myWisely: Mobile Banking

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ADP, Inc
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for myWisely: Mobile Banking

4.67 out of 5
26.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Svenial187ya
No Complaints Here
I think some of you are bananas. Someone mentioned there are no ATMs in NY that don’t charge fees. Any Speedway gas station ATM is free to use with ZERO fees. (2 within 1 mile of me) . I get my direct deposit 2 days. But it does say UP TO 2 days early so don’t whine if your don’t. It’s not a guarantee. No monthly fees. SOMEHOW it had let me overdraft on a purchase (a tiny bit) and when my weekly pay was deposited onto the card they only took what went over with that over drafted purchase. I’ve had Global Cash Card for at least the last 4-5 years and recently switched to wisely when I needed a replacement card. The only downfall with GCC was their cards were completely garbage and bent and broke easily. My new Wisely card seems thicker and doesn’t seem as cheesy as my GCC’s I’ve had. Def would recommend.
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2 years ago, hails🍿
Talk to your customers
I put in a dispute because someone overcharged me and the lady I talk to misunderstand me. This led to them dis activating my card WITHOUT telling me that they were doing it. I went to go use my card today and it wasn’t working and I had no idea why. We’ll come to find out after messaging like 7 people calling 4 more that I have to get an entirely new card because they can’t reactivate my card. Something needs to change. I was also giving misinformation by one of the agents that if i canceled the dispute that they could unlock my card. I now have to wait 7-10 DAYS or pay $24 to get a new card tm. This is absolutely ridiculous. First, you should notify people if you lock their card, especially because you don’t know that it was them in their account, there could be others that have access to those things. Second, you should make it so people are able to get their cards to work after something like this because I don’t have time to wait for a new card. I am a very busy person and don’t really have time to not be able to use my card. How am I supposed to eat? I don’t carry cash because I get paid through this app and there aren’t any ATMs near me to get it out. This needs to change. I do however really like this card and like that I can save things in labeled envelopes and see how much money I have at any given time. I also like that I can see exactly where I spent my money whenever I would like to.
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1 month ago, Day:))))
I wish it could be lower
Honestly everything was wonderful until the new update where you have to verify every single transaction, I tried talking to the agents but the chat option kept kicking me out and every time it restart I had to reexplain my issue which was kinda hard to explain. I talked to the supervisor too but nobody can do anything about the issue, I also have to wait thirty days to use my card even tho they said my card still “active” I accidentally opt-out of the sms where I have to verify every transaction(not knowing about the update that it was a MUST) if it is a MUST VERIFY, why to even add the option to opt-out ? Now get this - wisely card was my only card I was able to use because I get paid later and, the reason I need to use wisely is for being able to get paid early(so I transferred my money there, needed to pay for food and gas to get home, and instead got humiliated at ten places just because my card kept declining. Now they said I could do it virtual payments or transfer virtually but my card still blocked!!! So I cannot even do that. As I am currently walking towards home like a dog and 21miles away from home plus no food in my stomach, upset writing this. I need to find another platform but wisely I ain’t gonna use anymore. Such a terrible experience.
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3 years ago, Ddave90
ADP loses here. Don’t bother
ADP loses here. My employer switched payroll processors from and ADP competitor ( that doesn’t offer an integrated bank option such as Wisely) to ADP. My payroll was formerly being deposited into 2 other banking solutions that are well known and widely advertise ‘get paid two days earlier’ . My employer would process payroll on noon on a Wednesday and I would get the deposit by 4PM - a whole 3 days before my Friday payday. After the switch we got stuck in ADP’s monstrous batch processing cycles and that 3 days shrunk to a solid and barely 2 days before my advertised paydate. I thought going to Wisely would put them on par with their bigger and better competitors in this metric. I didn’t. On to the app itself Wisely doesn’t offer any features and in fact less meaningful features than the other more well known solutions in their space. Don’t waste your time with this app. The reviews regarding customer service here are troubling also. Stick with the better brands here you will thank me. Edit: You have to opt-in to get early direct deposit unlike peer apps in this group in which it’s automatic. Their TOS verbiage about this is far more restrictive concerning the competition. Wisely is hung up on ‘payment instructions ‘ AKA Payment File. I’m telling you that Wisely is an also ran in their arena of similar app and card offerings.
