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User Reviews for NAPA AUTO PARTS

3.5 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Grayboots
Needs a serious overhaul
This app may have been good in its day, but it needs a major update to fix its various bugs and keep its features up-to-date with the competition. Notable bugs include, inability to place an order (always hangs at confirm payment stage), truly sluggish performance, outdated aspect ratio for modern iPhones, requirement to sign in every time the app is launched to view account info etc.. it’s a shame because I expect this app was once rock solid, but it has been left to rot on the vine.
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8 months ago, Anderwombe
App is absolute trash
I don’t write reviews. This app is so bad I am writing one. Anytime the app is “thinking” it blanks to a white screen. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for a full minute. You don’t know what’s happening. It’s laggy for no reason at all, and sometimes the search bar hovers in the middle of the page over your search results. When you fill out a feedback form to report things, it leaves the app stuck on the Napa logo with no back button. There’s no back button at all, so you often have to start all over again just to go back one step. Finally, there’s no “place order” button so once you’ve dodged all those bullets and actually added things to your cart, and manually typed in your address and payment info because they cannot be saved, and they don’t take modern payment methods like PayPal or Apple Pay, you are left stuck. I called customer support and they suggested “deleting the app and ordering off their website” because the app is that terrible. They refused to assist me in placing my order. This app is absolute garbage. You wouldn’t believe a large company like Napa couldn’t afford an app that actually worked on iPhones.
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7 months ago, Wilson Davenport
Just a little outdated
I have used this app for almost 15 minutes and have managed to be overly frustrated with UI elements moving around and the promo at the top of the screen taking extra Time to load, so when I click on the search bar it seems to think I clicked on the promo instead of the search. Or when I click on the search and it get moved I have to start all over again. I know it’s just the app bc the website has great functionality and doesn’t have any issues or bugs as the app does. Only downside is you have to make sure your car shows up when first opened the website witch doesn’t always happen. Overall I recommend using the website, maybe even adding a shortcut to the homepage instead of using there app. I would definitely still recommend Napa just not the app.
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2 years ago, 4955122
Not a good app
I gave the app 2 stars because I like Napa as a company but this app is not good. It is glitchy, it randomly closes, it loses my saved info constantly, and when it actually does work it is incredibly slow. I hope that Napa improves the app soon because I hate some of the other stores but because their site/apps load and work properly I often go to them because this app doesn’t show me what’s in stock. Speaking of “in stock” the app offers options that have been discontinued months or even years ago (according to my local store) so even if I order a part I’m often contacted to pick a different item, always at a higher price, because the option I choose isn’t offered anymore. If the guys at my local store weren’t so nice and helpful in person then I probably would’ve gone to using a different parts store already. Luckily they’re nice and also, my local options are very limited.
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2 years ago, Whitetail93
This is the most broken app I’ve used.
This app is more broken than my 1999 Cherokee I’m trying to fix, but can’t because of this broken app. It’s come full circle. I got the app, because I had hoped it would streamline my purchases. I thought I would be able to stay logged in, save vehicle info, order parts online to pick up in store. So far none of that is possible. It logs me out after every use. The app will not store my vehicle info (I have to put it back in every time), and I’ve never been able to successfully purchase parts to be picked up in store. It runs like an app from 2007, but worse. It’s like they hired some franchisee’s kid to develop it. Even worse, their website isn’t much better. There isn’t a single redeeming quality about this app.
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2 years ago, Spoolin7
Horrible interactivity
Tried searching for front brakes for my vehicle and when trying to filter out just rotors and pads packages and calipers it kept clearing out my selections. Could only search calipers or rotors and pads at a time. Then when you are in either category, if you select a product, there’s no back button to go back to the list. You have to go to the top and click the sub menu and start over again. And it crashed 3 times. Tried watching a video on the adaptive one brake calipers and said to adjust volume and nothing happened. She’s just talking away about the product and I couldn’t hear anything no matter where the volume was set. Then I really count hear anything cause it crashed again and took me to the phone Home Screen.
