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General Motors Company
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for myGMC

4.83 out of 5
292.7K Ratings
2 years ago, 1SG AA
Worth it ?
I’ve always loved this app since owning my GMC truck. I refer to it regularly and use it to monitor the diagnostics of my truck. Recently, I intentionally locked the keys in my truck, no big deal right…I’ll use the app to unlock it and start it right up. Not the case. Unfortunately, I lost my phone. Once I return to get a new phone the app will not locate, unlock or start my truck. I was thinking, I understand…it’s the new phone??? I contact GMC customer service. They, nor “OnStar” can ping my truck to simply unlock the pickup for me. I guess this is one scenario that either failed or just didn’t get tested in the brainstorming phase. I had to get a locksmith to unlock the doors, which we all know that’s not cheap. Face it, most people hate attorneys at $400 an hour but how does that compare to a locksmith for $100 for normally 5 - 10 minutes. I apologize, just wanted to add some humor to my first review. Yes, I will continue to pay for and use my GMC app and services, maybe a little more cautiously from now on. Bottom line and not to knock the engineers but maybe this helps someone??? Be nice to the locksmith regardless of his demeanor or appearance. Most of us never control our emotions or can stay calm when we misplace, lose or forget where we put our wallets, keys, or phones. Learning lesson, pray more. GOD bless the United States!!!
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3 years ago, Jritch008
Functionality is less convenient for the customer
Since the redesign and update the app requires holding your finger on a button to activate the feature. Such as unlocking or locking the vehicle you must hold your finger or thumb on the button for a period of time while short but still hold it until it activates. What I, and most likely other customers, enjoyed more was being able to tap the button and go about your business. The purpose of the feature is convenience so requiring me to hold my phone and watch the screen until I see that it actually activates my request is useless. Same for starting vehicle… the quick ‘acceptance’ of Touch or Face ID, made this very convenient. Additionally, when opening my app, it prompted a notification that my vehicle had started…. I wasn’t home and my vehicle was in the garage with my 2 dogs. I DIDN’T start my vehicle so I was concern until I arrive home and verify that my vehicle had not started and was not suffocating my animals. Luckily I was five minutes on my way to my house. What if I were two hours away what would I do? You need to add an option to turn off the vehicle and as well a status option telling the user windows being up down partially up or partially down which window what doors are locked or unlocked all of this should be a part of your vehicle status and then as well again allowed to use it to turn off the vehicle if it’s been started remotely or where the key let them turn it off with your phone.
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4 months ago, Em.jay.21054
Less than 1 star
I already pay for onstar ... and now apparently to use the MYGMC app I’m supposed to pay again. Other brands do all this for free. No onstar required. But added to all that - the app didn’t work before the update and now won’t even open properly. Other reviewers have experienced the same issue. And no GMC - I’m not doing anything more than report the app here. I’m not wasting any more of my time with instructions to then report issues via email. This is your business and your problem to fix from the app responses and ratings. It’s crippling your branding a little bit more everyday. It’s horrible customer service and will be remembered by many of here when it’s time to buy a new vehicle. I shouldn’t have to pay onstar or you to unlock my vehicle remotely by an app or start my vehicle by the app. It’s horrible service to your customers. Let me add that I pay for premium WiFi and it fails continuously and requires a phone call to have it reset. It’s horrible customer service and these are services that customers need and require in 2024.
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3 years ago, Avram79
App doesn’t work!
I used to use this app daily as part of my daily routine. Each morning I used the app remote functions to warm up my car as I got ready for work. Since the new update, my remote functions are lost, all my data is gone and it doesn’t recognize I even have a plan with Onstar. I’ve tried several times with customer service to try to get this resolved as it’s been an inconvenience not to be able to use the features the app provides and not to mention still paying for it when it doesn’t work is a little frustrating. The customer reps keep talking me through the same steps...delete app and reinstall, log out and log back in, pull down on the main menu to let it update (doesn’t even give me an option to pull down btw) and been told twice that this issue has been escalated and will receive a call back. First time I received a call back, the lady was short and rude and walked me through the same steps as before and again said it will be escalated and I will receive a callback. It’s been 3 days as of today with no call back and an app that still doesn’t work. Worked fine before the update, now it’s like I’ve been erased off the data base all together. Unhappy Onstar customer and I’ll be canceling my service. Amazing that no one from Onstar or the people that created the My GMC app and responsible for the update that crippled my app can help fix this issue.
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4 years ago, T&A-N
Very handy!!
• Since my vehicle uses a fob to start, my keys are not usually readily accessible, . . . my phone on the other hand is nearly always quick access! • I love being able to lock/unlock my vehicle from anywhere I have internet service. There have been multiple occasions I’ve left something in my Yukon for someone to pick up or made plans for someone to drop items off without having to be present. • Starting the vehicle on very cold evenings when the convention starts to wind down, the event is almost over, etcetera is fabulous! No need to be within eyesight of the vehicle. (Just don’t leave a key fob in the vehicle, that will deactivate that option.) • Checking the odometer when having a service, peace of mind via locating the vehicle when my spouse can’t be reached by phone, fuel levels, tire pressure - all are fantastic features! ••• Unfortunately, the app no longer works with my or my spouse’s Apple Watch. We have 2 GMCs that we were previously able to control with the watch, but haven’t been able to since early December ‘19. Miss this feature!
