Name the Flag: A quiz about world flags

4.1 (10)
15.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
norbert nagy
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Name the Flag: A quiz about world flags

4.1 out of 5
10 Ratings
12 years ago, Nerd4hire
Fun and educational but had its bugs
This app has been one of my favorites, I feel a lot more confident when it comes to naming flags at hotels and international buildings :). On the downside it sometimes stops updating your scores so you're stuck with previous scores on the leader board. If they would fix that bug I would give them 5 stars.
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6 years ago, KingVan
Hugely buggy
Couldn’t even open the app to play, it just froze at the loading page each time
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15 years ago, Dekie
Fun app to have
I love the app but it's 2 slow when it switches between flags, it should be much faster. The notification that comes up to let you know it bonus can you change that plz, just let us go into it. Love the app though
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15 years ago, Moowho
Pretty neat
I've been wanting to learn the world's flags, and this game has definitely helped. I can't comprehend how some people get those high global scores, given that I get every answer right now... The flags are scored by difficulty, so i guess luck is part of the high score pattern; if only higher score flags come up, you get the higher score when the time runs out.
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14 years ago, JohnnyG7211
Definitely good for learning world flags
If you enjoy geography you'll end up spending a lot of time on this app. I never write reviews but i had to recommend this one. "Free Play" mode makes the app. I'd easily spend $1-$2 on this.
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11 years ago, XIII Gambit
Sexually educational!
Now that I have your attention, this app is lots of fun and teaches you the flags of the world. This would be 5 stars if they included the other two game modes for free.
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12 years ago, Dr. Van.
Revert to previous version!
The latest update has made things worse, at least in my iPhone. Resolution is much lower in general, and several flags have graphics problems. Maybe I just got a bad install.
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15 years ago, H0UDINI
Good idea. Fun+educational. Popup that tells me to prepare for bonus round interferes with gameplay. Indonesian flag (red on top / white on bottom) was displayed, but not given as a possible answer. After fixing these issues, please add a learning mode, so I can browse all flags with their countries.
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9 years ago, SitflyerGF
Effective no frills learning
I can't stand the noise (visual and aural) on other flag websites. This is clean, responsive and challenging. This is the most effective one I've found to learn the flags.
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11 years ago, ThingsRaySay
Lovin it!
I'm actually planing on starting a blog about the origin of flags because of this game! Keep on improving and doing what you're doing
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8 years ago, Yei Cross
Highly Entertaining and Educational
Great App to learn about different nations in the world. Is not a "5 stars App" because missed one very beautiful island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico.
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13 years ago, Xhgfchyf
Good but can improve
On the free play,after responding, there Should be some time for me to review my mistake- it automatically changes without having time to soak it in
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12 years ago, 01 Binar
Not so good for learning
The correct answers flash up way too quickly to learn, and you can't go back and review. You also cannot restrict the quizzes by continent / region, which is very helpful for learning.
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11 years ago, Ello mate read me ratens.
I love this app
This app really teaches you all the flags out there. Including the countries that no one knows about.
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11 years ago, ConorEvan.
I love this app!
I absolutely love every flag on this game, I've learned so much that I've become obsessed ;w;
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12 years ago, Sonja Vegas
Great game
Improves your flag knowledge and is a great way to improve your speed of recognition.
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10 years ago, RachelBintWayne
Great game.
I like learning something everyday. This helps!
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12 years ago, Jose Varillas
Worth it
Fun to kill down time
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12 years ago, Karrramba9
Great App
Advise to download it to everyone who wants to learn the flags in a fun way. Thanks developers)
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13 years ago, JHW-MRG
Great! Lots of countries/flags!
Very good app. Only complaint is when you choose your answer, the screen doesn't remain visible long enough to see the correct answer if you missed the question. Please, a little more time to see and learn the correct answer!
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12 years ago, Jnorman72
Great game, is fun and helps you learn
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11 years ago, Joshua Barton
Great game
Very fun and has all the world flags, even South Sudan
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15 years ago, Kaceson
Good game but....
Nice concept, educational game but it freezes after the bonus round. Deleted!
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12 years ago, cjans
A fun way to learn about country flags.
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11 years ago, arensonds
Fun way to learn
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11 years ago, Mathnut60
Best learning game out there
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11 years ago, miloshTheKid
Lots of flags to learn... This is a great game for the daily commute
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12 years ago, calvin saputra
nice game
best used with google and wikipedia
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12 years ago, Levik150
I love this game
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