myTuner Radio - Live Stations

4.8 (208.7K)
164.1 MB
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2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myTuner Radio - Live Stations

4.77 out of 5
208.7K Ratings
2 years ago, TheDoctorJMo
My daily radio player
I have the paid version of this app. This is my daily radio player for any type of music or information. Some stations won’t play but it has to do with the station itself and not the app. Worldwide coverage of your liking, clear and in real time. You can listen to podcasts as well if that’s your choice. I wish there were more news stations instead of so many news talk stations, but that doesn’t take away from this app. Affordable if you don’t like adds bugging you all the time, although for some reason there are some radio stations that still are interrupted by adds that are not sponsored by the station. For example, you could be listening to a station in Florida, and an add announcing your locality’s stores or business starts playing… Still I think it should get five stars. JLMM
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3 years ago, Daverrrooo
General comments
I’ve been running on iphone 6s for about two years on the paid version. I get no ads which is really, really nice and the added equalizer is great and really works. I use the app everyday. Sometimes when the screen goes dark the station stops playing and if I close the app and reload its fixed for the rest of the day. Whenever I either plug in or unplug headphones the station stops and I have to press play to listen again. The thing that is most bothersome is when, on the app store, it tells you what’s new in the new version and the developer slips in new changes that are unexpected without telling you beforehand. I recently read a review that mentioned the favorites were now moved to a new location away from main menu. Now I don’t want to update the app because I like the current layout. I wish developers would stop sneaking these types of changes in with the update. At least let us know beforehand. And what the heck is audio burst integration? Don’t just say you’re using it, tell us why its so beneficial.
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6 years ago, FenwayFC
The World at Your Fingertips
I have been searching for a radio app that would tune in stations from all over the world. And not just music stations, but also news and talk radio. After much frustration, having downloaded and tested several apps, I finally discovered My Tuner. This is just like having a short-wave radio, but better! The reception is crystal clear, unlike the days when you had to search the bandwidth in hopes of getting a strong signal, or having to listen at certain times of the day or night to get reception. The app is organized to allow you to select by genre, city or country, or genre within country. And best of all, it’s free! Looking forward to hours and hours discovering new stations. It truly is a small world after all.
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12 months ago, Maxrpm8500
MyTuner works fine when it’s working, but the ads come ad nauseam! Also, ads will occur anytime there is any interruption on my smart phone: Have an alarm go off? Get an add. Have a wrong number or telemarketer call and go to voicemail? Get an ad. Switch between phone and ear pods or bluetooth speaker? Get an an ad. This is especially frustrating when listening to stations that have news at the top of the hour because often times by the time the in-app ad is done, so is the news. Also, it will sometimes play the same add up to three times in a row, which is just insulting. I was ready to buy a lifetime membership to turn off the ads, when I discovered it would only turn off a VISUAL ads. There are enough ads on the radio station itself that I listen to that I do not need more audio ads. Give me an option to pay to turn off in-app ads for a fair price, and I would give you five stars.
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9 months ago, Mourad D75
Very satisfied
I've been using myTuner Radio for quite some time now, and it's become my go-to online radio app for various reasons. Firstly, the app's fluidity and speed are impressive. It doesn't matter whether I'm switching between stations or exploring new genres; the app keeps up without any hiccups. One of the standout features of myTuner Radio is its intuitive user interface. Everything is well-organized and easily accessible, making it a breeze to discover new music or find my favorite stations. Plus, the absence of bugs or glitches ensures a hassle-free listening experience. Although some radio stations are not available in my country, I appreciate that myTuner Radio acknowledges this limitation and doesn't make it a deal-breaker. It's a small trade-off for the convenience and quality the app provides. Overall, myTuner Radio is a top-notch online radio app that delivers on its promises. It's fast, user-friendly, and reliable. Whether you're an avid radio listener or simply looking to explore new music, I highly recommend giving this app a try. It's become an essential part of my daily music routine.
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4 years ago, johnbmull
Pleasant App!
