NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

4.7 (474.4K)
175.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

4.66 out of 5
474.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Nba mobile?
Greatest mobile basketball game
As an active player of this game i can honestly say it’s the most well put together mobile basketball game I’ve ever played and it’s definitely one of my top 3 favorite mobile games. The game makes it very easy to get a decent line up WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY on the game and the gameplay is phenomenal!!!! But for the developers of the game (if they read this) i do have some problems with the game every once in a while my game just randomly freezes during a showdown match and i end up losing the game please fix this or find a way where i can get back into the match so I don’t lose the match automatically (no it’s not my wifi connection). Also i have two suggestions for the game that I’m sure would make this the number one game on the App Store. If you guys were to add a MyPlayer feature kinda like the console game or real time player vs. player where nba live players could play with their friends in real time whether it be online or if they’re sitting right next to each other. These two things would be amazing features to the game but I love this game and I love what the developers are doing with this game season 3 has been amazing and I hope the developers never make another season 2 but I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with season 4. Go download NBA Live Mobile!!!
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2 years ago, Chi-one
Good game in general
So the game is actually really cool but the gameplay needs a lot of work. There are many times where the gameplay is off and glitches, for instance when you go into the slow motion I’ve had it were it freezes my player and a defender that is far away will almost comically slide over in no time and defend it? Also there is a certain defensive move where the player goes up to shoot and the defense won’t block it but make contact forcing them sideways and the ball is thrown out of bounds in the shooter. It just doesn’t make sense. I just think the game play needs to be tweaked so it’s more realistic because those things I’ve just mentioned and some other things just look bad and goes against the player, on both sides. I think everything is really cool all the Live Events and weekly events makes the game really fun, it’s just some of the gameplay mentioned. Also I’m wondering in the store could you possibly sell stamina for coins? And possibly let you buy Live tickets maybe 3-4 times instead of 2? Even possibly being able to buy cash with coins, it doesn’t have to be a lot you can buy but maybe some? I understand your trying to make some money and I have no problem with that, but I just think it will make it funnier to be able to play more and be able to get a little more cash in game. I love the game got it over 2K and am happy I did!
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5 years ago, bigthickie
Extremely Fun but some flaws
The game is one of he most guns games I have played in recent memory, it is very addictive and I find my self playing it all the time, instead of doing things I would normally do. Even with how fun it is and rewarding it is play and do campaigns there are somethings that make me want to throw my phone. These things are as follows: The game calling a shot a 2-point when I clearly and purposely make my character go behind the line, shots not being called challenged by a defender when the defender isn’t even that close, and most recently the underdog campaign when you play as a team in the most recent playoffs, the card of the opposing teams say they are 75 overall or 80 overall etc. but actually have stats of an around 100 overall. To try to be specific with the last example I was playing as OKC against the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard was an 80 overall, but he made ever shot and had a 104 3 point shot, and this was the same thing with the rest of the Trail Blazers line up. The overall of these player should either be lowered( because it takes me as a 95 overall around 4-5 tries to win) or the reward should be increased. But other than that the game is very fun and the first game that I felt I actually wanted to write a review about.
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5 years ago, Kyledaboss
Deleted my account
I am really in happy with nba live at the moment. I have been an avid player of this game for a little over two years and loved this game it has been so much fun and smooth to play one of the only good basketball games out there. However, I am very disappointed and frustrated with the game because Over my full time of playing this game I have spent a lot of time in it and created a team I loved by grinding and working hard. I have been inactive for probably a month because I have been super busy and have not had time to pick up one of my favorite games. Today I go to play the game and I sign in through Facebook like I have always done and it will not let me get in, at first I thought there was an issue with the log in but no I made a new account just to see with the same Facebook log in and it created a new account. They deleted my old account for not playing for one month! That is ridiculous I have spent so much time in that game and supported it in its early stages very frustrating to see all my work disappear just because I didn’t play for a month they should not delete your account if you are inactive that is just a ridiculous because now I have lost all my progress and I’m not sure I want to go through all that again and create such a high level team that took so long. If you are going to get this game just be careful and make sure you play it so you don’t loose all of your hard work without a warning. Really not happy about this.
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6 years ago, Nickapalooza
I played the last version of NBA LIVE and thought it was fantastic. The controls were responsive and it was really cool being able to get a variety of all star players on my team. Sadly, this version has taken a step back. The controls are not as responsive as they once were, the pass button is almost never works and it’s hard to select the correct person to pass to. Another disappointment on the gameplay side is the play calling. First off you can’t really call screens or anything they just sometimes happen. There are points when playing certain events where the opposing team will screen you like crazy and there’s nothing you can do. There are points where you try and steal the ball and you never can poke it out. You can have 62 overall opponents playing like all stars and knocking down shots and you with your 80 and above players can’t hit anything. It’s interesting to see how the shot meter sometimes doesn’t seem to matter. I have times where I shoot the ball with a player that has an 87 or 90 overall three and hit a perfect release with no one there and the game says “open look miss”, other times I’ll get a eight or 9% and the shot will go down. Essentially you can have some of the best shooters in the game and still messed just because. Coming into this game you know it’s gonna be a grinder to get anything. EA has definitely taken a step with this game to make you almost have to pay to get anything good.
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3 years ago, Lorenzo Torres or
Suggestions and Small problem with the jerseys
I spend about 97% of my time on this game. I Love the game so far there is a small problem that bugs me and maybe other players but I’m sure y’all can fix it. I noticed that when they run towards the camera there is small black lines or black dots on their jerseys and shorts it’s really annoying to look at the players and when they dunk or layup their arms go into the black area like if you look at Anthony Davis he has a black undershirt and the the shoulder area of the undershirt goes through the jersey and also affects his arms it’s not as bad with other players but it’s still looks weird and annoying mom not sure what these black lines are but please fix it You don’t even wanna know how bad the the home jerseys are it’s even worse cause there’s no color to at least attempt to hide the lines or dots. I’m sure y’all will see this and fix it overtime. And two more questions one being a two-part. The first question is will y’all add more legends or players along with different and new dunk packages and will there be like flashy layups coming this season cause I’m sure us fans would love to see flashy layups and even flashy pass. The second will there ever be a Kobe or Jordan event
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2 years ago, Trulysnow
I’ve have returned to this game!