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1 year ago, student named joe
i was told that this card would take 7-10 buisness days to arrive. i gave it three weeks and still nothing. i had alr leading gotten my deposit on the card however no card. i contacted them and they told me that it was lost so i had to get a replacement which would take another 7-10 buisness days. i have bills to pay for i can’t wait another 2 weeks so i asked if they could get it to me faster and they informed me that i would have to pay 40 dollars in order for me to get it sooner. it was NOT my fault that it got lost and my money is on the line. it has now been 4 weeks no paycheck because i can’t access it. there’s nothing they can do customer service representatives have been no help. at this point i have received my card after 4 weeks of waiting they charged me 27 dollars for nothing. i have the card but still cannot access my money as the website, app, and customer service phone number says it’s not a valid card number. this has gone on way too long there is no reason it should be taking me 4 weeks to acces my own paycheck. this is the absolute worst service i have ever used and i would never recommend it to anyone else. spare yourself the trouble and avoid using this garbage🙏
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4 years ago, mrlbert
Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever had
Called for the simple task of setting up my Apple Pay, the CSR I was speaking to for whatever reason didn’t like the answer I gave him to one of their security questions and made it to where I needed to speak with a “specialist” unfortunately my called was disconnected (my fault) so I called back and told them I was just on the phone with someone..blah, blah,blah and said I just need to finish up my apple pay stuff with them..I was told that they couldn’t help that I needed to WAIT for someone to call me back sometime today, no time frame...and that they couldn’t help with anything, I then asked to speak with a manager/supervisor about my situation and was again told that THERE WERE NO SUPERVISORS AVAILABLE AND THAT I NEEDED TO WAIT FOR A CALL BACK, the CSR stated that he could place me on hold to wait for one and he said that we were going back and fourth and then proceeded to tell me to have a good day AND ENDED THE CALL WHILE I WAS SPEAKING TO HIM. Called back a third time and spoke with someone and asked to speak with a manager and was placed on hold and the they too ENDED THE PHONE CALL. This is a joke, I have to talk to people on a daily basis for work and would never hang up on a customer. They won’t let me put 0 stars but that’s what they deserve Worst experience ever this company is a joke
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1 year ago, Kiki15379494
Don’t recommend
This is the worst decision I’ve ever made the fact that it’s the only banking app that won’t show you your card number on the app. If you accidentally leave your card at home or any other instance is ridiculous and when you call, they don’t have access to the card number to give to you after verifying is stupid. It takes forever to get a hold of an agent so half the time you’re forced to chat, which is no help at all because they never understand what issue you’re having the issues I’ve had are endless and when ordering a new card they don’t tell you that they lock it before which should be made known so you have an opportunity to transfer your money at least because you aren’t given a digital card AT LEAST to use in the meantime so you have to wait 7 to 10 business days which I’ve already waited and I still haven’t received my card so now all of my bills are past due but all the money that I’ve earned is stuck in that account until I get my new card in. it’s not convenient at all and has been the most frustrating thing to deal with since getting this account a couple months ago. Worst decision ever and I don’t recommend it to anyone.
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1 year ago, Vaginapoop
Faulty app & other issues
Apparently if you even look at your account number and routing you can accidentally disable your early direct deposit feature. I NEVER turned it off, I never hit the toggle button to disable early direct deposit, all I did was look up my information and close the app. Come payday, when I should have had my paycheck deposited a day early as it always had, it wasn’t there. I checked to make sure it was still on and it wasn’t & apparently every time I was checking I was turning it on and off again without touching ANYTHING. There should be no way anyone should be able to do this without authorization or acknowledgment yet here I am, with bills that were scheduled for payment that will bounce now because of something I didn’t choose. When talking with customer service I was hung up on. When using the chat feature my chat was closed on me multiple times (possibly due to reception) and they don’t keep a record of your previous chats so you have to start over and repeat yourself multiple times. I got no resolution and now I’m afraid to even use the app to look up anything. If I didn’t have to use wisely at this point I wouldn’t, I’m so disappointed.
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7 months ago, Jazznique
They are very poorly keeping track of your money/accounts. When a issue or inconvenience is present, (weather your fault or theirs) wisely take no accountability and leave you to figure out everything on your own, or they will question you to death asking for proof. Then when you present the proof your still waiting weeks for you money 7-10 business days. Making it totally impossible to keep your money, and don’t give nobody a hard time but you. They have token so much of my money over the years cause the hassle they give you. Not they type of institution you want over your funds! Only benefit is there’s a savings where you can transfer (no one can touch) but if you leave the money in the acc they will literally spend your money the way they see fit. No one speaks English they aren’t from America hard to understand so they WILL hand up on you disconnect chats when your inconvenienced they DO NOT CARE that why I say not the type of institution you want over your funds. Also the rewards is all a lie.. I have my acc since 2019 and only have this card due to my job! You will never see the rewards in all my years I’ve only gotten .40 so don’t believe the hype!
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8 months ago, justrunningonadream
Care about your customers more
I had lost my card a while back but locked it and would transfer my funds over to my main bank account. I figured I’d mine as well get a new card so I called and let the gentleman know that I had been transferring funds from one account to another and I really need access to my money because this is my main source of income. He said he understood and that I’d be fine. Later that evening I go to my account and it won’t let me transfer any funds until I get the new card, which is unbelievable. It’s so easy on other apps to do these sorts of things thru the actual account and yet now I’m screwed and can’t get access to any of my money. So I call back and the lady just kept yelling loudly that you have to wait for the card! And kept ranting about the card. I nicely suggested to maybe talk to your higher ups so you don’t have to deal with this anymore and calmed her down. But this absurd and truly unprofessional. I shouldn’t have to pay 40$ to get a next day delivery or wait 10 days on my card that has my hard earned money on it
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9 months ago, Thadevilukno
Worst service, terrible business practices.
