MyHyundai with Bluelink

4.8 (320.7K)
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Current version
Hyundai Motor America
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.6 or later
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User Reviews for MyHyundai with Bluelink

4.78 out of 5
320.7K Ratings
2 months ago, Cokemanswife
Pearl-My New Palisade
We had been talking about a new car for quite sometime. But because we had not had a car payment in years, we continued to delay the inevitable. Well, the universe has an interesting way of letting you know when it’s time for a change. Our youngest son was in an automobile accident(everyone was safe and uninjured, praise the Lord) and we were needing an “extra” vehicle. So, I dug my heels in and began my deep dive into safety, consumer reports and affordability. Those along with the fact we needed lots of room for all of our family), led us to Southern States Hyundai. My interest lies in either the Santa Fe or the Palisade. After coming price, comfort and size (along with some of the “must haves”, we test drove the Palisade. Once I did that, I was hooked. The color was exactly what I was looking, the pricing was within my budget and the warranties made it absolutely impossible to reject. The Palisade is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned and I know I will probably never have to buy another vehicle, but if I do, it will be in the Hyundai family.
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3 years ago, SomebodHasToSayIt
Almost ready for prime time but not yet
First Impressions: They have done several nice things with the app, and if this was 60 years ago I would give it 4 to 5 stars, but Hyundai Hazlet almost all other manufactures pass them up, and they want you to pay for things that other manufactures give you for free. Sure they give you three years free blue link with the purchase of a new car, but Chevy and other makers give you the basic level service for free weights let you lock your doors, start your car even after you’re free service is over. On top of that, there’s a fatal flaw in Hyundai’s design, and they let you sit things like to turn your heated seats on for part of your precepts, but then when you push it half the time it doesn’t work because your doors aren’t locked and that’s not one of the things you can pick as an option to add to your presets. Nobody wants to have to go to their app lock their doors through the app and wait a minute for it to happen and then hit the start car after that. That’s makes no sense, and require somebody to stay in their app for 3 to 4 minutes just to get confirmation that the first step took place and then you have to start the second stop and wait for a confirmation for that. That’s ridiculous. Maybe new car owners that have never had this are OK with that, but coming from four other cars that have a far superior service this is hard to put up with.
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5 years ago, poisonpop
Garbage app, Hyundai should be ashamed
It’s hard for me to put into words just how much I hate this app. If I didn’t have to use this app I would delete and try to forgery the horrific user experience. Unfortunately, Hyundai has decided to make key features, like setting charging timers, only available in the app. This absolutely should be available to be set in car. Why isn’t it? Are they actually driving user to this app?!? The app takes a long time to load (like 30-60 seconds) and every time you make a change to a setting, be prepared to wait again. The vast majority of the time using this app is spent watching the loading animation. If waiting was the only problem, that would simply make the app irritating, however, in addition to waiting, you are treated to frequent errors that tell you that what you are trying to do can not be done at the moment. But the absolute soul-crushing part of the entire experience is that even after many many attempts on several days and finally believing that the charging timer was set, I realized while charging my car, that the timer was in fact not set. Trudging into the app yet again, I realized that the times I set were defaulting to AM instead of the PM times I had previously set. So, after several more attempt, several more errors, several minutes of spinning loading animations, I have resigned to the fact that I cannot set a timer for my car. I legitimately wish I had not purchased the Hyundai. This app is that bad.
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6 years ago, MadaRN
Reliability is very poor
This app is becoming increasingly disappointing. I was at work when we were hit with a snow storm. This would be the perfect time to use my remote start with climate control. failed. To top it off I left my key fob in the car and the remote unlock feature also failed. I could not get immediate help from the Blue Link phone number so I had to pay a premium price for an Uber ride home, get my spare fob and Uber back to work to get my car. First, it is expensive to have the convenience of the Blue Link to have it fail as many times as it does. When calling the help line I received a high volume wait time of 30 minutes without having the option to leave my number for a call back. I emailed the help line and it took them more than 13 hours to get back in touch with me. As a result of poor Blue Link reliability and even poorer customer service, I am reluctant to trust the app to leave my fob in the car since I can’t use the function when I want to. It is useless. I really only want the remote start feature but Blue Link does not allow you the choose it without upgrading to the more expensive feature package. It would be more beneficial if Blue Link would allow the customer to choose the functions they want for their vehicle and not be billed for the functions they do not want. I enjoy my Hyundai car but I think my next vehicle will be one that has a built in remote features that will not leave me stranded.
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3 years ago, Kd659
Free… maybe. $200 a year, I think not
I bought a Hyundai about a year ago and one of my must haves was a remote start. They said that this app was free for a year and then it would be $99/year or I could also do it month to month. Well, I only use the remote start in the winter (I live in the northeast) so I figured I could subscribe December to April and it wouldn’t be too bad. In the past year, I have found that the remote start usually works at home, but almost never at work or when I'm in a crowded area. When I'm at home, I can start the car and run back into the house, but when I leave work, I have to sit in a freezing car and let it warm up! That is not useful at all! And it only lets the car run for ten minutes which is not enough time to let it warm up. In addition, I just got a notice to renew and in order to get the remote start package, you have to have the diagnostic package which is another $100/year. So Hyundai wants me to pay $200/year for a remote start that doesn’t work half the time?? And the diagnostic portion is crap. It says I need service, but it won’t tell you what it is and there’s nothing listed in the service manual. The drive score hasn’t updated in about two months so that’s pretty useless. Not going to get an insurance discount with an outdated score. I’ll spend the money to put a new remote start in my car, thanks for nothing Hyundai.
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4 years ago, Redneckbassin'
Good app and service but there is room to improve.
