Need for Speed No Limits

4.7 (351.9K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Need for Speed No Limits

4.75 out of 5
351.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Jmon3y29$
These events for cars are amazing its just the difficulty I've been playing this game for about a year now and the events get almost impossible to pass once you get to the 5th chapter you have to do 17 races which might not seem bad but is because you have to upgrade in the middle of race 8 instead of 9 and you only have 5 tickets which is harder because it take about an hour for 1 TICKET! So 5 hours for a full refill and 17 tickets and you have 24 hours left that is 17 hours and if you mess up then its almost a day i think you should cut the races a little more short and make the game playable for events because right now it takes a ridiculous amount of time to play and get the car without wasting money. You literally have to waste your actual cash on a game I understand that y’all got lives and you gotta get money but you still gotta worry about the game i also ask you to raise the gold amount for the in game purchases for gold because it is way to small $100 and you cant even buy a hyper car that is ridiculous i would be in the black market in the game and you cant even buy the cars with $100 besides that great game and please keep up the updates
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1 year ago, awsomeness god
Very fun do play any time of day
This game is enjoyable to play no matter how far you have progressed. I have heard criticism for the way the game has blueprints and fuel, I and somewhat agree and somewhat disagree. Blueprints are required to unlock cars, and higher level cars require more blueprints. This makes it challenging to grind of things in short amount of times, as you also need fuel to race. I don’t mind these things though, as it makes grinding less stressful. On the plus side you begin by unlocking lots of new features pretty early on to keep you engaged. Pretty early on, once you have access to special events, anyone committed enough can get very high tier cars early on. But believe me, this is not easy to do by any means. You still have to work very hard to complete events. Another thing in this game is upgrading you cars. You have to have your cars to a certain score to be able to do some races, which I find more annoying than the fuel and blueprints. And on to the driving mechanics. When racing, you can drift, use nitro, and turn very easily. One thing you cannot do it control your speed and braking. It’s not the most realistic, (I don’t like that about it) but it is still very fun and easy. There is a very wide selection of cars from the Ford Fiesta to the Koenegsegg Jesko, and even 2 Ken Block cars (RIP). I think if y oh somewhat like cars, modifications and upgrading, or racing, you should really try this game.
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3 years ago, chefgoldblum94
Good but needs some improvement
This game honestly is very fun, despite only getting a three star review. My main complaints are that the steering is a little wonky -often when drifting the steering wheel will just disappear from the screen and your car will crash. The races are so short that one small crash and you will lose every time so this can get frustrating in special events will it takes much longer for your tickets to recharge. My second complaint is that this game is 100% paid to win. While you can technically unlock everything naturally by just playing, you need to complete the same race often 20 or more times just to unlock a low tier vehicle, I can’t imagine how long it will take me to unlock some of the legendary vehicles. My third complaint is that there is not enough variety of vehicles. While there are lots of vehicles,You often see the same brands over and over.I get tired of seeing same brands like Porsche, Ford, Honda, Nissan, all the brands that historically have made sports cars. There are more sports cars out there, and basically every brand has a couple really great cars to offer and I think it would make the game more fun to include some lesser thought of brands. Like you could add a Kia stinger, or a Hyundai Veloster Turbo (or N), or a Volkswagen Jetta V6, or a Mazda RX-8, or a Fiat/Abarth Punto or Spider, heck you could have a whole class of SUVs and pickups if you wanted. Just get tired of the same 30-50 cars in all the racing games
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4 years ago, UndrawnSword789
Great game, but has its flaws
This game has driving mechanics that makes you feel like you are actually doing something. This game is fun and I recommend everybody that comes across it to try it out. There aren’t any pop-up ads that you are forced to watch unless you want a boost. However, this game is major pay to win. To unlock better cars you have to get a certain number of blueprints for that car. The only way to get blueprints is from crates that you earn overtime (or you can just buy them in bulk), winning races (fuel is required to race and is earned over a long time or you can buy more), and just buying the car outright. You can only get high-tier cars from the crates when you are a high level (which makes sense) but the fuel mentioned earlier only allows you to race 5-10 times every 30 minutes, which restricts your ability to level up. You also have to get parts to upgrade your car (which you can win from races or buy for in-game and real-life money) but are way too expensive with in-game money (or at least the part I’m at. It is very frustrating to people that want to play this game a lot, but it is a lot of fun. I ask you to try the game out for yourself to see if you agree with me, and if I put a bad taste in your mouth from where I talked about the flaws, I encourage you to download this game and play it for 10 minutes and see if you think it is worth keeping.
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7 years ago, Bavly_7
Great game, would love to see improvements
I've been playing this game for a good year, and I'm glad to say that it's one of the best racing games on the App Store, however it would be better if; the car sounds had a larger variety and sound more realistic, if the game made it more fair for players to win series, and this previous update may have gotten my data lost! First of the vehicle sounds. The sounds of all the vehicles should be re-done to match the specific model and make of car in real life, to make the game more realistic. It has been done in the newer Need for Speed games and would be a great addition to this version. Second the pay to win concept that is low key implemented into car series; the tournaments that are implemented into the game to allow people to win cars gets really complex near the final stages, and seems impossible to win the loaned vehicles unless real cash is spent on gold to use in game to win. Third; with this new update, which I am extremely excited to participate in, every time I try to log-in it says to check internet connection when my wi-fi is active and strong, and also says it is having trouble retrieving my data! This game is so fun and I am always delighted to play and hope that these complaints are taken into consideration by the people of EA to optimize not only my game play, but the game play of all who play Need for Speed! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Bob237293728
Great game, could be better.
