NASA Federal Credit Union

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NASA Federal Credit Union
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NASA Federal Credit Union

1.48 out of 5
128 Ratings
2 months ago, Yooo_Fel
The best bank ever
Best customer service very friendly They assist with all your need they work with you & if your new to nasa federal credit union I recommend it for you & your family & love one . So please stop by at your nearest nasa federal credit union & check em out They break down step by step on there banking work wish you the best Psa I love the new nasa federal credit union card 👌🏽☺️
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4 months ago, Zak4747
Crashes during remote deposit
Arguably the only function for a banks mobile app these days is remote deposit yet the updated look of the whole app has made that very unstable. You can't just click deposit because it won't let you choose an account(ie checking savings...). You have to go to the balances page and select the account and then hit deposit. Finally after you figure that out it will crash EVERY TIME you take a photo and you get to start over! It took me 20 minutes to get a check to scan correctly. This used to work. This whole app gets updated every couple years and it's always buggier than before. I wonder if they ever fixed the messaging error. In their last incredible update they accidentally made it so on the mobile app you couldn't sent a message with a ":" character in it. Basically you could never reply because the system adds a "re:" to your message title. FANTASTIC IN BRANCH CUSTOMER SERVICE HOWEVER YOU GUYS ARE SO BEHIND THE TIMES ONLINE AND OVER THE PHONE. No call back function on your service calls means I'm sitting there listing to bach for 3 hours trying to deal with the headache of thousands being transferred from my account after a data breach. I'm leaving NASA for NAVY and I'll never look back. Fix it or don't you lost a 15+ year customer.
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3 months ago, Really it is only me
Complete Trash
This “new” app is trash and constantly bugging. Less than 2 months after it launches and my bank account was hacked and I had to be issued completely new member number and accounts. Then setting up the app/website again has been a complete pita. Finally got access to my accounts again (4 days later!) and now I can’t keep the app from crashing to deposit checks! It’s the first of the month! Every time I try to “accept” the long legalese, whether clicking accept or d cline, whether I try checking or savings, the app immediately crashes! I read several other reviews to find a common issue is mobile deposit. FIX IT! None of your solutions for swiping right will solve this problem if I can’t get past the “accept” screen for legalese! Don’t hire the lowest bid.
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6 months ago, jbang555
Issues with new platform
I have issues with the new platform. The snapshot page used to have 3 accounts visible, our joint account, my individual account and my wife’s individual account. Now my wife’s account has disappeared and instead my sons accounts are visible. This should have been a seamless change but it hasn’t been and I’m not sure I have the same level of confidence in banking at this credit union!
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5 months ago, lunzen
Excellent credit union
I moved over to this credit union after being with a national bank for 25 years. This place has excellent customer service and has always helped anytime I’ve needed it. The recent updates to their mobile app - man they really knocked itnout of the park!
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5 months ago, YUNG28
The app has definitely improved. Features that most other banks and credit unions have had for years this app now finally includes like linking external accounts and updating eAlerts. Certain actions are still very slow and buggy and the app unexpectedly closed three times since the update. This all may be fixed in future updates. UPDATE THE APP MORE CONSISTENTLY! More than once every 2 years.
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5 months ago, goplayinthedirt
A lot to get used to
I was surprised when the app updated. It is really different and not as user friendly as before. I’d like to see a more condensed view of my accounts. I also don’t like all the white. It’s white on white and makes my eyes cross when looking at my accounts. I prefer the way the app was, but I also believe change is necessary to keep our brains sharp. If I could change one thing, it would be to add color to the background.
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5 months ago, P.Diddy$
Houston, we have a problem.
New version of app released in November 2023 has a limit of 13 accounts that can be viewed & managed. I have 15 accounts, most of which are CDs, with staggered maturity dates. This is just one of a few examples of the shortcomings of the updated app. With the previous app I was able to do everything I needed to. Now I need to access my account from a web browser for tasks that were previously accomplished with the app. If this is a sign of things to come I’ll be moving my CDs to another bank as they mature.
