NBT Bank

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NBT Bancorp, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBT Bank

4.68 out of 5
24.5K Ratings
4 years ago, B5girl
Mrs Hinlicky
The new app keeps telling me to update my mobile phone number which when I check on it it’s correct but I hit update anyway. It also has a work number that I have tried to delete and it will not delete it so I called customer service and spoke to someone who did it manually and said that it would take a few minutes and come off. I even got notification that my profile has changed and when I go back on the app the number is still there.
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4 years ago, Dominic Sims
If i could give no stars i would, Horrible App!
I’ve been with NBT for a little over two years now and about two months ago they shipped out a new overhaul of their app. I was super happy when it came out cause the old version of the app was absolutely awful. But after about two months of using this new version I’m starting to realize it’s just as terrible. Same glitches, same errors and they rarely get fixed. Now i like NBT Bank as a whole but every time i use this app i wonder why I’m still with them. I want to leave this bank based solely off of the mobile banking and how much of a headache it is. At least three times a week when i try to access the app it tells me i have the wrong password, which i don't cause the password is saved into my phone. What ends up happening is my account gets locked out and i have to call customer service to get it unlocked and if it happens on the weekend i have to wait till Monday to be able to get it unlocked. Please NBT fix your app and your system cause it does not work!
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6 months ago, Jay idk
Poor excuse for a banking app
Compared to the website this app is objectively not good, constant connection problems, half the time the app gives an unexplained error when I try to simply log in. Transactions constantly appearing days late even though on the website the appear almost instantly, limited accessibility options and not even showing the finer details of transactions is not okay for an app on which I’m suppose to manage my finances on. 5 year member and user of the app too just so people don’t think I’m blindly giving un constructive criticism. Further more the Face ID never functions as intended, depositing checks with the application results in almost a weeks delay for the funds to actually appear and consistently there is a bug where if you log in, then close the application within 5 minutes of logging in you are unable to log in once again for about 24 hours. Not excusable at all for a multi million dollar bank corporation.
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1 year ago, Newdy 73
I try to keep my finances in check and not overspend but sometimes mistakes happen…not sure if it’s cause I’m a new costumer or not but there seems to be a little leeway on funds entering and exiting my old bank the backwards “Community” they are would be consistent now only using a select few stores u would think debits would hit fairly consistent yet it would b anywhere from 12hrs to 12 days sometimes before registering and banking on the few hrs I haven’t balanced my account like the old days when ya had to lol in years so I’d b off time to time and them barstards would charge me an overdraft sometimes before the actual debit!! So like I said I hope it’s not because I’m new and NBT will also do the same but thus far I love NBT and plan to buy my second forever home in life and plan to use them for that as well! Ty for the exceptional service NBT
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3 years ago, disgruntledcarowner
NBT Vulture Capital
Choose a different bank. They are a predatory loan servicer, which is clear if you try to use this app for a loan account. They don’t allow you to make principal only payments, they make it nearly impossible for you to make a payment with a checking account through a different bank, and the overall interface of the app also makes it incredibly difficult to both find your due date and submit a payment. You have to click “more details” three times to see your due date and payment due amount; then, your account is not eligible for bill pay. You have to link bank accounts (this is the only way) with the small deposit transaction confirmation which always takes days. Then, when you click “submit payment,” it makes you click it twice but the second button is out of view on the second screen, meaning that it’s easy to miss and not fully submit your payment. These are predatory banking practices in hopes that they are able to charge you higher fees for late payments and that they will get more interest out of you by not allowing you to pay on principal. I did not fall victim to any of these vulture capitalist techniques, but I have with other companies in the past. I recognize deceptive tech when it comes to interface. Use a different bank. 0 stars if possible.
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7 months ago, a name that works for reviews
Robber friendly app
This is a horrific banking app. If you want to get robbed, bank with nbt. It’s completely unacceptable that one could spent 10k and not have a single listed transaction for what it was for. Someone could be using your card, stealing from you and it would be super hard to notice unless you paid insanely close attention. If you’re spending money at the same time someone is robbing you, it’s going to be even harder to notice immediately. On top of all this, I’ve never encountered more rude/terrible employees at a bank. They also constantly try to steal money from you any place they can. They have absurdly high fees. They’ve straight robbed and stolen money and think it was justified. I never received proper disclosure of the fees and they tried claiming I should have known. They’re thief’s who are taking advantage of how big corporations are almost never held liable for that kind of con artist stunt.
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4 years ago, i hate NBT bank app
I’ve had this app for a while now and have had no issues with it. But today it made me update the app, which I did. Then while logging in it made me set up a bunch of security questions and answers, which I did. Then when trying to log in it asked for the answers to the questions that I just set up, so I gave the correct answers. ( I know 100% they were the correct answers because I just got done setting up those answers) but the app said my answers are all wrong and now I am locked out of my own account. Then when trying to call the number it gave me to call if I had issues, the phone number doesn’t work. The app was completely fine before the update. Now it won’t let me into my own account when I know for a fact I’m using the correct log in information. Would not recommend using this app any longer.