I’ve been playing for almost a year now and have loved the game, would give 5 stars but 2 things interrupt. One would be the removal of visual points, it was awesome back before when you would get visual points from the tuner trial races, it was simple way of modding a car the way you want it to look, especially after getting a new car and seeing all the mods you can have for it and customize it to your liking. After the removal, getting a new car is not as exciting as it used to because in order to get new mods you have to upgrade a car via blueprint completion, which takes a long time from crates or the black market, not to mention special cars, such as the JDM cars, that their blueprints don’t occur often in the black market, and rarely in a crate. Bringing back visual points would make the game more engaging I feel instead of waiting to level up your car just to unlock mods. Number two would be the Fast Lane vehicle challenges. The first couple days aren’t too bad and are doable, but as soon as you reach the last couple days there is no way of completing the races without spending hard earned gold, and most likely real money, in the amount of time that’s available for the challenges. Other than these two things, this is my favorite mobile racing game and hopefully in the future these things can be improved on.
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4 years ago, CooperMSS
The quality is there but it’s also an EA game...
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and have some time invested. When first starting off many things seem awesome like winning crates and whatnot. However after a week of playing I was stuck and it was nearly impossible to continue without paying for it. The game itself has so much potential from the long list of cars to the cool customization options (sports cars and below). I feel like there should be more to this game it feels like an open world aspect could be possible as many of the tracks overlap which might mean they already have a city rendered and I really wouldn’t mind paying to play for an open world racing game considering there’s not another one on the market. I do appreciate the work that went into developing this game but it feels like EA is holding the potential of this game back. I’ve spent nearly $80 into this game and you wouldn’t be able to notice based off my cars. I’ve noticed “crate boxes” in this game resemble the other boxes in games like battlefront 2. Hopefully some sort of big update will be coming but I’m not really expecting it. Would I tell someone about this game? Yes, but be aware of pay to play and if you’ve had any history with EA games you pretty much know what to expect. 5 stars for game and graphics 3 stars for the crates and limited driving experience.
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5 years ago, Winz4us
I give this game a four star rating because while I agree with the first comment I saw about the game being really fun to play, it has also become really hard to play. Need for speed no limits becomes glitchy and freezes while I’ve tried to customize my vehicle or when I’ve tried to race with the Renault loan car; which I’ve tried to win. I’ve lost tickets to races because the game will freeze in the middle of a race and I’ll exit out of the game and gone back in and it still does the same thing. The last couple of days it’s turned my phone off automatically, without me turning my phone off myself. I had no control over it. It would be cool if EA could fix this because I also have one of the newest iPhones so I don’t think I should be having these problems and I have been a need for speed fan for years. Favorite one is the original Most Wanted. And while I’m here if EA reads this, you guys should put the original Most Wanted on the Xbox one, or remaster it. I like it A LOT better than the new Most Wanted. I wasn’t really feeling it. And another game that would be awesome to continue playing would be dead space; that game is one of the best I’ve played. One of the only games that has made me jump; and I’m hard to scare. A Dead Space 4 would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Something way scarier than the first three. Thank you.
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7 months ago, DunkyDonuts0
Great game but….
I downloaded this game about 2 months ago because I got sick of asphalt 8 and 9 being absolute money pits. First impression was very good, this game has a great storyline and graphics, and you keep unlocking new things for a long time, keeping you hooked. Although I do think the tracks could be a bit more interesting, I fell in love with this game. However, every game has its flaws, these just happen to be really annoying. Anytime you unlock something in the Modshop it displays that you have something new to put on your car. This doesn’t go away until you unlock something else, in which case that will display the same thing leaving you with a constant display on your Home Screen that you have something new. Although this is annoying it doesn’t affect gameplay, which leads me to my other complaint. The game will randomly decide that it doesn’t want your car to turn( when using tap to steer)and this will last two or three seconds almost always costing you the race. This wouldn’t be that terrible if you didn’t have a limited amount of races before you have wait for more tickets( or a refill depending on what you’re doing). Please fix these issues especially the latter as they are ruining the otherwise excellent game.
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6 years ago, Caige Keller
Ok..had to give those 4 stars
Honestly, let me just say this, for a FREE racing game it’s amazing. I’m gonna start out with good comments first, so first off I love how the accelerate is always going. You don’t have to hold another button down and tbh that’s how all racing games should be on any phone. Ever. Second it’s drifting is super easy and comfortable. Third I find it entertaining. But well here we go. Bad comments. The good the bad and the awful. Let’s start with what everyone hates. Micro-transactions. We all hate it. But at least you didn’t ruin the game by adding renewable “energy”. Also if we have a need for speed game such as Need For Speed on the PS4 which I do and I love itttt it’s amazing btw but I’m js we are buying YOUR products. We should be rewarded for that. Second why is there no multiplayer? That’s EXACTLY what I expected from this. Was gonna have my friend get it too but now there’s no point. I mean I’m keeping the game till I get bored of it (which I will. Come on it’s a racing game on the iPhone) I basically hate racing games. On god I do. But need for speed has just stuck with me. NOT ALL OF THEM mainly underground and that “Need For Speed” on PS4 it’s amazing and cheap and it has multiplayer but yeah that’s on a CONSOLE lol so look I just want multiplayer. Then I’ll give up that last star. Hope you comment back to me thanks!
