myVEGAS Slots – Casino Slots

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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for myVEGAS Slots – Casino Slots

4.64 out of 5
188.4K Ratings
9 months ago, byondcre8tive
That’s a Fact BlackJack!
I love this game. I’m not sure why a lot of venomous anger about expectations and winning. The realism is very close to what you experience in the actual real life blackjack game. You really have to put it in perspective that this is a simulation game geared at putting you close as possible to the aforementioned real blackjack game. Are there some problems or things that go wrong? Yes of course. That’s going to happen in any”Game”. However MYVegas does an extremely good job of giving your top level graphics, sounds, and structure. Plus you have the ability to accumulate winnings that can count towards “Real Rewards” for Las Vegas Entertainment and Stays. Unlike a lot of the very Loud and Flashy games that make you think you are compiling rewards, but only to find the very very small print with the * denoting rewards are for entertainment only😂😂. I been a Loyal Fan of all there cross gaming for 10 years and they are the Best for Value, Realism, and Real Rewards. Happy Spinning!
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3 years ago, 664paulgt3911
Slots can go cold for Long stretches of time.
These guys go to a lot of trouble to make their slots fun and entertaining. And they are good. They just forgot one thing. In the years I’ve played this game I’ve had one winning streak. ONE. They forgot to let them win even occasionally . So you either better be able to spend OR just be prepared to play a few minutes and then you’re out of chips. It’s frustrating because they ARE fun to play AND they do need to make money, however you should be able to go on a streak every ONCE in awhile. I just played 100,000,000 of chips. Left over from my one winning streak. On their bonus machine Alice in wonderland. I had 4 wins larger than my bet of 490,000 chips out of over 240 spins. That’s just not very often nor enough to keep me interested but their special is over tomorrow. So I kept spinning. If this was real I would have left many spins ago. I never got the free spins although the little watches showed up frequently. When Alice is supposed to slide down to the bonus that happened twice one was a win for several million chips the other was ZERO on a bonus. Alice comes up often but never slides to the prize. Extremely frustrating. They do have nice and fun slots but it seems like just a money grab instead of actual fun to play. 2nd best slots as far as design behind double down slots
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2 years ago, Araic1986
Don’t waste your time or money on this game. These guys are bunch of thieves. I had played this game for years and collected LP which are the gold points which you can use to get rewards which can be used in Vegas. I had collected hundreds of thousands of them which I was saving for a big prize. Apparently few months ago they sent an email to people who weren’t very active on the game telling them they have a month to log in and spin or they will lose alllll their points. Guess what? I didn’t see the email and logged in a month after the dead line and had lost all my gold. When I messaged them they said sorry but tough luck. They said that is anybody doesn’t log into their account for more then 30 days will lose all the points they had collected. So even if you spend money on this game and collect all that gold you can lose it after a month of not logging in and playing. That’s like a credit card taking away all your points you have earned and not used simply because you decided not to use that credit card for more then 30days. So do yourself a favour and play a game by a different company because these guys will steal your money. Another thing is their machines will just eat your money. Before they used to give you money and it was fun. Now they intentionally will eat up most your money to force you to spend real money and buy more.
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3 years ago, TheHdog64
Used to be fun...
I have been playing this game for months, honestly can’t remember when I started it just became a daily habit that I have enjoyed. I have had many times where I would win and win just like real life and the chips stack up, so I bet more until I can’t. I greatly appreciated the added video ad for chips feature as well. Well, about a week ago, while playing, and absolutely exhausted, I ran through my 18 million chips in record time, didn’t hit one Payline hardly.. and the offer to purchase came up, I hit the button to exit like I always do (I’ve never spent $ on this and never intend to) but next thing I know it’s asking me for my Touch ID, again I was exhausted so I did it reactively and next thing I know a purchase was completed and I had 6,000,000 extra chips. I requested a refund and got it, citing that it was a mistake but!! I noticed changes in the app after that. So, Now (this may have been a coincidence) there are no adds to watch for free chips. The offers to make purchases are showing more expensive options, minimum $3.99 now. So now I get my daily 6M, lose it almost immediately, hardly ever complete challenges, and it’s no longer fun. I keep opening it reluctantly, but I guess I’m being reminded why I no longer gamble either. House is Driven by $$$!
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6 years ago, joelsephed
GR8 but Not Really
I don’t need to write a review about what’s great, all of the higher star reviews will tell you that. But they need to know areas of opportunity. First are the rewards. Anything interesting is consistently sold out, seemingly never replenishing the new lower quantity of 10 (I’ve had the app for a while and the available quantity has gone down over the years). I have over 150,000 coins wasting away because it’s is not worthwhile to a customer to get 2/1 drinks or a “free” entree with a $100 minimum spend. The offers are just not that interesting and, the ones that are, as I said, always sold out. Leverage your partnership with the properties more, it’s a severe dissatisfaction point in the customer journey. Oh yeah, also restricting rewards based on geographic location is a crock. Consistent locals money and are willing to deal with the strip = droves of tourists. Recognize it because you’re purposefully ignoring a major market segment. Second revolves around this shift to an awkward tiered bet mechanism. What happened to simply tapping the + to increase the bid and unlocking jackpots, etc.? Complicated the game unfortunately, not to mention the jump between the four or five tiers are ridiculous. Six million, really? Lol ok. TL;DR - This app is a waste now as the good rewards are not replenished anymore and always sold out and the game has become more complex, complicating the simple fun it used to be
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5 years ago, Malìcìous
Stimulating, but regressing as an app
I’ve played the game on and off for several years now and just wanted to state that this app/game gets worse and worse with each new update. Not even regarding the rather rigged way in which it operates, it seems that this slots app is regressing into a crappier version of itself, while also making itself more comparable and therefore less distinguishable from all the other garbage apps out there that have a similar concept. To me, the developers make it more and more obvious as time goes on that their sole interest is to profit, even when doing so is causing people to lose interest. Cutting down the rewards, reducing the functionality, offering minute chip amounts in exchange for genuine money that just goes back into the game due to controlled slot wins, and well, the list could go on and on. The customer base sees the changes each update and it’s not pretty. Developers, while perhaps adding pretty lights and shiny things can make something catch the eye in a more appealing way, it is not doing you any favors. Don’t become too greedy, even if that means that you would need to keep the balance between having a fun and enjoyable app that doesn’t cause severe upset or frustration, and maintaining the app the RIGHT way while still padding your wallets, at 50/50.
