myMail box: email client app

4.5 (17.3K)
270 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for myMail box: email client app

4.46 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
2 weeks ago, ittybittykabob
Account authorization error
*Update/Edit* the email is finally functioning normally. No more needing to login multiple times a day. ———————- Your recent app update did not work :((. I still have to login multiple times a day. Still holding out hope because I love this app. Loyal long time user. I’m using another email app for the time being. ——————- It keeps asking me to enter my password to log into my email account to see the inbox. It asks me multiple times a day. I had this app for many years. Never encountered this problem before. I see the “account authorization error” with options to either login or log out account. —————- Original Review: This is my favorite email app. I have tried others when I encountered issues with this app but I was using them reluctantly. I wanted to go back to this app! It has what I want and need. It's simple and basic. It doesn't have the extra fluff and other unnecessary things. I hope it doesn't change!! The app works smoothly and updates and loads quickly.
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3 months ago, lotusflwr7
Worst email app hands down
This app was nice at first and one of the first apps like this I've tried, however it just kept falling short. I liked the bottom menu and being able to easily switch through folders and settings. However, I have never once received a notification in the couple months I've used the app. My notifications were on and my notification settings were normal, no abnormalities so it is the app's issue. After the most recent update, the bugs will not let you use the app. They sign you out of your email every single time you open the app so you're forced to sign in again each time to each of your emails and this bug renders the app unusable and useless. If such a big issue was affecting your users, especially for several days, you should have already had a bug fix up and ready for download. It's ridiculous. The developers also always try to blame the users saying it's user error and redirect them to their FAQ as if any of that information is useful in the slightest. These are the app's issues, get it through your thick skulls cause you're not going to have any users at this rate. I've switched over to Edison yesterday and it is SOOO much better. Lots of different appearance settings and different folders and customizable functions. I also receive notifications from them and there are no bugs. Mymail can't even hold a candle to Edison. This is the worst email app hands down.
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5 years ago, AnnlynnRN
Best email app I've EVER used
I only downloaded the "myMail" app 3 days ago, and I am so happy with it. I can't think of a single complaint or criticism. I've used the Gmail app for years, and it always found new ways to annoy me on a regular basis. I had 2 email accounts on my Gmail app. It would only synch my iPhone contacts to one of my accounts. Sounds like a small complaint, but it really bugged me. Even stranger, my recently deceased Mother-in-Law's email suddenly showed up in MY Gmail app! I personally deleted her Google and Gmail account from HER computer and mobile phone over 7 months ago! But suddenly, her email showed up on my Gmail app account last week. I attempted to access it in ANOTHER attempt to delete it, but it didn't work because Google responded that her account was previously deleted (by me.) Well, then I found "myMail" and I love it. Both of my emails were easily transferred over, including all of my iPhone contacts (and their pics.) The "myMail" app even preserved and transferred all of my folders that I had in my Gmail app. I am so pleased that I don't have to deal with the regular hassles from Gmail anymore. I'm a "myMail" user from now on. Great job on your fantastic app. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Annie ☀️
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6 years ago, Wintertales
A must have
I generally do not write app reviews - may have done 2-3 in the last 4 years but wanted to give this app some props - I have used this app for years and it is the only app I use to check my email daily - it’s extremely user friendly and simplistic - it has everything you need for your day to day email needs - if I had to find any fault with this app (which is not an easy thing to do) It would be 1) there should be an ability to arrange folders in the order you want them - placing the most frequently used folders at the top would make the user experience so much nicer and 2) the built in ads - now, before you turn your back on this app over the word “ads”, let me be very clear, you hardly ever notice them and should not detour you into getting It - they blend in perfectly with everything else so i cannot complain being that this is a free app - I just get tired of deleting them when they show up on my email - would have no problem paying for an ad free version of this and would recommend the developer to consider that. All that being said, this is a pretty flawless app and I have no intention of using any other app for years to come.
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3 years ago, Kim1966.
Password issues
I have use this app for a year or two and for the most part I really liked it. But on multiple occasions it suddenly said that I had the wrong password. At first I thought it was an issue with my AOL account. So I change the password and went back-and-forth and finally got in through the app. But this time around, no matter how many times I change the password and make sure I was using the right password, MyMail would tell me I had the wrong password. I reported the issue and they said it was known and that they are working on it. This was two or three days ago. Just before this happened, I had sent an email to myself as a simple way to get a final bid from one computer to another. It took four hours for the email to arrive. From the same account to the same account. I also sent an email with attachments to my military account from my AOL account and it also took several hours to arrive. I am not having these issues outside of transactions that don’t involve MyMail. If they are experiencing a “known issue“ they should let their customers know so that their customers don’t waste valuable time trying to resolve something that cannot be resolved.