I’ve played NBA Live Mobile Since season 1 and I’m pretty sure not that many people played in season 1 it’s a good game but need some changes to it if we could be able to select are own music that would be amazing and you should a career mode witch I mentioned in season 2 but they never put it in I’m pretty sure in the next update they will add select music I gave ya 5 stars because I grew up playing f nba live mobile really fun game especially season mode I made it to 112 overall before in season 3 witch was a great season I had and I’m pretty sure you could of gotten higher that season but I stopped playing the game cause I didn't like the same thing every season what I mean is the same season mode the same live events and the same store ya need to add commentators to the game witch will be interesting to see and play at the same time and if ya could add mascots on the side lines that would make it 10 times better and some cheerleaders as well lol but other than that the game would be more fun to people and myself and YouTubers that’s why I’m returning to the game to see if ya can make some changes I respect the game and work that’s been put over the years keep it up!
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6 years ago, NawfSideJay
Good Game but needs work ASAP
I really love this game like I honestly do but as a fan of the game I have to give you guys my opinion the game needs to be worked on don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad game like it needs up updates on the jersey colors all the NBA team has new colors and they should be on the game also the graphics for the players needs to be worked on some people who have hair on the game doesn’t even show when you playing with the player that’s needs to be worked on also the controls we need some more crossovers and better shots too also the shot meter should change too and you guys should introduce My Player Mode as a option also the game should have random updates but makes the game better each time for the fans of the game you guys could also work on how the players could do a spin move right in front of you and the defender guarding him doesn’t make sense also how to call a pick and roll it’s needs to be a button or something also how u go against other people I don’t like it it needs to be more of like how 2k which is youcam go online an actually play people who online with there teams I noticed I have a 84 overall Paul George and when he miss a open 3 it said 41% percent no way!! In real like he would have made it once again I like the game but it needs some updates and work on ASAP! If you guys want more fans of the game once you do a big change like I suggested I will play it again
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6 years ago, naayani
Good but...
This update made it good and they adding more stuff but they need to add the set for training grounds and it will give you a golden starting lineup or one elite ... and they need to add a stat thing at the end of a season game to see who got a triple double or how many shots or rebounds and assists and speaking about season you should make a season lineup where you can trade players and the bench switches and you can switch manually and players get injured ... and mvp of the game for season and of the whole season or finals and you should make it where you can change it to where you make the season games 5 or 10 minutes ... and more sets ... and backcourt foul and 1s and free throws also elite packs that cost 70,000 and also more season games like 20 or 30 per season plus there should be upgradable leagues (but idk tho) and more sets and some jerseys are wrong cause the cavs has lighter jerseys in the game than the real life so they should darken the red and new city and statement jerseys plus daily objectives should have pro packs if you complete them and lastly you should get a better reward if you complete finals and don’t ban so much players also add it where you can dunk on people and more handles and dunk and layup animations but those are just some suggestions
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5 years ago, Storm the pupper
I actually love this game, I started playing on my iPad a few months back and I became totally addicted. I had just completed the Vince Carter rewind event and I turned my VInce Carter 108 with in the paint ability, for VC with the double ability. I had someone from the help canter call me on Tuesday, he told me to wait 24 hours and it should reappear. I waited 48 hours and called back as it did not reappear. After sitting on hold for about an hour they came back and told me that I was lying and that I never had the Vince Carter that I was broke of and they could do nothing for me. The thing is that I actually took a screenshot of the page that said I completed this event. So not only did I have the Vince Carter double ability but I also have proof. When they told me that I didn't have the player, I asked them if they were implying that I was lying and he said yes you never had that player. I am so fired up over this I spent my own money upgrading this player that is now gone not to mention all the time that I put into it. It is one thing to say that they are not sure why I am missing a player, but to call me a liar when I have proof is over the top! I expected more from EA sports that a call center of crooks from India.
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7 years ago, SlendyFilms
Don't waste your money
I don't understand how you can put out a game that doesn't work half the time. The block and shoot and rebound and pass and defense are all one button that doesn't work half the time and when it does work it works like 7 seconds after you pressed it. You have no control over your characters actions you try to stop he keeps running and doing spins till he feels like passing to the other team. The CPU in this game literally cheats and you can see it happen you can see the computer take over and make it impossible to stop it. You have no way to actually control your shot accuracy even in you hit the green mark perfectly with no defenders on you and a good shooter you will still miss consistently. Defense is just holding a button and hoping you do something which you usually don't and the CPU gets right in for the dunk or layup. If that's not enough star players like LeBron, Wall, Harden... Never miss shots... When you play against them. You can have a team of all red star players and still manage to miss every shot and turn over on every pass. This game doesn't let you rebound the ball 95% of rebounds is the CPU. The worst thing in this game in the CPU on your team they do nothing literally they mostly just stand there leaving the lane wide open and if you try to block you block 7 seconds after you pressed the button but by that time they've scored. Also the game switches your character for no reason at all times just because I guess...
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6 years ago, chilqean
!!MuSt ReAd ReView!! EA READ THIS
Already gameplay is same as last year. I’ve been grinding out this season and have a 77 overall team and I can’t beat people who are 5 overalls lower than me. My center is getting out rebounded by pgs. I can’t hit a shot and I can’t make any easy layups. And then on the other side of the court they are making impossible 3s that I should be blocking, little 72 overall point guards are dunking on my 77 overall center. This is also a pay to win game. I understand they need to make money but the way they are doing it is making it impossible for the people who don’t want to spend 100s of dollars in there game to get any good. So far the rookie promo is a bust. Can’t get anything without paying except for bronze and silver players. Last season you could have a WHOLE starting five of elites by grinding it out by the end of the first promo NO MONEY SPENT. This season you might be able to have a 77 overall lineup for your starting lineup if you play non stop no sleep. This game has so much potential and was actually good the first season and getting a lot better the end of season 2. Please see the community’s complaints and what we want and make your game better! I want to play nba live just not when I’m getting beat 34-12 by people several overalls lower than me. Who know ea I MIGHT even spend a couple bucks if you make things a little better and nba cash prices somewhat reasonable!
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6 years ago, DeadHedJosh
EA Sports has ruined another title.
