Naughty Kitties

4.5 (288)
208 MB
Age rating
Current version
Coconut Island Games Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Naughty Kitties

4.47 out of 5
288 Ratings
6 years ago, Elsa's Mom
It’s totally fun
My biggest gripe is that it says you can sell/have sold toy(s) for 3,000 fish but you never get the fish! It’s challenging, has multiple levels of cats, ships, and terrain. It’s easy to get caught up and lose time. Just give me my fish!
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8 years ago, The Xtereme One
Game feels unfinished.
Fun game until you get to world 3, and at that point the game gets extremely grindy. Here are some problems - Everything starts out extremely cheap and affordable, then it quickly becomes taxing to collect more gold to upgrade. There needs to be a better balance. The Objective system for the endless mode is no good because the third one is to use the Ghost Ship cannon, so I can't progress. It takes too long to level up to get fish, which 15 are required to get the Ghost Ship. You only get one fish per level up, so don't even think about using one to continue if you die. $9.99 for three new cats is ridiculously expensive. There are spelling errors throughout the game. Each 'life' takes 20 minutes to refill; candy crush only takes 5. If it weren't for those glaring errors and imbalance, this could be a great game.
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5 years ago, RareSawak
Re-download (original first app since 2014)
I remembered, I was kid found new app much addicting for almost 2 months Idk this pretty good app well but kinda hard level fight battle. Later I deleted this app because really hard battle try knock down bosses then rage quit (lol sorry) finally 5 years later I got flashback same this app I need again re-download.
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8 years ago, Enderus(current player of CoC)
OP enemies
So I got into a level and obviously had to watch an add to continue after my ship crashed. But within 2 seconds of hitting continue they took my ship down before I could even place a cat! Not to mention some ebonies will knock a cat off my ship right after it's been placed! These two flaws make it impossible to beat levels without grinding and spending cash!
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8 years ago, Kody of death21
One problem
Everything was going good until I beat the first chapter and I tapped on the purple compass like button that is like playing an endless battle. Anyway after a while of playing it would start to glitch and then it would go blank. Please fix
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8 years ago, Snowy lava
Great then...
This game is very fun but when you added the Chinese New Year's skins to all the cats the one cat who is my favorite has the skin this cat is oyoyo please fix this I don't like the skin
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8 years ago, Vamy5
New Update Please
This game is so cute but it started to get boring because I beat all the levels please add more levels and more cats, Thanx xox
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7 years ago, 1$k
I like this game but
It isn't finished
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6 years ago, willv678
This game is a masterpiece! A boatload of new kitties, ships, and mechanics to try out! My only suggestions is, MORE MAPS!
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7 years ago, Me myself and my 38phones
Would be good
Gets to a point that it's unplayable, can't even do the missions because there's no way to get the stupid Nano chips that you require for all missions Too bad this game started great now it's trash.
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8 years ago, The lord 28
So cute
It's so cool and fun to play! I think this is my favorite games that I will recommend!if you are determined like me! STAY DETERMINED!
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4 years ago, moko the cat 27
I’ve always loved this game since I was little!
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6 years ago, GrumpyApp
Naughty kitties
Good game but about a new mode the classic naughty kitties mode
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8 years ago, TsukueNette
It was very fun until the ads showed up...
Then it was do something - AD - do something else- AD - play a level - AD. Delete!
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7 years ago, An tho ny
Free fish doesn't work on iPad.
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8 years ago, Qwertqwertyuiopops
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7 years ago, Fried_Iguana
Great game
Free fish aren't working, but otherwise great game.
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1 year ago, W mans fr
What does panada and Joddy barathy do
I’m lost. Game is crazy Grundy when
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10 years ago, Jebediah Whitterson
Delightfully Unobstrusive and Addictive
Where to start with this game...? Microtransactions are present but nearly invisible, and are far from required-- The freemium currency is given out like candy and the only place it is necessary is in unlocking new cats. I was given $2-3 worth of freemium currency just for launching the game, anyways. The gameplay is delightfully fun, and the overall look and feel of the game is adorable-- I love the facial expressions the cats make in their speech bubbles whenever something happens in battle. While the gameplay isn't very complicated, it's fresh and cute enough to be fun, even after a day or two of playing. On the negative side of things, the grammar and writing is bad, but it's almost adorable. Almost. It's obviously made by a foreign developer, but the unobtrusivity of the microtransactions and the consistently adorable story and chatacter descriptions make the grammatical errors feel more like silly human mistakes, rather than a side effect of a shoddy, careless development procesa. Being a freemium game, there is a timer element limiting the amount of times you can play in one go, but it disappears so quickly that it's almost unnoticable. All in all, this game really manages to stand out from the stinking heap of money-grab freemium scams, and is certainly worth a try. I'd definitely recommend this game to others.
