Nancy Drew - The Captive Curse

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1749.3 MB
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Current version
Her Interactive
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
10.7.5 or later
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User Reviews for Nancy Drew - The Captive Curse

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13 years ago, rlianneh
Well worth the money
This is the second Nancy Drew game I've bought from the App Store, the first being Shadow at the Water's Edge, and these games are definitely worth the money. The graphics are wonderful, the storylines are interesting, they are quite long, and the puzzles are challenging. Plus, there are always a few different mini games within the storyline, this one in particular had two board games that you could play with other characters. The only problem I noticed with this game was that towards the end the audio seemed to be cutting in and out, but it did not interfere with gameplay and the captions were still readable, it is just a small bug to be fixed. I would say that if you a fan of these games then this would be a good addition, however, I personally feel that Shadow at the Water's Edge is a better, more difficult game.
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6 years ago, Melbo7
Great title to revisit- so glad these are on the APP store now
I am a long time Nancy Drew fan, but haven’t played in a while. Was thrilled to see these titles on the app store now! The download was painless (compared with Her interactive process). The game is great- tons of gameplay time, and games within the game can make it go even longer. I like these games as they are Nancy Drew stories that unfold as you play. It is not just point and click- but interacting with well developed characters, with great writing and voice acting. Very immersive. Will be playing more of these!
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6 years ago, Jorangeness
Favorite Nancy Drew Game
Out of all the Nancy Drew games playable on the Mac, this one’s my favorite. It has an interesting story, both in it’s mystery and Nancy’s personal life. It also has a great, large enviroment and fun characters with a lot of personality. It was challenging and not too short, and all it’s mini games were very fun. I’ve replayed it several times because I like it so much!
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7 years ago, MyWonderlandOfMusic
Game does open
I love this game! I use to play it all the time on my 2012 MacBook Pro, and when that one started to break I decided to get a brand new MacBook Pro with the touchbar….I downloaded the game from the purchased page and when I click to open it, it doesnt open. The icon bounces in the dock for 5 seconds then vanishes. Seems liek there is a compatibility issue. Why wont it work if it is compatible? Can yall fix this? This is a Mac App and it should open on all Macs. PLEASE HELP.
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5 years ago, HR2487
can’t play it
I downloaded the Tomb of The Lost Queen and played it without a problem. This game won’t open and i wasted $20 for nothing. This is ridiculous. Very upset.
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6 years ago, Googlyee226
Seriously… doesn’t open
I have never even been able to open this game to play… and they won’t refund me or fix it… DONT DO IT
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1 month ago, _abbeish_
Doesn't Open
Don't waste your money it doesn't work
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6 years ago, magkep
App Does Not Open
I love this game and just downloaded it onto my new macbook and it will not open…. and I am sooo sad about it! PLEASE SOMEONE FIX THIS!!!
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8 years ago, Graceroo94
Great Game
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8 years ago, Nancy-Drew-Clue
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7 years ago, archersontarget
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12 years ago, macolb
The Best
This is one of the greatest ND games I have played. I would rank it in the top three along with Crystal Skull and Haunted Mansion. I played Shadow at the Water's Edge before this and I thought this one was way more captivating and engaging. I never once felt lost - I always had some sort of a mission that I actually wanted to do. The games within the game are A LOT of fun. The characters are the best I have seen - they each have their own bit of personality and are quite funny. There is a bit of dialogue but it adds to the story/plot nicely. I didn't think it was short by any means - it took me four days to complete (I worked on it a lot each day and also didn't use any cheats). Neither did I think the ending was abrubt. I kept going back and forth on who I thought it was but near the end I definitely formed a solid guess and ended up being correct. The overall difficulty would be about a 3/5 - it was challenging but fun at the same time. Honestly, I am looking forward to playing it again and again. It had one of the best plotlines I have seen. I really hope the next ND game is like this one and doesn't disappoint! WELL worth the cost!
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10 years ago, Terry’s Niche
It was fun
I was feeling nostalgic for the Nancy Drew Mystery games I used to play with my son, neice, sister and grandma so I downloaded this game. It is the next in line from where we left off. The game was fun, even though I played by myself. The puzzles were too easy, and the end came very quickly. A little more meat and activity would be nice.