So EA Sports has once again destroyed a game. Season 1 was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. Season 2 has had one issue after another. Used to be tons of content you could "grind" for. This year most of that has been taken away. They primarily are focused on how to get more $ out of the player instead of fixing a very broken game. The Devs have yet to take care of multiple issues. A lot have been there for almost 2 years now. They just destroyed the AH because they can't control coin sellers making the game almost pointless now. Used to be able to make coins off of grinding and selling what you worked hard for. Not anymore. Their poor coding has led to problem after problem. If you go through the NbaLive forum you will see nothing but post about how bad it has all gotten and the amount of hatred towards EA these days. Many feel this was suppose to help with the console release but since that is dead in the water now it appears this game is going along with it. If 2k had cards, lots of throwbacks, and an auction house absolutely no one would be playing this game. No one. I've been playing since the soft launch and used to love it. It's garbage now. $100 for chances to get an elite...what has gaming turned into? Money hungry developers over at EA. I am back to boycotting this company. Do yourself a favor and do anything you can to find another game to enjoy. This one will not be the one. It's a shame too.
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5 years ago, Shermanbro25
Good but needs to be Better
I’ve been apart of the NBA Live family since it started and some of these upgrades are good but I think that most people would agree when I say we would enjoy with more upgrades. I believe that you should let us have replays, take our players off the bench during the game, and have timeouts. I also think that you should add a my player experience into the season. You should be able to trade players with other teams and friends. The My Player hit would be the thing that will bring your game to the next level and will have more people playing it. I think most people would agree. I also think that you should keep up the current players with the current teams. So if a player gets traded in real life then in the game he plays for the actual team he was traded to. In the game you should actually make the teams overall the actual overall in real life. Whenever I restart the account it is so easy to win the seasons because the teams are so easy to beat and I upgrade my team so fast. And finally you should make the season longer. Like actually make the finals, seven games long. But for now I love the game and I know that these updates will make the games more realistic and it will bring more people to play the game.
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7 years ago, kkayx015
I've been playing for almost a year now and upgrades in sets just disappeared so there is no way to turn in 5 gold trophies for 1 elite trophy. It makes zero sense, especially since there is hardly ever any trophy blitz events and even if there is, the chance to get a legend or elite trophy is 1 out of 50 if not more or less. Just kinda annoying. I love this game and love playing with my friends on it. But something has to be done. I have some many pieces to sets that are incomplete due to these problems. And I understand this game takes time and work to get the pieces you need for whatever set your doing. Ex. Legend player set. It's easy to get the team, featured year, etc pieces. But the elite trophy is now I feel impossible to get unless you go to auctions. Which is ok but now prices sky rocketed on elite trophys due to lack on being able to get it. Then legend trophys cant even be bought in auctions... please fix something. I want to keep playing but won't if I keep playing for weeks and hours at a time and hardly getting anywhere. I have so many pieces to sets that are just incomplete and I felt like I have done everything. I'm a level 90 rating and lvl 50. Thank you for your time
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5 years ago, Unrealcity
Something is Off.
I love the game and play everyday, but this new update is off. I’ve got a 105 OVR (which I’ve worked very hard for), and still I have been missing easy shots in this current draft players event. Sure, it’s basketball. You’ll miss sometimes even if you’re a great shooter. But you shouldn’t miss three in a row when it takes you 75 energy to play. Not with 105 OVR players. And worst of all, you have to shoot from specific circles in some events, and since the new update, there have been many times where the color of the circle indicates my player is within the circle, and yet it does not register and says failed. If this happened a couple times, I’d let it go. But it’s happened so frequently that it’s starting to feel like it’s not worth it to play. If I’ve worked this hard to get a great team, what’s the point if you’re screwed out of precious energy to get the top players and upgrade your team? When these glitches get fixed, I’ll give it a 5 star rating. I do wish that showdown was random and you got good teams and bad teams in some order. As it is, the better your team, the harder your opponent. Again, why work hard for a great team if it doesn’t help you dominate those who haven’t worked as hard? But that’s not worth quitting for. Getting screwed by way to many glitches when you can afford to fail on tasks and you shot a perfect shot from the circle and it says fail incorrectly. That’s bogus.
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6 years ago, Lansademe
Showdown problems
I love the game but in showdown when I face better players it seems like the game works in favor in them. The team can make multiple seemingly impossible shots and plays on my defense even when it’s tight. The players of the other team even seem to go right past the body of one of mine like a ghost. Layups become easy for the other team because my defense doesn’t make them score with contact. I know my defense is just as good as theirs. On offense my players can’t produce that much. Also sometimes the app just shuts down during showdown matches and it becomes a forfeit, making me lose fans when I did not try to forfeit. This is really annoying. Also the clock runs sometimes while the ball is being thrown in. This shouldn’t be. It disrupts possible game winners and the clock should start running when a player gets the ball or if the ball hits the floor. Also there is one “layup” which players are sometimes forced to do which isn’t really a layup at all. It’s where the player is driving in, then stops to try a short range fade-away bank shot which rarely makes it in. Please stop making this as a layup. Also sometimes blocked dunks are goaltending but last time I checked, that’s not what it is in the NBA. Fix these mistakes please.
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7 years ago, Lionryan45
Overall fun game I enjoy very much. However a few things in my opinion that could help game for not only myself but countless other players who have told me they have same issues and would like this getting fixed... alright so first thing is the energy should fill up slightly faster. I’m talking 10 seconds maybe per energy faster. Not a big change but to get that full 100 energy it’ll mean ppl can play more and most ppl that do spend money say that’s something they wouldn’t use cash on, maybe if the cost for 100 energy was cut in half it would be more worthwhile. Secondly there needs to be better game controls or the ai needs to get better on the players team. They seem to never want to do anything that seems logical and I have all elites so they should be smarter. I assume the game is working on new players and sets so that isn’t a problem, but my final request would be for dunking, there are times when dunking challenges are impossible, I’m not saying make it easier to Dunk in the entire game, but I think if in those drills you boosted the dunk stat it would be helpful because sometimes like my center will go for a layup for no reason. Alright thank you and I hope one of these suggestions is implemented in the future.
