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Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyOmegaFi

1.29 out of 5
117 Ratings
5 years ago, The_Ginge
App crashes upon start
I have an iPhone XS Max, and every time I try to open this app it just crashes. My Vault app works great, but this one does not. Phones are a convenient item to have, however the apps that we upload need to work for that statement to be true. I have to login through the website, and it is a real inconvenience when I could have just went through the app to begin with. Please get this taken care of OmegaFi! It’s a great app when it works, but not so much right now. Your customers are talking..
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4 months ago, bobthe1st2
Potential but needs lots of fixing
The format is smooth on the app & not slow, however it’s definitely outdated & does not match the appearance of how it looks compared to desktop. Also whenever you close out the app it logs you out every time making you re-login anytime you try to go back to the app! It’s not a terrible app but has some really annoying bugs which seem easily fixable..
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5 years ago, Richard Nardella
My fraternity uses this for collecting dues. Not only do that charge an outrageous service fee for paying with a debit/credit card. Once I made a payment and it went through the app has crashed every single time I try to open it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still crashes. I have an iPhone XR, fix your app because y’all have people who are trying to run an organization and your faulty app is only making it harder
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6 years ago, Delta Diver
App Doesn’t even open
The app worked great on my IPhone 7 Plus. When I updated to my IPhone XS Max the app just stopped working. I can’t even open the app it crashes immediately. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it still has the same problem. This is disappointing because this is how I play my fraternity dues the quick way. Now I have to go to the actual website every time which is an inconvenience.
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5 years ago, Mull30
On iPhone XS Max the app won’t even open and crashes immediately. Used to be a good app but I can’t say the same when it no longer works on my device. This issue still occurs after uninstalling and reinstalling, and another review I read states the same issue so it isn’t just me. I hate to leave a bad review but I hope the dev team sees this and does something to fix the app. Best wishes to the OmegaFi team.
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5 years ago, dominator063
Needs an update/fix
This app needs an update. It had worked completely fine up until a couple days ago when I enabled Touch ID to see if it would work with Face ID possibly (A lot of apps have biometric login now), and now it crashed every time I try to launch. I have uninstalled the app several times and reset my phone to no avail.
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5 years ago, fraternitywestcoast
Company needs some help
How do they expect me to pay on time when I can’t even get the app to work. You should probably spend more time fixing your app or fraternities will take their services elsewhere. I can’t even get my Touch ID password to change in order to log in. Too many bugs in this app, this company is full of scammerd.
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2 years ago, eclydexxxx
This app works terribly
Every time i try to log in, it says my password is incorrect. I send myself a link to change it, it pops up 10 minutes later. I change it, and it still says it’s wrong. It takes me almost an hour to try and log in. Do better
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5 years ago, Miggy_G
The app will not open.
When I first downloaded the app, it was working just fine since I was able to sign in and make my first payment. The next time I tried to open the app, it would crash immediately. Please fix this issue since it’d help me and my fraternity brothers to stay on top of our dues. Thank you!
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5 years ago, kaddison08
app crashes & can’t access
every time i try to access the app it just crashes before even getting to the log in screen. which shouldn’t be happening so when i first downloaded the app i was able to log in and access everything just fine. i’ve even tried deleting and re downloading the app to see if that would help but it doesn’t. have the phone 10x max and my phone is up to date. since i can’t carry my computer with my everywhere i really need this app for accessibility and my sorority requires it. please fix!!
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6 years ago, CJ3255
After update. Can’t log in
Usually a good site, but after recent update i can’t log in. Says that there is a new version available ???
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5 years ago, gs1822
App Crashes
Every time I try to open the app it automatically crashes. My sorority pays for this program and I just feel like I should be able to access my account through the app. It works for my friends who have the older iPhones, but It does not work for me, and I have the X. Please, Please, PLEASE fix this issue omegafi!!!!
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6 years ago, itsGoshJosh
Doesn’t work at all
This app does NOT work on iPhones and some Samsung phones. I would click on it to launch, but then immediately it crashes. I need this app fixed ASAP please. I recommend a professional software developer (specifically for mobile) to fix this problem.
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5 years ago, alphie18
App Crashes
The app doesn’t even work it blacks out and goes to back my homescreen every time I try to use it. This makes it fairly difficult to keep up with my dues and keep them up to date, and that was very helpful when the app was working.
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5 years ago, PodIsLife
App does not open
For almost a year users report the app does not work. Why has OmegaFi not acknowledged the issue and removed the app or fixed the problem? How can we trust this company with our finances if we can’t trust their applications?
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4 years ago, Wtljrmd
Consistently poor
I have been using... or trying to use... this app for 4 years now to pay chapter dues. The only two things consistent about it are the one star ratings and the fact that it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, allison77bri
Won’t let you login
The app signs in to 92% and then never gets to fully logging you in. I have not been able to use the app for months, very frustrating.