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5 years ago, Nobody special.
New to GM but loving it
First off I’ll start by saying this is an awesome app. I love having the ability to check fuel levels, oil life, driving habits, pretty much everything the app contains. The only thing that would make this better in my mind is if there was a 3D virtual image of my truck that I could see, or at least something that resembles it, so I could check if it’s locked, if a door was left ajar, if it’s running, etc. at a glance instead of having to check a log that showed the last time a vehicle function was accessed. That would also give users a chance to swipe between multiple GM vehicles and check their status, or even see them in a garage format. This is just my two cents, and I have no idea how to develop an app or anything like what I described above, so kudos to anyone who can put this into action. Other than that, it’s a great app and definitely very useful. I’m sure once I’ve had my truck for more than 24 hours I will adjust to the app and it’s functionality, and find many more useful features that I haven’t discovered yet. Four stars for now, and I won’t even hesitate to go five stars if this is incorporated into a future update. Great app!
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2 years ago, Arabela 7777
Jesus Barajas
The Magaña/ Del Rio/Amezcua/Cuevas family has been purchasing new vehicles from D’Arcy at 2022 Essington Rd. In Joliet IL for years my father bought his first new GMC truck when D’Arcy was located on West Jefferson st back in the early 1990’s, also at the Hyundai location, the experience has been extremely excellent, we love doing business with D’Arcy and it makes it much easier when working with Jesus Barajas and Julio Bernal in addition Diego, I Adan Magaña truly believe and confirm that D’Arcy has the very best customer satisfaction and service, in my last purchase I call Jesus and told him what I was looking for, immediately Jesus said that he had the truck I needed, by the time I arrived to the dealership truck was ready for me and Julio had all paperwork ready for me and Diego explained with detail everything, truly best customer experience, D’Arcy will continue to have my business and my loyalty, Glad to mention that our kids are following our foot steps. Thank you Jesus, Julio,Diego, hope D’Arcy Team have an awesome Thanksgiving Sincerely Adan Magaña
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2 years ago, the peas of poo
Last update made app not functional
Update: Developers reached out to me which was nice. I was able to reset the system In my car then I deleted and reinstalled the app once again and now everything appears to be working! Hopefully it was a little glitch and doesn’t happen again because that was a tough spot since I had a young child with me at the time. I loved the app until yesterday. I locked my car using the app as I typically do and when I came back to my Yukon it would not unlock although it said “unlocked” I was able to finally get the lift gate to open and crawled through the back to get in and leave. Very annoying. Extremely upsetting because the weather wasn’t great for me to be standing out there fooling around deleting, reinstalling, signing out and then back in.
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6 years ago, Tark Jones
Does what I need it to
Overall it's a solid app. It does the basic stuff well. I primarily use it for remote start which is great since its essentially unlimited range. I've also been able to unlock my wife's truck for her when she accidentally locked her keys in it. It works well the majority of the time, but can sometimes have an issue with a signal getting through if you're in a parking garage - which I assume is a function of the service provider not the app itself. Overall its a very convenient tool to have. One thing to watch for -- if you have two GMC vehicles on the app, double check to make sure you have the correct vehicle selected. I have started our other vehicle by mistake when it's sitting in the garage. To the developer: it would be nice if the banner image reflected the vehicle currently selected, instead of a generic GMC line up. That would provide an easy identifier for those of us with multiple GMC vehicles to quickly confirm which vehicle is selected. Even allowing the user to upload an image would be a useful option.
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2 months ago, NixCarz
Can’t understand it…
I bought a new truck in February ‘24. The App updated my Vehicle Status ONE time and will not update it again. I’ve done all the trouble shooting 7 or 8 times with OnStar Tech and can’t get the VS to update. OnStar has the right info, the truck has the right info, it just will not pass that info to the App. Numerous calls and case numbers established but no one calls back to offer any help and it still doesn’t work. Hard to believe the Support for this App is so lacking - it is GM for God’s sake! I can lock and unlock the doors from the App. I can Start the truck from the App and I can locate the truck on the map with the App but it simply won’t update the VS! UPDATE…Finally after 10 contacts of all forms with OnStar, I finally got a Advanced Tech Support guy named Don who fixed my issue in 15 minutes. Thank you Don!! Update to update - Nope it still does NOT update Vehicle Status. “Don” moved the current data to the App hence the elation but it won’t continue to update. So 12 times dealing with OnStar and no progress. I cannot believe I’m the only one with this issue. Mine is a plain Jane installation on a plain Jane truck. Oh well, I give up!
