NaturalReader - Text To Speech

4.5 (3.8K)
34.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
NaturalSoft Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for NaturalReader - Text To Speech

4.52 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Dragon story review
The best of the best, but not perfect
This has got to be the best voice reader I have ever found, and trust me, I’ve searched a lot. The voices in the premium are miles better than anything any other company produces, most certainly better than comes standard on my laptop. That is why I give this five stars, because this app deserves it. That being said, it’s still not perfect. I use this primarily to read back my work while I am writing. It’s incredibly helpful to do so, to separate my mind from my work. However, the reader does not distinguish the purposes of punctuation, such as quotation points or ‘...’s (I cant for life of me remember it’s name), nor does it hesitate when it jumps from paragraph to paragraph. Then again, I do understand why it works like that (most people use this for reading articles or things like that). All I’m asking for is perhaps an option that allows the reader to change between the normal reading and the ‘writer-story’ reading.
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8 months ago, LejaneMarieM
Capitalism at its finest
I used to love this app, I mean what I could use before I was bombarded with messages that I couldn’t use the app no more unless I paid for it. I’m not entirely sure when it became acceptable for apps to start charging for the most mundane things ever like someone reading to us in a realistic fashion (could be because I never agreed with it therefore I never cared for it) but apparently it has. All I wanted to do was be read to, as someone who loves reading I am more than capable of reading to myself however I should have the leisure and liberty to have someone read to me without having to dig into my pocket to pay that company. We as consumers don’t look at the fact that you guys are asking for money as a donation to keep your company running because you don’t need any money to keep a company that designed realistic reading voices running, we look at it as what it is: a money hungry business that can’t do the most simplistic things without asking for money. Not everything has to be a rouse to get money, and if you have to depend on your consumers to make your product, start producing a product that is worth spending money on, hence why the food industry is so successful. Don’t waste your time and energy on a product that won’t change any market you put on. It’s not necessary and it makes your product less desirable. - A very angry past-user
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1 year ago, Bird Peeper
Great app, could use a couple minor adjustments
The Good: I personally think the subscription is worth it, I use this for my college coursework. I have a difficult time sitting down and reading something without having to read the same sentence repeatedly without recalling what I just read, but with a more human-sounding voice in my ear I retain the material so much better and I can do other mindless tasks while I listen. It has been such a time-saver. The interface across my different devices is pretty seamless, too and I really appreciate that as someone who uses both Apple devices and Microsoft devices. The Not So Good: The user interface with the camera scanning could use some tweaking, I don’t like having to click a button with every new page if I am scanning a longer document. I also didn’t have any luck when I tried to upload pictures from my photo library. The AI couldn’t figure out any of the text, I’m not really sure what went wrong there. The subscription is also a little pricey, every useful service just drains my bank account every month. I wish there was a student discount for us poor college peasants.
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4 years ago, popfly38
Huge disappointment
I’ve used every version of NR since version 4. On my phone. On my desktop. On my laptop. I used the paid version and bought the premium voices. In short I loved most everything about It. Last week I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 12Pro and most apps transferred seamlessly except for Natural Reader. It did transfer sort of but my library was erased and new books wouldn’t load so it was essentially useless. I went to the App Store and downloaded the new version. It’s cloud based and the interface is much different and of course it is now subscription based. I hate that but whatever I use it regularly especially when I travel so I purchased it with a year subscription. I’ve tried to use it several times now and it regularly locks up after reading a few paragraphs. Today I stuck with it through several lockups and it reached the daily 20 minute limit for the unpaid version and it displayed the upgrade screen. What? I just paid $60 for a yearly subscription. I checked the profile page and it says I’m logged in but it won’t read anymore. I haven’t called customer service yet and am disappointed that I even have to. NaturalSoft the online version needs a lot of work. Please make the personal version available on the iPhone.
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10 months ago, Cyanomys
It could have been so good.