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6 years ago, JustUnspeakable
Great game, needs a couple improvements
I’ve been playing this game for a good almost 2 years and it has been wonderful, i love the game. Improvements wise, first, the Fastlane and all of the other challenges are easy enough in the first couple days, they get nearly impossible for the last two days without spending lots of gold or real money. And then comes the fact that the special cars, like JDM cars, are nearly impossible to get in crates and then if they are available in the Black market, you have to buy the entire set, and that requires a lot of gold, it would make it a little easier if you could buy one blueprint at a time. Also, the system with Blackridge Rivals is really making me upset, it puts you against bots that have way better cars than you do and then you lose a ton on of SP. I can name all of the complete crap races I’ve had. To name a few, today, I’ve had to race against 7 Koenigsegg One:1 and CCX in my MUSTANG. It’s annoying, I am at way lower PR level than both of those cars, they start at over 800 PR I’m at 684 with my mustang stage 4. It’s almost maxed for stage 4 and I almost never get blueprints for it, I need 11 more blueprints. All in all, I love this game and would like to see improvements. And, I’ll gladly still play, just please make these improvements happen EA.
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1 year ago, Diamondqc813
Awesome, but could be better
I think the game is a awesome past time thing to do, but I think it could be better especially with the special event races. They only give you 5 tickets at a time to play, which I feel they should increase it to 10 tickets just like they have the regular racing tickets, and you also have to wait 30 minutes for a new ticket to be recharged. Plus in order to get more tickets you have to watch ads to lessen the time for a new ticket to be rejuvenated. But the most annoying thing for the special event races is that you have to wait 24 hrs just for the next level to be available to play instead of being able to just move along to the next level as soon as you’ve completed a level, which really slows you down because the higher the level the more time it takes to go through the level due to the time it takes to get new tickets recharged, waiting for the 24 hrs for a level to open, or the PR level for your car needs to be a certain amount before you can proceed on, which I think all needs to be improved because it takes to much time and you can’t ever finish the complete entire special event series. But other then that the game is good and I like playing it.
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2 years ago, Cminsh7948
Game is fun, but is completely rigged. You won't have enough tickets to unlock new cars in Special Events. Makes you watch ads to make you think you'll have a chance to finish the challenge in 7 days, but you won't without sinking like $50 into the game. When I am low on 'gas', my thumb doesn't register on the screen every 5 seconds or so, causing me to crash into walls. Crashing into walls ~40% of the time will make your car completely stop and you'll watch everyone fly by you. PvP races put you against cars that are way overpowered, so you'll have zero chance of winning most of the time. Bottom line, if you don't waste $50 on this game, you will find yourself infuriated. I'd rather just pay a one time fee and enjoy the game in its entirety rather than being stuck at 33% of the campaign, and having to grind for roughly a month to hopefully unlock one blueprint per day. Also, a little tip, don't waste materials on cars you won't drive. Otherwise you won't have enough money or materials to level up the car that matters (your main car for the campaign). Keep in mind, the chop shop unlock is about a month and a half grind because you will lose races and won’t have enough gas or tickets to continue. But the graphics are good. The maps are nice. The mod shop is fun. But the game itself is rigged.
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5 years ago, Tyler Bodzioney
Honest Opinion
So Need for Speed NL is an all around fantastic game. The only thing is, it needs just a little bit of rework that I can see being done in the future. The list of “irritating” issues I found are below. 1. When you have 3x mystery rewards from a race. It is 30 gold for the optional second flip. Then it is 90 gold for the optional 3rd flip. These prices are way too high for items that aren’t worth anything after you’ve played the game for a few hours. To put that into perspective it is 30 gold to fill up a gas tank PLUS 3 race skips. You can refill your tank 4 times and play for hours with as much gold it takes to get 3 items from 1 race. 2. There’s really no balancing system in multiplayer. You can go from racing someone and beating them by 7 seconds, to racing another person and you’ve lost all visual of their vehicle after the start of the race. 3.(Last) Not an issue but more of a recommendation if any devs see this. There are not enough challenges that reward gold in the game for your gold demand to be as high as it is. I’m usually rewarded with EXP or Cash and maybe some parts or blueprints here and there but rarely do I ever get more than 3 gold from a challenge.
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5 years ago, EazBankz
Honest opinion.
This by far is a great racing / drifting game their is but with the good also comes the bad so let me start with the bad. 1. We complete achievements and get 1 gold bar knowing if you use gold you going to be looking at 5bars of gold and up , I believe we deserve way more then 1 gold bar for achievements at least be far. 2. As you play this game your car is going to need to be upgraded as you raise through the levels but here’s the downer to that. The starting price of a part is 4,500$ this is a game no real life. Why would you price parts for 4.500$ knowing you don’t make much back with races some you do and some you don’t. It’s like as soon as you save up some money a upgrade is needed for a car and you dead broke again and after one race another upgrade is needed. This is basically a scam to force us to Pay Real Life Money to complete a Mobile game it’s not a full game like on console it’s not worth Paying Real Life Money for honestly. It’s a game leave it as a mobile game. Do not disgrace the Name Of “Need For Speed “ by forcing players to pay for what we need to move forward. Instead make the game available to beat without having to pay anything and create a special mode for after you beat the game that you would then need to pay for. But how it is now is how players get mad click delete and lowers you count what’s more worth it.