This app and the service it supports are both nice. It’s very convenient to remote start the vehicle from inside the house during cold weather. It also has potential to be very convenient and stress relieving because it can unlock my doors in case I have locked the key fob in the car. However, that seems to be a useless feature since the key fob cannot be locked in the car, as the doors will not allow locking as long as the fob is detected within. But if I have lost the fob then it would be convenient to open the doors using the app, however, I still cannot start and drive the car. What would make this app much more useful is if someone has lost their fob, say on a fishing trip, and they returned to the car and was still able to BOTH unlock AND start the car so that they could drive home. I can do one or the other with the app, but not both. Unlocking the doors requires that the engine is not already running (among other things) and remote starting the engine requires that the doors be currently locked with the alarm set. Each one of these options prevents the other from being done afterwards.
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4 years ago, Delphin28
To Many Server Related Bugs
I’ve been using the service for about 6 months now with my 2014 Santa Fe Sport and the service seems to be riddled with bugs. Every so often they will push out updates to their servers which ends up breaking a lot of features. The safeguard alerts are completely messed up as well. For example setting a rectangular geofence results in the radius always being set to 0 or the curfew alert that keeps setting the start date and end date as the same date and now more recently I’ve stopped receiving my monthly vehicle reports from my car due to an issue with their website where it doesn’t let me set the date for the report, I just keep getting a “bad gateway” error for some reason. I’ve contacted customer support countless times about these issues but they never seem to be resolved. The only hope is that maybe they’ll fix these issues on their next server update but based on their history it’s unlikely since their QA process seems to be completely nonexistent. If you’re thinking about subscribing to this service just realize it’s going to be very spotty. I just wish they would dedicate more resources to QA testing a lot their existing functionality since a lot of these bugs seem to be very obvious.
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2 years ago, Babegrl69
My Pallisade
My 2021 Palisade is everything I expected but not what I was supposed to get but that’s more of a Tysinger Hyundai Dealer in Hampton,Virginia issue than the actual vehicle. The Pallisade rides & drives like a dream. City & highway are just amazing. The sound system and all the tech that helps keep you safe gives me peace of mind & believe it or not I use it all I didn’t think I would but now I don’t know how I went so long without it. I really love that there is so much room but you don’t feel like your on top of everyone. Everyone & everything has plenty of space & then some but you don’t have a huge massive tank. When you look at it you would never think it has so much room. I love my vehicle so much that I’m going to upgrade. To the Caligraphy of course I can’t wait to see everything that comes in that because I have a beautiful model now. Your not making a mistake by buying or leasing a Pallisade it’s definitely worth every single penny. Hope you enjoy yours like I do mine !! Ecstatic 2021 Pallisade Owner Denise Maley Hampton, Virginia
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9 months ago, AustinKitKat
So much potential…squandered
I do not hate the design of this app, I hate its functionality. Many functions don’t work at all, like the virtual owner’s manual…unless you find it in another part of the app, where it sort of works but the videos only sometimes play. Then there’s the connectivity to the car. Tesla app is constantly updated through a live connection to the car. Hyundai takes up to a minute (or longer) for it to reach the car and update something like battery percentage and range, or to send a lock request. Plus, and I couldn’t believe this, but there are a FINITE NUMBER of vehicle updates or requests allowed from the app per day. Check your battery percentage too many times? Guess you won’t be able to lock your car remotely when you get a notification that you forgot to when you’re two miles deep in the mega mall. It literally limits the number of times you can communicate with the car through the app per day. This is outrageous. I love my Ioniq 5, and I don’t regret buying it, but Hyundai, invest in your development team and fix it. I could bore you with more details but you get the gist.
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7 months ago, Wood He
My Many Hyundais
A long time ago, I read an article about a father turning over the reigns of Hyundai to his son. I recall the son’s comment to his dad, ‘I’m going to build a line of cars to compete with Mercedes and BMW. That is my personal recall. The son has succeeded in a very very short time. I’ve owned Tucson, Equis, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, G90, and now SantaFe and a Kona with all the bells and whistles. All these care fantastic and I have never been caught on the side of the road but once except for a flat tire. Never had a breakdown because the Hyundai maintenance program is the best in the business. The interval maintenance service is top notch as are the managers, customer service and sales folks at Classic Hyundai of Hampton. I’ve owned American, German and Japanese manufactured cars in the past. I love my Hyundai’ and Genesis’ made automobiles. Say hi to Larry Stevenson, Chris, Lloyd and Matt Horton my favorite people at Classic Cars of Hampton. PS: How come there are no Genesis hat for us drivers and passenger like Mercedes? Whoever reads this, have a Great Day! H S (Woody) Dorsey Jr.
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7 years ago, RobearH
I was just charged $198 for this FREE app!
I've used this app for three years now and the earlier versions were buggy and the server that you connected to was only available maybe 70% of the time. To use this app you need to pay at least $99 a year (compared to FordPass that is free for the first 5 years). The app has improved and is now 95% reliable, which most would agree is not good enough when you're paying $99 a year. You signup via the Hyundai website so that Apple does not get their 30% cut, but the online site intentionally does not give you the option of cancelling the service. You have to call their support number and hagel with them until they agree let you cancel their service. I've cancelled the service in the past and I just found on my credit card statement that they automatically renewed it for $198 for the next year. In my opinion it is credit card fraud when a company (Hyundai) has charged your card without your approval. This is one of the most expensive and frustrating apps I have had to work with. You buy a car with all these fancy features but you can't use them unless you pay a yearly subscription fee.
