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4.84 out of 5
50.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Sr. Morphine
It might just be too easy
I took a chance after spotting a share on Facebook a friend of mine across the country kept posting. Got a deep discount for my first order and there is no obligation to continue, no contracts or anything like that. They sent a mixed bag of reds and whites for my first order. Every single one was outstanding. I have placed three or four more orders since and thus far, all the wines have been excellent. Some not quite to my particular taste, but all high quality. I am still an “ angel in waiting”, but have moved up the list fairly quickly. Once you get your wings, you can get these fabulous wines at a spectacularly low cost. You can post reviews of each wine you order, and often get feedback right away from either the wine maker or someone who works closely with the wine maker. I would recommend Naked Wines to anyone who is interested in trying some great wines from smaller vintners. I can’t speak to sending wine back or how customer service complaints are handled as I haven’t had any myself.
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5 years ago, Kickstart Exerciser
Really a nice program
My first case of wine was good, but nothing spectacular so I wrote some 3 star reviews and named these as wines I wouldn’t buy again — mind you, they weren’t bad, just not my preferred style. I was surprised when customer service stepped in, helped identify wines more to my liking and basically sent me a free case. And they did a good job because the wines in this selection are definitely more to my liking. I like dry reds. The way this works — for those who are looking at this service — is that your credit card is charged $40 per month and goes into your naked wines account. This gives the company a steady stream of income which they use to invest in wine growers. At the rate I drink wine, I drink about a case in 2-3 months. So I have $80 or $120 in my account to use on my next case. (Depending on your choices, $120 could just about cover a case — for me my case is more expensive) About the only thing I don’t like is that I have to be present when my wine is delivered. It’s not always convenient to wait on Fed Ex here. Like I said above, great customer service and I really like the idea that I’m helping entrepreneurs get funding in the wine business. A good selection of wines at different price points. If the sample case isn’t quite your thing, rest assured there are other wines available and good folks who want to see you happy.
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4 years ago, Rayloco13
Wines ok but
I received my first box of wine. The wines were ok. Nothing spectacular but drinkable. The big problem was delivery. You have to sign for it. By the time I take time off from work the actual price is much higher. Then there’s UPS. They showed up early for my delivery. I took half a day off and showed up before my scheduled time and the door notice was already on the door. So I canceled my membership. Sometime later I got a card from them with a deal to try them again. I pretty much ignored it but later got an email. I’m home more now because of the coronavirus. So, I thought maybe I’ll try them again. I get the deal and get a scheduled delivery time. No show. The next day I get a rescheduled time for the next day. 12:45-4:45 on Friday. I’m home. I’m upstairs and every time I hear a noise I look out the window. I get a blip in from my phone. A delivery attempt had been made at 12:28. I run downstairs and the truck is gone already. I try the doorbell - it’s working. New scheduled delivery is for Monday. Now, with the mostly stay at home thing these days it’s not as big a deal but this couldn’t possibly work when things are back to normal. Plus, I don’t need the extra frustration and anxiety. It’s just easier to go to a wine store and buy wine. I find usps and fedex are much better with time. Late is always better than early.
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6 months ago, Dmonteaux
Never a Bad Bottle
I have been a member for a number of years now. I’m not a wine snob but I know what I like and I prefer a variety of wines. I’ve never had a bad bottle and I love having the freedom to choose the wines I want and not leaving it up to someone to send me what they think I want. Customer service is next level. Once got a call reminding me that I hadn’t ordered in a while and asked if I wanted help building an order. I also love that you can’t just pop into the store and buy these wines. This makes them that much more special. Also like having them on hand for a nice birthday gift or never showing up to a gathering empty handed. Give NakesWines a try. You will not be disappointed. Oh… have them delivered to work. They will not leave it at your door and someone has to be 21 to sign for the box. Just save yourself the trouble and have them delivered to where you will be when the order arrives. ☺️
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4 years ago, hey imma noob
Always tasty...