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4 years ago, Bouncemaster(xbox)
This Game is Amazing
Ok first of all I never write reviews and this is one of those games that really blow my mind this game is at 4.8 stars that’s insane and it deserves them because this games is amazing refueling the gas is easy you could play campaign but if you have a few matches left and your not earning enough from campaign there is a mode called car series and it levels up your account insanely fast so play those to get your level up and buy boxes with the in game currency not real money to get car blueprints and car parts to make your car go faster also in car series you can get blueprints and car parts so I would really recommend playing that to get your car speed up overall the game is great it is addictive you just gotta know when to take that 2-3 hour break to go outside (stay 6 feet away from other people) or do something inside but definitely take a break if your playing for too long and there are no ad’s that’s basically it this game is definitely fun and can grab your attention and I hope everyone has a wonderful day wherever you are and stay safe thank you for listening
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11 months ago, Pattiiis
Pay to Progress (& what happens if you don’t)
At one point, it becomes impossible to make progress because your car isn’t good enough, and up until that point you have to use the cars the game forces you to, so you don’t have a freedom of choice, unless you invest in real money. Even then, to get to the said point, you have to play certain races again and again (to acquire the necessary parts to upgrade) and you can only replay them 3 times. The tracks are extremely short, there are only about 5 songs, and the customization is extremely limited. It has an energy (fuel) system which is the biggest red flag in any mobile game. It means that you have to wait for the energy to recharge (or pay) to continue playing. It seems as if there is a PvP mode, which takes way too much to unlock, and even then you learn that you can’t race against players in real time. You can only race their ghosts in a 1v1, only if you have one of the required cars to do so. The game also often forces you to watch the ENTIRETY of an ad, and gives you a singular gold as an excuse, even though it clearly says the game doesn’t contain any pop-up ads at the beginning, and asks you to become a VIP member to turn this off. It has a text based campaign mode which isn’t all that interesting. The only upsides I can think of are the game mechanics and the optimization.
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4 years ago, mrjibbie
Wait what???
What ever happened to the good old days when you saved up your money on a game and then bought a car, didnt have some stupid game limiter like “gas” or “tickets” and could play it all day and finally get one of the good cars. I love chevrolet but you have to spend real cash or 2 weeks on the game to get one of the good cars. Even just to collect the “blueprints” you have to hope you strike lucky at the end of boss races and get the right card. The black market is way over rated. I have a bmw, brz and a focus after a year of working off and on and their not even maxed on performance because you need those darned blueprints to upgrade the car. Then they claim to have a showroom but you cant buy the cars with earned money. Here’s the final dilemma you have to decide to waste your gas upgrading what you got or deciding if you want to try and go after what you really want whether its a hypercar or corvette or viper or something. I find it infuriating when a game claims you dont need real money to win then you find out differently. I love the game and most of NFS titles but this has strayed extremely far from the way it used to be on ps2 or other systems where you could play all day long and never one time have to struggle to get the right car for the job might have to work at it but 9/10 x you got what you aimed for.
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6 years ago, Relikin01
Good game but..... Not Worth it!!!
Some issues as to the limit of gas, never changes unless you buy into the game and it’s not much gas at all when you become VIP. Technically you will spend more on this game then just straight buying a console game. Not worth it!!! Major improvements will need to change. Impossible to beat any events without spending a lot of money. Game really starts to lack the higher you go. N really wish I could just drop gold on one specific car and not just buying it random hoping I’ll get that R34 just straight feels like you F-n with me at that point. Love need for speed, been playing since it all started and please make an option to take off position markers, it’s hard to see past car ahead to see oncoming cars or road blocks. So straight up More gas, more options to buy cars and affordability. Biggest problem with games is cost and commercials. The more cost and commercials, the bigger fall out you will have with players as to why I’m writing this. I’m glad you don’t do automatic commercials but the lack of gas and the amount things cost drives people to watch commercials and then there is a limit to them hahahaha. Kind of Ironic to the game title if you ask me No Limits!! More like Yes Plenty Limits!!! Rethink & Reconfigure!!!
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5 years ago, theplayerofracinggames
I have a request
This is my favorite game I want to personally thank E.A and firemonkys for this game I Love I’ve spent money on it dedicated time to it and I only have one complaint dodge demon blueprints are not in upgrade crates. The reason I have such a hunch for the car is it’s my dream car and gold is really hard to get and I only need one more blueprint I would really appreciate it if you added the dodge demon blueprints to the upgrade crate or did the unleashed as a replay able event not a lot of people care about the dodge demon but I do I love your game it’s been my favorite since the day I got it I’ve always loved it and always will I know this probably won’t come true I’m probably just another review but if you would at least consider it or give me a response please do also I’m really looking forward to nfs underground 3 I really would love to see the demon in that game. Like I said more than likely none of this will be noticed but even a consideration or a response would be great. I Love need for speed I own every game and they are the most flawless games but this is my only request. Keep up the great work😀👍
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7 years ago, FEZZ_Lead
Could’ve been something better
I’ll start by saying this game is phenomenal. It’s for beautiful graphics, it’s relatively smooth running and it’s got an easy to learn UI and Map. However. The audio is awful. All the cars have a variation of 4/5 different audio clips. Muscle cars don’t sound muscly, and sports and super cars sound like fart cans. They also push the pay-to-win aspect too much. For example; if you’re like me and use your gold only when you need to, you’ll be ok. But the FASTLANE vehicle challenges aren’t fair to all players. Everyone should be able to earn these cars. Not those willing to pay for it. It’s not possible to get the car without spending hard earned gold( and lots of if) or money. Unless you spend every waking minute timing your races perfectly. You have to pay money. Another thing is that the game is just a little too grindy. For the amount of parts you end up needing versus the gas you’re able to use for free, you can’t get far playing like that without spending something. Yes they have crates and supply drops from AW but even still it’s a slow process. Apart from that the game is fine. Not quite the best but better than Asphalt 8, it’s competition
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2 years ago, TheMetroVibe
Great game but unfair on certain game plays
I love everything about the game except when it comes to staging up the cars and the special events. I had previously plaid this game maybe 2 years ago for a while and loved it. I picked it back up again and restarted my data because I got a new phone. EVERYTHING is way more complicated than it needs to be. It was nowhere near this complicated to make it worthwhile. You have to constantly get pushed to pay for parts and blueprints. It wasn’t like this 2 years or so ago. I stage up my car to the PR I need on campaign mode and once I beat 2 or 3 games into the chapter, I have to stage up the car like 120 PR. So there I go again paying for parts and blueprints just to get to the PR I need and just do 2 or 3 more races until I have to pay up again. Same thing with the special events. Special events are more unrealistic though. You can start off strong and run through 5 events but once you start getting to the middle of the whole event of 5-7 days, you have no choice but to spend money on gold. Just make it more fair man. I already spent close to $40-$50 and I’ve been playing for not even 3 months since my redownload. I little ridiculous tbh.