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3 years ago, JonsNickname99
No support, DO NOT BUY CHIPS!
I have played this game since it came out. I love playing it, but recently I purchased a chip package that unlocked 3X reward of my biggest win on a single spin. I won over 1 billion on a single spin betting 55 million. I never received my 3X reward and after about 5-6 days, I reached out to support for help and to get them to fix the problem. Long story short, they say I never won anything (after betting over 4 billion in a day), kept closing my support requests saying they already responded and now blocked me from opening up a request saying I abused their support system. All I did was reopen the request because it was never resolved. I think I did that three times until they blocked me. The issue is still not resolved and now I see other reviewers say the exact same thing happened to them! I’m not alone in this. There is a definite problem, but support won’t acknowledge the problem and keeps blaming me for any misunderstanding or confusion. It’s simple math… 3X my biggest win. There is no misunderstanding. They need to fix the problem and pay me what they owe. Until then, I cannot recommend anyone purchase any chips from them because their game is broken and their support will just throw any request back at you with no resolution.
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5 years ago, Veronica Blackburn
Game times out your ability to earn gold coins
The game is set up to time out your ability to earn free rewards coins for 24 hrs after you met your daily limit....? Then again, their other game POP SLOTS doesn’t do that but the timing of the free rewards coins is distributed differently. There is no time limits or quantity limits. The rewards come out of popping balloons that you earn through gambling. Not every bubble has the free rewards. No guarantee that you’ll get any at all. But they do force you to purchase coins by forcing you to lose all of your collected free playing coins. Gets pretty time consuming and sometimes even when you do make a purchase, the game makes you lose all your chips. The betting amounts are based on your total play coins available. I noticed a pattern of games not allowing any wins when you lower your betting amount. I find this to be a good business approach because these “free” rewards must be paid for but buying virtual playing coins from billions of people far exceeds your profit margins. I find it this approach very selfish. Although there is some value if you’re patient.
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6 years ago, Alexistiera
So Good So Far
I don't really like casinos. Just seem to throw away money there. Win big once just to give it all back plus more. At least that's typically how it ends for me. With this app I can play and play and won't mind losing cause you don't have to spend your own money. If you are paying for coins this app could make you just as disappointed as real casinos because you don't win as often. Update: So I’m so glad I’m named this so far so good because it isn’t anymore. It seems like once you redeem your first set of rewards in Vegas you might as well delete the app. Went from hitting the jackpot that put me up to 128+Mil and its all gone. Tiny bit of it is my fault but majority of it is ridiculous. Spinning time after time not winning a dime. And yes I get it, the app wants you to buy more chips and guess what I did. The $40 chip pack to be exact and guess what ... it’s all gone. I rather spend those $40 in Vegas for this BS. All gone within a day while barely betting anything. It’s bull crap. I’m seriously over this app. However I’ve told my friends about how amazing this app was for me and they’ve been winning and racking up points so I’m convinced after you redeem your first little points its goes sour
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9 months ago, rubysoho2006
Good App…Bad Business
The app itself is great with lots of nice slots. The problem comes in with just how infrequently you hit any resembling a “win” (meaning receiving more than your bet amount back). Look, I get it. It’s a slot machine app. I don’t expect to get winning spins all the time. But after purchasing several chip packs at $10-$20 each, I’m not really motivated to keep playing (and therefore wouldn’t be purchasing additional chips) if I don’t ever hit any bonuses or much less a winning spin. At one point I had over 900,000,000 chips and was betting 3,000,000 per spin. It went down all the down to just under 200,000,000 chips before I got a winning spin…THATS OVER 200 SPINS! And before much longer, I had lost it all. Why would I give you guys anymore of my money. You don’t understand how to keep someone vested in playing this app. It should be like a roller coaster, win some, lose some, and if I got more excitement out of playing by winning more often, the I’d be more likely to keep buy chips occasionally because I’d feel like I’m having fun and the money would be worth it. As it is now, stay away from this app. They just want your money…I know right…shocker!
