Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology

4.68 out of 5
152.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Uz3-155-597
Crazy accurate!!! I am not sure who writes these or how they come up with them but it's almost crazy how accurate they are sometimes!! I'm usually not one of those swear by astrology sign type of people but this app really describes what I am going through most of the time and it gives you positive hope. And I even once had an appointment with an astrologer who was supposed to help me solve some of my personal issues, and that was of course a different experience. But for those who haven’t seen real astrologers, this app is the closest to it I’ve ever seen And I can tell you for sure that with the help of the stars you can find out the most important numbers in your life, which tattoo should people of your sign do, when is the best moon for a new haircut, and a lot more. And this app is great about it, it gives you so many tips from different parts of your life, that with the personal astrologer you’d have to pay a fortune for that! So this app ain’t be cheap, but the price for this detailed info is more than acceptable. But that’s only for people who care about real astrology, for those who should just read some random predictions, framed as your horoscope - go on with free apps. I don’t believe there would be people doing so much work to prepare horoscopes for free. So I definitely recommend this app to anyone I know who is at least a bit interested in astrology, thank you for making this app so great!
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5 years ago, m8fjl5VA
I really like getting my daily horoscope in this beautiful app and I absolutely love that this one has a daily reminder that lets you know not to forget to read your horoscope for that day .. And if you are so curious as I am you may sometimes read your horoscope for tomorrow, but I don’t recommend to do that. I prefer to read my horoscope in the evening, to analyze the whole day and to remember the details which my daily horoscope describes, it’s like you summarize your day and remember everything the most significant from it. Another way to have fun is that you can learn for instance how Moon in Libra, that is ending already, influences your life. You can learn that from astrology course inside an app.. And then you can discover what actually happens in your life and see this huge connection! Or you can learn about previous month and analyze it as well! And then you will be able to plan some important events by yourself, taking into account the planetary movement, you will choose the right time for some changes and for big decisions. Or you can just go for personal reading from astrologist, but this is more exciting for me. And so on, and so forth, I can actually tell a lot about this app. But you’d better try yourself. I highly recommend this app... The theme, the colors, daily reminder, and much more... Thank you for this app I rate it as 5 stars!!!
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5 years ago, Сцукатик
Nothing but great things to say about this app! Accurate, honest and good intentions! It really makes me happy with all their caring notifications and so much interesting things to read in the app! I like the “Learn” section and the “Relationships”H section too. It’s just that every time I can’t wait to get access for the new lessons! This is so exciting and intriguing, I am studying astrology with an excitement like I am playing a game. And that is definitely a great way to study! However the love compatibility option needs to have gender options as masculine and feminine vibrations effect compatibility a lot! And that is not just about love compatibility, but also work, family, friendship, any relationship you may have with another person actually. Add gender options male female nonbinary and maybe a masculine/feminine chart for the non binary folks out there. Please consider this! This is actually really important right now. But as far as I know noone has actually done something like that, at least none of those apps that I’ve used before, and I am telling you this because I really like your app. And all the other features are absolutely great, that is the only thing I wanted you to consider. So think about it, if you do it your app will definitely be #1 among all the horoscope apps. So just keep rocking!
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5 months ago, Goranka Lau49
The best
this is my favorite astrology app! daily horoscopes are lovely, I really appreciate that it reads both personal and love every day! also every day you get a power rating and an extra fun fact along with astro events, which i think is super cool and I have never seen done before so it makes the app feel special to me. They have a Love tab where they show super detailed info of couple/relationship astrology (aka Synastry), which I LOVE (they're presented to you aspect by aspect, so not only it’s unique but it’s not like an overload of information that you have to go through! which is just really helpful for me personally) Full access to all interpretations are not free though, but the first one and the most important summary is! There are options to order different personal reports, which I know I will eventually try out, but haven't yet! Which brings up an important point that even without the paid parts this is still my favorite app, because it has so many helpful features for free!
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5 months ago, Bavis98
Good for daily horoscope, but readings feel rooted in greed.
This app is very well made, and it is great for the daily horoscope and other information like your birth charts and much more information about you. However, I feel as if the prices for the readings are rooted in greed, and the paywall would be best for those making $100,000 per year or more. You get 3 minutes for free then every minute is 30-60 pts. 10 points is the equivalent of $1. So a ten minute conversation by text will cost you roughly $30. Not to mention the reading people will be on and off the conversation sometimes so you are occasionally paying while they are talking to someone else. This is definitely a critical issue. They need to rearrange the app to where you can schedule a 15ish minute reading for a reasonable price and have the reader exclusively. Some readers go up to 60 pts or $6 dollars a minute. I have local readings at a place that charges about $70 for 30 minutes. So I certainly feel like the prices on the app are quite excessive in my opinion. They are also basically sales people as random readers text me in the app every day to chat with them for money per minute. Decent app but a minute goes by instantly and it can take 2 minutes for them to even respond or look at your question.
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5 years ago, Ek2327
An error right away?