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1 year ago, Cacti22
App Stopped Working - And There Was Zero Communication
I’ve been using MyMail for a couple of years now with no issues. I relied on it and enjoyed using it. But, like so many others have experienced, the app suddenly stopped working for me. For the past few days, I’ve opened it to see my emails and nothing loads. The app just says my email list has failed to update and I can’t see anything sent, received, trashed, etc. I reported the issue to the developers through the app and have continued to open the app daily to see if anything’s changed…but it hasn’t. There’s been zero communication about this as well. I finally came onto the App Store to see if anyone else is having this issue and sure enough, there are many reviews talking about this problem and the developers are giving to same response to each person. They said they’re doing maintenance and making changes, but no one was warned or told about this beforehand. So as much as I hate to do it, I’m deleting this app and moving on. My emails are important and I need an app that’s reliable for checking them and receiving them. If this had lasted only a day or two that would be understandable, but this has been going on for days now.
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4 years ago, LCausey
Updated Review
I’ve used my Mail for several years now. I’ve tried other email apps & this has always been the most convenient app for me. Unfortunately, the new update has just made my life slightly more complicated. In the past, when the app was opened, you could immediately see all of your email accounts and how many unread emails each contained. You could then click on the account of your choice & click on the new email. Now when you open the app, not only do you have to relearn where your accounts are located on the screen because that has been changed, but you also can’t see all of your accounts immediately, because the last account you had opened is the only one displaying on the opening screen. So you have to click on the account that was opened last in order to see all of your email accounts, then click on the account you want to open...which you also have to relearn because they are now displayed horizontally instead of vertically on the screen. Not a happy camper with the new layout! That one extra step is a nuisance, but having to relearn the layout after several years of the same one is very annoying. We are all too busy these days to have to relearn something that was absolutely perfect the way it was. I want to give it fewer stars because I’m so annoyed, but I have been a loyal user for so long that I don’t have the heart to. Why change what was already perfect? Why?!!!
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2 years ago, Oluwatomi Idowu
Notifications, Organization, Love it 100%!
I initially got this app because I needed to make sure I’d actually get immediate email notifications from my school (and the mail app already on my phone does a terrible job at that) and this app has become so much more than that in the time I’ve been using it! Now, after a span of a few months (if not a year), I operate with multiple of my emails (personal, school, business, etc) all with this app and can get actual immediate notifications from all of them, as well as send emails from all of them. The app’s interface is wonderful and this app has been a lifesaver to me, also making me more active with my email since it has become so much more accessible for me. Plus, it’s just a great feeling to be able to verify my email for websites in seconds, being notified in seconds as if the email is a text! This app has become my main mail app and I don’t plan on changing it any time soon!
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2 years ago, FL Homeschoolie
Best calendar app out there
I’ve used this app for probably 2-3 years. Its simple, intuitive design was exactly what I needed and wanted. It’s super easy to mark messages as unread or read, which I need because when I look at emails on my phone I may need to take care of it on my desktop and unread emails show up at the top of my email on my desktop. I liked that it notified me even when I get mail to my gmail filters, I have a lot of filters. Then one day it stopped notifying me, I contacted the developers and after a few emails back and forth I was told that Apple has blocked some VK apps. I am so bummed! I’ve been using another email app to get notifications while waiting for this to get fixed. It has made me realize yet again how much I love this app. So now I get my notifications on my screen from the other app and open the email in this app. It’s not very sustainable but maybe it will get fixed sometime in the future.
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7 months ago, Cottontop nana
Email daily
I have a hotmail email address and have for years without a minutes problem. Then last year, my email stopped updating. I get 100 emails more or less every single day and the last one shown was 3 days prior. I knew that wasn’t right! But it kept saying that it was updated. Somehow I managed to get it updated and it worked for a few months. Then it happened again. So I opened another email account, not with this app. I continued to try to get my updates with hotmail. Somehow it got my updates. I sent messages to a couple email addresses but never received an answer. This last episode happened about 2-4 weeks ago. Well dang! I noticed last night that it hadn’t updated again since December 9, 2022 and last night was December 11! Today, the 12th, still not updating although it says it’s updated. No way!! I’m expecting deliveries and have bills thst all info comes to my email. None of which are showing up!! This is becoming intolerable!! Going to switch to new email and delete hotmail account if I get this straightened out and it happens again. I’m done!
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6 years ago, alanscottr
Excellent & VERY, VERY quick program!