I am not very knowledgable about wine. All I know is whether it tastes good to me or not. I was told, a long time ago, by a fellow student at a college in the Netherlands who was studying to be a Wine Steward, “Kathy, it’s simple. If you like the wine, it is a good quality wine. If you don’t, it’s not. Everyone is different.” (He was trying to reassure me on filling out a form at a wine tasting which was meant to choose the wines for the college hotel restaurant. I was worried that if I wrote the wrong thing it would affect the purchase and people would complain...) Almost every wine I have picked myself and every wine which has been recommended to me through Naked Wines has been satisfying. I am ever grateful that I was able to try those put out by Christian Patat. I regret not ordering more...perhaps I hope against hope that he will make something in Partnership with Naked Wines again. One can dream. I am an ever satisfied customer. Thank you.
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2 years ago, TrulyBlu
Great business model
I didn't join this program for the wine. I joined it for the benefit of the people this program supports. I hope I can help in some small way by preserving businesses that get hammered. I also like the notion of helping to diversify an industry by supporting those who can make a positive contribution if they have financial support. That being said, I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about wine. This program provides me with the opportunity to explore different categories of affordable and drinkable (mostly young) wines. If you are a wine snob, this might not be the place for you. If you are a curious adventurous person, or just want to do something good to help small local businesses, then this might be perfect program for you. I am gradually finding my favorites and upping my game. And sharing the fun with family and friends is also nice.
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3 years ago, Steve from the Ranch
Great wines, great prices
I received a $100 “gift card” from a company I did some work for, and as an oenophile I was a bit dubious. But hey, $100 off is worth giving it a try. When I signed up, I found out that Naked Wines is a subscription service. You sign on as an “angel”, basically funding winemakers around the world at a set cost per month (we do $40). You’re under no obligation to purchase wines at any time, so that angel fund builds up. Well, every time it gets to about $150 - $200 (four or five months), I go into the app and make an order. They know what kind of wines I like, and there are some great picks. For example, there was a mixed 14-pack available for Christmas, so I picked it up. I also had a choice of a gift Magnum (1.5 liter bottle) and picked a really good one!. My total cost including shipping and taxes? $0. I’d already paid $40 each month so there was a lot of money in my angel account. Now, my wife and I love wines, and we have NEVER had a wine not to our liking. I know that if we do get a clunker at some point, they’re going to make it up to us no questions asked. I have never found a subscription app more to my liking than the Naked Wines app!
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5 years ago, DLynz
Review of the APP
First, I absolutely LOVE Naked Wines (NW), so this is not at all a review of the company or the wines. Due to my busy life, my interaction with NW is don’t almost entirely on my mobile device. Using the app, I can review wines and even order them, but I find it difficult to use the “social” aspects on my phone. I would like to be able to put wines in my “wish list” and if they are in low supply before I order, the app should alert me with some sort of visible in-app notification. Additionally, when someone replies to my posts in a group, or when a winemaker replies to my comment, I again would like to see an in-app notification when I enter the app, letting me know I have a response and allowing me to tap on the notification and have it take me to the appropriate area within the app. The website is more robust, but even there it doesn’t accomplish my above goals. The ability to interact with other wine lovers and learn from Angels, Archangels and even Winemakers is a HUGE benefit of NW and I would like a more robust site and app to allow me to quickly and easily do this. Even with these “limitations”, I can’t criticize NW as I am head-over-heels with the company and what we all accomplish together in supporting smaller winemakers and allowing wine lovers to enjoy top quality wines as reasonable prices. And for customer service, I don’t think there is a better company out there!!
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2 years ago, Photo215215
So Far So Good
Best wine subscription service so far. Takes a little research initially (guided by the terrific Vivino app) to secure decent wines that are in my flavor wheel house. But I’ve found one or two that have (fortunately and unfortunately) wrecked my palate for previous favs. Like many hard fought/sought-after accomplishments in life, the process, and end result, is a blessing and a curse! But seriously, credits towards future purchases are earnestly, readily, and sincerely given— for any wines that don’t suit your particular palate, so that takes the sting out of exploration, emboldening the search for that ultimate personal sweet spot. Where else in life are you given that freedom to explore—and such nonjudgemental backing— to go with that spirited, whole hearted effort, in such good faith? So far so good! Will revisit this initial impression in a future updated review. In the meantime, thankful for this Naked opportunity, and enjoying the journey. :-)
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2 years ago, Jilly6623
Naked Wines is Amazing!