I went to cash a check through their app and it bounce with no explanation. I had to spend 4hours calling them and the different companies the subcontract through to find out wisely did not change my card info on file so no one had it. When I asked if they could simply call the company and change it the denied the request and bounced me around from person to person just to tell me they “launch an investigation” on the matter AFTER I told them THE EXACT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM. Not to mention there’s a holding charge on EVERY BAR, HOTEL, GAS STATION ETC. that takes WEEKS to get reversed. The daily pay option is a once a week transfer and they’re very inconsistent with updating your account that the funds were transferred. So you can get slapped with that transfer deduction on ANY GIVEN PAY CHECK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. None of their employees take accountability or responsibility on any matter you bring to them. I would not recommend this company to anyone. In fact if you’re reading this review don’t even download the app. You’d be better off keeping your money in a mattress at a crack house then trusting this company.
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1 year ago, Tess Clayton
Having so much trouble just trying to get my paycheck
I tried multiple times to upgrade my card because I got an email telling me my paycheck would not be deposited unless I upgraded… ok I go to upgrade and without doing anything it immediately tells me I can’t upgrade (but can still use my card as normal. HOW??? WHEN I CANT GET MY MONEY??) Anyways I chat online with customer service and they tell me I need to confirm my identity and upload two documents. I uploaded my State ID and my SS card. Didn’t hear anything for a few days so I started chatting online again with another representative. He told me that my identity was DECLINED. Why would I not get an email telling me this??? Was I just supposed to sit around forever wondering if they would confirm my identity and upgrade my card??? So then I’m told that now I can not even attempt to upgrade my card ever again. Cool. Great. So now I have to wait for my paycheck to get sent back to payroll and figure out another why to get it. DID I MENTION THAT THIS CARD WAS GIVEN TO ME BY MY JOB SO I COULD GET MY PAYCHECKS AND NOW IT WONT LET ME GET THEM ANYWAYS??? THE ONLY REASON IM USING THIS STUPID CARD IS SO I CAN GET PAYED FROM MY JOB!!!!
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1 year ago, 🤦🏾‍♀️👎
Unable to upgrade my card 👎👎👎👎👎
I am so disappointed WHY does wisely have this app like this why is it SAYING I can’t upgrade my card I been trying to upgrade my card so that I can get my tax returned sent to my cars USING DIRECT DEPOSIT why is it when using this wisely card something always have to be either upgrade just to do direct deposit with another job or tax refunds. I did the virtual chat on the wisely app saying that the app won’t let me upgrade my card the chat said that I have already made and upgrade on feb 6th and 3pm and I don’t remember doing any of that because during that time I was occupied doing something not on my phone. Why does wisely have it where over a lot of people cannot upgrade there cars what is the reason for that I do research and NEVER 👎 find a reason of why people can’t upgrade the card. This unacceptable if this is a so called bank why can’t we use this card as an actual bank card as u say it’s a “bank card”. NOW WHO KNOW IF IM GOING TO GET MY TAX RETURN. Y’all need to do better and get an actual upgrade to the whole system 👎👎
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2 years ago, TN Garden Girl
I’m sitting here mouth open
Had I read the reviews before depositing three checks, I would have NOT done it. Sure enough - after waiting the 15 day processing time, I had to search for where the money was and it has been denied. No contact, no alert, no nothing. I was the one that had to go through my “history” to find out that nah- your last three paychecks didn’t pan out. Sorry about that. No point of contact to refer me to speak with anyone No direction to take except -“talk to your account issuer” I thought “thank God I didn’t write void on them yet”. Tried to submit them in my regular bank and they were denied for “already being presented for payment”. Hey, Wisely, if you don’t TAKE a payment presented, kindly and “wisley” “RELEASE” it so that a bank will honor it. My substitute teaching company uses this “Wisley” for direct deposits and I will do everything in my power to get that account taken from your “bank.” I’m honestly scared this kind of fraud is happening in plain sight. Another reminder to always read reviews! I’m at about a $500 loss right now-
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2 years ago, Taythegreat4
Avoid the Point of No Return
Unless you want to sign up for endless frustration and headaches, save yourselves the trouble and set up direct deposit through a REAL bank instead of this sham. Customer service: non-existent (unless you love talking to robots). Fraudulent or mistaken charge disputes: neglected and unresolved. Don’t even worry about expediency getting your issues sorted out because they will take their sweet time doing so. Also the best part, being locked out of your OWN account to the point where you CAN’T even access your hard earned work money, rendering the app just as useless as their support teams. In summary save yourself the trouble! Luckily I read through the many negative reviews on this app in advance of using this card any further over the course of several months. I’m dropping out while I’m still ahead. I’ve seen it all before with companies like this and they hardly end well. This is no more than a cheap imitation of what an actual bank SHOULDN’T be. Sign up with a real one and drop these phonies.