So my birthday is August 23rd, which I know is on a cusp. However, in the app it says August 23rd is a Virgo, yet it says I am a Leo in the app. I understand the whole cusp thing gives me qualities of both, but in the app it lists the beginning of Virgo as August 23rd, but yet it categorizes me as a Leo, which ends the 22nd? I definitely listed my birthday correctly. I don’t understand why it would categorize me as a Leo, when even in the app it begins Virgo on the 23rd? Is it a fluke? If you’re going to categorize me as a Leo, then at least change the dates you categorize with so there is at least an explanation. Don’t categorize me as a Leo, but then say Virgos start on the 23rd when you won’t even categorize me as a Virgo. As for the app itself. The daily horoscopes are nice and even though it categorized me as a Leo instead of a Virgo, I was happy that I could still view the Virgo horoscope. As for the other features, you would have to pay to get anything else out of the app. Yes you get a free compatibility report, just one, if you wanted to try another you’d have to subscribe and pay. Honestly, I wish I could get past the Leo/Virgo issue I had, but it really bothers me and I think I’m going to have to delete the app. Please update your dates or fix the issue of having August 23rd-ers categorized as Leos when even in the app it says August 23rd is a Virgo.
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4 years ago, annifinn
BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOWNLOADING THIS APP. I signed up for the free trail but cancelled after I realized I wouldn’t be using it. I verified this under the subscription tab on my Apple account. HOWEVER, I soon started getting charged 9.99 WEEKLY from Apple and could not for the life of me find out where the hell these charges were coming from. Apple support could not help because they couldn’t see where the charge was coming from either and suggested that someone else in my household made the purchase. There is no one else connected to my account. I ended up moving all the money out of my bank account to avoid these charges. For months I’ve been inspecting every purchase I’ve made to see where it could be coming from. Finally after checking with my computer and cross referencing my phone purchases I see a Nebula weekly subscription charge for $0.00 4 days after the original purchase. Note that this charge does not show up on my iPhone X under purchases or subscriptions. After checking the app, I realized the in-app purchases add up with the random and constant attempts from apple to collect $9.99. As well as stating I am still subscribed to their weekly subscription. This subscription shows up as CANCELLED under my subscription tab and should be CANCELLED. This app is engaging in fraudulent and dishonest activities BEWARE.
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4 years ago, Funnybee101
Be extremely careful
I accidentally selected membership instead of the 3 day free trial. There was not a clear way to select the option and I assumed the 3 day free period was standard. Unfortunately, when I confirmed, what I thought was the 3 day trial, the full membership option lit up and I was charged $127. I IMMEDIATELY contacted Nebula and explained what had happened. I also contacted Apple’s help center. I was told that I am, for reasons unknown, ineligible for a refund. I’m extremely disappointed that I have been forced to pay such an incredibly large amount for this app. I signed up out of curiosity and am paying dearly for it. I am now stuck with either not using it and wasting my hard earned money, or using an app I DO NOT WANT. I can assure you that when this unfair subscription has expired, I definitely will not renew and will take great care to make sure this company never receives another penny from me. I’ve read through many reviews and have come to the conclusion that Nebula is VERY aware that their subscription process is confusing and causing a lot of people to mistakenly lose out on a LOT of money. This is obviously intentional. They are obviously doing it because they know they Apple won’t require them to issue refunds. This is extremely dishonest and shows a complete lack of integrity.
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3 months ago, GlenjaminRex
Love the insight but…
As freakily accurate as the chart is, I am just now discovering there are various many other things that are taken into account—like your Pallas Sign among one… I paid for the lifetime thing and I hope that eventually in the future you include more of the other various miscellaneous things besides the planets! I’m excited to find out more! Also, if there is a way to include more info on some of the chart items like with the significance of the percentages for modality and also elements and fem/masc thing? Like maybe if I long pressed on the little percentage chart it could explain it more? Possibly? For example, it says I am a fixed sign under traits (I’m an Aquarius!) but doesn’t explain the significance of my modality actually having the largest percentage in mutable? Otherwise. I love this app a lot and I showed my chart to my friends and they were astounded at how scarily accurate its description of me was. I also (sorry I’m asking for so much stuff, but I will use this app for as long as you exist!!!) would love to possibly see in the future a section that can kinda summarize our overall strengths but also areas we may have a tendency to be weak in or areas to be on the lookout for to focus on for enhanced personal growth! Please and thank you, Nebula Team! Keep up the good work and love the app!!!
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6 months ago, sosbeukjhdstffjkloudd
I had to cancel a debit card because of this company. Not only that but I had to go to the bank and the bank had to flag the 3 attempts of false charges, because after opting out and deciding against the app subscription.. they still attempted to charge my bank account 3 times. All day I didn’t have access to my money in my account, had to change my debit card number and wait for it to be mailed to me, because of this company. I understand the need to pay for something if it is worth it, but this app/company isn’t worth the risk. **with the amount of reviews of STOLEN money from people, I truly HOPE they get sued and shut down. /update for the developers response./ I will not be contacting any “support team,” from this company. For all I know clicking on that website alone will result in another false charge. My bank is investigating the charges and I was assured they filed three separate police reports for the fraudulent attempts on my bank account. It is evident that this isn’t a horoscope app, it’s a front to steal money from innocent people. You take advantage of people’s curiosity and like I’ve said previously, I hope the company is sued and permanently banned.