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4 years ago, Colton A Sanchez
Its good till u get chop shop cuz AUTISTIC ADS
Ok so the game is awesome, it provides challenges and pushes you to upgrade in order to race next campaign character (good and bad feature) and money comes in at a decent rate, not too much, not too little. Gold is a little harder to come by but not by much. I don’t really like the blueprints thing because it gets annoying when you have all the parts ready to move to next tier but just cant get that last blueprint for the specific car. They are way harder to get than gold and parts combined. The crate system is weird and annoying. The basic crate provides basically nothing useful except a couple parts for cars and you hardly get ANY blueprints. The big crate is expensive and you still get almost nothing. I think at least 5-10 blueprints for the big crate is more reasonable if you’re getting an expensive car AT LEAST! Then comes the chop shop. Beat the lady to unlock it and guess what else you get? That’s right you guessed it: AUTISTIC ADS!! Every single race has an ad after it no matter what kinda race it is! Its stupid and annoying! Ive made some $1:99 purchases here and there for a small boost before this and i am constantly BOMBARDED with ads. Its unplayable at that point. RACERS BEWARE
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4 years ago, jeremiahrockortiz
Addictive but could be improved
This game is no doubt very addictive, I love the racing, the challenges, and all the cars, but when it comes to the special events where you can win multiple cars, I feel that the PR is either impossible to obtain, especially with the amount of time it takes for us to get another ticket after previously using one, since it’s 50+ minutes to get another in order to race, and the fact that sometimes it take so many parts to upgrade your PR, like I can install 3-5 different parts to only go up one PR, and I’m at 700 PR But to finish the event I need 703, and after each race your not promised to pick a part, because it might be money or some part you don’t need, which doesn’t help, and I wish we could at least have 7 tickets and not 2, or at least 6, also the fact that if you don’t complete a vault event, which for example I didn’t complete the whole bmw m2 coupe event, so I tried retrying it, but since I had won the blueprints before in order to upgrade my m2 coupe, I could not finish the first part of the event, because I couldn’t upgrade my bmw m2 coupe with the blueprints, prior to being won the 1st time I won them
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5 years ago, drift my brother
Shifting? Or drag races?
I love the game for a variety of reasons.i haven’t been playing for a year or anything but I have a good experience with how the game works but one thing I would love to see would be a shifting mechanic that is optional for players who need a challenge once in a while which would be cool because I would like to race but not just Nos and Drift because that’s what I always find myself doing but I could see why this couldn’t be added but one thing I would like to see is drag racing.. I would love to take my Supra and go drag race to see how fast it truly is because I’m prettier sure the closest thing we got to that is in the neon future and the latest proving grounds which gave us a track that was in the airport which was like a drag race but not exactly but the thing that sucked was I could use any of my other cars... so any of these updates would be cool but an update I’m pretty sure a lot of people would want is custom paint jobs and wraps that we could make are self, so any of these would be nice but even without the game is amazing
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5 years ago, NitromanUSA1
Awesome, but there’s still some room for improvement
The game is extremely fun, the graphics are amazing, and the variety of cars is great. But recently the game has been glitchy and every time it glitches I need to restart my iPad. Also, there should be some more special events including old events, some new cars including a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 2010’s Chevrolet Sonic, Spark or Cruze Hatchback, 1995 Ford Mustang, 1969 Shelby Mustang GT 500, 1968 Shelby Cobra, 2010’s Dodge Dart and SRT Viper, Aston Martin Vulcan and One77, as well as 1968 and 2008 Pontiac GTO’s, 1987 Buick Grand National, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, 2010’s Cadillac CTS and ATS, and finally a 1978, C6.R, and C7.R Chevrolet Corvette. Also, I would like to draft with my opponents in underground rivals, in order to gain nitro for my cars, and I would like to have more artistic freedom in the Mod Shop, including more body kits, wraps, as well as the ability to layer wraps on one another. Finally, I would love it if you guys also added scrap to the list of random prizes that I could get at the end of a race replayed event or not. I ask that you would please consider my feedback in my review of Need For Speed: No Limits, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide feedback for your game.
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4 years ago, kd3poniters
Impossible to progress unless you spend significant amount of money
I’ve been a NFP fan for 20 years. This mobile game let you race for usually less than a minute. That comes handy when you’re waiting for your coffee to be ready. What irritates me are the artificial blocks that prevent you from progressing. There are two main ways to race, Campaign (to beat the bosses) and Car Series (to get rewards and gain reputation). You need reputation to be allowed to progress in Campaign, and you need different cars in order to win Car Series. The thing is, they set artificial “RP” limits for you to progress in Car Series too. I don’t appreciate the fact that they make me upgrade my cars while I can still win the Car Series with inferior cars. That is part of the fun! Okay if they make it affordable to upgrade from time to time that’s fine. However, after spending about $15 and 30mins later I’m still stuck with all those artificial RP limits. All my car series are stuck now not because I can’t win the races but because they don’t allow me to race. And of course no race allowed in Campaign either because i dont have enough “reputation “. You want to proceed? Become a level 5 VIP which costs probably more than $100. It’s bizarre. I’m going to abandon the game.
