Mystery Manor: hidden objects

4.5 (28.6K)
298 MB
Age rating
Current version
Game Insight
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mystery Manor: hidden objects

4.48 out of 5
28.6K Ratings
5 years ago, HypoTrance
Couple things wrong...
Let me just say that I know GI has worked hard on the game, but there are a couple things they should change. First, there are too many popups. They’re not ads or anything, but every time I am about to explore a room or come out of a room, a pop up asking me for money to get food or unlimited energy for 30 minutes would pop up. This has just gotten a little annoying. Also, I don’t appreciate the amount of times you have to be in certain modes like words or silhouette in order to complete a quest. You would have to either explore the room a bunch or just spend gems to get the room mode you need to complete a quest. And really? Match three? I thought at first that this was a hidden objects game, but apparently for a game to succeed you would need to add in a half-luck-half-skill based game. You have to play the same game multiple times to possibly get one quest item, which is not very fun since the levels get increasingly harder. I haven’t progressed that far into the game (I’m only level 11), so I may be missing some things, but overall, GI needs to change the luck and some mechanics on this game.
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6 years ago, noshortcutscook
This game requires super sonic vision and lists of money
I keep hearing from GI that our feedback gets taken into account. Only if they use it to make the game more impossible. They take 2 beautiful rooms and redo them so that you can’t see the items you need to find. So, they improved the zoom. however the items were too small and indistinguishable to begin with. A blob is still a blob no matter how big you make it. Then update 2.15.1 makes the text for the names of the items you have to find too tiny. I play on a 12.9” iPad. The text shouldn’t be that small. Then there’s the guilds. The brilliant plan is to stick everyone in a guild. You can leave but you just go to a different guild. You can’t opt out! How hard is that to put in as a function. As a result the players that want to be in Guilds and do the events are hampered by the ones plopped into their guild that have no interest. Plus the rewards you can buy with guild points, like everything else in the game, are so many points you will only be able to collect one a year. This is not GI listening to their players! Keys to play rooms are impossible to earn and rooms that need to be unlocked require so many items that can’t be gotten it’s too ridiculous. Don’t tell me time and patience! I think 6 months to collect items to open rooms is excessive! Each update of this game makes it much worse. I will be deleting it and I played the original MM for the iPad and wrote a help website for over 6 years.
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3 years ago, Acatlady32016
Love the game but,
I love this game and have been playing it for a long time. I always have looked forward to the updates, until today. The last update I was disappointed on the cost of the tools. The previous update changed it so you got one free and then the any of diamonds were raised for the rest. The changes in the elevator and hall make it impossible to find items without spending a fortune. I have to admit I was extremely disappointed when I saw the new cost for the pointers and tools. It makes it even more expensive to play the game than before. The third and final change which I don't like is when the timer comes on, you had to watch an ad, and then you could tap on the characters and watch the necessary ads to have them turn green and get gifts. Now they stay blue all of the time and you have to pay to get them to turn green. I honestly don't understand why you would take a game that is beautifully made and turn it into something people are going to drop due to cost. I doubt you will read this or even respond to me, but I feel better having you know, I am going to be leaving the game.
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5 years ago, BaDeedo
Fun for a short time
This game is fun for maybe a week, but then it becomes expensive. Your energy accumulates so slowly, yet the amount of energy needed to play a room doubles. By a certain level, this gives you about 15 minutes of game play for an entire day, even with daily prizes. I have no problem spending a couple dollars here and there for a good game, but the prices for gems/energy are too high for me. It’s apparent that the developers created the game play with too much greed. I’m on level 18 and pretty much at a stand still. The rooms don’t switch “modes” until you play them a few times, which costs energy. I have several quests that require me to find an item in a room with a certain mode; with the lack of energy and high price of playing a room, it could take days to line these factors up correctly—only to not actually get awarded the item once you do, and start the whole process again. I really wanted to like this game. I like the graphics, story line, daily prizes, and guild competitions, and can appreciate that this all took some hard work and dedication from the developers. But I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to make the game enjoyable. If vast improvements are made in that respect, I’d be happy to change my rating/review to reflect the other great aspects of the game.
