NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

4.8 (1.4M)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

4.76 out of 5
1.4M Ratings
4 years ago, fguerra2999
Developers please read
Overall I think this is a great game. The gameplay for mobile is amazing and it’s entertaining. The only thing I ask from developers is to give us a little more control of in game control and rules. Give us the option to turn off auto pass because I’ll be driving down the court ready to pull up and I let off the directional stick for one second and my player automatically fires a pass that I didn’t press for that often leads to a turnover, which is really annoying. Give us options as to allow which calls to be made in game, for example the three second violation I feel glitches a lot because my player will be called for three seconds but he’s not even in the paint which again results in an annoying unnecessary turnover. Lastly give us a few more ways to earn coins, I get y’all trying to make money and I respect but maybe adding coins as a prize for completing a season and winning the finals would be good. That way we’re still earning the coins by playing the game and it gives people like me who really can’t spare money because it’s so tight now a days a chance to get coins to buy packs and level up my teams/players. Anyway like I said overall this is a great game and I love playing it it’s really fun and worth the download. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a new game.
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4 years ago, hacknslash1985
Really annoying issues
First let me say I still like playing it I just think these things need to be improved on. First thing that I want to talk about and it drives me crazy is some times and it seems like it happens frequently is I’ll make a player take a shot and the player will do that and the ball will bounce around on the rim not go anywhere near out of bounds and then fall into the basket or bounce off the rim and players will attempt to rebound it but before either of those things happens I get an out of bounds call. Really annoying problem. I also deal with I knock a ball loose and the ai players after I knock it loose will run away from the ball instead of towards it. And the last thing is when your defending and it happens all to often to me at least where a guy will get stuck in his defensive stance and run really slow. I think if these issues get fixed I’ll enjoy the game a lot more. Like I said I still play it. Oh and there was one other thing I wanted to say and it doesn’t have to do with fixing anything. So you have the domination mode that you can play and you earn point for taking over another city. Why not give point for defending the city successfully and on top of that of you defend it more than once you get more point until you reach a certain point like defending your city five times maxed it out and every time you defend after that those points are what you get whenever you defend until the city is taken from you. Just a thought.
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4 years ago, aaron vincent v
Great game, but another thing..
This game is super fun but all I ask is that we could be able to listen to bops while playing, that would make the experience so much more enjoyable- thanks! Hey, I was playing an online match I was guaranteed to win, I was totally crushing this dude who had more trophies then me and he was using players that were too low for my 5th team.. and then I just slid up on my phone to turn the brightness down cuz I was on 10% and then I got disqualified from my match. Sometimes I can answer quick messages and come back to my game but simply lowering the brightness made me lose what a possible gold pack? What’s up with that? Also I feel like this game is hella fair, besides the coin system which basically lets you pay two dollars for a little over a month’s worth of the checklist (cuz there’s a chance u get the impossible vert jump and get set back 15 coins) and the sets system where I just got my first diamond after logging in for a month and have plenty of Sapphires but am still missing a single gold player to finish the set, plus it’s nearly impossible to finish the emerald set cuz they seem rarer than the ruby’s and sapphire’s.. regardless the normal set system isn’t really an issue at all, but it could be improved. Anyways keep making this game better and I’ll stay ballin!
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2 years ago, yeeetmaker47
Why I believe you really need to get this game!
Ok so basically here’s my life story, just kidding!! The reason I think you should get this game is because if you do not fell like grinding this game just quit after playing for a little while because when you come back they shower you with gifts and in my opinion it’s quite amazing. They will give you ruby players and a whole lot of coins to spend. Also, once it gives you that reward, each game you play you get to pick a random tiles from a board which can give you amazing rewards like opal players which are crazy. I played this game for about like 1 month and then I quit for a year without deleting it and I went from like a 300 power which is the worst to a 15,000+ power which is actually super high, and crazy. I also have a black diamond, at least I think it’s that it might be like opal or something like that but it is like a 3,000 and something curry and he makes like every three it becomes dumb. Like he will drop 15 points in like 2 minutes which is actually really really good going against really high powered teams. That’s my take on this incredible game, thank you, and have a ammmmmmmmmmazing day (or night). *get this game I swear it is worth it* Truly sincere, BeeswarmsimII guy thingy ma jig
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2 years ago, hsidlsjs
This game is 🔥
This game is so goooooooood. Over 3 months ago I made a review on how bad it was, but that is just because I lost the finals. :/ But I love this game now. I wanted to rewrite the review a month ago but I was to lazy. This new update though is AMAZINGGGGGGGG!! There is finally a new update and there are four quarters in one game which I’m so happy about because it makes the game more realistic. One thing that I don’t like is the reward drills. I really don’t like the box jump because the last one is so hard so can you guys please make the box jump to 6 instead of 7. And also when I finish all the drills I sometimes get amethyst when before the update I was getting onyx and diamond and I am around pink diamond and diamond. Also can you make like a ankle breaker effect, and one more thing can you also add a green effect to cuz I’ve been dieing for that for so long. But yeah this is a really fun game and I recommend it if you love basketball or don’t have a PS4, PS5 or Xbox or PC or anything. It’s still fun if you do but when I’m away and I left my PS5 it’s amazing game if your craving basketball. Anyways this game is super fun and keep going guys this is just getting better and better.
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2 years ago, Father of Great Kids
Player Usage
I genuinely enjoy the game and honestly I rarely spend money on it, but I do spend from time to time. However, I noticed that when you complete the daily login each month, for example, I can earn a Galaxy Opal player for logging in for 28 days, I tend to get players that play the same position. This doesn’t really enhance my team other than adding them to one of my secondary teams. I would push to give us more leeway to use the players how we see fit rather than by position. In the current NBA, positions are basically nonexistent at this point. Anthony Davis is listed as a PF and I can only use him in that spot, but he does play the C position as well. LeBron James is listed as a SF, but he is used more often than not as a PG. Having the option to put a pink diamond LeBron at PG over a lower Diamond Damian Lillard and having the ability to also use my Pink Diamond Kevin Durant at the same time would make it a lot more fun. When getting into the Domination events specifically, the same players tend to win and cash in on the awards because they spend a ton of money on the game, but it makes it not worthwhile for those who don’t spend their entire paycheck to win. Having the ability to mix and match rather than being tied to strict positions would make for better competition and better gameplay.