By far the most human and expressive voices out there. However, this is entirely undercut and made useless by two things: it cannot read letters that are kerned together in certain documents (like ff and fi) and thus turns all words with those letters into nonsense. When I try to upload ebooks and it does its own conversion to pdf it maintains these problems. Secondly, it does not let you browse a book or pdf via the table of contents like every other reader out there. If you want to skip to a certain chapter you have to check the contents page at the beginning if you’re lucky and there is one, or worse you just have to scroll around. For reading large pdfs or textbooks, which I imagine is what many people want to use this app for, this is absolute garbage. Really and truly disappointing especially considering the other most popular app on the App Store (speechify) has similar issues. I recommend using the built in iOS spoken content accessibility feature on iBooks with one of the Siri voices instead. The voice is not quite as good, but at least it can read text and browse pdfs properly.
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3 months ago, Spot IFan
Works great for me!
NaturalReader is a versatile app that brings text to life by reading it aloud. Whether you're looking to create audio content or simply enjoy listening to text, this app offers a fun and productive experience. Its text-to-speech technology is clear and natural-sounding, making it easy to understand and engaging to listen to. One of the app's strengths is its ability to enhance productivity. It can read out text from a variety of sources, such as documents, websites, and ebooks, allowing you to absorb information hands-free while you multitask. This feature is especially useful for busy individuals looking to make the most of their time. Additionally, the app's customizable settings enable users to tailor the reading experience to their preferences, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience. Overall, NaturalReader is a great tool for anyone looking to make their content more accessible or simply wanting to explore the world of text-to-speech technology.
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1 year ago, Terraricraft45
Better value than speechify.
I have ADHD. Meaning TTS readers like NaturalReader are good for better absorbing the meaning and maintaining focus while reading. However, I need a TTS software that can accurately parse through text and not mess it up/jump all over excessively. I found that NaturalReader can accurately parse through scanned text pages from my Iphone images. Better than Speechify could Now I can reliably read through my book while also using audio as it helps me to comprehend the subject better. Speechify struggled to format through the same document, and to get it to work, you have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops and perform gymnastics to get the software to parse the text correctly. NaturalReader gets it right the first time through. Also has a monthly sub plan which means less risk from trialing the software, vs Speechify only has annual sub. Only thing Speechify got going for it is the celebrity voices...
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1 year ago, fatlipsnitro
Makes reading enjoyable
I've always hated reading. This app makes it fun to read makes it easier to comprehend unfamiliar, complicated words, helps me to study philosophy and other technical subjects. I have a paid membership, allowing me to use the AI voice is the Eric AI voice is my favorite. The commercial account has options for voices to have various emotions. I may consider getting that account in the future. I find this app just to be very helpful and the price is very good for what it can help me accomplish. Currently I'm reading things by Eugene Thacker, Peter Wessel, Zapffe, Ted Kaczynski, and a 1968 interview with movie Director Stanley Kubrick. The search function the offer is. The highlighting feature makes it very easy to read. This app is outstanding. I look forward to seeing any future improvements they can make on it.
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5 months ago, nipple_squirel_ham_
It’s great, but with one glaring flaw
This app is great for reading out text. I’ve been using its AI Jane voice to read me my favorite webnovel, just copy and paste the website url and you’re all set. The glaring issue though is that it often times will just randomly get stuck on a sentence or outright just skip some dialogue. I get that the AI voice needs an internet connection, but even with a steady, solid connection I often times find myself having to open the app to read the sentence that it refuses to do and then click on the next sentence after it. I do like that the word limit for the premium voices is actually a modest amount as opposed to other AI text reading sights such as Speechify which only gives you a small amount of words per month. Natural Reader actually gives you a 500,000 DAILY word limit for the premium voices which requires HOURS of binge-listening to reach. Suffice to say I’m greatly satisfied with the premium subscription.
