Navigant Credit Union

4.8 (5.5K)
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Navigant Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Navigant Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Caleb Lindsey
A step backward
I’ve had this app for a few years and I’ve been impressed with the design work that’s gone into it over the last few updates. However, this previous update that changed how the transactions appear within an account I think is a step backwards. The previous design wasn’t great but it was easier to distinguish than just plain bold text in all caps.
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3 years ago, POKITOOL
Mobile deposit instructions are not clear.
Website tells you to write for mobile deposit only but when you realize no deposit has gone through and you don’t receive a notification and call them they tell you to put for Ncr mobile deposit only.
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3 years ago, Valued Customer123
Paid bills r not deducted from checking acct balance
This app needs fixing. Consistently, a bill will be shown under my “recently paid” list on Bill Pay, but the balance is still not deducted from my checking acct until days later, effectively giving me a falsely inflated checking acct balance. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Phillycheese413
Improvement suggestion
Overall the app works fine the problem that I have is with the mobile deposit the camera stabilization is very poor and you need to hold the camera gyroscopicly stable for it to take a picture there are other mobile apps that I use for banking that are much easier to capture the check image Hopefully the developers will see this and improve the camera software
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3 months ago, Lodroh
Change for the worst
I'm not sure that the end user experience was considered. This new version supports business accounts and thus removes the need for the business app. Sounds great until you learn that you must log out and re-authenticate every time you want to switch accounts. Face-ID is essentially rendered useless as the configuration only sticks with the last configured account. Navigant went from 2 apps with easy authentication with Face-ID to a single app which inevitably requires typing your password whenever you want to switch accounts.
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10 months ago, Sandy winders
I pay my car bill directly from the app and it works so good for me - always informative with when there are updates for the app & it is very easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, That guy 1994
Navigant credit union app
App is easy to use. They also have a help section that will get you to a branch or customer service rep. Simple and clean nothing to distract you or clutter up your screen.
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5 years ago, Navigant Customer
Great experience
First time with a credit union and so far extremely pleased with their product offerings, service and ease of website and app use. Can highly recommend.
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5 years ago, KingDiondre
Needs search option
The app is pretty good, but it would be better if we could search for specific transactions.
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6 years ago, Warn & Cool
Traveling and Banking Made Easy
Banking never has been made easier while all the features of our hometown credit union from anywhere we travel!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Eden Cross
The app is simple, easy to navigate. I have signed up for additional accounts after I put in the request for my first and it was all through here. And the Face ID log in is a huge help.
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2 years ago, Msmith508
Works much better now
Finally! Txt/sms and face id authentication. If it’s not working for you, call them and they’ll fix your account.
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3 years ago, Dawn Casey-Rowe
Good app, awful mobile bill pay
The app itself is great but the bill pay comes up in 2 font, as if it were a mobile browser page. Unusable. The credit union blamed the vendor but I use plenty of good mobile banking apps. That part needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, @ +
Great app
Very pleased with this app. When we first took out the auto loan in 2013, they didn’t offer online banking. Now they do and with the’s just so easy. Well done!
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5 years ago, WillyWonka78
Grey App-When it Works
The app is great, however it takes forever to load up. Clicking on your accounts tabs displays “loading” for quite some time. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that didn’t fix the issue.
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5 years ago, Mmonaha
NCU is a great bank but the app is a little wonky
Some checks cant capture or be accepted so I have to use other banking apps to deposit. also with a $10k max I can’t even pay off my credit card bill. So again, I need to rely on other banks to do my day to day banking.
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4 years ago, kobej569
Needs little work
Wish I could transfer money from one account to the other or better yet from one bank to another I don’t know if I’m not seeing that option but that would make the app a lot better
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2 years ago, ADS1955
Banking App
The App is easy to use and has every function you could want. What more can I say.
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1 month ago, Joe42422
Been With Navigant for approximately 23 years, give or take. Have nothing to say except for AWESOME! I even recruited new members trough out the years for you… 😉😁 Keep up the GREAT work!
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3 years ago, primahower
I do not why I waited so long to avail of this service!!! Sure beats driving to your bank office to deposit one check. More so now in this fraught COVID19 times. Gratefully yours,Prima
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9 months ago, grandma blue hair
I usually go to East Providence all the tellers are helpful and friendly. My Favoriate branch. Although others are really good too.
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2 years ago, jonnyfirstday
Navigant credit union is awesome
Definitely recommend anyone to get Navigant credit union they are one of a kind !!!
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4 months ago, HummingbirdDawn
Equity loan
Great banking experience. Loan process was done in a timely fashion. I am now switching all of my banking needs to Navigant!!
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11 months ago, Beth03225
Picture of check
Trying to take a picture of the back is almost impossible
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2 years ago, Trinity Matthews
Very user friendly, helpful, and efficient.
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4 years ago, ajdepetrillo
Good app but buggy
Overall very solid app but some annoying bugs such as every time i login i get a cash back deal notification and reinstalling the app does not help
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5 years ago, kaykaywood
Not happy
Frequently have to deposit check pictures, sometimes so frustrating I have to find a location to deposit. Which is very hard to pass there aren’t many. This makes me want to change banks.
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3 years ago, RI Devil Dog
Great service
Excellent customer service
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5 years ago, Fcfjdfhdfvt
To slow
Log in is fine but after that tooooo sloooow
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4 years ago, pgobern
Withdrawal and bill pay
this app does not give you actual balance in your account
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3 years ago, Treecimo
Amazing Platform!