I like the feature where I can see what songs have been recently played by a station. Adding new stations from the internet is soo easy! Finding new stations is a breeze with the “related stations” feature. A few User Interface issues need addressing. 1. The app needs a way to manage radio stations that are favorites. If you have more than, say, 15 favorites then scrolling through them can be an issue. 2. Let me group stations into folders, eg. 80’s, EDM, Smooth Jazz, Local Stations. 3. Let me edit the “icon” for any station, and the station title as well. 4. Let me sort the lists by name, style, location, date added, etc. 5. Let me view my stations as a list, list with large icon, or as icons only. As a programmer, I know these changes are nearly trivial but will push your app to the next level.
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2 years ago, A.Kinng
The best Radio App and the ugliest.
I’ve bought all radio apps from the app store. ALL OF THEM. This is the only one that never fail, the only one that get all the stations listed online, the only one with the best sound and the only I recommend to have the best experience for radio entertainment. However, the design is too Androidish or cheap looking. It’s ugly and it’s those apps you want hidden in your phone at the apps library. It really needs a redesign overall. The only thing I can point out as negative is aesthetic so, this app is definitely a 5 stars! Check the Radio App, Radium App for great app designs. If you can have beauty and functionality in one app you will be king.
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8 months ago, PAC-NW
The ads are getting worse…
Not sure how much longer I can take the ads. They’re for stupid games (I don’t play any games to begin with), or other ads that take excessively long before you can exit out of them just to play a news station. With as many global issues and events that are becoming breaking news, it’s important to be informed in a timely fashion. If I’m listening to a news story in the car and I need to switch to this app to be able to finish listening to it, by the time I manage to wade through all of the EXCESSIVELY LONG STUPID ADS, the news story is either halfway through or over entirely. It didn’t used to be this way, as I’ve had this app for a few years now. If the developers think I will simply switch to a paid version of this app, they are sorely mistaken! I will not financially reward this level of obnoxious coercion. If you want to have people pay for your app, then ADD MEANINGFUL VALUE instead !
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2 years ago, usrname001
I really love this app and paid for the pro version and I love everything about this app except the add songs to playlist since it crashes every time and would love that it would work better with iTunes like Shazam does. Currently I’m using Shazam to add the songs that are playing on this app to automatically add the songs to my Apple Music playlist when it detects the song from the radio station. Super convenient from Shazam since right now it’s not working on this app and the only other way is to type the song to Apple Music and some songs I listen to are in a total different language which is a pain.
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7 years ago, DaytonaRick
Enjoying my favorite stations
The radio stations local to me rarely satisfy what I would like to listen to. Fortunately I remember stations from other areas I have visited that I enjoyed listening to while I was there. Now, thanks to myTuner, I can listen to those stations whenever I wish! Classic Country stations are particularly difficult to find locally, but with myTuner, I can listen to"The Legend", WSM in Nashville, any time I wish! Same with some syndicated talk shows. The local stations may not carry them, but now I can still listen any time I wish! And, best of all, I have found the app works really well. Thank you for an outstanding and free app!!!
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3 years ago, Shah snap
Good app too many commercials
The core functionality of the app works fine, it contains hundreds and hundreds of stations around the world and allows to play it at the press of the button. I would like to see following improvements, allow grouping and sorting of their favorites radio stations. As an example all favorites stored as single list which complicates finding station. It would be great to allow users to custom sort favorite stations by type such as news, music, or custom labels or drag drop into custom folders. I noticed lately app started to integrate loooooooooooong video commercials, which is extremely annoying. I realize commercials pay for this free app, nevertheless such long commercials severely interfere with operating the app, make it user unfriendly and makes me think about switching to another app.
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3 years ago, ABoetenacity
Plenty of stations, just a little glitchy
I’ve enjoyed this app for a bunch of years. I love being able to listen to my local stations when I’m out of their normal broadcast range. Most of the stations I enjoy have remained available in it, with a couple of my favorite local stations getting dropped. However, a few months ago, the feed/buffer of the audio delivery has little fits and spurts, where there are little interruptions that stop the broadcast for a half second, making it jerky and annoying to listen to. I dunno if this is a problem sourced at the individual stations, or a problem with the app itself... just a thing could use some improvement.
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4 years ago, Salut a tout
New to this app
August 2020: I am updating my review after a few years of listening to my favorite stations on this app. It is EXCELLENT! I enjoy it a lot. Not encountering any problems. ============ I just purchased this app and I am enjoying it. I have tried other apps especially tunein radio and ended up deleting it for being so disappointed with their bad updates. So far, I am enjoying it and hope will not encounter problems in the future. The good thing about this one is that once you click on a station it starts immediately, no delay. The sound is also good.