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1 year ago, Archer189
In-network ATMs have hidden fees
It don’t matter if you go to a in-network atm you will still be charged the fees of $1.75 plus a $3 dollar fee on top in witch the WISELY system don’t pick it up as a fees. So for example I went to a in-network atm that I found Thur the app when there withdrew $200 but the atm machine charged me $3 plus the $1.75 transaction fee so in my account history you can see how it says atm withdrawal of $203 dollars witch every one knows that the atms do not give $1 dollar bills only $20’s I contacted you guys using the apps chat with us but it don’t work as soon as I got to chat with an actual person it will give me an error and kick me out the chat this happened 3 times horrible customer service and experience. With the fees and hidden charges I lost about $10 dollars. My first time using it and last time using it. It’s all a lie they won’t waive the fees it’s been 4 business days since my transaction and guess what, none of the fees have been refunded to me.
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3 years ago, All names taken making
User beware.
I had to use this card for a new job. Money goes in quickly. But my card got hacked no fault to my own as I never got a chance to use it. It’s going on a month now of me not being able to access my money. Called them the day it got hacked. Got hung up out. Messaged them in the app 10+ times. Said they were going to have someone call me back. No one called. Finally after a month of not being able to pay my bills because they locked my account because it got hacked. I spoke to someone on the phone. Now they have to charge me 25$ to expedite my card so it doesn’t take 10 business day to get to my house. This is all no fault of my own. Haven't been able to pay mortgage or any other bills because my account had been hacked and locked. Don’t trust the 21k 5* reviews I stopped sending money to this account and now I got an email saying if I don’t start using this account I’ll be charged fees. I have no access course I can’t use this account. Buyer beware this card/app is not what it seems.
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8 months ago, Rayban77Status
What a joke of a bank
1st - their single transaction limit is $2500. For those of us living in expensive cities, you can imagine this card can’t even be used to pay rent. 2nd - I tried adding my card to my mobile Apple wallet on October 1st, the card required verification and prompted me to call the bank to verify which I did. They told it would take 24 hours to verify and my card would be usable then. October 10th my card was still not verified in the Apple wallet, I called back, got the same “24 hours” and “escalation” nonsense. October 11th I called AGAIN and AGAIN got the same “24 hours” nonsense despite me telling them I’d been through this already. Today October 16th I call with the same issue and take a wild guess what I was told :) thankfully I had the foresight to stop my deposits to this bank, I closed the account today. The only upside to this bank was the quick direct deposits if you are with ADP, just be prepared, they really don’t care about you on the customer service side of things.
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7 months ago, rxina_z
Don’t recommend
I got this card when I first started my job I was only able to use this a few times and when I went to use it again it kept saying card error, I tried it again at 2 more stores and it continued to say card error, I called the number on the back of the card and they didn’t help me the next day I called again and the guy I spoke to said I will receive a new card 7-10 business days and I called the next day because I noticed when I logged into the app I seen a transaction I DIDNT recognize so I’m assuming after the call he used my card information to purchase something and it all makes sense because he was the only one “helping” WHICH IS SCARY. I called again today and they weren’t helping me at all all I was told is I was going to receive paper to start a case I just want my money because this is ridiculous especially since I am working hard for it like anyone else. I’ve read multiple reviews and people are having similar issues like me
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1 year ago, ConnorOhara700
Great app
Been using this app for a few years now i got my first wisely card as a manager for subway in 2019 and have had it since i use it as my primary banking no over drafts or hidden fees no bullsh*+ customer service via phone can be cumbersome and irritating at times but the online live chat is a life saver only issue i really find that can also be a really great thing thats just annoying st times is the travel notice feature that block's transactions from your card if you are not in the area of residence it was set up for or the address your card is tied to also love that i get my direct deposits three days early! All in all great mobile banking
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7 months ago, Cade Armstrong
Don’t ever use wisely
Hands down one of the worst customer service and companies out here. I ordered a new card and they said my address was invalid even though it was updated in the app and told the person on the phone my address. They deactivated my card with money on it and I needed to transfer money to my actual bank account and they said I had to wait 3 weeks. I’m running very tight on money and they could not do anything about it. The only thing they said I could do was pay for express delivery which was 30 dollars and ended up paying. CRAZY HOW I CAN’T TRANSFER MONEY BUT THEY CAN STILL CHARGE MY DEACTIVATED CARD!!!! That was after being on the phone with them for an hour. The first person I called refused to put me through to her supervisor so I had to call back and explain everything to a whole new person and they still tried to argue with me and not put me through to there supervisor. If I could I would rate wisely -10/10
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2 years ago, BannerHill4Life
Unhelpful, More Stress Than Common Sense
If I could give negative -0 for this review I would! I received a card for my paycheck for my current seasonal job. My Human Resources team made a mistake and put my last 4 of my SSC card by one number. They called these moronic people and explained to them as well as my manager which they had the rudeness to not speak to her. I tried numerous times explaining to them my card was activated, let them know in my own words about the situation and gave my correct last 4. Their continued stupidity their automated system took my correct number and their idiot customer service operators kept repeating the same thing of making me send in in a picture of my id and ssc card. Because of their stupidity I do not have any gas I’m really low as well as I was supposed to be helping at a event that I could not go to This company deserves to be out of business or their reps and higher up people need a reality check.