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3 years ago, lolwutoo
game depends on money
Simply put, the game depends on money. The majority of sports games now depend on money, so it’s not such a big deal. Still, the game depends on players, which need coins. You’ll usually get around 60 coins doing your tasks which you can do again around 6 hours. Additionally, you buy energy for other game-modes, but that costs money. I understand you can wait to get some of the energy, but having to wait for 10 minutes just to play a half of a game gets old. And then there’s packs. To get very good players, you have to get usually more than 2000 coins for a player that may not even be guaranteed! There’s another problem, how if you want to stay alive in head-to-head, you have to use three point shooters. It feels like your just having to get good luck in order to stay in a game. Whoever has better luck, 3 point shooters, and rebounders, they win. The other problems are matchmaking and the bad lag, the latter possibly being me. Matchmaking is not that good, you’ll have a all gold team and your match will have a all emerald team. Otherwise, it’s a good game and you should download it. I think on a scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 3.8. Pretty good graphics, the animations are moderately smooth, and a good variety of game modes, just don’t give too much money away to this game.
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4 years ago, Savageviper1111
Bad modes that require too much time
The mods in this game are sooo bad like why is there a mod that requires you to constantly check the game like every 20 minutes a day like because I like the game does not mean I’m going to play if for 24 hours like what the heck the domination mod is soo Annoying in the rules it doesn’t say how everything works I had to personally research how it works how do you put a game mod and not show the full rules sometimes I think you guys are not even trying by the way this game is pay to win but I’m not going to spend a dime on you stingy idiots we’ve had this stupid modes for tooo long can’t you guys bring Something new to the game the game is boring there is only on mode for actually playing the game, that is seasons and it gets boring and also why would you guys make a myplayer mod that is offline are the developers retarded like this game is a trash I’m not surprised and thing that has to do with take two interactive is bad look they have ruined the GTA company not they are ruining 2k freak take two I hope they shut down all they want is money they don’t even care about the fan i know nobody is going to respond because unlike epic games you guys don’t respond, there is also a glitch with the backboard there is a place in the backboard if the ball hits it says out of bound which isn’t possible because a backboard in in the country it has happened to me about 30 times it’s soo annoying
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6 years ago, Snakilizer167
Great gameplay besides it being all P2W
It’s safe to say the graphics have had a massive improvement compared to NBALM. The characters look almost real, have facial animations and body animations not seen before on mobile, besides NBALM. The cutscenes make it all the more closer to a 2K experience, and the ones on the bench and crowd always react to my dunks, making it more exciting for me. The one thing about the gameplay that bothers all of us is the fact that you can barely shoot and make it in, even with a green shot. The defense is also pretty bad in some moments, but it doesn’t bother me much. Now the in-app purchases honestly kill me. There is almost no way to earn coins, besides doing league which only gives you 5 coins, and keep in mind that most packs are like 2,000 coins, and you only have stamina for three league matches, meaning you would have to cough up money, more than $40 I’d imagine if you want a slight chance of earning gold cards or above. The other way is through daily objectives, but even that’s a grind sometimes because you earn 35 coins for completing 5 daily objectives. The progression is very slow due to that and me not wanting to spend money on this. That progress will keep you with crappy cards for a while, but grind through it, and someday you’ll get good.
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9 months ago, landotheking of minecraft
This game is awesome. It’s just so rigged. During the events, if an npc has only a my team pwr 1,000 higher than my pwr, I miss all of my shots. I would be wide open, shooting with my point guard, and airball? Another thing, when I am winning, only like 4 seconds left on the clock and the other team only needs one more 3 to win, they make the hardest shot ever for the win. One time, I kept having to redo this tourney because they kept making half court shots, full court shots, and it was annoying. Also, whenever I am dribbling the ball into the paint, and the other team’s pwr is higher than my by like 1,000, I will lose the ball immediately and they would steal the ball, and go for the dunk, layup, or shot. It is very annoying. Just because the other team’s pwr is higher by only 1000, doesnt mean you have to make me always lose the ball, miss, airball, and more! Please fix this. It is very annoying. One last thing, if you could lower the prices for the packs, that’d be amazing! There was one pack that was like 15,000 coins if I remember, and I checked how much that was, that was over $100 for virtual cards! So please, fix this. But overall, amazing game. I love the new Victor update! (I don’k know how to spell the last name) So keep up the work, and please can you fix this rigged situation? 😄
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4 years ago, ihopethisoneisnottaked
Good game but needs tweaking and balancing.
The game is great but you could have a 2900 power team and still struggle a lot to beat a 2500 power team. Needs some tweaking. Most of my shots will be released on the gold/green color and still only make about 40% of my shots when uncontested. The AI seems to make about 75% of their shots wether contested or not. Crafting cards should also be more rewarding. The way it’s set up, by the time you’re able to craft a good card your team is already so good that the card you crafted is not good enough for your team. The game is amazing, just needs to be balanced a bit in my opinion. Another thing is packs are wayyyyy too expensive when your team gets past 2000 power. You either need to get REALLY lucky getting the best player on a cheap pack or spend $50 to get ONE good player. should also offer better players in more expensive packs. I’d hate to buy a pack for 2,500 coins and only get a useless 900 rated green card. (It happened) Picks are also very unrewarding. Most of my resets are either rings or keys which are useless because by the time you have enough rings to craft your team is already way past that tier. I’ve been in the Amethyst tier for about a week. I’ve gotten like 40 resets and only one NONE of those have been an Amethyst player. However I have gotten about 4-5 amethyst rings....
