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North Lane Technologies, Inc.
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4 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for MyPaymentVault

1.41 out of 5
229 Ratings
5 months ago, RoxySan
Move your money to a trustworthy bank and delete your account with North Lane ASAP before they deny you access to your money. They will repeatedly try to prevent you from accessing your funds by shutting down your card for “suspicious” activity. Reoccurring bills in your name will be considered suspicious activity and will give them an excuse to lock you out of your account. They will also lock you out of accessing your account online so you cannot transfer your funds to another bank. You cannot transfer money on the app. The customer service is terrible and will be of no assistance since they are trained to prevent you from getting to your money. A cardboard box under your bed is a safer place for your money. Unfortunately my company automatically signs up it’s employees with a prepaid card through North Lane but the employees learned to immediately have their paychecks deposited to a bank of their choosing because North Lane can not be trusted. For prepaid cards I suggest Greendot. They have an easy to use app and have never prevented me from accessing my money. I also use Chime which has amazing customer service and will make sure you can easily access your funds via app even if you lose your card.
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10 months ago, Worst bank ever 2023
Worst debit card to ever get
Got a refund from them for an overpayment on my car loan and when trying to transfer my money to my checking bank account I keep getting kicked out and having to log back in after entering my bank information when trying on a computer/lap top. When trying on the phone it also doesn’t allow me to transfer money because every time I entered my bank information it was saying wrong information and now when going on the page from my phone the page is split into 2 still having the verification page and the bank account info. Trying to contact customer service is not possible and I just want to be done with this company. Do not recommend anyone doing any type of banking with this company it is the absolute worst and the reviews are all negative. I wouldn’t even give it a star if that was possible. They had my bank account information already and I don’t understand why they would issue me a debit card when I never asked one from them. It’s so much easier to get a refund to my bank account already on file but it seems like a common theme these days is making it more difficult to access your own money.
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10 months ago, K. Monai
Shady cardholder service!!
This cardholder is beyond shady. Have had multiple poor experiences that ive never encountered otherwise with ANY of my other cardholders. The refunds ive processed from outside vendors such as doordash to this card will be taken right back out of my account by northlane and stuck as a pending charge making that portion of my balance unavailable for extended periods of time despite the vendor showing that the refund has been fully processed. Will *double charge* me on what shows shouldve been refunded items and i have also had money (small $5 increments) disappear from my balance altogether. To make matters worse card was just declined despite having an ample balance on card. Went online/ called and was told its due to a system error. So im literally unable to access any $ from my card at the moment due to these shady practices and customer service is rarely helpful. From literally all of theother reviews i can see this is a regular occurrence . This has to be illegal . Will be reporting them to bbb in hopes of recovering some of my lost funds i advise anyone else going through a similar situation to do the same
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9 months ago, mercedes benz stadium worker
It just happened to me
For two months, things were fine using my card. Literally this check they locked my card on a Friday, pay day and says wait 24 hours and it should work. But when I told her tomorrow is Saturday she says check Monday. She said my card locked because I made a transfer through Cashapp. If so why didn’t y’all let me know, and when did that change because I had always used cash app. When I read the other reviews I said I was gonna change to direct deposit. Then I check the following day and they stole $5. I took screenshots and I’m so confused. Where is my $5? I just re read the policy papers and nowhere does it say, that it doesn’t allow transfers so if you changed the policy you should make us aware. This stuff got me so bent outta shape. If I wasn’t working out and keeping myself calm, I would go off. The receptionist said she has to escalate my case but there is no manager to respond now? Do yourself a favor and change immediately to avoid heartbreak.
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1 year ago, Kcart2022
I will never keep donation money on this ever again.
My boyfriend and I both donate plasma twice a week, like most people. However I have noticed things aren’t adding up. I didn’t fully put it together until I was declined for a $5 meal from Wendy’s yesterday, when my northlane app is STILL currently showing a balance of $39… none of my recent purchases are showing and when I called I somehow conveniently I’m NEGATIVE 94 cents. They have taken money off our cards before and not shown where it could have gone. I recommend either no longer using this company or go directly to an atm and pull ALL of your money right away. This company is very shady and I’m not okay with them just taking money. Be aware, my $40 is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars other customers are also saying has gone missing with no trace or tracking, and no way to reach the company.