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4 years ago, Tlunt
Terrible software choices
I bought my 2020 GMC Sierra and was excited to have the digital access to my vehicle for remote starts, unlock etc. After using the app I am really disappointed with the software/security choices. My wife’s Ford Expedition has the ability to schedule starts I.e. Every morning Mon-Thurs at 0700 the car starts and warms up before she has to take the kids to school. I can start the car with either my watch or the app. GMC excludes features like this, likely due to restrictions from Onstar. The GMC Apple Watch app is completely useless. If I attempt to start my truck on my watch I have to open up my phone and use faceid to unlock the function within the app and then use the app on my watch again to actually start the car. The fact that I have to use faceid every time I remote start the truck is also absurd. GMC missed the mark when it comes to convenience technology that actually makes your life more convenient. Drop faceid requirement for remote starts, add the ability to schedule starts, and let me start the vehicle from my Apple Watch without having to open my phone and use faceid.
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1 year ago, stlucss
Just an service manual
app Did Work partially a few updates ago. I have an2023 Acadia & cannot find were the app informs you of vehicles software & update info? Also the app shows my tire pressure needs to be 34psi but the door & manual states 35psi so i constantly get emails of it being low. Called to fix but they couldn’t. Now When I login to the app it doesn’t link/update to my vehicle. It is good for information, manual, details and specs to help do your own researching for resolving & learning. I was asked to send email to them for more research. I sent & hopefully helps. Hopefully soon this app will get all the bugs worked out. Im an just give me an car that starts & i can work on & last. old carburetor days. Now my wife had to have new & now new has to be so technical & advanced that it will constantly need updates. LOL now car support starts with ( like phones & computers) Make sure you have the most resent updates & software. I can go on but I am keeping my faith, everything will always work out.
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5 years ago, johnnyairtime
Almost ready for prime time
I love this app. It’s great to be able to start my engine and lock my doors and unlock my doors from my iPhone. However, it needs a little more development to be truly convenient. To reach its full potential, I need to be able to adjust my heater, defroster and air conditioning to the temperature and fan speed that I want while the vehicle is warming up. When I go home after work, I’m not always thinking about what the weather is going to be like in the morning. When I get to work in the morning, I’m not always thinking about what the weather will be like when I get off of work. I need to be able to change the air conditioning and heating from my phone when I’m warming the vehicle up. Sometimes my windows are iced over a little bit and I want to turn on the defroster at maximum heat with maximum fan speed. Another thing: I don’t like being limited to having only 10 minutes to run my engine. If I have a situation where I need my engine to run longer, I want to be able to adjust it myself. It looks like some left wingers are running things at the GMC app laboratory. I don’t like being controlled like that. I know what I need more than you do, give me the controls. I don’t like being limited to two iPhone-initiated engine starts. Again, give me the controls, because I know what I need more than you do. I don’t need some left winger controlling my life and telling me I can only have two engine starts.
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3 years ago, foundawall
Terrible since update
1* because of most recent update!!! While I enjoyed using the OnStar app and was subsequently forced to download this app, it worked just fine when I originally downloaded it years ago. NOW it’s complete garbage! Can’t access any unlock or lock controls for my truck (2011 Sierra). There’s times I need to know I’ve locked my vehicle but am unable to even get any “buttons” to appear on the app Home Screen. Have logged out, logged in, uninstalled and reinstalled all to no avail. The status bar tells me I need to schedule maintenance, I JUST had it done last month. I don’t drive a ton; and use the app to check the status of my tires and to unlock and lock my vehicle while I’m at work so as to not have to retrieve my keys from my locker at the other end of my place of work just to run to my truck and get something. This is unacceptable, and is apparently not a “one off” issue, I just read a review stating almost the exact problem I am having. I really don’t want to have to wait on a customer service all back! FIX THIS APP!!!!
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3 years ago, jpf2500
Still doesn’t work after countless updates
App is useless in conjunction with the Apple Watch. Read the reviews developers - it’s all the same comments. Apple Watch tells me every time to log into the app on my phone. What’s the point of having a connected cell Apple Watch if you are forced to have the phone near you at all times. Do not tell me to load the most recent app update or iOS update or Apple watch update like you tell every other review comment to do - it does nothing but waste my time. None of the vehicle status pages work anymore. None of the additional features like locate vehicle, etc work anymore. Clearly this is not a priority for you which is very disappointing because the app worked flawlessly until the major iOS update in December.
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3 years ago, pickupmonkey
Terrible New Update
When I purchased a 2017 Acadia and a 2018 Cruze it was supposed to come with 5 years of free basic connectivity for Onstar which included the ability to remote start and lock the car from the App as well as some diagnostic features. It seems now that maybe none of that is included in that 5 year free basic service anymore after the new update to the App. There is no way I’m going to pay 15 dollars a month to be able to start and unlock my card from an app. This seems to be something that should be just a basic free feature in 2021. On top of all that now the only thing I’m getting now is phone calls from dealers telling me to come get my oil changed because they are monitoring my vehicle diagnostics. If they are going to use Onstar to track my vehicle and try to sell me services they could at least continue to provide that basic service. Now all I have is an app that is worthless. I guess if I’m going to get nothing out of it, I’d also like them to quit using Onstar to try to sell me overpriced oil changes and quit calling me.