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4 years ago, Sad and Disappointed in Texas
Works 25% of the Time or Less
Prior to purchasing my Hyundai I drove a Ford with the keypad for keyless entry. I said I would never buy another vehicle without this feature, but the dealership convinced me that as long as I had my phone with me I would be able to lock my keys in the car and go and would be able to use the phone to unlock my car later. While not as satisfied with this as I would have been with the keypad access, I figured I usually take my phone with me when I go hiking, etc. and don’t want to keep up with my keys and that this would be fine. Well, the problem with that is that the Bluelink app only does what I ask it to about 25% of the time, and when it does it takes it forever. It is extremely disappointing that the promised remote start and ability I lock my keys in my car when I don’t want to keep up with them are useless because the app is extremely unreliable. I never intend to purchase another Hyundai because I am so disappointed in the uselessness of the Bluelink app. I feel as though I was deceived by the promises of how great the app would be when there is no way the dealership didn’t know how poorly the app performed. Hyundai should be ashamed of themselves for selling such a terrible product.
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4 years ago, mrsmt09
Mediocre and unreliable
We got this app with the purchase of our car. Thankfully is was free subscription with the purchase because this is something I would NEVER pay for. The only feature we use, while try to anyway, is the remote start. It is not even good for that. It seems that unless the stars are perfectly aligned, the signal doesn’t work, especially earlier in the morning when I need it most. I don’t know if the is the cell service towers or the rotation of the moon cycle, but it only works about two mornings a week. We don’t use any of the other features, probably because of the poor luck we have just using, trying to use, the remote start. On the odd occasion when it does work, we have to run it twice just to let the vehicle actually get warm enough. The most the app will let the engine run is 10 min, which is not long enough in my northern climate. Again, I’m glad this was free with the purchase of the car because if it was something I paid for, I would CANCEL it, get my money back and put in an actual remote start. I will be purchasing an actual remote start anyway since this service is so unreliable and I don’t want to have to count on during the upcoming winter.
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2 years ago, Pop war
Terrible response but it does “sometimes” do what it states
Okay. This review is first of all after a week of use. I’ll update it later so it could be better or worst than this. At some areas (not rural), I would get a very slow response if there is one to lock and unlock the car. It’s is not snowing or cold here so I don’t need a remote start. It took 3 to 5 minutes to unlock or lock. This is in the city when I check the bluelink signal bar at full. Next is setting up the amount. It took them 5 days to set it up and they said they will change the activate date to that date once it is up. I still see the active date as when I purchased the car. Last is the cost of bluelink per year. This is probably the most expensive out of the other 3 brand cars we own for this kind of service. 3 years for free while my other 2 cars have 5 and 1 has 10 years for free. This car needs 2 x 99 per year for the features that others pay 80 and 99 per year for those same features. Worst part of it is that it is totally not reliable, it’s working sometimes and sometimes I still get errors once in a while even tho my car hasn’t moved.
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3 years ago, Player1g
BlueLink compared to SyncUP by T-Mobile
Right out the gate I do like that there are so many features packed into one app! I can’t say whether SyncUP would have remote started my other car, or controlled the weather inside the car when remote starting, so these features are new to me (via an app, that is). A gripe I have is how long it takes to hear back from that my car has been started, etc… I also don’t find the fact that I have to refresh to see the most up to date car status- especially when I’m checking it for the first time since having the app open in days. To me when I click the Vehicle Status option it should show me the status as of the moment I clicked on vehicle status…I don’t know, because as I write this it seems as if Hyundai put a good deal of intellect into developing BlueLink so if the need to “refresh” once visualizing the vehicle’s status as of “the last time the car was used”, is for a reason I’d love to have that explained. This is actually all I have for now…if possible I’ll update my review as I get more acquainted with my newish 2020 Ioniq Limited.
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5 years ago, em06789
Patience is a Virtue
The remote start feature works fine for me. It usually takes around 30 seconds but it has taken up to 2 minutes before. It is fairly consistent, and this includes in a parking garage where I don’t even get cell service! It’s not meant to be used for you to show off to your friends by starting your car while walking to it. You need to plan ahead and give it enough time to start and actually warm up / cool off. I usually start it 5-10 minutes before I expect to leave. I know the lights flashing can bother some people, but it’s helpful in alleviating unnecessary traffic in crowded parking lots and busy street parking by letting other drivers know that despite the car being on, there are no immediate plans to move and they shouldn’t wait for the spot. The app updates frequently, but I’ve noticed multiple improvements since originally downloading it. Overall I’m very pleased with it considering I’m coming from a vehicle without any remote features at all.
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5 months ago, Fatima21
This app needs serious improvement. I saw a review from 2 years ago complaining about the same things I’m about to complain about. This app doesn’t work at the most inconvenient times. When I call customer service, they always tell me that they’re fixing the system and fixing any bugs, which we all know is a lie because the app still has major issues. An app that has been out for a few years now should not be having technical issues like this. When opening up the app, the loading screen will stay on the entire time it will never actually open up the app, I would close the app try to restart it, and it would still do the same thing, just the loading screen until you turn the app off. this app will also log you off and lock you out of the app. It is very frustrating when the app doesn’t work, but being told by customer service that it’s technical issues that are being repaired at the moment, why would there be repairs during hours when people will be leaving their house for work. And yes, I will see if I could give negative stars I would. Updating my review: still terrible, can’t wait to get out of Hyundai in general
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5 years ago, TomBong25
Not worth the cost
To start off the fact that you have to pay for this feature is truly outrageous. My past two vehicles (Chevy, Nissan) did not require you to pay for these features. Moreover, they scam you because the feature everyone wants (and the only one that truly works because the vehicle diagnostics are just estimates made through miles/time) is the remote start. But the only way you can get this feature is if you pay for both vehicle diagnostics package AND the remote start package. So you think you are paying 70$ a year but your really paying for both packages for 140$ a year. TOTA RIP OFF! Especially considering all other brands do not even require you pay for this service. In addition, the app does not work that well. Not only does it take 30-60 seconds to actually send the request to my car but half the time it errors out. And the remote start feature is very limited and only lets your car run 10 minutes before turning off. 15-20 min would be ideal to let the ice melt. If it wasent for the payment I could look past these app flaws. But I will not be purchasing a yearly subscription after my monthly trial is up. Hyundai please stop being scummy and make these features free like the rest of your competitors.