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3 years ago, LibrasMuse101
The ADA means nothing!
I am very disappointed in this app!!! And in the bank for letting this continue! When my local branch told me that there was a new app being developed, I strongly asked that the new app be more accessible to blind and low vision users. While VoiceOver does work, those of us who are blind with some small bit of residual sight find the app nearly impossible to use! There needs to be a way to either tie into the iOS settings so I can use the dark mode and enlarged options or have a tab to change the way the app looks for the user!!! If this is not available, there needs to be a way to offer font size options with bolder fonts and have options in higher contrast color schemes (like dark mode for example)! Having more options for a more personal experience would only entice more bankers of NBT to use the app. This could be under an accessible tab under settings! Plus, other users could enjoy the possibility of making their experience a more personal one. Why, when the ADA was signed over 20 years ago, are we still fighting for equal access! This app needs to be available to any user on any device! Why is this still not accessible? Fix this!!!
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6 months ago, Squashbeets
So Poorly built
Your app is absolutely terrible!!! Sorry to be so blunt but it is absolutely the worst banking app I have ever seen or used. It is not user friendly at all. I use apps for every loan credit card bank account I have and your app is by far the worst. I urge who ever designed this app to go on any other banking app and use it and than come back to the one they designed and ask themselves if they still think they did a good job. It is annoying to navigate! I should be able to look at all my loans, select one, select pay bill, get a drop down of if I’m paying the monthly minimum or other options with that number listed have a box to add any additional payment and a drop down for what acount the money will be coming from.
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2 years ago, Brennabobcat
Transfers barely functional
I've used NBT for 5 years now and within that amount of time the app has gotten less usable in some ways. The online transfers from savings to checking or vice versa is barely usable. When transferring, the app only displays the first option after you choose. I only use it now because I completely memorized where everything is without seeing it! The other options disappear but are still able to be clicked. Other than that constant issue, the app is perfectly fine for how I use it. The transfers just are not functional to someone who hasn't memorized the layout.
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4 years ago, Jake30.o
Overall ok but
Overall ok. BUT, since they did an overhaul on the app. It h e been having glitches that will make it freeze at the main screen where the account balances are and will not let you go further. Have to close out and then reload app. Transfers are good and easy. Have also noticed that it takes days for things to clear my account, NEVER have had this happen before.
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1 year ago, McEeves
Never again with NBT bank
They need to fix their whole system. There are constant problems every time I try to pay my loan through both the app and the site. First it was repeated log in issues and disconnects. Now it’s telling me I don’t have any accounts to pay even though it worked last month. Looking at the site to try to pay my loan, it tells me that my bank isn’t verified, but they managed to take my money just fine last month??? Next time I take a loan out and they tell me it’s NBT bank I’m just gonna have to tell them no thanks. Nothing but problems since they decided to get rid of their previous online payment system a year ago.
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4 years ago, kittleskittle0819
Bummer no number
Have just tried out the new app today for the first time. I needed to verify I missing check from my register. There are no check numbers that I can access. It just says check and amount. There is no longer a check number or the option to view the check image. This is a much less useful system than previously.
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3 years ago, supercaitlin
Mobile Deposits Unusable
I’ve spoken with other friends that use NBT bank and I’ve used it personally on four different devices, and the new app makes depositing checks near impossible. The screen pops up that says tap to take a photo of the check, but no matter how many times you tap, or jam your finger practically through the screen, the app seems to not register the touch and never takes a picture of the check, requiring a trip to the bank to deposit the check. It’s 2021; mobile deposits are necessary for banks, and this worked fine in the old app. Please have your developers fix it since they botched it with the new update.
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3 years ago, Tangel0747
Good app!
Love everything about this app and it makes my banking easier since I work my business from 7-5 and can’t make it to the bank physically. The only issue I have is the constant freezing of the Home Screen. It freezes up when you log in and you can’t do anything. Sometimes it can be fixed by closing out and re-opening the app. Other times, it will take hours before it starts working again. Fix this issue and this app will be 5 stars!!!
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5 months ago, Skull kids Mom
Easy to use
The app makes it quick and easy to check my multiple account balances. Transferring between accounts, reviewing transactions, depositing checks, and using Bill Pay are a breeze as well. As a bonus, having the ability to quickly check my credit score is a major convenience!