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2 years ago, sirge s
Love everything but lacking a few features
To start this is a 9/10 product. Moved away from speechify premium to this app. This has great voices, no capping on voices (when you pay for premium) and it registered pdfs and websites better than any other tts app. I also love the ccs that come with the view so you can follow along in the original doc or the word by word view. The annoying part is saving files. It’s capped at 1 year of storage even with premium. I would pay more to keep my files saved longer or have a archive of files that are need to be reuploaded I also want to save websites and articles from my phone… we spend more time on our phones these days so it’s a critical flaw in the tool. The only workaround is to view all articles on your computer then save them to the mobile device. Annoying when you are on the go, but better than nothing
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5 months ago, genericvoid
App doesn’t work with Lockdown Mode
I hear great things about this service/app and I would love to check it out for myself, but it appears that the app is not functional on iPhones that have the setting “Lockdown Mode” turned on. Unfortunately, keeping this setting turned on is required for me to use my iPhone, so I am unable to check out the app nor use it for myself. 3-star rating to indicate that I’ve heard great things about the app and to not tarnish its reputation with my rating while also indicating to developers that my review is merely intended to flag a problem with the app itself. When I open the app, the screen shows a page that only displays the logo and the text “Refresh the page if you’re not redirected shortly.” The page does not include an option to refresh the page. The page does not redirect. This problem persists even after restarting the app and is not related to internet connectivity issues.
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6 months ago, sine nomine post nescioquot
Best free pdf tts I know of
Generally works well, without many obvious problems. (This may be English specific: I haven't tried other languages.) Has forward/back buttons that you can use to go forward/back a sentence, even when the phone is locked. Lets you tell it to replace some words with others in reading. There's a paid version, but it mostly just adds ai voices and lets you skip past headers/footers. The main problem is that for some reason it requires internet access to use even the free version. Yes, I know that storing your books in the cloud lets you switch between devices easily, but I would much rather be able to use the app offline, even at the cost of having to redownload all my books each time I replace my phone. If you use this app, I might recommend Pocketbook as a supplement for when you don't have internet access. Other than that, just a few minor problems: - sometimes takes a while to load - doesn't read non-ocr'd scans except the premium version - when you want to switch voices you have to scroll past a lot of premium-only ai voices - occasional misreadings: "No." as "number", "..." as "dot" instead of just a pause, "dispositions" with accent on 2nd syllable like a child sounding out an unfamiliar word, "spiky" as "spicky", doesn't recognize a few compound words
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7 months ago, taythasper
Literally solved all my problems
Seriously this app is incredible. I Can turn anything into an audio book and I can set the WPM high enough to get through school related reading as fast as humanly possible. I’ve got ADHD and reading compression has been a major struggle as it’s hard for me to focus on things and retain information. It also doesn’t help that I’m a slow reader. This app has allowed me to finish my schoolwork in a fourth of the time It usually takes me. I highly recommend getting this on both ur phone and on ur pc or laptop if you have one. This was genuinely life changing for me and I actually kinda feel like I’m learning something in school again! Anyway, I’m going to stop writing app reviews and get back to my school work that I’m supposed to be completing 😭✌️
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8 months ago, Josh 920
Worthless for reading books
With their highest tier paid accounts, there is a very low limit on how much text can be read per day. If you plan on using this to read books (pdf/epub), then don’t bother. I can’t even get through a normal sized book before it changes to their unlimited “PREMIUM” voices which are pure robotic trash. There is nothing premium about them, and it’s unthinkable that their daily limits are so low. I contacted their useless support staff trying to pay for more characters per day, but they simply told me to open a 2nd account. Yes, they expect me to login and logout of various accounts every day just to finish a book in a somewhat human voice. How stupid can they be? Paying customers want to pay more for their service and they simply tell them to go through a bunch of nonsense every day. I hope some other company comes along and offers reasonable limits and upgrades as these fools clearly don’t want to make money. The app is buggy and has artificially low limits. It’s not worth the money or headache.
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1 year ago, aglec
Pretty good, but pricey
Overall the app is worth the squeeze. Copying and pasting text reads greats, but OCR is a tad bit lacking. It’s easy enough to upload photos of pages and it picks up just about everything, but will occasionally have trouble pronouncing words, will pause in strange ways (implying a period where there isn’t one) and so forth. I originally intended to use this as an alternative to audiobooks when the audio version wasn’t available for purchase, and listen to books while on walks. While it will overall do good, I feel that I’d still miss important content if I did that. The best setup has been to follow along with the book, which has helped increase my pace significantly. It is a bit pricey, even putting aside the minor imperfections. But is it worth it? For textbooks that are dreadful to get through slowly, definitely.