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6 years ago, MarcusM199
Great app at first
It was a great app when I first downloaded it but then the day after I downloaded it, it just keeps instantly crashing
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5 years ago, enwskullz
Won’t open
App worked after first install, but now cannot be opened. Crashes immediately after trying to open it. App is completely useless now
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5 years ago, trideltmom
I download the app today got to login once and now every time I try to get in it just crashes I’ve deleted and reloaded and now it won’t even let me delete it
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5 years ago, Miiiiiracle
The app doesn’t work
Haven’t been able to log in since they required an account update. Just wasted memory on your phone. Don’t download
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6 years ago, BigDFuge16
App issues
Download the app, click on it, says to update the app, which I just did, then will open and automatically close.
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5 years ago, kate:/
Every time I go to open the app it automatically crashes. I need the app to work because it is what I use to pay my sorority bill. Please fix this!!!!
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6 years ago, Papa Johns Soup
App missing Face ID requirements so it crashes
Apple requires developer's to add a reason for using Face ID to prevent any random app from using it without the user's permission. Omegafi is missing that so the app crashes instantly on iPhone X
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6 years ago, Scottyva
Broken again
This app almost works!!! It would be cool if it would open when you click on it!!!
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5 years ago, Brian.u
Doesn’t even open
It literally doesn’t even open. Just immediately crashes.
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5 years ago, BrianGKeener
This app is garbage
This app wouldn’t be half bad if it would actually open. This is ridiculous that it hasn’t been fixed.
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5 years ago, stables14
App won’t open
Same problem as the others. App worked fine with iPhone 7. App will not open with XR. Please fix this problem.
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5 years ago, Brogan127
App crashes every single time you open it
It pulls up a splash screen for a spilt second and then crashes, please fix this.
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5 years ago, none..123987
App Crash
I never write reviews and this app infuriates me. It shouldn’t even be called an app it doesn’t even open. Immediately crashes
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6 years ago, tlolt
Can’t even open the app. It keeps crashing even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
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5 years ago, wprice2
Crashes every time you try to open the app
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3 years ago, calt8638
App gets to “92%” on the logging in screen and then crashes, not useful
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6 years ago, 1168521385632
Doesn’t work
Your app immediately crashes please fix this
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3 years ago, pkf4bucs
I agree with the last post. Gets to 92% and then nothing.
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5 years ago, Devyngurl
Doesn’t work
This app is terrible. Never lets me get on. Says access denied every time! Very frustrating. Bring back gin!!!
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5 years ago, Tatianamik
Crashes on startup
Crashes every time I go to open the app. 11 months no update.
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5 years ago, Marin123456999
App Crashes
I cant even open the app because it crashes every time.
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5 years ago, Trisha Hobbs
I gave it one star because there aren’t any negative stars. Tia app crashes immediately upon attempting to open. Awful.
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5 years ago, Chubbykid5
Fix this app
I have an IPhone XR and whenever I try to open it it only crashes
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8 years ago, Thursdayisgoneyup
Login Failure
The app won't let me sign. It will let me on a regular browser but the app will not let me log it.
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6 years ago, gavin helmstadter
Crashes on SXmax
I can’t even use the app. Won’t even open
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5 years ago, dhdvdnaka
Worst app I’ve ever used
It opened about 5% of the times I’ve ever needed to use it.
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3 years ago, Jahubbard
I’d give it zero stars if I could
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6 years ago, Hahshshsh fb
It’s ok
The design isn’t great
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10 years ago, Reid the Steed
You're almost there
Overall I'm happy you designed this app and the concept of which it provides. The only issue I have with it is that documents cannot be accessed. There are many times in the week that I need to bring up bylaws or minutes from meetings or other documents, but the app at that point is useless to me. I've only used it to pay the bill and that is all it is good for? Other than member information this app really needs the open access to chapter documents, otherwise what is the point of the app being on my phone if it has two minor functions?
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11 years ago, ihbraves25
This app needs to have access to chapter desktop. Otherwise it is useless, no non administrative member of a chapter is going to use this app. Thus without chapter desktop access this app does pretty much nothing you want it to do.
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10 years ago, Nikkeh864
Overall not bad
Overall it's very convenient, but still quite buggy. Calendar really doesn't like to open and crashes the app every time. Looking forward to updates to fix this.
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10 years ago, expandingman
Sweet app
Very cool way for guys to pay their chapter bill, look up member information, etc. I can tell a bro to download the app and pay his bill while we are still in the chapter meeting!
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10 years ago, Sange25
Great App!
Just another reason to use OmegaFi! This great app not only allows you to check you OmegaFi account, but is also great for communicating with you chapter. Best app out there for Greek life.
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