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13 years ago, Hilde247
Great game
This game is fun, challenging, and scary. It gets your adrenaline working as well as your brain. Graphics are amazing and the game keeps you thinking the entire time. The only disadvantage was how long it took to load, but I believe it is because of the huge amount of content and graphics it has to load. This was well worth the money and I will play it again and again. I dont believe it could ever be boring. VERY much worth the money! I recommended it to all my Nancy Drew fan friends :) I didnt have any problem with the audio cutting out as other reviews have described, so I think they have resolved that problem :)
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11 years ago, Margo JB
Truly Enjoyed It!
I have played almost every Nancy Drew game. (Starting from the time from when I was about 9, I'm 20 now.) I truly enjoyed this game and found it rather easy! In fact, this might be the only game where I did not even need the hints! I finished the game in about 2 days and truly enjoyed it. It was very fun, not too challenging, and had a lot of dialog. This game actually had a lot less puzzels than usual! It will rely more on your sluething skills! I would most certainly play or buy it again!
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12 years ago, sirenbeauty
very fun game!
personally, i have played nancy drew games since the time i was a child and this one was VERY entertaining still for me. sure there will be some difficult puzzles and moments when you will jump out of your skin like i did!!! i did finish this game pretty quickly, but only because i couldnt stop playing. i highly recommend this game to ANYONE who loves to play nancy drew at any age!
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12 years ago, Nephihah
By far one of the best!
I have played about six or seven Nancy Drew games, and this is by far one of the best if not the best! I actually jumped and got spooked at a few parts! The thrills are great, and there is a substantial amount of dialogue in this one which I liked as well. There are only a handful of puzzles, but the puzzles they do have make you think. Great game! Would recommend it to anyone!
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11 years ago, WildHog
Critical Bug(s)! Will NOT be able to finish the game!
Game has CRITICAL BUG, DO NOT BUY!!!! Ex: I played the Glockenspiel once. A button appeared & I got in Security room. Then left it. Forgot to put my phone in slot (while in there), so I went back to Glockenspiel, no button was there. So I played the notes again, but no button ever appeared again to get in security room. According to all walkthrus I've read, the button should have stayed there so I could re-enter the security room. This is a MAJOR BUG! I cannot complete the game, & now I am out $20! NOT HAPPY & want a refund or an update to this game within the next month (not a year from now!)
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Even though pretty much all the Nancy Drew games are awesome to me, this one scared the heck out of me! I loved it! Besides Shadow at the Water’s Edge, this one was one of the more scary games ever. Lots of games, interesting folks to talk to, interesting mythology, and more. Personally, the Nancy Drew games have taught me so much more than I expected I would learn. In this one, I’m intrigued by the logic puzzles, and the unexpected twists and turns. WARNING: THE MONSTER WILL SCARE YOU HALF TO DEATH :)
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12 years ago, LMTheVillages
Great game with lots of wonderful puzzles
I had hesitated buying a Nancy Drew game because of the cost but after buying this one I will definitely buy more. Most other mystery and hidden object games take me just hours to complete but this one went on for days of enjoyment. There is just so much more to this game than most others and I would highly recommend it.
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11 years ago, Gideon05
best game on computer
nancy drew was only for pc. sad. WAS is the opperative word in that sentence people!!!! the mystical wizards of HERinteractive decided to give my life a whole new purpose by making these games for mac. AND on the app store!!! now i never have to leave my bed! excited. this may be the crowning moment of my existence. I love nancy, the german folk, the scene, seriously its all great. even the monster rocks my world. CREATORS, YOU ARE MAGICAL!!!11 peace.
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13 years ago, Laff4499
i have not played a lot of nancy drew games- and i am not very good… but this was absolutely fantastic!!! IT IS WELL WORTH THE MONEY!! THERE ARE A LOT OF UNDERGROUND PASSAGEWAYS AND TUNNELS IN THE CASTLE! FUN RIDDLES AND THINGS THAT ARENT IMPOSSIBLE- BUT STILL CHALLENGE YOUR MIND. IF YOU LIKE NANCY DREW THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCARINESS---- not bad at all! a couple pop outs made me jump but the source of the pop out isnt scary!!! it made me laugh soo hard!! and let me tell you- i HATE SCARY STUFF!! but this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Katiewa565
Slow moving
This was a very big let down. I heard this would be a great game, but I found it terrible. The puzzles were much too easy. I constantly felt like I was waiting for something to happen, but it never did. There were very few characters, and no new locations as there are in other Nancy Drew games. I love these games, but this one was terrible. I previously bought Shadow at Water's Edge, and that was great. I have also played other pc games, but this one was awful. I don't reccomend buying this game.