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2 years ago, Princess-Love
I called today. I’ve never had issues today💯I believe wisely be taking money from us. So I called to get my account and routing number to file taxes. He asked for my social birthday address and phone number that was okay. Remind u this my second time calling you can never be so sure didn’t want my money to be sent to nobody else. So he looks up a totally different acct using my “information” I gave him and gives me a different person bank information I don’t know who it belong to but I called back a 3rd time because he sounded fishy I didn’t even hear him typing like I usually do when they’re asking for my information. I call back the third time the lady say “this acct # u gave me is registered to a different person after I already E-filed. After 3 years they have lost me. I don’t like the sneakiness when you guys getting wayyyy more money then I am and you have loyal customers and do them so bad !
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2 years ago, Uhan Rio
They don't know what they're doing and it's too bad
My last name was misspelled by the company I used to work for and I applied to wisely two or three months ago to have it changed and it still hasn't been received. It's a decent system. They don't know what they're doing and if you have a problem they can't fix it. I do not recommend. Their customer representatives are terrible, they don't know anything. I had a conversation with customer service after they got back to me and it's still the same. They say they can't help me and that I should call them. However, I sent my passport and they had not said that before. I definitely do not recommend this app. They don't even know what they're doing. They haven't corrected my last name for months even though it's wrong. I'm going to delete this app because it's really just garbage. It's like they just sit down and open an app at home
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9 months ago, Jmartinez2099
Rated the worst bank for a reason
Trash of a bank gets my info breached and money stolen every year. operators hang up and don’t call back and can’t speak English Sad excuse for a bank I really hope no one bothers to bank here it is so inconvenient No safety for your money what so ever Scammers just take everything and they leave you without your money for weeks They don’t care if you work everyday or have bills to pay they are the worst experience I’ve ever had with a bank. I am closing this thing down as soon as the investigation goes through.
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7 months ago, larkmv
Switch banks immediately!
I have all my information correct and when I call the phone number and speak to the representative they say all my information checks out. Yet, i’ve called them about 13 times in the last 3 weeks trying to get an an answer on why all my information is correct, but I can’t even log in to register my card fully and access my money. They even claimed to send an IT person to email me, and sure enough they did but it might as well have been useless because once I responded it was all crickets for a week straight. I was promised 24 hour feedback and LITERALLY NOTHING. I have called once again, because I need to purchase something and they hit me with the” we will have an IT person email you in 24 hours.” At this point, I just need a way to transfer my money to a different bank because I don’t plan on staying with them any longer.
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3 years ago, fwisely
worst app ever, considering legal action
this is by far the worst banking experience i’ve ever had. i hate to be a karen, but i’ve lost all respect for anyone who works for this company. i lost my card over three weeks ago and ordered a replacement, and i got no tracking information or updates. when i asked an agent after over 2 weeks of waiting they said it was in transit and should be there by the end of the day but 2 days later i still got nothing. another agent then said it should be here today, but it’s past midnight and i still have nothing. my account has been locked since this began, and i have no way of accessing my money. im just thankful i don’t need this card to pay any bills, because then i would have been absolutely screwed. this app made me lose what little faith i had in capitalism left, 0/10 if your boss offers this as a form of payment DO NOT ACCEPT
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4 years ago, JustBeingHonest
High Fees Not in Line with Other Options
If your given one of these cards by your employer you can just give them direct deposit information for your bank account or another card product account (Cogni, acorns, moneylion, Dave, sofi, branch etc) to avoid the high fees of this card. My fees were $88 for 2019, $3 for atm (plus what the atm owner bank charges) most accounts these days have no atm fees or offer reimbursement for a certain amount of fees. This means if you take $20 out of an atm your looking at $6-$7 in fees!!!! They charge you 5% for mobile check deposit (that’s just insane) $1.50 statement fee & weird .51 “foreign transaction fees” (does not mean what it sounds like apparently as I was spending within the USA)..... remember you don’t have to use this, take your money into your control & provide your own routing & account number for your direct deposit, this is a giant rip off !!!!
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1 year ago, Tattu215
Do better
Not a bad app, on par with you’re chime, varo and other online banking with the same slogan “Get paid 2 days early!” Really it’s only 1 day early. I used to get paid 2 days early, every Wednesday by atleast 5:30pm. Now for some reason, it’s Thursday morning while I’m still sleep.. a bit inconvenient seeing as I have off Wednesday’s and need to do food shopping and other payments.. Not a bad service overall though, but you guys can Do Better… and maybe update the look of the app it’s outdated visually, and loads a bit slow. Haven’t had any bad customer service experience or money missing, yet… if I do run into any issues , I’m hoping they will be helpful. I’ll update this review if necessary.