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2 years ago, Bunnybabe13
Great GUI & Observation: update buggy
This is a game that is great to play while streaming. Very straightforward and easy for all ages. It could benefit from some developer tweaking: diamond bonuses that actually occur when you click on the update & Level 85 in match three mini game does not reflect correct amounts/count on the left side. Blue fish constantly change count. Reproduced several times to the point I closed the game,rebooted ipad and it still occurs. Customer service is done through a texting format in the app and the thought of a pop up, saying there is a reply to view, would be good. Otherwise a user has no clue there is a response. I have made in app purchases over the years but you can play without, which is nice in comparison to games which bombard users with ads. I like the interface of this version best. Works great overall, on ipad.
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3 years ago, MandaPanda66
Very Aggravating. Not fun any more.
Really liked the game for a while. It was challenging, but fun. As any game, the challenges becomes harder as one progresses through the game. Now, however, with updates, the developers have made it impossible to play without spending money. And lots of it. The number of items needed to find in some rooms in a very short amount of time is ridiculous. It is a lot more frustrating than fun. Then, I hit level 186 on match three. I have played this one level for more than a week. It is impossible to to win, unless money is spent which I won’t. I have been put in a guild where only 2 or 3 out of 10 are even playing. I assume most have left due to reasons listed above. Developers, you have lost one more. I will come back when you put your players first instead of being greedy. Edited: Response to Developers. If I play the same match three level game, for a over week, and only spend coins on the same level, in this case, level 186, I consider it not winnable without spending money. I have played many other games with extremely hard levels, but never for a week or even several days without winning. You can have your frustrating, money hungry game, there are plenty of find and seek games in the App Store.
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3 years ago, Goesse420
So many issues
I’ve been playing for about a month, the match three is almost impossible to beat after you hit level 130. They require you to collect a certain number of pieces (seahorses etc) but don’t actually give you enough pieces to actually pass the level without paying. Also the amount of energy required to play the rooms is too much. They require you to play rooms in specific modes to get collection pieces or to pass quests but you have to play these rooms 5 or 6 times (in these modes) to get the items needed, it shouldn’t take a week just to get items needed. You need to collect items to “banish” or “trade with” characters but there are so many characters and you never get enough items (some of which are required to play rooms) to actually accomplish anything. I’ve read past reviews and found these same issues were brought up a couple years ago and nothing has changed. The developer comments are always the same: they are working on this in the next update (or something along those lines) but obviously 2 years later and nothing has been changed. I refuse to spend money (which the charge too much anyway) on a game that is almost impossible to progress on.
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5 years ago, SharonVT
SRSLY need to fix
I am a long time player of their old game and decided to try the new one. At first it was very exciting, because it was new. Now it is bogged down in problems that aren’t being fixed. Energy takes too long to replenish. I am at level 37 and have entered zodiac mode and 3 of my rooms are locked down because I don’t have the ability to search them because keys are almost impossible to get, I am unable to participate in the daily contest or guild events as a result of this. In essence, unless I want to spend a lot of $$$$ I am getting nowhere in this game until they fix a bunch of stuff. I have only touched on a few in this review. UPDATE: Mar 2019 - Level 67 - things improved slightly for a while and then with each update more negative changes, progress taken away from players, costs keep going up, impossible quest strings........GREEDY developer. Ready to be done unless good, real, positive changes are made. Fix drop rates, stop making quests impossible to complete, stop baiting and switching rooms. UPDATE: Apr 2019 - drop rate HAS NOT IMPROVED. This game could be so fun if the developer just made it a bit easier to advance. They are well on the way to destroying this game - at least by U.S.A. players who don’t want to spend a lot of $$$$$$.
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6 years ago, dg1111gd
Cute graphics but serious bugs
I played the original iPad version of this game years ago so I was excited to see the revamped version. The graphics are beautiful but it is essentially a re-skinned version of the older game with a few enhancements. Now here come the problems. I made it to level 9 and have run out of all quests. I’m also unable to unlock the next room (Bathroom) as there is no quest to get the key and it doesn’t drop from any other rooms. I figure I’ll contact customer support but of course this is a Russian company so I already knew customer service will be sub par. So not only did I get an extremely rude reply to “just play the game” which was written in a rude tone and full of typos and spelling mistakes. Really that’s the best your CS can do? Maybe if I actually had some quests or a way to get the needed XP I would play this game but wait I don’t. Other replies were in the same vein “play the game, level up, we couldn’t be more clear”. Well I couldn’t be more clear and rate this stinker of a game a big fat 0! Train your staff GI and have them learn how to speak properly to your customers. Please, sorry, and thank you are something they should add to their vocabulary. Oh and fix your glitchy game!
