Nail Designs - Create Beautiful Manicures & Art

4 (2.5K)
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Current version
1290 design d.o.o.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nail Designs - Create Beautiful Manicures & Art

3.95 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Hello Ma'am/ Sir
I like it but...
Overall this is a great app with easy instructions and it doesn’t require a lot of materials a nail tech would use. The only thing is that there’s only one category you can use. The others you have to unlock. There are some super cute designs on the only one unlocked, in which is titled “on a date”, but I would love this app if there were more things unlocked so everyone could choose their own style they want. Also, some Holliday nails would make this app perfect, except for most of the things being unlocked. Thanks for your time of reading this!
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4 years ago, mamie157
Well I love this app
The designs run from adorable to stunning and are easy to follow. You don’t need a ton of crazy tools. I really like the different categories and that I can like my favorites to come back to. I do think you should have the unlocked category one that is more universal or have two unlocked categories. One with older more sophisticated design and one with the cute cuddly stuff. You could also do categories by experience or difficulty level and make the levels for purchase. This way the more difficult or extravagant levels could be purchased by older people hopefully who could afford an inexpensive priced upgrade and the easy cute designs could be open for younger people who may not be able to purchase.
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4 years ago, Animal lover𓆉𓃗123
I like it
I really like this app! But, i really think they should leave a couple more categories unlocked i think everyone *including me* would like this app even more. Even though this is very off topic but, I think they should also make holiday categories and leave them unlocked as well to make this app a little more exciting and better. I feel that if they put just a good amount of more work to this app it would have more good reviews.
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4 years ago, jhwhwhhnajw
Pretty good
This app is awesome! It’s just, I wish 8 could unlock EVERYTHING without needing to pay. But otherwise this app is pretty good. But if you want everything then, this may not be your app. But I still do recommend this app. They also have a hair app. I take dance classes, so if I need to make a quick bun then, I can go onto that app. I’ve pretty much downloaded ALL there apps. But sadly, the same old pay for everything if you want to learn how to make more. But this still is a pretty good app.
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2 years ago, Glynkoko
Fun and pretty designs
Instructions are helpful in that they break each design down into steps that are pretty basic. I paid the 2.99 for all the designs because they were all good ideas and across all of the groups you will always find one you’re in the mood for!
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2 years ago, Designerqueen88
Don’t Get This App! So Disappointed!
1. This is app cost money requiring a subscription, which they did not tell you in their ads. And why would I pay for an app when I can just have Pinterest, or Instagram, or Facebook & find it on there. 2. The designs are for complete beginners. 3. There’s is no way for you to regulate based on the tools you have. 4. And even for beginners the instructions aren’t great. For example on a leopard print design nail these were the instructions: Step 2: Apply Beige Coat over Your Nails, Step 3: Make Black Leopard Spots all over your nails. (It doesn’t even tell you how to do it!)
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4 years ago, AnnieQueen15
It’s a nice app and all but the thing is, there is only one category. I’m a teen and my parents wouldn’t be happy if I got a game or something like that which required money. The designs are cute but sense there is only one category and in a way, not much designs. I still think it’s cool (even if there is little). Does it matter what brand of nail polish you use though?
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4 years ago, Panda Pinkie
Very good ideas but should have all of them unlocked
It is good for ideas and helps you to do that style of nails but not all of them are open so you have to pay to get more nail designs I think that they should just be free so that you do not have to pay for them
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5 years ago, HOLOKID123
The app is great *thinks to self why lie* this app made me write a review of the app so I could get a new thing and only one category why I’m 10 I don’t go on dates *cries* why can’t I have everyone except for one I know how to do all that stuff already but it does have a good purpose I see what its going for but I think they should give you mor options on category’s then Maybe I will come back and give it a good review but I hate it
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4 years ago, Elisebeth21
Great app
I think this app it great there are a lot of designs. I like all of the different categories but I think a lot more people would like it if some of the categories were unlocked when you first get the app. Other than that the app is great
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3 years ago, LTKBELC
Not the best
this app has really great designs on it but only one of them is open and that is “on a date” which that is really pretty designs but I don’t just want 3 or 5 I want all the designs and I don’t really wanna pay for them because if I pay for them it’s just like getting a manicure but the app is so you don’t have to pay for a manicure so, I do not suggest this app
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6 years ago, KittenL❤️ver
Great App
U should definitely get this app! It has so many different designs! Except that I think they should add more categories that are unlocked since there is only one category unlocked which is the "Dates" category. I wished they'd unlock more. Overall, great app though.