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1 year ago, calcdes
This app is so frustrating
I wish I could rate this lower. After reading through other reviews I realize Im not the only one with problems regarding this app. There is a possibility that it could be user error but not only does every transfer I try to complete not work, but the app is so difficult to use. The buttons are finicky, every time I press a line to put in a number it’s terribly glitchy and it has little to no resources to help me with any transfers or information about the app. I am disappointed and frustrated. Again, I’m glad I read reviews because being a new employee who is just figuring everything out, this has got to be a scam. This app and it’s lack of ability to do ITS JOB is extremely concerning and no one should ever have to go through the inconveniences and detrimental circumstances that this company has created for many individuals. Shame.
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2 years ago, Slampiecee
No access to your own money
If you ever have to report your card lost or stolen beware you will have no access to your money whatsoever in any way shape or form for 7 to 10 days. If you call customer support they give you no answers. However one customer support representative offered to overnight me a new card after I had already waited entire week so I said sure. The next day a card came in the mail I went to activate it no activation possible the card is already canceled because she overnighted me a new card then they charge my account $35 and I still have no access to my money totally unacceptable I have bills do I have things that need to be paid for and they have my money locked up with no way for me to get to it as soon as I get my new card and I’m able to withdraw I will be withdrawing all of my money closing my account immediately.
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9 months ago, LauraN96
Worst Customer Service On The Planet
My card was stolen and I had recently moved. Waited almost a week to verify my new address with no option to transfer my funds from my wisely app to my bank account. Kept calling and was told it would take two business days, but every time I called they told me to call the next day. Finally a supervisor asked me to change my mailing address within the app and it was magically verified and ready to be sent. Why was this not suggested before? They were unwilling to waive the expedited card fee to me even though I was told my case would be expedited but wasn’t. Currently having to wait 7-10 Business Days to Access My Funds. They pretend to understand what you say and have compassion but truly don’t understand anything or care to help. Would never recommend to anyone. No customer resolution in situations that are mishandled.
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2 years ago, dave lyft
Really hope you guys never have to a dispute a charge with them, really hope you guys never loose a card & have to get a replacement with them, just got hung up on. I was pulling money out of the atm and didn’t pull it out quick enough, sucked it back inside of the atm said to contact my bank. Dispute team is saying up to 45 days now, first guy I talked to did not say it clear enough sounded like 4-5 days. Aggregated over this situation I was hung up on with a fake “hello” like she couldn’t hear me. When I lost my card that had every dollar of my money on it, there was no way to access my money until the new card came, even when I found my old card. They’ve just put me horrible situations multiple times, I am not a complainer, they just really got me good multiple times now. I should of learned from the first time to stop dealing with these people
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3 years ago, k_liz
Terrible customer service
I have been waiting 2 weeks for a secondary card and a replacement card because I lost my card. I het we have to wait 7-10 business days. It has been more then 7-10 business days and I keep getting told to wait, wait, wait. I have no way to access my funds, pay my bills and they want me to pay $35 to get a replacement card expedited to me. WHAT!! i asked to speak to a manager twice and was hung up on both times. I asked to notate my account stating if I do not get my card by the next building day I wanted a card expedited to me free of charge the rep said he would notate the account says “we will se what we can do” I said NO say it will be sent for free since I keep getting told to wait wait wait. He said again he notate the account says “we will se what we can do”. When I asked to speak to a manager I was placed on hold and they hung up on me. Absolutely horrible customer service.
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8 months ago, R-K-A-
They have my money
The company I work for sent my money on Monday evening. I checked and it wasn’t there. I tried to do the upgrade on my card and it still wasn’t there. It said they couldn’t upgrade my card. I called and the first person told me to uninstall the app and reinstall the app. That that would bring it back up. Because he didn’t see where it said that it couldn’t be upgraded. I called back and told this person that it still won’t let me upgrade. He said it says it can’t be and I need to send my id and social and that it will be 3 days before I can get my money. It is from my part time job but it’s mine. You guys could have said this Monday or sent an email when I set the card up. I will I would have just left it the way it was and not used this. At this rate I’m looking at Monday before I will have access to my money.
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12 months ago, #chicken nuggets
It has it's ups and downs
I've had a very interesting relationship with wisely. I got hired and they offered instead of direct deposit to put it in this wisely thing. I didn't know about it but I like to try new things, so I said why not, I got home told my mother about it and she hated this wisely thing and without me knowing she threw away wisely card, the wisely card having my first pay, there were so many steps into getting my wisely card back, and in the end it took up to 3 weeks to get the card back. I would not recommend, so if you have the option to just use direct deposit, make it easier on your self and just do direct deposit. Also another thing that I don't like about wisely is there responses to bad reviews they seem to be copying and pasting the same ol thing every time
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11 months ago, sadseseWwww
Queen sees serezezezwWwSe
I like the card but these upgrades are so unnecessary and then u guys ask for information that are irrelevant to the upgrade (ssn, birth certificate,etc). To make it worse I just got a job and decided to do a direct deposit and I called u guys to ask that even though I haven’t upgraded my card will my money still be put on card u guys said yes and when money was supposed to be put on my card I get a notification u decline it sayin u need to upgrade to the No cost thing. This was Friday July 7 and y’all still have my money. I did the upgrade and y’all are ready verifying my thing but I want my money on my card yall are cutting into my money and it’s nothing I can do about it’s so unfair. I get the upgrade but why stop people from putting money on their cards like that not cool.
