MySCU Mobile

4.9 (5.1K)
39.8 MB
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Current version
State Credit Union (SC)
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MySCU Mobile

4.85 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Five STAR FIVE STAR!
The BEST customer service EVER!
I’ve purchased cars in the past and once before with this bank but with a different loan officer.. always nice people but the young lady Whittney was exceptionally excellent. She made car buying and getting pre-approve so easy, self explanatory and caring. She had things already had things prepared and she took and kept control of the entire process to make sure I was and to keep me comfortable with the process. Whittney knew her stuff and she displayed a willing care to help. I was beyond satisfied and grateful that after asking the questions to go ahead and apply for the auto loan. During my visit which was the first time ever she also unsold and offered me other services I knew nothing about, and because she made me feel comfortable and honored to be offered other services.. I accepted the offer. I’m completely appreciative of her attitude, swiftness, attentiveness as well as her customer service and the strong will to help. I personally give her and the SCU branch in Oraneburg five stars! Sincerely, T. Dixon
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5 years ago, My Weather Info
Joe Capitan
The very best app I have on my phone it’s my SCSCU app for doing my banking all my banking needs are use my app for everything it is the most wonderful way of accessing my money managing my money and paying the things I want very easily through my app it is a great app and you need to get one if you have an account everything is so simple plus all the information is at your fingertips for all accounts incl all my balances deposits, debits & purchases and everything you need to know on all accounts including retaining a total history of my activities...I Highly recommend it to everybody who has any SCU account. Joe
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3 years ago, The rib lady
I love this bank that’s why I’ve been here over 20 years. They help with any problem, no matter what your issue they will solve it. One thing I really love is if they have any suspicions about some activity with your account they call and check with you. If a purchase wasn’t made by you they handle it. I am grateful for being a Family member of State Credit Union. I love you all🙏🏾❤️
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2 years ago, Groucho's
customer service
Lots of it, I wish they had venmo or zelle applications. because none of my family live here and if they need something I want to get it to them quickly. I came from a big bank environment and they don’t appreciate my business but your bank does❗️🥰❗️💋💝
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5 years ago, membersc
One suggestion
On the accounts page/ screen if you have a credit card with the bank and click/ touch it I wish it would show the statement balance and not just the running balance
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2 years ago, Dick_Dre
SC Online Banking
This app is wonderful, but not without fault. There is room for improvement. There should be specific days of the week to pay bills from either SCCU account or external accounts. There should also be a much better mobile check depositing system. Other than those, me and my wife those banking here!
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4 years ago, J. Renae
Love this app
I love the way that you guys change the app. Very easy to use, added features to pay your loan and other services in comfort of your own home and or at work.
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12 months ago, HickRoss150
Perfect Banking App
The app works super well while transferring between accounts, quick checks on balances and more. I will say it gets clunky every once in a while but with regular updates most issues are solved within a reasonable amount of time.
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4 years ago, CRJ2227
Does the job!
I appreciate this app, super convenient. The only thing I’m not a fan of is for bigger transactions/withdrawals, it takes a while to actually show in the app. It would have been nice if it showed immediately like everything else.
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4 years ago, S Dylan
It is very convenient to do banking from anywhere--unheard of when i started banking. I am thankful. My only frustrations have been occasionally being unable to connect when i needed to and not being able to change a payment date on the billpay page.
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4 years ago, Hatiolaboy
App is quick, easy to navigate
SC Credit Union’s app is very intuitive and easy to use, provides many ways to utilize your money, allows effortless transfers and is generally a pleasure to work with.
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2 years ago, davidsjs111
Can’t write a review- you can’t see the letters as you type
Can’t write a review-you can’t see the letters when you type
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4 years ago, SosFlower
Love SCSU App
The only thing I would change on this app is the ability Freeze and UnFreeze Bank Cards. Most banks and credit cards have this feature!
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6 months ago, BUCK1144
Great service
Friendly and fast customer service
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2 years ago, vstewart10
It is so easy to keep track of balance. The notifications are great and timely.
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4 years ago, JPop7
Cannot opt out of offers
Constant offers. Can’t opt out of receiving so message alert is constantly on as if there may be something important. Accidentally accepted an offer trying to delete it. Also unable to delete. This is a new feature and I hate it. Please fix this. All I want to be able to do is check my balance and make transfers as needed.