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3 years ago, Dective Dannypiggy
Opinion on the game
Started playing when it first came out. But this game is way to hard for me to play. So I’m going back to the old version. It is not player friendly. I gave it a good try. The only room I can play is the bathroom on the first floor. Can’t get off the first floor. The rooms are to tough to play. So can’t finish the quest. So bye The reason why I’m still on the 1st floor. I can’t not finish the quest because it is to difficult to see the items to complete the rooms before the time expires. The only room I can finish most of the time is the bathroom. Even match 3 is to hard. I been trying to beat the same level for 1 month now. I just feel like way should I play a game when I can only complete 1 room. That is no fun to me. And very frustrating. So I will keep playing the old version. A lot more fun Make the items easier to see. No outlines of the items, make them solid. Make less items or give us more time to fine time. Match 3 in the higher levels. Either less combination or give us more moves or more time to complete the requirements. Now you guys are the developers. Use your brains and make it more player friendly.
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2 years ago, Junkabeana
Fun game, but frustrating
Been playing for quite a few months now. Fun game to pass time. However, the more I progress through the game, the more difficult it is to complete the tasks. You need to get items to trade with the characters to get charms to get access to the special rooms. For instance 7 things of milk to trade with the cat to get 5 stones to enter the fortune telling room which takes 40 stones. Sometimes it takes 3+ times exploring the room to get the item needed for the task. This means you’ll need to explore the other rooms to find the items to trade with the characters. My biggest frustration is when you need to find the trade items you can explore multiple rooms, multiple times and not get any. And it always seems that after you do finally find the special item to complete a task and no longer need the trade item, you start getting them every time you explore a room. The items you need from exploring are never found when you need them.
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6 years ago, Sbaylor
Please Fix the Guilds, Please!!
I’ll start by saying that I like the rewards system for Guild events in the new version of Mystery Manor than in the old one. However, what I really DON’T like about the Guilds in the new game is that each player is assigned to a Guild whether they want to be, or not. I end up pulling anywhere from 50% of the weight up to 90%+. Tedious and frustrating. There really should be an option for players to just opt-out of being in a Guild if they’re not interested. Also, since we can’t pick our Guild-mates, and we can’t remove non-players, the system should remove players who repeatedly don’t contribute to the events - I mean for weeks they don’t contribute. I’ve come across Guild members whose only points they’ve ever earned are for checking in every day. Sorry....But the ultra competitive side of me thinks that these people are just in the way. I’m really eager for the update that allows us to add friends, ask friends for gifts (chargers, etc.), pick our own Guild / Guild leader, and decide whom we want in our Guild.
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3 months ago, upsetmom42
I really love this game so much. I’ve been playing well over a year !!! when I first started playing this game, they only had ads if I pressed the space to watch an ad to gain an time or to double my winnings. Which I used quite often. So I was already watching plenty of adds. But then an update went through quite some time back and now when I hit the x after I won the level it will gives me an add anyway!!!! I am so frustrated with it!! It seems to be more and more often. I delete games with adds but this one is one I loved before it blasted me with adds!!!! Bring back the old days!!!! A absolutely hate the adds shown! A lot of them are disgusting and I am playing a hidden objects game and not stupid shoot them up zombie games!!!!! They are terrible!!!!!! Gross!!! Disgust!!!!! Stupid!!!