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4 years ago, SplashT0wn
Good overall, certain bugs and greedy developers
I have been playing these games since the earliest Nba 2k mobile came out some years ago. The gameplay here is nice, smooth, and feels authentic. Lots of minigames (Campaigns) and the ability to play online means good variety and the game certainly isn’t lacking in content. Stamina system is fine, I agree with only giving a certain number of ads a day so new players cant grind and instantly the best players. The one thing wrong with this game can be illustrated by a new Golden Ticket player for sale in the store: Drazen Petrovic, the only man to not back down from Jordan on the court in the 90s. I really wanna put him in my lineup, but this 1 character costs 10,000 Nba cash. Thats about $85 USD. Not making this up. Thats beyond greedy, youll never earn that amount of cash on your own as the payouts for the events are basically scraps. I miss when you could just outright buy the game for $8 or however much it was and you had ALL the content, ALL the players. I hate how mobile games have evolved and how developers have gotten so greedy they can stick a good player in your face everytime you start up the game, only for it to be behind an $85 paywall. I can buy Nba live 20 and a used controller for that price. So be prepared for that before you download. Besides that, its good. 3 stars.
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6 years ago, hoodhendrix
Do not download waste of time.
Ok to save to the headache off jump you spend major too much achieving Elite players just for them to be mediocre. I have high level elite players missing easy layups and dunks . I have an elite roster and get to playoffs just to have them stay out the paint and the computer have all their players under the goal. No defense at all just standing around . You rip a ball and all of sudden another player (computer ) beats you to it. They pick and choose when you make shots even easy ones simple dunks. The only reason why I haven’t uninstalled is because I have a team in the tournament. After this I’m done . Don’t waste your time gaining elite players who get out performed by silver players during season games . You will miss easy open shots when you are by yourself and it will say bad timing. What ..? How the hell do you schedule an opportunity. These people developing this game must have never played ball in there life. The computer passes the ball with quick precision when you pass ball downcourt it never makes it may even pass it backcourt and not forward even when you are passing in the intended direction. I have nothing but . They choose your wins and losses by any means necessary. Don’t waste your time .....! Also other people have complained and aid the same no response from developer. All they want is support and not provide any for the people of interest. Just chunk it up and buy 2k nuff said..!
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10 months ago, IPhone Gamez Reviewer
FIX THESE BUGS FOR BETTER NON FRUSTRATING PLAYER EXPERIENCE……… Pvp has been stuck on waiting for a match for two weeks now fix it!!!! Add a sprint button on defense fix it!!!! … Allow me to put any position card collected freely into any positing without just being locked into point guard =point guard ……create a step back button and a prohop spin button……. create a throw from alley oop from baseline ……fix the freethrows you only get fouled on jumpers then after first shot shot meter lags then you miss freethrows allows fouls on layups dunks …..pick and roll in pvp doesn’t work when you call for it happens automatically when you don’t need it fix it….allow for rematch in PvP against opponents…..allow for overtime in PvP ……..put PvP record up ….allow to auction any card in collection …..ability to trade peers for cards…….allow to create a player after certain level reach….allow to pass out of jumpshots only able to pass out of dunks and layups… create a jab step button……allow chase down blocks…..allow for play calling….the rookie class wasn’t added this season when nba draft happen integrate them sometime ya do and don’t be consistent……..add these things to the game to improve and make this app greater than it is for god sakes just do it
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5 years ago, TBJTFAN#1
This game is ok
This game is fairly easy but the Campaigns are pretty hard. Some of them at least. The Campaigns are my least favorite thing about the whole game because they’ll take a really good player and sometimes a bad player let’s say a very good player like a 93 overall Steph Curry. There’s like no chance you can get him unless your really good, and if your basically under a 87 overall your out of luck unless you get lucky. I’m ok at the game right, now I’m trying to get 101 Damion Lillard and to get that you have to be like at least a 90 overall. I don’t know maybe more. It’s super hard plus they only give you like a week and a couple hours to do it. I only dislike one more thing. You can do a season mode and once the season is over there’s another one and so on as you go from season to season it gets harder and harder , every time you win a game you get a pack. I always just tap it really quick because there’s never anybody good in it. It’s basically always a 59 overall and what I don’t like about it is that no matter what season you’re in or game you could be in season 5 and in the Championships and you always get somebody really bad even if you won a very hard game you will still get a very bad player. Other than those things this game is very good and I recommend it.
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4 years ago, SidthaKidVicious
Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of NBA Live even more than NBA 2k and was let down to see it fall off the market for a time. This mobile version is very good but there are a still a few minor glitches going on with my game. I started the street campaign but only the street events that you had to use your warmup tokens for were available. Also the All-Star event ended with me having 40,000 all star points I was trying to save up and get a center I thought I had left myself another whole 8 hour day to get the remaining 20,000 points but it disappeared and all my 40,000 went to waste I would like to have been able to use them to either buy random all-stars or trade them back in for coins, cash, shards or players with a reminder that the event had ended and a chance to use all of my points. On another note if you could add anything to the game I would love to be able change, add or buy more things to customize players especially the supetstars like shoes and/or shoe deals, head bands, wrist bands things like that. Also I wish there was a create your own player mode that worked like the Game Changer Super Star event. Thanks again for the great game!!!
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4 years ago, sevdragon
Love the game but.....
I love the gameplay of this game and it is loads of fun however I have some issues with the game that can maybe be fixed. 1) sometimes my players on defense cannot move. I am trying to push the button for block and it doesn’t work. Don’t really know why. Also with rebounds the players seem to be in a daze. Maybe they took edibles before the game. Anyhoo it sometimes is a bummer. 2) when I block a shot while a player is trying to dunk cannot be a a block and a goal tend simultaneously. If we are to play a game with nba rules there should maybe be a programming rewrite here. Although technically the ball is in a downward motion whilst being blocked, this is not how the rules play out in a basketball game as we know it. If the players hand is still on the ball while dunking and the ball is blocked even while in a downward motion, this is a block and should therefore not be a goaltend. How else are u supposed to posterize some fools. Cmon! But this game is awesome. It’s loads of fun and U can be thoroughly entertained. Just some critiques and minor glitches that I have noticed. Have a great day everyone :)
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5 years ago, Lou.C.Olsen
Game Favors CPU
I have had games where I will not get a rebound for an entire quarter. Have gone whole quarters missing every shot I take. Seen the CPU make a full court shot to beat me with 0.01. Unless you like the pain and torture of losing, don't bother with this game. Regret wasting my time playing another EA garbage game. And I have had 3 consecutive undefeated regular seasons, only to lose on the 1st Round of the Playoffs...ALL THREE TIMES!!!!! Don't play this game. Find something else. Your time would be better spent playing actual basketball outside. At least that can't be rigged by the computer. Here is an updated example, undefeated regular season...again...then face the Wizards. Keep in mind, I’ve been scoring about 40-50 a game all season long. The score was 37-15 at the end of the 3rd Quarter, I had 15. Couldn’t get a rebound. Missed every dunk attempt. SLAM DUNKS. Missed at least 8 in the first 2 quarters. Then in the 4th I miraculously could make shots again, but since they were still shooting 95% from the floor...I lost 49-27. Our OVR score was “Equal”. Laughable. I really have to stop thinking they will fix this when a new season comes. Just unreal how good the computer becomes in the playoffs. You would be better served just shooting from full court and giving them the ball back every time. Save yourself some aggravation. I took screen shots this time to remind myself to quit playing whenever they do a new season update.