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5 years ago, Mr Griddy
My GMC App
Living up north in the winter remote start from the app was a selling point for me. I owned a Chevrolet Impala and always used it on those cold winter night here in Wisconsin. I traded it in for a GMC Terrain Diesel with the same app capabilities. I owned it a couple of short months and the app no longer works without paying for it. Now winter is upon us and I'll have to pay extra every month if I want this feature. What a disappointment. Working nights on below zero temps and I'll have to wait until I'm in a straight line of sight to start my brand new GM vehicle. Unbelievable ! It must be a cost savings at the expense of there customers. I can't afford anything more. I will be looking into other manufacturers options available. I love my Terrain but absolutely hate this app and what GM is doing. This may be my last GM I ever buy. Beware folks! It's sad General Motors seems to be losing focus on its customer services. Cutting corners in all the wrong places. Put it back in order or lose another loyal customer. Help me help you ! Turn this service back on as a benefit of owning a GM Vehicle. P****d off in Wisconsin .....Griddy
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2 years ago, Nik !
nothing but issues with the app non stop, when i hold the button to start then it says send then does nothing at all or at times when i try to start it and hold start it won’t do anything at all but i can lock or unlock my vehicle which is odd but i don’t know if my truck even starts while im about to leave work until i reach my vehicle , i have to continuously to log out and back in or even delete the app to start fresh and that still doesn’t correct the issue, then when i use my face ID it never works half the time i turn on face ID and when i close out the app and when i go to use this app to log back on it once again ask me if i want to use face ID and sometimes it works without re-saving my settings for it, i have even called on star with the starting issue they open a case up for me with all the troubles i’m having with this app, i just want it reliable and working properly as it should be i have a 2022 duramax diesel and i rely on this app which i can’t do so please fix it
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3 years ago, www.clownpenis.fart
App won’t even open
Used to love this app, it worked great to start my car or lock or unlock my doors from my phone or my Apple Watch, which was amazing to me and those around me alike. I enjoyed these features so much that I was willing to pay for it once my free usage went away for my 2015 terrain. Now, however, the app won’t even open. That @#*%$ little processing wheel just keeps turning and turning and turning and turning and turning and turning....and turning! Then the app never opens. STILL PAYING FOR THE APP. The last time I was able to get it to open it wouldn’t start the car with me standing next to it. I used to be able to start it from Timbuktu with my car safely in the Target parking lot. Wouldn’t lock or unlock the doors either. I used to think this app alone was the reason that I would keep buying GMC’s. The convenience was that useful for me. Now I can freely look at other vehicles as I become ready to upgrade without FOMO on the GMC app. Surely whatever sloppy software other brands are throwing out exceeds this nonsense.
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6 years ago, gfyogamom
***UPDATED (see my original review below)*** After my original review, several emails, etc., the app finally began working correctly. No official determination on the actual problem, but I’m happy that it actually works. It IS a GREAT app and I’m happy to be able to leave a positive review. Both OnStar and GMC are awesome companies that have excellent customer service. ********ORIGINAL REVIEW******** I LOVED this app, until it updated and took away all the features I use... Those features may still be there, BUT since the app refuses to identify my OnStar account (which I have confirmed is current with OnStar), I can no longer use them. So, I cannot remote lock/unlock or start my car, check diagnostics, send addresses to my navigation, etc. All these functions are the purpose of this app for me, personally. I am very disappointed.
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3 years ago, NystromsMN
Update 2021 Needs Help
Update** I signed out and signed back in. Everything is working nicely; well done! I’ll leave this here so others can see the easy fix! Original Post: I like the new look, but the new app lacks functionality. You can’t get vehicle updates like oil life, tire pressure, etc. The page is blank and when I pull down to refresh nothing happens. I’ve lost all my dealer info and no longer see the programs I’m signed up for like OnStar, WiFi, etc. Also I’ve turned on Face ID to log in, but each time it turns that off and a PIN is required to open. Finally, no place to inform anyone of these issue in the app, so unfortunately need to share these issues in a review. I hope these bugs get fixed, the dashboard is fresh and looks to be a nice update.
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3 years ago, eschmidt12
New 5.0 update made app useless
I used the old app every single day to start my truck from my office. It worked great. With the new app, the connectivity to my truck doesn’t work at all, and the user interface is terrible. Multiple times I’ve tried to start or unlock my truck and the app stalls out, doesn’t start or unlock, and doesn’t give me feedback on success or failure. The app also forces you to press and hold for commands - this is a stupid user interface decision. It’s a phone - don’t make me press and hold a button, and single press will suffice. The Apple Watch app is broken as well. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, my watch still says I’m logged out and need to log in and select a vehicle on my phone. This is extremely frustrating, and dangerous in the event that I want to leave my phone somewhere (like to go on a run) and am depending on my watch only to lock or unlock the vehicle. Please GMC, fix this, it’s the entire reason I pay for a monthly plan.
