myMcCoy Mobile Banking

4.4 (934)
34 MB
Age rating
Current version
McCoy Federal Credit Union Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myMcCoy Mobile Banking

4.44 out of 5
934 Ratings
1 year ago, Pipel2667
The new format helps to see all your accounts and you’re greedy at the score at once, allowing you to make informed decisions about your money.
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1 year ago, OmegaWolf72
McCoy FCU Mobile Banking
I’ve been with Gulf States Federal Credit Union of Maitland for the past 32 years. They merged with McCoy FCU on July 1st in 2022. I have enjoyed the excellent mobile banking ever since, What an upgrade!! I can check all of my balances, balances on my credit cards, transfer funds to and from savings, monitor my balances and spending on my credit cards, make payments with the push of a button, it’s never been easier! My credit has improved over 200 points in the past few years and with the ease of monitoring it I know it will continue going higher. McCoy FCU is by far, The Best Credit Union I’ve ever dealt with! I’m a very satisfied customer and fan! Keep up the excellent work! Thank You! Sincerely, - Jay
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4 years ago, kymbrlee74
I'd like to give -500 stars!!!
This app isn't worth your time, and I'm not sure what's more frustrating about MFCU- their customer service reps or their online accounting! I have never been able to log into my account. It gives me an assortment of security questions, and never actually logs me in. When I call their customer service, they are usually less than helpful. I wish MFCU would come into the new millennium and get a decent online center, where we can actually look at, track and make payments online WITHOUT a fee! I wouldn't recommend this app, or this company to anybody.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
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4 months ago, IOS Agent
Glitch with the iPhone 15 Pro Max
I like the McCoy App overall and the convenience of doing online banking. I did not have any problems with the app until I upgraded my my cellphone. There is a glitch which prevents you from looking at other accounts on the app. If you scroll on the menu page it automatically goes to some ad or something about checking your credit score. This glitch has been happening sometime. McCoy Federal Credit Union please fix this problem with your app.
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1 year ago, NewAppacount
Not user friendly
The layout of the app could be improved. Many options on the app are hidden and not well displayed making it difficult for first time users to navigate. Also there is a pending status for transfers that shows for more than 10 business days on the account which feels very miss leading. I feel like if the amount is in the account then it should just reflect that balance or if it’s pending it should reflect pending.
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1 year ago, Theo Indigo Michael
McCoy Federal Credit Union App
I am very pleased with McCoy Federal Credit Union’s app. It’s amazing to use; in other words very user friendly. I check my credit score often on my app and get an updated score that keeps me motivated to bulls my credit history. I can keep track of my direct deposit, savings and expenditures with one touch on the app. Great app! Thanks McCoy!
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1 year ago, Getting Disciplined
Has improved
App has improved and I’m now able to see everything in a more simple way. Still needs improvement as far as sending wires to other institutions not sure is the app but the actual way the bank chooses to do business
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1 year ago, Trees are the future
Poor execution
Your mobile deposit doesn’t alert the customer that the checks are rejected. It also doesn’t explain why it was rejected so that the customer can address the Situation. It also doesn’t allow the customer to log on and mobile deposit checks into both a business account and personal account on the same day. You are restricted to one account at a time unless you completely remove the app and reinstall it.
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1 year ago, 36934
Love this bank
I started having trouble with the bank I was with for 30 years so I went with you about two years ago. Best move I ever did. You are the best. Always answered every question I had. Thank you so much for your service Jean
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7 years ago, krismouse
Pretty Lame
Doesn’t do the one thing I most need a mobile banking app to do: deposits. Good thing the branch isn’t far from home, since I have to haul my tuchus up there to deposit checks. I use two banks for business and another credit union for personal accounts, and this is the only institution whose app doesn’t take mobile deposits. Welcome back to the 20th Century. Other than that, the app works okay. But all you can do with it is check balances and make transfers.
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4 years ago, Angggieee
The other reviews are False
This app is very convenient & in fact DOES allow you to deposit checks by simply uploading the pictures of the check! Haven’t had any problems yet
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1 year ago, Kljturtlegirl
Convenient and Easy!
Everything you need from making quick transfers to mobile deposits. Easy to navigate.
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1 year ago, OJOR-EL
In this app is missing lots of feature, like Log on with finger print. I can't deposit checks with it I click in deposit, but no Joyce to deposit, So what's happening?
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1 year ago, Jjswags
Doesn't like mobile deposit
Mobile deposit rarely works. Right now it breaks if i take a picture of my check. But very helpfully it works if a take a picture of a blank wall.. sometimes.. No idea if mobile deposit was fixed since I stopped using it, but zelle works half the time and the menu options are oddly grouped
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1 year ago, LuisFreddy
McCoy Federal App
I’ve found the app is easy to use and understand. If the site needs updates it’s always been for me outside of business hours which I like.
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11 months ago, Reawnee
Too many bugs and crashes
Too often am I unable to view all of my accounts or make any quick transfers because of that. Also, whenever I sign in and goes directly to view 1 of my accounts, when I press “back” to view the main homepage, it signs me out. I am so frustrated with all the issues of their app that I wish I could change banks.
