NASA Federal Credit Union

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NASA Federal Credit Union
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NASA Federal Credit Union

1.48 out of 5
128 Ratings
1 year ago, D Holland
The good thing is there’s room for improvement!
Edit: Why does nasa charge foreign transaction fees if I can’t even login to my account when out of the country. I understand the two don’t necessarily correlate but this should be fixed. It’s a safety issue banking with you all at this point. Original: The implementation of the app features aren’t bad, but it gets a one star for lack of features. You guys are always late to the game with providing functionality. Finally, you can manage your cards but ever other financial institution has had that. You can’t login with Face ID. You still have to call to verify Apple Pay. They don’t support apps like acorns. Aesthetically, the app is lacking. I hope this app isn’t a reflection of the actual business, information security, etc... After reading other reviews I see you support Face ID, but I had to read other reviews. It’s not intuitive that you support it. Also the performance is terrible. I could drive to the bank and back and before some of the screens load. Error messages aren’t helpful, please keep me from calling.
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6 months ago, DieAnywhereElse
Literally unusable
While I appreciate the new layout aesthetically, and its a big upgrade from the previous layout, the app is literally impossible to login to. I’ve checked and double checked my login information, which works on desktop, but trying to login results with ‘invalid credentials’. Ironically, the only way I can use the app is to open up the webpage for the desktop site within the app and login that way, which has none of the benefits of the app to begin with, which would be features like scanning and processing a check through your phone. I’ve used this app for years and have had to get over many bugs, but this is the first where I genuinely been unable to use the app. Until it’s fixed, don’t bother downloading.
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2 years ago, remembers used nicknames
Throw it out and start over
A agree with previous poster, every update it logs me out and asks for password, I do t remember password since I use facial recognition! Each time I have to play the forgot password game, and of course it’s when I really need access in a hurry! Now I guess another update came in and it WON’T even sane my password now. And my fees are paying this developer??? 6 months later..... Still crap. They must have some high school kid developing this app. Seems every week a new update and re-enter all my profile info once again. Rather just use a browser. Tried to give it 0 stars but it won’t let me, wish I could give - Gave it a half star 4 years ago, when do you cut your losses and dump the developer!
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2 years ago, Eliaye
Works sometimes
For the most part I don’t tend to have an issue. I’m usually able to do all my banking from the app. For whatever reason the app stoped working for me. I can log in but the features don’t load and none of the buttons, including log out, can be pressed. I’ve deleted the app but in the App Store it still shows that it’s downloaded onto my phone so I only get the option “open” the app instead of download from the cloud. I’ve turned my phone off several times and the same things are still happening. As of right now, the app is useless to me as it only allows me to log in and nothing more.
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2 years ago, LofiBytes
This app continues to be rubbish. Every couple of weeks it loses its memory and I have to set everything back up from scratch. I think it correlates to whenever they push an update. It’s so irritating and this has been an ongoing issue for at least a year. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling thinking maybe the problem was with my device. Nope 👎🏻 AND Plaid cannot connect to NASA FCU’s servers so my financial planning app can’t pull my info from NASA FCU, and other banks can’t bank-bank transfer to my NASA FCU account. It’s super irritating. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with Plaid, it seems to be a problem with NASA FCU not maintaining their server’s API. I give NASA FCU ZERO stars if I could. Another problem I have with them is they aren’t a very inclusive institution and don’t have inclusive practices unlike other institutions that I bank with. That, along with seriously declining quality of service/support over the last several years, has been the nail in the coffin for me. I’ve been slowly moving all of my finances away from NASA FCU and won’t be doing any business with them anymore.
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2 years ago, Ian here
App isn’t working on iPhone with facial Recognition
Somehow this app stopped working on iPhone. I have used two different iPhones, with the latest iOS and using the NASA FCU app, putting in my credentials, and then it hangs on the facial recognition enable or cancel. Neither one gets me on. I did get pass twice when a friend tried with his credentials, but all of the information had blank boxes. Power cycling iPhones, deleting and reinstalling the app, none of these are working. This means I must use a browser which works fine.
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2 years ago, gandalf7531
Since I downloaded the ios15 version I’ve had problems. I ended up deleting it from my phone just now, then doing a fresh download from the apple app store and it’s now working fine. This took less than a minute and went pretty smoothly. The face recognition is working and it’s no longer freezing upon launch. I suggest trying this if folks are having problems recently. I’m technically illiterate and EVEN I could do this, so give it a go.
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2 years ago, TakeAHike99
Very Buggy
This app has some major issues and causes its user to spend way too much time trying to get around its problems. The email section of the app works poorly. Although it allows you to reply, you can not because the system keeps stating there are invalid characters in the subject. Keep in mind that this is a reply and they entered the subject. Further, it does not allow you to edit the subject line. If your message goes below the keyboard it does not allow you to see what is being typed. There is a section for “sent” emails. However the sent emails do not show up. And as crazy as this is going to sound, sometimes the app disappears and you have to go to the App Store to open it. There are many other financial institutions that have working apps that do not waste your time or get you frustrated.