I have been ordering about 2 shipments of wine per month for a few months now. My experience has been amazing! This is the first time in my life that I had a chance to really experiment with different kinds of wine from all over the world. It has been such a joy. I’ve never even been to a wine tasting event or vineyard of any kind. What I used to get in a store can’t compare to this. I am spoiled now. If you don’t like a bottle they will refund you without any trouble. They always send free gift bottles as a surprise too. It’s really cool to correspond online with the winemakers as well. Once I figured out which wines I really liked, it was game on! It gets expensive but it has been worth it. Thank you Naked Wines!
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5 years ago, Strita60
Best investment
Been Naked Wine Angels for over two years now. This is one of our best investments. We’ve gotten to taste some really great wines and at great pricing. We have also had a few we didn’t care for but they offer 100% guarantee and will send you a different wine. We’ve never taken advantage of the guarantee but that was our choice. If we’d gone to the local wine shop they wouldn’t offer us a free bottle, we figure win some loose some. I’d say 95 percent of the time we are super pleased with our selections. We’ve got favorites. Helping these younger or smaller wine makers whose passion is making the best wine they can has its rewards. Fast delivery too. No problems with shipping like we had with our California wine clubs. Try it you won’t be disappointed!
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7 years ago, Snowhite5
Good customer service
Being apart of Naked Wines you try many different wines. Even though we have tasted wines that have been very good and wines that have not been so good. Only because they just weren’t the kind of wine we liked. There will be a time or two where you will come across a wine that is just “off”. It is a bad bottle. That is expected. However, when I contacted customer service to let them know they where very understanding. We got a refund for the bottle and they also gave us a complimentary bottle. Now that is customer service I can live with. Thank you Naked Wines. We appreciate your understanding that some wines will not be up to your standards and are willing to work with the customer to make it right. Much appreciated. Earl Braten
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2 years ago, Wendy Klemann
Best Online Wine!!
I’ve been with Naked Wines for almost 10 years. The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any company I’ve ever dealt with, not to mention, excellent wines from all over the world! I love the idea of supporting upstart wineries everywhere. I tell all my friends about it and pass out those $100 coupons for them to try it. A couple have even become Angels. Best part, it is delivered to my door. Living in a rural area in the mountains of NC, we have limited access to really great wines at reasonable prices, so it doesn’t get much better than this😍 My friends and I take wine trips around the USA every year, and the wines I get from Naked, stand up to all of those wineries and that’s a lot! 🤪
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4 years ago, TexasFight78703
I got a promo card for 6 bottles of discounted wine from a Crate & Barrel order for and decided to try it. First off, the wine was absolutely horrid. Out of 6 bottles, maybe 2 were decent. I googled the individual price points of all the wine and they were way cheaper than Naked’s advertised pre-discounted price. I obviously decided not to procure another order. THEN I JUST FOUND OUT THEY HAD SIGNED ME UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION. They were not clear at all about that when I made the original purchase. I would have not gone through with it at all. I just saw on my credit card that they have been charging me $40/mo FOR MONTHS. Also, it is absolutely impossible to cancel on their website!!!! There is no option to cancel!!!!! Please, anyone who is buying into this, please stop. If you go down to your local wine store I’m certain they can curate a selection of $10-$20 bottles of wine for you that is far better than what this site is doing. I cannot believe I fell for this. Such a scam.
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2 years ago, scmeteor
The best wine, at a fantastic price
I have gotten more for my money with this vendor than with any local vendor…way more! The range of wines is incredible. The quality is unchallenged…although they offer a full refund if you are unhappy with your choice. The backstories behind the vintners is part of the experience, and if my state allowed more than 24 bottles per month online, I would stock up without ever needing my local (really part of a National) outlet. This source is worth it! No service charges, all your monthly money commitment goes straight to your purchase. Sign on, if you like wine, this is the place to find it.