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12 months ago, BigBLittle
Messages and Posts
I would love this app but the chatting forum and direct messaging are screwed. I can hardly write a post, comment on other’s posts, or send direct messages because I keep getting “Unknown Error: Message contains inappropriate data” when I don’t say anything derogatory, I don’t say anything personal, I don’t say anything hateful or hurtful, and I don’t say anything offensive. There’s no reason for my messages, comments, or posts to be blocked but they get blocked very often and it’s very annoying. There are many times I try to help people who make posts about stuff they are struggling with and I can’t say anything positive or helpful because it gets blocked for “inappropriate data” without any indication of what is inappropriate and I reread what I wrote and see nothing inappropriate at all! Someone needs to fix this because I’m sure it’s common words that someone who wrote the rules for posting/commenting/messaging marked as inappropriate when these words, common everyday words, are not inappropriate in any way shape or form. If this issue gets fixed I’ll change my review from 2 star to 5 star.
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3 years ago, Yvette Me
I agreed to the free 7-day trial, on the 6th day, I could not find the unsubscribe link, so I emailed. Andrew” told me my request was received, and that I am now unsubscribed. After that, I was charged $9.99 three times. I emailed them about this, and they told me I did not unsubscribe in time, and that the subscription link was sent to me in an email, I should have used that to unsubscribe. I never received this link. All I could find in my emails is the support email. But they kept telling me I need to use this non-existent link. I went back-and-forth with them through e-mail, and all the while they were telling me that I cancelled too late and I am not entitled to a refund. This morning I got my fourth charge from them. They still have not cancelled my “subscription” which I never signed up for, nor have they sent me this link they kept telling me I received, which I didn’t. I now will have to contact my credit card company and hope they will do something about it. Do not down load this app, unless you want serious headaches down the line. Read the other reviews, they corroborate this horrible experience and terrible customer service.
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3 years ago, Firegirl1064
Absolutely hilarious
This is peak astrology right here. General life advice posing as specific fortune telling? Check. Mystical sounding words that are never explained? Check. A roll of the dice to see if your partner actually loves you today? Check. Whatever a biorhythm is? Check. The nebulatalk tab is a riot. I can waste hours reading people explain their real issues and then someone being like “Oh! Thats because Venus is prolapsing today 😌” as if that means anything. Don’t try to read it if you’re not prepared for some nigh-on incomprehensible grammar (not hyperbole, I think most of the users are having a constant stroke), but it makes it funnier if you’re prepared. 10/10 entertainment value if you like laughing at people who think this is real. I would give 5 stars, but 1 star has been removed for only including male and female in the gender select screen. I’m not surprised that people who think balls of gas billions of miles away determine your fate also believe in the gender binary, but I’m still docking points.
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3 years ago, JRC030608
Social media side
It is an amazing app as far as the chart, advise, and reading aspect of it goes and I would give that part alone a 5 star rating but I simply can’t with the social media side included in the calculation of my opinion on the app. It’s just insanely hard to navigate. I think you should have a notification box set-up to make it easier to see responses to your comments and comments on your post. I also think you should be able to click on someone’s profile and see their other posts. Finally, I think you should be able to search (by key word) for people and posts. In addition to that, I think you should be able to edit your profile picture and maybe even add friends/make friend requests but these things wouldn’t help with the overall working of the app (I think it would improve the experience though).
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4 years ago, thattwitchh
A truly great app.
Not only is this app crazy accurate, but it provides education on everything you would want to know about astrology, birth and gemstones, your birth time, palm reading, etc. though it has an option to pay to unlock the lessons, you are also able to watch an add to unlock them, as well! So, if your a bit tight on funds, there’s still an option to educate yourself! I love the fact of when you are setting the app up to your customization, it asks more than just your name and birth date, with the little bit of extra information you provide of what time you were born and where, it is able to open up so much more of your personal chart. I’ve learned quite a few new things about myself with this app that I didn’t realize before and I’ve been going through the lessons to learn more about them all. I am a practicing Wiccan, so a lot of this is already known by me, but there’s always more to learn. I highly recommend this app. If you were debating, just download it and try it out for yourself. After filling in your information it will ask if you’d like to pay for a vip trial or have a few days of a free trial, you can bypass that and continue to use the app, which is also an amazing thing, because usually with these apps, you can’t do that. Just try it out! I’m sure you guys will love it as much as I do!