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9 months ago, I'm.nana
My Hundai,
I have a Hundai Kona, I LOVE it. This is my second Hundai I have owned. My first was an Elantra, it was such a good car that I gave it to my Granddaughter when she graduated high school and went off to college. I knew she would need something reliable. She didn’t go too far but was a little over an hour drive away. That meant that I needed a new car for myself. I had my eye on a beautiful red Kona Ultimate, I did my homework and decided that was my next car. Not too big and not too small, I called the Hundai dealership and talked with a woman, I wish I could remember her name but I don’t. She had to make some calls to find the exact one I wanted and she did. She found the one I wanted and personally went to get it. I’m in Oregon and she found it in Washington a little over an hour away. She earned her commission, she was so sweet. That was in May 2021 and 2 years later, I still love my car and recommend Hundai to anyone I know who is looking for a new car.
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2 years ago, swift770
Great app that really impresses
Apps for vehicles have, so far in my experience, been clunky (like going through five or six steps to unlock your car) or mostly pointless (like really, your big feature is a button to call your dealership derive department?). Hyundai did it right! I much prefer this app over Chevy or BMW apps! It always logs me in quickly with Face ID and keeps common tasks at you fingertip along with vehicle status right at the top. I find I actually use this app a good bit. Taking the kids to school this morning, one needed something out of the car. Since we were taking a different car, I didn’t have the keys. So two taps on my phone and a 30second delay… we’re in. I forgot to lock the vehicle back. The app sent me a reminder 15 minutes later, “vehicle has been unlocked since ____.” Super nice to get that reminder and be able to lock my car while in the school drop off line. Remote start for those especially hot or really cold days works perfectly, and other features like vehicle status and manual are helpful, too. The only thing I have found is a shortcoming is that while I can set Start my car with an internal temp and heated steering wheel… oddly I can’t turn on the heated seats! Big miss for the cold weather season. That’s specifically on a 2022 Palisade. Maybe an update can fix it?! But hey, it’s still overall the best vehicle app I’ve experienced so far. A good win for Hyundai.
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5 years ago, jer2542
I hsve been using this app for about six years. First time was my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe sport. At the beginning there were some issues with loading in and the connection to the Bluelink however with my new 2019 Santa Fe all these problems have been illuminated the app works great. I never have to wait more than five or ten seconds for connection and when I hit the start button 90% of the time the car started by time I get there. My 2019 Hyundai now has the option I can set the temperature with my iPhone prior to the starting which is really nice. There was some complaints about the headlights flashing on the old vehicles but with the 2019 I see that is the illuminated. Only the parking lights flash for a bit. I actually like the headlights flashing better as it’s nighttime in the parking lot is much easier to find my car. However it is what it is and I love the app and I think it works great. I don’t know what all the negative reviews are about but to me all those are false
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5 years ago, 3sons66
Where’s the “Palisade” app?
Only 2 stars because there is no “Palisade” specific only app. It features an outline of a car that looks nothing like my Palisade Limited. You have to scroll through the “select your car”, finger through all Hyundai models to the “Premium” section (with the Genesis’s...weird) to find the Palisade. That’s the only designation you get that you paid $50K large for your all new Hyundai. I’m having flashbacks to my $44K 2013 Azera which attempted to be “premium” but was 86’ed due to low sales numbers (thanks for the massive depreciation Hyundai, should have just burn’t $30 grand in the back yard!). Hopefully the Palisades future is brighter and looks to be due to demand (selling over MSRP) and HOPEFULLY we get a Palisade specific app in the VERY near future. This is your LAST SHOT Hyundai, I can’t hemorrhage any more $$$$$!! Make a decent app to compliment this outstanding vehicle!
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2 years ago, Holliskuza
Worst app I have
I can’t believe I pay money for this app. Even with excellent WiFi the app does not work. When I open the app it should show my vehicles current status. But it shows a random date in the past, and it is not immediately apparent that it’s not showing the current status. You have to strain your eyes to find the light gray writing that says “last updated 10 months ago” (that was displayed today even though I used the app yesterday). So you must push refresh which takes over a minute to possibly show you the current status—or not. Half the time I get a message stating to call a number because it can’t connect. I recently lost my vehicle at the airport and was unable to get the app to locate the vehicle—again I had to wait over a minute (multiple times) for it to tell me it is unable to work. This is an important app. I need to know within a few seconds if my vehicle is locked. I need to be able to locate my vehicle. I have submitted a ticket and they told me to reinstall the app which I have. It is still very unreliable. I don’t usually give bad reviews but this is so frustrating.
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3 months ago, cmp2993
Works Great
I have had no problems with the app working. It does everything it advertises, and most commands / status updates are complete within 20 seconds or less. Setting the temperature with climate start is a really cool feature that I’m happy they offer. I’m glad that the service is now free for life for all 2024 or newer vehicles, but I do feel it should be made free for all previous owners as well. It’s a great move for Hyundai to position itself further as a quality brand that is generous with their technology (in addition to their industry leading warranty). The only reason I am giving the app 4/5 stars is because the “heated accessories” function does not turn on the heated seats, yet it will turn on the heated steering wheel. To me that makes no sense and is an unnecessary limitation of Bluelink. In the end the heated seats get warm really quick when turned on, so I guess it’s not the end of the world, but it is wasted potential for Bluelink for sure.