Easy & Accurate To Use!
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2 years ago, jn-4
App needs updates
App needs to be up dated a bit
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2 years ago, PubShorty
It makes my life easier
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2 years ago, $molly
So far. Lol
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2 years ago, supersloth420
Never sent me a debit card. I can’t afford to keep this account open. I need help.
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11 years ago, cosby01
Little bank in a little state
For a bank located only in the smallest state in the country I'm always amazed at Navigant's sophistication and professionalism on all levels of banking from products offered to customer service (and the HUGE plus when I call the bank and instantly getting a real person to talk to). They've done it again with a very clean looking and functional app for their RI customers. It works just like the mobile version of the website (which I also like). The interface is dead simple, very functional and so much appreciated. Perhaps the ability to add payees from the app could be useful upgrade. Way to Navigant on a very fine app for your growing legion of customers.
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6 years ago, GalvaJ
Performance and Security
I don't know why, but since the last several series of updates to the app, everything takes really long to load when it used to be virtually instant. The app loading after password entry, or switching which account I'm viewing, or going to the check deposit screen it always takes about a full minute to load anything which is really frustrating when you're trying to complete a task quickly. Also, 4 years into iPhones having TouchID, this bank app STILL doesn't support TouchID while so many other banking apps have done so for years. What's the hold up? Rated 3 stars because the app offers most of the functions I need, but the slow performance and lack of security and convenience features such as TouchID leave a lot to be desired.
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11 years ago, Tipbee
I've been a NCU member for the last few years and I've always appreciated how professional and friendly they are. I was very happy to find out that they finally made a mobile banking app. I've downloaded it onto both my phone and iPad. It is a very clean and easy app to navigate through and understand. Just used it to pay a phone bill and it was easy-peasy. Especially love the Locations button, for some reason I always need help finding the closest branch to me wherever I am. So glad I have all of this information on the go now. Thank you NCU!
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8 years ago, Vendaface
Mobile Deposit & Touch ID ftw
Been using this app for years - now not only is Navigant an awesome CU, but their app is essential. The addition of Mobile Deposit made handling checks SO much more convenient (they improved it even more in this release - tap anywhere on the screen to take the picture), and now Touch ID access makes opening the app worlds easier. Next request: Enhance mobile bill pay so we can see payment history.
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9 years ago, ColeB2002
Navigant rocks!!!
I absolutely love Navigant and the fact that they have this app available. Only con is with the new update I would like to be able to only see accounts I am primary on. Since I am on family members accounts all the accounts my name appears on are now on my "home screen" when I click view accounts. I'd rather just see the ones I am primary on because it can get a little confusing.
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9 years ago, Auntie-Martha
No longer works on 1st gen iPad
I was forced to update to the May 2014 update on my 1st gen iPad and can no longer use this app because it will only work with a 6.0 or higher iPad. As usual people who take care of things for long life get aced out by modern technology. It's very unfair and a way for greedy people to make money. If anyone has found a way around this I would love to hear it.
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11 years ago, Maryct70
Great App
Used this for the first time last week. The App ran smoothly while performed a balance transfer, and paid some bills. Much more responsive and sophisticated than the online site! Navigant does a great job at keeping up with 'the big banks'. Products like this make me glad that we do our banking here!
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9 years ago, gmttttttttt
Mobile deposit is broken!!!!
It used to work fine and I loved it. Now I just finished trying to deposit two checks for the fourth time. There's always some problem that they get rejected. One edge is cut off, the image it too small the image is blurry. I frame the check in the guide and when I take the picture it's off to the side, cuts off the end of the check, all kinds of trouble. It's definitely not the picture I saw on the screen when I pressed the shutter button.
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11 years ago, Sleepycheezithorselover
Works great
App is well organized. Even easier to pay bills with this app than the full computer version. Would like to be able to at least view payee address, account #, etc. - ability to edit payees would be better still.
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8 years ago, Thommy SMA
A great help
I use the app all the time for checking that payments have cleared and keeping track of current balances. I still prefer to do the bill payments from the website. Between the two, I've not been inside the bank since 2010.
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9 years ago, Dcb401
Great app... Mostly
Mobile deposit crashes all the time when I take pic of check on my iPhone 4s. This has happened along with every update. Very Frustrating!!! Everything else is good.
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9 years ago, Abbytess
Makes my life easier.
This morning I did not have to drive to the bank and wait in line to make a deposit. I did it from home, in my pajamas, while having coffee. Wonderful!!!
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8 years ago, Jesh88
Bill paying dates
I would love it if the payment didn't take so long to clear the bank and came out the next day instead of 4-5 days after paying it. Otherwise I love the ease of online mobile banking.
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9 years ago, Toah Hill Foster RI
Great credit union app
I really appreciate Navigant giving us the benefits of a modern online bank as well as the local personal service of a credit union. A great app- very functional Only wish the limit was higher for online check deposits.
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10 years ago, ButterflyGirlinRI
LOVE the app!!
For both my iPhone and iPad....I can accomplish 95% of all my banking needs with it. That being said, I still enjoy going into the branches and meeting some of the happiest bank employees I've ever met. Great job, NCU! Been with you since '99, best decision I ever made.
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