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2 years ago, pofgarbage
Cringy way to beg for my dollars
I enjoyed playing this game until a few things happened that turned me off the game. * pack odds are laughable. The odds of getting the highest card in the packs is 1%🤔🤦🏾‍♂️ why on earth would I buy a pack of cards knowing I have a 1% chance of getting the cards? Odds should be 10% at the very least… The stats don’t change no matter what player I have. You could have an ruby Lebron and it will play the exact same and make and miss the exact same shots as an dark matter Lebron. The fact you have to put money into the game just makes me want to turn it off Gameplay is ok until you defender runs all the way into the key to protect the paint. Which is nothing wrong except they do this with every guard position in transition so it leaves you defensive assignment wide open everytime. This is what made me quit the game as of yesterday. Also why do we leave shooters like Steph curry open 🧐 why are there lower power cards Abel to cheese on a mobile game with a controller🧐 why is this game able to have a controller when we already have 2k on console🧐 why does every 2k game get exploited🧐 what I mean is why does ppl left right cheese YET; the defense can’t keep up 🧐 2k you’ve lost a valuable customer🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ So with all that said 2k took my money but they will not receive anymore. Idk if these companies want longevity from their customers or just an impulsive buy🤷🏿‍♂️🤔
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1 year ago, insanly good,
I’ve been playing this game for multiple months now, and I’ve gotten fairly good at the game. And I think the game is extremely well made as a whole! The only issue is the lag. I’ve been getting SO much lag lately. While my iPad is good enough to handle the game at a solid level, there are many areas in which you could fix or change some things. For example, the crowds. I feel that the biggest issue with lag is the crowds. If I go into the drills and I get a 3 on 3 or full court drive, it is silky smooth. But if I go into a tourney match, I get a heavy frame rate drop. If you could add a disable crowds switch, that would help a LOT. Another issue with the game is the graphics. I love the graphics, and I heavily adore them. But they can get in the way of the overall experience. I think of big part of it is the “RTX” of sorts. And I’m aware that there is no true RTX. It’s just that the players can be a little too realistic and the clothing too animated. I don’t think that’s a big part of the lag, but it is definitely one of them. Other than that, I think that this game is VERY well made and fun to play for long periods of time. WOULD RECOMMEND!!!
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11 months ago, Admiral_Swish
Devs please read
I really love this game but I have some suggestions. First of all, I’m playing tourneys in the topaz series and I still mananged to get only a 2000 PWR player. I think you should increase the chances of great players the further you go into the game and the higher your PWR becomes. But you shouldn’t increase it so much, that you can get courtside series lamelo by playing for 3 days. Also, you should add some more players and more cards for these players, like Jordan Poole . His lower PWR rating is 44,000 which is a lot. So you should add cards with lower PWR for some players. My final suggestion is to make players be able to play 2 positions, take Jordan Poole again for example. He is a shooting guard, but he should be able to play point guard too. Lebron may be a small forward, but he should be able to play power forward too. Please add this feature, because I’m sure there are a lot of players out there with a 60k PWR Tatum but they can’t use him because they have a 70k power jimmy butler. This feature would be useful in this case, because if you still had maybe a 30k power Power forward, you could put tatum in power forward. PLEASE ADD THESE FEATURES
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3 years ago, TurtlePizza
This game is absolutely awesome. I love getting to play this game. But there are just a few things I would definitely love for you to put in the game. First of all, I love playing the matches but they’re just way way way to short. I know you made it that way so people could have a quick match but I think most of us would play a different game if we had a little time. I think there should be four five minute quarters. That way the game could be more dramatic and intense. Then after the match the people would be like super happy and excited after the match and make them want to play more. That would totally make me give a five. My last little detail is how long the season is. I think there should be one long season and every six months it makes the best ten or so players go into playoffs. Then if you win the title you get something awesome. I also think that would encourage players to keep playing the game because that would make them think that they need to play the whole series of games. Those two small changes would make this game much more fun. It would also make people keep playing and enjoy the game much more. Please use these ideas in the game. Thank you for reading.🤗👻💀🤡🤑
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3 years ago, mccn n b
Problems with the game
This game is incredible except there are some bad spots about it say the following if you follow someone it’s kind of like a friend request and if they accept it would it be reasonable if you had the ability to gift if you follow someone one thing you can take away from this is at least put gift and you can gift and trade otherwise the following thing is basically a deadweight and the events the events are exciting but I don’t get do you need a 500 power but the recent update shows that people below 2000 can’t win because those are people that started the game and there are people more better than themMaybe fix event so that way easy can be easy medium can be medium and hard can be hard like easy can below your power medium can be at least equal to your power and hard can be above your power or at least hard because of the amount of games the last update was better so please fix these and maybe I will play the game more and let people play it and I’ll share the game thank you for listen to this I hope this helps please fix these problems with the game to help encourage players to play more
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5 years ago, DallinM
Better than everyone is saying
Really fun and addictive game. After reading some reviews, I have noticed some common themes. First of all, many have claimed that there is not a dribble stick. There is one, but it must be turned on in the options menu. Second, many people complain about stamina and being limited to a few games per hour. I think it’s a smart decision by 2k, as it gives casual players an advantage over pay-to-play. Third, many people complain about ratings. Ratings are not based on percentages, but rather seem to be based on a 1-100 scale. For example, a rating of 45 for three does not mean the player will make a three point shot 45% of the time. And fourth, a lot of people complain that they cannot progress easily by getting better players. I have found the best way to do this is through the weekend events. In order to do well in them, one must be semi-dedicated, but it will reward you without having to pay. All-in-all, a great game. I’m excited to see the new head to head mode. My one suggestion would be to make crafting a little bit rewarding. I haven’t ever been able to craft a better player than I already had. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, jrjvnrj
Honest Review
This game is amazing a few things I would like to tell you though. This game has amazing graphics and pays attention to detail more than ever. The sound effects are just like 2k. But you can’t just play as your favorite team. It is basically MyTeam, you collect characters on your quest to be the best in the basketball world. You can never just play as the Golden State Warriors or the Lakers, you will have to earn the cards to build that team. You have a season mode but it is still with your MyTeam, and you can still pick what user team you want for your MyTeam. I personally was a little disappointed because the trailer was a little misleading when I saw all the Warriors on the same team, so don’t think that’s the way it works. You can still train the players you have at the Gatorade Training Facility just like 2k. The trailer also says you can play on the go, which isn’t accurate, you need internet to play, and it takes around 45 seconds for “required assets” to download. I personally recommend this game for you If you want something close to 2k. I like this game over the NBA2k’s that come out each year if you want a better experience. Let’s go Warriors!
