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User Reviews for myTuner Radio Pro

4.74 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
4 years ago, mveras1972
Great app!
This app is great, and I like the fact that the pro version is not a subscription. You pay once and that’s it. The app has a nice layout and it is easy to use. It has a couple of bugs though: for instance, if you are in an area with bad reception, when signal gets better it doesn’t seem to do a good job recovering the audio stream. It hangs perpetually and often times you have to stop and restart the stream to continue listening. Another bug, and perhaps the most annoying one for me, is that when you switch to or from Bluetooth devices while streaming, the audio rate will change speed, as if you suddenly speed up or slow down an analog tape player. After you switch Bluetooth devices mid-stream, you hear a pitch change in the audio. It’s probably about a 5% change in speed. Sometimes it switches to a higher speed playback, sometimes a lower speed playback. It remains playing at the incorrect speed until you stop the stream and then resume. It does that regardless of station and it happens on all Bluetooth devices I use: wireless speakers, headsets, my car, my AirPods, etc. No other player I have has this bug. This has been the case for a long time and it has not been fixed, so I wanted to report it here.
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3 years ago, CABeach 16
I love this app!
I love this app and have it on my two iPad Pros (2017 & 2020), my iPad 5th gen 9.7”, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2. All the paid version to get rid of the annoying ads that take over your full screen. I’d like to know why all of a sudden the last two days, Sept. 8th & 9th, when within 2-3 feet of my wireless router it cuts in and out, on any device, YET my connection to other apps, or connecting directly to the German radio station I mostly listen to, “Radio Paloma - Berlin”, DIRECTLY, does NOT have ANY issues. BUT trying to listen to that station with the app, keeps cutting out. Don’t know if it is a “bug”, if so, I hope the developer(s) read this and FIX IT!!! It is so annoying, to constantly “refresh” to the station. Today in the car, instead of using the app, which I usually do, I connected to Radio Paloma DIRECTLY to avoid hearing the dropping while driving. Now back at home, same thing, drops out, but NOT when connected directly to Radio Paloma. USUALLY a GREAT APP, and the few bucks to get rid of the full screen ads is well worth it!!!
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6 years ago, Kid Mage
I support this app and paid for the Pro version
I want to let my dollars help a developer and app that didn’t give in to the irrational purge of Alex Jones and conservative opinions in general. I want to help and thank you for allowing all opinions and voices heard, no matter how “offensive” it may be to those who do not agree. That all being said, I do love that it runs on Apple Watch, Apple TV and CarPlay. Syncs all your favorites across the devices, and the Pro version with no ads, EQ and Car mode settings is great. The only bug I see that needs fixed- when playing a stream from the iPhone and then turning on a Bluetooth speaker- the tempo changes and speeds up. You have to pause it and then play it again to have it be back to normal tempo.
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3 years ago, cheburashka
Does its job but with bugs and imperfections
Cluttered and confusing interface until you get used to it, and keeps starting me off with Fox News (the last thing I want to hear) if I don't have the "Favorites" tab open on start up. But it does do its job of making countless streaming radio stations available to you, and if you stock your Favorites list correctly, the result is very usable on the phone itself. But there are bugs: It is not ready for CarPlay under iOS 15, which displays the app as always, but complains that it cannot find any data. Also, it somehow convinces iOS 14 and 15 that it is your preferred music player. So if you say to Siri "Play X", it will report back that it cannot find X in MyTuner Pro. You have to say explicitly "Play X in Apple Music" to work around that.
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6 years ago, rah711
Great, And Hope That There’s Continued Improvements.
I love this app and it’s far superior to any that I previously owned, no complaints. I’ve owned several prior to this one and they all came out of the gates strong, but slowly deteriorated while neglecting updates, improvements, etc. They get everyone on board, and take the money and run. I have higher hopes for this vendor though, and I’m of the impression that they have their stuff together. Don’t let us down guys/girls.. :) UPDATE: 8/1/18 After a week of playing and exploring this app. I wanted to rewrite an update on this marvelous application. I enjoy Old Time Radio programs and found that there’s a plethora of various OTR stations i.e. mystery, comedy, sci-fi, etc. I can’t stress that fact that for the very low cost being asked this app will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment. Lastly, I felt compelled to add an update to my review for the simple fact that the vendor was so extremely fair in his pricing for what’s being provided and I thought that’s the least I could do to show my appreciation. Thanks and take care.....
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6 years ago, dari86
It’s good but
I like this station because I have my local radio stations and NPR stations too. Much easier than flip flopping between apps. But.....Why is it when you pause certain radio stations (ex. 630 WPRO) and then press play, I hear an advertisement EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is my second time paying for ad-free. The first time I paid the $2.99 for no ads, i purchased it on the myTuner radio app. For whatever reason, last month or so, I went to use that app there were ads. I thought by downloading the pro version, I wouldn’t have to pay again. So I’m kind of stuck with it now. If you could stop the ads playing every time you select that station I referenced above, I would GREATLY appreciate. I’m sick of hearing Tasca Ford and the station plays enough advertisements already.
