MyRegistry Universal Registry

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11 months ago
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User Reviews for MyRegistry Universal Registry

4.81 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
7 years ago, VyatkaGirl
This is incredible!
I used to make lists for Christmas or my birthday of what I wanted but, being a bit of a control freak, I had specific items I desired and had to include the size, color, where to get it, etc. I also didn’t want whoever got me the gift to pay too much so I would sometimes send links of where the item is available for the cheapest price, but it was hard to keep it all organized and share with everyone. Besides that, I had to do the awkward “Remember to communicate with everyone else!” spiel so I wouldn’t get doubles. I knew there were wedding and baby registries, but I never realized you could make one for any occasion AND put items from any store on it! This website/app is it, and it’s so easy to accurately add items to the list. You can also make lists within the registry to say who the gift is for or any other way you want to sort it. I will continue to use this for every occasion from now on. LOVE IT!!!
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5 years ago, HighfiveLadyfriend
Inconsistencies keep it from being completely reliable
This app is ALMOST there. When it wants to play nice it’s perfection. But unfortunately it’s quite glitchy. It may pull data from a site the first time. It may get quirky and pull partial data, or the right data but wrong image (it often pulls the generic storefront image. Ex. An item I want from Crate and Barrel shows up as the default cottage with shrubs that is the company’s online icon image) . Or the right image but when you go back in at a later date it’s dropped the price of the item. That sort of thing. Manually entering info is also glitchy. It will take anything I type, but actually saving a picture I manually enter ( because I couldn’t get it to pull the picture of the actual item) is about 50/50. I currently have 2 items on my list that are not the actual item because it will not take a picture of the right item no matter how many times I try. So it’s fine for personal use, but would probably frustrate and confuse someone who is gift buying for other people. They might be afraid they’ll order the wrong item because they’re getting the info of one item but the image of something else.
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6 years ago, AnnaLee19
Great to sync registries from different stores
I had planned on pulling my baby registries from different stores onto one site so I could just share one link, and thought I would use the hugely promoted/advertised Babylist — until I realized that after creating one synced list, Babylist wouldn’t continually update with items we added in-person or things that were bought directly off the store registry lists. (?!) I hugely appreciate that MyRegistry auto-updates and also allows us to re-sync our registries as items are added or bought (although I’ve had some trouble getting BuyBuyBaby to re-sync, but only sometimes). The interface is pretty clean and easy to navigate too. Thanks for making this a helpful tool!
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2 years ago, Real_Reviews*
Good but it’s missing a crucial part
This app is great don’t get me wrong but it’s missing a very big part. It need to be able to hide the gifts that have been purchased from the person that created the wishlist. I get the app is a registry so it’s important to be able to see the gifts that have been bought as the creator. But it’s also a wishlist, for example, for birthdays. And if I’m making a wishlist for my own birthday I don’t want to be able to see what gifts people have purchase, it spoils the surprise (and I get that making a wishlist means there’s not a lot of surprise, but still it’s nice to be able to not know). What I’m saying is there should be an option for the creator to not be able to see what gifts have been purchased.
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1 year ago, stephdozo
Way better than Baby List
You can actually upload from any website. You can upload your own picture if it doesn’t generate or is not the picture you want. It’s easy to use and I love the simple filters. They let you make your own without throwing too many filter options in your face (like baby list does). They don’t shove products down your throat or push you to purchase from the app. They have an amazing check off list that helps you think (even though I don’t think I need everything on that massive list). I love how easy this app is to use and organize! 100% recommend. I’m so glad I found it because baby lists really sucked.
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2 years ago, CheshireSmiles
This is a dream come true. Both my husband and I are difficult to surprise when it comes with gifts as we have a tendency to buy what we need when we need it. This allows us to save great ideas for gifts for special occasions. It’s also easy to use — my 70 y/o mother has a wishlist now making it remarkably easy to send random gifts to let her know I’m thinking of her and miss her even though she’s across the country. I really love that it’s store independent so you can save ideas from anywhere. I also love that it can still recommend ideas so you can find new and cool things without having to hunt. Great app.
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7 years ago, bunbun32sd
Easy to use
I’m a first time mom and was getting overwhelmed with the whole registry process (what stores, items...). A friend finally told me about this site/app and it’s been an easy to use experience. I don’t have to be overwhelmed with registering at different stores. All I do is find what I need/want vía website and/or a barcode and the MyRegistry app will give me the option to choose from what store and price I want the item to be. I can easily share this registry, add, change, delete items. I love that i can also give the option to have money donations for the baby. It may be bias to give it a 5 star when I haven’t used any other app but i don’t see the need for it!