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2 years ago, stationlll
Needs to make it a bit easier for people that can’t put money in the game.
Don’t get me wrong about the game it is very fun to play. But for someone like me and a lot of others out there that can’t put real money into this game it’s hard to play for too long. The length of the time for the event’s isn’t enough time. Even when I played every day 5 gas tanks play them waiting 5 hours to get 5 more and play them out but can’t get to the last day or half way of the last day. Campaign is just as bad. But like I was saying unless you put real money into this game you get nowhere. I know that you can tell if someone uses real money or not. The people that don’t you should give us bonuses once a week because we’re working hard on what we have. I have been playing for almost a year now. I am to the point I’ll not play for days or over a week just to try and get extra money. Also the days I do play is on cash days sun tue thur. So come on do something to help us out. I’m definitely sure ull have a lot more people playing this game. Also give us more gas tanks. Instead of 10 should be 20 and on the event’s instead of 5 tanks it should be 10 or 15.
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3 years ago, AngryBudgeter
Love the game BUT...
It’s an entertaining game but my biggest pet peeve is how hard it is to get blueprints. You can only race 3 races at a time for the blueprints you need. Then you have a 33% chance of even picking the item that has a blueprint. And that’s IF the blueprint is even in the line up. A lot of times you race and don’t even get the option to pick blueprints. Then you have to wait 8 HOURS for the race to reload for you to be able to play for that blueprint again. Aside from that, the correlation between the scrap you need to build blueprints in the chop shop vs the amount of scrap you earn from scrapping material is completely out of whack. Why does a blueprint cost 15K scrap when I only get 200 scrap for each material? Or even worse, why is it that when I max out a car, the same blueprint that cost 10K in the chop shop, is only compensated 2K scrap when I get it in a crate? It’s super stupid and annoying. I should get equal value in scrap for the blueprint. They make the game extra difficult for no reason. If you enjoy paying real money to progress in games, you might not mind. But that’s pretty much you’re only option with this one.
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5 years ago, SlyDogg510
Bugs and make new add ones for the game
There are two bugs that bug me right now. One where the Regera shoots nitro out of the sides through the diffuser instead of the exhaust in the middle and Two when a watch and get reward video pops up...after the video I can’t hear my game at all and have to restart the game. Other than that it’s a cool game. Would also like to see more add ons including new vehicles like the 06 Pontiac GTO 6.0 that was in most wanted 2005 as well as the Cabrera GT also Most wanted. And the Mclaren MP4 12C Halloween edition with the same body kit from nfs world. Also add neon lights and a wider range of rims and body kits for the cars. These not so stylish body kits are getting old and are very basic and not very need for speed like. You should look at the body kits form most wanted 2005, carbon, pro street, and undercover and add those styles to this game. Also would like to see a multiplayer mode and a drag racing mode. It would expand this game so much. You developers gotta think bigger and not think so small. This game has way more potential than you are giving it. Thanks and hope to see some expansion and much better updates in the future
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7 years ago, EaSucksEggs
I used to play this game all the time. I had tons of fun racing and upgrading cars and doing the special events. One day I went to download the update and when I opened the game after the the download, all my data was gone. I lost all my cars that I worked months for, all my VIP status from making real purchases in game, my progress through the story and everything else. I liked the game enough that I spent about $130 of my real money on the game and when I contacted customer service they haven't done anything. The first time around my ticket expired because I was too busy with work to worry about my game, but I reopened the ticket about a month ago and things were going great. I mean, they asked for the same stuff they already asked for 3 times already and I had to explain yet again what happened. I got a weird message from them saying they take fraud seriously and I said that's fine because I'm not trying to scam anyone, I just either want my data or my money back. After sending them another screenshot they needed I haven't heard back from them in 18 days and they have yet to respond to my email I sent 4 days ago asking if they were still working with me. I JUST WANT MY MONEY OR DATA BACK! Or AT LEAST a response from the support team letting me know what is going on.
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1 year ago, munoz33
Good but don’t get much to upgrade a car to race the next level
This game is fun and addictive but the issue I’m having is once you get to a level where a higher upgrade of the vehicle is recommended but end up stuck because most parts you need gold for and you don’t receive a lot of gold for most achievements on the game. Also rewards aren’t given much or aren’t enough to get an upgraded part for the vehicle. Please change this to where rewards are greater and parts are easier to come across because you get the same parts continuously and most cars won’t need that part so it’s useless to have or to be given at the time. I haven’t completed most of the races due to these issues. I have upgraded my vehicles once I get parts. Another things are blueprints for vehicles, it’s really hard and challenging to get blueprints because you can’t upgrade until you get those but it takes forever and most the time you don’t get any after completing certain chapters or anything. Can you please make these changes to where parts and blueprints can be won or bought easier because I enjoy this game but has minor setbacks.