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2 years ago, CMrocls
Come on guys
This is a really fun game and it has great potential. It just has some aspects that make me want to just quit and delete the app. Y’all need to make the contests more realistic. if my player is wide open on the 3 point line and someone at the free throw line just stands there it shouldn’t prevent me from getting a green. Also when the other team gets random fast breaks out of nowhere despite your team scoring and giannis appearing under your basket for an open dunk. Another thing is the passing. The other team never messed up full court passes even if they’re silvers against diamonds. It seems if there’s more than half of the court in between the player that has the ball and the player giving the pass it never gets there. Terribly unrealistic considering only deandre jordan ever really throws the ball that far off. This mix of things make some events really aggravating and unbearable to grind. Please fix some of these things instead of “minor bug changes” to make the game more playable. I do understand that if they have a higher power than thought player their contest should make yours less likely to go in but it shouldn’t make people like Ja Morant Damien lillard or larry bird air ball when you get a yellow and there’s only like a small power difference in the players like 1,000 or 1,500.
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4 years ago, adewplayer3
Terrible Game Mechanics
I play both NBA Live Mobile and This game and without a doubt NBA Live mobile is better. Although 2k mobile has better animations the game mechanics and overall AI logic is horrendous and almost makes the game unplayable. Seasons is the most rigged and unplayable game mode there is. U will have visible better players and they wont stick true to their ratings. For example I have a 903 Damian Lillard and I will often face against a 649 base level Dame and will often get out done and it makes no sense wide open threes and great releases will end up a miss with someone who has a 1 tier below a perfect 3 shot bar. And not to mention the defense AI in this game first the overall setup is dumb. There is no manual switch and the setup for sprint is illogical. And when I tell you that the players will literally just move off a player and let’s the AI get a wide open 3 makes the game feel scripted and the impossible shots the AI will make is honestly stupid and they won’t let the same thing happen to you. The ONLY saving grace for this game is the 2v2 and 3v3 drills as well as crews and that’s it. This game is aggravating because the don’t implement simple fixes. Honestly all they need to do to fix the game is add Manual switch and a sprint button instead of just fully extending the moving stick and make the defense AI more logic and make player play true to their ratings
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2 years ago, Mattherson
I love the game, but there’s many details to be added on it. Just like other users mentioned. Fans narration collaborations. Fans and making it more realistic to the point we don’t mind playing more with the passion we given by us. More quarters to play and to be fair with it, less energy usage. 4 energy for a quarter, make us want to not play it the way we like to. Fouls that should just count until maybe 3 at least to consider to the free-throw. Unless you give it or receive while shooting. For whose who don’t put money on the game should be balanced to keep our hopes on getting players and modes interesting. Codes for our favorite players and legends to make it more interesting. A street play mode, besides others users, use it for play with other basketball players too. I give it 5 stars still but I don’t see the developers or creators even focus or care on what users who plays a lot without putting money on the app gets credit by playing with the passion. Still I give the game a fair 5 stars. Upgrade and make the game better not for reputation but US USERS.
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4 months ago, Prolific86
Fouls & Other In-Game Calls
I’d give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for a couple of reasons. The fouls/3 second violation/loose ball fouls, etc. are insanely maddening! 85-90% of the time I go to steal the ball, I get called for a reach-in foul…then, on the very next play, I can go in for a layup and wind up getting thrown a few feet away and landing on the ground, and nothing is EVER called! There hasn’t been a single instance in the 2 years I’ve been playing this where I’ve shot any free throws, except for in the Drills section. Please, for the love of GOD, fix this issue!! Also, at least twice a week, I’ll be in the middle of a quarter in the game and it just turns off and goes straight to the Home Screen on my phone. I’ve thrown my phone across the room before out of sheer anger when this has happened, and it’s been an issue basically since I started playing the game. I’ve let a lot of y’all know about this over the last 2 years, and nothing ever gets done about it. If you care at ALL about the ppl who play your game, then you’ll address these issues. I’ll always play this game til it no longer exists, so we’ll see if anything changes. Thanks for your time!
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3 years ago, BeamsterZ1
This game for one has every bug you can think of which becomes very annoying after time. The amount you have to play to just get a simple, trash reward is actually psychotic. You have to play for like a week straight just to get enough gold for one pack and most of the time the packs will give you the worst card that you could have possibly got from it. I am VERY impatient and on this game there isn’t any skipping features like when someone is shooting and getting ready for free throws. Sometimes it would even make me watch this slow ref run all the way down and up the basketball court just because I tried to steal the ball and it went out of bounds and into the abyss. Literally could’ve just gave them the ball automatically after that, no need for animation of a ref running to get the ball just so I can watch him throw it to the other team. Besides all the bugs, don’t even try to watch a video for more energy or anything. Because your phone literally can’t handle running this game for more than that, I have a iPhone 11 Pro and it was still buggin. Literally ran out of energy, watched a vid to regenerate the energy, played 2 games and then my phone was acting like it was on 1% because it was so hot and over heated. All in all this games graphics are the only plus about it🙃
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5 years ago, Tim Hueller
It’s hard to stop playing!
I used to play NBA Jam for hours and hours and hours on the Sega Game Gear when I was a kid. NBA 2K Mobile is giving me that same kind of great experience, but of course this is far better! I’m using the Auto mode, and, dude… This game is extremely fun! I think I finally found a game for the iPhone that I LOVE. I had to quit playing just now because I’m very hungry. lol If it weren’t for that, I’d still be playing right now, and my battery would have to run out of power in order for me to stop. Actually, I would probably just plug my phone in and keep playing! The graphics and the sound quality and the commentary - yes this game has commentary - is all very good. The commentary has to be installed in-game and I think it’s around 1.8 GB, but it’s worth it! It raises the game to a higher level, making it even more exciting and even more fun. The commentary seems as though it’s being done live by actual people and not from pre-recorded audio. After what I just experienced, I’m kind of thinking I might just go ahead and buy NBA 2K19! I’ll think about it. I mean, NBA 2K Mobile is extremely awesome for a free game.