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1 year ago, AcuDrew
Never Accurate
This app is an absolute headache (Website, too). The system counts certain transactions more than once, and takes more than a week to drop those transactions so you can never get an accurate balance with the app or the website. Calling the company for a balance seems to reflect reality. however,, they’re clearly not interested in improving this app, or their web interface, and they don’t make customer service available to you, except in the rarest of circumstances (I have called on this card probably more than 10 times over the last few months, and I have only once reached a human being. Don’t waste any time or energy on the app (unless you want to track transactions over the long term) and just call them for the balance. Maybe with too many phone calls, they will improve the app and website.
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4 weeks ago, tcalabasas
Worst bank ever
I use this bank for my plasma donations (not by choice) this bank will not update your available funds they will just let your card decline and then charge you 0.50 each time you try it and when you check the app and see your have money youll call them to get your balance and then they will charge you for the phone call and tell you your account is negative only for the next day your account to be back in the positive and in good standing it doesn’t make any sense ghost charges that drop in a few days happen every single week as of writing this in the app i have $25 when i call they tell me i have $-27 and I promise tomorrow or the next day itll say im positive $15 or something random
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1 year ago, LuZhao71
If you’re a donor, ask the company to switch
This is the worse app I’ve ever had the misfortune to be forced to use. It takes weeks for transactions to post. And the current balance is never correct. Somehow $35 “disappeared” from my account. It shows on my “current balance” but when I call for a balance, it’s $35 dollars light. There is no recourse. Talk to a person? Good luck. Send them an email/report from the form on their website? it always refreshes when u send. If I could give a negative rating, I would give it -10
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1 month ago, Ghostfloata
Basic app
The app works fine for me however there are limited options. You can do withdrawals from ATMs but digitally there’s no option to transfer to your bank unless you use their actual website. I’m not sure yet but i attempted to send money from my account to my Apple wallet in which the bank (Sunrise) declined. Will contact them to see why but if they don’t allow it it’s just another reason why I’m giving this low stars. Peace.
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4 months ago, Louie Louie YT Reviews
Not Bad
It has changed over to My Payment Vault and even though there were changes, they are looking to build something new off of what everyone has been complaining about. Please feel free to leave a review and explain what awesome things that they company should add to their new app!!
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9 months ago, bzhahdbdjdisks
This is an absolute joke. I work for a University and decided to use their pay card to try it out. I was paid yesterday still can. I access my money even though it shows on the app that I have the money but everywhere else it does not show I have the money I was told by one person it will either be tonight or tomorrow and then another Indian person that said I have to wait till Monday basically another five days to access my money. This company should be sued right down close down investigated.
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1 year ago, Aaron906
They steal money and hide the transaction from you. I got double charged on a transaction and THERES NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL EITHER! They all have been disconnected and no longer in service. They have you fill out a form on their site if it is actually working. It’s now been 2 weeks and nobody has contacted me and i still haven’t seen my little over 200 dollars. Stay far away as possible. If you are stuck with them for plasma donations like me, I recommend donating and then flying to the nearest atm and get it off right away.
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7 months ago, ursog1
Horrible card
It’s impossible to purchase anything online with this card. I tried several websites and continue to be rejected. Then I went to the customer service website and it didn’t recognize my card number. The mobile app that I’m using now is piece of junk. The only option is that a robot tells you you can cancel the card or report it lost or stolen. There’s no way you can talk to him to find out why the card isn’t working
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11 months ago, fastninja556
I made one purchase that went through on doordash, i still have something over 400 dollars on the card, i call to get customer service it takes over 10 minutes to connect and the person hanged up on me and blocked my card so i cannot use my card, the website nor app work i cannot unblock my card , i use the automated call system and it refuses to assist me and says goodbye and hangs up.
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9 months ago, Captainet
Fix your app
Well I can’t log in to tell you there’s a problem, I can’t contact you without giving you my first born so, I guess I’ll leave it in the reviews. Your app is horrible, I haven’t been able to log in for days!!!! There is no were to report the problem with out it asking me a million useless questions! Fix your crap! Your app isn’t working, hasn’t worked for a week, FIX IT ALREADY!