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7 years ago, Pollock Poll
Back button issues
I love the app. You have to be very exact with your word placement when searching for parts but other then that the app is very easy to use and it saves my vehicle information and nearest store location so I can be part specific and see if that store has the item on hand. The worst downfall on the app is when searching for a part to find out it's not what I need I hit the back button which takes me all the way to the home menu which can be a little frustrating over time. Other then that it's a well organized app.
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4 years ago, Waterpolokid101
Great app for a great store
I’ve been going to NAPA a lot recently and this app has helped me out a lot. I’m able to look up what I need before I go and know if they have it and if it’s the right fit for my vehicle. You can have multiple vehicles to saved to switch between to make it easy to find parts. The rewards program is also very understandable and simple to use. I have yet to have a complaint about this app other than its occasionally a tad slow. Defiantly deserved 5 out of 5 stars.
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5 years ago, GSchultz
Phone number lookup failure
I’ve had a membership with NAPA for years; today for some reason the system could not find my phone number. I generally like their app, and the ability to keep data for my family’s vehicles in it. Nice graphics. Good search lookup. Fast. A little difficult to do after market re-engineering for old cars; like my 1976 MGB V-8. The algorithm for whether or not the part I want is ok. I try to make improvements to mine to keep their safety up-to-date. But some parts just weren’t conceived of when these MGB’s were made.
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5 years ago, Pat219AV
I buy a lot of auto parts.
NAPA, and the NAPA App are different than all other part stores. The employees know cars and trucks. You’d think auto part stores would want their employees to know at least the basics about what they sell, but my experience with shopping at other stores leaves me disappointed 9 times out of 10. Not so at NAPA. The employees know and recommend what part I need and always give me options for quality and price.
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7 months ago, ItsARedBeard
I never rate apps but this is so bad I have to say something. My Phone is a 12 Pro on iOS 17 and this thing is unusable. Search constantly refreshes or ‘submits’ before I’m done typing, pop ups are hard to close, logging in by pasting information (such as from a password manager) kept jumping me to the bottom of the page instead of pasting, there was no way to go back to the previous selection either by swiping back or pressing a button. Deleted the app after 3-5 minutes of attempted use. I’ll just stick to using the browser, which isn’t great either but better than this.
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6 months ago, JL-1940
Unusable Search
iPhone 8 with iOS 16.7. This used to be a great resource for NAPA products;however, now .... Touching the search bar for paste or data entry results in a script that pushes approx 10 screens worth of advertisement " features" from Napa. The search bar is gone. So you scroll all the way back up to the top again and there it is. Sometimes you might be able to bring up the keyboard for entry, other times the same process will repeat. The bottom line is you're losing business. Who can be bothered with this nonsense? ot's pretty obvious you need to get rid of this obnoxious chain gang of advertisements.
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3 years ago, Tim in Tx
App is trash.
To search you have to hit the search bar three times. First time does nothing second name brings up the keyboard but then it goes away instantly and the third time finally brings a keyboard up where you can type in your search information. I have a stored vehicle. It keeps telling me to complete my vehicle set up. I’ve done it about seven times today. I’ve logged out log back in it still can’t remember it. Remembers most of the information just not the model. So it won’t tell me if parts are compatible or not. The app also has no app icon. Other than the generic white box with kind of a grid pattern on it that Apple uses.
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6 months ago, It now has trackers
Lacking any detail in parts description, and poorly designed app. I think their web site is marginally better, but only slightly. Ex: you are looking for a particular size of exhaust pipe part. Search will return parts that you assume are that size. No way to know based on the lack of description. And, because they suggest similar parts in the search results, you have no idea what you’re looking at. The store even had to look it up in their hard copy catalog to know for sure. That’s a ridiculously poor system.
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10 months ago, ChubbyVeteran
NAPA parts are fantastic but this app is a nightmare.
Buttons are constantly invisible until you turn your phone sideways then vertical again. If you try to sign in at the end of your transaction as it suggests, it clears your ENTIRE cart and you have to start completely over. It’s 2023, there’s no reason for this 2008-level app to still be a thing. Please upgrade the app. I love NAPA but this app is 10 years behind its competitors.
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2 months ago, Kasenisspacin'
Don’t bother.