This is a VERY good program - especially for accounts having a very large number of emails! It does an excellent job of quickly loading and performs extremely quick searches within the accounts. There are just 2 reasons why I did not give it 5-Stars: A) Outgoing messages are composed in HTML which seems to add extra blank lines when composing some replies; and, B) It would be most helpful [at least for me] to have a feature where designated accounts can be integrated into a unified Inbox rather than needing to manually switch between the Inbox of each separate account within the program—to be fair, you can select badges to display the number of New or Unread message on the Avatar for each account. Nonetheless, this is my “go-to” program to find and verify messages—particularly when iOS is challenged by multiple accounts and large numbers of emails!!!
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7 years ago, Constantly Surfing the Web
Used for years
I love this app and have used it as my main mail app for more than 4 years, started with my first iPhone. I prefer Apple products have a iPad Pro, iPad Air, and a MacBook Pro yet apples mail system is unfamiliar to me and prefer using my-mail, I guess it because it’s what I first learned so it’s the only app for mail I use. Nothing is prefect though and I do have a couple issues with it. The cell number associated with my first and main email account I can’t use anymore since II no longer have that number. Along those lines I wish they had app for my MacBook and my PC, I don’t like and rarely use my outlook/Hotmail accounts. Over the years some businesses would not except a mymail email if opening an account, I don’t know why, and maybe that is no longer an issue? It is great over the years they continue to improve by letting you add folders and other benefits I assume other mail apps offer.
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6 years ago, marandalee
Simple, Fast & Free!!
I've been using myMail for about six months now. I've tried so many email apps & none of them have worked for me. But myMail fits the bill. I love the simplicity of it. There isn't any extra fluff to confuse you. I handle eight different email accounts with this one app and it's remains fast. While at work, I'll receive a work email sent through myMail at least a minute before I receive it through my native work email account (Microsoft). I changed my cell number a couple of months ago & absolutely forgot that myMail users need their cell number to log in... I attempted to update my number within the app. It didn't work. So I reached out to customer support & they were able to update it for me. No problem. I will continue to use this app as long as they keep things simple & update it regularly. I really wish they had an app for my MacBook Pro. That would make myMail a perfect 5🌟App!👌🏽
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2 months ago, madashell59
The best email app I’ve ever used
I love all the great features and how easy it is to stay organized with all of my many online accounts. I can keep important emails in Folders that I’ve created and I’ve never found another app that makes it so easy to search for a specific email whether it’s an order I placed a few years ago or a recipe I got from a friend. My only problem has nothing to do with the app itself but on my laptop, a known perpetrator hacked my Microsoft account and therefore has gotten access to my 20 plus years worth of Hotmail data and now I can’t login on this app anymore and reach my hotmail account. It’s impossible to contact Microsoft if you can’t login. He has my phone connected to my laptop and Microsoft, so I’m not able to access my data, he physically stole my backup CD’s! Get this app!! It’s great, I sure do miss being able to use it!
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7 years ago, Ishta Quiroa
Simple + Organized
Love love love this app. I'm a student, community organizer, and a social I definitely use different email accounts often. The interface is just so easy on the eyes. I oftentimes feel overwhelmed when apps have a lot or too little going on, but this app seems spatially balanced. I also have light sensitivity so the colors don't hurt my eyes as much too. The font is smooth and the different ways to delete/mark emails is really nice. There used to be problems with deleting emails from the original servers, but that's been long fixed. If you want something simple, nice on the eyes, and can handle your many many email accounts, this one could be for you! :D Edit: Just came across the pin option! This is a plus since some of my emails contain client information and I wouldn't want folx to have easy access to it just in case my phone gets lost/stolen.
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6 years ago, amanipilates
Very satisfied
I’m a person who likes to try different things before I find what works for me and it’s no different with mail apps. I’ve tried a dozen they all had a few features I liked and others I didn’t really care for which is ultimately why I decided to try another app. After a couple of cycles of trying then getting over the app, I came across mymail. I’ll admit I was skeptical beforehand but after having it for a few hours, I knew my search for the perfect mail app was over. It has many features including having multiple accounts, ease of use, clean and sleek, has pictures next to who ever is sending you an email (even known company’s logos which I find really cool), personalized mail and several other things. The only downside is that I didn’t find this gem sooner. Thank you so much for this beautiful app, it has made the search worth it.