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6 years ago, pavillion15t
Works great
It has practically every radio station offered in the United States and some outside of the u.s. I don't like how the app now throws an add right in the middle of the song. It actually mutes the radio and plays their 1 to 2 adds. It happens more on certain radio stations than on others. it doesn't happen so often to become too annoying. But it really throws you off when you are really into a song that is on and it suddenly stops and plays an ad for feminine cleansing soap and then a progressive insurance comes on. I wish there was a feedback area for the app because I would tell them what I think of their terrible ad timing.
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1 week ago, Lectro88
Packed with Ads.
Most times when you open app you have to close out an advertisement for a game in particular one called Evony(I have grown to HATE this game)and you are required for a time to just wait until the “X” appears 10-15 seconds)so that you can actually select the station you want to listen to. And if it’s playing something you don’t want to hear or decide to change the station. You are tasked with the previous process all over again. It can take MINUTES to actually get a station in place to listen to. In addition to this, many times the app pauses the station and you have to select “Play” over and over every few minutes. Not really happy with the hoops they have in place.
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3 years ago, Herecomesanotherreview
Plays ads, gets stuck, turns my wifi on!!! Dont know how
I also agree with Bonbontn3----the ads lock your screen u can't get out of it--no"X" until u watch the whole thing or when ad gets stuck u gave to delete app. No option to "skip ad" ---I would now give a zero. That's what they do to try to force u to buy the pro app I guess Had app for a while really liked it. Last few months started to not play, then app just closed out on me, then the ads came---this is the worst part the ads would play over and over, then my phones wifi would be turned on---i dont use wifi!!! The ads are way too many, at times my podcasts won't play. After the ads installed a lot more frequently on the app my phone has started acting weird. Dont like it will not get this app anymore.
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5 years ago, Μόνικα
Best Radio TBH.
This radio works great. There’s a great variety of music genres, news stations, and podcasts/comedy stations to pick. The only downside is the frequency of ads SOMETIMES. I’ll be lucky once in a while and get no ads for a while. But other times I’ll be stuck with 5 ads at once or 1 ad after every song. And I’m not sure if the audio ads are due to the app themselves or the radio station. The pop-up ads are frequent, but they don’t bother me since you can exit out the moment it pops up.
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5 years ago, Renea Na
Almost all my stations.....
I downloaded this because I have a few stations that I listen to that don’t come through well where I work. I like to listen to local stations and DJ’s, more so then other popular music apps. I still like to hear local news and traffic. Call me an old soul. I can connect my phone through a Bluetooth speaker and here almost all my fave stations clear as a bell. The only reason I gave 4 stars is I can’t seem to locate a couple of local stations on this app. I have only been using it for a few days, so if I discover I can I will update, but so far, so good.
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12 months ago, Nothing to show here
Great app but has glitches
I originally found this app on Chromecast. It did not work correctly on that device and would shut off after just a few minutes. After entering developer mode and stopping the screen saver, it worked okay. Here on my Apple, it was not working correctly and kept shutting off after seconds due to a video adv layering on top. I paid the one-time fee and it now works correctly. There is a great selection and it is easy to operate.
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5 years ago, Schcoy
Lost favorites/ Update
Lost all my favorite radio stations after the last update. What happened? Now I have to go find them again. Is this going to happen after every update? Update. Developer reached out to me and helped me fix the problem, all my favorites have returned! Thank you very much. Use this app every night when I go to bed. One night I set the timer but forgot to hit the start button and it played all night long, which was fine as I woke up to nice relaxing music.
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5 years ago, zzman123
Works great but need some improvements
No questions from a performance point of view. Visually and organizationally it needs much better work, it looks outdated, like many similar apps. No need in big icons, for many people it means nothing, but bigger names. Car mode needs work as well. Will be great if this app will rotate horizontally, especially in a car mode. Also, why do I need to pay $2.99 for iPhone app and again, separate $9.99(!!!) for a computer version. First of all why $9.99? I see absolutely no difference. It has to be some kind of “buy for all” option.