This app is more frustrating to use than it is to call in when your parts inevitably don’t show up. You can’t select things. It doesn’t stay logged in. It takes 20 seconds per animation to load. I cannot believe a chain business has an app this bad in 2024. Half the time the buttons your supposed to select to order something or boxes to input your information aren’t even there. I have 5g. I have all the updates on my phone. It is not my service that’s causing these issues. It’s a terribly built and managed approach to online shopping.
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4 years ago, atleder1
Horribly inconsistent
Legitimately a copy-paste of their mobile website, which you’ll know is garbage if you’ve ever used it. Hardly loads half the time, both the app and the website. Sometimes it works, but even then it’s really slow and full of bugs. Seriously, I could probably drive to their nearest location before the pages load sometimes. Sometimes it just flat out doesn’t work. Horribly planned and executed. Sloppy and boring. Horrible user experience. Great store and parts, but they gotta put more effort into their mobile solutions.
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6 months ago, m.deano
Lack of attention to app
Napa clearly doesn’t care about their customer base. Last update to this app was 5 years ago. That means this app hasn’t been updated since iPhone 8 and it shows. There isn’t anymore that needs to be said because it’s a totally frustrating experience and just simply looks horrible. Apple was supposed to remove apps like this. Either Apple needs to do what they promised or Napa being such a big name needs to hire an app developer and get with the times and update this poorly running app to run with the new operating systems and phones.
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7 months ago, JC0675
Cart Loaded….Now What
I added $200+ of parts to the cart and there is no way to checkout. I tried removing all but two items, about $30 still no way to checkout. No error message or message telling me what the problem is or how to proceed. Went through all the menu options nothing there. Only thing at the bottom of the cart page is a Feedback button, so I left Feedback. Yes, I am logged in, it shows my account info and my vehicle. Can’t use the app to make a purchase.
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3 years ago, Muthom
Back button useless
The back button if you ever notice it is in the upper left-hand corner next to the logo which sends you to the homepage. I have a fairly large screen on an iPhone 11 and it is almost impossible to hit the back button and not the logo. Also the feature that is missing in the app and on the website is a sort my price. I don’t know of any retail store that doesn’t like you sort by price! I really don’t care about searching by product line prefix
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2 months ago, MangyChalice62
The worst auto parts app
If you want to be more frustrated than a stripped bolt. Use the Napa app. The user interface is some of the worse I have ever seen in 2024 for a major company. Everything is clunky and takes way too long to load. Oh and don’t double click out it’s going to take you places you don’t want to go. Oh and it has jumped my location multiple times after logging me out every time I open the app to a store in KS. I love Napa and their services don’t get me wrong, I use them very frequently but this app is terrible.
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6 months ago, Take my thoughts
Needs improvement
App has a lot of bugs. When looking for tools or items that are not car parts the search engine cannot distinguish those apart and leads to nothing found. Sometimes when you click on an item the page shows an error but you cant swipe to go back, like on most iphone apps, so you have to close and reopen the app; the app doesn’t load properly where the top bar floats down when its not supposed to
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1 year ago, Stash@17-
Needs some work
I like the app for the most part, and the discounts you can get. My two main complaints about it is when you try to add your card information it will always tell you your cards exportation date is wrong, no matter the way you add it or which card you use. Second, a back button would be nice to have in the app.
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6 years ago, NJKlinkhammer
Crap app
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. I’m not sure if this is possible, but it doesn’t seem to respond to taps like most apps....I have had to tap multiple times to proceed (specifically when trying to close out of viewing enlarged parts images)...or this could just be how slow the response is to the initial tap. Similar issues to other users where the back function isn’t working. Not sure if anyone at the company reads these reviews because many of them are years old and the same problems still seem to exist.
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2 years ago, rsg123
Stock indicator is misleading
Many items show as “ready for pickup tomorrow” which is false. I traveled to my nearest Napa location for a part I needed urgently because it showed that it was ready for pickup. I was then told the part was not in stock and the nearest store that had it in stock was in Maine (I am in California). They didn’t have any equivalent parts either. Obviously some sort of bait and switch. I am never using Napa Auto Parts again. Also an employee was speaking very rudely to a supplier on the phone, in earshot of the entire store. Lincoln, CA Napa Auto Parts.