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5 years ago, Kingevantosh
False advertising
I purchased 20 fish because it said on your 1st purchase it removes ads, IT DIDNT
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7 years ago, Riqueerdo
This game is super fun and it's cuteeee. I wanna play it foreverrrrr
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7 years ago, 24677544777544
So boring
Do not get this game it is so boring
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10 years ago, LlamaScarf
Crashes ALL THE TIME!!!!
The game keeps crashing. I'm trying to do this game without spending money (not easy let me tell you), the game crashes randomly and it doesn't give me any exp or gold or save my progress or anything, the only thing it saves is the fact that I used energy. I question the legitimacy of this company, how do I know it's not trying to scam me into buying energy by doing this? A game such as this, so desperate to force you into spending money, I wouldn't put it past them. I try to play these games without spending money but it's just so hard, it's annoying and I will probably just delete this game soon. It's so buggy. It's also not registering that I've completed the "buy and use a new ship" mission?? I bought a new ship after saving up FOREVER and have flown several times with it and the mission won't complete. Please fix!!!! As if the game wasn't already hard enough with you trying to nickle and dime me you've literally stopped all progress with this incomplete mission I'm so frustrated, this game is so fun yet such a rip off. I won't waste a penny on it and that makes it incredibly hard to play :/
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9 years ago, Cat Jello
Newest update has problems
I used to love this game. Like a lot. Since I believed nothing was wrong with this app, I never reviewed it until now. This update… was unnecessary. The idea that the game tells you what the different enemies do is neat and all, but I've been playing this game for such a long time that I don't need this. I'm pretty sure there's no way for me to skip it. Plus, the descriptions of the enemies have horrible grammar. Maybe I'm just a grammar freak, but it irritates me to no end. Another problem I encountered is that the sound effects are extremely glitchy. One sound effect (i.e. the sound "Chii" makes when attacking enemies), will randomly get louder or softer as I'm playing the game. The softest it's gotten is so quiet that I can't hear it; the loudest it's gotten is louder than the music and sound effects combined. Three words: it. is. annoying. Please try to fix at least one of the things I've said, and I will actually want to play the game.
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10 years ago, Jomarliii
Cute, not sure about this version
This is a fun, addicting little game! Action without gore. Fast paced yet cute. However, now with this version I noticed I am not getting a reward anymore for logging in consecutive days. Between that and a mission I can't manage to complete yet can't get rid of, my motivation to play it every single day is fading out. It is less fun when you can't make progress. What I originally liked about this game is how it is really enjoyable yet you do not have to spend hours at it every day to feel like you are getting somewhere. I may go from playing daily to checking in a few times a week if the daily login bonus doesn't come back. Still a fun game with a nice visual style. Definitely worth a download.
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9 years ago, Muffin Topz
Fun game. Too many micros.
I really enjoy this game. It's kind of like Gradius with cats. Nice art style. OK sound. Simple, but entertaining mobile gameplay. My issue is with all the micro transactions. It feels like the devs are trying to squeeze every possible cent out of you. Just about every facet of this game is tied to one. Want more cats, lives, ships, upgrades, levels? You better pony up. It is possible to get these things in game, but it will take an unreasonable amount of effort considering the lack of depth to be found here. The most annoying part is you have to feed your cats so they last longer in battle. This has to be done regularly, which uses up your hard earned in game currency, leaving you barely any to invest in upgrades. In general, I understand devs want to make money. They deserve it for the time, money, and effort they put in to making making mobile games. But sometimes the way they're designed screams "cash grab".
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10 years ago, BJPMLP
New Idea
MULTIPLAYER MODE ----------------------------------- When you press play in the bottom right Corner, two options will pop up. On the left side will be a single player mode/ on the left side there would be a multiplayer mode. When you select the multiplayer mode two more options will appear. One saying Blue Tooth on the left, and another saying Game Center on the other side. One player will be on the top left of the screen and the other player will be on the bottom left. The aliens will attack both ships equally.(50%, 50%) When your partner dies, the only way to revive him is to defeat the next boss 100% on your own. The only ways you can lose are by; both you and your partner die, or if you/ partner die 3 times. (So you have 3 lives, and your partner has 3 lives too)
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9 years ago, SeriSixx
4 1/2 Stars... if it didn't crash.