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3 years ago, Dr34mw34ver
NFS: Nothing But Limits
This is a fun game and I have paid quite a bit but it was clearly designed with the aid of psychologists to put you in sticky situations where you’ll want to spend a little money here or there to continue. I’ve spent about $40 so far and it just continues and you still can only race a few times before you “run out of gas” and need to wait, watch ads or spend more money! Cars get to a certain point where you can’t really seem to upgrade them unless you race 7 times a day (because you’ll run out of gas and have to wait) for a month or spend more money. You have to acquire really rare blueprints to even unlock cars and sadly so far I just bought them because it would have taken forever otherwise. Sad, because this is a fun game and I would have loved an option to just buy it outright with no ads and no “gas” but that’s not the point any more, I suppose. They’re only out to get as much money as they can! Also I should note that the races are REALLY short. Some last less than a minute, so it’s like short bursts and really just about creating a desire to upgrade your car.
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4 years ago, Cedar Silhouette
Good game, but waste of time and money
The control and racing are good by itself. I like it at first, but have to DELETE it. I'd rather play the NFS Mosted Wanted, whose system is not as fancy but much cleaner. TL;DR: you are bound to waste either your time or money, or both. - WASTE OF TIME: it makes you wait a lot for recurring events. (a) The fuel runs out quickly and you have to wait for refills. 10 slots in total, cost 2 slots per race, wait 10 mins per slot. (b) You have to obtain certain cat parts/blueprints through recurring races. The prize of the races are random, meaning you have to try a lot. But you only get 3 attempts per 7 hours (estimated). The car upgrade is mandatory as you have to reach some level to be eligible for some races. (c) Additionally, you might spend time to open the "crater" once in the while and wait for tickets of "special events" - WASTE OF MONEY: While the game is free, it lures you down to spend your money to buy "gold" and to enjoy "vip" advantage. (a) You can choose to wait for stuff mentioned above. Or you can purchase things by spending real money to buy virtual "gold", which can purchase fuel, car blueprints, car parts, event tickets, etc. (b) I am okay with one-time purchase games, but I hate a rabbit hole like this.
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3 years ago, Blueman8
No limits? More like full of limitations
The game is fun to some degree but in typical EA style they just want your money and they want all of it. You can do about 5 races, then your gas is used up and your waiting for it t refill and at 10 mins for a gas token and two of those are required for one race that’s 20 mins to wait till you can race again. Or you can watch ads and speed that up but only up to a point. You get to play a shell game after every race you win and pick one of three prizes. And let me tell you it feels like a shell game cause it’s a scam, Almost every time you pick something it will be the least desired prize, but don’t worry you can spend gold to get the other prizes. If you have enough patience you’ll eventually get the prize your after but it might take a few days since you can only do each race about 3 times every 8 hours or something like that. Then there are events that last about a week, and those are basically unbeatable unless you spend money so that’s fun. And hey if all these things sound like limits on what you can do in a game called “No Limits” I suppose you missed the fine print like I did, “no limits *for the right price*”
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4 years ago, Meme beez
Come to reality
Now that I look at this game I’ve been playing for 2 years I’ve come to the realization that honestly it’s not a decent game for anybody to play and just hear me out. A LOT of the decent cars in the game you probably won’t ever get unless you pay for them. Everyone’s talking about the mechanics of the game and how smooth the “unrealistic” drifting is but not about the actual aspect of the game which is the cars themselves. I’ve been playing this for 2 years haven’t, haven’t put a DIME in and I still only have 1 hyper car, two supers and 2 sports which is honestly just proof to everyone that there’s no way you’re getting an actual decent car that can beam through races with ease. I’ve literally only gotten the Koenigsegg from the campaign and that’s about the only GOOD car that I can use for races. Everything below that is campaign blueprints only and the chances of getting those are 1-3 with the odds powerfully against you. There’s a lot of other racing games out there that I encourage you to find even without a console but guys and girls... this isn’t the game you’re looking for trust me. One more thing by the way. I FINALLY finished a Proving Grounds event, got the Aston Martin and it’s only a 4star and there’s NO other source for the blueprints. Just think about that for a while.
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3 years ago, Add Comcast back
Great game, Until it wasn’t
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now. With continuous updates, new cars and content have been added that has kept me coming back for more. The tracks did get repetitive, but still fun to play none the less. Until, a recent update which seemed to change everything fun about this game. Previously, you used to be able to manually click on ads and earn gold, cash, and race skips. The game now tries to force you to watch advertisements after races. While you can just close out the app and come back to it, it’s still pretty annoying. Also, I’m not sure if other people are experiencing this same thing, but the game now cheats. You randomly lose control of all functionality of your car at crucial moments in the game. This doesn’t seem like an accident, it feels like this is on purpose. I’m not talking about when you get hit by an emp shockwave, I’ll be drifting or driving perfectly fine then all of the sudden the car won’t turn at all and I end up crashing into the wall. This has happened to me so many times, I’m thinking about deleting the game because of the frustration. The development team really needs to rework this and get rid of the automatic ad stream
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5 years ago, Read this before you get it
I don’t do reviews but I had to because is ridiculously expensive
We’ll Need For Speed is a great franchise. They have been doing great games over the years and they know what they are doing. I love these games but I have issues with these one, they became too greedy with this game. It’s very hard For you to advance and have the car you want you will need to spend loads of money because everything is expensive, if you want to play the single campaign just for fun it will come to a point where if you don’t have the power on your car to race it just won’t let you run and if you don’t have the parts to make you car faster you will be stuck racing over the stages and spending the gas just trying to find or to get the part you need or of course spend some money in gold so you can buy it. It’s just come to a point where it start to get ridiculous. I wish they fix this issue this is a 5 star game it has great potential maybe the best racing game you might find for a mobile or tablet device but very expensive, console game best option this game is definitely not for kids.