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4 years ago, DM_ENGINEER
Great game - highly addictive, but like real casinos it’s you against the house
Great game. The slot games are visually stimulating and make all the right sounds to encourage you to continue playing, even when you’re losing But like real casinos it’s just out to get your money. I played 110 instances of one game and recorded my losing spins (no win or partial win), partial win spins (where you win but the win isn’t as much as you bet), and actual wins (win was equal to or greater than the bet). My actual “win” rate was 8%. The loss rate was 40%, and the partial win rate was 52%. In a nutshell, you get the sensation of winning because you get the sounds and the visual display of winning while the game slowly eats away at your money. Sure, there’s always the probability that you’ll hit a big bonus a few times (it happened to me), but overall you’ll most likely see your chips slowly decrease with every spin. Overall it’s a very well developed game. Graphics are top notch, and the games are enticing enough to keep you coming back. Daily bonuses are enough to keep you going for a bit provided you limit the amount you’re wagering on each spin.
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5 years ago, Esr25
Be careful of reward restrictions
I’ve been using this app for months, building up enough loyalty points to use on some of the buffet deals from various hotels for trip to Vegas this past week. I was highly disappointed when all of the rewards I had planned on claiming were suddenly absent from the app. I had done a lot of research on the rewards I was going to be claiming, and even read all terms and conditions for the various offers, and no where was it stated that if you are in Vegas, you can’t claim the rewards. It should at least state the rules in the terms and conditions for the offer. Had I known, I would have claimed them before I left. By hiding the fact that you cannot claim certain rewards once you are in Vegas, the developers/sponsors of this app are being deceptive and misleading. This has to be against some of the terms and conditions of the AppStore and hopefully Apple will pull this app until the full terms and conditions of offers are made available.
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6 years ago, Spock328
Used to be more fun
The new betting system has sucked nearly all the fun out of the game. The old system worked just fine. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Also, the rewards seem to have become less appealing. While there are still a few that might be worthwhile, the majority aren’t worth the time required to earn the points, redeem said points, and to redeem reward once you’re in Vegas (or wherever you may be). While I appreciate that it’s possible to earn rewards for locations other than Vegas, it would be nice if there were more locations stateside. They also used to offer travel rewards via Allegiant Airlines, but those deals have disappeared. These complaints might seem petty, but these changes are actually hurting business for the participating locations. Personally, I go to Vegas for the experience of trying new foods, watching amazing shows, and maybe even a bit of pampering. By offering better discounts and freebies, you’re guaranteeing that I’m picking Place A over Place B. Once you get someone in the door, even if they have a voucher for a freebie, you’re a whole lot closer to getting them to empty their wallet. But, what do I know? I only spent over 10 years in the service industry.
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5 years ago, M.Haack
The wife found it first and now I’m hooked. This is the perfect time passer as well as a way to earn free stuff in Vegas since my wife and I usually go 1-2 times a year and we only just recently found out about this game and we are going to Vegas at the end of August and only have a few possible redeemable options.. but it will pay off in the end in between this trip and the next. We already have a room comp in such a short time.... who knows what a year of playing will provide for the next trip let alone just a few more months weeks even is how awesome the gold coin earnings are. So happy to have found this app. Ty for actually making a game with real possible prizes and excitement. 5/5*’s from me on the app rating & I give it a personal 10/10*’s for game quality, pure enjoyment and I enjoy the fact I am rewarded with real things that I can achieve and have the chance to capitalize on my/our rewards since my wife and I have regular visits to Las Vegas. Sköl.
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6 years ago, roconnell0807
Terrible customer service!!
Recently they changed the way they allow their users to earn rewards. So I did the math and it is physically impossible to maintain Sapphire status the second highest status in the game (which I am) even with staying up 24 hours all 45 days. You would have to buy the bundles just to maintain. That doesn’t seem right to me. I understand buying bundles if you want to advance more and obtain a higher status. To maintain Emerald status (a step below Sapphire) you would basically have to stay up 24 hrs. all 30 days to get 1,800 jewels which is only 400 more than you need to maintain. To add insult to injury I spun the Daily Bonus wheel this morning and got 490k but nothing was added to my chips or my jewels. I should have gotten 3.9 million jewels since I am Sapphire status. I have e-mailed their customer service several times over the past couple days and have yet to hear a response back. TERRIBLE, JUST TERRIBLE!!!
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1 year ago, RizoIAm
Losing Billions
At first I would win consistently where I accumulated around 7 Billion Credits to play slots but after a month of playing the games they have gotten extremely cold to the point where I have lost all my credits & I knew when the game switched too cause the ads would mention things about losing all my coins and adding more before I even lost it. Had to bet 2-3 million to be able to play the mini games & most of the time the games would be glitched so I wouldn’t get the rewards they even have deals where they give you the rewards faster but I stopped paying for it cause when I did the game would glitch & not give me my rewards. I can’t earn any Loyalty Points cause I would need to spend 100 Million credits at least to fill the meter once & I only get 6 million credits daily if I bet anything less than 1 million the meter doesn’t fill up either. They do give me 400 Loyalty Points daily for opening the game but other than that I would have to spend money or play for months to fill the Loyalty meter once so I can’t earn anymore rewards for my trips to Vegas which was the whole point of this app but oh well
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1 year ago, bgbmj2018
Bad management in tech department
VIP tier levels show how many tier points you get for each level that you’re in. I am in level four and I should be getting 30 tier points daily for that level for some reason their tech department intentionally changed certain accounts down to 10 but they are not fixing it, they’re allowing it to happen so if you are in the VIP VIP area please check your daily points because for some reason they’re not giving you the points that are showing in their chart. They’re also not giving you the chips that are showing in the chart they have depleted the chips that are in the chart. it’s not worth the game, and they’re being very dishonest. Every time I try to get an answer, they’re very vague. They have not corrected their mistake. So beware. They are making changes to your account but not to their chart.
