NB|AZ Mobile Banking

4.7 (4.5K)
97 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZB, N.A.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NB|AZ Mobile Banking

4.75 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Stray Katt
iPhone Finger ID Log On doesn’t work
Just installed the app on my IPhone 8 and the Finger Print Log in doesn’t work. It works with my other accounts on my phone. I even called Customer Support and had them walk me through the install process and still it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, ArizonaListening
Not Customer Friendly
I’ve been a customer for many years. Usually apps get better for customer use, who knew it would get impossible to use. It takes many prompts to find a transaction because most are listed by merchant number instead of business name, which takes you into an a journey of several prompts to determine the transaction and reconcile your account. Then when you go back to main page to continue on the app starts all over, it does not pick up where you left off so you will need to memorize the merchant numbers to know where to proceed. Another new feature is when you go to your credit card transactions you are logged out of the NB/AZ app and will need to log on again (fingerprint or password) if you want to go back. In the days of being dependent on quick easy access to your money/account this is the worst app ever. The bank says it’s for customer protection, I guess that means the frustration level would make a criminal give up.
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4 years ago, cindyinaz
Limited features, not user friendly
Many times the instructions given for making a correction or change are impossible to complete. For example I was in one of our accounts and needed to change email address in profile. Instructions say to go to online banking and select preferences. In the mobile app there is no”online banking” selection to choose so I left the app and googled the website and selected online banking but then there was no “preferences” selection and no way, that I could see, to login. It has been my experience that the app is not user friendly and offers very little in ability to manage your information ie address changes, email changes, closing account etc. The account view of transactions is very difficult to decipher and is limited in information it provides as far running balance etc
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6 years ago, jaecoman
Great app, two major annoyances
This app does every thing I need but the new layout has an annoyance. It used to be extremely easy to find the area to transfer money, make deposits and other account maintenance tasks. Now there is a big + sign at the bottom of the app where these functions are all tucked away at. It’s not very intuitive and understanding where these functions are hidden isn’t easy to find the first time. The previous app design had a much better, easier to use layout, even if it wasn’t the more sleek, modern interface it is now. The second annoyance is the updates. Every time the app updates, touch ID is disabled and you have to re-enter a password. It get’s really tiresome having to enter a password after every update.
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5 months ago, Mikey's Orc
An app for my banking needs for NBAZ that’s user friendly but prone to problems
The pros: The layout of this app is a good layout and easy to navigate. When this app does work, it gets the job done 👍 The cons: This app has given me a variety of problems. From loading issues to login issues, etc. this app can be frustrating. There’s also times where the summary of my accounts doesn’t come up and where things fail to load completely. Between three financial apps I have, this one has given me the most problems. Some insight: Although I do live in Mexico I live about an hour from the U.S. Mexican border. I have Wi-Fi. I also have a cell phone plan from a well known phone company that includes sufficient data coverage and size for Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Also, I have an American phone. One last note: I have been able to pretty much tell when I can use my phone to check my finances. I check offline when I have a nearly to complete cell phone signal. I check online when my Wi-Fi is working.
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6 years ago, Name_In_Use
Convenient. However...
The app is very convenient and useful. Makes life very easy as far as banking with them. However, I miss the extra convenience of just using my thumbprint to log in. I used to be able to use it, then a couple updates went by and couldn’t anymore. That is the only issue that I have. Perhaps also adding the option to change account settings like address change and what not from the app would be nice too. That’s just another bonus if we can get it.
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4 years ago, iEpiChris
App was working fine until.
This app was working perfectly. I only use it to check my balance. But apparently there’s a sign on error. I know my login info, but the app and website recently this week has been whacky with the servers. Now my account is locked for this reason. I’ve called customer service and it skips and it’s impossible to hear what the button options were the first time. I called it again and pressed the number for account login management and it took me to a different option. Fix your crap or else you lose a customer and I switch to a better bank.
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5 years ago, A1c Logan
Easy to use but software is trash
From a glance it’s organized easy to use all in all pretty good banking app until you reset your password and sign in. Did that made sure it was perfectly type and uppercase sensitive and called customer support and they had no idea what was wrong the only advise they would give me was uninstall and reinstall. Was good for a while but now it’s useless. I am in the military and stationed away from home and now have no way to access my account online. Definitely will be changing banks
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3 years ago, Prescott dave
Worst App of all I hold
I’ve had the biz app since NBA had an app. It was completely unstable and I averaged at least one support call a month to get it working again. The last time I called was a week ago, when NBA IT convinced me to try the personal app. Now I just got off the phone again because the personal app isn’t working. I’m pulling my money out of NBA today.