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1 year ago, Dj Fiza
Bad Service
I’m posting this matter regarding charges to my debit card when I was drawing cash the ATM keep saying wrong pin while I did entered the pin several time correctly so every time the Machin saying wrong pin it charges $1 each,ATM in our airport location has no cash money for 4 days also they have ATM locations that we should drawing money from without fee but it still charging us atm fee while the ATM says no transactions fee like Wawa location so after all this charges I spoke with customer service they were rude as usual try not to refund my money or refund less than what I should get or no refund and just simply hangup the phone on me while this is a business account services so unfortunately I am writing this to the CEO of wisely bank and I will post it again on social media too so people can know about the bad service of your bank.
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1 year ago, WebDevRobert
Terrible Integration with PapayaPay
Don’t get sucked in with their promoted ability to pay bills. When using your Wisely Card as a credit/debit card, you’ll likely have no problem. However, the minute you try to use their MyWisely App to do bill pay, you’ll start to see why my review of them is so poor. First of all, Wisely is owned and operated by ADP. However ADP doesn't actually process any bill pay requests. They use a third party. Second, the third party they use is Papaya (or PapayaPay), which is a useless service. After you make so many payments to one payee or a payment of a certain amount, Papaya will demand to verify you. Their verification process does not work with MyWisely, which has already verified you. They have to do their own verification. The problem here is, they refuse to process your bill pay until they verify you and they take weeks to verify you, because their customer service is basically one guy (probably working in his boxers, from his mom’s basement, somewhere in India). If you do not go through the verification process with Papaya, your MyWisely bill pay, WILL NOT WORK ANY MORE. This is a terrible app and service; not one I’d recommend to anyone. Save yourself the hassle. It isn’t worth the wasted time or energy.
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11 months ago, Mobile Gamer 808
Better to just get a bank
I was using the wisely pay card for 3 months no problem. I wanted a card with a chip so I decided to upgrade the card. I sent my passport and selfie photo and a day later I get sent an email that they were closing my account because they couldn’t verify it. I tried calling but the customer service guy didn’t seem interested in reinstating my account. It was probably the glare on the passport that made them decide to deny an upgraded card but that doesn’t justify closing my account. I contacted customer service a second time and they just told me that they couldn’t do anything and I have to switch to another payment method. It’s better to just go through the hassle of opening a bank account rather than using the wisely pay card.
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2 years ago, Reviewer333222
Horrible Customer Service and Structure
I am NOT THE ONE AT ALL TO EVER write a review but this app and bank is absolutely terrible. Their customer service is horrible. You have to wait for the actual physical card to get to you in order to use ApplePay or make any kind of transaction, which makes no sense because if your FUNDS ARE IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT. IMMEDIATELY. ITS YOUR MONEY. How are they going to have a customer WAIT TO SPEND THEIR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY???? You have to wait for the physical card to actually “activate it”, and cannot use it until you get that card in the mail. Which does not come immediately might I add. So, you’re waiting AT LEAST waiting a good week before you can pay any bills or make any purchases. Which isn’t worth it. At all. The customer service representatives are unprofessional. They end the chat without actually coming to a solution that works for the customer. The actual layout of the chat to talk to a representative is janky and weird. Especially through the app. YOU WILL NEVER BE CHIME OR ANY OF THESE ONLINE BANKS. THIS APP IS A WASTE OF TIME, SPACE, AND ENERGY AND I SHOULD’VE JUST STUCK TO GETTING MY DIRECT DEPOSIT SET UP FROM MY ACTUAL BANK INSTEAD OF RELYING ON A JANKY GHETTO BANKING COMPANY LIKE WISELY. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
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3 years ago, olivia..111
I got my last paycheck on one of these horrible cards, I immediately started the transfer after my shift, no later than 12pm i had started it. I called three (3x) now and each person I had spoken to had told me the money would be in my REAL bank account BY today at 8pm (8/4), keep in mind I started this transfer on (7/30). The third time I called the lady told me to watch my profanity or she would drop the call??? I had said the situation was “stupid”. WHICH IT IS. I have bills to pay TOMORROW, they GUARANTEED the money would be in TODAY, they better pay my late fees and get my credit score back up if they are gonna be lying to me on when the money would be in my account. Not to mention in the App they keep ending my chats before they even start. Terrible customer service and a terrible company. You’d be better off with a check.