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5 years ago, Bublez oO
Love this game, but recently disappointed
I’ve been playing this game for nearly two months. I spend about 2+ hours/day. And I’ve spent $ on it (which I’ve NEVER done with another game!) and that proves how much I’m into it. In the past 12 hours, there is a bug where we cannot access our quests/ missions. This is highly disappointing & frustrating. Please fix ASAP & give some bonus or credit for the time lost. My guild has been gaining a great team work ethic & I don’t want to lose our momentum. Let alone, why would I continue to spend real $ on a game that doesn’t continue to update & give back to its players? Thanks
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1 year ago, 1Maura1
Bad updates
I used to love this game! The newest updates have made it impossible to play now. I can’t stretch the game site as much as I used to be able to do, so I can barely see the game anymore. Everything has become so small, it’s nearly impossible to see let alone play. Wish they hadn’t updated it. Before it was really fun, now it’s just a memory to me. 😖 I stopped by the developers site on my app store only to find this is the exact same company that made several other games I’ve had to abandon. I guess Game Insights has no insight at all except to be greedy. All of the games have similar problems, all cost a flat fortune to play if you want to get very far and each update on each game made it worse, not easier or more friendly. Now that I know, I will avoid any of the games they make and do a write up on all 14 of my consumer blogs (with a half million people following it should have some impact)
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1 month ago, blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
Match-3 is bringing down the rest of the game
Overall, the game is very fun, even if it is somewhat annoying to have to search a room multiple times to get the thing you need. My issue is with the match-3 aspect. If it weren’t for the match-3, I’d rate this game at 4.5 or even 5. As you get to higher levels in the match-3, you get more and more obstacles and it becomes close to impossible to pass a level. In your match-3, you only have 2 power-ups that aren’t very powerful. You have the rocket, which only takes out the pieces directly next to it. And you have the mine/bomb, which doesn’t cover a large area. In other games of this type, they have more power-ups that make it so that beating the level is hard, but not impossible. For instance, they usually have a power-up if you match in the shape of a T or an L or a square. And they have ones that can take out a whole row or column. With only 2 power-ups, many obstacles, and not enough moves per level, your match-3 has become almost impossible to beat. This is extremely frustrating when you can’t move further in the rest of the game without getting the objective item in the match-3. Especially if you finally manage to pass the extremely difficult level and then you don’t get the thing you need.
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3 years ago, bh🎶
Sleep aid
I like this game, but it has many annoying and boring features. What I like: Unlimited free play when energy is recharged of course. Many additional oppotunities to get gems and charms and chargers through extra side games. Some detective story, which I am unable to play unless I pay money (somehow the developers should profit from something here) What I don’t like: 1. Hidden objects in ECHO. I think there is a glitch that is cheeting players of chances to win. I have had many a time looked in areas where the game shows me at the end the object. 2. The 50% charm, does not work in helping getting the items for quest. I have seen no difference in using the charm vs not using it. 3. Furniture in the rooms are super expensive for no good reason. 4. Unlocking rooms is near impossible since one cannot get chargers easily through the first 5 rooms. 5. The objects become significantly difficult to identify as the game level progresses. They are very small and even become a shadow on a surface or an unsual “symbol” , i.e. sunflower in Hall room and hot dog in Kitchen. 6. The repetition in the 5 initial rooms to get more chargers is putting me to sleep. 7. The ads in between rooms is putting me to sleep. 8. The timer in loading each game in rooms is putting me to sleep. 9. The astral detective not getting unlocked despite getting all of the tokens and finishing the story is unfair.
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3 years ago, singleshave fun
Mistakes Need to be fixed ASAP
As someone before had mentioned this is supposed to be a hidden object game. You’re supposed to look for an object be able to make the screen larger, which it stops doing after a while; & when I do find the object and click on it, it doesn’t take it. I keep pressing items pictured & nothing happens. Then I run out of time you try to make me buy something to give me more time or energy or whatever & when I don’t buy and spend my real money the creators give you the run around. If it’s all about taking my money (our money) then why offer the game instead of fooling your customers into wasting precious time & even more outrageous our money! Disgusted consumer! Funny how this hasn’t been posted already. Looked at your past reviews & I’d be ashamed if I were to offer a game with so many terrible reviews. Going to delete your “game” & never choose another by your company Hope others will follow
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5 years ago, Cooking Diva 97
Good game gone bad!
This game used to be fun as a hidden object game. Recently it has turned into a match 3 game and you have to play the same 15 games over and over. So boring! There have been two updates recently but nothing in both those updates appear in the game. Some of the rooms require so much to enter that the ability to play them is practically non-existent. So why bother to open them. You are forced to be in a guild whether you want to or not. No option to opt out. Often you get stuck with people who don’t play or don’t speak your language. It takes too long to advance a level as the rewards are minimal. There no quests that are achievable. A new mode has been added that slows down the game and if you banish it you have to watch the same ad over and over. I have been a supporter of this game from the beginning but I probably will be quitting as the game has turned into something that is a chore and very very boring!!