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1 year ago, Isgiz
Worst place for loan
Don’t ever use this bank. I had set up auto pay through the app. Payment didn’t go through as planned so i was late in payment because I didn’t notice. I called and they said that I didn’t set up auto pay. So i set it up again. Then they started taking 2 payments out . First month i let it slide thinking it was my fault. Happened again. I called and they said that it was my fault for setting up auto pay twice and that they wouldn’t refund money. Told me to cancel payment through my other bank. So i did that. Now they want payment back and additional 20$ for added fees.
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2 years ago, Julie-shoes
New Hartford NY NBT
I want you to know how much it means to me that you hired the right people. The reason I am with NBT bank for all these years is the wonderful people you have at your New Hartford NY branch. I don’t care how much money they offer me at other banks to sign up. It’s the awesome people who work for you that make the difference. Thank you
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2 years ago, Morgann916
Transfer Feature is Faulty
Since I downloaded this app a couple years ago, the transfer feature to transfer money between my checking and savings has always been very buggy. Almost every time I went to use it, the page would go blank and I’d have to force close the app multiple times before I could make a transfer. Now the page completely doesn’t work. This is really the only reason I use the app so it is pretty frustrating and hopefully can be resolved!
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10 months ago, Laynef7
Amazing app!
If you’re looking for an app to do easy mobile banking, this is the one. Recently I had an issue with someone getting my information and using my card. I reported it to their fraud protection service and within a week I got my money back that was stolen. Besides things taking a little bit to load after clicking them, there are little to no issues!
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4 years ago, mj47?8
Slow to connect
The app seems to be slow to connect and sometimes it will not connect at all. (More often than not I get the spinning wheel icon and it doesn’t connect) I never had the problem with the old app. Since the new app, I had a monthly transfer that did not automatically go through to another bank like it has for years. I called the bank they said it must’ve been caused by the upgrade.?? The extra security doesn’t bother me, the more the better.
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3 years ago, DuckTG83
Mobile deposit needs improvement
Need to change how you have to enter the amount for mobile deposit because it puts a 1 in front of any number you type in therefore you have to make sure you clear the bar before you type my suggestion is to make the bar automatically clear when you start typing
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4 years ago, tjm172591
Difficult online deposit
I find the new app more difficult to deposit checks on. On the previous app version the auto capture feature and preview made it much easier to make a deposit. Since this version only has manual capture and does not give you a preview, I find myself having to retake my pictures over and over again, and since there is no feedback provided I don’t even know what is preventing the picture from being accepted which makes the process that much more frustrating.
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3 months ago, F@x101
Available funds -vs- actual funds
Don’t like that there is no description on amount and who funds are being held by. Makes it hard to take orders that funds are split to various companies when I only have a grand total to go by. Don’t understand why this bank app doesn’t give that info when other banking apps do. May not be able to stay with this bank if tracking orders gets any harder.
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4 years ago, DejaBlack
Overall good !!
Only thing I don’t like is how long it takes for my check to clear once I deposit it with a snapshot...I’m better off just going to the bank it clears right away at the teller and the app takes a day or 2 SMH...thank you for developers response however when it’s processed in person...it is available the same day and that is how I will continue to do business IN PERSON !
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1 year ago, FlippinD
Happy with services
I love NBT Bank. Not only online banking but the staff at my local Branch. Every single person is courteous, helpful and gives me the confidence of knowing if I have a question or need help with something, they’re all in. My experience with NBT far surpasses any bank I’ve dealt with before. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Phlps041
It’s alright
There’s a few things that make no sense. Like as it asks me to text them a passcode or call every time I log in regardless of how many times I’ve logged in that day. Or the check depositing mobile will take me always 10 tries for it to read correctly. Other than that, works great!
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2 years ago, Joeefen
Abandoned app
Impossible to log in since nigh on 2 months ago. When I called in they let me know this is a nationwide problem with the app, not just me. Last update was 7 months ago. NBT might as well take this off the App Store if they aren’t going to fix it.
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4 years ago, karcar98
Absolutely the worst banking app ever
I’ve never used such a worthless app. The old version was useless. Couldn’t get any information except balance and couldn’t do any actual electronic banking. The “new” app is even more useless. It keeps kicking me out. Says to go into profile but doesn’t have a profile button and no matter which button I select, the app crashes. You would think they would have thoroughly tested the app before launching it but apparently they didn’t test it at all. I’m looking for a new bank.
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9 months ago, your moms dream
Simply awful
NBT recently took over our local bank. Before NBT, online banking was easy. Now it takes forever for transactions to post online, if they even post it. Their customer service has plummeted as well. I have never been hung up on by a bank just for asking a simple question about traveling and making sure my card would work. I could understand if I was rude or aggressive but I was calm and polite. When I return from this trip, my business with NBT will be concluded.
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2 years ago, SeacoastRoofing
Quick & Easy!