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3 years ago, SuperGooseOfGiganticGlen
Rewards need an update
I’ve been playing these games for close to a decade. I’ve used it several times for booking rooms. I know how the rewards are supposed to work, how they get stocked, etc. all summer long, it said the Vegas rooms were available to be booked until 9/30. Then it changed so that it said they had to be booked by 9/30 but to use it by 10/31. What? You do realize that 10/31 is after 9/30, right? But then the other day, they removed the rooms from the rewards which means they’re doing an update. So I’m thinking great, I’ll finally be able to book my room for October and get a day or two comped. Nope because it still says 9/30 but to use it in 90 days. 9/30 is in 28 days. Plus any other comps for shows and attractions are always sold out. I have more points than I will ever use, and that’s especially true if I can’t redeem them for anything. I’m not going to play at this point because I don’t need more loyalty points, and that means you won’t get money or ad revenue from me either. Nobody ever answers me any other way on these issues, so maybe if I leave you one star, you’ll look.
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5 years ago, kingbobs
Used to be great
The games themselves are ok. If you’re playing the app purely for the games it might be worth your time. But if the rewards program plays even a small role in your interest, don’t bother. Not many good rewards any more, and they’re constantly sold out. When they are available, they’re insanely expensive. The lesser “discounted such and such” rewards are no better than and sometimes worse than publicly advertised promotions through the resorts’ own websites. The reward structure basically forces you to spend hundreds of dollars on in app purchases to come anywhere close to affording the good rewards, which defeats the purpose in my mind. Between that, blackout dates, and fine print that you sometimes can’t even see until after you’ve paid for a reward, you come out ahead skipping the reward program altogether and just paying directly for things. More recently, even their promo emails are false/misleading. You’ll get an email saying something to the effect of “click to get x free chips” then you click it but will get less than half the promised amount (but often with an in app popup to buy more).
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5 years ago, Chinchi03
Fun games
I been to Vegas twice within the last three months. The site is explanatory, they got rules and black out dates, you need to read the fine print folks. I paid resort fees which were way cheaper than the usual stay at the strip. Stay at the Bellagio for the first time ever. Such a beautiful place. And New York New York during the Stanley cup finals . Vegas was on full NHL celebrations and hockey town and comp night at this place was so much fun. Buy one get half price on buffets are a wonderful deal. Also the drinks if you are going to get a deal read the fine print ,which drinks you can get on the deal special. I play every day now, because I want to do aria resort next. Keep spinning folks! To those who like spending money on buying more chips? Just watch the commercials for free ones or collect daily or hourly. Spin away you will see all the rewards are worth the play!
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5 years ago, Clive3883
Looser come on down
If you spend real money on this you must have been the kid in nursery school who sat on the floor in the corner eating the lead paint chips off the windowsill and or you were dropped on your head more than once. Describing this app as the bottom of the barrel would be considered a compliment, this app is trashola! The positive reviews are comically fake and or planted and this is nothing more than a crooked scheme that WILL take every cent paying players are willing to donate. Read the 1 star reviews for the real story of what shysters these people are. I’m well aware of the fact that these types of slot games are a loosing proposition to start with, but there is no back and forth or up and down with this nonsense-it’s all take an no give! Newsflash folks.. this is a game and does not resemble a real slot machine in any form or fashion so spending money to play a game is a no win proposition from the start. I’m taking the time to write this review based off free play, again I’m amazed there are enough people out there paying to support this scam. These are deceptive crooked shysters so do yourself a favor and never start down the path of paying to play!
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3 years ago, Iluvwetlips
It’s ok
The fact that you earn rewards to actual vegas and be able to play for free (until you lose all your chips which you will eventually). Like most slot machines, the payouts aren’t good and you will eventually get to not enough chips and need to wait for ur 2 hour free chips or daily free chips to play again. Like most slot machines, the higher you bet, the more chips you lose and you win less chips. This isn’t my main issue with my review though. My issue is, every time I open the app, I get at least 3 pop ups advertising some sort of event going on in app. My issue is when you run out of chips, you get at least 2 pop ups telling u to use real money for chips. App devs, that it discouraging for a lot of ppl. If you have some sort of event going on, don’t give me 3 pop ups in a row every time I launch the game to advertise it. Have it part of my strip or something where I can optionally view it if I care to play a high roller event…..
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5 years ago, Vaz Fam
This app is a farce and the tech support is useless. I deactivated my FB account and it was later deleted. I wanted to keep playing this game to use my points for an upcoming trip to Vegas with my family. I even bought additional coins to earn more points. When trying to connect to my new FB account, I am told they are unable to unlink my old account and have to tell FB to reactivate it. I repeatedly told them the account was deleted and they came back with the same answer over and over again. When I resubmitted my request again, they continually ignored me and just closed my conversation. I refuse to believe the creators were not smart enough to allow FB to be detached from an account as I am positively not the only person who has had a FB account deleted. Customer support is rude and obnoxious and useless. Do not waste your time or energy on this game!! I am still waiting for someone to have the human decency to help me with and correct my issue. Can’t believe the Apple would allow this app to defile their name! I am extremely disappointed in this game and Apple as a whole.