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1 year ago, ScottiErica
Best app to use to listen to my fanfics!
I love listening to fanfics and this is the only way I’m able to listen to them. I’ve tried SO many apps but they all have a limited time frame or put random apps on my phone without my permission. I’ve never had a problem with Natural Reader. I use it every night to play a story to fall asleep to. I like that there’s a variety of voices to choose from in different categories. The paid voice options sound SO good! I’ve tried other apps that try to get you to pay for the voices you can get with natural reader for free! Natural Reader is the clear. I recommend it to everyone lol The different ways to upload content is super easy to use as well. I don’t have to convert my fics to special formats to upload them.
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1 year ago, yezzzirski
Thing to improve (to product management)
Dear [Product Manager/CEO/Stakeholder], I recently purchased the Plus plan for the Natural Reader app and overall, I am pleased with its capabilities. However, I would like to bring to your attention a few areas for improvement that would enhance the user experience and increase customer satisfaction. The degradation of the free and premium tier voices is concerning, as it creates distrust among users and gives off an impression of greed. I would appreciate it if the company could be transparent about the reason for the degradation, and consider implementing a different pricing model that includes a free tier and a premium tier. I would be willing to pay more for a third pricing tier that includes 1,000,000 daily TTS requests. The lack of the ability to create subfolders to organize text files is a major inconvenience. Adding this functionality would greatly benefit users who value organization, and I believe it should be added as soon as possible, within the next 3 months. In conclusion, if these improvements were implemented, I would be a loyal customer. However, if another product with these improvements were to come on the market, I would be quick to switch. Thank you for considering these suggestions. Best regards, a user
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1 year ago, Spilledcarryout
Efficient Text-to-Speech on iPad Made Easy with This Affordable App
🎉👏🌟 I absolutely love this TTS app for iPad! The interface is very logical and easy to navigate, and I appreciate all of the features that are available. One of my favorite features is the ability to drop in while PDFs, which is incredibly helpful when I'm studying or working on a project. What's even better is that this app is available at a very affordable yearly price. I've compared it to other services, and it's definitely less expensive than some of the other options out there. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with this TTS app for iPad. It's made my life so much easier and more efficient, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs text-to-speech functionality on their iPad. 👍👍👍
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1 week ago, Sweetvegan
The Best AI reader out there! Needs fixes but still great!
if you want a text to auto reader that sounds more fluid and natural, this is the best way to go. It often sounds like it’s an actual person reading to you and it really helps you get immense of what is being read. However, it still needs a bit of fine-tuning. Some words are mispronounced and sometimes sentences are read a bit too fast. Another thing is the narrative actually says the word dash for – in quotes which should just be cut off or not read at all. I still highly recommend this. I use it to proof listen to fan fiction that I write and it has really helped me catch issues other I might oversight when reading myself.
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9 months ago, FDA47383588
It doesn’t work as expected
I got this app that’s bling it would help since I have a lot of reading to do for school, after testing it out it went well so I decided to purchase the app, I was disappointed that I could not add pictures from my phone like I had to take them and it was as if I was taking the pictures all over, once I finally added all pages it read for maybe a few minutes and asked me to purchase it if, I had already paid for it so I just pressed restore license and it asked me again and when I finally was able to go back to my reading it wouldn’t play. The other part that was frustrating was when I had taken a good picture it still skipped several words or sentences. I was a bit disappointed after reading some reviews I really thought this app would work well for me but it unfortunately didn’t
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4 years ago, Debtwhiler
Works great but only in certain situations.