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6 years ago, 541154
Well made app for wine!
First off, I’ve really enjoyed being a member. The concept is great and I love try wines regularly that I’ll never see otherwise. Prices are good and I’ve had some good wine. The love it guarantee is the real deal. If you don’t like a wine they’ll refund for that bottle. Shipping is fast and free. Support small makers! The app is really well made and easy to navigate. Tasting, pairing, and aging notes included for every bottle from the app. Easily place an order right from the app. I see my case in one to two days in California. Well worth the membership. Look for a $100 coupon out there for new members, I’ve seen them frequently. Keep it up Naked Wines!
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2 years ago, Dimick Vino
Shipping costs
Hey, just real quick I really have enjoyed your wine these last couple years…… I think the thing I like about Naked most is the consistent quality has been very reliable and appreciated. I trust to serve any of your wines to my company which means a lot!! That being said, and I don’t expect anything for free….. But I just think I would order more if you would offer a better deal on waiving the shipping costs…. Like put the cut off at $150 to waive shipping? anyway, I just think that those costs could be absorbed into a lot of your promos, and I think we/I would bite on it more than you know….. other than that I’m proud to be an angel. Thanks for the great wine and happy new year to all of you!!! Michael Dimick
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7 months ago, Unhappy ticketmaster customer
Excellent club where you get to “Angel Invest”
We were invited in a number of years ago and have t looked back. It is fun to find independent winemakers and get access to some amazing wines ones. Don’t once regret joining and if there are issues you don’t pay for them. I’ve had one issue in over 5 years of being an Angel. Not a single bottle that I have pour out because I didn’t like it. I do have a wide taste palette for wine though. All they ask is to do a monthly subscription amount which comes back to you 100% in wine purchases. Like to experiment? This is the place.
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6 years ago, Jtcmuga
Nice Ease of Use app!
Download, open, go! Whoever designed this app knew how to make an app intuitive. As a new nakedwines patron who established his online account via PC, I decided to download the phone app while having not an insignificant depth in your enjoyable product(s). I figured I was up for a sobering lesson to figure out how to navigate this app for the first time with intent to write a review. I was willing to take the risk since some of last month’s delivery sat close by. Pleasant surprise! My first journey through the app was like I’ve been through it a hundred times. I feel like an instant expert of your app. Nice work!
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5 years ago, Greglhoover
Great wine and VALUE!!!
I long ago got over trying to impress people with big labels. I look for wines that I like, with the typical varietal profiles, and I don’t care what the label says. These wines rock, and are an incredible value. Last night I did a blind taste of Stephen Miller’s Cab against Caymus. Could I tell the difference? Duh. Of course. It’s CAYMUS. Is the difference worth $65 more a bottle? Not for me. It’s like quibbling between Caribbean islands: yes there are subtle differences, but at the end of the day it’s the same experience. These are amazing food wines and ridiculously good sippers. And they set the bar for value. I’m a huge and lifelong fan of Angel wines.
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5 years ago, Scott in Chicago
Great selection, great service, convenient
What more can I say? We enjoy Naked Wines great selection of Zins, Cabs and others when we want variety. App is incredibly easy to use. Having favorites and past purchases listed is helpful and descriptions, recommendations and reviews are usually spot on. Contributing monthly to our account takes the edge off purchasing, plus wines are reasonably priced for the quality you get. Wines come within a few days of ordering and you feel good helping up and coming wine makers follow their obvious passion. Can you tell we’re satisfied customers?
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7 years ago, Jimbobjp
The Easy Button
This makes drinking wine fun 😃. It has everything that you need to select, evaluate, and share thoughts with others on the purchases you’ve made. Once you have started comparing the wine against the description of the wine, it’s hard to drink other wines hoping that it tastes as good as described. The App provides pictures of the product and a full description as well has information on who makes it. This App can help you become a connoisseur of fine wines as well as provides social interaction with others who share your interests.