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6 years ago, Andrew00200
Pay to win
This game is very pay to win and it is hard to get an amazing team without having to pay EA money. If you go to the shop of this game you will see that they have pack after pack after pack of packs that you have to pay for, and some of them you are not even guaranteed the thing that you want. They care more about the money than they do the player. The only way to get an amazing team without paying money is if you play 24/7 and as human beings we just don’t have that time to spend on a game. Our time is to occupied by School or Work or just going out and being active. There are much better games out there that you should spend your time on that are not pay to win and much more fun. The whole purpose of this game is to make money and not to make the players happy. This could be a very good game, but the way Ea is running it, it most likely never reach its full potential. Also Why did they change it from 5 lineups, to 2, to now 1. Like what is up with that. We loved the 5 lineups. This meant that the average player didn’t have a Cap to how good their team could be and always had a spot on one of their lineups to improve. I can see this being fine for the first few months, but come March and everyone will be annoyed because their one lineup will all be high leveled and will have very little reason to Change it
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7 years ago, Poppa9incher
Please read this before you buy the game
This is possibly one of the most poorest and least executed games that I have ever played. Even flappy bird was more fun and entertaining then this. For example, flappy bird lasted me a good 3 months but this has only enough to entertain for about 2 weeks max. There is no sense of actual gameplay since the CPU is inn-acting every facet of the game: You don’t control when you change characters the CPU does that for you, you generally don’t control who you pass it to the CPU does that for you, if you want to do a dribble move the CPU does that for you, playing defense is so easy that it’s not fun because the CPU does that for you, and I could go on and on about how they should just make it a simulation game like BIG HEAD BASKETBALL since it seems to be a more horrible time consumer than that game. Also, the idea of having multiple teams labeled such things as scorers, tall, defenders, etc. is pretty dumb as it is. Just have one or two teams in total and stop killing this game which need total revival. This is such a horrible game that by the time you get something really good( maybe epic Steph curry card) you’re already done with the game by that point that you just wish you had all the time that you put in to get that “special” card back. This is a very very very bad game. Do not even waste your memory on this one for the sake of not only myself but you, the consumer - John green
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5 years ago, xXEzgamingXx
Good game, fix gameplay
This is (in my opinion) the best basketball game on the App Store. The game has a season mode, and new daily events so you would have many things to do. They also make players attainable, through auctions, sets, and events. Playing the game however, I think it needs improvement. For example, I see some flaws in the game’s system. I have a player who was a 116 3 point rating (through attributes) and misses open 3 point shots. I go against players who have under 90 3 point rating and make challenged 3’s. Please fix that, or at least help people understand how you are able to make or miss shots. Another thing is that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET REBOUNDS. I have been playing showdown and the opposite team gets the rebound every. single. time. And then I lose. Please add at least a rebound button! Another thing that I think would make gameplay look cleaner would be plays. It would be cool if you could call plays so teammates could screen or cut when you want them instead of having them all stay in one place in the court. Overall, it’s a great game, but please focus on fixing gameplay instead of adding players as I think it would make the game more popular and people would play it more often. Thanks 🙂👍
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6 years ago, Robbob1717171717
Overall a good game but Improvements can be made
Overall a good game but Improvements can be made. It would be a good addition to add the stats of each game posted at the end of each game so that we can see how many steals, 3 pointers, dunks, etc. that were performed in the game. Also, I have a pretty high rated Steph Curry (like almost everyone) and his range does not reflect his real life range. The meter drops to zero at the same limit that every other player does. It would be nice if the range spec of each player would be specified as a player skill and put into action on the court. When a blocked shot happens in slow motion it becomes extremely difficult to find where the ball is located to recover the loose ball; maybe just have the slow motion happen for the instant the ball gets blacked and then speed it up again. Also it would be nice to be able to change player by clicking on him. I don’t want to pass the ball every time to my point guard and should be able to pass to whomever I want on inbound but not possible. Also a rebound button would be useful so that it is not just luck on the rebound. It would also be nice to make a lineup with players out of position. Very fun game but could use improvements.
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7 years ago, vegetaismyfather
Fun to play, but sacrifices user experience.
Live is fun to play. But what isn’t fun is losing players that you spent a lot of time working for. EA fails to see that by allowing us to retain players, at least some, we are more likely to return to the game and spend more money. By making it extremely difficult to achieve highly rated players, EA sacrifices users devotion to building a “Super Team” something they WILL spend money to build. NBA Live Mobile is merely a bait and switch scheme. Monetize from user frustration, while manipulating the platform. What they should’ve done was make individual players available for purchase, and be able to upgrade these players by maxing out a certain category (e.g. boost Derrick Rose’s 3 point shot to 90 for 250 “Live” dollars. I’d rather not continue playing Live mobile because it’s just too much work to create a team we want. Think about it, this game is for a mobile device. People who play live are investing in a game with anticipation of quick satisfaction. EA should monetize on this dilemma early on by offering single players for purchase. The fun of this version of the game is to build a team that looks visually appealing with the graphic cards on “My Team.” The graphics are terrible on the court! This is EA problem an where they should revisit.