It’s very easy to upload documents to NR through the desktop app and access them on my devices, but there are inconsistent results. iPad Pro 2020: Documents will load but will not play. I have an imperfect workaround where I’ll play docs through NR on my phone and read along on the iPad in NR or Acrobat (if I need to annotate the doc), but it would be nice to be able to read/listen all from one device. iPhone 11: Documents uploaded to NR through desktop will load and play, but audio playback will often timeout when I’m away from WiFi and using my data plan — this happens both when the device is locked and unlocked. This can be frustrating when I’m listening while driving/biking and I would have to pickup and unlock my phone in order to resume audio playback on NR. iOS generally: It is difficult to share documents accessed originally through iOS devices to the NR app. I can easily share articles, webpages, etc. to other apps I use like Instapaper or Evernote, but in many cases it’s not possible to share directly to NR (especially through Chrome for iOS). Hopefully these issues can be addressed in an update soon. The text to speech (particularly the Plus voices) with NR is second to none and has made grad school obligations and my ADHD so much more manageable. I just wish it was a cleaner solution on devices/iOS.
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7 months ago, Byzvntine
It’s actually worth paying for
I am always skeptical of apps that promise, big things. But after trying the free trial, I realize this app is everything I wanted in a text to speech app. Therefore, I took the plunge and paid for the full features, and I was not disappointed. Whether you use a robotic generic voices or the AI ones, it’s remarkable how this app can take large amount of text and still presented in an audit format. That is easy to listen to to understand. I don’t often review apps when they asked me if I like it or not, but this one I had to clarify that I do like it very much. And lastly, this would be one of those apps that I would regret losing if it was ever taken off the App Store. So take that as you will.
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2 years ago, dianasilva
This app is an incredible valuable tool
I am amazed by the quality of the voices, how close they got from listening to a real person actually reading, far from those artificial text to speech voices we are use to hear. I got the premium and it has been worth every penny . I can listen to ebooks that I never read before for lack of time. The possibility of listening to a book in pdf, kindle or even just from a internet website has been a life saver. Also, the same subscription can be used on my phone and my laptop. On my laptop is even easier to use because I just press the icon of Natural reading and it reads anything with voices very close to natural voices, as the name of the app says.
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2 years ago, rangaty
Best in the store
I've been trying about 6 different text reader apps this month, and this is far and away the best one- paid or free. The plus voices are superb, I've found nothing else like them, and even more expensive paid tiers on other services have nothing comparable; meanwhile the free voices are decent, in fact in line with the paid voices on some others I used. The fact that you can directly input URLs is also huge. It also has zero issues so far parsing special characters like em-dashes, which I've encountered in a lot of other apps. Cannot recommend this highly enough if you truly are looking for the power to turn anything into a decent-quality audiobook.
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2 years ago, Goldngirl7
My new reader
I’ve used the same reader for years. Now it’s got ads that play every 3 minutes. Ads I can tolerate. 3mins is excessive and makes it unusable so I went looking for a new one. Natural Reader has been great. I can’t afford a monthly membership but I wish I could. The natural voices sound amazing. The only thing is some voices pull pronunciation from the phone settings and some don’t. I’ve pretty extensively updated the pronunciation in the settings of my phone for names and odd words and so when it’s pulling from there it’s perfect. I saw in the brief trial of nature voices you can update pronunciation but I just don’t want to spend time redoing all that. If there’s a way to make the natural voices pull from the phone settings that’d be the only improvement I’d suggest.
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7 months ago, The Head Doctor
Nice PDF upload and Paid AI voices; crappy taking pictures of pages
I have tried using your picture text to speech and it’s horrible and cumbersome compared to speechify. Your software is why I switched from Speechify when it comes to reading pdf documents and the human voice -(although, I don’t know if they have updated their voices). However, trying to take pictures of a book, text book, novel feels like I’m in 2010 and I am having to take redundant steps to read a page. Please update like speechify where you can take multiple pictures in an order then upload them into a single file. Your process has me spending more time taking pictures, clicking boxes and trying to take another picture of a new page then hearing the first page. This has to be updated asap!
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1 year ago, Perimortem
Great Reader, but would be amazing with more features
The voices are great and being able to turn old book scans into readable pdfs is amazing for my work as a student. However, since I mostly use it for university purposes I’d love there to be a better way to permanently highlight some passages, and to write comments on the documents so its easier to reference them in the app instead of having to use another app or pen and paper to keep track of important quotes. For now I’m trying to use the bookmark feature for this purpose but it’s not as intuitive or useful as I need it to be. Nonetheless, this app has been incredibly helpful and honestly the pricing is completely fair. As long as I’m in academia I’ll be using this to help with the reading load.