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7 years ago, SomeoneInDenver
Much improved, but still has some basic UX flaws
I've been using this app for about a year and a half at this point so I can honestly say it has improved. However, it's still quite buggy. If your car's alarm has gone off and you didn't stop the alarm yourself with your keys, you won't be able to use the remote start feature. I had this happen and Blue Link support couldn't help me at all. They told me to take it to a dealer. I'm a software engineer so I tracked down the issue myself. If this happens to you, just trigger the alarm with your keys and unlock it with your keys to stop the alarm. Remote start should work for you after that. I also just discovered that you have to tap a button for the car finder to update its current location. That should probably happen when you navigate to that page. Even if you have to wait for it to load, it's better to show no data at all rather than bad data. And for those users complaining about force updates - get over it. Every app has to force update from time to time. If you don't like it happening over 4G then turn off automatic updates. That's not Blue Link's fault. And stop complaining about paying for it! Is it a bit pricey at $100 a year? Yeah, maybe. But building software and running servers 24/7 to support it isn't cheap either. Some nice to haves for this app would be turning on the seat warmers remotely and the rear defrost. Also, why doesn't the car finder work if you are over 1 mile away from your car?
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2 years ago, aapae3494
Never Works
I’ve had this app which was given to me as a free trial for the last three years that comes with remote start.I used it for the last three years because it was free and why not warm up my car when it’s cold for free? Well, over those last three years the quality and connectivity of this app has gotten worse and worse. I receive an error message more times than I can actually even use the app. For that reason I didn’t renew my subscription for the last year. It’s been cold so I decided to renew it and figured over the last 3 to 4 years they would figure out why the app always has a glitch or an error message and doesnt work often and would fix it so I paid to renew the app for this year. I’ve had the app for two days and only used my remote start one time before getting an error message again not allowing me to use it when I actually need it. It’s really sad that this app has been around for so long and they still can’t figure out how to get it to work right or to its full ability and that they still take peoples money knowing it doesn’t.
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4 years ago, tim j a
Not reliable
Absolutely useless! Doesn’t work half the time and if it does it won’t start if the doors are not locked. That I could handle but the doors should automatically lock if you try to start the car. There is no reason these “engineers” can’t solve that problem. When you then try to remote lock the doors that doesn’t work either! I tried to call customer support and waited literally an HOUR just to be told I’m not the only one, yet the girl had to write a ticket to include me in this so called problem they’ve been having? Why would you need to write a work ticket to include something that’s wrong with certain years and models anyway? On top of that, why wouldn’t they send something out telling the customers of this problem to begin with? I’ve had 5 Hyundais and just bought a new one for my girlfriend and I can tell you I’ll never buy another. I’m so sick of paying for something that doesn’t work and totally unreliable. Frankly, the service should be included with the car, then if it doesn’t work I wouldn’t be so upset. Terrible communication and support on Hyundai’s part. They should be ashamed of themselves.
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3 years ago, MisterEco99
A great App but...
The app works really well for what it was intended, gets regular updates as well. Only big problem I see, and thousands of other users as well, at least in the USA, is the flashing lights issue. If one remote starts a Hyundai car, it causes the hazards light to flash. Apart from being a nuisance to other people at night if the car is parked outside, there is also a real danger in urban environments where car jackings frequently occur, like Chicago where I live. You basically advertise to everybody that the engine is running and that the user will be there momentarily. Already then! If one Googles this issue, you will learn that Hyundai refuses to fix this unnecessary feature. So as soon as my free 3 year trial is up, I am going to look for another remote start solution. Do they really expect people to pay for an app like this, where a real annoyance and/or possible danger to life and property is not taken care of? It would be okay, I guess, in countries like Korea, but here?
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2 years ago, acrazynegro
Don’t Use This Service!!!!!
Their customer service horrible. I’ve been hung up on many times when I tried to contact them about issues with my service. I also would get a poor connection with the Blue Link service when I was contacting to them when I was in my car. The service itself is good when it decides to work. It will work about 70% of the time. Its a 30% failure rate. It’s very annoying to walk out to your vehicle expecting it to be running and it’s not on. They lied to me and canceled my service instead of giving me the free month I was promised. By canceling my service after June 1,2022 I wasn’t able to reactivate my service. The supervisor I spoke to didn’t care about the fact that their agent caused my service to no longer work. The supervisor never even apologized to me. I tried to work with these disrespectful people and it was for nothing. I highly recommend not giving them your time or money. The headaches and unnecessary stress isn’t worth using the service when it decides to work. Stay away from the Hyundai Blue Link service . You have been warned.
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1 year ago, BlackGuy from New England
Needs MAJOR improvement
The bones are there but it needs a LOT of work to be a truly good app. The positive things first: it has a great user interface that is very easy to navigate. Buttons are easy to access and menus are not convoluted. When the app is responsive it is quick start the vehicle to my presets. But that leads to my negative point about about this app: it is terribly unreliable. It frequently takes an excessively long time to open the app and then an excessively long time to respond to a command, if it even successfully completes the action requested at all. A company as large as Hyundai should really be able to create a great app that works consistently well. It’s embarrassingly bad and I know they can do better than this. And if the problem is not the app, then they really need to invest in improving their service so we can have a quicker response time. I shouldn’t have to wait 10 minutes before the app even opens up. They really should make more of an effort to get this app up to speed.