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1 year ago, hangoutnow
My experience
This app has been great. Being able to do my banking at my fingertips is great.
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4 years ago, nospe1
Needs where you can disable card
Would like to see in this app where you can disable debit card if lost after hours
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5 months ago, Happy Fl member
Quite pleased!
Wish all bank apps worked as well!
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1 month ago, REBA310
Thank you for making this app. So simple to use. It’s really refreshing.
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1 year ago, cfarthing86
Mobile deposits not compatible with iOS 16
Ever since updating to iOS 16, the mobile deposits feature on the app does not work. It tells me to rotate my screen, but does nothing when I do. Please fix! Very inconvenient to have to go to a branch for check deposits with very few branch locations.
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4 years ago, Cruel Angel
The app is as horrible as the staff. I’m just waiting for the CD a family member created for me to mature so I can leave this horrible bank and its useless app. I can’t even deposit a check. Every other banking app I’ve used has made depositing checks so easy. I can’t see any banking info except for a running balance. What’s the point of this app?
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7 months ago, kristie1010
Having issues
Normally I have no problem with the app but today it’s not showing recent purchases, it’s not actively updating at all
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6 years ago, AJay Turk
Easy and secure
Easy to use I like the finger print login opportunity. Excellent app. Everything under your finger tips.
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2 years ago, Chandra Baker
Best of the best
This credit union has been there for me more then the bank that I was a member of for 8 years..
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4 years ago, 61851
It took a while but now that I am signed in properly, it is great. Thank you !
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3 years ago, bigcuz_30
Satisfied Customer
I love this app so much, I can do everything I need to do with this.
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6 years ago, alexandersharpe
Horrible app
There are ridiculous restrictions with using this app - in ADDITION to being non-functioning many times. There is a 5 mobile check deposit limit at $2,000 where other banks have a $10,000 limit. App and customer service - garbage. Will be switching banks very soon.
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3 years ago, TayM35
Love it
My account is new, but I love this app so far!! It’s very convenient, and updates really fast!! ❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Symeon360
Awesome Credit Union & App
Great app and great credit Union, app works well for mobile banking and loans! Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, wade Sr.
Slow App
App is slow to open and sometimes does not work
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2 years ago, vikkiyvette
The site is good, can be a little slow but over all I am able to use. I hope SCSCU get ZELLE soon.
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5 years ago, lcampbellsings
Does everything I need it to!
Love the convenience and security of this banking app!
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6 years ago, Lady Viola
It really works.
This app never crashes.
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6 years ago, Anonymous87934
SCU app
Reliable - easy to navigate and review critical data quickly!
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6 years ago, Yessumsir
Great app, easy use.
Very convenient! Easy to use, fast, and the fingerprint login is Great!
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5 years ago, quendra312
Happy Customer
I really enjoy using my app !! It comes in handy all-day long ! I love SCU BANK ! ❤️
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4 years ago, Reverend Awesomepants
The App is good. The people who work for SCU are friendly and helpful. But once again today I wanted to make a bill payment and that feature is currently down. This is completely unacceptable and inexcusable.
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2 years ago, bootdeuce
5 star
So easy to use! Love this app.
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6 years ago, serag21
Never loads
This app simply doesn’t load more often than it functions properly. Though very slow when it does decide to work. I’m getting very impatient l, SCSCU.
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4 years ago, ndjsnsisndnd
Not working
It’s not letting me log into the app to see what my balance is. I don’t understand I use the same password as I do everyday. Fix it please
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4 years ago, J. TIRADO
This app makes banking so much easier!!!! Ok
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3 years ago, pecan46
Randi was such a wonderful loan officer!
Great Customer Service
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6 months ago, jman 757
App doesnt say anything but application error half the time. Whats the point in having a banking app if it doesnt work.
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4 years ago, RoBoill
Keep up the good work guys..
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9 months ago, Brownjunior
This is a great App, Great Credit Union and friendly staff.
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5 years ago, Carped item 24
Staff is amazing, app is very accommodating !!
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3 years ago, KC $
Great App
Great ❤️
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3 years ago, Flex Banks
This app is GREAT!
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8 years ago, Cdbrewer29
Work Great!
I've been using this app ever since I began banking at Scscu. I've never encountered any issues or bugs with the functionality, and it contains all of the features that I expect in a mobile banking application
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