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5 years ago, HPiPhoneUser
GMC App Doesn’t Work
I purchased my $70,000 truck with all the bells and whistles. One of those “bells and whistles” was the remote-start via the GMC app. Here in Phoenix in the summer this feature is really handy to cool the truck down for awhile before getting in as one can imagine. However, I try starting my truck on one hot day and my app NO LONGER WORKS. I tried resetting my password which their system allows you to get about half-way through the procedure and then the emailed link to me had “too many re-directs” and kicked me off. My next step was to call customer service. After several attempts I was finally able to talk to CS. He told me “Oh, the remote feature was disabled to all who don’t subscribe now to On-Star”. I said “WHAT?? I’ve been using this app for about a year and one-half and now you simply turn off the feature without any warning to your customers? That is REALLY CRUMMY customer service. It really is a “bait and switch” scam. I give this app one star only now because of really poor CS and Bait and Switch antics on the part of GM.
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2 years ago, Jvanboga
Newest version of the app is very disappointing
The new app is not nearly as easy to navigate as the previous which wasn’t as good as the one before that. Seems like every time there’s a change in management or the development team the ease and functionality of this app gets worse. Now, for the past few months my login information gets dumped after each use. I have to re-login long hand. The app also doesn’t show detailed information the way it used to. The app no longer shows my VIN, tire pressure or current mileage. As an on star subscriber and GM owner for decades I would expect an app to provide more functionality that a WiFi remote start/lock/unlock. The best functions of the app are gone. I told my wife to not bother with an onstar subscription on her new vehicle. It offers very little that my auto insurance doesn’t. I used to justify the service partly because of the app functionality, which is basically gone. The login issue is a major PIA.
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3 years ago, Chardimus Maximus
Worked great till recently.
I had no complaints till they did this last big update. They changed everything. It wasn’t broken so they fixed it till it was. Now I have to log out and then log back in just to start the vehicle. Takes at least 30 additional seconds every time which is time I don’t necessarily have. Sometimes when logging back in, it won’t remember my account right away so I’ll have to sit and wait for it to finally go “oh, I remember you.” Sometimes it will show that my engine is still running when it isn’t. Scares me to think what would happen if parked in a garage and it really is running. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t solve anything. Note to developer: bring back the old version of the app that ran well. Continuing to take our money and leaving us with this piece of junk just isn’t cutting it.
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4 years ago, awesome blossom possum
App no longer working on my iPhone 8 with iOS 14 installed.
This app has always worked perfectly until today. I keep getting a message that states that my information is being rerouted by a third party process and the app stops processing data. The message tells me to uninstall the app and download the latest version from the App Store. I have done that several times along with powering my phone off and then back on. Nothing works. What do I do now? Please respond to me. Thank you. Update: I did not realize that there was an update to iOS 14, mainly iOS 14.1, when I wrote this review. After installing iOS 14.1, the app is working perfectly now. This is a great app as it always starts my car no matter where I am. Sorry for the bad review.
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4 years ago, Bender11715
Really Upset
I buy the Best Vehicle on the planet and end up with the worst Onstar service on the planet. The #1 thing that people use in the North is Remote Start. We want to be able to start our vehicles from our phones and warm them up before we get into them. This item isn’t even on the dashboard. They have to put it on there apparently. My sales associate said, “Sometimes it can take a couple hours to show up once you logged into it”. Well, it’s been a month and it still hasn’t shown up. I shouldn’t have to get ahold of anybody to correct this problem, it should just be there. This issue is really aggravating and I hope this “1 rating” changes the way they do things. This is horrible. I don’t wish this aggravation on anybody and everybody I talk to say they’ve had the same problem. What? Really? I have to call you to get this problem fixed? Why? This is horrible. The funny thing is, I can use a timer to tell me how long my vehicle has been parked where I parked it, but I can’t Remotely Start it at all. Hmmmm.
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4 years ago, Techie Padre
Remote Personalization
I purchased a new GMC Terrain last week. Previously I owned a Chevrolet Traverse. This app is useful and exceedingly better than the myChevy app. However, the Remote Personalization function, quite possibly the most convenient function, has yet to sync with my vehicle. I am able to use every other app function: key fob, vehicle status, vehicle locate, Wi-Fi Hotspot, OnStar account information, and turn-by-turn navigation. I’m signed into the same account in the app and the vehicle. If I were not, as I understand it, those other functions wouldn’t work. Five days ago, I signed out of the app and signed out of my account in the vehicle as well. I then signed into both again, waited several hours, went on a drive, and, after 45 minutes of driving, the personalizations I set in the myGMC app - both in-vehicle apps and favorites - have yet to sync. I’m able to download apps *in the vehicle* through the 4G LTE connection. I’m also able to *manually* set favorites as well. Since downloading apps and setting favorites work in the vehicle and every other function, except remote personalization, work as expected in the app, I have to presume it’s a flaw in the myGMC app. If this problem is resolved or if I discover that the error is mine, I’ll rate this app five stars. For now, it’ll remain at three.