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4 years ago, GamerJayLos angeles
Really Nice Game👍🏽👍🏽
What a game this is it’s not good it’s AWSOME!!! The fact that whoever came up with the 💡 for the superstars is a genius also the monthly masters are now with 2 players even better!But the good always comes with the bad here’s some suggestions I have. 1:In the season mode for the bench players can there be substitutes plz cuz what’s the point of bench players if there r no substitutes and a bonus is can there be a time select for quarters as well. 2:There’s some glitches that are really bad like sometimes when I go for a 3 point shot I make it but sometimes it doesn’t count I keep wondering I made the shot so y doesn’t it count? And sometimes if I watch a ad for example the boom or bust packs I watch the ad (which are like 50 secs long;-;) when the ad is over guess what.I get nothing I watch the ad and after I exit the ad it turns black and one time I waited for like an hour waiting but it doesn’t let me so I exit out the game and it doesn’t give me the reward. 3:Can you add more women players like Dylan Gonzalez and more WNBA players like Sabrina plz. Well that’s it for now but overall this a amazing game cya later for now😁😁😁
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6 years ago, Sabad52
About ready to quit
This new version is even worse then the summer version. At least in the summer version you had a chance to pick up more elite players. Once you beat your live events. You let them sit there for weeks and don’t add anything to replace them. The dirk nowitzki player that you train is a joke. It will end up taking months to get him trained where he even useful. Yes you can trade a elite player to get one crummy token. That is plan stupid. The tournaments are good but as always my players miss simple shots, dunks, and open three pointers against team for inferior to mine. While the opponents team constantly make every dunk and every out side shot even when they’re off balance. The store has become a joke. Elite players are a minimum. Unless you get one that’s 85 or higher they’re worthless. Then when you do win an elite player he turns out to be an 84 that you can’t use or sell. So he sits in limbo or you can use him for training. I hope when you get through this New Years phase that your next phase makes the game fun again. Because quite frankly it’s getting quite boring. Make some positive changes. It’s been awhile since I wrote this review. I guess you guys didn’t not read them. They game has gotten even worse. I literally don’t play anymore. This game is literally quite stupid. This is it if it doesn’t improve soon I quit. It’s a total waste of my time.
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6 years ago, Caleb Fox
Too Many Bugs
The is overall very fun to play and entertaining. It simulates the game of basketball well and has many fun modes and challenges. The game is very time consuming and almost impossible for me to put down but sometimes the bugs in this game just make me. The problem is the bugs for me because sometimes it just prevents me from doing certain actions in a game which causes me to lose and it very frustrating because you know you would have won if that didn’t happen. Another problem is that at least a THREE TIMES PER 5 MINUTES!!!, the game kicks me out and says that it just couldn’t communicate with their servers. This bug is so annoying because when you get kicked out during a showdown game and reload the game it causes you to forfeit the match and you lose fans. I would rate this game five stars or 4 stars if it weren’t for this bugs because it almost takes the whole game away cause after you win something it just kicks you out and you lose for no reason. I really hope the developers will be able to fix this in future updates but for now I have to say it’s fun but it’s still not the best it can be. 👍
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4 years ago, lbrennan3010
Great game
I like this game. it is great. all i want more is to add nhl mobile.i have nba mobile madden mobile i used to have fifa mobile. the only thing i want more is nhl mobile on iphone 5s. I also think they need to add a way to trade with people. You can put people on your trading block and you can trade people with them. Like i could give a 91 PG Rondo for an 87 Love and 89 Rose. I could request that and someone can except or decline. I think the game would be better like that and i also have 1 last request. I wish you could gift people players. I am trying to help my friend get better but there is no easy way to give him good players I don't want or use. I also want EA to make NHL Mobile. I would like it because I play hockey and fútbol but also like American football and basketball. It would be nice to have NHL mobile. I would give up any other game I have on my phone to get it. I just want to have more fun on my phone and EA games are the best. I think they could hit it out of the park with a NHL mobile game because all the other games EA makes are good. All I want is NHL mobile and a way to trade in NBA live mobile. WE NEED NHL MOBILE!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Nicecarnascar
NBA Legend ⭐️DatBoi’s Feedback
The game is excellent but I do have a few complaints. I don’t understand why the server keeps crashing and saying “Sorry we cannot continue” and sometimes the game suddenly crashes…but then I get charged with a forfeit. I’m just trying to be a good sport about it all but some days I find it impossible to tolerate how my shot is being punished because I work very hard in Campaign Mode to perform the maneuvers that I use. Also the rewards for completing actions on the web sometimes do not pay as stated and I wouldn’t dare purchase anything because it seems like a crapshoot when completed and it’s never guaranteed that you will receive anything for filling out the surveys or visiting the websites. All in all its is a great way to pass the time and the competition is extremely frustrating and fierce which is exactly how I like it…keeps me grinding for better players. Also new animations and music would be nice. Great job on keeping the game the same but it’s a new season and whenever possible could you please fix the bandwidth issues and bottlenecks that cause the game to glitch and crash… Thanks and see you in Grand Arena 🤘🏾💯💯💯💯💯
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3 years ago, Stop restarting accounts
Why restart me
This game is very fun and enjoyable and back when I was in 8th grade (I’m in 10th now) I used to grind on this game everyday but when the new season came out all my hard work and good players were restarted. I had a 95 overall team with some great players and I stopped playing for a couple of months to focus on basketball in real life and when I come back all my good players are gone. For hours I played this game to get good players and when I do you restart them. I don’t get . Why restart someone’s account and erase all their hard work just for a new season. I never put money into this game because at the tim when I was playing it a lot more I didn’t have a job, but assuming others put just a little bit of their money into this game I would think that all that money has gone to waste all because you had to restart the accounts. I would give it a five star but because of the simple fact that my account had to be restarted I’m giving it three. Other than the problem with the continuous restarting of accounts when a new big update happens, this game has good mechanics and is easy to have fun in if you have good players. But I woulda know anymore because they restarted my account.
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6 years ago, Agcfhxgjduvt
Fix Your Game
So I’ve been playing the game like 3 days now and the tutorials are a little weird. Like I figured there would be certain attributes to apply to ur character like skills. Such as a spin move or certain crossover. Also I’d like to mention that some of the campaigns are way to hard to complete. You cant tell me to beat a team that has 6 more points than me in 60 seconds. Cuz I’d either have to: 1. Quickly run down court and score a 3, then almost instantly get the ball back cuz there would be about 35 seconds left and quickly run back down the court and score another 3 to tie the game. Then I would have to once again get the ball back with minimal time wasted on the clock which is impossible to steal a ball that quickly or getting scored on and still keep a lead, and if I did all that I’d have maybe 5 seconds left. And this is assuming I stole the ball perfectly to get it back and quickly run down court and pull up for a 2 or a 3 and score it with get the dot perfectly in the center. It’s utterly impossible to do that in one minute. And ok a lot of people are gonna say it’s not hard, but it is. I think u need to add at least 30 more seconds onto the clock. And for some of these reasons that make the campaign which is right at the beginning like the beginning campaigned I don’t rate this game very high.