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2 years ago, mooniemochi
I wish there was more natural voices in non paid section because all of the ones there really sound like robots and give me a headache from it and are a bit too loud for my liking. And personally i wouldn’t say there’s 100+ voices there’s a 100+ voices in total but i really wouldn’t count it as that if it’s not in one language as you have only really 8 voices to choose from in english which isn’t really much of a choice if you prefer a certain type of voices so maybe a bit more varity… There’s also a lot of bugging in the free voices because it can slur on some of the works or skip too fast. Besides that i think it could be an amazing app if there was more voices and less bugging. This really helps with my procrastination because i have trouble reading in one go if it’s long and boring. I would pay for plus if i had a job but in general 19 dollars is a bit expensive as a student who doesn’t have a job yet 😅
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1 year ago, Creeperbeater110
I use this to read PDFs for school and it’s literally a life saver
I can get through pages of reading in minutes. What would’ve taken me hours to read now takes me 30 minutes. I can actually comprehend these dense scientific articles because I and seeing the word and hearing it spoken. The best part is that it’s free. I’m a working class college student so I don’t pay for the fancy voices. The fancy voices are really high quality and sound way better than the outdated AI classic voices but honestly even those aren’t as bad with this app. I really love this app and I recommend it to all college students, especially if you have ADHD or a busy schedule. This makes reading long boring articles a breeze.
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7 months ago, mdphud
My daughter asked me to help find an app that would allow her to scan textbooks and read them to her. I tried several alternatives. I hate how the competition has 3 day trials and then you have to pay. This allows a free version. The costs and plans are clearly explained on the website. I have had a wonderful time using this software and I am constantly impressed with the quality of the voices. Especially the AI voices. I also like the multi platform features. I can start listening in the car, and pick up where I left off at work on the computer. My only recommendation at this point is there is no pinch zoom.
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2 years ago, bureyj
Best option for free text to speech
Not 5 stars because so much of the functionality is restricted to the paid version. But even the base version has a decent AI voice to read digital PDFs at any chosen speed for free. Content syncs across devices so you can upload a file from your computer and the books shows up on your phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t track progress well across devices so you have to make a note of where you are every time. Also, the iPhone app forces you to use iCloud to upload books. Since I use OneDrive, that’s why I have to go to my computer to upload my books. In sum, a lot of little annoyances but it’s worth it being the only decent free service for listening to digital books.
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1 year ago, Receebann
Excellent for adhd learners
I love this because I can (for the most part) stay on task while reading for school. I have adhd and it’s almost impossible to read through a book without getting distracted in my thoughts. I love this product and have been using it for years on my computer. This app is a game changer now I am not just stuck sitting in front of my pc to study. I can be anywhere and study/ read material with ease. The updated voices are amazing. I got their best annual package plan and I hope they continue to provide exceptional updates to the application like this one. Thank you for an amazing product. Anyone on the fence I highly recommend this.
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8 months ago, Mrm2002
Jumbled words
Scanning the pdf onto the app to have it read to me has been the most easiest thing I could to do have my college course materials read to me. However I have had nothing but problems and having ADHD my train of thought gets thrown off and I lose what I have just been read to. It will totally jumble the word and say a random not even close word and my thoughts all over the place. I do not have the time or patience to take a photo of each page to have it read it to me. I would rather have it scanned in to a pdf and uploaded to the app but since it gets so jumbled and I have to start over a lot it is very frustrating having spent the max amount to have the “real” voices I feel I am being robbed and I do not like this as much as I did when I first started using it. Please fix this!
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7 months ago, Cleft the boy chin
I use this app to audiobook stories at a much faster speed!!