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6 years ago, ChaseND2000
Search Engine?
myMail is my favorite email App Ever. I have downloaded all of the top notch email apps and this one has everything you could ask for in an email app. Except a good search engine and an all inclusive inbox. The features to access attachments through the files app, the ability to create new folder within the app and more makes it almost the best app in the game. But I can’t give it five stars nor can I continue to use until the search engine is fixed. I rely to much on this. For Support Team: Every time I search for my emails or search directly for he recipient or sender of an email it shows up and then disappears. I can’t find a lot of my emails because they are not showing up when I search for them. Please fix! If it’s a user issue I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
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7 months ago, gcam474
Don't hesitate. It's a GREAT app and service.
Okay, so there are folks that have suggestions for improvements. MyMail had just the multi-account features I needed when I started and has worked flawlessly for several years. It WAS possibly THE best! However; What happened to all the filters I set up to file incoming emails into my custom folders?? Additionally, alerts are extremely inconsistent. Previously, they were rock solid dependable. I never hat to scroll my inbox cause I always knew what email was coming in from my ios alerts. Important stuff was filtered to appropriate folders. No longer though! What’s up. I can’t find the filter feature any longer. Am I missing something?? If no, then the app has gotten worse. Sorry. Seems like maybe they couldn’t keep up with the processing. Why not adjust pricing to reflect value? Don’t just eliminate features to what you can afford to provide with current pricing. You had GREAT features. People will pay for this if you ask.
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1 year ago, PixelRo
Stay away…
Updated the app and disable started getting ax weird error. I would be signed in and able to use as normal but after about a minute a pop up Appears saying account authorization error. Quit and restart and can keep making progress. Trying to trouble shoot I signed out and unable to sign in. I can sign in to those same accounts just fine using other mail apps - not a credential error. Note I get an error of “Authorization error A stable connection to the server could not be established. Close. Why the 2 star rating?!! NO WAY TO GET SUPPORT!! The support link from the App Store is nothing more than read only FAQs. No way to contact support from their website. There is an email support option if you are actually signed in but that is not an option. Side note - emailing from the app FORCES a lot of private data be transmitted for those reading this - no way to select what data is being shared - it is locked down.
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6 years ago, Kristinm2
Used for years, but the same problems were never resolved
I have been using this app for more than five years and I have the same problems that, despite repeated attempts at contacting support, have never been resolved. I use the app (always the latest version) on both an iPhone and an iPad (running the latest operating systems). Whenever I delete an email on one device, I have to manually delete it from the second device, as well. My email account does not sync so that it matches on both devices. I have contacted support about this many times, only to be told to send logs and screenshots. They never have been able to fix it. Also, my application badge notifications always show one more email than I actually have received. (For example, the badge will show 2 when I only have received 1 new email.) These problems have gone on for so long, I got used to them. But I’ve recently discovered other apps - like Outlook - don’t have these issues.
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3 years ago, SteveARosa
For years I depended on Microsoft’s “OutLook” as my Favorite Email App. But Not Anymore Since Meeting “MyMail!” True it’s only email, which doesn’t include the other connecting apps/programs such as you calendar, reminders, etc. BUT... who needs these other obstacles in our way on our Phones? We already have those apps on our phones! It notifies you when an email comes in but you can wait an take care of it like you can with a text. I wish you could sync with your computer and maybe in the future it will! At least they do NOT FORCE YOU to use THEIR DOMAIN NAME!!! I’m able to use my own Domain Name by way of my POP3 email server! However if you use GMail, YaHoo EMail, etc you can as well! Simple to run and simple to setup! This APP is a NO BRAINER!
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2 years ago, Forswornlad
Best emailing app
I’ve used this app since I believe 2016. It’s by far the best in my opinion being able to have all my emails in one place and a really easy organization to switch over to each different email quickly and easy. I use my hotmail, yahoo, gmail, all here in one place as well as the option for a lot more. One of the only issues I’ve had.. is not being able to set this app as my main mailing app in my iPhone settings. I only have the option for Mail or Gmail for my main mailing apps. Not “MyMail”, I’ve tried on on a couple occasions within the last few years to change it to the priority mailing app but still no integration for it. It still works fantastic but this is the only downside that I can see.
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1 month ago, Tolgabayik
Will you fix the authorization error
Update: I think it’s been finally fixed, I hope I’m not wrong.. thanks ! Older review: I think the developer should stop copy pasting “see the link on how the app works” as response for every single review feedback talking about the major issue of “keep logging out all the time” and really FIX the issue. I have a feeling my email is on the dark web because the app keeps asking my password every single time I open the app.. it’s a shame cause i had been in love with this app last 3-4 years, but no longer works since last couple of months. Hoping it will be fixed with every single update but getting disappointed nothing got fixed .. extremely frustrating
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1 year ago, Pingachu12
Time for a change?