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1 year ago, Savy0516
Absolutely terrible
I wish the plasma center would go through a different company, get the money off your card asap don’t use this card company for anything if you don’t have to believe the NUMEROUS 1 star reviews they WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY and no transactions to show where it went. Says -$5 on the account but no transactions for this but when I call it says $10 available so hopefully I can get that money off
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7 months ago, GavinCJNB
Money vanishing
This app is not to be trusted at all! I made a plasma donation yesterday and for some reason or another it still hasn’t shown up! I tried going into the contact us and FAQ part of the app and both pages are inaccessible because of a 403 error. This company is getting reported to the FDIC, and you all who have had money disappear from you account with them should report them as well!
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2 months ago, ilstarli
Less than 1 star
If I could give it zero I would. Totally useless. Got frozen on an error when trying to set a pin and since then, get the same error each time I attempt to log in. Cannot login without it taking me to the pin set screen automatically even though I set one by calling. There are no developers to address bugs or maintain this app. Security? Yeah right. Don’t bother.
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9 months ago, drEDboy
This app is absolutely awful. God forbid you forget your password, because the “forgot password” function does not work. It loads to a blank page that says “403 Forbidden” and you won’t be able to reset it. It is by far one of the worst functioning apps available. Ask for a cash payout if you’re doing plasma donations. Having to use this app isn’t worth it and you won’t get your money
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8 months ago, cha germanotta
Absolute nightmare
My card suddenly is restraining me from paying on some website and even restrains me withdrawing some cash (for absolutely no reason since I have a positive balance on it) after using it for 2 months with no issue. The customer service is SO unresponsive. Very concerning knowing we’re talking about keeping weekly paycheck in hostage from their owners. CRA-ZY. Leave this « bank » as soon as you can.
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8 months ago, Janiyahmom
This card is the worse. I had a $100 loaded on today. Used $48 and some change for gas. Attempt the use the card and it’s $3.48 on the card and the rep had the nerve to tell me I had to wait up to 8 days for refund. This is ridiculous and completely unacceptable. How is these people able to do this to consumers? I really needed my entire $100 and now I’m screwed for 8 days smh.
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5 months ago, Tony_Baloni915
They’ll Hijack Your Money
Created an account, entered card information, but as soon as it’s time to create a PIN, “Sorry, there was an error processing your request. Please try again later”. Multiple attempts later, still the same message. This company should be investigated, but I only had $50 so hopefully this review is enough to showcase their horrendous business.
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11 months ago, :)-|----<
Worst card management system
Got a card in the mail, phone numbers on the card did not work, called the help number and tried the website and it did not work. Finally got the original company to get me in touch with the North Lane customer service number, they said they activated it, but a day later it still doesn’t work.
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11 months ago, IOAB90
App needs a lot of improvement
Started donating plasma about 4 months ago and everything I use this app it doesn’t load or tells me my password is incorrect. I’ve had to change my password 4 times and I even made an easy to guess password but it said it was always wrong. I quit trying and just calm the stupid number. This app is no good!
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1 year ago, Andy Ringsmuth
The app is garbage.
ALL you can do is look at a balance. And I guess lock the card. Nothing else. I can do all my banking on banking apps. Move money around, transfer funds, etc. But none of that here. Can’t set up a bank transfer or anything like that. You have to use their stupidly convoluted web site for that.
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3 months ago, XsamhellX
Garbage app. Constantly locks my card. Called customer support & they said I can not do 12 transactions a day or the card gets locked. 2 days later I made 3 small transactions and my card is locked again. Simply buying a candy, chips & a soda at work and I can’t access my paycheck for another 24 hours.
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12 months ago, Sen516
Always “currently unavailable”
Have been trying to log in for 3 days straight now and it’s been currently unavailable. I have done 3 donations and not touched the money yet so I know my balance but the fact that my app is currently unavailable for 3 days is kind of ridiculous. I’m uninstalling and switching places I donate
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1 month ago, Game review2
Great bank new updates
Very great bank new updates fixed bugs
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8 months ago, ruleof78
Simply Doesn’t Work
Any attempt to look up my balance fails. It also fails when texting the balance request following the instructions printed right on the back of the card. Thinking it was just a glitch I retried for several days. Is this a legitimate company?