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2 years ago, SongForTheSoil
Great for organizing for a new home
This app has been fantastic to help me organize everything I’ve needed while moving to a new house, regardless of what website I found the item. Great that I can organize by category and by store. I’ve used it to keep track of ideas and options until I was ready to buy. I guess when I am done I’ll actually use it for a house warming registry. One thing that really could use improvement though - please make it remember where I was on the list when I make an edit or go back and forth viewing items. Right now any time you click on anything it resets to the top of the list. Leads to lots and lots and LOTS of scrolling!
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4 years ago, Patiance16
#1 App for Registering for Celebrations
I have already recommended this app to friends. I really love how you install it and can add any item from any website onto your registry by sharing it to the app through each individual website. I will be using this app indefinitely unless something more efficient comes along. Also love the feature to have a video or photo on the homepage and the guest book. Also the private section is key because sometimes you want things but you don’t want everyone going on your registry to see them. 11/10!
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5 years ago, Cassie9010
Good idea, but needs work
I really like the idea of this app. I used babylist for my baby registry and was looking for something similar for a general wishlist that my family could use and share for Christmas. Sometimes the app just doesn’t gather the information correctly or sometimes it won’t save it at all. I created categories by name of each person but it was pointless because the categories aren’t even seen on the viewing page. It would be nice to be able to create groups so that each family member could add things to their own list. I tried other apps that allowed groups, but adding items wasn’t done in a practical way. I really want to like this app. It has potential. Just needs some work. Good job guys!
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12 months ago, Em❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
A Great App
The app is great but has room for improvement. After around 5 minutes of editing and adding to my list it will tell my access has expired and I have to sign in again. It’s not hard to sign in, but it can get frustrating at times. Overall though the app is so easy to use and so much less confusing then reading a paper list. Haven’t sent it to anyone yet, so nothings been bought yet. But my friend used it for her birthday and it worked great she’s the reason I got the app. I really enjoy adding things to the list and how easy it is it’s literally 3 buttons lol. Love the app, definitely suggest it. -Emma💗
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4 years ago, Mairimmvaz
Like the idea but the app isn’t great
I really like the website and prefer it to the other ones out there. However, I wish more than one person could be given editing access to the registry (my husband to our baby’s registry). I tried to figure it out via the website and also reached out to customer service but I haven’t seen a response. We wish the app/list could update more frequently. Lastly, when we click on the item in the app it takes us to the entire registry for that store rather than the particular item we clicked on making you have to scroll to the desired item. Not the end of the world but it could be made more straightforward.
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6 years ago, Jmariego
Just a few features missing
This app has been great. We used it for our wedding and now for our baby shower. I would like to see an option where I can choose “any amount” for adding gift cards rather than choosing a dollar amount. For now, I just put $1. Also, an option to list items would be great as I have some things I would like to add but would like the guest to choose design, rather than feeling obligated to get the exact design I pick. Otherwise, will continue to use this for future registries!
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5 years ago, Aaahhmonsters
Unnecessarily Difficult
This app is handy but unnecessarily difficult to navigate. It was awesome to make a 1st Birthday gift list for my son. Easy to add gifts to the registry list from any website and easy to link to family members in texts so they can see what to buy and then mark it as “purchased.” However, if you want to have more than one registry list going for other events in your life... it’s next to impossible to figure out. I somehow managed to get two lists going and would like to make a third but I can’t figure out how I made the second one!!! And trying to toggle between the two lists I already have is insanely hard! It makes me furious every-time! I don’t have any knowledge in software engineering but this seems like a basic, stupidly simple thing the app developers could fix. It honestly baffles me it hasn’t been addressed yet. A simple drop down menu with the registry names and then a ‘+’ to start a new one. Come on guys... people have more than just “one list” events in their lives. And if you’re thinking, “just change the name of the list you already have!” I’d lol and offer you a prize if you could show me how.
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7 years ago, punkee224
This app is a joke!!
Our friends and family are so confused and so are we because even if the item was purchased its still available on the website. A cousin of mine even tried manually entering the items that were purchased but for some reason its still marked as available!! We ended up wd multiple duplicate items bcoz of this! And I also had the option to notify me on my mobile phone but I barely got alerted for any notifications. And when I also checked its a different number that was saved on the app which I dont know where came from. This also happened twice. I edited the number and days later went to check again, it had a different number that was saved. Its a joke!! Not helpful at all! Stick with ur baby store registries!!