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12 months ago, Murf101
Rewards and update changes
Bring back the ability to see your Facebook friends progression in journey mode. That was such a silly and simple feature I can’t comprehend why it would be deemed removable in the latest app update. Rewards still aren’t replenished and are always marked as sold out for all the higher rewards that are worth anything. Finally the same people won every chop contest you ever put on silly because they have more chips to bet from always winning. I’m lvl 140+ in all four games made by this my Vegas slot developer in order to maximize my gold coins for prizes. Being at the lvl I’m at I no longer get increased chip rewards for the daily log in or hour log in chip bonuses like I used it. It seems like I’ve hit max progression and lvling up as now become pointless. Make the daily log in bonus increase and hourly chip collect increase with higher lvls still. That way those of us that are putting in the effort to never miss a log in can gain more chips and have a better shot at winning the chip giveaway contests the same few always win.
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6 years ago, Lkymome
It’s A 10
I have loved this game from the first time it was introduced. I have redeemed so many rewards with my points. I will play this game until it is no longer available. Redeeming your rewards for food and tickets are absolutely fantastic. You used to be able to redeem your points for better deals on rooms, but the hotels must have been losing too much money. I once redeemed my points for a 2 night stay in a spa suite at the Luxor, this is type of room reward is no longer offered. Along with the room I also redeemed a reward for a $50 dining credit at the Excalibur steakhouse. We had a great trip that was mostly paid for by my playing “My Vegas!” Again, although the rewards aren’t what they used to be, you can still redeem some really good rewards for Vegas that will save you money on lodging, food and entertainment!
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2 years ago, Purple_rose05
Incessant pop-ups
I would give this game five stars if it wasn’t for every time going into the game you have incessant pop-ups. I have counted as many of seven continuous pop-ups before you can collect the hourly bonus. Not to mention the same incessant pop-ups when you just exit a game. After you collect your daily bonus it should ask you if you would like to see any deals that are going on you say no it’s done for the rest of the day it should not pop up when you exit a game, it should not pop up every time you go in to collect your hourly bonus. That is my biggest issue with this game is the incessant pop-ups. And you cannot collect your hourly bonus until all those pop-ups are done and some of them take in obscene amount of time to load. When I’m in a rush I just wanna collect my hourly bonus and be done with it. I don’t wanna sit there through a bunch of freaking mindless pop-ups that I’m not interested in.
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3 years ago, Kliva20
Great game with some bugs
I love this game I’m addicted but there’s some bugs that make me extremely frustrated at the point of quitting for good. For instance completing a daily challenge or one of the big challenges where I should be getting a significant reward in which I never receive. The daily challenges freeze sometimes once completed and then I miss out on the 2million bonus or whatever it is. The other issue is receiving the “prize via inbox” in which sometimes I never see after completing many tiers to get the big bonus. Also when receiving gifts from friends through Facebook I get the “gift already collected error.” When in reality I haven’t even collected that gift from that specific friend or even worse “Gift expired.” When I just got the notification that a friend sent me a gift. Small bug fixes could get the 5 star rating this game deserves.
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3 years ago, BSpencerB
Ridiculous popups
Let me preface this view by stating I have a full understanding of the necessity in micro transactions to maintain profitability. The app indirectly brings people into the casino to spend more money, but I understand there needs to be a direct line of profit as well. That being stated, the amount of pop up ads that I’m forced to X out of consecutively in a row is nothing short of absurd. These pop-ups are usually either to promote a new game, or to offer you a deal to spend real money on in game chips. If it was just 1 pop-up I literally wouldn’t care, but its usually at LEAST 3-4 in a row. The fact that you have to wait for the little pop-up animation to finish in order to X out of it makes it absolutely ridiculous, and they pop up pretty much EVERY TIME you go back to the main menu. This game design is absolutely ridiculous and unnesecary, there are way less spammy ways to promote micro transactions and I think you guys should seriously look into them. I will take down this review when i see this fixed.
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3 years ago, Disillusioned by Supercell
No support
Used to be a great game and I’ve enjoyed it. But customer support is the worst. Reading through the other reviews will confirm it. Don’t expect them to give you any help in support, always the same copy and paste answer to every question. Is there only one person that goes in and copy and paste responses? We wouldn’t be contacting you if we weren’t having issues. I paid to play this game because the developer created a game and I enjoyed it. But the customer service is what drives me away from the game. Main issue is the payouts from your wins from events like 2X or 3X your biggest wins during a time(which is why a lot of us play during this time) and then 5-6 days go by and then no chips and then contact customer service, same guy MarkS responds with same copy and paste answer for both questions. I started with 3 billion chips and hit 1.2 billion jackpot because I was spinning big. So I left it running because I figured that I’d have at least have 2.4B later.
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6 years ago, Slyfox7
On 3 Lock-Downs, Seriously!!!
I love this game and play very regularly. BUT, don’t bet high no matter how much you win and do not play too much or you will be put on lock down in the area of achieving your Rewards coins. I started playing Lucky Mei with 4,000 coins to gamble. I began to win in an unbelievable manner. I climbed to 5 billion coins and doubled my Rewards from 230,000 to in the 500,000. So I was put on a 4 hour lockdown first. Then on a 24 hour lockdown. So I emailed the developers. Got a response this morning and let the 24 hours go by. Started playing again and within minutes, minutes (!) was put on 24 hour lockdown again. I understand their reasons as a company to keep themselves safe from cheaters, bots, and who knows how else one can cheat this game but as a grown woman who plays and enjoys this game and has no knowledge on how to “hack” a casino game on my iPhone finds this lockdown as unfair. So beware of winning on this app. Because winning is loosing so play at your own risk. Or al least until they find a way to limit a person from winning without locking their Rewards from them.