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7 years ago, Jeff212526
Awesome game but you need to fix one issue .
This game is great it's so addictive and great to play. When I originally got the game in November of last year I didn't expect much. But I was wrong this game has so much to offer whenever it be daily challenges or playing head to head it has it all and if your an nba fan i highly suggest getting this game. Now like any game it's not perfect. The first issue comes in gameplay the defense is so broke players don't even defend the player there supposed to be defending it's so annoying I can't tell you how many times I get scored on because the defense mechanic on the game is so poor. Second is head to head I'm so tired of players just using defensive and summer courts lineups it's so annoying please fix this my problem with that is you can't score on the inside or shoot threes on that lineup but they can shoot threes from the half court line and dunk on you all they want it's so irritating. Second is leagues it's a great feature but I can't sign up for one every time I try to apply for a league it says that there's max applications for Those leagues. This is an overall great game and that I highly recommend for any nba fan it's just a few things that are so broken.
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5 years ago, Real_Review_Guru
Game is straight garbage.
You don’t ever actually get to play anything. All you do is run through drills and garbage to try to build a team but when do you actually get to play? I guess you can play Showdown against other players but by the time you’re done going through all the drills your out of stamina. Why is your game still based around stamina limitations? I can’t actually play anything cuz all of my stamina is spent trying to build my team. Oh, so I spend actual money on stamina. It’s just a cash grab. Same old garbage drills over and over again to try to obtain players when everything is super cheap in the auction house anyway. So you’re trying to obtain a 100 player over a 99 player but what is the difference? I have a 101 Doug McDermott with a 102 3-point shot who can have a completely open look and a perfect shot and still miss it 7 out of 8 times. But the computers guys never miss any shots and if they by chance flukily happen to, you will NEVER get a rebound, so, they score, no matter what. Your best strategy is to pass it into the paint to get 2 then hit the auto-play button and hope somehow they miss the wide-open shot they get every single time no matter what and hope somehow ur guys come down with it. I quit Madden cuz the promos were so convoluted and unfair. This game is something completely different tho. Straight garbage that offers no enjoyment.
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4 years ago, Mets>Yankees
Great game, but COME ON EA!!!
I have to say, I really enjoy playing this game. I think that this is probably the best mobile game that EA has produced. However, this is still an EA game. Recently, EA started allowing players to watch one ad for a 5 percent chance of a 90 overall player. I noticed this while scrolling through the NBA Live store when I saw a blue 90 overall player card next to a text box that said 5 percent. Well, I watched the ads for about a week or so and I got nothing. Today, I went to watch the ad so that I could take a shot at getting a 90 overall player, and I was pretty disgusted after I watched my ad. Of course I got nothing after my ad, but I also took a closer look at the pack to check the odds of pulling a 90. Well, the odds hadn’t changed, but something else had. In the picture, there was a blue player card with an 84 in the corner. An 84 would be a red card, not a blue card, so it was very clear to me that EA was just trying to trick people into thinking that they have a good chance at getting a 90 overall player by watching a 30 second ad. I love the game, but just be aware of the fact that EA is a garbage company that just wants as much money as it can get.
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4 years ago, HHhHhHhHdk
Really Bad
I spent about 2 weeks on this game. It was alright at first, but for a ftp player like me, opponents are too hard for my teams on the challenges. As well as this, season mode is way too much per quarter. I start with about 400 stamina, and that means only 2 games of absolute boredom because the opponents are too easy. This game would be a 3 star if the difficulties were changed to fit every player and the stamina amounts weren’t ridiculously high. I doubt anyone sees this, but if they do, and the issue is changed, I may raise my rating. P.S. (EA, just for one year can you please stop being so pay to win please. It ruins the enjoyment of the game for free to play players, and while players are given out, they are much lower overalls and take obscene amounts of work to get one, while someone spending $20 gets 102 overall LeBron as well as tons of other resources for the game. I’m not asking for you to get rid of excess rewards for players that pay, I’m saying to even out the field, let some free to play players get the same players as the paying players, just with more work.)
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6 years ago, 🦉-Ming
Not as good as 2k, yet.
This game is an easy 2/5 and is not worth your time. EA please stick to Madden and FIFA, two games that easily are the best of their kind available. The main problem with this game is the constant glitches (that I get at least) and how unrealistic it actually is. The ratings for the players make some sense but LeBron being 86 overall, come on 2k actually gives him a fair 90. I know these game you make for mobile are centered around ultimate team but one of the biggest things that separates you and 2k is their quick game mode, it is an easy place to learn the game and just have fun. I played both 2k and NBA Live on console, and I would give your game an 8/10 and 2k a 9/10, you are a few moves from making your games better than 2k, and I am really looking forward to your games in the future, but stick to madden a fifa for mobile games and completely redo NBA. The last thing is I want to address my personal game issues of when a player air-balls or missed a pass and it goes out it gives the possession back to them. Please make this game better and fix the shooting system.
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3 years ago, Dabadas
Money grab
I’ve played this game for several years and grinned to get a team I enjoy playing with , but at the end of the season you lose your team and have to start all over again except for 1 or 2 events. Season 5 has got to be the biggest money grab yet . To start with the sets you have to complete to get player are pretty much impossible unless you spend money on stamina . Sets last season that required you to get 10 or 15 special cards now take 100 or more . Trust me if you want to get a team worth playing with you will spend money , so if you have plenty of money to spend go for it . I love playing this game but I am no longer a fan of it and thinking about deleting it. Players in the store with a 85 rating will cost you $75 certain packs . If you don’t believe me look at the reviews they are all pretty much several years old because they will not post all the new reviews because they all tell how much this game has went down hill and became more about taking your money . Go to the reviews and look at all the most recent reviews and you will see everything I said is true , and don’t plan on getting any response from EA because they must be thinking of more ways to F—K you over and take your money . 2K has much better graphics and is just as good .