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1 year ago, bennersw
Nice range of stations, I upgraded to a monthly subscription
I found a wide range of stations in my state. The functionality has changed which I discovered myself. I use this app on my tablet. I like you can add songs to your favorites but they are just clips. But it’s nice if you hear a song you like and you don’t want to forget it you can save it while it’s still playing. You can even save songs that have already played. Some other apps I can’t justify paying for. This keeps me company during the day.
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3 years ago, NerdigOutSTL
30 second ads are too much - going to uninstall and use a different app
When you open the app and select the station, frequently it plays a 30 second ad. During this time you can’t do anything to control the app. You can’t change stations or anything. You have to close the app just to turn the station off. Plus there is a related bag – when the station starts playing when an ad comes on - the sound is slowed down - as if you are listening to a tape that is dragging. I don’t mind pop-up ads or whatever for a free app – but having to sit there and be able to do nothing for 30 seconds is just beyond the pale. There’s too many other options to tolerate it.
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3 years ago, xzecute
No dark mode sadly... but above average internet radio app
Above average internet radio app, but only after you pay to get rid of the aggressive ads. Kudos for having a one time payment option. Some streams don’t work though, or buffer so much they’re unusable, there’s no dark mode very sadly (1.5 to 2 stars off), and no way to adjust the bit rate to avoid the buffering like some other apps. Great interface and layout with big, easy to understand, non-fiddly, very obvious blocky station buttons. Big like for that. But again, no dark mode which is kind of anachronistic.
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5 years ago, Hoochnstein
Really great radio app, but having recent problems
I’ve been an active user of this app for a long time but recently I’ve noticed a really inconvenient issue. The app just stops working and closes if a couple minutes pass after pausing it and will also not reconnect to my station if a phonecall comes in. It is really unhelpful to have to pull my phone out of my coat or pocket and reconnect to my radio station, I work in the field and it is getting real cold now, so please please fix this. Thank you!
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2 years ago, glossyO
This used to be a good app. It’s questionable now. The App Store has ruined it! That’s the only conclusion I can come to. Ads, ads, ads! When trying to find a station or selecting a station I don’t want to see a push for games I don’t or won’t play. Especially if if they can’t be dealt with easily. The stations are great but the rest of the dressing for assorted products I have no use for so I don’t use the app much it any longer unless boredom sets in. Then wood game puzzle ads help to change it into annoyance. So it gets shut off quickly. Unfortunately their are other apps through the App Store with the same problem..😠
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6 years ago, John Alden
Exceeds expectations.
When the streaming radio station I downloaded this app to listen to wasn't available in the library, I was initially disappointed. But when I searched for the station using the built in browser, I discovered it captured the stream for future use, which saves me having to look it up every time. I was looking for/expecting very basic functionality, and was pleasantly surprised to get more than I thought I would. Can't beat the price, either...
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4 years ago, Kjnsn58
The best of the lot.
I've used most of the common radio apps and have had many problems with them dropping the station I'm listening to. The other problems with other apps have been the time required to lock on to the stations. This app locks on quickly and I have never experienced a dropout. The graphics and menu are simple and easy to navigate. I do wish you could adjust the volume in the free mode is my only complaint. Overall, I really like it.
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6 years ago, rorschach2000
App does not work with mifi hearing aids
Very odd, but the app does not work with mifi hearing aids. Mifi hearing aids allow for hearing aids to act as Bluetooth headphones essentially. I have Resound Enzo 3D hearing aids. I am so heart broken by this fact because I love the app. It allows me to listen in on so much international radio and my hometown stations. It had never failed me and I use the widget to get my day started and pair it to my car stereo. I use my Apple Watch to control my hearing aids and adjust them depending on circumstances. This means I have then constantly paired via Bluetooth so it’s no longer practical to wear headphones.
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6 years ago, Phil Empty
Alarm does not wake you up to music
Access to so many radio stations from around the world in one place is 5-star worthy. Setting an alarm to be woken up by one of those radio stations only to be jarred awake by a loud, generic beeping noise, having to retrieve the phone and tap the screen two different times to make the music come on, removes 3 of those stars. Anyone can turn music on once they're awake! It's the actual wake up that either makes or breaks your morning.