I’ve been a loyal user of this app for almost 10 years. I remember when it was just a simple app that gave me notifications, kept sign-ins simple, and allowed me to keep my multiple inboxes organized. It was amazing. Today I’m giving this app two stars because it’s been 3 weeks of consistent missed emails and important information because the app doesn’t notify me anymore, as well as logging me out of all my emails one by one, repeatedly. I’ve changed my notification settings and reset it to run in the background (that was already my default). Nothing worked. I emailed the developer with a request for help, and all I got was a message saying they’ve gotten my request. I don’t have anymore time to risk missing important meetings and emails, and retype passwords every time I need to check my emails, so looks like it’s time to find a new email management app.
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1 year ago, TinkerbratMsV
Formerly 5 ⭐️ app ruined by glitchy updates
Like many others, I have used myMail for years. It is absolutely the best app for managing multiple email inboxes. Unfortunately, earlier this year some changes were made “in preparation for a major update,” and many crucial features are still not working. Most notably, notifications are no longer received for new mail. This is beyond frustrating, as I don’t have the time to check all of my inboxes “just in case” there are new emails since I no longer receive a notification for them. I have patiently waited for months for the “major update” that will resolve all of the new issues. I have downloaded each update immediately, but still no improvement. I’ve finally accepted that myMail is not returning to it’s previous 5 star state anytime soon. Reluctantly, I have began testing other email apps. I hate doing so because I have yet to find one as complete as the original myMail 😩
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1 year ago, GMD aka MsDiva
OMG!! like Wat just happen!😐🤷🏽‍♀️
Ok, so I had this app 4 the last 4+ yrs now. But I notice 4 some time now that every time I attempt 2 delete my unwanted emails I can’t which has became nuisance lately since the whole point of getting is reduce a lot unwanted spam & recurring mail third parties advertisement/solicitors. But that hasn’t happen. Also I notice it doesn’t offer any way 2 blocked once decision 2 delete. I already send request to creator of app. But either he/she is busy or they just don’t care e saw either something needs 2 be done ASAP or else I need seek another app that can provide better. I hope creator can come up solution bugs, glitches, & mishaps. The ball is in ur court now. Update: Still having the recurring with regards not be able deleting emails in my goggle email account. Please fix this. Also I should be able to block spam or unsolicited mail from telemarketers.
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1 year ago, Dynamite John
Not good
I used this app for well over a year and gradually it started not sending emails properly. It showed like they were sent but the recipient did not always receive them. Sometimes it took a few weeks for the automatic response to come back saying the email was undeliverable. Half the time this came in Russian language instead of English. I don’t even have any Russian language on my phone nor do I speak it. Finally it logged me out and refused my credentials to log in. My website guru helped me try to figure it out, until finally she connected the dots that some of her other clients who had similar email issues had the same app! So she had me simply download a different app and BINGO! All my emails are there, sending works just fine, and I deleted this MyMail app for good. Update: I received an email in response to this review. They said they were doing some technical work on the app. I have multiple apps I work with in my business and so far all the others have alerted me ahead of time that the app will be down for a scheduled time (eg. 2:00 am til 4:00 am) MyMail did not do that but let me sit with multiple business clients not receiving my emails. I get the fact that Maintenance and Troubleshooting is needed. But communication would’ve made all the difference! I am happily using a different app now. Can’t risk this repeating itself.
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3 years ago, LeeGeeeeeee
App was updated today and now crashes...fixed, maybe.
Ok. I've upped the star count to 4 because appsupport contacted me in less then 12 hours. What they said to do didn't make much sense considering the app would not stay up but the effort was there. Deleted and reinstalled. Seems to work now. Still only giving it three stars because support seems to have vanished. When I open app it stays up for about 2 seconds and then crashes. One star until this gets fixed. Also one star for there being no way to report problem. If you click on app support it takes you to a faq page. Big Fracking help that is . Seems other reviewer hit it on the head, all they care about is games now.
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4 years ago, HeresMyTwoCents
One missing feature makes it useless!
This app is so beautifully designed. The colors, fonts and spacing are perfectly pleasing and great to work with. It’s a pleasure to use, except for one glaring flaw which the developer just apparently does not see as being important, because people have been requesting it forever, yet he just refuses to provide it... Every email app worth using allows you to have a “unified” inbox, but for some bizarre reason, this app still does not. So if you have more than one email account, which everybody does these days, (I have 7 that I have to manage), it means you will have to constantly swipe back-and-forth, back-and-forth all day long in order to constantly check the inboxes of all your accounts. I just seriously cannot understand the point of this. What a shame. By simply giving the users a unified inbox, this app could easily outshine some of the big players in the market. But without it, it never will.