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10 months ago, CamoPrincess6684
Oy vey
Besides not being able to stay logged in the absolute worst app to pay for the items that you would like to get shipped to you or ship to the store. The credit card option never works. The PayPal option never works and if you get out of the app then you've got to sign right back in thank goodness my local store has all of my information and my AAA discount in there as well as my credit card info, so I just call them to order. This app is worthless as far as I'm concerned.
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6 years ago, Theblackdahlia8
I like the app but slow and clunky.
I like this app when it’s working and I put up with it to buy high quality NAPA parts with a discount but this app needs some serious improvement. It’s is slow, clunky, and sometime down right unusable and non responsive. I keep hoping NAPA will fix this app so they can deliver the complete auto parts buying experience. NAPA already has great parts and customer care with knowledgeable employees but the seriously lack a good app and website experience. Please fix!! - Lee M.
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1 month ago, Datazndood
Horrific App Usability
This is the one you take a moment out of the day to write about. Can’t even see a complete purchase at the checkout on iPhone app. The top menu keeps scrolling with you as you try to input information and blocks directly middle of the screen. Napa is probably losing millions a year because customers just say screw it and go to AZ or AAP. The only reason I have to is because it’s the only game in town. AZ and AAP is a decade behind Napa and offer one day free shipping. Step it up Napa, you guys are being lapped.
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6 years ago, Mechanic X
Vehicle selection
App is great but does need an update. If you have more than one vehicle and switch between vehicles it will show that it’s switched but when you search it will default to the last vehicle selected. It is frustrating because I use this app everyday since we buy 80% of our parts for our business. Once fixed I will give it 5 stars
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2 years ago, HokieMochi
Loyal Customer
This app is sooo buggy. The new afterpay add banner across the top messes with button pressing and pops up on every screen. iOS doesn’t have a back button, doesn’t save login, i just gave up and went back to the web browser. How can such a big company that sells something have an app that barely competes with the local utility company’s app. Simply the most useless thing on my phone. As a customer, please fix this. I’m young, you need a decent app to be relevant with your future customer base.
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2 years ago, CarlSaiyed
An exercise in how not to app
The bad: Constant refreshing and scrolls to the top, breaking your workflow Search is horrible - don’t even bother searching universal like ‘hose plug’ or ‘coolant’ with a vehicle selected. No results. Paste is very finicky and it done wrong, will scroll back to to the top Constantly closing keyboard Crashes a lot Overlay with ‘deals’ doesn’t go away when tapping the X Very slow Constant sign outs Clearly not actually used by the people that design it to shop for multiple parts The good Cart is saved after sign out and reconciles with unauthenticated cart Napa parts Overall, a supremely disappointing and frustrating app. On more than own occasion, I have abandoned a cart and shopped elsewhere (like rock auto) just out of sheer frustration.
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8 months ago, 247mnts
I by my parts elsewhere because of this app
I own my own business and have 5 vehicles to service. I have a Napa right up the road from me but, i choose to buy my parts elsewhere when ordering because of this app. Keeps kicking you off when you try and look something up. Very glitchy and to frustrating and a waste of time. If they fixed it i’d use it but its been this way for years so i don’t think they care or have any intention of fixing it.
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6 years ago, sisterkisser
Vehicle specific shopping only.
Allows you to search for parts for a specific vehicle only, and there are times it’s wrong there. Why offer options for transfer case kits when it’s a fwd car? And you cannot just open the app and search without a vehicle for items such as “oil change stickers” or other universal items.
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3 years ago, Marcus Butzin
The App works great!
The app loads quick and responds quickly, I have my car saved in the area asking for Year, Make and model it lines me up with direct fit parts that is specifically for my vehicle and not “universal call the store for more details” option.
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2 years ago, D3raz
Trash App, just use your web browser.
App is complete garbage. It’s buggy, non responsive. The user interface is a joke, It’s literally easier to just use your web browser and look stuff up. It’s literally just a short cut to the web page it’s not even really an app. Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts have way better apps that are 1000% easier to use and navigate. I’m just going to go ahead and uninstall it after I post this.
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3 years ago, Oh war
It’s just the website, clunky, constant reloads
You may as well just open the browser and use that because this app isn’t really an app at all. It’s simply an icon that opens its own browser of sorts and takes you to the mobile site. Clunky interface, sometimes dumps your login data in the middle of shopping, overall poor execution. I’d expect a lot better considering the competition has it pretty well figured out.