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5 months ago, Henything
I’ll admit this app has surprised me on how accurate it is, I’ll say sometimes it’s a few days off. For example, let’s say today my horoscope told me I was going to encounter a loss of money by trusting someone, it’ll actually happen 3 days later or so. Sometimes it’s the other way around, sometimes it actually happens 3 days before it tells me. LOL maybe I’m delulu but anyways one thing that does bother me though is how mixed message it is. My horoscope will tell me to “make sure not to make any important decision on this day” and then my tarot card will tell me to go “make an important decision today or I’ll regret it in the future”. It confuses me a lot😂like who do I listen to? Of course, I do what I want and what my gut tells me but it just shows how the message isn’t clear or maybe someone isn’t proofreading before posting. Anyways, over all I like this app and in important times, it give me hope to keep going.
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4 months ago, Norzz
Not as expected
The app is very repetitive. Advisors are frequently not online and nonresponsive. It is a very expensive app to use for simply a few minutes you’re better to work with local advisors or someone you already have established. The support team is like a chat where you still have to wait for the next person to respond to you via email. I purchased credits from a wheel that you have the opportunity to each day and there is nowhere to find your balance. It is very cumbersome and redundant. The language on every horoscope or relationship guide is usually the same thing every day it does not change. Whoever writes their programming, is getting paid to never update, what users pay for. Do not waste your money on this app to pay for any other upgrades.
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2 years ago, reena45
Stole Money After Cancelled/Closed Account
Do not download this app! If you do, please do not sign up for the trial/premium plans. I downloaded this app in July and signed up for the trial which was $1. Agreeing at the time to pay bi-weekly, within a week of having the app I decided I didn’t like it and would be closing my account. Now it’s the end of October and I was confused why I kept getting charged $19 bi-weekly from Obrio Limited. Turns out even though my account was closed/cancelled, the company that owns this app continued to charge me. That’s over $130 since July that was stolen from me. Money that would’ve been used to put food in my children’s mouths! I emailed support immediately to resolve this issue, their response was because the payments weren’t refunded within the first 30 days of initial purchase/signup I’m unable to get a refund but can get free materials to an app I don’t use/deleted my account with. Yet how was I supposed to know they were going to continue to charge my account after it had been closed and cancelled? So again I do not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, VERY upset w/upgrade crash
Gender Offenses
Hey y’all, as a 30 something woman, I get bothered enough on the daily about when my body should be creating a human life whether I want it or not, I don’t need it in an astrology app. And I can promise I am nowhere near alone in this. There is literally nothing about astrology that should be “predicting” human life, this is not a period or ovulation app. Please remove this mysognist and frankly, invasive & plain rude part of your algorithm. Stop policing my body. Plenty of women struggle to get pregnant for years prior to conceiving, I imagine this would be extremely hurtful and offensive to them too. We are more than our bodies. I highly doubt there’s a “male”equivalent to this prompt I’ve received 3 times (the only one I’ve received multiple times I might add) since joining this app. Unless you are a period or ovulation app, you have no business talking about pregnancy or when my body should be “ready” stop telling women what to do with their bodies, in all capacities.
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3 years ago, JcatherineN
5 Stars
This horoscope app is the most accurate one I have come across. I have been studying astrology myself for a few years and am really passionate about it. I had Co-Star for a while and it doesn’t even compare to this. I found co-star to be exceedingly inaccurate all the time, and also kind of a cynical app as well. Nebula tacks the moon as well and has so much variety for checking palms and compatibility as well as seeking real professional astrologers too. 5 stars to this app for gushing my day to day emotional, intellectual, and physical aptitude as well as a very accurate description. It knows when I’m going to be more emotional or click better with family. Or how I’ll feel good and it’s easier to attract love or how I may want to react. Etc. very good app love how it goes but all signs in the chart not just the sun sign !
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2 years ago, Fish.3.
It’s okay I guess
Right off the bat I’m going to say I’m eleven. I downloaded this app because I think zodiac stuff is interesting. So as I was setting it up and got to the part where you select your birthday, I noticed if you use 2010, 2011, 2012 etc, it would automatically go to 2009. I do not know if it was programmed this way or if it’s an error. I was really disappointed with this. I believe the app should let people use any age they would like, whether it’s for their children, a friend or just anyone, because zodiac stuff is super fun! Even though it isn’t always quite accurate. I hope that people will be able to use ages younger than thirteen in the future with this app :/ — btw I believe this is a great app, again, I’m a bit upset that you aren’t able to use ages under thirteen 😕 Response to developer: Okay, that makes sense. I would be looking up to the update if it comes out! Thank you for letting me know.
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4 years ago, mandy669
It was great until
The ads for one downloadable feature or stickers or something arbitrary one day became pop up annoyances, I can handle the typical pop up ad window and watch some bs clip of some bs product I’m never gonna consider buying a couple dozen times a day, without question, I’ve even enjoyed a service enough to shockingly pay to subscribe and turn off ads as a side effect of the other membership benefits one appreciates. As mentioned this app was enjoyable and consideration to become a member would have easily lean in the affirmative, yet one particular ad was presented, closed and presented again like five seconds later, closed in an effort to glean the insight that I was accustomed to understanding daily and before the sentence content could be determined the ad reappeared again, a different ad may have been less frustrating, but the same ad like a dozen times in a row, no shirt, was frustratingly annoying enough to compel me to share my encounter with the strange uncle and the bad touches I felt. I hope one day it will reconsider recent alterations and restore a user.