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3 years ago, worried loyal customer
Best Registry App
I LOVE this app sooo much. This is my third time using it. I fiesta used it for my wedding, the second time for my baby shower, and now for a home warming party. I hate sticking to just one store and adding more than one on an invite gets too confusing for guests. This makes things easier for guests as they can look up based by store and everything is right in one location not I. Seperate places. I have recommended it to others I know and will continue to as well as will continue to use it myself. Very easy to use too.
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7 years ago, Jenpen07
Love this registry
I absolutely love this app and registry. I use it to keep a list through the year of things I and my family might want for Christmas or gifts I might want to give to others for Christmas (using the "private" category). I love how you can make different categories. I've made a category for each person in my family so that everyone can just filter by that name and know what each person would like. And as mentioned above, I use the "private" category for presents I might buy for others.
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5 years ago, MichelleG124
I used this to make our baby shower registry... so easy to do on my phone or on my laptop. Love that I could add items from any website. Most of them automatically syndicate with pictures, there are a few that do not, however it was easy enough to take a screenshot and insert an image if the picture didn’t automatically come in. I also like the updates of knowing which items were purchased and being able to keep it a surprise of who bought it. Great app!!
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7 months ago, ashbyday
Works well!
Our family dynamic is complex — divorced parents who don’t speak, plus grandparents, aunts & uncles who live states away, etc. We have used this for many years to streamline Christmas and Birthday wish lists, both for us and our kids! My only request is I wish there was a way to add non-specific requests like, “warm socks for hiking,” or “white queen-sized sheets” to allow for some freedom for those who like to shop for bargains, and some element of surprise for the recipient.
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6 years ago, iCarlyJay
Bridal Shower Registry Fun!!
So I decided to use this app strictly for my bridal shower registry, separate for my wedding registry. I loveee the fact you can compile a list of things from other websites and keep it all in one place! Not immediately user friendly, had to play around with the app for a just bit to get a hang of it but so far so good! Can’t wait to share with my guests to see how effective this app really is. Would definitely recommend to anyone to try who is needing to create a gift registry for any occasion!
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6 years ago, Talonofday
Best gift list app I’ve found
Hands down the best gift list app I’ve found because you can list from any shopping website and it’s free. I do wish they’d let you have multiple wishlists under one account though. I have one for myself and one I use for both of my kids. I’d be nice if I could make one for each of my kids and several for myself for various reasons. Also, sometimes the images don’t work right. Anyway, still a great app.
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7 years ago, Webermd2
Easy to register for anything
I love this app. I'm very particular about products being free of chemicals and toxins, so creating a baby registry has to almost entirely be done at online specialty retailers. This app makes it easy to add anything and everything to my registry from my phone. I only wish it had an iPad app... as that would make it easier. That's why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. I can use the phone app on my iPad, but the screen size is small and I have to keep rotating it around, so I gave up and am doing everything from my phone.
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10 months ago, rwp99
Makes Life So Much Easier!
Being able to see and add everything to one single registry makes life so much easier. The thank you note tracker is awesome and the chrome extension is a game changer. Only feedback would be adding a way to track the delivery of gifts added via the chrome extension or other sites (so sites where you’re not officially “registered”), so registrants know when they can expect those gifts to be deluxe red and don’t have to bother the purchaser to get shipping updates.
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1 year ago, erm2016
It’s okay
I liked this app when I used it to make the registry. Took a minute to figure it out but once I did it was rather easy. My biggest issue with it is that it didn’t always mark that something was purchased. My daughters birthday is so close to Christmas that I wanted to make sure no one bought anything she already had. Her birthday came and it showed only two gifts bought. At her party we realized just about every body bought gifts off of it. And we ended up with several duplicates. 🤦‍♀️ Don’t rely on it to be correct. Embarrassing for people who tried to do the right thing.
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2 years ago, Jezboz
4 stars with some cons
I used this for our baby shower and loved it but i hated how complicated it made it for people to purchase / mark gifts as purchased. My older friends and relatives seemed to struggle with that part.. wasn't very user friendly and basically forces the person to enter order #’s and this information into multiple fields when they mark something as purchased, which i didnt need. I wish there was an option to streamline that with the info that I want..