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11 years ago, Azzu115
Really Good
I played this game (i'm currenty playing) and it is AMAZING! I've played two other Nancy Drew games, Shadow at Water's Edge and White Wolf of Icicle Creek, and I'm in love with all of them! This is a must buy and I reccomend getting more Nancy Drew games! They have so much puzzles and suspense in them and some parts make you jump out of your skin!
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12 years ago, Philppos22
Epic game!
This was a great game! It had great characters that fitted right in. It has a spooky side, but it wouldn't be very fun without any scariness and intenseness. The graphics are AMAZING! The puzzles are challenging, It's just a fab game. It was so worth the money. It really works out your brain. The only problem was that part of it was a bit unclear. But, what's life without a challenge?
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11 years ago, Alexandra Lewis
Great game!
I really enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were fun and the graphics were fantastic. However, the storyline is a little too similar to Blackmoor Manor, it's a fun game but I would have liked it even more if it were a bit more original...
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12 years ago, NancyDrewSleuther
Great Game
This game is great! It is tricky but really fun, you get to decode secret messages, solve puzzles, use a security booth, uncover secrets in creepy woods and catacombs, talk to Anja, Karl, Renate, Markus, and Lukas (new characters), explore a castle, a gift shop, play 2 cool board games, read articles and books...... and uncover who's behind the Captive Curse!!!
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11 years ago, Dbrady3
Good Game
I really enojyed this one! The characters were good and funny, storyline was fun, all the puzzles were fun as well. I like the ND games that last me a few days and this was one of them! Get this game :)
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10 years ago, Meekmeek999
Great game
I liked it… very interesting from beginning to end. I’ve always been a ND fan. would definitely recommend to others
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12 years ago, Anleese
it seems impossible to beat, and in my opinion it is. there is NOTHING more to do!!!! i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go in the woods but IT WONT LET ME!!!! i BEG anyone to tell me what i have to do so i can go in the woods!! PLEASE help me!!!! all i want is another place to explore! is that too much to ask? SOMEONE HELP ME, give me a reason to continue playing this game!!!!! help me feel this game wasnt a waste of money!!!
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11 years ago, Under-whelmed
Somewhat difficult, but in a good way
Felt this took a decent amount of time to solve. Lots of interesting characters & enjoyable puzzles to solve.
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11 years ago, Tsukikagerou
You won't be disappointed
Whether you are new to the 'Clue Crew' or a seasoned fan, you will not be disappointed. The story is intersting and compelling. Then you have the fun character to book with their quirky personalities. I thought the story was overall successful. The mini-games and pizzles were not only challenging and compelling; they were entertaining. You will play two boards game that may look complex at first but you will get the hang of them. It was nice to never need a walkthrough to solve a puzzle, every puzzle was completely manageable within an hour or two of though as most. I geniunely screamed or jumped out of my seat at certain points in the game. The game was a good length and all the length doesn't come from the puzzes. In addition to all this, you are going to receieve the great graphics and music any fan would expect. So, if it's such a great game, why not 5 stars? You will run around aimlessly for some of the game. You just will. Whether it's the confusing naviagion or the fact that you are at a loss of what to do next, you will be confused. The characters do come off a little one note at times, but it's not too terribly distracting. And speaking of distracting, I though the storyline with Ned was just that… distracting. I also wish they did more with Grimm stories and the glass book. I don't like wasting my time reading books that lead nowhere. It's a waste of valuable gameplay. And if you are playing junior detective, the checklist becomes useless during the last third. I know I had my complaints, but these are minor annoyances, not major flaws. It's worth the money. It truly is a good, solid game. It wasn't my favorite, but it was for many people. I was not disappointed and I don't think you will be either. NOTE: You can't go out into the woods or talk to shopkeepers. Get over it.
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11 years ago, Capnrandm
Not configured for the iMac
The graphics look lost and pixelated in the middle of the screen, this app isn't designed well to view on the iMac's screen. The difference is all the more striking compared to ND-The Deadly Machine or ND-Tomb of the Lost Queen.
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11 years ago, Melissa Bulmahn
Best Nancy Drew game I've played in 5 years.
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