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6 years ago, GymnastAlways07
Really Great App
The directions are amazing and the designs are beautiful. The only thing is there's only one category unlocked which is the date one, I wish they had more unlocked like the back to school category. Over all pretty good!
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3 years ago, 😝🥳🥸😎😕mia
I do not think the instructions are very good I have no idea how to paint a nail I just see others nails all the say is how to do that nail so how do I do it ? I have email then no response I have texted them no response I have ask them on Facebook no response So how do I do it? I think then should have more info In the instructions anyone Know what I mean?
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5 years ago, D4dc00ks
Great App! actually don’t listen to the other reviews
I bought premium for three dollars and I love all the designs you should get it the instructions are REALLY helpful and I’m definitely a better nail artist now
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3 years ago, Code Diva
Just a taste of the creativity to come...
Will keep the app and cant wait to be able to open other designs or the whole bundle offer that is also not available yet. Whoops!
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4 years ago, Talin S.
Need more unlocked designs.
I think having a wider variety in the unlocked designs would encourage more people to purchase the other designs in the app. Maybe like 1 design from each category? It’s hard to compete when you can watch plenty of design tutorials on Instagram.
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4 years ago, veggie.eater
I always loved doing my nails. But I couldn’t ever get them to look good. This app helps me feel like I just went to the salon and got them done! It also makes it feel way easier to do my nails!!
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4 years ago, A$K$S$
Easy to follow, great ideas!
I’m constantly looking for new ideas to paint my daughter’s nails. This app has all kinds of designs, with easy to follow instructions. It was definitely worth the $2.99 to unlock all the packages!
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3 years ago, snxjdndjxbdbdjslzk
I think it’s a good app if you’re A beginner and looking for some ideas to do instead of looking online you can choose which one you want and it tells you how to do it.
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2 years ago, snailscrawl
I get to express my creativity and do nail art like I’ve never done it before like all the other photo shopping apps don’t work as well as this nail art one I love it😍😍!!!!!!
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2 years ago, SolaristheGoddess
I just downloaded the app and it’s already amazing. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Great app. Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, queenbee09876
Kid of hate it
I hate it because you can only have one category which is “go on a date” but the rest you have to pay for it I waste my money on this game so don’t get the app. My sister got this app so the she did it her self then she clicked on pay and my mom found out so she is grounded.
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4 years ago, djgitsjgdiyxyekhdkgdkhhk
This app is so helpful
I am able to find some easy nail designs that I thought I would need a professional to do and there’s a wide variety of them.
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4 years ago, snfbc
It’s amazing
This app is great because when you have to go someplace it ask you for a date or something and you press then it goes step by step any dummy can paint their nails like at a spa that’s why I think this app is amazing
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5 years ago, Jesscia4444
Wonderful App
This is a wonderful app. It tells me how to paint the nail designs. Shows me what polishes I need. There are different categories and each categories has at least 7 designs. I love this app and i will recommend this to friends.
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2 years ago, hubbabug
It’s good
I like the app. It is able to show and tell me how to make the designs. I just wish my nails were longer so it would look better
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4 years ago, Logan Hensley
I loveeeee it
This app is amazing it is sooo helpful when I am doing someone else’s nails and they don’t know what they want and then they can choose or even if I don’t know what I want I just love this app
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4 years ago, Jeldridge6
Pro nail tech
I really thought it would be different. I love elf products but haven’t tried their polish. Vegan and all! Using tape for my art no a fan of, but looking for cool step by step way cool!