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2 months ago, Azan Cleary
Amazing. (Mostly)
This game is pretty fun. With amazing graphics and gameplay, it makes a good time pass. A few issues though. Today it needed an update so I pressed update. It’s now been updating now for about 40 minutes and every time I check it it seems to either be getting longer or shorter for how much longer is left on the update. It’s quite annoying and shouldn’t take this long to do an update. Otherwise, this game is awesome and and quite like the real NBA. A few other issues though. Some of these drills are extremely hard like box jump and bench press. It’s so hard to get the timing right and I’m sure once you once you practice it you can get it but considering this game is for ages four and up you should make it bit easier don’t you think? What the heck are you maniacs thinking? Lastly, there are so many times when the ball doesn’t even go out of bounds and they count it out of bounds. It’s quite annoying and the other team gets the ball. You should get your game up if you’re gonna make it seem out of bounds when it’s not out of bounds. This is why some of your guys’s reviews are quite low.
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3 years ago, my jhgghff
Currency needs complete overhaul on prices to be honest cut everything in half makes no sense for something to be worth like 30k coins and gold when we only get like 5 a day and only like 10 coins for winning one crew game or whatever else next fix is events in general make the brackets fair I’m only like 2000 pwr and every event I’m up against pay to win tryhards that are like 6k pwr and beyond plus rewards can be trash sometimes and make sense with rewards I don’t want shoes or a trash card instead give more collectibles and a actual chance to get better cards and lastly the gameplay for me is good but legit to me it makes 0 sense to have a auto play button if the ai controlling your team is a 2 year old and there should be shooting fouls honestly cause every time anyone goes in for a layup or dunk they legit get tackled out of air and sometimes some animations force players to stay inbounds when in all fairness should just be out of bounds not a bug or glitch keeping you in and if I may more ways to receive energy or just more in general no reason I gotta pay out of pocket to buy energy in game like that’s just stupid no offense
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2 years ago, playrealgame
Stupid game that wastes your time
People, You guys deserve better than torturing yourself with this garbage. I don’t understand how this game has a good rating. If you play this game for decent amount of time, you will NEVER want to leave positive review about this trash. 1) This game is rigged, where you will receive a same player from daily login bonus. I have received diamond Kevin Love in June and July. Then I received pink diamond Penny Hardaway in August and September. It is 0.05% chance that I will receive same player two month in a row, out of 36 players. Obviously rigged. 2) Developers are unwilling and incapable of fixing the existing bugs, such as out of bound bug, press the pick button and it passes to opposite side, five points play with foul, super late responses. Developers just don’t have any clues 3) power of opponents don’t matter at all. But if you have a low power, it will mean everything to you. You will witness Shaq making mid range shot and three throw. 4) You will never be able to have certain players unless you spend real $ to buy players pack, which they don’t tell you at all. 5) AI is almost useless, no wonder who made this. Obviously someone who doesn’t understand the basketball. Please do yourself a favor and play other decent and legit game, than playing this garbage. I would rather play NBA Jam from 1993
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3 years ago, GRADY THE BEST
Please’s simple
First of all, this game is super fun no doubt, I gave it a five star review for a reason. I know games are going to get glitches and stuff like that, but if you go in to the game fix the glitches that you see, well there will be a lot more people playing your game. Glitches: there is a out-of-bounds backboard glitch that is helpful, but also it can be annoying. There is some more, I’m not going to name all, but if you go and find out yourself, it shows that you really care about what the consumers think about your game. That’s also a way you can get more customers. Lastly, gold, the only ways you can get gold are super hard and they only come up-to three pieces, and where there’s less there’s pride, meaning: it seems you just want us to pay 50 bucks for 3k gold gold. I know about you, but I don’t have that much money laying around to get given to a company for Russel Westbrook, or Stephen Curry. I got better things to spend 50 bucks on ( shout-out Fernando Tatis Jr. and Stefon Diggs( especially Diggs .) Anyways thank you for all the hard work still love it, play the game a lot, but if you fix what I said even more. Again 8/10 game, love it, keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, DHAHSHA
Trash game
Very paid to win its all power base doesnt matter if your three is maxed out the player is still gonna miss when down in power which i dont understand why stats are there when its all power base also when a cpu has more pwr than you you miss every single last shot but when you are up in pwr the cpu are still able to hit contested faded shots like how does that work thats not even fair like i had a curry and ray allen bot with maxed out shooting they would miss every shot most of the time gamewinners buzzerbeaters but once i shot a shot with shaq on accident from the logo and he hit and the bar wasnt even gold it was half way but i take a close mid range with curry and he misses when the cpu has shaq i guess his 3 pt % goes up to 98.7% because thats the only shot i hit the whole game mo one eles just shaq from the logo but there shaq would take a shot because time is running out and im up by like 3k pwr and he hits it for game like i dont understand also you get like 22 coins per day and most packs are 1k coins and up and also the cheapest is 100 coins but the chances of you even getting a play id 10% and below to get the best reward its a 0.003% chance to get lame game fix that pwr issue make more ways to get coins and it will be fun agian
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1 year ago, syndic ff blog
Do not download this game it’s a fraud
So i’ve been playing this game since late 2019 when the game was worst then it is now. When I tell you and i’m not exaggerating this game will literally try an make you lose i’m posting this on December 27th 2022 and they just added the new update it’s better ig but why did you take away seasons ppl were asking for the playoffs i get it but i don’t want to play just the playoffs give us a whole years worth of games my team is like a 22,000 over and my Luka Doncic will miss a wide open layup he’s like a 20,000+ I just don’t understand why it has soooo many bugs also you have to be rich to play this game you have to pay 50$ for a 1% to get a 15,000 pwr card what a waste and also make it easier to get coins im not gonna spend money on the game neither am i gonna grind this game for 6 hours straight this needs to stop i sound like a Karen rn but it’s true and why am i playing this game when i can just play 2k23 on the PS5 i’m deleting this game immedeantly do not download this game plzzzzz they will steal your money💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