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2 years ago, Epcott
Only Average
Pros- Snappy and intuitive design. Lets you see your balance without logging in. Face recognition to login. Access to bill pay and set payment dates. Cons- Every time the app updates it forgets your password and face recognition, which is seriously inconvenient if you’ve lost your sign in credentials or misplaced them. In fact it resets nearly everything each update. The app doesn’t allow transfer if funds to outside bank institutions. The pros would be pretty great if the cons weren’t so annoying.
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1 year ago, lfivm
Very Out dated, needs update with features
This app is good, useful, but very limited compared to others. Need features like being able to see your account numbers in the app, and able to do balance transfers in the app as well. Ability to shuffle your accounts, checking first or savings. Ability to see your accounts as soon as you login, not have yo click on account box, have a menu on the left side for that. A chat button in the app as well.
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4 months ago, Car Loan Payer
Cannot log in ever
Each time I use the app it has “lost” my credentials so I have to go through the whole “re-set password” process. I receive an email with the new temporary password and it never works. If I copy and paste the password, it says “invalid credentials”. If I type the password myself, it says “invalid credentials”. I gave just tried 4 times in a row and each time “invalid credentials”. I just want to make my car payment! Do they not want my money? I would give zero stars if I could.
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2 years ago, LP Fannnn!
Need to fix app
When I started using this app I thought it looked dated but it was still serviceable since I only have one account here. Now when I login all the tiles on the home page are white out and the app becomes non responsive, sometimes the tiles pictures will load but I still can’t press anything and interact with my account. The website isn’t working much better either right now
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2 years ago, hunajakdbjwox
App keeps closing
I’ve been having problems for a week now logging in. I thought it was my phone needing an update or the app needing to updated but I’ve tried both and still no success. As soon as I get to the part where it ask if I want to enable face recognition and gives the options to cancel or enable, the screen will freeze then close the app completely. Please fix this issue
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1 year ago, Donatello.J
I’ve seen widgets with more functionality
This app is depressing. They should not even make an app available if this is all the effort that they’re going to put into it. It would be nice to be able to do things as simple as see when a bill is due or make a payment using the app, but it seems that anything more advanced than checking your balance is an afterthought with this app.
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2 years ago, xx?!?xx
Delete the app and Re-Download
Let’s list the “features” of this app most likely caused by tech debt and neglect to invest in a modern app - Releasing non-backward compatible versions causing the need to delete and redownload the app to login - a login mechanism that makes it impossible to not be logged out every time a version update is released - app settings like Face ID and express view are stored locally and need to be reset every time a new version is released.
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2 years ago, Aspencito
Would be great if it didn’t freeze up. Have iPhone 11 and the latest version of the app - I can make it through the log-in screen but no further. I can’t believe I’m considering scrapping a whole bank account just because I can’t access my account info due to a poorly managed app. but it’s 2021 and nobody is out here trying to keep a paper check ledger anymore.
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I thought it was so cool that NASA had a credit union and was ecstatic to download the app and get my info in and set up my payments but why when I open the app it looks like something straight from a leapfrog 😭 I was hoping to see some cutting edge graphics and a fairly awe inspiring software coming from them in so heartbroken 💔
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7 months ago, tessandamigo
Next to Useless
The camera for remote deposit is absolute garbage, it glitches and doesn’t work and makes me delete and redownload the app each time I want to THINK I have a chance of the deposit being completed. There are many features you can’t access at all without a computer. Fix it or get rid of it. I’m sick of it taking up space and time.
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5 months ago, Zak4747
How is it still this bad?
Mobile deposit doesn't work. Messages don't work because when you try to reply to customer service the auto filled reply subject line has "an invalid character" I mean come on guys... Best part is they manage to disappoint even more over the phone. Truly the worst customer service I've ever received outside of power company/Verizon.
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1 year ago, Ndjdjidhgg
The app barely works
The app has been giving me issues with not logging me in and saying I have an invalid password even though I changed it to a new one. The time between spending your money and seeing the charges on your account can take days which I find ridiculous. Genuinely makes me not want to stay with this credit union anymore.
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2 years ago, shleylyn
Doesn’t work.
Nothing like having your banks app stop working because they didn’t update it to work with new OS requirements after an update. Even better when it’s going on a week and they still haven’t done anything. This app freezes and doesn’t allow you to press any buttons or links- you just see a blank log-in page.
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8 months ago, rare otto
Update App for better banking
I think we need a better banking app to 100% enjoy this bank and it’s amazing perks fully. This is a really good bank and good perks but it lacks a decent app appearance and navigation. Please update the banking app so that it’s more appealing and user friendly. That’s what a lot of people look forwards to when it comes to banking and choosing a primary bank.
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1 year ago, Bloogybloogy
This app is mostly useless
NASA seems to be having a lot of technical issues, making it impossible to deposit a check into my account. I have had an account with NASA FCU for 40 years and the quality of service (in-person and technical) has declined tremendously over the past few years.
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2 years ago, KnightRyder42
I really value the access to my bank on the go. Unfortunately it seems that each new release is bringing more bugs than features. Please work on stability before pushing new versions that break previous functionality.