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2 years ago, wixthis
I wouldn’t recommend anymore update yes, I would recommend.
I used to love the games on this app .I have also spent too much money playing. I was having fun I had finally hit level 5 then back to level 4 and just today I am at level 3 all of this in about a month after playing for more than a yr. Why am I being demoted ? Who knows ?I am spending the rest of my chips and moving on to hopefully a better game that lets me keep my status after earning it. Adios After seeing this review they restored me to my previous level , they were very quick when addressing the problem. I should have contacted them before the negative review. I absolutely am addicted to this game, and the developers are fast when responding to the problem. Thank you 5 stars
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10 months ago, mway6885
This game is 100% a scam. You’re daily challenges become harder and harder the more money you deposit. The more and more you deposit the more and more they scale the challenges so you run out of ur money at the same time as anyone else. I also am over level 200 and every time I go up a level and it claims you get bonus chips for going up another level but it never deposits to ur chip stash. The last straw for me with this game is I deposited $100. The game kong took over 90% of my chips before giving me the chance at the bonus. Once I got to the bonus, my next 8/9 spins (Wheel with 8 different slots on it) on the wheel fell on the death skull. I know for a fact that this is 100% statistically impossible to happen 8/9 without the owners of this game controlling outcomes. My bonus after depositing $100 usd and then losing 90% of my stash was about 1% of my initial deposit back. 8/9 spins all resulted in the death skull. Do the math on it. It’s statistically impossible. These people should be arrested for fraud as far as I’m concerned
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2 years ago, Kevin suk
myVEGAS is somehow deleting negative reviews here to try to keep their image clean as possible. Their games are super rigged. You buy their chips and you’d get a couple of decent bonuses for a couple of hours, but that will end very quickly. Their computer goes into super cold streak mode and you will notice that happening (100s spins with zero payout) and any future bonus hits once cold streak starts are small and barely covers for a few spins. You lower your bet, you hit a bonus, when bet higher, you hit a brick wall and cold streak mode flows again. Algorithm can detect your play style like no other and bankrupt you in a slow and irritating way to a point that you just want to empty your stash out of frustration. Lastly, It will send out those cold streak low chip notices and start spamming you to buy their chips. Their spins are highly manipulative. Play free and save yourself major the irritation. You will thank me. Saving this in case myVEGAS deletes it. I keep posting it and awareness alive. You will a ton of people with similar comments.
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4 years ago, aDyslexicTurtle
Play for the rewards
Contrary to other people’s negative reviews about the game, I have not had any bad experiences with the game. Maybe because I am not playing the game to have fun, rather I am playing the game to earn coins to redeem for rewards that will save me money! I normally redeem my coins for 1 breakfast buffets (Approx a $20 value), or a bogo drink (Approx a $10 value). Sometimes the rewards do show as sold out; however, if you check daily, you’ll eventually be able to purchase the reward that you’re interested in. Once the reward is purchased I think you have 90 days to redeem it. So if you can’t find an available reward 90 days before you go to Vegas, the you’re just lazy. Also download the other apps like blackjack, Konami, and pop slots. Your coin balance carries over to these apps and I’ve noticed that if one reward is sold out on myVEGAS, it may be available else where.
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2 years ago, nicksbdocuhebskvovidusb
Real review
You all should know by now that the front page reviews are fake and not a real reflection of the game. This game is horrible and the main goal is to get you to buy chips with real time money. You’ll bet 1 million coins and win tiny amounts every time that you could’ve won on 300k.. they have a ad button that gives you 1 million coins but you only get credited for half of the videos you watch… after contacting support they were very rude and denied to credit my account with missing credits and proceeded to ignore me.. then, I pay .99 cents for more coins, and guess what? They stripped the ad button from my account in an attempt to force me to buy new coins to continue playing. Horrible experience from these thieves. Don’t forget the constant pop ups folks. Every time you go home, open the app, change machines, you get pop up after pop up begging you to buy coins. Disgusting how apps like this prey upon older folk. The game is set up to make you lose coins and buy them.
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5 years ago, justinraymond
The best
The one star reviews are cringe worthy. I want to comment on all of them and tell them they’re doing it wrong. I love this game. My family has this game and we go to Vegas a lot. It works great. I normally get myself the 2 for 1 buffets and that right there saves $50! And for free? People saying you have to spend money on this game, I haven’t spent a dime! To be fair I have had this game for 5+ years but just collect your free chips as soon as you can and play in a strategy that will collect you gold the fastest. Gold is what you buy real comps with. And they work well. Whatever MGMRESORTS casino you’re in, just find the M LIFE desk in the casino and they’ll load the comp onto your M LIFE card. Pretty dang easy! Just have a little patience. There should not be any one star reviews on this. The app is free and you win real stuff. Their loss!