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2 months ago, LwyrGrl
Deceptive dealings
I can’t say that I have tried the app to know if it’s truly great or not. I signed up to get the 3 day free before beginning a subscription. However.. after thinking that’s what I purchased I learned they billed me $52 for a yearly subscription. When I contacted the company to explain what happened…they basically told me to pay more attention and explained why I should keep the app. If this were a situation where I misread I would have. However….the option I believe I selected was highlighted. I use and iPhone and when I make a purchase I’m asked to confirm it…even when it is a trial. That did not happen here. So you don’t know what you truly purchased until you get the bill. Now I will never sign up for anything with this company again. Once I did use the app…after 3 minutes I was asked to pay for something else. I have an app that provides horóscopos…I wouldn’t have paid for another. If it’s a good app…I would think they wouldn’t need to trick people to build business.
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5 years ago, HannahDUL
My horoscope still says August and it’s the middle of September
I just bought this app no more than a minute ago and was going through everything. I swiped over to the month horoscope and it says August for two of the categorizes. It’s in “love and relationships” and “health.” I kinda seems to me they just copy and paste and forgot to switch the months. I still have a trial and will probably be cancelling. I don’t know enough about the app yet but it dosent seem very genuine to me. I also tried to find a customer service email address so I wouldn’t have to post a review. Maybe it’s just a mistake from someone who got confused? But like I said it looks like it was last months post and just got recycled. I have pictures too if they need to be shown. Idk I’d at least like to have the right moths in my horoscope that costs over a $100 a year, or $9.99 a month. Everything else seems cool tho, but very run of the mill stuff you can get on any horoscope app or even websites where you put the same info in.
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3 years ago, yunglads25
Scam app don’t believe fake reviews
This app is a scam. After trying their free trial and seeing it’s not all that great they charged me after the trial was over. I cancel it and think nothing of it but next thing I know they’re charging me $9.99 a WEEK for this, mind you I never signed up for this subscription. I go and cancel that then realize the next week they’re still charging me. After a month attempting to find a way to contact these people to cancel the app and having no luck I had to ask my bank to block this app from making charges. Skip another week or so and they’re STILL trying to charge me 9.99 daily and I get a warning from my bank everyday that this app is trying to charge me luckily it doesn’t go through but the fact they’re still trying is absurd. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP!!! If I could I’d give this app -100 stars for this shady activity. Stay as far away as possible from this!!! Also notice all the 5 star reviews for this are titled with random names obviously fake reviews
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3 years ago, alm1976
App fromReal user
I’m giving us a three star because when you sign up you do get a 38 page report for free, the app does do what it says it does, I removed stars because it is not intuitive on how to cancel the subscription. But I will say that the customer service was friendly and prompt, and the people out there that are giving it one star and calling it a scam, aren’t really being fair. Yes, this is a subscription service and it says that when you sign up. As far as people not getting refunds, no they do not give refunds just because you forgot to cancel your subscription, that’s on you. I didn’t like this app as much as I like costar, which is why I canceled, not because of the fees. It was easy to cancel, I just sent an email and said please cancel my subscription and in less than one day I had a response letting me know that my subscription is canceled. From a real user 👍
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3 years ago, mirmyers
This has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with an app. This app drained for than $25 from my account in SECONDS due to a technical failure. When I tried to get assistance for the situation the customer service team sent me through a loop asking for countless screenshots which I provided, I continuously asked for updates and they would only ask for more personal information, including a screenshot of my phones details. Although they admitted this was their fault, they refuse to refund the money and even made jokes during the interaction we had about leaving them a "positive review" as my feedback had put a "big smile on their faces" - I wish I trusted the other reviewers when they said this app is a scam and the customer service is anything but helpful. They want your money, they aren't looking to improve your life - this app is predatory and notifications will bring you directly into a transaction if you click on them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. You'll regret it, I promise.
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4 years ago, Betawave Review
Waste of time and $$$
I downloaded this app thinking it would be worth wild, however, I was sadly mistaken. I’m a HUGE astrology enthusiast who has already done most research into my birth chart. After seeing an ad for the app I thought, “WTH why not give it a shot.” When it comes down to it this app has a lot of work to do to not only for convenience but also functionally. After downloading the app the first thing that rubbed me wrong was the amount of times I was asked to subscribe (sign-up for a membership). The first time I was prompted I didn’t know it was optional until I noticed the X (close button) in the top right corner. However, after closing the subscription screen I was prompted several more times to subscribe in order to do almost anything on the app. The basic functions of the app are horoscopes and your personal birth chart, which are free. These can pretty much be found on ANY website for free and are just as accurate if not better on other websites. Secondly, I noticed that I accidentally put in the wrong birth time. When trying to correct this mistake I realized that there was no way to correct it or at the very least it is very difficult to find. Overall, in my opinion this app is not worth the time nor amount of $$$ for the features. The only thing I like about this app is the features it has such as the palmistry, however, you need to subscribe for $119 (annual) or 9.99 (monthly) to be able to access many or these features.