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5 months ago, AmelFanGirl
Hate this new update!
This new update forces me to bank the way the credit union wants me to and not how I want to do it. I don’t like having all accounts under 1 login. I don’t like not being able to group the various accounts together so I know which checking & savings combos have what at a glance. I don’t like having to login to see the last few transactions, unlike the old snapshot. It’s a whole mess. Too much happening on one screen and it’s honestly so bad I may find another credit union to bank with MY way.
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5 months ago, SilverFox_52
Customer Service
NASAFCU has great customer service on the phone and in person. They go beyond the normal customer service and even assisted me on my phone with my NASA account since I was technically challenged. I highly recommend them for new customers for loans too (personal and auto loans).
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5 months ago, garzione
Great employees
I have never once called and not get the help I need. I am an old timer who has a hard time understanding how to navigate their systems. Their employees are kind and always very helpful. They also are never in a hurry and very patient with me.
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5 months ago, ITrustNoOne
new update needs work asap
The new update completely removes any linked bank accounts you may have had connected through them and won’t allow me to set it back up through the quick setup process. i now have to wait three days for two random transactions to occur in my bank account so i can confirm it. i have a bill due in two days that will now bounce because i was not warned that they would be disconnecting all linked accounts.
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5 months ago, AutomaticCandy
New app is great!
I didn't use the old app but just downloaded this new one. I’m very impressed. It’s well set up and easy to use! I usually prefer websites for banking but NASA’s app is a big improvement over the website :) Well done!!
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5 months ago, #GJVYCU27
What a mess! Showing me my sisters account and she can see mine. We are not joint owners or beneficiaries. Worked for them in 1976, Mr Bell would roll over if he could see what a mess. Very hard to read when you have sub accounts
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6 months ago, LongTimeAcctHolder
Not diggin the new NASA app
They warned it was coming, but it still was a shock. All white background is too jarring, can’t sort accounts in custom order, seems like they didn’t have the best testers or didn’t use a focus group cause it’s bad!
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5 months ago, NvTSac
Definitely check this out and update if you haven’t!
Great design, easy to use and has new features. Definitely update you won’t regret it!
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4 weeks ago, Aderhold01
The app is fast and private
The new app allows me to review and make transfers very quickly. Even when I am waiting in line at Costco or any other wait.
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5 months ago, DABYGoodman
Been w NASA Over 45 Years
They have been very supportive throughout my years.. I have set up trust funds my 40 year old niece (be careful with that though, the rules changed on me.)
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2 months ago, dougc106
App that works full screen on IPAD.
I am an IPAD user, windows and IPhone user. I would like to use your online app in the full screen mode on my IPAD. Is this already available on your sit or is an app required to use full screen on IPAD?
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5 months ago, Jimboh2os
Great Tool and Great Developer Responsiveness
Developers gave a workarounds to switch to landscape on ipad. Developers explained a way I can export transactions but the Spending/Analysis functionality is so good I really don’t need to export to Money.
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3 days ago, PPP#1
I have been with NASA Federal Credit Union for over 30 years and I absolutely love it! They have supplied all my bankings needs with professional kindness.
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5 months ago, Charles Cranston
The old interface was much more useful
The old interface was much more usable , especially on smaller screens. The iPhone app needs to be rewritten to be able to share the iPad screen with another app. This is so useless I just use the web interface, which does share the screen. This update, both on web interface and app, is a giant botch.
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2 weeks ago, $pacegal
multiple credit cards tracking ability
with the new platform, it seems the ability to filter charges and track them under each credit card has been removed. please bring that feature or ability back or if it is possible, it’s not intuitive and would appreciate instructions on how to do this.
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2 months ago, Allegra Panera
Great upgrades!
I’m a marcom pro with app dev as part of my skill set. The improvements made to this app are great, the mobile UX & UI facilitate an easy end-user experience.