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2 years ago, Natalia Kozi
You can actually win prizes without spending a dime
I read a lot of app reviews for games that advertise prizes, and I know the vast majority of them do require you to spend some money in order to actually get rewarded. Honestly, believe it or not, I’ve had quite a few winning streaks on all the apps associated with myVEGAS/ myKonami and their blackjack/bingo apps. I haven’t spent a dime and always manage to get enough chips to play. I’ve also been able to cash in rewards for some awesome stuff - including one night at the Borgata on two separate occasions, a free game of bowling for two, arcade credit at the bowling alley, slot dollars, buffet credit, etc.. I love this app very much and am genuinely surprised that you have the ability to win big!
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6 years ago, Sonya78Oregon
Not enough play time
If you want people to become addicted to your game, you gotta let them play for longer than 5 min a day! I check in with the app throughout the day to grab the free coins and save up to play that night, and I still only have enough to play for about 5 minutes. And that’s betting pretty darn low, just to stretch it out. You need to either give more cash out to play with daily, or you need to let people win more often. But as it sits now, you only have a few hundred dollars to bet, and the machines eat that up instantly. Not so fun when you never win. I don’t understand why on your other casino app (pop slots) you give millions per day to play with, and on this app I only get a few hundred thousand? How long do you expect people to be able to play when the machines RARELY win what you’ve bet and you start out with so little? If it wasn’t for the real life rewards, I would’ve deleted this app a long time ago. PLEASE either give more money daily to play with, or loosen up those machines! It’s worse than Vegas!!
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3 months ago, S&L's mommy
The app keeps crashing. So then I have to close the app because the reels keep spinning and spinning and spinning, and then it says waiting for network. Once I reopen the app, I have to go back through the 5 to 7 ads that pop up every time I open the app. The ads get very annoying because even switching through different games within the app, you still have to see the ads. They’re the same ads over and over. Once I get to the ads and get back into the game, I get a notification saying it looks like I’m playing on another device. Once I get past that I select the game I want to play and then it will spin the wheels 2 to 3 times taking my chips and then on the fourth or fifth try the wheels just go back to spinning, spinning, spinning, and then it will say waiting for network, even if I’m on Wi-Fi and then the only way I can get out of that is to close the app completely and start all over again. Repeat.
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2 years ago, k-0s
Overall the game is fun, no real doubt about that as I have been playing nearly every day for years now. The problem is the ads/pop ups are getting to be so ridiculous that it takes the fun out of the experience. I get they want to make money, I get the game rewards aren’t free, I get they want to find the right offer for the right customer but it’s getting WAY out of hand. I just clicked through SIX ads before I even got to the game selection screen. I honestly spent more time getting to the game than playing it because I was so annoyed at that point. Developers, please, PLEASE, find another way to entice customers (maybe in game banners or something less obtrusive, even possibly disabling ads for a set time if a customer buys something?). The pop ups started off fine when it was one or two, three maximum, but six is way overboard and feels excessive.
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6 years ago, KickDA$$
Pretty darn cool App!!! My friend showed me this App and started me up by downloading three of these games to help me earn rewards on my Vegas trips. Wow!! I’m amazed at how fun they are and rewarding. My friend showed me how to connect them to Facebook and redeem my rewards. Very cool if ya ask me. I will be earning everyday and exploring every MGM Vegas App I can daily! You should too. Enjoy your rewards! I am reviewing this APP VEGAS SLOTS. I do not like that when you purchase chips, they seem to scam something off you for the price of them. The slots tend to slip in a way that they automatically make you loose your chips. I get it it’s a gambling game and the house always wins. Yet; it seems a bit shady to make an APP that CONTROLS the way you WIN!!!! That’s NOT RIGHT!!! So if you use this APP (NEVER EVER) I reapeat! NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ON THIS APP! until they prove to you they don’t cheat you! I’d ask for a refund.
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5 months ago, Dissapointed MGM Fan
Love the app, hate the business.
I have been a long time player of this app. Reached over level 600 (!!!) as well as its companion apps. It’s good entertainment and I’ve liked using points on rewards the handful of times I’ve been able to visit Las Vegas. However, during a hiatus from the games while I had a hectic period of my life they changed their terms and conditions to remove any points of players who didn’t log in regularly. It was very disappointing to log into the game, excited to spin and earn more loyalty points in preparation of a trip to Vegas with my significant other only to find that all of my points were deleted. I tried to talk to customer service and was met with generic replies, “you snooze, you lose” essentially. I’m not sure what I expected but it very much contradicted my previous experiences using the app. All in all, have fun, enjoy your rewards, but don’t expect a very understanding team behind the app.
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2 years ago, Melvinakamelo
This game screwed me out of my chips! MULTIPLE TIMES!!!
During the latest promotion where if you complete 250 spins you get your highest non bonus win doubled, I was completely robbed! My highest non bonus win was 334,524,614 chips. It even showed that figure in the tracker that helps you keep up with your biggest win and the amount of spins you have. So I was expecting have double 334,524,614 chips awarded to me when the promotion ended. Care to guess how many chips I was awarded??? 55,000,000!!! Now I’m no math wiz… but 2X my biggest win (335,524,614) is NOT 55,000,000. This isn’t the first time I’ve been screwed on these promotions either. I’m thoroughly annoyed with the deception at this point. If you like to be lied to then this game is the game to play. Because all this game does is lie to you. I won’t play as much and will work my way to deleting the app. I’ve had enough of the scams. I get running this scam in Vegas when you’re dealing with real money, but these are fake chips! Why would scam me out of FAKE CHIPS!
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2 years ago, Princess PMS
What happened?