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5 years ago, rfooks78
Needs much improvement
The app is useless most everything needs desktop access to work. On top of that I received an email for a free year of service and have not been able to use the service, it’s been about 3 months now. (Totally understand the free year, since I won’t be able to use it) took to service dept to fix, they tried sending me home by saying it wasn’t working because I need to purchase the service. When I finally got someone to take the time to listen and understand I activated the free year of service from my desktop but the service is not working on my sonata, they took it back in the service bay again and discovered a bad head unit. Took about a month for that to come in and now with my work schedule I haven’t had time to get back to have it installed. Service dept hours are not weekend friendly as I would need to take it on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If I ever purchase another vehicle I will make sure remote start is already installed so I don’t have to rely on this or any other app. My car is a 2017 model so how is the head unit already needing to be replaced???
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2 years ago, FixThisHorridFrameRate
Almost never works
I want to like this app - but unless you only want to use it to lock your doors, every other feature is simply doesn’t work most of the time. I keep my phone and the app up to date. In fact, when it refuses to even let me login sometimes, I check the App Store and hope there is an update to this broken service but there isn’t. Here’s some of the things that finally drove me to write this review: - Endless waiting and loading even when I have perfect internet connection - Can’t login at all 10% of the time. The password was correct, it just “loses connection to the server” - No single sign on (SSO) to Hyandai finance. You have to put in your credentials Every. Single. Time. It doesn’t matter if you select “remember login” I promise you, it won’t remember. - Remote start is more of a fantasy than an actual service. It works maybe 15% of the time and that feels generous. I think it hasn’t worked a single time in the past week. It’s mid-December. So that’s fun. - The app will notify me that my doors are locked, but they are not. It will tell me the car is on and the remote start was successful, but it wasn’t. It will say the car is out of the service area when I’m standing right in front of it. It’s completely a toss up if anything this app notifies me is accurate. Please do better with this app. As others have mentioned, other car manufacturers have MUCH better apps and don’t charge for the service.
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5 years ago, erlsquirrel
Terrible app
Hyundai should just install a remote starter on the keychain. This app is a joke and malfunctions constantly. Super unreliable. And very slow when it actually does work. Really disappointing in a brand new car! And in 3 years, I’ll have to pay $9.90 a month to use it and an additional $9.90 a month if you want to continue the diagnostics package?!?!? I’m so frustrated with Hyundai regarding this. Honestly, I wouldn’t have bought a car if it didn’t have remote start and that is basically what I have half the time. Additionally, I have a iPhone XS and when I open any of the manuals that the app has like the car manual or the getting started guide, you can’t close the manual to get back to the main app screen because the done button is hidden under the time at the top left of the phone, and there is no way to press it. It seems like Hyundai must have hired an owner’s cousin who is an entry level wanna-be app developer as a favor and they failed. I can’t think of any other reason it could be this bad. Hyundai, I paid way too much for a new car to be dealing with this kind of issue.
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2 years ago, Reseling
Can’t update PIN
Used to work perfectly until I had issues with my PIN after updating and something is broken that won’t let me change the PIN so I can’t use the app because it won’t let me update the PIN. Looks like a few people are also having this problem. Very frustrating because even after emailing, I just get a general response that no one can help me with PIN issues and they keep saying I can do it myself but every time I try, I make it all the way through to update, hit save and then a warning pops up that says I have the wrong security answer. I know that’s not true because I was able to update my security question and answer so I know it’s correct. I even had to enter my security answer to change other things. The PIN is the only thing I can’t change and if the PIN doesn’t work, the app becomes useless. It’s been well over month since I lost my ability to change the PIN. Don’t understand why the Save new PIN issue still hasn’t been solved. If the PIN is that important to the app, that should be a top fix.
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4 years ago, EusAdnama
Rarely works
Leased a Hyundai Elantra 2020 and nearly peed my pants when I sat down to sign the paperwork and saw an Apple Watch on the cover of one of the booklets. I said, “No!” I love my Apple Watch and use it nearly as much as my iPhone. Couldn’t believe I was going to be able to start my car with my watch! Fast forward a couple weeks and all I’ve seen one after the other is glitch and failure, glitch and failure. The delay on my watch and often phone is so long, I’d rather not even use it. I’m standing in my driveway as we speak waiting for my dog to pee and trying to unlock my car with the phone app. It pended three times with three failures. I’m aware of the requirements for Remote Start to work. My phone is often “more” successful than my watch, and quicker than the watch for sure, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not reliable. If it’s such a pain to get it to work, I’m not going to want to use it. Maybe an update is in order. The Apple Watch updates didn’t do anything to help. I’ll just go back to my previous favorite features: keyless entry and proximity awareness. Meh.
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5 years ago, kimberly1019
“Your request is taking longer than normal to respond...” 🙄😤 This app is awful. I hate it. I hate it SO much. I have a 2018 Tucson. It’s the first Hyundai I’ve owned that had a remote start feature. Well the only way to use that feature is through the app because there is no way to start it from my key fob. When the app does work, it’s SO slow. I mean, give yourself EXTRA time in the morning to remotely start your car. It’ll take a few attempts. Most of the time though, the app crashes or the command was “unsuccessful.” Today, I used the app to start my car before leaving work. I never received a notification about the status of my request so I checked the app only to see it was unsuccessful. Got home from work and used the lock door feature. I closed the app after 4 minutes of waiting to see if it was successful and restarted it. Checked vehicle status to see if it locked and it couldn’t process because it was still processing my last request. WHAT. 😱 I have never hated an app so much! I really wish Hyundai had a better option.