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5 months ago, Chylindo
The new app update is horrible
The new app update is horrible. I can’t do a mobile check deposit. The app keeps crashing. Super frustrating. Also with the new update my account was linked to other family members account without my permission!
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6 months ago, Expenox
Ever since the new update, it’s been great.
The new update has brought the app to a very good place and it’s very good to use now! Good job and thank you!
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5 days ago, Service rendered
Excellent Job
Thank you for being you no virtual assistant in person pick up quick response love love it
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3 months ago, Fatima Barrie
LoyalCustom 🤍
Nasa is a awesome bank they are very good at keeping custom privacy , and they are also good at helping custom at all time. They are respectful peaceful amazing wonderful awesome and 💯 professional amateur .
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2 weeks ago, D. Maggie
Protects my money and credit!
NASA FCU not only gives excellent rates and service they go the extra mile to protect my money and financial reputation. I go to NASA FCU first for loans, savings and financial assistance
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3 months ago, hamid aziz
A Great and the best credit union.
Thank you so much to resolve my account problem. I am so happy to have a checking and saving account at NASA CREDIT UNION.
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5 months ago, JT92102
Not loving the new website
I can’t access my credit card account since the website conversion., it is impossible to make a payment on my card… grrrr
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4 months ago, Rell butler
Great new app as been pretty faster then the old one looks like they did lot upgrading on it.
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5 months ago, Split cheeks 101
Easy setup and clear finding
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5 months ago, VFRHokie
App works well for me but
The app doesn’t change from portrait to landscape view when using new iPad.
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5 months ago, Venamay
Outstanding Service
Very welcoming and knowledgeable Staff. The Associates go to the extent to secure you issue is answered. Thank you for everyone’s patience and dedication. Marvena A Simmonds
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5 months ago, DAFlavar
With the market flooded for so many money matter options for 13 plus years NASA FCU has been a great vehicle and financial institution for all my user friendly banking needs. They have also been reliable complimentary asset to my family progression of living the American Dream. Highly recommend 😀 Happy Holidays & Thank you
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4 months ago, eodell52
New site
The new site is awesome. Was definitely needed. Thank you. 🙂
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5 months ago, Heathbn
Portrait mode what is the deal
What is the complexity!!!! I use an iPad with a keyboard. Why is it so hard for companies to understand that they MUST support portrait mode? Don’t contact me with excuses. The old app supported this. Apple makes it easy to support. Make it happen. Stop the insanity of mediocre user support.
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5 months ago, Jack @ Mathmatics
New app
New app is a refreshing touch to overall online experience with eBranch, but 1st iteration is little buggy…
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5 months ago, MonaLisathrifty
Bigger fonts
It’s nice to navigate and I love the new look.
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6 months ago, Horseygirlly
Love the app
Love the new app, it’s so much better!
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5 months ago, 1zero
Basic looking
The layout looks bleek. I guess if it works that’s all that matters.
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5 months ago, Myname777777
Should have left well enough alone. Who did this? Almost impossible to make a payment through.
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2 months ago, LiliBFlores
Horrible App
When I need to do transfers I get an error… do your job and fix it. One job. Barely use this app and even when I use it, it can’t work properly.
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6 months ago, therickaustin
Had a long time to botch rollout in such spectacular fashion
Cannot access my account today (Tuesday 11/7). What a miserable experience. Recommend failing back until NASA FCU gets a handle on problems.
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4 months ago, chetty mo
New app is bad!
I loved the old app this new one is difficult to use and doesn’t have what the old one had. Just a horrible experience:(.
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3 months ago, NanaCarol45
New update
I hate the new update. Every time I try to make a remote deposit it says my session has timed out.
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3 weeks ago, Don5021
All and Online platform
Is very confusing and it looks cheap.
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4 months ago, CheesySticz
Car Loans
Need a much better way to process payments on loans.
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3 months ago, Reyquevedo
Bad process
When the app was undated it didn’t work well.
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