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4 weeks ago, Journeyman2015
Nice concept, but requires a LOT of patience
I wanted to like this, especially because there isn’t any of the kind of things that tend to jumpscare me (think, among other things, items suddenly popping in and out as an indication of where they are). And I different variations that are used. But I can’t say I’m a fan of the time limits that are put into play after only a few searches. I get that a couple of the achievements depend on failed searches due to time over, but the limits feel pretty tight and it took me six or seven tries to finish one stage with the Logos room set in part because 1) items are hard to see and 2) no visual representation of what you’re looking for. This makes the game feel like a money grab in the respect that you have to stock up on gems, in order to stock up on items, in order to have any reasonable chance of making progress without feeling like you want to throw your device into the wall. I sensed I was close to this, and had to delete the app for now. If you consider yourself a hidden object expert, this game makes you prove it. But if you’re new to this style of game, you might want to look elsewhere first.
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4 years ago, miss tiery
Crashes regularly
I love this game’s artful graphics, game variety, and stories. The progress is attainable and the energy is replenished frequently enough to keep you easily hooked. It wouldeasily be a 5 star from me if it didn’t regularly crash every 5 minutes on my iPad. Nearly between every game and 50% of the time it loses my win result, but also still takes my energy, the other 50% it keeps my win, but maybe crashes 3 times before accepting it...or if I switch to a different challenge then go back to accept the prior win sometimes that works. Despite the technical issues, it doesn’t crash during a game only after completion, so I’ve stuck with it, but I definitely would not pay for anything since it’s so unreliable! Running on iPad Air s/w version 12.4.4.
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2 years ago, me here on the couch
I love the puzzles — when they work
Your game is frozen. Again. This time on an ad. I give up. You’re only fun when I can actually play. I’ve been playing off and on for years, first on Facebook and now on the app. I have to delete the app and reinstall every few weeks because at some point a puzzle will just freeze. I tried waiting out the freeze once; I waited almost a week and finally just reinstalled. It happened on my old phone and just happened on my new phone. Sometimes I lose everything and start at square one, sometimes I pick up where I left off. It’s a shame because I really do enjoy playing it. And obviously I will only ever play free. I just can’t trust it enough to pay for any extras.
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5 years ago, Dawnomite73
I have spent tons of real money on this game with no end in sight. You need all these items to progress but it’s incredibly difficult and frustrating to get them as receiving what you need is random and not assured. Example, you need 30 bullets to enter just one room, but without paying you earn them one at a time when taking an action that only happens sporadically. This could take months and you’re stuck without them. No way to advance in quests unless you get these items that will take you around 100 tries to get 30. That’s a lot of energy spent just to play one room one time, only to have to do it all over again. Many rooms like this. Not a good experience unless you spend hundreds of dollars to buy everything you would need to advance. To level up takes thousands of experience, which you typically receive 30 at a time. Very poor game structure.
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5 years ago, Seamonkey696
Would be great if they’d leave it alone
Updated to one star because I watched a video to try to get room access items and it just gave me more items to offer, which would require more videos or gems. Don’t bother with this game. The game is super slow unless you plan on spending money on it. It’s still good enough to keep using. Or was. Previous updates were annoying but tolerable. But now I either have to watch videos or pay gems — gems that aren’t easy to obtain — in order to just trade objects in order to explore rooms. Nope. I’m done with it, which bugs me because I’m on a relatively decent level. The new storyline with the studly model wolf man and his girlfriend is stupid too. Hopefully they at least change back the trading ability so I don’t have to spend forever finding objects to trade and then have to use gems or watch videos to trade them. Lame.
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6 years ago, Jewel$90
Coins earned and can’t spend it??
First off I enjoy playing this game but why is it that you earn coins you can’t spend? There is literally nothing you can buy with coins. I have 169k in coins just sitting there. In my opinion this needs to be fixed ASAP. At the very least let us trade for diamonds so we can buy something needed to play rooms. I am stuck because I cant earn enough seeds, bullets, tarot cards etc to progress in the game. I’m stuck in a frustrating loop of playing rooms over and over that don’t require these items. Top it all off the rooms I can play hardly ever drop any items needed to trade with characters. If you are lucky enough to get a fish, milk or sausage you only get one item for the trade?? C’mon!!! Quit being so stingy!!
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6 years ago, Missy moo 2002
Impossible to play without spending money!!
