cars registration
Incredibly simple to use. Very excited to see progress in technology in the government. Will update if receiving registration was more of a hassle than necessary
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5 years ago, OmarFig1989
It’s getting better
No more waiting in lines, just pure comfort now. There are some things that still have to be corrected, but it is getting there. Your car also registers easily in seconds. Why don't Florida tax companies tell us that this application exists? It just doesn't make any sense.
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2 years ago, J-Lo1981
What happened to the Duplicate Registration?
I downloaded this app because I wanted a quick and easy way to replace my lost registration card. It clearly shows in the first image that this is something app should allow you to do, yet there is no option for that. It wants to walk me through renewing, which I don’t need to do since I have over a year left. So basically, the app promises something it cannot deliver.
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2 years ago, maphelps
Just plain awful
I download the app to renew and was excited about the idea of such a convenient option. Followed the app bot and paid my renewal. It said it might take a couple of days to show up but I would receive a digital receipt. It has been 7 days now and no receipt! In fact, the renewal still shows as pending in the app and when I check my registration online it shows that it expired. NOT happy!
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