Downloaded this adorable game yesterday, and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Cute animations, sweet sounds, and easy, intuitive controls. Could be 5 stars! I knock off a star for the unfair IAP... I actually dropped $10 on this, & while I was sure I wouldn't actually need more than the $5 amount of fish, I doubled it just to support you, Devs. Now I'm seeing things like the required # of fish for the machine and upgrades actually INCREASES at each increment? Pretty dirty, ballsy move, Devs. That is NOT how to win over your users, and now I genuinely regret that I dropped the extra dough into your pockets... Is that really the feeling that you want to leave in the hearts of your players? Now, I still really like the game itself, and with a couple of changes (1 time purchase and all upgrades require gold... The way it SHOULD be), it would actually be deserving of the praises in your description. Please reconsider your current IAP model for us... your customers, players, and fans. UPDATE: User 'Super Ron Ron' has it right... I knock off a couple more stars because of this: I've been experiencing frequent crashes on my iPod 5/OS 6.1.3 (don't ask). While it's pretty full, It still has about 10GB of empty space. Haven't had this problem with any other app. Please fix! I am unable to play more than 5 mins into any level at this point. =(
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10 years ago, GingerLoaf
This game upsets me
I love the concept in this game. It's original and unique and is also a pretty good challenge. The big turn off for this game was how desperate it was to eat up all my money. At the moment where the game said I ran out of crackers and I can play again if I want, only I must buy (with real money) more crackers in order to play, I quit and uninstalled the game. As a fellow game developer, I'd never give you my money. Your not designing the game to be fun or memorable. You're designing it to be annoying and profitable. I get that the developer needs to make money too, but there are so many better ways of doing this. Look at all of Half Brick's games. They have the perfect balance of F2P that keeps me going back and giving them money because I appreciate what they do. You have a great concept here, just try some modesty and we will show you how profitable your idea really is.
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10 years ago, Tony sXe
Great but flawed...
Honestly I really enjoyed this game at the beginning but now it's just trying to get our money for everything... I think that upgrading your cats should increase in difficult but maybe just use coins like maybe level 4 Rambo cat is 2000 coins and then level 6 is 4000 you know? Because we can obtain coins but it makes us play the game thus running the ads and if people want to coins faster then they can buy fish but it should be a mechanic to where we either grind it out or pay not grind out to get 8 fish for a new cat. Also getting new cars increasing it every time I feel like 5 fish is decent every time but make it to the point where each time we level up we get 2 fish or so. I think making just slight improvements on the game currency and maybe adding like special event like random new areas and adding a new cat like every 2-3 months would be crazy awesome... Just some thoughts
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10 years ago, My favorite puzzler
Alright, so... This game is fun. Really fun. I like the mechanics of switching out towers on the fly, and the fact that it's an endless runner that has original mechanics. That's great. Unfortunately, instead of enjoying great gameplay and mechanics, I'm watching a life counter tick down, and I just know that the lives are going to be a matter of "well, you could wait, but you could also pay money!" And just fearing the end of that counter the entire time. This game is worth five dollars, maybe even ten if it was put on steam, but only if you can pay that money all at once, rather than pay money over and over and over until you feel like this game has been too much of an investment, and you're watching counters tick and timers turn, and it just becomes madness after a while. I don't know why they would ruin a great game with micro transactions but unfortunately, I can't recommend it unless they're removed. 4/10
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8 years ago, Aisaenic
The cutest and most interesting game so far >w<
I absolutely love the graphics and the kitties, and once you get to upgrade your cats and ships for the first time, it turns out pretty awesome since it's like all your struggles are forgotten once you KO the enemies at double the speed and efficiency *w* the only problem so far is that after getting the Pretty Gill ship and starting on 2-6, the app begins to refresh itself, and it's driving me crazy losing the hearts DX :/ idk if it's a problem with the game or my phone, but I've done my part doing a soft reset. Somebody fix thisssss T^T
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10 years ago, rockXhoward
This could be an exceptional game.