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4 months ago, LoriNeu
Great wine, amazing customer service
I’m a novice wine drinker but over the past few years have learned so much thanks to Naked Wine. I’m proud to be a small part of the work they do supporting wine makers and enjoy reading about the people behind the vines. But as much as I appreciate those things, I’m a HUGE fan of their customer service. They’ve suggested wines for myself and for gift giving, wineries to visit, helped with orders, and so much more. A special shout out to Kim who is just exceptional. All around great company - 10 stars!
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1 year ago, H4PPY HEART
Best gift that keeps giving
My husband got this for me for Christmas this year. I’ve enjoyed few bottle alone while relaxing in the jacuzzi or watching a great movie! I used 2 bottles for last minute wonderful gifts to dear friends and shared a bottle with my best friends over a meal. The fact they are unique, there on the shelf of my den and lastly supporting people fulfilling theirs dreams makes my heart so happy. Thank you for offering these products in such a way. I look forward to a long wonderful relationship with you all!
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2 years ago, andhow91
Quality and ease
In these busy times it’s really hard to find the time to checkout wines to suit your mood, time or need. I am a European living in Florida. I know a fair amount about wines and I enjoy the voyage of discovery. Over the years I’ve belonged to many wine clubs but I find naked wines the best for 3 reasons: 1. Quality of products and services 2. Choice and review information 3. Reliable customer service There is no pretentious here this is simply an honest and reliable site for wine lovers to buy from wine lovers😀
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2 years ago, Anima Morta
Love this club and the access to wines that are outstanding and relatively unknown. I’ve had friends diss this selection because it doesn’t have the labels they can get at Bev More and believe the prices they pay can’t be beat. You won’t find these Mabel as your local wine shop (probably). These are outstanding wines from winemakers trying to make a mark, and make a mark they do. If you like wine more than you like being pretentious, then this is the club for you.
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2 years ago, User111111111111
Nice program supporting small wine makers
I’ve discovered some wine I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. But the app needs to be improved especially on matching to what is like. For ex, for some reason it keeps feeding me Chardonnays even though I’ve marked a few that I don’t like but it classifies chards as crisp whites (?!). I like Sauvignon Blancs but somehow the app thinks I don’t like those. Very wrong matching system. Needs to be improved to give more sub styles or customize it more. It’s not working now and way off from what I like in spite of buying from them for over 2 years and me marking each wine with liked or not liked.
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2 years ago, Sam1234567abc
Have been a member for about 8 or 9 years never been disappointed and always delivered quickly sometimes to fast. They are not without issues like they don’t ship to Michigan most of the year so you can build up quite a credit balance at times. Wines have been of high quality at a fair price. Also if you have adult children in a state where naked wines ship to year around you can do that however don’t expect to taste any of your wine.
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3 years ago, GB grandma
Always something new.
Since starting with Naked Wines, I have tried wines created by many vintners. I love the opportunity to try new wines without a huge commitment. Over time I have found I have favorites that I order each time, but I still order new items each time as well. I maybe could be a little more adventurous in trying new wines. Have never asked for money back. Even if I decide not to reorder a wine, trying something new is never a bad experience .
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3 years ago, PJH2000
Fantastic app and way to order every day wines
I was beyond skeptical when someone recommended this wine service (I won’t call it a wine club). But after the first order of really excellent valued wine, I met the app. Marriage made in heaven. Simple to use, intuitive (makes a pattern of what you enjoy) and helps choosing your wines. Don’t like a bottle? Get literally instant credit on the app, no questions asked. I’m in a wine club and get the $75 bottles of wine in a case quarterly. I kinda like this better…
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4 years ago, Sharon Ewing
One of the most inaccessible apps ever produced on the App Store
The best you can say for this app is it is barely adequate. I am a totally blind user of voiceover on the iPhone. I use this app every month to purchase our wine and find it to be one of the worst apps in the Apple App Store. It doesn’t read lots of things and many of them are a statement which says “button button button”, not identifying the buttons. I have spoken of this before, but since you insist that I rate it again it’s still where it was it has not improved. When you go under the Ken tab you can see nothing. I’m speaking of using voice over with the iPhone. Please become accessible like the rest of the world would you? It is truly shameful to present this to people as it is.