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3 years ago, ARiSysta
Tuner Radio
Unfortunately, even I am happy that this App is here, these days it puts ADDs on and Its like a Merry Go round, You are trapped into an Advertiseing of a GAME and NO WAY OUT. THERE ARE NO BUTTONS TO CLICK TO GET OUT IF THESE VERY NASTY GAME ADS!!! I feel my phone isn't mine anymore! Terrible!!!!!! All you see is that advertisements if games. The streaming is clear otherwise. And it's nice to have a choice of different spoken language radio stations on one place. I Deleted this APP 3 x times because, when I open it made noises without me have opened a radio channel , yet. Very weird! My remark: At least, if you guys press us into your stupid ads then install at least a click on that we can get out of it. Because if you click on these game buttons "Done" it's seems all the sudden you are participating into a game YOU DIDNT WANT TO PARTICIPATE and engage IN THE FIRST Place with. Dang! AND NO WAY OUT. Those ads should be forbidden!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is criminal. I should have the saying over my phone and not anybody else. I am going to write to the government about this business of these bad people.
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6 years ago, wily ludo
Good but with a few major annoyances
Good app for both radio and podcasts. A few things drive me crazy: 1) Ads placed in my favorites list look like just another station on my list of favorites. A trick for a click I guess. 2) No button to skip forward/back a brief increment during podcast playback. It’s too imprecise to use the scroll bar to go back 15 seconds to a minute in a 20-50 min podcast. 3) Full screen persistent ad every time you start a new station or podcast. These need to be less intrusive and not interrupt app usage.
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7 years ago, New Wave Music
Long time Tune-In User that switched!
I've been using Tune-in for years. I recently was looking at alternatives and came across this app. I really like that layout and ease. Both ads can be eliminated and equalizer added for a one time $2.99 purchase. I also utilized their "suggest station" feature and to my surprise they added a station I requested to their service within 24 hours! If your looking for an alternative to Tune-In check these guys out.
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3 years ago, hellothereAK
Awesome App!!!
Such a great app! There are others that do the same thing but this is a really good one. Listening to music, news, or talk radio from other countries is such a refreshing break from hearing the same two or three subjects being constantly covered in American news (Covid-19, Biden, Trump, Jan 6th) over and over and over again. Being able to search by Country and then by Genre is wonderful. Worth every cent of $9.99 for the one-time ad-free version. Well done!
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7 years ago, Lscalf87
Needs some work
The current version is NOT user-friendly. Some kind of glitch in the software prevents me from turning a station off or pausing the play when I press the pause button on my Apple TV remote. Some of the stations (one is too many in my opinion) show an error message when you try to open them; they don’t play at all. There is also no way (unlike iHeart Radio, which remains the better app) of saving favorite stations, which means you have to sort back through the lists if you want to listen again. So this app gets only two stars from me until the developer fixes the issues I describe above.
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4 months ago, Chomptrip
Awesome App for the Ages...!!!
For anyone who is looking for a great radio app, this is it. After using this app for quite some time now, I can tell you that the only issues I've ever had were with a really weak cell or WiFi signal. This App has been great and is highly recommended. Enjoy!! :-) p.s. I ended up purchasing the Add Free version, which is nice to not have annoying ads come on, and having to get rid of them.
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5 years ago, Easy to find cheapest gas
I really like the selection of stations and it’s podcasts however I have one complaint/recommendation-while listening it would be AWESOME if there were a 15 second rewind and 15 second forward buttons. The large button used to move along the sequence line is erratic. If you want to go back/forward you have to try to move it just a little yet it still goes 4 or 5 minutes instead of just the few seconds you want. Hope they fix it on the next update.
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3 years ago, user7x9
Garbage made to stuff your screen with ads
Unusable joke. Very obviously amateurishly done with a bad UI made to show you ads most of the time. There is no filter for city selection, you need to scroll to a huge list to find a city and you will only see the city name, not the state or location, so you can not differentiate between duplicate city names. I guess it’s hard to filter for a good reason, the filter does not work properly and you will see stations from 3000 miles away. After you go through this to find a station, you need to watch an ad to enable listening so I didn’t get to that part. Quickly uninstalled this.
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7 months ago, cross79953
Excellent support and the best radio app on the market
This app puts me to sleep every night and when I wake up to use the bathroom I find myself laying in bed listening to it. Many times during the day I’ll shut the TV off and listen to radio stations on this app. It is the best app I have on my phone and I thank you guys for providing it to me. keep up the great work and your support is a great example to all everywhere
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8 months ago, c-tang
Purchased Pro because this app is great
Purchased pro version since it was on sale for $10. I use this app and TuneIn Radio Pro, and this app just seems to work as if should on CarPlay better than TuneIn does. I use both because I like the car mode better on TuneIn, but this app is flawless using CarPlay. This would bump to 5 starts with some user interface changes, but I would rate at 4.5 for now.