Ive listened to 6 hour books in like 2 hours using this app, and while you need to really sink into the audio and listen, with practice it becomes a very useful skill. I study like. i even blasted through the Harry Potter books in under 4 days. If i could make a suggestion, i would add the word flash function to help with word comprehension, add even more speed, and to ease keeping up with the fast audio. It’s scientifically proven to be a faster easing style anyway Over all i really love the app. If only it didn’t need to be constantly on, i could save battery on my phone
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2 years ago, TimGris
Works great, just a few minor rough edges
Only few minor issues. First, sometimes it is challenging to set the borders of the page so it ends up reading titles/footers, skip forward to the rescue. Second, some OCR may miss and you have to pause and look at the page to comprehend. Third is when playing from my phone over Apple Car Play while also having maps read directions. When the map reads directions, NR does not resume similar to music apps. Instead, I have to hit play again to get it to resume reading. Ideally, it would resume like music apps and/or it had a car mode similar to Audible where the buttons are large to be more accessible while driving.
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2 years ago, rokymtnkowgirl
Great for studying lots of reading material.
I can listen in the truck when running errands, to school readings, and use it to proofread my writings. Great app with voice options so you don’t get burnt out or annoyed with one voice. Plus version gives me access to plus voices which is so much less agitating than the robot voices. I like to think myself to be very frugal and seriously debated on if this was worth the money. After trying out other apps I came back to NaturalReader and bit the bullet and paid for a year’s subscription. I don’t regret it. This has been worth the money. Saves me studying time and gives me access to listen anytime.
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6 months ago, NaturalReader review
I use NaturalReader every day. I use my computer to create a document. I have a paid for membership but I have to continue to login every time I use it which is ridiculous and I have to change the settings to the way. I prefer it every time I use it although than that I love it I have it now on my cell phone, which is an apple and on my desktop computer. Do you fix the half to login every time and change your settings back to where you had it before even though you click remember me it still makes me go through six screens before I can start using it. Plus, I believe I paid for the upgraded one and I still haven’t got it.
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6 months ago, Cartalker
Works for me and my needs :)
I considered different text to speech tools in the App Store and this is the one I picked for reasons of price and ability. Other ones are too expensive or didn’t have enough options. this one gives me what I need. I have choices between voice and speed and other things. I like how I’m able to upload pretty large documents into it for it to read and it tells me how long it would take to be a dolphin. I’m not paying an arm and a leg every month to use it. Also the user interface is pretty simple and clean so it’s to use.
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2 years ago, Res Ipse Loquitur
Constant bugs overwhelm amazing tech
It’s clear that natural reader’s voices are fantastic — if I could have them read me PDFs during my commute, I would do it every day. The problem is that, despite being a paying customer, I can’t actually achieve that goal. The app is constantly freezing and crashing; its user interface is miles behind the quality of the underlying voice tech. It spontaneously stops reading; it freezes when I attempt to push buttons while it is reading things; it prevents me from closing windows, or when I close windows it restarts from the beginning of my document. It freezes when I attempt to skip forward or backward. I am still trying to use it because the underlying reading is so good, but the app is so unreliable I’m sad to say I may have to just stop.
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1 month ago, Queen_kitty_lover
Helpful app but I wish it was a bit more accessible!
I may not be using the app for what it’s actually made for, but I tried to use it to help my blind brother play card games with us and for the most part it works it lets you store the information in and he could scroll through it and find the card and see if he wants to play it or not. As it will read it to him! But the struggle is that because the rows have the title and size and date on them when he has voice over on it’s harder for him to scroll through all the text. Maybe if we had an option to adjust what’s displayed that could be more accessible.
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2 years ago, Rockzilla2020
By far the most reliable app I’ve used for both work and entertainment
To put things simply, I use this not only for work, i also use this to read my stories i write to my family, this app is more than a tool in my opinion. It barely has a limit on how much you can type. The only thing I wished wasn’t there was the mp3 installation thingy, I’m kinda disappointed you have to pay money for that, perhaps one could be added that you don’t have to pay for and will have the non premium voices, just a thought, but I can hardly complain about this app.
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6 months ago, Shane Gramlich
Great Audio!