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6 years ago, Ohlookabunny!
Better Than Gmail App
I’m always searching for the best mail app. I was having a problem with fake calendar appointments hijacking my email threads and that glitch where, if you type something like “I’m okay,” in Gmail, it would make the “I” lowercase if it wasn’t the first word in the sentence and capitalize the next word, so you got, “i’m Okay.” So, I finally got tired of the glitches and went looking for a better one. So far, using myMail, I have not had any issue with the I+contraction or the fake appointments. However, myMail does crash frequently, and there are certain emails where the images will not download properly. So, OneKingsLane is OOL if they are trying to inspire me to buy something h because I won’t go to a site if I can’t see an image that inspires me to go there. I just delete those emails and move on. Otherwise, it’s still better than the G app.
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5 years ago, djipstet
Drops my outlook out, cannot sign back in
So, this morning I needed to get to my email quickly and it had signed my out if my outlook account. Thanks myMail, I am in a hurry and now I have to look up my #%^* password. So I found the password and log in. It comes back and says problems with server. I cycle the phone and still can’t find server. I log into outlook on the web and with the win 10 app. Works fine but with myMail, “problems with server”. Ridiculous, no way to fix so I simply download Microsoft’s native outlook email app and added my gmail account and all is fine. MyMail, you cannot indiscriminately log off your Customers, especially if you make it impossible to log back in again. We don’t have time to go through any chat or phone support and I doubt you have it anyway. Whatever your problem is, this will reduce your customer set very quickly. danfinn at outlook dot com.
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5 years ago, googoogoogle
Best mail app!
I have tried every single version of a mail app to avoid using the native Apple iPhone mail app. Mostly because they haven’t updated it in years (that’s pathetic) and the design is boring and not modern. I downloaded this app and had a completely opposite experience. It’s fresh looking- it’s crisp- it works- it’s organized- you can see my friends emoji’s/profile pics on their emails to me. It has the cutest alert sounds and well designed notifications. I can go on and on! I highly recommend this app! Note: The one thing I don’t know about the app is if when you “spam” an email out of your mailbox, does the app refuse to accept email from that sender ever again? I would love that to be the case!
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12 months ago, ScherryD
Stopped Working, No Help
EDIT: finally figured out how to reestablish personal email accounts. Working now with no problems. I could no longer log into my private email, try to set it up again, and constantly get same error message, a stable connection to the server could not be established. I’ve reported problem multiple times, and keep getting the same response, Unfortunately, the service may be temporarily unavailable due to technical work, all your data in your account is safe. We are working on resolving the situation as soon as possible. The problem has been going on for over a week now.
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6 years ago, Patrick8010
Only email app with subfolders sync and notifications
This app is a lifesaver. I have been on Newton (old CloudMagic) since they started, just got a message that they are shutting down so I desperately needed a replacement. I’m on an IMAP email server (GoDaddy) and I have a vast amount of subfolders with filtered email, where all my various clients get their emails filtered to their own subfolder. I need to get notifications for when a new email pops in in any of those folders and it has been a long and thankless search for an email app that would do this. MyMAIL is just perfect! Not only does it work perfectly with notifying me, but it is actually quicker and proved more reliable than Newton ever was (I ran the apps parallel while testing it) The new mail notifications came quicker than on Newton, and the mail count badge is for ALL folders, not just the inbox as with all other. You can also choose which subfolders to sync and get notifications on. Not to mention, they don’t charge $50 a year like Newton did! Big thumbs up from me. This is the best app for professional emailing. Seriously.
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3 years ago, Badgirlsyndie
Happy with the app, but an idea -
I have a bad tendency to try to move emails to a folder but as I scroll, I sometimes end up putting it in the wrong folder on accident. That’s bad and on me. BUT, if we could see what folder it was moved to, along with the ‘undo’ feature (which is helpful when you know which folder it went to), we could tell if we needed to undo it before the option went away. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love that added as a feature on this app. I had it on a different app I was using before and it was very helpful and I really miss the ability to do it on this one.
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6 years ago, JoanneGlasspoole
Of course, no software is perfect, but this one is better than Microsoft Outlook’s app. One feature I liked in Edison’s app that this one doesn’t have is (1) the ability to view all emails in one in-box, as well as by individual email accounts. Another wishlist feature would be to (2) have one set of folders to be used for all email accounts. Another feature Edison had that I loved was the ability to (3) schedule an email to be revisited on another day by clicking a tiny clock icon. The message then moved itself to a Scheduled directory. All-in-all, after testing many apps, myMail is the one I ultimately chose and the one I will use moving forward.