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3 months ago, JaxsTheQuad
Careful, Subscriptions appear automatically!
I paid $1.00 for the quick question that I never got to ask because I ran out of points before finishing the question. Since I didn’t want to pay the outrageous chat prices, I deleted the app after browsing through it. I was reviewing my PayPal activity for the past month and found that two subscription options were charged to my account. I know that i didn’t enter those choices since I have a very specific protocol that I use when purchasing anything from the websites. It was not used, therefore this purchase was not made by me directly. The reason I still gave them 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is that their support services were very quick to help me resolve this issue to my satisfaction. That kind of support makes them top notch in my books !
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4 years ago, **SmH**
Charges are ridiculous.
$10 a WEEK for the same features is ridiculous. Then anything else in the app costs more money on top of that, and is not clearly explained until you put in all the info and it finally tells you the cost. Not to mention- the very first time I did the compatibility, an option to get a more specific report was in a box on the screen within the description. When I put in all the info, the app alerted me that I would receive an email by 11am the next day. I did not, and reached out to the support wondering why. While the replies were timely and informative, they did not have a solid answer for why it told me that and didn’t follow through. They said i didn’t pay, but i was not prompted to. When I went to cancel the subscription, there are roughly 20 different pricing options and the cancel option. How was my pricing determined? Needs work- onboarding would make a huge difference, and being upfront with cost as well.
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2 years ago, LavaLuvvv
These guys are good! I was charge after downloading the app and it of course prompted me to try the premium version for 3 days free so I did and then when I subscribed it charged me for a 3 month subscription! So I had to search to find the info to reach out to support since they don’t have any of that information within the app and I reached out to them and the first person that responded tole me that I just already used a free trial with them before and that’s possibly whey I was charged. I never even heard of this app until today when I seen the ad on Instagram! I then received another email response from some Jim stating “ In our Terms and conditions of use clearly stated that only Apple can decide to refund as the payment went through App Store.” And who is going to read any of that before downloading an app! I’ll never download anything else Instagram recommends and this app is just as generic as all the other horoscope apps! What a waste of time!
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3 years ago, Snapchatting freak
Great concept, weird notifications
I got this app because my boyfriend got it and suggested it to me. At first, I was happy to find an app that was accurate and gave me more information than other astrology apps. Over time, it started sending me at least 3-5 notifications a day and the WORST PART was that they all said something along the lines of “Talk to an astrologer—find out when you will get married” or “Find out when you’ll have kids”. My boyfriend hasn’t received a single notification like this (about marriage and kids). I am not even near the average age that people have children and got so fed up with these notifications that I deleted the app. I also didn’t enjoy the interface and noticed quite a few grammatical errors, but this wouldn’t have made me stop using the app if it wasn’t sending me misogynistic notifications all day about personal life events that I don’t even care for at the moment.
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4 years ago, jdani7
Great info, a few app improvements
The info provided in this app is very accurate and relatable. I like how easy it is to switch between horoscopes, day, week, month. I also like that they have the plan reading and actual astrologers you can chose to get a reading from. I don’t like that it has many different pricing for subscriptions. Some are deals are worse than others, but what’s advertised in the app is different from the phone settings subscription page. I also don’t like that you can’t go back to edit your info. I wasn’t sure what my birth time was so I left it, I found out and would’ve liked to go back and add it in. Not sure if it would make a difference but it seems like it is important.
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2 years ago, italktomyfood
I love this app and getting to know and understand myself. But when I found the add your friends, I was very disappointed I couldn’t register my child considering the too young of age. As I want to get to know myself I would really like to see how I can understand my child better and do better for him and his progress through life. To do so, I have to seek outside of nebula services and I would appreciate not having to. considering how much I depend on nebula for understanding myself. As well, there is some compatibility glitches. I once checked the compatibility with an Aries and when it came to modality it said aries was a mutable sign instead of cardinal, but when you go to Aries specifically it says cardinal sign. I would do some extra proof reading in the app if I was the creators. I don’t want to be misinforming my friends when I direct them to nebula.