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8 months ago, 69hahnice
You guys can join me and then join us
You guys can come join me for dinner tonight and I will let you know if you need anything let me know when I can get you a text or call when I can come get home I have a lot to go with you but I’m going back to the gym and I will let you know if you want me too lol I don’t think you guys are doing anything else I can get it out and get you some more like a couple more things I can get on the side and then I’ll get you guys can you guys come join us for dinner or whatever we want for you dinner or dinner and dinner with me then I will let you know when we are here and I can come over here and join us if we are to get you a good dinner dinner let’s go get some food then I will let you know if I can come over and get it for me if I want you guys to come over and join you for me wowoowowoeoeoeoe eyou I love ya gotta I hope your new update has a great update your help with this is your time and you need help for help please eyeie it will help me out with a wlot wyou wyou we will are you going back home soon love your
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4 weeks ago, MichaelVsexy
Good Game
This is a great game but I feel like the game has a lot of glitches that need to be worked out. When I shoot the ball from the corner three, it will sometimes be out of bounds, even when I greened the shot. I feel like there needs to be different type of fouls because when I’m playing the tournaments or any game, I barely get fouled so there’s no point of the free throw line. I feel like there can be more music in the arena to make it more exciting or more realistic to the actual NBA. I like the power system but it’s kind of buggy because if I have like 200,000 more power than another team, it’s still easier for them to score contested shots. But I’m missing wide open shots. for the coin system I feel like there needs to be more ways that we can earn coins or more quantity of coins because the max that you can get are from the monthly rewards and 35 or 25. Overall, this is a good game and I have a lot of fun playing the game, the one thing that I like about the game is the fact that when you get a really good card, you get excited about it because you know you worked hard for it.
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4 years ago, jd jd jd andele
What we need to see next season
I really enjoy this game overall, but there are a few small changes I would like to see next season: 1. Players should have secondary and maybe even tertiary positions for some players, so that if you have 2 high level centers you can play one of them at the power forward position. 2. There should be more attributes to diversify the players and improve gameplay. Sometimes it seems a little bit lame that I could have 2 players at different positions and from different at eras with almost identical ratings. 3. There should be an easier way to get special event tokens. 4. The player overalls should be similar to nba 2k20 in that a player’s overall rating should have something to do with his attributes because right now I can have a player with a 6 three point shot who will miss open threes against higher overall teams which makes it very confusing and hard to know how good o f a shooter he actually is. This does not rule out players with no overall ratings but specific attribute ratings much like galaxy opal players in 2k 20
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3 years ago, Charloco03
This game is infuriating
There’s a couple things I’d fix with this game, first off the defend button. Sometimes when I hold the defend button my player will run the complete opposite direction of the player he’s guarding and they just get a free score. Next off is the block button, constantly I find that when I hit the block button my player just stands there dumbfounded and doesn’t do anything. Next is the sensitivity of the reach in fouls. Multiple times I’ve hit block or I’ve run forward towards a player and I instantly get a reach in foul. And the last and most infuriating thing is the inconsistency of the skill level of your own players. I’m pretty good at timing shots and sometimes I just flat out screw them up but man this game is inconsistent. Some games I’ll shoot really bad shots the whole game and most of them will go in and then in another game I’ll have all perfectly timed shots with no coverage and I’ll miss al of them in a game, just yesterday I lost a game 20-4 because a bunch of silver players on the other team were playing like all stars while my team of mostly gold players with no coverage and perfectly timed shots only made 2 layups. I love the quality of the visuals in this game and the collection of new cards but the gameplay itself is pretty terrible.
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5 years ago, Tarin the og
Great game but needs improvement
It’s a great game but there a little bugs in the game I play this game a lot as in I been playing since the last season and it’s fun and addictive but the bugs is sometimes when you layup with someone on or a open shot sometimes it would say I’m out of bounds and nobody steps out of bounds which is so weird and sometimes annoying when playing other people I’m trying to win and it call out of bounds and I just shot it but also when playing head to head if they don’t join and takes me back to the main menu it would use one of my boost and I didn’t even play the game which makes no sense I would like for 2k fix or improve the game cause me and all my friends love this game and also if y’all can have a mode where we can add our friends and play them or something that be cool but please 2k look into that and improve head on head mode so I can play more gAmes constantly without it saying the servers is bad cause I have good internet or I get on a streak of winning and I can’t play because of the “cant find pvp servers”
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4 years ago, Rock Lee Shinobi
Still Needs to Be Fixed
The game’s graphics and controls are amazing and surpass any mobile basketball game, however there are a few things that need fixing. One thing is the coin system, which is basically pay to win. You put packs that are 1,000 coins plus, but only give players 3-5 coins from completing 2 objectives. This effectively forces me to have to pay money to get good players out of packs, that don’t have great odds. And I can’t really use my own money, since times are tough right now. I suggest that you award players with coins for winning season matches, the season final, Head to head matches, or MyCrew matches. I also ask that you fix the bug of the game randomly crashing. The app would crash during the loading screen of every match, and I’d leave the game alone for a week then it would be back to normal. But then a week later, it crashes again! The game would also be great if you added commentary, and real stats Ex: amount of points a player scored in the game overall, insta was of the stats resetting after you start a new half. Other than those things, this game is great but still needs some tweaks.