Unfortunately, it is currently a slithering-fingered cash grab. Ship prices rise exponentially. Repair cats are withheld near death to encourage IAP for continues. Bosses can relentlessly fire massive attacks that not only wipe all cats, but make it very difficult to see, and by extension replace, lost cats. Presumably to encourage IAP for continues. As mentioned by others, the game is quite fun in the beginning when things can actually be payed for with earned currency. However, after a few upgrades, almost everything must be purchased via fish, which the player can only acquire (as far as I can tell) via IAP, and through gaining levels. Obviously, the latter is not a pleasant way to obtain fish as earning levels require more and more experience points, time really, for each one. This effectively makes time between "earned" fish almost exponential, especially taking into consideration that one needs a cookie to play the game, and those are only given every few minutes or so — to a max of five. Why five? Who knows but the developer's wallet. To the developer: earnestly receive user feedback and stop allowing what appears to be unmitigated greed ruin this otherwise amazing game. Honestly, I would not have even bothered writing this review had I not been asked over and over and over after cheap deaths.
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10 years ago, Purple_Ice
Cute but limited due to IAP
A fresh, fun and interesting concept. As is typical of the game app market today (sadly), it starts out great fun, and smooth upgrading. Then you hit the wall, and only real money or lots of grinding will get you any farther. Many have complained about the energy 'treats' (max 5 at a time, one use per run), but since they continue to refresh every 5min, I don't think that's the worst problem. Where I draw the line is upgrading the cats - first two levels you pay with earnings from your runs, fair enough; but from there on, you pay in 'fish treats', which are only given when you gain your own level, or pay real money. I say, charge a couple dollars for the game, then allow upgrades to be earned within the game. And of course, remove the energy limit. Until then, I cannot recommend keeping the game to anyone.
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9 years ago, Super Ron Ron
Awesome game (but latest update crashes frequently)
Never have I thought a cute game like this could turn into an addictive action runner/tower defense game! Great animation, music, and gameplay!!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick pick-up action game--not only for cat lovers!!! P.S. To the developers, I have never experienced a game crash until the latest update and the game frequently crashes on me, especially when I reach the boss fight. Please fix this so we can all go back to save the Cat's Planet!! ;P Thank you!
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10 years ago, SqueakyLittle
Great game but IAP all the time
It is a great game, very smooth and nice mechanics but you can't get beyond the beginning setup without paying. Pay for the ship upgrades, for the cats(multiple upgrades cost real money), pay to unlock new cats and if you're cheap, you may fail at unlocking a new cat and waste money... I have more coins than I know what to do with but I have so few fish. The new ship costing fish doesn't seem to bad but the cats costing 5,10, or more fish to upgrade is a killer. If only part of the upgrades were locked by IAP it would be okay. It makes sense to get an advantage for playing but I hit the pay to play wall too soon.
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10 years ago, App Reviewer #2
Fantastic but greedy
The game is well designed, but it's harder to upgrade things since you have to use fish. I get it how the game can't be easy, but with my fish already spent, I have to level up and only getting 1 fish. Then I thought of getting another cat. With it being so rare getting a cat it just seems useless to spend it on. Then upgrading is the next option, but when I get to the 3rd upgrade it demands 7 fish. It makes me buy fish with actual money
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10 years ago, SpartanJon1337
Great game.
I like the game a lot. I think the game is very creative,very fun and very cute. One of the only things that bothers me is after you quit it reminds you to play again. The other is that of you don't play every week you can lose your cats. It needs a purchasable feeding system. To those people who are complaining about the in app purchases. With eight dollars you can buy a pirate ship and nearly every cat and it removes the adds. All in all, I think is a worthy download for anyone.
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10 years ago, Laprieto13
One of the best games, but...
I love this game very much! I've unlocked a lot of kitties and unlocked a new ship. I've played it quite a bit for about a month now. But something happened along the way, an update I suppose, but now certain items are a lot more expensive and require more fish. And I had my ship upgraded but now my ship's health has decrease for some reason. It's pretty disappointing. Hopefully they fix that.
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10 years ago, Jeruster
Nyan Nya Kat's family!
Hey there everyone, I've got one word for ya... CATS! Haha, I had just downloaded this game this evening and I am having a blast! How cool can this game get?!?! I unlocked a Goku and he fires Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha's!!! Haha, this game is wonderful and yet simple! Don't forget the cute cats, save them before they get tired! XD I am ever looking so forward to the future updates and additional content in this superb game! I highly recommend this to those like CATS 0__0 We'll see you out there Cat Cadet! -Mr. Meows out (=^-^=)
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10 years ago, Mikey_Bloop
Great but could be a lot better.