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5 years ago, JoShmoGeek
0% Effort
Why does this app give no effort towards anything it does? For the second time in the past few weeks, it refuses to even open, showing the EA logo and returning to the home screen! I haven’t even mentioned the lack of WiFi usage competence. Countless times I’ve been in-app, doing my thing, and all of a sudden I earn a reward or complete a set, and I try to open it, but then it sort of freezes and returns to the login screen saying “Oops! We were unable to communicate with our servers, please try again.” So far, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’ve looked at my WiFi connection status during and after the freeze, and WITHOUT FAIL, IT HAS BEEN MAXED OUT. I EVEN HAVE WIFI ASSIST TURNED ON ON MY IPHONE SE. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Oh, and another thing, the “fixes to position assignments” has actually re-broken them. They were already working well. Now in Showdown, my center is treated like a point guard and so on and so forth. Actually test the updates before releasing them please. Get it together EA. P.S. The unconditional bias towards the AI players still exists by the way. Make it a little more realistically fair. The guy with a 65-70 in dunking doesn’t go for a poster dunk and NEVER MISS. It’s just logic people.
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6 years ago, 1134523454556789789899
Fun, but unrealistic
NBA Live is a fun game to play in general and I would recommend you download it. However, the game is highly unrealistic in some ways. It’s fairly easy to get gold and low elite players without the Auction House, and they should be good enough for the live events and season. However, getting any farther usually cost a huge chunk of time spent grinding or money. And it is very unrealistic. I have a Kyrie Irving on my lineup (83 OVR) and he can make shots from almost half court. And yet shooting boosted Chris Conely (88 OVR) can barely shoot from a yard behind the three point line. Also, the AI is overpowered. I see 56 OVR AI shooting threes while tightly guarded and yet some of my 85+ players can’t shoot mid range when completely open. And the shot meter is useless. I have 0% layups scoring and 100% layups missing, and is general a 70% chance will miss where a 22% scores. Also, the game is sadly lacking in some aspects of basketball, like there aren’t ankle breakers and blocking dunks is impossible. Overall, there are a lot of problems with this game but it’s a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend a download. NOTE: In the description, EA really hyped the classic part of the game. Classic lineup and blacktop basketball only happen in live events.
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5 years ago, shocker395566
Why does it freeze and more
Sometimes when I am playing it will freeze I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the game but my phone is good it happens to another game that I have on my phone so if that happens to all the people that play this game please fix the freezing in the game but all in all I really like the game I was reading the reviews and there was one guy that said make it to were we can play with our friends well here recently I figured out that you can actually play with friends but it has to be through Facebook but can you actually make it to were you can look up your friends gamer tags and friend them and play with them but I really like the game it’s really fun but I think it needs to be more realistic like where the teams huddle up and y’all before the game and shoot around and do there stretches and it would be better seing them through your phone or tablet doing there shoots rounds and stretches and huddling and talking and also make it to where you can take timeouts and like here and there the computer takes timeouts and stuff like that all in all it’s a very good game thank you guys for making this game it’s really fun
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4 years ago, aylermos
To Easy
NBA live mobile is fun do not get me wrong, but it is way to easy especially in season mode I just played a game against the Clippers and I scored 71 points and I won 71-13. This game is way to easy also I play the Golden State Warriors and I am guarding Stephen Curry and I leave him wide open from the Three point line and he is bricking wide open three point shots. It is so boring to play season mode. In showdown mode I am a 101 overall team and I am playing a 71 overall team. I do not like losing do not get me wrong I love winning but in my 6th season and I am still playing 66 overall Timberwolves It is extremely boring and I do not like playing teams below my level. In leagues if you join a league half the time you are not doing anything I found a new league where people are active but there are people that make a league and do not even do anything. It is either they stoped playing the game or they do not play any matches. Also I sometimes go auto mode in the second quarter in live events. I am up by 17 then I have Ionescu waiting till the end of the shot clock to putt up a shot from half court. EA I NEED YOU TO FIX YOUR GAME ESPECIALLY THIS ONE AND FIFA thank you for your time
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5 years ago, dhdhdjdjdjcjdjfj
Amazing job EA
This game is a overall amazing game because in the game there is so much you can do you can do like pick your team and build a dream team with all of your favorite players. another thing I love is the events because during those events you have a really good chance of getting amazing players for a example of events for players who wear under armor shoes like Stephen curry and Joel Embiid. And other events on like holidays but 2 holidays I remember were saint Patric’s day and and Father’s Day for saint patrics day they gave you upgradeible cards from the Celtics because there logo is a leprechaun. And on Father’s Day they put up father and son sets who played in the nba for a example one set was Dell,steph, and Seth Curry. And there is one more thing I need to talk about before the one downside and that thing is of how clear the controls are. So the one down side is the stamina because one you run out you have to wait to get enough to play again but don’t take that as something to not play because once you level up you get a refill on stamina so download this game nba fans and a fantastic job to ea
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2 years ago, AnotherBaka
Too many bugs and pvp needs fixing
I got into basketball shortly after the COVID started, so I didn’t play this game during its early days of glory. I still, however, enjoy playing this game on my free time. I wish there a bit more variety with the training drills, but you can’t ask for much. The limited events are fine and it’s win a game of pvp when the opponent has a much better team. Anyways, the problem resides with the bugs. A few bugs that I have experienced include the ball bouncing all the way to the other side of the court when losing/ getting the ball stolen, invisible player(during drills), and the opposing team catching a ball that they were not even close to and clearly going out of bounds( didn’t even see the player extend their arm towards the ball or anything). PVP is also broken, the opposing team can shoot double-teamed or challenged 3s as if they were open; if I try an open 3, I won’t make it( yes, I do have a good 3pt shooter). Also, it’s like playing against prime dwight or boogie, non-existent defense because it doesn’t slow them down and they just drop my players. Just imagine blake griffins dunk on perkins, with you being in the place of Perkins.
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4 years ago, I love video games!
Great and fun game but some fixes
This game is fun but there’s a few things that I think can really help this game. GRAPHICS. The graphics need to be better. It’s unacceptable in 2020 to have this bad of graphics. It would make the game more authentic and enjoyable. Competition. In the beginning of the seasons when everyone doesn’t have that great of a team seasons is definitely challenging but when you’re this late in the season (June or July) you’re beating the CPU in seasons by 25+ every game. And every season on the seasons mode it does get harder but not nearly hard enough to keep up with how much better our teams are getting. It would be great to actually be in a close after December or January and rely on my players to come up in the clutch. Like my 103 overall Kevin Durant hitting a game winner or the dagger in a close game. It would be unpredictable and more challenging and fun. Stats. I think you should be able to look at your players stats anytime in season and in playoffs you can do the same except not only could you look at your players overall playoff stats but also their stats from the first round, second round, conference finals, and finals.
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