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2 years ago, Sambovermont
Frustratingly buggy and undependable after 18 months
One would think that an app so widely used by a major car manufacturer would have a killer app that always works. Nope. I’ve been using this for over 19 months and sadly must report that this developer team can’t get it right. I have had to (with instructions from tech support) delete and reinstall countless times. The app often must be force quit then relaunched. The app often requires signing in even with with it set up to stay signed in. Sometimes I’m told on tech support that they ‘need to reset my system on their end’. And then let’s talk about the WatchOS app. It rarely works ! Either offer a Watch app that works or yank it. The features represented by this app are excellent, but this developer team needs to get their house in order. I hate having to waste business hours time on the phone repeatedly dealing with this lousy app.
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7 years ago, WinterSoldier71
GM Takes Away Features to Force Onstar Purchase
So after two years of having a General Motors vehicle, a GMC Yukon Denali and having basic OnStar which I feel should have basic features I have had my send to navigation option taken away from the app after two years with no notice and no consideration for the fact that we own multiple General Motors vehicles. you took away navigation from the consumer in order to force a sale of higher priced OnStar services which I feel only makes your product now look less desirable and I hope that everyone reading this will consider not purchasing a General Motors vehicle based on the heavy-handed approach that you have taken and taking away the liberties of a simple send to navigation. I noticed that as developer you were leaving remarks back to bad reviews please don't bother leaving a standard copy and paste remark telling us about how awesome General Motors is when all you do is take away features and force people to pay for things they didn't have to pay for before. I moved from Jaguar and Land Rover to GMC and Cadillac, I have owned BMW and Mercedes very happily. As quickly as I divorced them I will divorce you General Motors and I will go back to your German adversaries. This is an absolute shame in business ethics that you would resort to nickel and diming a simple navigation feature to try and push your ill prepared and very non-feature-rich OnStar services.
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5 months ago, doobiedoo099
Works fine with a catch…………….
In October 2023,I got the app along with going through onstar to activate remote starting plus all the other little bells & whistles associated with my subscription. Here is where it gets interesting: all the features worked flawless for the month of October & November, so I figured that since I am a snowbird that goes south, this will be the perfect thing for me to have, as I leave my vehicle up north, so when I get down south,I can periodically start my vehicle, as it is parked outside, so the battery will not run down from sitting for four months. When I got to my destination, a couple days later, I thought I would see if the vehicle would indeed remotely start. IT DID !! So I thought this is a winner, just what I wanted. Here is the catch, I tried it again after about a 7 to 10 day lapse, now the app had a error message saying failed to start, so I tried again after a few minutes, got a little flashed message stating “please start in vehicle before using remote start again” I contacted onstar and they said that’s is what has to happen, it is limited to two instances per ignition cycle which means I used the remote twice without physically being present to start the vehicle. So that in itself, in my opinion, defeats my reasoning to have this convenient feature ,for what I thought would work.
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3 years ago, Domto33
Apple Watch App Needs Help
I love this app on my iPhone! But, not so much on my Apple Watch 6 plus cellular . The Programming currently requires that the watch needs to be connected to my I phone or near it AND for the app to have been recently used on my phone for the watch app to work. This in unfortunate as it defeats the purpose of having a cellular watch in order to leave the phone at home. I use my watch for exercising and don’t want to have to carry my phone/keys with me while on a run. It would be great if the app worked on the watch so I don’t have to carry my phone or keys with me or every time I want to use the app. Aside from this one MAJOR glitch the app is terrific.
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2 years ago, 51hand
Good but could be better
The hold button to get the app to perform a task is a pain. I understand updating the app so it is more user friendly but right now it seems like it is being updated just to say it’s updated and there isn’t much changing if anything. The last update screwed up the tire pressure reading. My tire pressure is way off on the app compared what the truck shows and what I show when I check it with a gauge. The truck and the gauge are both close but the app is close to 10 pounds off. It doesn’t always send a notification telling me that the function I wanted it to perform has been accomplished. It’s really hit and miss on notifications. Overall I like the app but I just think it needs some tweaking.
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2 years ago, NicoleF82
Services I pay for monthly have disappeared from app
Part of the OnStar services I pay for disappeared from the app months ago, such as Locate Vehicle and GMC Smart Driver. I have been calling OnStar for months now, with zero results. They are still charging me for these services I cannot use, and ignore my requests to downgrade my plan. We were in an unfamiliar city and could not remember which parking garage we had left our car in that morning, as there were literally dozens in that small area. It took us over an hour to locate our vehicle, since the app feature was gone. Additionally, I drive one of the top five stolen vehicles, so the Locate Vehicle feature made me feel better about that. No one at OnStar seems to have any idea why these features have disappeared from the app. (I would like to note that these same features on OnStar’s myChevrolet app are still there and functional - so what gives?!)