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6 years ago, Herk33
Saves time and money
Using the mobile app saves us a 28 mile round trip to the bank. We like that convenience. We’ve had very few instances where the app was not available. It would be helpful if the app allowed my iPad to save the user I’d and password, but it’s good for memory cells to have to put it in every time.
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2 years ago, proofpuller
Lost access to my login
Suddenly last week, about April 1, I tried to log into my account to check my balance, I received a message: Application failed try again. After several attempts, I gave up. Today, April 6, I managed to log in through Microsoft Edge and obtain my balance. But once in, there was no way to log out. I had to reboot my phone. After that, I could not log back in. I deleted the app from my phone and reloaded it. It failed to load. What is going on at National Bank of Arizona?
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2 years ago, Bluice12 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Always a pleasure doing business with NBAZ
NBAZ (National Bank of Arizona), has always been good to me and even went the extra mile at times to do right by me as a customer. I've been with several big banks before and had to take my business elsewhere... Glad I came across NBAZ!
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2 years ago, Susan Tucson
Love the freedom!
This app gives me the freedom to do so much while on the go! My bank accounts get checked every day and I can look at my credit card transactions anytime! I like transferring funds, bill pay, and monitoring scheduled payments. Thanks NBA
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4 years ago, Tylor Noe
Not the most user friendly and doesn’t seem to work a lot lately.
This app was great for the first few years I used it but it seems that anytime I try to check my account balance lately I can’t get on the app and that’s pretty frustrating. I don’t understand how you can call this a service when you can’t even give me the most basic of things that I need in a banking app.
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7 months ago, M & L H.
Pending Transactions
I love the app. However, I do have one disappointment: I would like to see pending transactions. It’s frustrating to see an available balance far lower than the actual balance and not be able to see why. Other than that, the app is great.
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6 months ago, W T Flag ?
No Zeros Now?? Numbers instead of Debit names ???
WHAT IS GOING ON THERE ???? Omg … I think because you dropped the ZEROS from the beginning of the accounts, that now auto pays aren’t going through & probably have to be reset???? Also the series of numbers and letters at the BEGINNING of each transaction is NOT helpful at all!!! (from the customers view in your app OR on my statements) it’s way easier if we can see the NAME Of the business or transaction!!! Please fix these things!!! Thx
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3 years ago, Boompflumm
First Time
This is the first time that I have used the mobile deposit. It went very smoothly, easy to follow instructions, and went through very quickly. I am more than pleased. Thank you, Bonnie Pflumm
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2 years ago, Porthos67
I had to take the photo multiple times due to app cropping the image. Had to zoom farther out to capture the entire image. My other bank app shows dotted lines as to where to frame the check before taking the picture.
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3 years ago, lady maxc
New app
I have been a customer for many years, I love that the mobile deposit lets me do my deposit from home. I am disabled and do not drive so with the new app I no longer need to take a cab to the bank. Love it!
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3 years ago, Deb art
Ease of use
The app is easy to use always tells the balance on every account as well as the debits from the accounts
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2 years ago, AZRangerBob
Mobile app
Not as easy to use as the Bank of American mobile app. The mobile app needs to stay in the app instead of going to a new website. All payments including Visa should be in the payment section of the mobile app. This includes warning for due date so you don’t miss a payment.
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2 years ago, Sensei_Sala
Great Functionality
Truly a great app that offers all of the needed tools for banking to be seen easy to access. That being said some features are hidden more so then in your face so can cause confusion or discomfort. Overall is solid though. Thanks.
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3 years ago, sillymes
Worst update
The previous version was user friendly. The updated version is unusable. Despite several calls to their customer service line the app remains unusable. Trying to schedule payments when only 1/2 a screen is visible is impossible. It would actually be easier for me to walk the 7 miles to the nearest NBA location to do my banking than it is to try to wrangle with this newest update. It would also take less time.
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1 year ago, fiziks
They need to hire a teenager to write a new app
Horrible app. I can log into it online, but it won’t take my password on the app. It doesn’t allow you to do anything with your account. No mobile deposit. Very user NOT friendly. I’m sorry I didn’t go with another bank for business checking. The whole bank is pretty cheesy and things take 10 times longer than working with Chase.
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2 years ago, JDB5859
Mobile deposit
So much better to use than before. Much faster. Thanks for the upgrades.