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5 years ago, Anonymous Nischal
Small bugs
Product image doesn’t load and if you click it, you can go back. Also when u go back from product to search results, it refreshes so you have to start over and type again
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2 months ago, JPKansas
NAPA is great, App not so much
I like and prefer shopping NAPA and the website works pretty well. The App is horrible... which is OK actually because I then get to call the very helpful counter folks and get the answers I need. I live in a rural area and it is nice to be able to order what I need and have it waiting, 1 hr round trip to nearest store. I recently spent that amount tryng to navigate the app and set cookie preferences (a third party fiasco).
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7 months ago, こーなーみーりー
Truly Terrible
This app freezes within seconds of opening. The check out button disappears from the page. The adds freeze onto the screen like a windows 98 error. For a company that made 400+ million dollars last year you’d think they could designate some funds to build something a little more user friendly. You would have better luck just using a computer.
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2 years ago, aven134
I am not quite sure how they've done it, but the webview they've decided to implement is incredibly difficult to interact with. It is slow to respond, and it is not optimized for mobile - taps are inaccurate and most of the time you have to click elements more than once before they respond. Occasionally, you just get a white screen for 10 seconds or more before the page renders. Unacceptable.
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9 months ago, Hillerås
Absolutely horrible
This is the glitch apps of glitch apps nothing works correctly search part can not even find the simplest things and there is so much heavy adds that takes for ever to load so when you are trying to do anything it jumps so you have to start all over and when you finally find your stuff the cart can’t load your credit cards info. HORRIBLE
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10 months ago, JusCuzz26
Outdated and Checkout button doesn’t exist
I can browse the products. But, why even bother allowing customers to add items to their cart and input payment info if you cannot even checkout? Also the app doesn’t keep you signed in - no Face ID - and you cannot use Apple Pay. A company as large as NAPA should get with the times. It’s 2023 not 2003.
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9 months ago, Doody26
It will take you less time to travel to the store
This app is so hard to use, and filled with glitches that it is faster for me to travel the 4 miles to the store, gather everything I need, and drive back than it takes to order the parts and pay for them; not including the wait for delivery. This app is awful - don't waste your phone memory on this app
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6 months ago,
Nearly useless.
This is probably the worst app I’ve downloaded in terms of glitches. Every time you try to do a search or change your search inquiry it glitches and won’t let you type. Have to close and open the app multiple times. Fix this please!
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2 years ago, hd3631
All around annoying to use…
It’s so annoying to use… the ad that pops up at the top has to be Xed out every time you change the page. You have to log in every time you open the ap to check on your order…if you want to make an app for your industry, you would assume you would want to be the best… open up advance auto parts app and compare the two.
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8 months ago, Spartan1233
Button issues - Feels like 2011 IPhone App
I have been struggling to place an order on this app for over an hour. This app feels like an early iPhone app. It crashes, many buttons don’t work or don’t appear on the screen when they should. I’ve entered all of my order and payment information, but the “Place Order” button won’t appear on the screen.
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1 year ago, bob.os
Worthless. Use the web site.
This app should be removed due to lack of modern device and feature support. Try being stuck somewhere and ordering a part. App can’t use modern iOS features to auto fill your address or credit card and god forbid NAPA remember these things. Even putting the logo on a browser would be an improvement.
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8 months ago, Honeybadgerxj76
Works well enough to place an order, but it’s a pain in the neck. It’s buggy. The search bar floats around the screen and when checking out, the “check out” and “complete order” buttons randomly disappear. Better off using the website.
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2 years ago, samir0912
App isn’t up to date
The app is pretty slow and doesn’t respond as you go back and forth. I’am unable to checkout from the app. Also when I scroll down to see something or subtotal, the screen of that page jumps back to all the way up in a mili seconds. I gave up on this app.
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5 months ago, Tony in Maine NY
Apple password support
Your app is not compatible with Apple password For example, I had to change my password end up on the web browser not the app to do that then, when trying to log back into the app because I used Apple strong password, it would not import into the app so that I could login I’m not jumping through a bunch of hoops to use an app!!!
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