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2 years ago, Airmagic
Stop Logging me Out!
the app works as it should and has good features. It appears there is no way to set a preference to stay logged in and over the course of several hours the app will log me out causing me to have to re-enter a user and password. Not what I want to see when I am trying to start or unlock my truck. This was not a problem until a recent update. Fix it Please!! received a response from the developer claiming the keep me logged in and pin were removed for security reasons and to use a biometric log in for faster access. Dear developer do you understand what logged out means? biometrics won’t work if you have logged out of the app! yes I have face id enabled for this app….it logs me out and requires a password to log back in and set the feature to use face id. It worked fine before the update so please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, SCChris83864
Convenient…. When it works
The Chevrolet app worked flawlessly and was very convenient when I needed to start or secure my vehicle remotely. Since I got upgraded to the GMC I have had nothing but problems with the GMC app. Rarely does the remote start work and once I do get it to work, that’s the last time I can use the remote start button for a few days. It takes several tries to get the remote lock to work and then it sticks and won’t let me use the button again. Several times I’ve had issues the “vehicle status” not giving any issues. With all this said, I have updated and reinstalled the app and still continue to have problems. This could be a great app and be extremely handy if it worked like it was supposed to. The layout is great and easy to navigate. Hope the administrators can get the bugs worked out
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4 years ago, Mistar E
Maps need updating
I really enjoy this app and it’s connection to my 2020 Sierra SLT. However I did notice that the map feature needs to be updated. There are locations that have been built in the last 5 years that aren’t being found by the app. So it sends me to the wrong address. I learned to cross reference the location on google maps to ensure I’m being sent to the right spot. I also noticed that the driving history is pretty slow to track my driving activity. I’ve been driving a lot this week for our trip. I’ve driven over 2500 miles in the last few days. The driving habits says I’ve only driven 1075 in the last 30 days. Looking forward to these getting fixed.
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2 years ago, they wont except my comments
The newer versions of the GMC app
When I first purchased my pick up truck your app worked flawlessly connected to my truck with no issues, since then every year stability, functionality, and access has deteriorated I don’t know who the coders and the software writers are but they must be forced to own a GMC vehicle as well as be forced to use that app before they release it to the public. If the so-called coders and software writers were forced to use the app they would make sure it functions properly before releasing it to the public. How do I get a copy of the older app that actually worked and delete this pile of shut you call an app from my phone?????
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4 years ago, Dtselzler
Worthless Support
Took almost two months to get KeyFob working, the only thing support said to do was reinstall the app. Here the vehicle needed reconfigured and phone number from ATT. Terrible it took almost two months of calling back. They said they would call back 3-5 days (Several times) and no call. The one time they called back they called wrong phone and they were working on wrong vehicle, so start all over. So far only get three months of free service for KeyFob, which is the only thing I want or need for onstar services. Never buying another vehicle with onstar. Will get rid of the current vehicles as soon as possible.
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1 year ago, MSEE83
Suddenly Stopped Working
I’ve had this app for several years now and it’s worked ok for my benefit. Now, it doesn’t work at all. I assumed I needed the update but, I was skeptical about doing that because some of the updates were not good. They either took away or limited existing features. Well I’m this case, the app just would not load. Ok I thought, what I have is no longer supported so I have no choice. They say three times is a charm, not for me. After six installs and five uninstall’s, the only thing this now useless app does is go to a black screen with the GMC logo and a white line at the top that moves clockwise. THAT’S IT!!! Still the optimist, I wait seven minutes and it’s doing the exactly the same thing, NOTHING!!! This occurred over TWO DAYS!!! Hopefully the developers are reading and will offer a solution. Another reviewer said Onstar was useless and I certainly do not want to deal with that.
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4 months ago, Starspan
myGMC Worthless
This app keeps updating but keeps getting worse. This app is 10 years behind the competition. First, the app doesn’t even know if your vehicle is locked or unlocked, the app has know idea if your windows are up or down. My 2014 Toyota tells me both in the app. Now let’s talk about onStar Smart Driver. I have buckle to drive set in the vehicle settings and the app shows after 175 trips I have never worn my seatbelt but the vehicle will not move without it buckled. Software updates are non existent. This is my first and last GM product. If you try to call customer service they tell you they will escalate your problem and you never get a follow call. If you want to communicate with and actual GM employee not an overseas contractor in 2024 your have to send a letter through the mail to Detroit. I figure GM does this on purpose because they must have thousands of pi**ed off customers.
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6 months ago, PMHNP-BC Hopeful
Cancelled the app
I canceled the app due to the inability to remote start my car via scheduling. I had a great remote app with a different vehicle that was not GMC and I was allowed to put in a scheduled time for my car to remote start. I do not have access to my cell phone during work hours because of the job I do I must go outside to start my car so the app was useless to me. My previous car I could set the time that I wanted it to be started at which worked great when it was 5° outside. by the time I got outside to get in my car to go home it was warmed up. Now, I have to sit in the car till the windshield is defrosted to start at home which can take another 10 minutes. Does the current app update allow scheduled starts? if it does, then I’ll purchase the app again, but not until that feature is on the GMC app.
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1 year ago, LowcountryBuckeye
Random Issues
I’ve had my 2022 Sierra for about 7 months now and no issues with the app at all. As of 2 weeks ago, the remote functions work (lock, unlock, start) but the vehicle diagnostics won’t update. It continues to say that the last time it connected to the vehicle was 2 weeks ago. I tried using the help feature within the app and was just told to log out, delete the app and re-download it, which I’ve now done about 10 times. My remote access plan is active until May ‘23 and my truck is always parked in my garage which automatically connects to my WiFi at home. Troubleshooting hasn’t worked. Guessing it’s some sort of bug within the app as I still can’t view mileage, fuel level, oil life or any diagnostic info.