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2 years ago, LLLSCI
Problems logging in
I am unable to log in my account due to bug issues.
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2 years ago, Frankie Bernardo
Always something
Now bill pay doesn’t work. Account doesn’t show up to select. Cmon guys. Way too many banking apps for this one to be so bad. Never runs smooth. Always something. Log out, doesn’t recognize account number. Way too difficult. Update: help chat doesn’t even work. Good grief.
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2 years ago, Ludwing1992
The simple Things
Cannot log in. Keeps freezing at Face ID enabling disabling option . Why does it have to be this Difficult. Big banks don't have these issues. I can't even access my own money and that's a problem. When should we expect an update?
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2 years ago, C. Hill Chic
App stopped working
This app was fine, but suddenly stopped working. All of the tile boxes are blank and white when you open the app so you don’t have access to anything. What a shame, because it was working good before.
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2 years ago, Charles Cranston
Could not remote deposit a check
Tried very hard to deposit a check with the general app on my iPhone, but continually got server errors. Finally was able to deposit it with the specialized check deposit app on my iPad.
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1 year ago, Americas largest tech city
Works better now.
Nanny grams are way behind balances perhaps by 24 hours, but fees are instantaneous! I keep comparing NFCU to Ally, but overall for having staff and buildings; not that bad. Better than Redstone Federal Credit Union!
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2 years ago, D. Derr
Facial Recognition No Longer Working
After updating to the latest iOS version, the app no longer allows you move on past the request for Face ID. The “Enable” that appears in the right bottom corner does not register when selecting. Please investigate.
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5 months ago, 328659
Useless, time-wasting, cretinous app
I won’t live long enough to describe all the irrational and frustrating things this app does. Crazy. These very low ratings are correct except they are too high. Even the review nickname function can’t be correct.
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2 years ago, The Whiskey Kittens
Completely freezes after logging in
Wish I could downgrade to a previous version. After logging in, the app just totally freezes. Can’t do anything but force quit and use Safari.
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2 years ago, tmorgan565
App Needs to be Fixed Basically Inaccessible
All tiles are white and cannot access any pages through the app. Don’t even know if my auto payment is set up and going to take out when payment due.
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2 months ago, jhash123
Do not make mistake of banking with NASA
NASA FCU is easily the worst bank I’ve ever worked with and I highly caution anyone against doing business with them. Their app is garbage but it’s not as bad as their customer service in branch, online, or over phone. They are bad bad bad.
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4 months ago, Biggdada54
This app is the worst ever you can’t access your account with it if it’s the weekend you might as well wait until Monday morning and try and talk to someone live…they need to fix this crap 😡
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1 year ago, Mishuzluvmi
The Worst
Error codes when launching app every other day. Deleting the app and re adding makes it work but has the time. Banking apps should make life easier not complicated. Moving on to another.
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9 months ago, kjdeeeeeee
Check Deposit
I always get the error message whenever I deposit a check on the app. It is very frustrating because no one is fixing it.
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2 years ago, Pistolpete8606
Doesn’t work at all
Used to work pretty well, but a little quirky. Now doesn’t work at all. Will load with blank buttons on the screen and totally frozen or get stuck on Face Enable. They need to fix this bad.
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2 years ago, mad@🍎
I updated to iOS 15 and I couldn’t get the app to work but as soon as I enabled location services it worked 😡
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2 years ago, DMABD95
Can’t do anything on App
Just made an account & I can’t log in because the Face ID options don’t work. Can’t even see my account info because it won’t register Face ID & I can’t turn off Face ID settings for the app
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2 years ago, MagnoliaAngel
What happened?
It has stopped working a couple of days ago. After logging in the icons are blank and the screen will not navigate anywhere.
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2 years ago, Angler female
Just stopped working
It just stopped working on the iPhone, no idea why. I have the latest update and everything else is working great, as usual. I tried rebooting but it didn’t help.
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2 years ago, letsgotomars89052
Freezes and Shuts Down
Cannot even log in to the app anymore. Whatever change you made last week broke the app.
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2 years ago, IM ivv VM vcarj'jmjmjqeej
Stopped working
This app has always had its problems. But lately it stopped working all together, this is really a pain. Easy banking, with an app is a big draw these days…
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2 years ago, Mike sal239
App hangs
Not sure what happened. The app now hangs after I log in. It takes me to a “would you like to enable quick view” I can’t hit cancel or enable. It hangs then closes.
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2 years ago, UGoddess99
Not working on iPhones
iPhones have recently been updated and the app is crashing
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11 months ago, iphone x update needed
This app has been outdated for quite some months. I can’t log in to my account. Can the developer work on fixing this issue asap?!!
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12 months ago, Oneletter1#
The app is useless. If your password doesn’t work, there’s no recourse to recover it. They say they’ll email you a temporary password, but it doesn’t work. Just tells you it’s invalid.
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2 years ago, RahDC202
All week I haven’t been able to login the app. It gets to the enable/cancel page and then crashes. This is the only institution I’m affiliated with, that this happens.
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