Realizing I needed to make a quick deposit to cover our mortgage, I quickly opened up the app and was able to deposit a check within one minute. Pretty nice system. That is why we use NBT Bank for Seacoast Roofing Of NH -The one day roof install specialists.
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3 years ago, mttombank
Don’t like it
I do not like the new way to view my accounts online. Very hard to figure out and you can’t bring up a check to see who it was made out to. Have a hard time using this new system
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2 years ago, RHO-Club
Pretty satisfied, but would like the ability to have more than one check per deposit.
Sometimes I have several checks to deposit and it would be much more convenient to be able to group them into one deposit. Thank you
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4 years ago, tvdihedral
New app is not an improvement
1. Couldn’t log in and had to call support. Turns out that in the transition my user name had been changed to all caps with the new app. 2. When I did log in it asked me to update my phone. That failed with a non helpful error message 3. Checks now appear just as checks. No check number no option to view the actual check. Both are steps backward from the old app. There is a transaction inquiry button. Pressing it makes nothing happen! 4. Setting up Face ID is not intuitive or easy 5. The new app is noticeably slower than the old app. Basically the new app is a mess. It may add new options that I don’t need but is worse for the things I actually care about. I’ve been with this bank and it’s predecessors for 39 years. It may be time to switch banks
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4 years ago, Mactastic71611
Bank app review
The only fault I’ve seen so far is that. Every time I change my cell number it reverts back to the same number I have listed as my house phone. Other than that the app does everything I need to do at a bank, from the convenience of my home
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2 years ago, Raddad00
Changed software and not for the better
Tried to deposit a check using the new mobile app and what used to take one try took four. Very frustrating
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4 years ago, cali9520
The security features in all NBT are over bearing. Too tight for the app when if there was even a breach , intruder can’t get any serious information. Almost once a month I have to answer security questions I don’t want to , when a already used my biometric id to log in . And then I always have to call customer support to reset it cause it never works properly and locks me out
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3 years ago, JaninePennsylvania
Mobile banking is so easy OMG
First time user couldn’t believe how quick it was to set it up I thought it was going to be a headache so much easier than driving all the way in my bank which is too far
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2 years ago, SarahSue12
Face ID not working
I had Face ID then I upgraded my phone. It does not offer Face ID in the app only shows on screen when I log in like it’s an option but it’s not. Biometric on. Authorized in settings. Not sure why it went away.
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4 years ago, Mrs.Becca
Terrible security questions
The website worked fine but the security questions were absolutely ridiculous to choose from.
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3 years ago, Shi2/69
Great Bank
I’ve been a customer of NBT for the past 15+ years and I love the excellent customer service and small town feel this bank always exudes! The website is wonderful- easy to use - I just love it !! Keep up the great work!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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2 years ago, magenta 768
Great Improvements. After using for a few days I think you could do a couple things.. keep user name there like it was before to get into your accts. A little more color and larger print.
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3 years ago, Jen9813
Have had an NBT loan for years. Always been a struggle to make a payment. Have to fill out paper forms and send them in etc. so much wasted time. Now an app and still unable to do anything with my loan on desktop or mobile app except view it. So far behind every other financial system with technology. If a customer has to spend hours trying to pay on a bill someone needs to rethink their business!!!
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4 years ago, cyndl37
Best of banks
I have had NBT as my main banking establishment for over 20 yrs. never any problem. In banking employees always friendly and knowledgeable of my needs, attentive, professional. Online always available and easy access.
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2 years ago, GhostTrain64Bit
Quick and easy to use
I have very few issues with this app it makes banking with NBT quick and easy. Especially after they introduced the redesign.
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3 years ago, G'ma 2 Princess
Why I could Not give it 5 stars!
Most Every single time I try to sign in, I have to do it at least 3 or four times before it will let the info go through! Very annoying!
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4 years ago, Pat MacIntosh
Taking a picture to deposit my check Rocks
Not having to go to the bank to Deposit my Check every week is such a relief and thank you NBT Bank and My Wife Who Downloaded the App. It saves me time and it saves NBT Bank time and paper., Thank you- Renegade
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4 months ago, Idontwanttochooseadifferentone
Vast improvements needed
Always crashes. The app is down for extended periods of time when they are doing maintenance. The checking deposit is the worst out of any of my Banks. It has a hard time reading checks, you will need to recapture the check multiple times before it will accept the check. It is a lousy app and unacceptable for banking, especially when compared to other similar banking apps.
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3 years ago, DanEthier
Love NBT
I have been a customer for a long time and they always treat me good the app is always fast to transfer from account to account thanks for everything and hope you guys have a great day
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5 months ago, Banny7777
Customer service
If I can give zero star I would.. the worst app the worst customer service.. attitude, rude and all the bad word.. I am sorry they will keep take money from us for nothing.
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