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2 years ago, buddynme
Not working with BellSouth now
for the longest time I’ve had trouble with the app saying that my password is not correct with my BellSouth email address it’s the same password there’s nothing wrong matter how many times I join and change it with the BellSouth AT&T provider the same password works just fine for everything else my mail app keeps saying that it’s the wrong password when I finally get it to except it it comes on in the moment and then the next time I have to re-sign in and says the same thing I complained already and y’all said it was AT&T BellSouth and not your app and still doing it now and now it won’t even bring up any emails a Bellsouth in my mail app I uninstalledThe mobile app and reinstalled it a greed to your new information And it’s the same thing is still not working yet it works with Gmail and Xfinity
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1 year ago, Pisces in march
Is there a glitch or bug with this app all the sudden?
I LOVE this app, but ever since apple did their software update my mail app hasn’t been the same. I’ve uninstalled several time to try to fix it, but it didn’t work. Then I saw your update last week and I thought it was a update to this problem but it wasn’t. The update may folders emptied out, I can’t make a folder for my emails or put them in folders. I get no alerts of new mail, and when I do it’s 100 emails at once. I had a lot of important emails that are now gone because the folders are now empty.. is there a new update coming out to fix this? Please fix this app or I’m gonna have to change my email app and I don’t want to I LOVE this app Thank you!
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6 years ago, ashley the middle
Design flaws
I used this app to replace my Gmail app. But there are just too many design flaws. Banner notifications are weird and have too much text. All replies add an extra “Re:” at the front of the subject line, creating chains of tons of “Re:” before the subject if you have ongoing conversations over email. Really ugly and annoying. I also get notifications that I have new mail, but when I open the app, nothing is there. I have to refresh the app to see the new mail. The help/feedback function gets you no where. Just a lot of back and forth emails with support with no resolution. The only way to stop the “Re:” problem is supposedly to turn on threads (conversation view), which is just a deal breaker. I disable conversation view across all email platforms for all accounts. It’s just really clunky and unappealing for an app. Didn’t meet my needs for a Gmail replacement.
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4 years ago, Allie_Wierer
My Go-To Mail App
I’ve used this as my Go-To mail app since I started using smart phones and it has always worked great! As someone who used to work in a computer repair store, where we would often help people set up things like iPads and iPhones, I can say that the Apple Mail app isn’t as intuitive as MyMail. I have multiple email accounts between work, school, and personal and MyMail has been easy to maneuver and great to use. As well, the app is free without overwhelming ads. If for whatever reason, you don’t want to use Apple’s Mail app or the Gmail app, this should absolutely be the mail application that you use!
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5 years ago, AKM of MA
Most of what you want, and convenient
For the most part, the app is great. It does everything I need it to do. The only issue I can have is a kind of bugginess that pops up when I’m writing to someone. The cursor can’s still there (I mean, it’s still tracking the last location you tapped): but you can’t see it, which is frustrating and weird. Also when I past in a passage from, say, Notes, the text pastes *much* larger than the rest of the text of the email, and I can’t find a way to set it back to normal. I feel like these would be major detractors for a lot of people, but for me, it’s a 1-star deduction, lol. If they’d fix it, I’d definitely give 5.
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6 years ago, JRDenn
Awesome app
I never write reviews, but when asked by myMail I thought I should given that it’s free and how much I like it. First off, the UI is excellent. What I really like about it is that I have and old AOL account that I’ve had since ~ 1996 and still get a lot of semi-pertinent mail in it. I also use it as a second email service so that when I sign up for something superfluous but necessary (e.g. ordering food) it doesn’t require my personal address. It’s always good to have a second email address for this. Nevertheless, the antiquated AOL system doesn’t catch spam and leads to cluttering; whereas myMail™️ catches almost all SPAM resulting to a more streamlined mail box.
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5 years ago, Pedersen2007
Last update
Ever since the most recent update I’ve been experiencing major problems. It hardly sends emails, delete junk or empty trash. I can flag all day long the emails I don’t want or that are scams and it does nothing, I keep getting a million junk emails even after I block them. I have a list of blocked emails and have unsubscribed to a million things and I still get them. It’s very frustrating! Please find the fix and provide an update. Thanks. For some reason I’m not getting my emails all the time. I’ve been told several times that when they send me an email, it gets kicked back. This is very frustrating for me as I use it to communicate with my kids schools and my photographer. They can receive my emails, they just can’t reply back as it kicks it back and says unable to send. Please help and fix the communication problem! Thank you!