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1 year ago, DT Drinker
Not just a wine store, a Family!
I know everyone including me original rolling eyes because they get to thinking just another wine club. NOT!! This is a family of wine drinkers that get together online via all kinds of media to learn, teach and entertain one another with wine conversation. They will take one on a wine adventure, sip by sip through the World wide vineyards, enjoying wine from countries I didn’t even know that they had wine let alone some of my now favorite. Go on an adventure..
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2 years ago, martinsupernova
Many people love wines for the special times.
I am not your wine expert. I have only limited time for such a thing, but consistently great value in taste and pleasurable reveries is persuasive in convincing me that I am getting the very best deal for my dollars by staying “invested as an angel”! It feels virtuous that talented, committed wine-makers say how much we are helping them. It is a win-win for all of us then. I can escape to a higher plane of spiritual freedom while practically supporting the genius that enable my assisted flights of fancy.
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1 year ago, Doula Madre
Best Wine Subscription Ever!
I normally hate subscription services, but Naked Wines is the exception. I choose the amount I want to pay each month, which is like saving cash toward wine purchases. In my case, I pay $40 each month toward my wine ‘budget’. Whenever I need wine again, I order a case of wines that I have chosen and the amount I’ve already paid into the fund is deducted from the purchase amount. I get to support small wineries and enjoy amazing wines. What’s not to love?
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5 years ago, ginditor
Great quality
I have been very pleased with the overall quality of all wines red, whites and sparkling. If you have already your $7-$8 bottle from the grocery store that you like, then stick to it. I usually pay 10-12 dollars the bottle with this site, but they are usually worth $17-$20. Good deal to me! They frequently give you an extra bottle as a gift which is nice because it makes you try something new. Also If you are really into wine you have tons of information. Very satisfied so far!
Show more
6 years ago, TooManyNicknames!!
Be your own wine boss!!
You get to choose not only the wines you like, but also the winemakers who receive your funding!! These are winemakers who have worked for the big name Wineries with big name brands!! And big name price tags! They made the wines for other wineries who funded the brand. Now, you can fund them for $40/month, communicate with them (yes, they write back!) and get these high quality wines at extremely good prices!! That $40/mo is yours to spend on your favorite winemaker or choose to be adventurous!! I totally recommend!!
Show more
4 years ago, g she ftcjydesjv
Bottoms Up!
I’ve joined other wine clubs in the past & been extremely disappointed! I am currently on my third order & couldn't be happier! Out of all the wines I’ve tried so far, there has only been one bottle I didn’t like. I was also offered a replacement by the company (but I drank it anyway) ;-) I am so excited every time I place an order to try all the new wines I’ve ordered. My orders only take a few days to receive, great customer service! You won’t be disappointed!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, eileen789
Naked Wines online
Have found a good selection of inexpensive wines we enjoy, and loads of options to try new wines. With each 11 or more bottles, we get a gift wine to try. Everything is well organized; if a wine that I want is out of stock, similar wines are suggested. Deliveries come within a few days. I started using Naked Wines during Covid lockdown but I will continue to use it for ease and selection. I also like that my purchases help smaller vintners.
Show more
12 months ago, TasmanianDiva
Fun, and great value
I love the charm of trying new wines, and this service makes it easy. They provide great advice and ratings by other customers. Word of advice: take a few notes after tasting. That way, you can provide your own feedback and ratings with each new bottle. I will be taking my own advice, having fallen flat on providing my opinion previously. If you are a wine drinker, Naked Wines is a service where you can’t go wrong.
Show more
6 months ago, Viperm01
Special vineyards
The wine choices are excellent, They are from vineyards you may never of heard of. Buying these, I feel I am helping to support these honest hardworking people (now friends) fulfill their dream. I feel as I enjoy the wines, I am melding with their personality. And the prices are reasonable also. I have had a couple that I didn’t really love. These people credited the wine price right away, not questioning what so ever. Buy and enjoy! Life is short.