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8 months ago, MissLissBoutique
Other Registries
I really like the idea of this app and most of the time I have no issues using it. But there’s no way to add other peoples registries to the app so you can switch seamlessly from person to person’s registry. During Xmas, each person in my family updates their MyRegistry and the only way we are able to go back and reference those registries is by having each person’s link shared in a shared apple note. Other than this inconvenience, it’s great!
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3 years ago, Chiddbb
No more double gifts!
Had this problem last year where we all bought my sister the same gift from her list of things she wanted for the holiday! This shows how many were already purchased out of how many the receiver asked for. Also easy to use and share links to instead of copy/paste. Helps direct everyone to one spot for things i’m asking for!
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7 months ago, amber_.x
From a 10 to a 0 hope to be back to a 10
Overall I like this app, makes it easy to make a bday or Xmas wishlist to send to family and friends. However, recently I’ve been struggling with the app. Everytime I go to share something with my registry, it says it’s connecting and never does so that I can actually add the items. I started my list for this year and now can’t continue it. What was once a 5 star app is now a 1 would love to be updated it they ever fix this cuz in the meantime I can’t use the app.
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4 years ago, klg7911
Not user friendly
I used this for a housewarming registry and the people o tried to purchase it had a hard time using it. It forces you to purchase and put your information in it even if you don’t want to purchase the item. Also when I received the gifts there was no paper work with it in case something was wrong with it that I could return it. None of the boxes or gifts had sender information so if the app said “it’s a surprise” I didn’t know who to thank. It was easy enough for me to add stuff to the registry but that seems to be where the ease ended.
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4 years ago, Bow0324
Mommy to be
As a first time mommy to be - I am learning what’s out there in regards to baby and registries and when I came across MyRegistry, I was in! I hated the fact of liking different things from all these websites and having multiple registry’s to send out and having our friends and family keep track off. So this is the perfect all in one and easy to keep track off for my husband and I, as well for friends/family ! Give it a try!
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6 years ago, AbigailTPoppins
My mom is forever asking me what I want for my birthday/Christmas and I can never come up with anything so I started keeping a list, someone told me I should make a registry w links, at first I thought it made me sound like a greedy spoiled brat but then I realized my mom always wants to buy something I want/need and this will make it easier for her. Plus she can choose from the list and know I don’t expect her to purchase everything. It was a win win!
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5 years ago, Nickname1562
Fantastic for wedding registries
Using this for our wedding registries; even though we only have a few places this makes it incredibly easy for us to see what’s been bought already and also makes things super simple for our friends and family. They can easily find what’s marked as a priority and also compare items across sites without having to search and flip back and forth. 20/10, awesome app.
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2 years ago, Bekah523
Love this app!
I love this app. It’s so nice being able to make a registry or wishlist with items from any website! I like that you can have several different lists at once. My only complaint is that the sorting option seems to be pretty glitchy. It defaults to sort by recently added. I’ll have it sort by category but seconds later it swaps back to recently added. Very annoying when trying to organize a list.
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6 years ago, MamaRissaStephens
Literally the most amazing registry app ever, helping me meet all my registry goals and surpassing my expectations!! Due to me being on hospitalized bed rest during my third trimester, my baby shower could not come to pass before baby’s arrival. This app is user friendly, customizable, and there so many ways to add gifts to your registry from any and everywhere! It’s also aesthetically beautiful! I’d looked into other options and this one took the cake for sure! Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, AlbanaAbdullai
Worst app/technology/customer service
I have had so many issues with this app. Starting from adding pictures of laundry baskets instead of the item I was trying to add to my registry, to people not being able to see my delivery address so I literally had to text everyone that wanted to get my baby a gift my address, ending with adding items in the registry that I wasn’t even interested in. The customer service told me to delete the app and reinstall it or update it, did both and guess what!? It’s still not working. Save yourself time and energy and create your registry somewhere else, not on this trash.
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3 years ago, kayley19
Perfect for Scattered Family
My husband and I are from different countries, so family and friends are spread all over the place. Using this made it super easy for my family and friends to purchase exactly what we want from anywhere in the world and have it sent straight to us. It was overall simple to use, and I was thrilled with how everything turned out!
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10 months ago, AMCW221
Wedding Registry
I used this for my wedding registry and it was so much easier than Zola! I preferred to have my registry through a few different stores due to the discount you get when completing your registry after the wedding. It was so simple and the app was MUCH easier to use than the slow, complicated store registry apps. I highly recommend if you’re looking for an alternative to Zola!