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3 years ago, Anupam Bagchi
Radio stops when display goes off
This is a major bug in the Pro version which is not there in the free version, and it is a big disappointment. When there is a song playing in the Pro version, and the screen goes dark, the song stops. This basically renders the whole app useless. After having paid for the Pro bersion, I am now back to the free version and dealing with the ads. Please fix immediately.
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5 years ago, DoodleJinx
Almost Perfect Radio App
This app is almost perfect. Even though there are obvious shortcomings, I’ve bought the Pro app to support the developers. This app deserves 5 stars, if the developers can fix/add these features: 1. A way to organize Favorites in folders, according to language, genre etc. Now, it is a page filled with thumbnails/icons for the stations that you add to favorites. If you are a moderate radio listener, you may accumulate quite a few favorites. It becomes difficult to quickly find the station that you want to play and listen to. 2. I love the feature where I can manually add stations. However, these manually added stations do not have a thumbnail and it becomes difficult to differentiate, if you have quite a few manual stations. 3. I have not found a way to login to my account on the Apple TV app. Even if the feature exists, I couldn’t find it after a few minutes of using the TV App. This seems like a basic miss. 4. Offline downloads for Podcasts. Even with these shortcomings, I am ditching TuneIn Radio Pro for this app.
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4 years ago, sergeprok
Constant buffering problems & useless customer support team
I am predisposed to love this app. User-friendly interface, broad integration with iOS shortcuts and CarPlay, everything is set up for a very well-spent $3. However, in this app, the NPR streams I listen to most regularly have constant buffering problems. (Yesterday this happened five times within 15 minutes.) The app almost never manages to recover the stream and quietly gives up. Occasionally this involves the app shutting down in the background. I have tried to use it on both iPhone and iPad Pro, and to address their response below, yes, I have used it both with low power mode on and off. There’s no difference. After a protracted email exchange with customer service, here is what I received: “As we already said, our applications works well on a regular phone without any interruptions We're sorry you're having this kind of problem but we don't know what can be the problem in this case.” It seems that the developer stands behind the perfect app they think they’ve designed, but will not and cannot provide support for the imperfect, buggy app that they actually sell.
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7 years ago, E of OR
Good Tuner With Some Caveats
I found My Tuner after TuneIn radio dropped some of my presets. Why would TuneIn drop these presets you ask, why not ask those people who work for the SPL & the ADL. I listen primarily to talk radio for information and when entities such as SPL, ADL, Twitter and now Tunein. I found My Tuner as a result of this selective dropping of my information stations. Now My Tuner has some work to be done on their user interface and perhaps their stability. That being said one last thing I don’t like is the fact that you must sign in and it is easy to do so if you do ANOTHER password or just sign in with Joogle and give them all the metadata that their (((hearts))) desire.
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6 years ago, Al Colonel
Awesome station availability, a couple niggles yet
This app is great because it appears that they include all streaming stations that they know about! Unlike tunein, which has been deliberately removing a lot. I also like that the app is across devices. I have not yet tried it in my CarPlay vehicle. I hope it shows up there. The iPad version has some controls that overlap and can not be clicked. So that’s a bummer. It appears that there is no direct airplay control on the app. (But see the previous comment about overlapped controls). I also don’t understand why I have to create an account to sync — just let me use my icloud — it’s already there and available to all my devices so just save my favorites on my iCloud and be done. Then, give me an option to make an account to sync to non iOS places (like the website), if I want to. I don’t like the giant banner on the favorites tab taking up half the real estate nagging me to make an account.
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6 years ago, gregohb
Useful but can be improved
I love this app to listen to international radio but it has a few shortcomings. The Apple TV version has a bug and won’t work at all after a few weeks. Also you can’t sort your favorites or put them in folders. Generally it plays the stations well although some times there is intermittent signals. Also some local stations like KROQ in LA do not appear. I really wish they would fix this tv bug - I have deleted and reinstalled 4 times.
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3 years ago, W Carson
This is the radio tuner to have
The interface is good and the search features are excellent. Anywhere out there in the world and dark night are amazing stations of all genres. Most of the classical stations don’t have adds. Your favorites are right there at hand. One time fee and everything else is free. This is the radio app I should have gotten first, a little bit more money but so worth it.
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3 years ago, Dr. Dx
Excellent Radio App
Now I can listen to station of my Country flawlessly, although improvements have to be made on the Podcasts play to resume on the same place as where you were listening to when returning to the app after using another one. Otherwise... Love it! A must download indeed!