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4 years ago, RoProductions
Not enough freedom and in app purchases
This game is really addictive and can be enjoyable but at times it just becomes frustrating because we don’t get enough options. Is it seriously impossible to add an option in the settings to turn off auto passing? An example is when I set a pick it just passes to the person screening me for some reason and that has affected my play. Another thing is that there isn’t an option for graphics or something to make it easier on my phone. I’m on my new iPhone 11 and it still drops in frames at times and it really heats up my phone. It’s your job to prevent that 2k. An easy fix is to add graphic settings or add the option to remove the crowd like in head to head because it does not lag at all in head to head. Lastly the in app purchases are laughable. You could basically spend a hundred dollars to skip the whole game and get you a pink diamond. Not only that but playing without paying makes it so difficult to get credits that it seems like 2k just wants you to give up and give them money. Most of the cheap packs are useless so you just save up to get the ones that cost 1k or more which takes forever. Just give us more freedom and fix the in app purchases and it would easily be a 5 star game.
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10 months ago, Yashweh777333
NBA 2k mobile review
So I’ve had this game for 3 or 4 seasons, they break it up into seasons, at first you started from scratch each season which was whack kind of, but now it seems we can keep what we’ve built. I refuse to spend any more money on this game it didn’t help much anyway, probably because I’m a cheapskate and didn’t spend over 10 bucks ever. This game is awesome the events are sweet, I have a stable of great players, I just wish I was higher up. There are like 6-7 tiers of cards ahead of me, the free green I can’t remember the name exactly Hakeem Olajuwon is my highest card, well no actually it’s a tier down dark matter Kevin McHale. I really enjoy it I just don’t have the time to put in, and the constant updates kill me, I have terrible service out here and I frequently miss login days due to updates that won’t download unless I’m in town, so I may miss out on my highest tier monthly free card for logins. Other than dumb things like that and the out of bounds thing I believe they fixed actually this game is amazing I just wish I had more time, full time school and work kills me.
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6 years ago, Kylekiersten
Game is Legendary
5 STARS. I love this game. Mainly because it’s not pay to win. I can spend some money on the game just to help me out. Unlike “2k”, “EA” is pay to win and I just don’t spend money on the game. I quit because the options are pay hundreds to do good or your now doing good. 2k gives you a chance to be good without spending hundreds. The game is really fun too. Mainly because the gameplay is great. The graphics are good and using LeBron is one of the most exiting parts of the game. I don’t play the EA version of this game that much. If 2k made a food all game for mobile like the basketball one. I would get it. I have 2k18 and I’m getting 2k19 tomorrow on Xbox. PS4 has great graphics too. Either console is good but I prefer Xbox. I have a PS3 so I have an idea of the console. I also play PS4 at friends houses. 2k is a great company and deserves more love. Make a football game, 2k, because that would be awesome and I think many people would play it. The EA version is not that good anymore so you can capitalize now. Love this game. 5 stars again. Thank you 2k for this great game that makes me happy.
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6 years ago, DShaastri
Awful app with decent concept
They’re trying to offer a free NBA app, which is nice, but this game falls SO short. To start off, you need those “energy bars” to be able to play games. That leads to the worst part - the games themselves. Each game has 2 minute quarters or 2 minute halfs. The gameplay itself is awful, you can only press steal or block on defense, and they make it impossible to juke or do any dribble moves on offense. So it’s just dribble shoot pass block steal repeat. The game also cheats you in many ways including, but not limited to: calling the ball “out of bounds” on your team if it hits the rim on a 2 point attempt (not really out at all), when you drive to dunk in a game vs a better team, it turns the dunk into a contact layup which always misses (with LeBron James), and you NEVER get fouled or get to shoot free throws. It also becomes impossible in many game modes because unless you pay for microtransactions (in-app purchases), you’re stuck with silver and gold level cards, playing against cards that are literally 5x better than yours in many game modes. It’s a decent idea, but it’s been awfully executed. Huge letdown for a 2K game. Im not sure how this game has a near 5 star rating, maybe people just like that its free, or maybe 2K just pays people to write surveys. Regardless, its a very disappointing game.
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8 months ago, rickfoxx5386372736
The only way I could be a better player than you are right here right here in this picture of me is to play the guitar in your ear with the guitar and I can tell that you’re not gonna get a better one of those songs and you know what I’m talking to me like I am a better one than that I don’t care what I know what you think you can do that I don’t want you in this video you don’t have a problem I just don’t care about that and I’m just trying not being mean I just wanna know how to do that so that I know what to say to me so I don’t have any more I just wanna make sure that I don’t know if you’re gonna be nice I just want to make you a lot more money I know I just want to know if you’re a little more than what I don’t know if you know what you’re not a little too much to me to be honest I know you don’t want you know that you just want you know how you want to know how much money and that’s it was a little bit of it doesn’t mean anything else is that makes you a good thing to me I know.
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3 years ago, DBates22
Let people collect more cards
This game isn’t rewarding at all I play for around 2 hours a day playing events grinding season to only pull rings or the same card 3 times in a row if I’m lucky enough to get a player from the end of a season. This game resets every year so what’s the point in making so many cards for a game that people can’t collect. I understand that it should be harder to pull cards like Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, And Larry Bird but not impossible nor should I have to pay an outrageous amount for a pack that has a “chance” at them. I play this game to collect the players I enjoy so that I can have fun playing a game which is what this is a game so why not give your community more cards. Not everyone has time to grind events when they come out so some people just play season so they can improve so improve the rates at which you get cards at the end of replayed season so that I’m not stuck using the same team for 2 months because I can’t improve because all I get are rings and the same cards over. Give out more foundation cards! Make this game rewarding. Even the players you put out to build with the rings always stink. Make the game better for the people who love it
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3 years ago, Super dude 121
I hope the new 2k doesn’t have the same concept.
Let me start with saying, the game is a mobile app. To ask for features like an Xbox or PlayStation is not realistic. That’s not my issue with the exception of the out of bounds feature that almost glitches every other time it bounces on the rim. So getting the update, was excited to see what they done and notice all it was gone. I spent a little money so I was a little upset. I contact customer care and they tell me not to worry, your players are now mentors and it was part of the bulletin. I then asked him if this is every season that they do this (didn’t get a response and knowing that I wouldn’t have played or invested any money into it). The only way anyone can legitimately pass through it, is if you use an excessive amount of money. And then know you will lose it the next season (not to mention you don’t get compensated for the stuff the craft). So, I deleted it a day later because I thought I was going to be able to get the another season. Not to me ration algorithm to get any special cards in this game is terrible. You have better luck getting better stuff in Candy Crush. Spend large amount of coins to get a special player; get the large energy two. Waste of time.