I play this game every day multiple times a day since it came out. I loved playing this game so much! Since the last update, something went wrong! Now the game will load, then once you close all the ads that come after loading, it shows my strip for a second, then the app shuts down and goes to my phone home screen. If I try to scroll my strip to different slot games, it shuts down immediately. If I try to play any slot, even the first ones that appear on the strip screen, it shuts down before it even loads/launches the slot! It’s been days and days now and it still does the same thing over and over! Please fix this game! My fiancé has no issues playing on the Samsung Galaxy, but I can’t seem to get it to let me play on my iPhone! I’m so bummed as I’m an avid player several times a day and I participate in all the special events and team events, etc. Please fix this app!!!
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4 years ago, LilGwy
Rewards are a joke
I’ve played this game for over a year. My wife and I started playing at about the same time on different devices and with different accounts. I’m around level 2860 and have 600k loyalty reward point. Here’s the rub... When I look for rewards for Vegas, specifically rooms, I see a number of offers for 25% off and special room rates(meaning a discount) but it doesn’t offer me any complimentary nights. On my wifes phone with half the levels and half the loyalty points it offers her free nights at most casinos and free buffets! I have easily spent twice as much on tokens as she has and so I brought this discrepancy up to support. They sent me a canned response that said the player experience is customized for each individual player so things like rewards and offers will vary. The process that produces the offers is automated...bleh, bleh, this is the way it works so we cant change it. What a load of BS. Give the best rewards to new players and low paying customers to try to lure them in to spending money and treat the more loyal customers like doormats. My advice to and have fun. Don’t give theses crooks your money and DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO REDEEM ANY REWARD that is of any real value. Maybe I’ll create a new account on my next phone and see if they offer me a gold bar for 10 loyalty points....buhahaha. Doubt it. Probably just another screwgie.
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6 years ago, MomOf27
Everything worse!
The app crashes a lot. Sometimes for no reason. Sometimes it loses my Facebook link. When that happens it takes a couple of hours to relink because it repeatedly crashes. If I try enough times it eventually works. The number of loyalty points earned and ways you can earn them goes down over time with new updates. Slowly erodes. The last change is another example a 2 hour time period with only 5 vip points is also less! Before if you did the 4 hour you could get 80 points. Now you have to do it more often to get 60. Early on you could use for cruises and hotel nights. Anything good is always sold out. Now just perks that I can get by playing tables or slots. I have over a million loyalty points so want to keep them to use later but if I don't play for 30 days they can be taken away. Much harder to earn more points, harder still to find something worth using them for
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2 years ago, donkevo55
Bad support and functioning
The game is very fun and I enjoy playing but if I lose all my coins, I don’t have the option to watch an ad for 1,000,000 chips like all my friends have. I have to collect 15,000 (the minimum bet) each spin and try to get out of the hole that way. This takes FOREVER and is not fun betting minimum bet for 10 spins and then starting all over again. I contacted them in the app and all they could say was that they change the experience for every player and there is nothing they can do. Today, I received in my app inbox a message stating that watching ads was paying out 3x 1,000,000 chips for a few days. I can’t participate in that even though they are advertising for it. I tried making a new account and logging in with Facebook instead of Apple, still nothing. I would gladly give this app 5 stars if I could have an experience more similar to my friends.
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11 months ago, Bendingo1029
Do not make purchases on this app!!!
Do not make purchases on this app!! These games used to be extremely fun to play. But now the developers have changed the system to where you get one or two wins, and then they take everything back from you regardless of how many chips you have. I have had multiple instances where I have spoken over 500 times spending more than 1 billion chips and have lost every last one. They keep pumping out these new games that are absolutely garbage. I would highly recommend you only play for free, not to make purchases as you are just giving him that you will never see a return on. And their customer service is extremely slow to respond. Massive glitches during gameplay and rewards that are supposed to pay out do not. I have several instances where I have hit maxi or ultra bonuses payout is different than what is listed. Getting in touch with them to fix is like talking to a brick.
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1 year ago, moon2ray55
Need to have rewards available
I really enjoy playing at this casino. The only thing that grinds my gears is that all the rewards that I work so hard to get are always sold out. Free Play? Come one how can free play be sold out all the time. They say that they refresh rewards everyday. It’s been two months and I’m still waiting, not very fresh if you ask me, actually it’s starting to get stale. Also because of this disappointing and frustrating situation, I think that they should allow you to get the same reward and as many times as you want, waiting 90 days seems like there punishing you for claiming a reward. At least maybe that won’t be sold out and will put a little sugar in the bowl to tie you over while your patiently waiting for the rewards that you really want to become available.
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3 weeks ago, Rickety Rob
Fun but not very random
This game is super fun! I love slot machines and the developers have done a fantastic job with this game. My one biggest issue with this game is that the games do not seem to be random at all. The slots are definitely programmed so that they’ll keep rolling until there aren’t any wild/bonus tiles. Even if you hit the stop button, it will keep going until there are no wilds or bonuses that would hit. But the stop button works automatically if there aren’t any.. I’ve also seen it keep spinning for 10+ seconds sometimes when there are a lot of wild/bonus tiles, yet normal spins only last a second or two. That seems preeeetty cheap. I know it’s slots so your more likely to lose than win, but specifically programming the slot to never land on bonuses is just garbage, and it happens on literally every in-game machine. I’ll probably stop playing once I run out of chips.
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