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4 years ago, 🐱🐮🐨🐰
It’s okay
I have been using this app for a couple of weeks and there are some really cute designs, but unfortunately only one section is unlocked.
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7 years ago, Sapp0
Needs an update...
The designs are really nice & the instructions are informative, but I haven't seen anything new in a very long time. Once you see a tutorial & have that "A-HA!" moment, going back to it can sometimes be less exciting & even a bit obsolete.
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5 years ago, puglife 10987654321
Ok I love it ***thinks to self why am I lieing*** ok so you have to unlock a lot of stuff with real money and the only one I can unlock is go on a date (I can’t go on dates cuz I’m only 10) so this app is useless unless I give money :( if I were you I would not get this app thanks for ur time (okay I’m sorry to this app for the hate but whatever) DONT GET IT
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4 years ago, chipmunk sherbzz
Love this app
I just got this app. I really like it. I would really recommend it, but it would really help if you didn’t have to unlock things. Otherwise I love this app so far.
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3 years ago, HarryStylesWife(;
So far okay
So far the app seems easy to use and it’s a good way to think of cool nails you want to try
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4 years ago, snow_pebble
Great app!!
It's a wonderful app! I highly suggest it, but they should leave a few more categories unlocked and have some holiday categories! But all the while it's a wonderful app
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2 years ago, Amirayassmine
I love how this app teaches you the process step by step and you can unlock all designs for only $3. Really helpful!
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4 years ago, Lexi_fox
Amazing and Helpful Buuut.....
I started this app noticing that a bunch of things were locked, but I did just get the app today so understandable I am hoping that the choices will unlock sooner or later. But overall, very good suggestions for many different topics. I kinda wish that there were more things to op for instead of just on category.
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4 years ago, Inara Alam
Kind of like it/ don’t like it
I don’t like it that much because most of the ones are closed only the date one is open😞 and I don’t want to use the date one because I am only 11!😡 we also need to purchase instructions of nail designs it’s just waste of money.😡😞 it would be better if I could give a half star👎🏻😔😡😔
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4 years ago, Zoiestimetoshine
It is amazing
The only thing I would change is how almost everything cost money other than that I love the app
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7 years ago, Dejacko'
This app is very good for learning and for teaching if you like to do your nails and don't have any ideas then this app is for you get the app!
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3 years ago, Safiyyah12
This is a great app!!!!!!!!!!!
This is an awesome app. I got some many compliments for these nail designs. The only thing is that you don’t get that many designs without unlocking them! Again highly suggest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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2 years ago, Dog/Any animal lover
I dont really like this
This nail design app makes you buy other pages just for more money so if you want to waste money on an app that makes you pay for everything go ahead but I dont recemend this app
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5 years ago, Robin Bobbin12
Good app
It is a fun app but should have you be able to control the colors so you can see how the colors look with the certain designs.
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4 years ago, Lilo😇😇💜
Love it
I love the app it has a lot of inspiration and details it’s great wish I could unlock all of the levels and designs
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2 years ago, e8ebudnd
Best app ever
It is so helpful to find the best designs and ideas and it’s freee and no adds you have to get this app!
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3 years ago, Kyleeannstangel
Easy nail design
Found a bunch of easy nail designs in a little bit that I would like to do.
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4 years ago, CraftsyMia
Five star
U can see different nail art there t ads but I like it they also show the steps
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4 years ago, baxteris
The designs are simple and soooooo cute. Honestly can’t wait to try a few of these out.
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3 years ago, ReviewMaster3D
I wish
I wish I could make my own designs that’s all I want is this app to have an update where you can make your own designs
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3 years ago, nickwesly
It gives you categories of nails and you can click on that category and look at the designs. but the thing is... IT ONLY LETS YOU GET ONE CATEGORY! You have to pay for alllll the other categories. It’s just stupid. I would not recommend this app.
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