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3 years ago, minordavRR
First time in Mobile Deposit
It was okay, but disappointing that the funds were not available immediately after deposit.
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2 years ago, J&G Real Estate
Sometime mobile deposits don’t recognize hand written checks
I really like NB of AZ - but sometimes mobile deposits don’t work and I need to drive to the bank - I hope this hiccup gets resolved
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6 years ago, Glamis Man
Great App
This app does and allows all my mobile banking needs. I have had no problems with anything from logging on to mobile deposits to transfers. Easy to use!
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3 years ago, peanuts1946
Check deposit
Quick Friendly and easy to use
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1 year ago, Sexy Eighty
Good service
My accounts have been with NBAZ for over 20 years. No issues, always good service.
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2 years ago, torkbyte
Check deposit is finicky
I got a promotion to try the online check deposit and it took me dozens of times to get it to work so to the additional numbers and letters printed on the corner of the check otherwise no complaints
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2 years ago, Student Nurse moo moo
Hard to navigate
I feel like the app could be improved. I feel it’s hard to navigate and it is not very user friendly. It’s not the worst out there but definitely could be improved!
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7 months ago, Bob335524633
Horrible upgrade
Now when I open my checking account I can’t see what each transaction is at a glance because most are proceeded by a long string of numbers that essentially block the text since the number of characters displayed are limited. Do they even run their idiotic ideas by real customers first?
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1 year ago, RayMSN
Inadequate app
I’ve used the app to make deposits, a few times after receiving a ‘success’ deposit, I later get a message that the deposit failed. Due to this, I have to drive to the bank which takes an hour to and from. I have never had a problem making online deposits with Wells Fargo.
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6 months ago, Wire66
New version is awful
The string of numbers in the transaction list make no sense to my human brain. The app worked perfectly before the latest version. The biometric unlock stopped working on my iPhone with the new version also. Please fix it soon.
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6 months ago, hienus anus
The service
Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Your service and help have always been stellar. Thank you all.
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3 years ago, Titovr
It works fine.
The app can be improve on user interface and security. Can add another extra layer of security like two step verification passcode after signed in with the user and password.
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6 years ago, FUBAR+
Good app
I love this app. I can do my banking from anywhere. I did have some trouble finding transfers after the update but NBofA was very helpful. The app is easy to use and I love it.
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2 years ago, Cougars1986!
Love the smooth navigation
Love the updates so much easier to navigate
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7 months ago, Rurrrell
App update is worse than before. No pending transactions.
The app was fine as it was. Since running the upgrade though I am no longer able to see pending transactions. This is very frustrating and I hope the bank fixes this issue with the app soon.
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2 years ago, vegas2019LV
Antiquated system
It too 5 try’s for remote deposit. Kept saying not accepted. It does not have the auto capture feature like other bigger banks. One day, NBA will hopefully come into this century and upgrade their systems.
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2 years ago, Hydra's Dad
Transferring money between accounts is very easy
Well Done and Easy To Use
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2 years ago, Bbuuggyy
I love this App and their easy process throughout depositing, moving, and transferring funds! Any other banking app is not as easy or straightforward as National Bank of AZ’s app!
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6 years ago, whitechair
Great to be able to deposit without leaving the house.
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2 years ago, someguyALSO
July 18th update broke login and challenges users to captchas that are never visible on screen. The app has been a mess since the big overhaul that made it worse to use, including having to spawn a browser to do anything with the a credit card which is a huge security problem.
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6 years ago, AEJ4498
Bad app
I have been having trouble with this app to many times now. Latest is that I got kicked out of my mobile banking. Had to reset my password on the website. Now it will only log me in if I review my security questions. Would help if the app would take me there. Horrible design.
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11 months ago, wild child at 69
Wonderful app. Great bank. Can’t recommend any higher. Thanks
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3 years ago, Regaleagle59
Mobile banking
So convenient and easy to use
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2 years ago, Onlymeaka
Ever since the conversation I cannot open the app in the newer version or updated Apple software. Contacted Apple, went to the bank, tried to call the bank and nobody seems to know why it won’t work on my phone. Sad as it was working fine prior to all the changes.
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7 years ago, Mrs che
Terrible app
I couldn't get the app to load. So I updated my phone and the app still wouldn't open. So I deleted the app and re downloaded it and now it won't download. The app constantly freezes and takes forever to load when it does work. I reported the problem Today. Anyone else having these issues?
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