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3 years ago, aj aka adrian
Great app!! but a tiny problem
i’ve had this app for about a year and honestly this is the most amazing app out of all of my spiritual apps!! i really like it’s so aestheticly pleasing, it really is! but after a year of having it i ended up having to delete it because of something personal that was happening to me, i just downloaded it today again and i’m a little confused…….so when i downloaded it again i had down the whole set up of putting in all my birth info but then when the process was finished i found myself just starring at home page of the app with confusion, i could not find my rising OR moon sign listed to the top left screen? and things were a just a little different, but the main problem is that i can’t find my rising or my moon sign anywhere? help?? lollll 😭
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2 years ago, Xx.calpal.xx
I love it, but none of my Nubulatalk will work, please fix
I feel the horoscopes are accurate 99% of the time and I like how specific they can be at times. I also love all the information given, all my signs and houses, along with lucky numbers, color, etc. but it’s bothering me now that nothing in my Nebulatalk is working. I keep getting notifications about messages within rooms but the app won’t load any of them, it did once at most. And I also had some direct messages and now I lost them because it says the data can’t be found. I would love it this could be fixed because I didn’t think I would enjoy being able to talk with people in the app as much as I do. It made me use it much more often. But now I’m just frustrated that none of it will load.
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3 months ago, Solace bowden
i LOVE ads!
It’s so amazing that every single time I want to read any single thing about my planets, I have to watch a 30-second ad about some woman with a Disney filter on TikTok! I love when I can’t just navigate an app on my own time, and I have to sit there and WAIT to read any single paragraph on an app with literally dozens of paragraphs! I used to hate the days when I could open up an app for just a quick moment and then go on about my day. I want to be forced to watch content that has nothing to do with astrology, on an astrology app! What a time to be alive, when we have the amazing technology to be coerced into paying for advice and introspection. I’m never gonna use an app that saves my time ever again!
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2 years ago, k0k0h
Pretty insane
In all of my 14 or more years of owning an iPhone I’ve never written a review of an app until now. This app is so accurate that I’ve had coworkers that think horoscopes are just gimmicks (especially ones on a phone app) end up totally mind blown and end up downloading the app after 2-3 days of me reading them their horoscope from Nebula. I would say a solid 85%-90% it’s dead on and the other times you can tell it’s someone different writing them because they sound more like a fortune cookie rather than helping you navigate and prepare for what’s lying ahead for your day. For some reason this app gives me such an ease of mind-even when it tells me my life is crazy upside down at the moment lol
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2 years ago, Qwerty311
Great app
It gives you more insight to your sign by showing the positions of planets at your birth with explanation of what those positions mean, helping to understand different aspects of your personality better. It allows you to store and review the same information on your family, friends and significant others. It allows you to look at possibilities of different types of relationships (business, love, friendship) and how astrological signs may play a part. When I looked at my chart, I better understood myself. I’m a Pisces, with a Capricorn moon and Venus in Aries. While I’m a Pisces, because of my Capricorn moon I’m extremely logical and and grounded which some read as cold and Aries in Venus gives me a fiery, passionate sex drive.
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3 years ago, krduncan00
Frustrating Bugs
I really like the accuracy and different features of this app, but I have had it for 3 weeks now and have had some of the same recurring issues. I never know when the app will connect. It will either keep me on the spinning “Nebula” screen or tell me that something is wrong and to try again later. This is really frustrating as a fairly new user. Also, since day one, my widget has not worked on my home screen. It is completely blank and displays no information. At first I thought maybe it was just mine as I got a iPhone for the first time and maybe I was doing it wrong. But then my friend who has been using nebula for quite some time said that her widget hasn’t been working recently either. These bugs need fixed soon or I will be finding another app for my daily horoscope.
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3 years ago, charlotte930
Nebula’s an aesthetic masterpiece. It also has gimmicks similar to the ones candy crush uses to get you to spend money. It’s a feel good app. I’ve noticed a few interpretation errors after double checking against non-AI-generated readings. There are a bunch of typos. They want you to pay for personal readings so there is a red dot (the only red dot in their UI) on that button (so anyone with social media conditioning will click it thinking it’s a notification…more than once). Most importantly: you can see how they use your data right in the App Store below the app description. They store and use your personal info. Most astrology apps dont. The one thing nebula has going for it is it’s the best interface I’ve seen on an astrology app. It makes you want to open it and read and click around. If you’re vulnerable to in-app spending you will likely end up paying them lots of money for more serotonin.
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4 years ago, SamanthaCameron
So Accurate Its Strange
I was so skeptical about this app and astrology in general. This app though. I would read things and they would happen. I thought I was bringing it into existence by reading it so I tested it and read it after my day and yet it matches exactly. I sometimes wish I read it before that day though so I could brace myself for some of that crazier things that this app has predicted. I know it sounds weird, but this matches so deeply so accurately that I cannot explain it. I’m going to be buying a full rundown from them in a week and I am so nervous because they have predicted every day to a T, so nervous about my life. It’s been giving me anxiety. Lol. Thank you for working so hard on an app and guiding my life.
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2 weeks ago, mangiboy
I don’t even know where to begin with this. Typically I don’t do reviews like this but I gotta throw my two cents in here. All the advisors I talk to all seemingly just tell you want you want to hear, you’ll get random advisors that you’ve never even spoken with before sending you messages without even asking when you’ve been using the app or have been actively using it recently and clogs up your notifications, and the best part of it all, this app tried charging my one debit card 5+ times for $45 without my consent!!! I have proof of all of it, plus it wasn’t even the one I used on the app!! It tried charging me on a different debit card I had in my Apple Wallet after I took my active debit card off of it!!! Luckily it kept declining as I turned that one off prior to downloading this app, but I’m very disappointed and would advise others to use caution while using this app.