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2 years ago, Muffin mae
Solid app
I used this for both Christmas and birthdays! It’s been very helpful because it shows what is getting purchased so I don’t buy duplicate. I love that there is a gift card or cash option. That’s extremely helpful for the kiddos that have no idea what they want or have specific wishes (like roblox)! I love this app and will be using it again this year.
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3 years ago, sabreanaaaaaa
Good! But…
The only issue I have with this app is when you go in to settings to input your address you can’t manually put it in. You have to select what they suggest and for my address, twice it was wrong. So on two occasions people bought gifts and had to contact the seller/Amazon to get it shipped to the correct address. If there was some way to input and attach the address manually or by self-typing it in, this would be A1!
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5 years ago, DinosaurPancakes
Buggy and Broken?
I've completed my registration and verified my email but the share button only leads to a prompt to login on the app which I also have already done. This appears to make it impossible for me to add gifts from sites other than their partners. The app also doesn't have a function where I can link to the gift directly which would help my issues. It also doesn't seem to register my changes to the event date after saving even though opening my account in my phone's chrome browser shows the correct one. I've just gotten this app but I'm so frustrated I'll likely delete it right away.
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3 years ago, alicemakeup
Love this app
Now the reason that we had went to the app in the first place was to make a gift list for my mom for wigs that is was wanting and to keep everything on one place then I made a list for myself and mom and I both love this app and have a lot of fun using it and it is very easy to add to the list and to share with friends and family
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3 years ago, eap4ever
Best thing I use
I have a problem sitting on what I want to buy before I buy it. This app honestly helps my future self know what I want, but it also helps a lot to send people my list who just want to buy me a gift for a holiday. It also has my address so people can just ship to me and I can add descriptions on items. 10/10 recommend.
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7 years ago, TheDreadPirateBunny
Love it!
I am using MyRegistry for the first time to register items for my daughter's baby shower. With MyRegistry I can include items from so many different stores, both online and brick and mortar. I especially love that it is easy to add unique, one-of-a-kind items from sites like Etsy. I'm thinking I will keep the registry open, and continue to add to it, using it as a gift list for future Christmases and birthdays.
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5 years ago, Gingerfritz12345
Great app, some glitches
The app and website are really great! The only drawback is that the app has a lot of little glitches. The glitches are usually not enough to make it unusable, but sometimes they are a real pain. I’m glad they’ve updated the app to do some more things, like visitor view and changing the image for an item. I used to have to switch back and forth between the app and my computer to do certain things
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6 years ago, Momma BC
Beyond awesome!
Only using for a day but not having Babies R Us to register at was becoming a problem. Now you can register for everything you need right from home and people have options where to go shopping. Only downfall is some things (like diaper sizes) do not register correctly without trying a few different ways Highly recommend
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5 years ago, Sgrussel
Perfect for giving and getting gift ideas
I've been looking for an app that helps share ideas for holidays and special occasions to share and use within my family to make it easier. This is awesome. Just wish I could save other people's lists within the app so I can find and share them myself and others for occasions.
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3 months ago, Raeicecream
I love this app so much!!! I use it for birthday and Christmas List’s now!! Especially for my Birthday so my relatives and friends don’t ask what I want! Their are no downsides to this app. It’s easy to use, easy add items to and many more. I am always looking for something to organize my list more and I’ve found my app!!
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2 years ago, Harrell315
Greatest App for my kids gift shopping
It has made holiday shopping and people always asking what to get the kids so much easier. The app links to all of our favorite shopping places and adding to the registry is so easy. I’m looking forward to using this for every birthday and holiday season.
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4 years ago, deblamb
Easy to use and convenient
Overall I find that this is easier for a baby registry where I can add stores as I need. Some stores I do find I have more difficulty adding...but wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Definitely makes it easier for people who are buying gifts for us to have a one stop shop kinda place. Would definitely recommend and use for other things if needed!
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5 years ago, Megiladon
On the Tuesday before my baby shower the app logged me out of my registry and when I went to log in it wouldn't let me click login unless I hand typed out my email and password two times. Then when I finally did get back in it cleared all of my registries from it. It would not let me re-add my registries to it it remembered all of my other info. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Restarting my phone, nothing worked. I contacted a concierge and someone from IT was supposed to get back in contact with me today and I have not heard anything from them.
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