I’d like to start off by saying that I love this game, my mother and I have been playing it for the past year or so. My issue is that the farther you level up the more impossible it is to play. There are multiple rooms that I have unlocked that I can’t even play because they require too many extra items that aren’t energy. Then there are always pop ups to try and get you to buy exactly what you’re missing!!! The whole game is a scam if you get anywhere past level 10. It’s extremely disappointing because of how much I enjoy this game, I just feel like I’m being ripped off and there is no point to it anymore. Sadly am going to delete off of my phone because there have been no efforts to change the scamming.
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4 years ago, Leahlane🌸
Great game!
I love this game! It is very much possible to play the game without having to spend any money if you don’t want to, as long as you’re willing to wait for your next turn! So far, every night I get about 30 minutes of unlimited energy, and after that is gone, I use up my actual energy. It ends up being about a good hour or so of play each night. I look forward to it every evening! Great game and not scammy like many other similar games. If you want to play for free you will have to watch some ads, but that is just how you “pay” for a free app!
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6 years ago, dooster53
Used to LOVE Mystery Manor
I loved Mystery Manor until you could not win events without paying a lot of money. I was level 700 some. I was excited for the New MM game. Graphics are beautiful, quest are fun, the match three game fun and challenging. Downside energy too slow can not play more than a few minutes at a time. I spent a lot of diamonds on upgrading my rooms with 35 diamond silver sun. Then update happens and takes my levels down, so I wasted all my diamonds. It was supposed to make it easier to level, right?,. Sure rooms I can’t play because I can’t get keys to them without buying my way in. Plus now it takes more keys to get into rooms. I understand this is supposed to be long term playing, but you can play a few minutes a day. Charger drops are dismal. I am disappointed but have decided my money will go to G5 games.
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4 years ago, relaxingames
Waited to see if this game got better
Hate this game and the lack of help you get. You can't get any where in this game. It's hard to get enough things to open most of the rooms. It's suppose to be a free game but the only way to get in the rooms is to buy room things. It now makes me watch a video when I finish rooms and then usually during that video it crashes and it takes away every single thing I earned in that room. It is very frustrating. I kept hoping that I might get into the other closed rooms but I've been playing this a long time I am even the leader of a team, and you just keep playing the same rooms over and over. I still have no idea what the mystery room is it's never been opened. I'm getting very bored with this game if things don't change soon I will have to delete it.
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6 years ago, Patrolie
Not bad
I played the original game from the beginning and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I do enjoy this version so far--but--we've had no word on whether the old version's items (chargers, diamonds, tools, etc.) will travel over; and this is a big concern. So, while I like the graphics and the new mini games, I'm still not quite sold. Now, issues--energy is not given quickly enough, the energy cost of playing is too high too quickly, earning helpful charms is slow, the card game does not allow you to finish--I wasted 45 energy on that one. Clearly, improvements are still needed.
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5 years ago, Toxynon
Don’t waste your cash
I’ve been a very patient player. Actually love the game, but I am so sick of it crashing. You get to within one thing of getting past something, decide to not “pay” the high amount of diamonds for a few extra moves, (if the link works at all) watch the offered ad, get all the way through it, and boom ~ you’re blown out of the game. You lose all the progress, the energy it took to do the game, and if you sillily paid for diamonds and used them to buy little tools to assist you, at a higher cost then should really be charged, those are gone too. But if you don’t spend real money, this game is a good way waste a little time. And yeah, I’ll keep playing, but will *never* spend real money again.
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2 years ago, Jxjdsjxnxjakskd
Don’t like the updates
Usually if there is an update it is to fix bugs, or improve graphics. These updates add more items to the rooms, some I have no idea what they are or where to find them. Generally when new items are added you get to ease into 1. What they look like and 2. Where to find them. In order to get keys to the rooms it says you have to do quests but don’t tell you which ones or how many. I still play it, but I have no hope of ever making it to the second floor, or getting to play the new games, other than hidden object, that are referred to in the updates.
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5 years ago, Scrapingnana
Fun but TO expensive!
I really like this game it’s really interesting. I have two issue with it the first is that it is so expensive to play, in order to go into some rooms it takes 30 “exploration” items and in some cases it can be (54 gems) which is so far from reality for the average player. Your other choice it to get them from the characters roaming around. This choice takes forever I’ve been waiting to go into several rooms for over a month. A MONTH! Which makes the game move SO slow. It becomes very boring. My second issue is the constant bombardment to purchase gems and other items I don't mind seeing these but the quantity is over the top!