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2 months ago, Luuuucy27
Be Careful and Cautious with Readings
The website is designed so that your credit card gets automatically charged to extend sessions with psychics. Even after intentionally choosing do not auto replenish, it somehow clicked back on for me. And Nebula does not do refunds. So make sure you don’t fall victim to the traps of the way the website is designed to take your money. It’s a shame Nebula isn’t more transparent with their rules at the time of purchase in live readings and what different links to extend time with psychic really mean. I hope they can find a way to be more transparent. They don’t even show the number of credits you have remaining when you are in session. Unfortunately after emailing with customer service a satisfactory resolution was not able to be met. There is no area in the use profile to see, change, or remove your credit card information not sure if that’s even legal.
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3 years ago, Kyle Mann
great astrology app! too many notifs
I love this app, easily my favorite astrology app, and I actually much prefer the graphics and aesthetic over other apps, ones that rhyme with MoStar. HOWEVER, there are waaay too many ads for the paid services within the app. I sometimes get like four in a row, all trying to advertise the in-app purchases, specifically the astrologers you can pay to speak to. I used this service once and was happy with the answer and speaking to someone however I will use the service again on my own accord, not when it’s advertised to me three times a day. In fact— it makes me less likely to use it again when there’s so many notifs. There should be an option to customize push notifications! Overall very solid app and I would definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, Fdhdgejvdjnevhdjdbghsndooa
It’s good but…
So overall this app is a good one, but I do have some issues with it. For starters, I’ve had this app for a long time now (over a year). Every time you want to unlock something (like palm reading) you have to watch an ad. After you watch the ad and exist the “notes” (section of palm reading) it will be locked once again. So what I’m saying is that if you unlock something by watching ads it will lock once you leave the page. You can easily find the information on your sign on another app without watching the ads over and over again. The only way I see this app different than the others are the shop/store, but every time I open the store it opens up my settings for some reason.
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8 months ago, Solip Cado
Nebula (is essentially for beginners)
When I first got into this app and my spirituality journey it felt like this app was very accurate and I feel in love with it. However now it feels like the app doesn’t understand me anymore. I’ve made a drastic change in my journey and for some reason it’s like the app can’t see that I made this change, and is instead still trying to teach my past self something instead of new me. I feel lost, and when I came to this app for guidance, now I find none. Daily horoscopes feel repetitive and daily tarots feel inaccurate to my current situation. The app is still beautiful starting off with your spiritual journey, however now I feel like I have nothing else to gain from this app and now I need guidance from stronger and smarter individuals.
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12 months ago, vrcuvyvrci
Don’t even try the get a refund
Look at all the bad reviews!!! First of all it is low quality content (from an astrologer). But that is not even my complain. I purchased the 3 day free trial (of course, who would buy without trying?) and instead it automatically chose the full $49 option. When I clicked purchased I realized the error and it was too late. So I went ahead and requested a refund explaining the situation. Technical problem, no intention to putt chase. And they said NO. Tried to dispute, because it is the truth, and accepted and then declined. Doesn’t seem reasonable or caring for its customers. But not only that. If the app was actually worth the money I would just keep it, but it is worthless. Even the newspaper horoscope, lol, seems better than this. I went forward to report as a scam, I noticed this happened to other people and did a charge back on my credit card.
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6 months ago, Sputnick27
Be wary of unexpected charges
Fell for an ad on Instagram, thought I was just opting in to pay what I wanted to try the service. Turned out I was, without my knowing due to a lack of clear communication on Nebula’s end, opting in to a recurring charge of $19 every 2 weeks. Nebula’s support was at least, after a bit of negotiating, willing to give me a full refund (after at first only offering a 50% refund). So that was a pretty good experience. But be careful of the $ gouging and sneaky subscriptions — especially on the web interface coming from Instagram ad; it’s seriously not clear at all that you’re opting in to a $19/2 week subscription… they make it seem like it’s a free trial and you can pay what you want to try it, that’s it. Nebula devs, take note of that experience in particular
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8 months ago, Kendall_k
I signed up for this app on my phone from an Instagram ad and it is nice looking and well designed but the $19 subscription that I was somehow signed up for takes away anything good I had to say about the app itself. I tried to cancel my subscription after the trial and the app said I didn’t have a mobile subscription. I tried canceling the web subscription by entering my email and nothing happened. So I assumed it cancelled my subscription. WRONG! They’ve been charging my card for 5 months. When you go to their support page and submit a help request you get an email saying if you can’t cancel your mobile account it probably means you have a web account. Probably?!? I don’t want to delete this app before I get my refund but I’m definitely not recommending anyone else sign up for their “free trial”.
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