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3 years ago, Cito-06
Every few weeks I have to uninstall then reinstall because it’s always glitchy. You would think this would be more updated being that there’s no more free checking and your paying $8 a month in maintenance fees. I also agree with the previous review about not being able to deposit checks by your mobile device
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8 years ago, rayzor94
Update... not sure if the app developers are readings these reviews, but I wrote a review on aug 30th which is right below this update, and still the app does not work, I have erased and downloaded and still not working very sad After the latest update it's stuck on my my sign on, it ask me for security questions and it looked looks like it's stuck on a loop, I haven't been able to sign on using this app in weeks!!
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1 year ago, Manzè509
I have been a member of McCoy for the last 24 years . Things have change over the years but the services are great!!! No big bank for me I’m comfortable with MyMcCoy!!!
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3 months ago, Jpsublime921
Get a real app developer
This app is trash. Just tried to pay my loan and it just gives me the circle of loading doom. Always happens. Did that go through? Idk will have to wait and see. Multiple other issues within the app as well. Not to mention aesthetics are terrible too. Pay someone who knows what they’re doing.
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1 year ago, IntuitiveJackie
You should show the running total of debits and credits. Or give us the option to opt in to see more info. Thank you.
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1 year ago, 2019MOCHA
Rating your app
It’s perfect, thanks! Everything about McCoy credit union is excellent! Great service when you go to the office/bank. To McCoy watching for scammers! Thank you
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1 year ago, JAGLAW1775
Very convenient banking app!
Easy to use and very convenient way to check balances, confirm transactions, and transfer funds.
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1 year ago, Chickie Roldan
Best service ever
We have been members for more than 30years and reconsider McCoy the best bank ever ..their employees are very professional and always give us great customer service Nivea and David Roldan
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1 year ago, barbtj
I have banked with McCoy FCU for over a decade. The app makes it so easy to manage my finances on the go. I can do almost all my banking straight from my phone.
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1 year ago, Ms.Loosh
Easy to navigate love the credit score feature
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6 years ago, Yes I mean it
No mobile deposits
I’m not gonna drive across town to deposit a check, so I’ll soon close my account after 20+ years as a member. I’m now with another credit union that has mobile deposits on their app so it’s an easy decision. McCoy needs to wake up to 21st century banking.
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1 year ago, Suka2013
Easy to use
I love it everything right in my hands. Never had any issues at all.
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1 year ago, uselesssApp
App works great- able to do everything as well as the desktop version.
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5 years ago, hotair514
No CHECK DEPOSIT available for iPads
I have mobile deposited checks in the past, but the last update ended that. Called the bank to get help. I deleted the app, powered down the iPad, powered up, then went to app store to download app again...the MORE tab on the right side now shows, but I can only get Deposit check HISTORY. Nor can I sign up for fingerprint sign in, that too is GONE!
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5 years ago, Anyiyi78
I don’t like the app never work
I really like the fee prices on this bank but obviously you get what you paid. This bank is slow for everything, the app never work properly and you will always need to be in person at the bank to resolve many situations that you will perfectly do throughout the phone in another bank. The app is not good at all
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1 year ago, undefined unknown
Good app
I used to be able to move funds between heloc and checking but i can’t do it anymore now. It needs improvement
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1 year ago, Wish One
Easy Access
Quick and easy access to account balance, recent transactions, and statements. Zelle or similar would be helpful.
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4 months ago, Ejcampos33
Since the new CC update, I no longer see my CC account listed with my checking and savings. It used to be super easy to make payments that way. I can’t even see my CC account listed when going to Make a transfer > Pay a loan. Please fix it.
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2 years ago, Meme2828
It works as it should.
It works for me. It does mobile deposit, transfers, view accounts.
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8 years ago, Jordyyyyyyyyy1
Still not working
App is still not working. Over a month ago I deleted the app because it wasn't working (won't let you get past the security question). Just downloaded it again and still nothing. You would think with as many complaints there are and with how long it's been, it would be fixed.
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1 year ago, big adams
it needs card lock and unlock settings
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1 year ago, ernielor
Excellent web site
Easy to use and lots of valuable applications
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1 year ago, Anonymous 200000!!!!
Easy to navigate. Everything on one single page.
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1 year ago, Candyrappa
McCoy app is right on tap
Able to monitor all my banking information instantly, morning noon or night
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1 year ago, Wicked Weasel
Works for me
Delivers everything I need to keep track of my banking services.
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1 year ago, an34572
Useful app
This app has been very useful. It’s easy to use and I haven’t experienced any issues.
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1 year ago, Meesha3
Easy to use
Never had any issues! Works well
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1 year ago, Jean-Octelin
Best banking app ever
Easiest banking app to use, everything you need to do regarding your banking matter is in this app. Way to go McCoy!!!
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1 year ago, GregNFlorida
Awesome App
Have used for years and it is so easy to do everything you need to do.
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1 year ago, bohemiaWill
Not really easy to navigate
I have several other apps from bigger banks and compared to this app they are so much easier to navigate. This app can be confusing and difficult to navigate.
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1 year ago, #mydailybread
Great app
The app is easy to navigate and having everything at your fingertips is great!
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6 years ago, sbjr93
New update problems
With the newest update I am not able to log in. When trying to log in the app is telling me authentication had failed, and then trying to change my password it says my account has been temporarily locked. I hope this problem is fixed soon.
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1 year ago, PrincessinCartagena
McCoy federal credit Union
Very happy with services all over, tellers, online and members services. Thank you great job
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11 months ago, Roseeeeeelll
Please fix Zelle
I love the app I just wish the Zelle worked a little more seamless. It’s hard to send money to new people in your contacts as it won’t find them easily.
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