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7 years ago, RobRedbeard
Missing Siri integration, long login time
It should be as easy as lifting my wrist and saying “hey Siri, start my sonata and set the AC to 77”. The experience is app only and unfortunately that puts the burden on them to improve. BlueLink is a paid service and not cheap. I’m fine with that if it was continually delivering improvements to the service. The app is the worst part of this. The watch app works sometimes, but usually I have to get the phone out and find out it’s logged out again. After eventually logging back in, I can execute remote start. However, that takes up to 2 minutes to happen. By the time it does, I’m lucky if it starts before my kids open the doors, which cancels everything. So much for cooling the car off before we leave the restaurant. If this were free, I’d tolerate the situation.
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5 years ago, Hack*T
So far, so good!
I recently purchased a 2019 Hyundai Kona Limited and have been using the Blue Link app. While there has been some lag time after a command is sent it seems to be acceptable. When a Start command is sent it usually takes about 30-40 seconds for the car to start. For the other commands it seems to be shorter. The status notifications also come fairly quickly. It also has a timer built in to the app so that a new command cannot be sent until 50 seconds have passed, the app will show the count down. I am using an Apple XR with the app. I hope everything continues to work because I can see that I will use the Remote Start a lot. If I did have a complaint it would be that the sign-up process online needs to be more seamless and should be available through the app.
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4 years ago, LordWoodSlinger
25% Success Rate With This App
I can’t even start to tally up how many times it’s failed. How many times I’ve been standing at my car for minutes on minutes, waiting for the remote app features to work. Yes, I have the most updated app. Yes, I have the newest iPhone. Yes, I have the most updated iOS. Yes, my car is in an open area able to receive the signal. Yes, my phone has full bar LTE coverage. Forcing me to turn back around and go get my actual key. Whether it was locking, unlocking. The worst is when you physically lock the door. See the car lock. Then five minutes later try using the app for remote start. Just to wait for nothing. Trying it again, waiting around again for no reason. To top it off, add the price tag along with the times it doesn’t work. It’s just a hard pill to swallow after wanting a vehicle that has abilities like this and it does not work. Might have to switch to another car brand with 2 years left. It’s almost 2021, this shouldn’t have issues like this.
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1 year ago, Phinsley
I can’t say enough about this app how horrible it is. Recently with the newest update we have been forced to allow you even more into ours lives with that ‘privacy’ crap. Even having paid $200/for the year, if I did not accept your ‘privacy rules’ I can’t use what I paid for. Not acceptable. Also not acceptable that the coldest days of the year the stupid app didn’t work, did not allow me to start my car….yes Merry Christmas to me!! My daughter owns a GMC vehicle and uses the GMC app to start her car but …..get this, she also has a ‘start’ feature on her key fob!!!!! Can you even imagine that? I love my car 2019 Tucson, but will never own another Huyndai/Kia again. I am sold a car with remote features but can only use the start feature with the stupid app that doesn’t work!! This is so unacceptable. I have read so many bad reviews on this app but not one reply from the Bluelink company. Such poor customer service. Take our money and run!!! If I could have left a zero star rating I would have.
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7 months ago, Mark Pugner
In the winter I hate this car because of this app
This app is the thing that will keep from buying another Hyundai in the future. I have a 2018 Hyundai Tucson Limited (nearly fully loaded). It has heated seats and a rear defroster. Every time I attempt to start the car from this app, for a brief second it shows the “heated features” for activation on start, then they slide away. I guess I didn’t pay enough for this feature. Screw Hyundai. Never again. The app also used to allow for 15 minute start increments. Now only 10. And don’t get me started on the flashing hazard lights when it remote starts. Buy something that has an actual remote starter. You’ll be happier. UPDATE 2022: Still despise this company because of this app. I don’t mind paying for blue link, but the neutering Hyundai does to it is mind boggling. For at least six months there was a feature that could be enabled that would lock the doors if they were unlocked thereby enabling remote start. This feature is now gone in a recent update. Crapware.
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2 years ago, newamerykahn
Not efficient, doesn’t always do what it says
The app is alright, but could be much better. First, it takes a really long time for it to work. If there’s any kind of trouble and you need to unlock your car doors remotely or start the engine remotely in a hurry, you’d likely die waiting for the signal to be picked up. This needs improvement because sometimes by the time this thing gets the signal to turn on or unlock I could’ve done it manually. Next, the “My Profile” portion says it has convenient easy access to things like your VIN, title and personal information. This is untrue. The title is missing here and even if I wanted to add it, there’s not even a field labeled for it to input the information myself. The only thing you can edit is your vehicle name. Finally, the app is pretty slow and laggy on all accounts. The only thing it is good for is paying my bill.
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3 years ago, HeisEnFuego
Good Start by Hyundai
The MyHyundai app is a good start to being able to monitor your car, however it is not ready for prime time. My biggest issue is support of the app. I have had a problem with receiving notifications to my text, email and app when certain events occur. For example when I leave the car and doors an unlocked. I use to get notification of that event when I first got the car. About 2 months ago, that stopped working. I emailed support through the app. First , that was difficult to even submit. Too much info was requested just to ask a question. Second, I received a response, but they did not understand my issue. A solution was offered, they thanked me and closed it out. The solution did not work. I think people are too quick to resolve issues without understanding. This happened twice. I finally called Muhyundai support, they walked me through a solution, which entailed the web page, and that did not work. By the way the same functionality is available through the Myhyundai app but the support person was not that familiar with that app. Honestly, I was not aware there was a web page AND MyHyndai app. Pretty confusing. I tried to find a solution through myHyundai support documentation and help topics but those are not well developed to help. Again, the entire MyHyundai app and support is not well developed enough yet.