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6 years ago, feliciah3
Confusing but fun....needs work....
Love the game....but it is very annoying when you get all the pieces you need....then it makes it very hard to put it the challenge but at some point you have to give the parts that are make it so easy to get the pieces but then make it so hard to get the connectors to the made it take forever to get the percentage of stars you need to open other rooms....I’m losing interest in this game....I keep getting stuck with not being able to get the stuff that I need....
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6 years ago, LC in AR
Even greedier than before
I've made it to level 26 but this last update totally screwed up the number of keys needed for room searches. It had been requiring 20 for the hunting room and 10 on the others that required keys. Now it wants 30 on all. I had expected some of the rooms to drop the keys requirement as happened in the original game but instead it got much worse. If I hadn't just bought another dragon right before I noticed and downloaded this update I would have just deleted the app instead. And I have no desire to be in a freaking guild. Also why have the damned coins when you can't do a single thing with them?? So exasperated with this game that was released much too soon.
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2 years ago, Sharon-1
I absolutely loved this game. I played it every day for months. I don’t mind spending some money but as you go along, the game gets harder and harder. The quests take a long time to complete unless you are willing to buy items so you can even play the rooms required. For the full moon, I’ve been waiting for the right chargers to drop for over 2 months so I can charge the required collection to advance in a quest. Right now, I’m on level 70 and I play and play but can’t complete any quests unless I spend quite a bit of money. I understand that the makers of the game deserve to be paid but they make it easy in the beginning betting that you will continue to pay more and more. I’m out.
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2 years ago, RNMandy
Almost a great game
If you can get past the glitches that come along with every update, this is a good game. The graphics are good and the puzzles are challenging. Unfortunately in order to keep up like most games that are repetitive, they release frequent updates with special events. There is always, 100% of the time, bugs and problems with these events. If you really are into the game and technical glitches make it impossible for you to achieve goals, it just becomes frustrating. If you’re looking for a game just to pop into once in a while and play, this might be for you. But don’t bother trying to commit!
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4 years ago, atlasavalon
Bad bad naughty update
This last update is very naughty: takes longer to get the objects necessary to investigate a room, then it takes more attempts in those rooms to get the quest element. at least two characters going around the house have disappeared, those who could give free stuff without wasting precious objects. We have to pay for all the choices to furnish the bathroom, when one was free before... and the daily quests gives away useless things when it gave some free play time... bad bad bad... and I never got the end of the story for the disappearances of the scientists, am ok not to have the bonus but at least know what happened... that game was respectful of players, at least before
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7 months ago, candi003
Great until today
When I was trying to play the game today, it insisted I needed to download additional resources. After I did, it immediately trapped me in a loop that it won’t let me out of until I download and play the game on a computer. I have no desire or ability to play the game on a computer. So instead it just shows me the cat moving around over and over. I can’t get to the mansion, can’t play any puzzles, can’t do anything at all no matter what I do. Restarting my phone doesn’t help. And on top of that, when I try to get help with the problem, it’s impossible to get a live person on the help chat. I guess I’ll delete it which is too bad because I was enjoying it.
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6 years ago, The one next to the blond
PLEASE make the dressing room and bedroom more playable
I actually liked the new dressing room in this version of MM when I got access it in the new mansion. Why did you change it to reassemble the older game version? Items are too small even in words mode and unrecognizable in silhouette mode. There are also too many “junk” items: come on, a dolphin on a stick stand?? The bedroom is almost as bad. I’m glad that the room mastery level needed to get the next room open is gone, but items should be easier to obtain, especially since you can’t ask another player. I also miss being able to form a guild with players of your choice. It was one of the chief reasons to play.
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1 year ago, Vannie429
Trying to steal your money
I loved this game when i first downloaded it. So much so that it became too much of a distraction so i deleted it to take a break for 3-4 weeks. I just re downloaded the app and not only are they’re new cheap-skate features that r prevalent in a lot of app games (like paying to “unlock” the pot of [insert in-game currency] you earned)…. …but worst of all i cannot exit out of any in-game add pushing promotion for me to buy gems or diamonds or whatever. the second a mystery manor ad comes up, i have to exit and close the app entirely before it will run again. But of course, the purchase buttons on these ads work just fine. But there is no exit button. Very Frustrating
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6 years ago, Marymn
More fun than Original
I was reluctant to play this new version after playing the original for 6 years. I am very pleased to see they have really improved graphics and added more of a story to the playing. I also like how they have interspersed the mini games which mixes things up. I haven’t figured out how to get Friends yet. Even though I lost all experience, resources, charms and collections, it is actually fun to just start over.