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7 months ago, blaqueknight
App was great
The app was great. I was able to track everything as needed. Now it says my card is inactive and I can't check my updated balance. I email customer service twice about the issue and they just say to update the app.
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2 months ago, Surveyor-7-
The app language constantly changes to Spanish.
Every time I open the app, the language is in Spanish. I have changed the setting many times but keeps happening I have deleted and installed the app countless times hoping that the issue will be solved. However THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.
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8 months ago, Clark Kent the Juice
Customer Serivce
How do you contact customer service. I purchased a new iPhone and as i’m entering my login info it keeps saying it’s incorrect. I literally have the phones side by side it works on the old but not the new one. So it says contact customer service… HOW SWAY?? There’s no phone numbers or email. Horrible
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10 months ago, GozoFury
Worst app ever
Got a refund for my overpayment on my lease and this has to be one of the most painful ways I’ve ever tried to get my money. I’ve been trying to register for hours now and the app keeps chucking me out. It’s all part of Chrysler strategy to make sure we never get out right money back
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11 months ago, App_reviewer1113
The worst app
I can’t sign up because email is already put in with no “@“. The box is grayed out so that it’s impossible to edit it. There’s no way to fix the red warning message “Email invalid”, and without fixing the red message, it won’t let me sign up. This app is trash.
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4 months ago, 小白如此优秀
Notification not work
The notice does not work, the good thing is it really notices you. But the notice button 🔵 once you press it. The App will shut down
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11 months ago, Buzzard11113
They came through after all.
North Lane has decided to resolve the issue. All is now good.
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5 months ago, 1stDoggy
Amazingly Awesome 100%
Been donating to KED plasma from the beginning. they are amazing, kind ,and always put you first.
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2 weeks ago, Jeff DeWitte
This company is a fraud and they will try to rip you off and take your money. Call the Better Business Bureau as well as the state attorneys general their website doesn't even exist. It's on the sticker of the card they sent you. Chrysler capital unbelievably partners with this company.
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9 months ago, mamacrocker4
Login issues
I’m tired of every time I try to login it is always saying there is an network issue you need to get this fixed because it’s really starting to get annoying I would like to know how much I have in my card
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12 months ago, Upset301
What a joke of an app
Tried to activate a card i received as a refund. Downloaded the app and no matter how many times i have tried to activate the card i keep getting an error saying the card cant be activated thru the app to call and activate it! What good is the app ?
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11 months ago, KMBA74
Take your money off!
I went inside and paid for gas. Checked my balance and they still put a hold on my funds! Told me to wait 8 days. Customer service is terrible! Money spent and money available doesn’t add up!
Show more
7 months ago, Yung Yen
App is not useful
The app is either glitching or needs to be updated. I cannot even seem to register my card with their application. Seems like a good app, but sadly is pointless as to why they even direct a customer to it…
Show more
5 months ago, Jferblack
Can’t transfer money
You cannot transfer money to your bank account through the app. You still need to use the website. So what the point of this app then?
Show more
9 months ago, Tired azfds
Horrible debit card
I hate using this card. Internet access is a joke. The quick bal text message doesn’t work. Customer service is not clear when asking for help.
Show more
1 year ago, cantguardchris
North Lane are criminals
They literally steal whatever money is left on your card every month and will hide the transaction so that you’ll never even see it or notice it but if you do the math the money never adds up. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CARDS AND THIS APP !! RUN !! 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️💨💨
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2 months ago, TFSMMSFT
Hope there is a negative star option.
Completely junk. They try really hard to prevent you from taking the money out.
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10 months ago, TampaGR
Bad status
When I go into the app it says the server is down but if I go into the actual website it’s fine.
Show more
3 months ago, let go user 1
No access
I keep trying to reset password and it says I am not putting in the same password when I obviously am. Plus all my old passwords weren’t working.
Show more
9 months ago, Maya0721
I can’t even log into my account and there’s an error every time i try to change my password even on the website. What an inconvenient and sad app
Show more
4 months ago, j.j214
Terrible App Cannot Reset Password
Terrible app and Customer support. Unable to log into app to view balance. Support phone # doesn’t allow you to speak to a representative. Horrendous service
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