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1 year ago, Mead914
It’s okay
I do like that you can add another person/card with a separate “account” that you can transfer money to BUT there are so many online/apps that for whatever reason do not accept wisely. For example Sam’s Club app, they will not accept a payment from my wisely card to pay for groceries. Also you cannot transfer money into your wisely account unless it is direct deposit. So for example if someone wants to send you money, wisely will not accept it! You also can’t send money to someone else either. You have to use an atm. So if I were you I would use something like Chime. Also if you loose your main account card and need to have the card canceled and replaced you will NOT be able to access ANY money within that account.
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1 month ago, vicmarie03
When I try to withdraw money from my checking account, the transaction is blocked. I receive the text message asking me to confirm if it’s me by replying “yes”. They don’t get my reply text back from any of my phones. It’s the only way they have to confirm it’s me. They said is not their problem if I send the text and they don’t receive it. I’ve talked to over 20 people, escalated 2 times. They say it’s fix, there is no hold, however, when I try to withdraw money, they just block it again. So dissatisfied after almost 2 years . Sad thing is , before someone committed fraud and stole $500 from my account and they didn’t pay it back. Now, they block my account as a security measure, I have a million ways to confirm it’s me, but they just don’t want to unlock it.
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9 months ago, Steenabee
Customer service is Terrible!!
I’ve worked in banking for many years, and have quite a lot of customer service experience. So I give a lot of grace when it comes to call centers. I have not been able to use my card for any online purchases. I called to find out what the issue was, and was disconnected twice, the third time I had to end the call because the “supervisor” I was speaking to was infuriating, she would not let me finish a sentence, and she had zero explanation of why I was having an issue. The app is glitchy, and it took several days to link my card to the app. I have no solutions at this point and will probably close my account. I know that companies can have technical issues, but if you can’t get help when you call then what are you even offering me??
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9 months ago, App-Moderator
They steal your money, check your statements and watch as they NOT add up!
I received a payment from PayPal as I withdrew money from there directly onto my Wisely card. I visually saw the deposit load and was given an overall balance. I withdrew 60 from 100, simple math 40 is left. Here it is 5:23AM the next morning and the magic number $27 is posted as an available balance. 3 different agents told me NO DEPOSITS showed for the past day yet couldn’t explain how I sent $60 from $27. Literally framed the question “If I had no deposit to the account today explain how I could cash app someone $60 from money that isn’t there”. The agent replied again that there were no deposits for the day and skipped answering the real question as if it didn’t exist. Like my money that’s missing. BEWARE THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU PENNIES TO DOLLARS AT A TIME!
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8 months ago, sanlikesfood
Seems like they take money from you as well
I have daily pay linked to myWisely I had $312 in earned wages I decided to take out $200 while it was transferring the money into my account an error had occurred and the money didn’t transfer a message had popped up saying that this issue is common and it’ll be fixed but what I had did was transfer the rest of the money which was $112 left over and it had transferred successfully but they didn’t let me know when my $200 was going to be in my account I tried talking to an agent but his name was Joseph and he was no help he gave me a phone number that was for daily pay but when I had called it had said that they were “busy” so I tried again with the virtual agent and they left the chat so I will be banking with somebody else
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3 years ago, bsmakqkwnnwnjwoaiq
VERY, very bad
Hoping my review doesn’t disappear into the nether. Awful customer service these ppl have. just AWFUL. I now have to wait another week and half for a single check because after speaking with 4 different reps who all told me different information (one of which told me not to order a new card and it would be at my home by Monday, it is going on Wednesday and the card was supposed to be here last Friday. another of which quietly canceled my card and never sent a new one). FINALLY, a rep tells me after I give in and call a FOURTH TIME... very angrily might I add... that my address is incorrect. Low and behold. Not a SINGLE rep told me this information. Now, we wait and see if I ever receive this card. Very inconvenient for people with... I don’t know... lives they need to live? Bills they need to pay?
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7 months ago, Taric1will
They are the worst
Literally through out my 22 years of living this is the first review I’ve wrote. They are so horrible please save yourself from the pain. I ordered my card and was using the Apple Pay service. My card ended up getting locked because I didn’t know my pin. Didn’t think it would be a big deal. Went on the App to see how I can fix it. Talked to a guy he said I needed my card. I told him I don’t have it and he pretty much told me there’s nothing he can do… okay… we’ll so I waited for my card and wait but it never came… I called them again and talked. bah bah bah… order another new card. Surprise surprise that one never came. So right now I am currently waiting for my 3rd card so I can finally access my MONEY and close my account. Y’all be safe is dangerous out here
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2 years ago, BandMmommy1220208
I am so over this bank. 2 days after my first deposit, my account was locked. I called and they had no explanation as to why this happened, but asked me to upload my social security card and ID. I did it immediately. It was such a hassle that I switched my direct deposit to a different account. The issue was resolved and I used the money on the card with no further issue. Now, about two weeks later, I went to login to my account to see how much money was left on there and I was considering switching mg direct deposit back. MY ACCOUNT IS LOCKED AGAIN!! I am over this bank. Locked two times in two weeks with zero explanation. I am sick of having to call these people to gain access to my hard-earned money. I am calling in the morning to close my account.
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