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5 years ago, Alcide123
I have been a big supporter of the original Mystery Manor and am playing the new version. Miss friends. Although developers have made some good changes such as increasing size of objects, they make things worse by continually changing the rooms. I want a game that is challenging, but it’s impossible to play rooms with 20+ objects that have completely changed. It’s getting boring playing the same rooms over and over again. Impossible to get into the Brig or Ocean rooms. There is nothing really exciting about this game. Would support developers with purchases if this game had features such as friends, and was actually possible to progress.
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3 years ago, Gryffindor23
Mystery Manor
This game used to be fun, and now it’s just getting frustrating. I’ve spent many diamonds, used the charm to increase chances of finding the required item multiple times, and played the same levels over and over. Even after all of this, I don’t get the item required to progress in the game. The charm to increase chances of finding an item does NOT work, and you get stuck in the same level for so long. Then you have to play the other rooms a crazy number of times to get the items needed to re-explore the room which you need the required item from. LAME.
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5 years ago, Dottodotdotdot
Saying good bye to this game
With every update it gets worse. The objects are so tiny that even on magnification you still can’t find them. GI is really good at taking things away like time for instance. But not very good about actually fixing problems. They have no intention of adding friends or being able to gift each other. The same quests have been on my feed for a few months. They do not give you the chance to find needed pieces to open up a new room. This is version 2 of the same game. You would think they could have made it better using prior knowledge. Only the graphics are better, the game is not. Don’t waste your time. There are much better games out there.
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4 years ago, fhose
Difficulty kills enjoyment
I’ve played this game for a long time and I think it is mostly an enjoyable game. My complaint is with the increased difficulty to find objects in progressively unlocked rooms coupled with short time provided to search and find them. Exploring and finding objects in the beautifully rendered rooms is what’s rewarding and fun. But it isn’t fun at all when you have to resort to just using the search tools to find most of the objects before time runs out. I’ve started playing this game less and less just for that reason—it’s just not rewarding and fun. And it’s stressful and starts to be too expensive to play.
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4 years ago, Merribug
Great to a Point, but.......
When I first started the game I really liked it. But I’ve gotten to a point now where it takes dozens and dozens of times in a room to get enough items to explore the higher level rooms. The only way to continue without boring yourself to tears is to purchase items with cash. I understand the game needs to make money, but I can’t afford to be dropping money every week. I do occasionally buy diamonds but to move up I’d have to spend a great deal more. I wish there were more options to get to higher level rooms.
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6 years ago, Enhancedstar
Very disappointing and expensive
Good idea but horrible execution. Seems like it’s would be fun but really it’s so badly designed you hardly get to play. About every 4 hours you can log in and search a room, about 5 or so minutes of play time. After first few rooms you have to buy expensive room keys or wait a month or so to hope they drop. That’s a month of logging in a few times a day for a few minutes play. It’s a lot of waiting, waiting for energy to restore, waiting for items to show up, waiting to gather enough to progress. Or you can buy your way through, paying big time for tiny bits of progress but that’s not really playing the game.
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2 years ago, 777sevens777
Very glitchy
I really enjoy this game but the glitches are very frustrating. I had it freeze multiple times after completing rooms. I had an ad freeze at 3 seconds. I had an ad where the “x” appeared and would not let me select it to leave ad. Just now I had the game freeze in the room after I found the last item and stayed at 48 seconds. I have to restart the game multiple every time. Not only does it not count the room completions but still takes the energy. I will rerate when these glitches are taken care of.
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3 years ago, Former Grunt
If you want to do anything in this game you have to go through countless ads upon ads. Plus some items that you need rarely come around. For instance, I reached a point in the game where I had all the items that I needed, but used them at the wrong time. When I tried to go back and get them again, the game never regenerated them! I was stuck playing the matching portion of the game like 100 times...with you guessed after ad after ad. It is almost impossible to move forward with any significant progress unless you spend money on the jewels you use to trade for power ups. I got bored and deleted the app. No more ads! Yay!
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