This app is really great! Who doesn't love little cartoon cats! Only criticism is that after you get more cats the amount needed to buy more cats increases which is stupid because after 3 new cats your stuck with them and have to use in app purchases to get more fish. Same when upgrading them. At a certain level before they get a new weapon it requires fish to upgrade.
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9 years ago, Mishmasch
Great game!!! 😺 #GottaMakeCatEmojiCuter!
I have been playing this game since it launched on IOS, and it keeps getting better and better, especially after these last few updates, crashing was rare, gameplay was fluid, and there are more kitties galore! I recommend this game to anyone with even the smallest amount of time on their hands and who adores cats (heck even dog owners'll have fun)! Kitty on!
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10 years ago, Bobqwe73?
Fun but limited gameplay
The game is pretty easy and fun to play. Only problem is that if you want to upgrade the cats past lvl3 you need to pay 5 fish(which requires money or obtained through level up) and I'm going to assume it's like that for all upgrades including the ship and stuff. The five lives isn't a big deal unless you plan on playing for a really long time. Each life can last a decent time if you know what you are doing. All in all a decent game if only everything did not require in app purchases. The developers said they are going to change it so maybe wait until an update.
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10 years ago, Heffarey
Fun game, update crashed it :(
Really fun game combining a tower defense and endless runner genre exactly what I was looking for. The recent update with the added bonus levels made it even better, but now the normal game mode crashes randomly around the end of the first boss. Hopefully will get fixed gave four stars because of crashing if fixed would definitely rate 5 stars.
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10 years ago, Zensus
This game is funny looking at first,but as you play you realize that this is more than cute kittens. It's a game where it takes time to build up your cats to gain the strength to move on IAP are not necessary here people. It's called playing the game or "grinding". It's meant to be played over a long period of time. Overall I enjoy it very much. I'm going to play again. Get it
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8 years ago, Gracegsx
*Unique Game* Adorably Cute & Immensely Fun!
I don't normally write reviews but felt this one deserved it for being so FUN & UNIQUE. Also dangerous kitties are just so cute! Also I felt many of the lower ratings were undeserved. Yes the game has IAPs, but it is a free game after all and has a right to try and make income. I have not felt the need to purchase any IAPs yet to enjoy it. Like most games that use energy, you just have to be patient for it to refill. Also there are ways to extend gameplay just by watching a video on infinite mode. Also you can get free stuff by watching videos. The few pop up ads are not obtrusive. This is definitely worth checking out! Enjoy & have fun!
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10 years ago, AnaBanana02
Great game but crashes are frustrating
This game is so much fun and addicting but the past 2 days it has been crashing in the middle of my levels which is very frustrating because then I lose my cookies and I have to wait until I can get more to play again but nothing is saving. I will update this review to 5 stars after the crashes are fixed. I can't play the game if it's just gonna keep crashing. But when it doesn't crash it is definitely my favorite app
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10 years ago, Girulem
So very fun BUT
Iap are everywhere in this game, it is sad how an industry is slowly being reduced to flim-flams and car salespeople. This game like many others is a fun casual game yet every turn I'm reduced to not progressing or spending money. Oh you want a new cat? Make an Iap, want to upgrade your cat? Make an Iap, want to play longer than 5 minutes? Make an Iap! When an app (I dare use the word game at this point) wants you to spend money time and time again, that app can no longer be called a game. Rather it likens itself to the flash scams of the 90s.
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9 years ago, Tina Goldie fuzzy daisy ginger
EPIC But One Thing
The game is completely awesome. I recommend downloading it. One thing though. After every game, you only get one coin. To the creators, I just wanna know if it could be easier to get coins. Even if u lose, it should depend on how many flags you capture or how many people you kill. Other than that, the game is super fun!
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10 years ago, Gladiator4Adonai
This game is fun. Good way to spend time. But I have to pay to play? Usually that just means it's extremely hard to carry on enjoyably without paying a lot of cash. But literally you CANNOT play. At all. Seriously. It's THAT ridiculous. Whatever you do, don't buy into the scam. That lets them know that they can get away with cheating people out of their money. We keep falling into this bullcrap, and people will keep making these apps that steal our money. Stop letting this crap happen, support REAL games. Not programs attached to our wallets.
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