Show more
5 years ago, jpallaVino
Winos and sommeliers delight
I cannot rave enough about NakedWines. After a short period of buying wine at ‘full price’ ( all of the wines are super affordable); BOOM ‘Angel status!’ Discounts every month, exceptional wines from independent wine makers, every so often a free bottle... NakedWines is up to some incredible things in the wine industry, building up Indy wine producers, maintaining an exceptionally high standard of vino, and making it all accessible so everyone can drink the nectar of the Gods. This is the only place I will buy wine. I’m a life-er. No joke.
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6 years ago, Livelyhorses
Great wines for rural wine drinkers.
My experience as an angel has been very rewarding. Several years ago my husband and I visited the Sonoma County Fair with very dear friends. It was the first time Inexperienced the range of flavors available. It was also my husband’s last real vacation. As a consummate horseman he experienced several concussions and is now unable to travel. I, on the other hand am able to enjoy the wines is all the best winemakers without leaving our ranch. Happy wife, happy life, lives on this ranch.
Show more
8 months ago, Starlina Wisher
Best customer service
I’ve never worked with a company before that has such good, consistent customer service. They have handled every issue I have ever had, which has not been very many but they make my life so much easier. they make it very easy to help me choose the wines that I like by keeping track of everything. When I rate the wines that also helps me for future purchases. I LOVE Naked Wines!
Show more
3 years ago, cmcnysc
All the info I need at my fingertips wherever I am
We are new and although we have enjoyed wine for years, we don’t know much about it. I love the way this app is organized. I can easily find the information I want about each wine and read the reviews of others. I love that when I put things in my basket it tells me how many more bottles it takes to fill my case. Great work, folks!
Show more
11 months ago, 2520GMW
Great Wines! Convenient Shopping!
We love Naked Wines!! We have found new favorites that we always include but NW has helped us choose new wines to try with the rating system they offer. I only wish deliveries could be left whether we are home or not. We don’t have kids and nobody would steal it from our porch! Please???? But it won’t run us off because we do love NW! We tell everyone we know about it!!!
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4 years ago, Aecastel
Terrible customer service
You need a signature to receive your order, that’s not a big deal unless you work normal business hours. I’ve changed my account settings with UPS and have emailed NakedWines THREE TIMES and called TWICE (with no answer) about having the UPS store hold the package until I can pick up on my own time. It’s been over a week and I haven’t received any emails back. I got a phone call (while I was at work), I could not answer and the agent literally said either call or email as if I haven't tried that already. They’ll take your money but can’t be bothered to get back with their customer who spent a good amount of money on their products.
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3 years ago, DCJimmy
Love this app and LOVE the wines!
This is now the only place I buy wine. The app is GREAT, and the wines are excellent and so AFFORDABLE! There are no obligations; order a case of 12 bottles every week or every year, doesn’t matter at all. The app is very easy to use; reviews and ratings are easy to follow. They provide you with nice incentives (an occasional free bottle) too. I haven’t spent more than $15 on a bottle, and most of my favorites are under $10!! The shipping is fast too. HIGHLY recommend Naked Wines.
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4 years ago, Triple & Tammy Nickel
Great and easy!
I’ve been with NW now for a couple of years and have found the red wines I buy to be consistently good and fairly priced. It’s so easy to use the app and 4 days later have a case of wine on my deck. I started out with a $40/month allotment but quickly bumped that up to $100/mo. I end up getting a case for no additional cost. I feel like I’m getting free wine....a great feeling!!! Im a big fan of Naked Wines. Triple Nickel
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5 years ago, Lbarrier1
I Love being an Angel!
I love being an Angel and I relish in all the amazing perks that come with it!!! The customer service they provide is by far above any other. The best part, however, is being able to support these amazingly talented winemakers from all over the world; to hear their stories, to follow their process from beginning to end and back again and to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor! It has been my honor! Thank you Naked Wines & Winemakers!!
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5 years ago, ACM1PTZTO
Glad to be part of this
We love this company because of the support that they provide to winemakers, the great deals and the excellent customer service in all meaning. So, we have been enjoying high quality wine and knowing at the same time that real people is being able to work and create a product that you can enjoy. Keeping traditions, culture and the best from each land is what we taste and what we love from becoming an angel.
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