The subscription itself is a bit pricey seeing as I typically use free tools or Audible to get my audio. However, I have material I want to listen to off my phone while away at work. NaturalReader makes it easy to listen to emails, PDFs, and just about anything else I want to import. For the higher tier subscription I have access to A.I. voices which sound very smooth and natural. I appreaciate realistic sounds over a robotic. I am also impressed with the features which filter out material that you don’t want to spend time reading aloud 😁
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1 year ago, OutOfNicknames2
Sales funnel is deplorable
I feel pretty cheated how bad my onboarding experience with your app is. Instead of telling me what your prices are upfront so I can commit to a feature set and a fair price, I am tricked into using your app for 5 minutes, only to then find out the price. But oh wait! This confusing “premium button” is available. I try that, and great, maybe this tear is free. No. You are teased for 20 minutes before being told what the price for that tier is. I also had to create an account in order to be treated like this and I suspect I’ll get spam emails from you for now on. I don’t feel treated right and honestly. I know the App Store is a cruel place but I was totally fine compensating a developer for hard work. I hated feeling like you were trying to trick me through an opaque and mischievous sales funnel.
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3 months ago, OL'DAVEY
INCREDIBLE AI VOICES. This is a FANTASTIC product. I signed up for a monthly subscription simply so i can listen to my Warhammer books from Black Library. Warhammer 40K just sounds more authentic in a British(UK) accent. The book i am currently listening to is just over 3,200 pages. It would be a VERY LONG and quiet read. I will read along as the book is read aloud on this app and it really makes it a whole lot easier to absorb. I'm very glad to have made the purchase. I can't see anything but a tremendous benefit from having a subscription.
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2 years ago, MrsMomErica84
Great App
It’s wonderful! I love how it picks up where you left off, even when you close out of the app. I was no longer able to use the Text to Speech one that I had used for years because the update broke it and the developer never fixed it, so luckily I came across this one. It’d be awesome if the page moved and followed along with the words instead of the little box at the bottom, but I still absolutely love it. I use it to help teach my boys to read and it’s perfect for audio books! Thanks for giving us this!!
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1 year ago, CaptainCannoli17
Got worse as time went on
At first when I downloaded natural reader it worked perfectly and exactly as advertised. I even paid for a few months of the premium version because I liked it so much. As I used it more though it was almost like it started to fall apart. Files would be missing pages when I uploaded them, it would skip words in paragraphs that were unobstructed and clear, and it would sometimes fail to upload documents entirely from my phone and computer so I couldn’t even use natural reader even though I paid money for it. The free version is fine, but the subscription is not worth your money, if it is possible I would like my money back
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2 years ago, thesma11one
Good for people with ADHD!
This app is great for people who like to read and hear audio of their readings at the same time. As someone in a Master’s of Social Work program, I have tons of different books, articles, and PDFs to read. When I convert them to images, this app does a great job of reading these docs to me. I also love the voices with premium, ability to speed up audio, and the highlighter for text being read. Would highly recommend for anyone with ADHD and/or people who learn from their readings being read aloud.
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5 months ago, Jeeva C
Must have productivity app
I mostly use it to read textbooks and the reading experience has been great. The AI based natural voices are game changers, they make it look like I am sitting in a class and listening to professors. The variety of voices available make it easy to fight off any fatigue after listening to one voice for too long. The fact that I could move across my device (Phones, Tablets, PC, Mac) and continue reading from book loaded to library makes it ever more helpful. I love it.
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3 years ago, GADSavage
Love the app
The app is really great. I had downloaded many other text to speech apps before I found this one and now this is the only one I use. But after a previous update if I pause the story I was listening to instead of resume where it left off it resumes at the beginning of the text. Before I would be able to have it paused for about 10 minutes and it still would of been able to pick up where it left off. Still it’s a great app and won’t I be thinking about switching to another one anytime soon.
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3 weeks ago, Denise555000
Great but limited
Love the app but it is very limited free version. You can use it freely but the program keeps pushing paid version. Love it for school. I can assimilate information five times faster. Listen to books in hours instead of spending a week or two reading it. Then struggle remembering the information i just read. I wish i had these options in the 90s growing up. All that qualified you was being legally blind. Even then the options were limited and not great. I noticed my grades greatly increased using text to speech options.
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