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4 years ago, Jay Schauer
This app breaks apple CarPlay
After the latest iOS update, which I updated yesterday, I had an issue with apple CarPlay where adjusting the audio volume with CarPlay connected would only adjust “guidance volume”, not the audio of other media (books, music, etc.). I know this app is the cause of the issue because when I uninstall the app, the issue is fixed, and the issue comes back after reinstalling the app. This is a serious issue, as this bug in your app not only affects this app, but anything in my vehicle that plays audio as long as CarPlay is connected. If the issue is fixed, I will update this review. I sent the company an email and this issue affects both the free and pro versions of this app.
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2 years ago, Timidget
MyTuner Radio app
This app is excellent and has a wide variety of stations and different genres of music do you enjoy this is probably the best or one of the best apps that I have used I am very pleased and I am enjoying all of the station that I have found so far I love it. to the developers I say thank you very much for creating this app.
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3 years ago, teneightseventy2
More Than Expected
I paid for the app, and it’s been well worth it. I wasn’t expecting to find clear reception for so many stations all around my area, my state, the US, and beyond. And the online stations! I work in a small room with poor reception. The app has improved my work day experience.
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6 years ago, Sistalimor
Latest update wiped my favorites. Now if I try to save a favorite it crashes. Funny things is if you double click on home button to swipe it closed it shows your favorites. Also I still love the app but it needs to be fixed for the latest IOS update!
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7 years ago, SecretSpook
Its like being home when you are away from home!
Being in the military, I live everywhere but home. MyTuner Pro gives me access to my local stations so I can catch all of the local news, music, and sports! The only reason I held back on one star is that you cannot get full screen graphics on Stations, only Podcasts. Fix that and it gets a full 5 stars!!
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4 years ago, SonomaCountyHick
Adds variety
When I get tired of listening to my own standard choices of music MyTunerPro gives me what is served by people who know more about the score of availabilities I’m not as aware of. I’ve also started to use it for podcasts. Having it work within the Apple and Microsoft OS has been very useful as work is PC land whole personal is Mac.
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3 years ago, Sparky of SoCal
I Need To Rethink
First off I am not telling anyone what to do. Everyone can do what that want and it is no skin off my nose. What I will do in a short amount of time is delete this app because I do not want to hear anymore commercials in Spanish. Again I don’t care if the Spanish commercials stay, that’s not my decision. I just don’t want to listen to them.
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7 years ago, Cannin C
Good but not great...
I love the app for the stations it allows me to link to but most of the stations try to direct me somewhere else or to download another app that doesn't do anything. I do like the stations I can get but seems to be very limited even after buying the $2.99 app.
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3 years ago, douglsmith
Works great in the car
I have found this to be the easiest radio station app to use in the car via Apple’s CarPlay. I like to favorite stations on my iPhone for easy access later while driving.
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3 years ago, BigBearSF
Latest update broke
With this latest update the app for the first time won’t launch on iOS 12.5.5 Splash screen shows and then the app just vanishes. Was working great. Wished I didn’t install this latest version and will have to find alternative. Don’t risk the upgrade for now if you are on older iOS version. Giving it a second star as it still works on my iPad. Please fix this good app.
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6 years ago, Highland king
One suggestion
My favorite app for internet radio. This is a 4+ star app, but I will give it 3 star for now. It needs one more enhancement to be great. Please enhance it so it can work with the previous track, next track buttons to cycle through the stations in the favorites list. This will make it easier to change stations, which is greatly needed while driving.
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6 years ago, The Asian 2
Very good. Need ti have search box
Very good app. I wish it has search box so could type in the city name and there results of all available station; the current searching by rolling to find your city... lol, my city start with letter W, it takes forever to get there!
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2 years ago, NateK79
It’s for sure one of my Favorite apps
I’ve spent countless hours on this app listening to radio stations from All over the World.. I’m really really glad that I paid for no ads. Thank you for making such a diverse and Great app!
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2 weeks ago, Dave Freeman 55
Please add login
I would like to see a login added so pro users can access regular mytunein platforms. This is because it seems that the Pro version doesn’t get updated as often.
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5 years ago, Xxxxxxxxyyy
Great. But big issues with Apple Car Play. Useless for me.
In Apple Car Play this paid app is useless, at least in the Volvo XC60. When the app is open it directs the ‘music volume’ into the ‘navigation volume’’. From that moment on you can only turn up and down the sound of the navigation system like Waze or Google Maps. And there’s nothing you can do to change the music volume control. Very annoying. I paid for the pro version but I’m very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Bangsmith
Great Service!
I added the Boomer Radio stations manually, but none of them would play for some reason. I contacted myTuner about it, and they added all of them into their database! That is what I call service, and now everyone can listen to Boomer Radio here, thanks to me!!