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6 years ago, mkla216
So slow!
I’m not paying $100/yr to use an app that takes 2 minutes to process any request I make. If I accidentally press “unlock” instead of start it takes 2 minutes to process and won’t let me cancel the request. So I have to wait 2 minutes for it to process the unlock request, then another 2 minutes for it to process the lock request (because it won’t start when it’s unlocked) then another 2 minutes to start the car. Altogether 6 minutes because I accidentally pressed the wrong button. On top of that the app sometimes loses connection and won’t work at all. I think it’s ridiculous that I spend $27k on a car and they can’t even give me remote start for free! I wasn’t aware that they charged for this feature or I wouldn’t have even purchased this make of a car. The least they could do is charge a small fee but $100/yr is just ridiculous and apparently that is their discounted price!! Crazy. I love my Hyundai car but once I pay this off I will not be buying a Hyundai again for this very reason.
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6 years ago, Raycam198990cam
Double charged for the same 1 year subscription.
I have tried 3 times to get help with billing from hyundai customer service. I was told I could pay a certain price for 1 year. I paid it. I have screen shots of everything. Then I get charged again but for the full amount. This is very concerning knowing that you just take money from people. You record all your calls. I’m sure you have a CRM where your employees take notes. So how in the world do you miss this? I need to speak to who ever is in charge of this company. Based of the reviews I can see that you obviously don’t care about the consumer. This is why consumers cross over to other brands, because companies like you promise so much that you never follow up on. We are just numbers to you. No relationship. You just take our money, in my case twice, and forget about customer service. I have all three emails and look forward to sharing them with who ever is in charge. How can you claim to be this great customer focused company, when your failing at customer service. I will get my money back.
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6 years ago, KRaNiuMM
Awful...I wouldn’t have purchased my Hyundai had I know this was the only option
Negative 5 star review! One of the few features I REALLY wanted on my new car was remote start. Texas summers are extremely hot! However, after having my car for two years I’ve only gotten this feature to work 4 or 5 times TOTAL!!!! Despite me calling to cancel after my free 3 month trial, they still charged my credit card...then charged it again the following year. $200+ per year!!! When I call to cancel the service and request a refund the customer service reps are rude and require that I keep trying to “reset the head unit” to get it to work and WILL NOT process a refund. I would have to reset the head unit EVERY TIME in order to possibly get this to work. I get error messages each time that say my request was not processed and the service is unavailable. If I hadn’t overpaid for this car and was still upside down in value I would trade it in and get something different. I have no confidence or respect for Hyundai customer service at this point!!!!!!
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8 months ago, FitGuy314
Good app but…
This is a nice app, had one for my Honda previously and also for our Audi. When I bought my car the sales person showed me that you can remote start and warm your seats before you get in. For some reason shortly after that feature was taken away. Huge disappointment for me as I have medical issues that are aggravated by the cold weather. My Honda always had nice warm seats by the time I got in. Also the maintenance section is fairly unintuitive and now says I’m supposed to have maintenance done every 2,000 miles!? C’mon, Im not using this vehicle as a tow truck. My final frustration is that the car will chime at you if you try to get out while the moonroof is popped or open, but the app won’t check the status of the moonroof when it checks to see if the doors are locked. I’ve left a moonroof open in the rain… this would be a nice feature. BRING BACK THE HEATED SEATS!!
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2 years ago, Gaile16
Frustrating BlueLink
BlueLink is not always telling me my actual vehicle’s status. There are several instances when my coworkers would tell me that they’ve heard my vehicle is making loud sounds (similar to the panic alarm) out in the parking lot and I would check my Hyundai app and it’s not giving any indication that something’s happened or happening with my car. I even went out once to check the car myself and heard it making the loud sounds but nothing registered in my app. When my Hyundai makes these weird loud noises, it’s not something that is caused by me remotely pushing the panic button (not even accidentally as my key fob is kept in my purse) nor is it from any visible moving object/person nearby. This is actually a current problem which I’ve recently had my dealership’s service center checked and found nothing that could be causing the alarm sounds. But there’s obviously a problem. Is it possible that my Hyundai is being hacked thru BlueLink? I’ve ran out of possibilities. Please help.
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9 months ago, Scooter-55
Awesome Experience!
The MyHyundai app is awesome! Coupled with the complimentary 3 year subscription you now receive with the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle gives you all the resources you could ever want to operate, track and care for your new Hyundai! I can remotely lock, unlock and start my new Hyundai Elantra, plus set the cabin climate so the car feels perfect when we get in! I receive notifications when my car doors are opened or the car was remotely started. It tracks the cars gas tank level and mileage along with other important information. I can schedule service, make my payment or contact emergency services. Plus loads of other cool features! This newly designed app is simply fantastic! Hyundai is in the business to satisfy their customers and it shows!
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5 years ago, TheWorst072019
Not Reliable- AT ALL.
One of the main reasons I chose the Santa Fe over other similar sized SUVs was for all the extra features that came with Blue Link. I read poor reviews on the app before I made my purchase and even spoke to all the salespeople about them. I then took a Santa Fe home to test out for almost 3 days and they gave me a temporary login because I was concerned about Blue Link. I tested the CRAP out of it while that car was at my house, literally trying a different function probably every hour just to see how often it might fail. Maybe once did it happen in those few days, so I was completely satisfied and made my car purchase a few days later. This was 2 weeks ago. From the moment I had my own personal login with the app, it has worked maybe 3 times....for every feature. I’ve spoken to the dealership and to Blue Link customer service, re-downloaded the app several times, logged out and back in, you name it. I am SO disappointed by this and completely regretting my decision to go with a Hyundai! Never again.
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