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2 years ago, Spring maker
I am very grateful for Steve Gregg and the program , I became aware of it one day while I was driving. Steve was being challenged by a caller , but he stood his ground. He made me realize that we also are going to be challenged , not that we have a radio program, but where ever we are and however we are , we need to be prepared just like Steve .I look forward to the program daily . I’m thankful for your program,GOD Bless You , a listener .
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3 months ago, A review nickname Apple??
Best radio app
Rare to find a radio app that supports many international stations right off the bat. No you don’t need subscriptions to enjoy the content, nor are the ADs placed in very annoying locations (like right in the middle of your screen lol -> TuneIn <-). Even more rare to see One Time Purchase for the premium version, no monthly subscription fuzz. I paid the one time price purely to support the app!
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3 years ago, Evan Birchmore
Negative outweighs positive
There are benefits to this app - namely, I enjoy being able to listen to the sports station from my hometown that covers the team I grew up rooting for. Getting out- of- market stations is nicer However, the free version constantly interjects advertising that cuts off the radio content. There are times when the app crashes, and then forced you to listen to get another advertisement to get back to content. I understand that the free version requires advertising for financial purposes but I still believe that they could be better integrated in this app.
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6 years ago, mrminimalister
At first this seemed like a good app, but then I noticed that every few minutes it times out and needs to be closed & restarted. It also stops playing every time I get a text message or phone call, and sometimes while it's playing it will suddenly increase its speed so that it sounds like I'm listening to the chipmunk network. With the amount of times it freezes/times out/speeds up and needs to be restarted, its not worth it. As someone who works with gloved hands and headphones, I can't stop working every five minutes to have to take off my gloves and get my phone out of my pocket to restart the app. I'm switching to something better.
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5 years ago, Loves2sing11
Loved my Radio Podcast Show Love Talk With Kira that I had Monday nights at 10pm
I loved my Podcast Love Talk With Kira Show that was running on Money 105.5 FM for a bit. This station allowed others to listen in as well which I and they appreciated. I’d like to find out how to get my Podcast Love Talk With Kira on your Radio Station all the time and on a different channel other than Money 105.5 FM. I appreciate you all and thank you for airing my Podcast Show Love Talk With Kira! You all are awesome!! 👍😊🎄🌟
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4 months ago, cbedgar
Gets local radio
This app gets most of my local stations, and that is awesome. It doesn’t seem to crash. I like it a lot. It is not fancy. It does not show song and artist. It does not have a song history. It has a lot of ads on the screen. But the ads do not seem to interrupt the radio, and really they are not half as bad as the ads on other apps. It plays local radio. It does that well. I highly recommend it.
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9 months ago, Bob10303
Great app
Amazing application, premium is great and affordable. Just a few bugs that need to be fixed like some radio stations not working. Also custom stations seem to only work once and then the second time around they stop working, I still love the feature. Overall great app and I love the variety of radio stations to pick from all over the world.
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2 weeks ago, Steve Bovat
Two Part Daily Podcasts not rolling to correct episode
I love this app over iHeart for the stations and podcasts that are supported. However, some daily podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis are in two parts. Example is the Rob Carson Show. Whenever the first part of the podcast completes, the app automatically puts me into and plays the second part of the previous days show. Otherwise I would rate as four stars.
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1 year ago, FightCrazy
My Tuner
Have had this app for years. Pro version. I recently bought the Apple Watch with Cellular radio. The my tuner app is supposed to be able to listen with Bluetooth headphones with watch and without the iPhone. It works for a few minutes then nothing. I get everything else working but my tuner. Have it connected to the Watch. Please update the app. THANK YOU Vinny
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1 year ago, ellka
works, simple
A simple app to listen to local public and college radio. free version works. one star off for listing times in EST with no option to change even though listening to a pacific coast station. The ads seem to only come up every maybe 30 mins but wow are they intrusive and annoying. Early days but i will likely upgrade because it’s otherwise so far working perfectly.
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