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6 years ago, Ctx15
I left Tunein because audiobooks were no longer available. I liked Tunein thought it was a good app. MyTune is just as good and easier to navigate. I like the selections and the layout. Would recommend for the 1.99 price. Cheaper than Tunein
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1 year ago, Navid khan
Great app but car play still having issues.
It is a great app but in car play mode it won’t resume the station automatically after it connects back to the car or after a phone call ended.
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7 years ago, Harris1q5a7
Great app, could be awesome!!
I love this app to listen to all kinds of radio stations (music and talk) without a bunch of garbage video adds like on some other radio apps. The main problem I have with the app is that the stream stops any time I change access points, wifi bands or switch to LTE. It would be great if the app could pick back up on its own without interruption. Minor complaint: going from iPhone speaker to PowerBeats causes the audio to go up in pitch! Stopping and restarting the stream corrects this, but kind of annoying. Overall, a wonderful app I use for hours every day!!
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4 years ago, LaHaZeR
Great app except Bluetooth issue
I’ve used this app for years, love its functions and simplicity,, my only issue is that when I connect to Bluetooth with the radio playing the speed increases,,perhaps 1.5 times,, I have to pause the stream and start it again to fix it.
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7 years ago, ontheGOpeep
Great app
My most used app! Although it sometimes doesn't work I'm glad I have it, use it often Ok this is an update,!,, This app no longer works. I live in Los Angeles my iOS wiped out my saved stations. Have been trying to get them back for months. Nooooo all I get it Los Angeles railroad radio. The app can't even find one Los Angeles top station. But I get them on my computer. Don't want to listen to KISs in melborne. Thank you. Bad app now
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3 years ago, Zenzazional
Great app ….however
First off this is a great app that works well and does what it says it does…’s so bright white, this is 2021 where’s the dark mode? Please add dark mode to you app to make it even better.
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2 years ago, ware.bob
Good app been using for years but….
There seems to be no AirPlay support 😕 The App for AppleTV needs work. Keep the Artwork on the screen after connecting to a station with information from the station like the song playing.
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7 years ago, Overnightwalker
The only app that streams my local station
I don't know what's wrong with my local station, but for a few months its streaming has been broken on all the other apps. On this one, it works every time.
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3 years ago, cbrpunk
Love it
Simply love it. Minor improvement for iPad that all will benefit from is top menu and drop down menu improvements. Sometimes they aren’t responsive or cover each other controls.
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6 years ago, Analog Relic
Really good
Switched from Tune-In Pro because of support for display of currently-playing track, which TuneIn lacks. I like knowing what I’m listening to. Lack of info regarding stream data or choices is only quibble, and that is minor. Ability to set EQ for particular stations is handy on occasion.
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7 years ago, Doiglasson
Great for exploring new music genres. Works with Land Rover InControl
Works great with Land Rover’s InControl app. Allows you to stream new music and streaming stations that you’ve most likely never been exposed to. Who doesn’t like new music peppered with your favorites??? Give this a try.
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1 year ago, jmusich
With one exception
The app works excellently except with one local station. Not sure of it is the station or the app. If it is the station I have no idea what they are doing to confuse the matter.
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4 years ago, ICU8some2!
Love this music app!
I enjoy exploring all the different stations. It works great! Some stations are better than others, but that’s what the ‘favorites’ section is all about. Can’t beat the price, Free!
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6 years ago, EduCat
Much improved
This version is much more user friendly and customizable to your liking... more so than other music player apps.
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4 years ago, Nick_El
The UI is easy to navigate and fluid but
it drains battery too quick. When your are done listening close the app completely don't leave it run in the background, it will drains out the battery.
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6 years ago, gregfahey
Mixed feelings
I do love this app. However, that love has me considering divorce. Why? Not one downloaded podcast will play. The app freezes and I am force d to close it. So, the function that I really intended to use a lot is useless. I can listen to anything that hasn't been downloaded. Hopefully devs fix this. I've deleted the app. Reinstalled it. You name it. I knew it was too good to be true.
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6 years ago, atman
Review updated..
My previous review was that this app was terrible. They updated it with fixes. Now, pretty good app. Decent selection of stations. I like it for listening to a a couple of different radio stations from previous cities I’ve lived in.
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5 years ago, Two $ Bill
Great app!
I love this app. It’s easy to use and offers so many choices. I particularly like the ability to search by genre, country, and it seems to include every radio station on the planet!
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5 years ago, Climax510
Bomb app.
Initially I was hoping for something with a fresher UI and dark more. After using app I’ve kinda forgotten about that and just enjoy it for what it is. It worlds flawlessly and it’s Minalist footprint makes it even sweeter.
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7 years ago, cardonafred
Love this app
I was able to delete 4 other apps due to I can listen to my favorite content all in one place with this app. Purchased the pro version to support the developer
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