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3 years ago, Gilbert173
Redesign dangerous and worse than before
It was buggy before but now it’s downright dangerous. I went to lock my vehicle and instead started it! Typical developer focus on the UI vs the information and the functionality. The updates required me to delete the old app and reinstall it from apps- without any support or warning - AGAIN! No improvement to lock vs unlock- we should know the status vs just have the ability to lock an already locked vehicle. Now to get to the additional features we have to tap a tiny icon and then scroll through that list to find the details we are looking for - and tap that and scroll and tap and…. It was so simple before and now it’s a process. And the core functions are so close together you could tap the wrong one- their idea of a fix to that issue is we HOLD the button vs before - we could see it happening without holding the buttons. It was better although needed improvement before when the alarm and start and lock functions were stacked vs jammed into one dashboard like box - cool looking but not an actual improvement. The only real improvement is the how things work catalog but who has time to dig for the details in this thing.
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3 years ago, OldGuy1955
Remote features Status: UNKNOWN
Version 5.20 & 5.3.0 states that “You can send remote commands and check your vehicles status from your Home Screen”. This is only half true. The app has no indication on the Home Screen as to the current status of the remote commands for Start, Lock., Unlock, etc. Once a remote command is sent, for a brief 3 seconds, its status is shown, but then disappears. So I cannot really tell if my car is locked or not before pressing the button. This security flaw might trigger a worry as to whether something could be stolen if it had been unlocked, or that a bad guy could be in my car waiting for my return. Also, I found no settings to make this app “customized” at all, as claimed in the app description. Nothing is customizable.
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3 years ago, Crazysabre
Doesn’t tell you the vehicle info
The quick things work like, horn, lock, unlock, and car start, but it doesn’t keep the truck information like it used to before the upgrade. Just keeps saying “updating”. I’d like to let it know I got an oil change and other fluids. Fix that and I’ll change my mind. Also the app continues to ask for password even if you select Face ID, and the Apple Watch shows the device and used to be able to unlock and start the truck but now it won’t work since the updates. Get back to old app verses the new one because all you did was make it worse
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3 years ago, Idkdjsba
New update has potential- when it works
GMC just updated the app a few weeks ago to an all new interface (I wish the ratings would set when an app does a redesign). It still takes a while for the app to open, so the app is not a quick replacement for the key fob. Being able to start without opening the app with a full press of the app icon (like on the iPad) would be a nice shortcut. Vehicle status no longer works (blank screen). Fingerprint ID won’t stay turned on, and the new “press and hold to start” button is not for the fat-thumbed who completely cover the button. There’s no way to tell if you’ve held it long enough, and sometimes holding it for several seconds still isn’t long enough. Haptic feedback would be a great addition there. Historically this has been a really good app. The new version needs a little more development.
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2 years ago, Dw-1976
Great app but have some suggestions
I use the app frequently and love it; however, I have some suggestions! 1. It’s cool to be able to lock and unlock the doors, but what about the ability to open close the windows? This would be great on warm days (even though I know I can start the truck for A/C). Similarly, I think it would be great to be able to control the sunroof remotely as well. 2. It’s a drag to have to have the keys in the ignition to use the wifi. Can you guys make a “wifi” button on the app that energizes the vehicle do the wifi can be used at a distance? As it is now, if I want to hang at the beach and use wifi the keys have to remain in the ignition, the lights stay on and the key chime thing goes off. Total bummer. 3. A battery level indicator on the app would be great too- especially if using wifi or stereo with ignition. 4. What happened to the Apple Watch functionality? Other than the things above, the app works great but I think the features above would make it super clutch.
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5 years ago, Jackson9665
On star is awesome
I have on star on my Malibu and GMC Acadia there was a large piece of wood in the middle of the road and before I could steer clear it hit both my driver side and driver side passenger tires denting in the rims And ruined both tires on the Malibu Understandably I was freaking out thinking about the super expensive tow bill and having to replace both rims and tires. After calling family and no help there I decided to push that little blue button and they completely saved my day I had no idea free towing came with the package I can full heartedly say I love onstar and they have earned a lifelong customer. If you have a GMC product get on star it’s money well spent!!! P.S my wife loves it to when she gets lost.
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3 years ago, Buyphone
Buy a Toyota. No more GM for me.
No improvement in 5.3.0. Still randomly crashes on start and when accessing features. All 5.3.0 adds is a spinning wheel when it gets stuck. Watch app still broken. App now starts but all the features randomly disappear. Have to log out and log back in which fixes it sometimes but other times it acts that I don’t have onstar. The watch app is completely useless. Worst part is that it’s broken for a month and GM shows zero interest in fixing it. Guess their outsourced contractors are incapable of simple logins. No I don’t want to talk to your useless social media contractor to be told there’s nothing wrong. I want you to FIX THE APP. No wonder GM has so many recalls. My Toyota app has none of this crap and it costs half the price as GM’s onstar crap. They need to refund my $40 a month for this garbage I can’t use. Last GM product ever.
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