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3 years ago, kevinplaysnba2kmobile
People buy event doublers and event stamina to give them an edge to get the first place reward. I could never come close to those people. The gauntlet reward was galaxy opal zack lavine who had been upgraded 4 times. I wanted him really bad so as soon as the event was playable I started grinding but people using event doublers just get getting way more event points than I did. I realized I would never get zack lavine even though I grinded so hard. Events is basically pay to win and that’s the only bad part about this game. Unfortunately it’s also the buggiest part of this game. Paying for event doublers and stamina needs to be taken out. It’s unfair for people who are just plain grinding and not getting jack for their hard work. Literally I’m putting in so many hours just to get best by people who pay to play. And that’s what events is pay to play. I was so devastated to realize I would get zack lavine. So please fox that part maybe make people do challenges for event doublers and stamina. If you do see this which you prob won’t cause either your making money.
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2 years ago, TheGameCritic09
Good Game But…
This game is a great game. I spend lots of time on this game because it is fun and I think it’s worth my time. But there is one thing that would make this game so much better. The coin system in this game is solely based on money. Nobody wants to pay money for something that can be done for free but in this case, it feels like you have to. It is so hard to get large amounts of coins in this game without spending a couple bucks, plus, on top of that, when you finally get the amount of coins you need for that pack you’ve been saving up for, you get garbage. The pack rates are terrible. There are 5,000 coin packs that give very low chance of giving you cards you can actually use. I mean sure you get a pretty decent card but it won’t be good enough to be on your team. Anyway, in spite of these things this game is a great game and it is really good for anyone who wants to grind to build your fantasy team, customize and improve your own character, and even play with your friends in a crew.
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2 years ago, thickerart
Pretty good game with many annoying issues
Overall this is pretty good for a free game. It’s lots of fun, challenging, and I feel that the game gives you just enough progressive improved level players as you move along. There are however many simple little things that make it frustrating. Why only 2 min quarters? If the ball takes more than a few seconds to go in it’s ruled out of bounds even though it isn’t. Human players slow down on fast breaks while AI get faster. Random out of bounds passes happen too much. Human players play off the ball too much and don’t stick to their defender while jump for fakes every time allowing the AI to get a shot off. Many bugs like that just in the gameplay make this from being better than it could be. Finally all your hard work is erased each season when you worked hard getting top tier players and have to start all over each (real season/major update). Overall though pretty good game which has me playing often.
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4 months ago, MoonRakeiTuP
Great Game
This game is amazing for a mobile game but there is a few things that I hope the developers could take into consideration for gameplay. (I ended up getting a mobile controller which helped a little bit) but without it something noticed that drives me nuts which other basketball games have and that is an auto foul button. It’s way too difficult in close games to foul which is pretty frustrating. Another thing is when attempting to rebound and pressing the button repeatedly, and when you actually get the rebound the button turns into the shooting button, prompting your player to launch a full court shot… at the same time while playing offense sometimes the same force of tapping the button won’t shoot the ball but just sort of do an almost pump fake. I don’t know if that’s clear or not but it just doesn’t seem to be consistent. Another thing that’s maybe just me but whenever I play pvp and use some of the add ons it usually cuts out during the game and I lose the additions. Thank you awesome game.
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11 months ago, hujokes
This game needs a lot of fixing
Fix this error on your game who ever made this game please fix it because I’m sick and tired of this error I can’t delete my account anymore I don’t know why I just want to delete my account because I made a mistake on my account and I need to delete my account to fix it so please fix this error I don’t wanna give this a 2 star rating but if this error does not get fixed the rating will go down to 1 star I hope you fix this error in the next few days before press your dunk ends because I need my account to be deleted to even do press your dunk because I made a big mistake which I am trying to fix but I can’t fix this mistake unless I delete my account so please I’m begging fix this mistake I love this game it’s just I need this error to be fixed so I don’t have to hate this game and I can keep on loving it for a long time I’ve been playing this game since early 2020 but then I deleted it for a while till 2021 cause it wasn’t that interesting at that time so please fix this error it would be great if you fixed this error cause it would really help a lot so I can make a whole new account and start over again
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5 years ago, Willjk8
Fun with needed improvements
The game is fun and frustrating at the same time. Drills are fun and the monthly rewards are nice. Weekly events have nice rewards, but extremely difficult to win. The game needs enhancements such as, user driving to the basket and the CPU stripes/fouls user, result is user turnover. This is frustrating when it is during events, especially fantasy. It’s also frustrating when the event starts and about an hour later several people already hit all the reward points and the users who do play and follow the rules are struggling to get half the rewards. This is why this game gets three stars. At this point if the developers are not going to figure to stop cheating, then make rewards more attainable. I get this is a business and the point is to sell super expensive coin packages and packs that are hard to hit the top player. But if there are cheaters in the game, then what’s the point in buying. Eventually users will get frustrated after a while and stop playing. I like the game and see the potential, but if the developers don’t fix the cheating issues or make the rewards more attainable, then the game will lose user engagement.
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4 years ago, Shashouri
This is a fun game, except
I like this game but in the events some players have ways of manipulating there scores. For example I started the fantasy finals and 3 hours later players were at 100k. How can I ever get a top tier reward if other players can manipulate there points like this. This need to be fixed. I don’t even worry about playing as much anymore. Also I work hard and even spend a few dollars to make multiples lineups to compete in domination, but there’s a glitch where players are cloning there highest team to make two exact pwr teams, this is unfair to us players who actually built mutiple teams without hacking , can you developers do something about this. Last but definitely the worst hack I’ve seen , in domination players found a way to take arenas in only a few seconds when the game has to be played for two minutes to win one stadium, I have video proof of this guy taking three 45 arenas in less than one minute. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed by 2k developers. If these hacks/ cheats /glitches whatever you may call them isn’t fixed, I promise lots of players will not play season 3!!! Please do something about these issues!!!
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