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5 years ago, The Outlaw Josie Wales
Great App, But with ads
I was so happy to find this app because my email provider has a horrible app that I have been using for a couple of years and can’t stand to use anymore! The design of this app is similar to the Gmail app, which I also use for other accounts I have. I find the use of the app is very user-friendly and intuitive. My only gripe is that when I first started using the app there were no ads, and now after a week of using the app there are ads between every fifth email or so. Since the app is such an improvement over my email providers app, I can deal with working around the ads, but I was disappointed to have them appear.
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6 years ago, AAllyn S
myMail is awesome!!!☺️
I’ve really wanted an app just like this one! It has the majority large email providers and you can add an email provider that may not be listed with ease. It is very fast and makes it easy for those who have more than (one) 1 email account. Joining all together without toggle in place is just great. One stop shop! I had to bring in ASTRO to help out with some cleaning and organizing. Great help from Astro. Just give a command and just like that it is done. Remember you can actually talk to ASTRO by typing. Thank you for such a life saver. I was working on 11,000 emails and now I have 643 that are relevant to me. So Awesome!
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2 years ago, Oleg2138
Emails receiving delays.
Great app. I’ve been using it for couple of years now, and totally satisfied. Except, for a month or two I noticed a huge delay in receiving emails to the app. Some accounts receive constantly, some couple of hours (2-5 hours). I addressed the issue to support, but they are extremely ignorant. It’s the second week since i emailed them to see if they have any news in solving the issue. Not mentioning it’s been more than a month since I requested help, and each time they ask me to repeat the reason of my reach or just tell me to wait. I would rather get the truth and be told it can’t be solved, than being ignored.
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3 years ago, a.foulke5270
Persistent Bug
Two updates ago the app started showing all read messages as unread, so I submitted a report. They wanted pictures of the bug, so I sent them. Then they wanted in detail how it happened and how to replicate it… Uh, what? I look at my Home Screen it says I have over 120 unread messages and I open the app and it says on the all messages tab the same thing until I open the tab and it shows them as all read. No replication necessary and if I could describe in detail how it happened I would be on their development team. The bug persists after another update later that supposedly was to fix bugs. Looking at other reviews this is clearly a known issue. Maybe try rolling back from two updates ago will do the trick, just a crazy thought.
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3 years ago, dsjdn
Support is abysmal
My Dell laptop’s hard drive died. We took it in for service, and it was repaired, but something got disrupted between it and my iPad and my iPhone which is where I had this app. I was not able to get into my app as I had forgotten my password. There is no “forgot password” option, so I am not able to set up a new one. My password manager is showing the password assigned to the app in my “passwords” but it does not recognize it. I used this app EVERYDAY for YEARS, and am now locked out. It would be nice if I could just wipeout all existence of my account with this app and just start over with our email, but once set up it “remembers” your email and if you try to start over, it tells you your email is already in use, yes BY ME! We have has the same email address for nearly 35 years, and have no desire to change or give it up. I don’t understand why, in this day and age, you can’t set up a new password. This is the only site or app I have ever used that does not have some method of recovering or resetting a password! I LOVED this app, but am extremely disappointed that they can’t (or won’t) assist me, so I guess I’m just going to have to find a better supported app.
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1 year ago, Jusssmari
This is my least favorite email app. It does not function well for business or school. It takes forever to actually find important Mail because you get so many spam emails. It lacks proper functionality. There is no way to select multiple emails and marked them as read or unread. You have to click each email individually or slide it over in order to mark it as read. It’s really annoying. I use this as my business email and get so many spam and junk emails and there’s no way to block those users or stop the emails from coming opposed to the regular Mail app on iPhone. I get more spam and junk emails than regular and there’s no way to regulate them or mass mark them as junk. I would give 0 stars if it was an option.
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2 years ago, totallyfrozen
Lost years of emails!
UPDATE Nov. 2022: The app has just stopped working altogether. I haven’t received any emails in my Outlook account for 15 days, I haven’t received any emails in my gmail account in a month. I’m deleting this app and going with something else. It was nice while it lasted, by the original company sold the app to a failure of a developer and it’s just destroyed and useless now. MyMail recently (March 2022) sold out to another company. In the process of changing over, they managed to lose hundreds of emails. I had very important emails regarding estate inheritance and large sums of money. Correspondence between estate executor staff and attorneys, etc. All those emails are gone now and many important details with them. I can no longer trust this app. Furious! I advise avoiding this email app now.
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