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4 years ago, Oumdia
I use to love
I use to love this game but now I am starting to hate it. Let’s talk about the UNDERGROUND RIVALS yeah when you get to D tier or C tier or B tier just remember you are done for. The underground rivals gives you people within 90 or above you like the Subaru Impreza I got it maxed and know I just can’t level it up anymore and they are giving my 599 pr Subaru a 702 pr Subaru or 670 pr Subaru saying this is in my winning range it isn’t seriously take it down a notch like 602 pr or less so you can win. If it’s not within your winning range don’t try at all I am stuck on D tier and won’t move a little. Also stop giving D tiers C tiers to race for final battle and C tiers B tiers to race. It makes no sense just give us people within the same tier and if you give someone a higher tier to race they probably gonna lose cause they higher for a reason beachside they beat the tier you on and if you can’t beat just know you won’t beat the higher tier person. You guys make the race literally impossible. No can win it and make cash and gold a lot easier to get we spend way to much money on cash and gold. So fix underground rivals and then you get 5 star for now it’s a 3.
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1 year ago, west8910
Disappointed with need for speed no limits
If you’re looking for additional aggravation for your day, instead of enjoying a fun racing game, you found it. All of the pieces to make a decent game are here, EA and the monkeys just didn’t quite put it all together. Extremely aggravating trying to win cars, they don’t allow you enough resources, meaning fuel tickets. almost impossible to win a car in a series. They set up impossible goals for the sixth and seventh group. constantly making you try to upgrade your car to meet their required PR, without the ability to even run the races because of lack of fuel tickets. You only get five fuel tickets at a time for special event races, and it takes nearly an hour to get another one. Hard to complete tasks when you need to run many races in a day to win new cars, this becomes very frustrating to say the least. There is simply not enough time in the day to complete their unreasonable requirements with limited resources. I’ve played and owned most if not all need for speed games, this is the first one that I’ve tried on my tablet. Very disappointed. many of the other reviews I’ve read comment on similar unreasonable restrictions ,but leave higher ratings, not sure why.
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5 years ago, Tite Mite
The Best Phone-Racing Game
I having been playing Need For Speed for years now and that includes games on the console. Great graphics and easy controls that only get better with each update. A multitude of activities for you to get lost in for a long while! I even got a few friends to download the game. In the beginning stages of playing, there is a major grind. It does become easier, but then starts to plateau again because of how many parts you need for ONE individual stat upgrade. This can be quite the drag. Gold is scarce item to acquire. I suggest saving it up and using it when you need it, usually as last resort! I do ask the developers if they can continue working the app crashes. A few times I will be playing an exclusive event and in the middle of a race, the app crashes. I return only to lose that ticket for a race I never finished. And it takes about 55mins/ticket to refresh! This could be crucial in winning the whole event after seven days! It would be a solid five stars, but due to a few discrepancies, 4 starts will have to do. Thank you Need For Speed for a great mobile game.
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2 years ago, leftykiller
Good game, poor programming and executive decisions
The game is really fun. I cannot stress that enough. Extremely fun game that keeps you coming back. It just has some glaring programming issues and executive decisions that are frustrating me. Part of the problem is the mandatory ads, unless you pay money. It wasn’t always that way. It’s also incredibly frustrating when I go to close out the ad, after I’ve been forced to watch it, and it auto kicks me to download the app. Then I have to get back swap back into the game and get “connecting to server” and it tells me I didn’t watch the full ad so I don’t get the measly 1 gold for the full minute of my life that has now been wasted. Also, when you choose to watch an ad to reduce 25% of the time on the one hour wait time in an event ticket, it takes off 25% of the remaining wait time. So if you hit it at 55 minutes, it’s close enough to to 15 minutes off. If you hit it at 10 minutes left, it only takes of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Sometimes it doesn’t take anything off, which is even more frustrating. It honestly makes me not want to play, and after this event cycle, I’m probably going to quit it.
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5 years ago, kealohi phillips
Seems impossible to progress in the campaign, car series, or event series without spending real cash. I love this game and play daily but almost daily find myself stuck with zero races available and end up closing the game all together. I could play this game for hours but it doesn’t really allow for that. Not to mention running out of fuel so quickly. I recently did spend actual cash to get the hoonicorn and that only lasted me through maybe 15 races before it’s PR didn’t qualify for anything anymore. If I was to spend money often I would spend a ridiculous amount on a phone game which just seems unrealistic and not right. Just would love it if the game would cut the players a little more slack when it comes to that. Seems a little more like a cash grab the more I play, and not so much of the fun game I was enjoying when I started. Just bums me out, I’m constantly looking for the next fun racing game, I’ve tried a few and this WAS the best I’d tried to date. I love this game but you guys aren’t getting my whole paycheck, sorry. Other than that great game.
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5 years ago, EveryNicKNaM E Is Taken
This app is probably the best thing in NFS since Most Wanted (2005), and Carbon. The car selection is vast and has great selection, racing is fun and interactive and customization is pretty extensive. I would however, say my one criticism for customization is that in the “modshop” is that I wish you could layer your own wraps to make customization more unique and individualized. I feel this would improve styling to cater more towards creativity but there are still so many customization options it is pretty amazing for a free app. The other thing I wish is that you could have more ways to fill up your gas (simply how much energy you have for the number of races you can do in a certain amount of time, comparative to energy) other than paying. I feel like as you get higher in level the less you can race which isn’t very fun! Nonetheless great game and would strongly recommend. They’ve also fixed the bug from a couple years ago where you could not load the game if you an older player seeking to return like myself. Good luck and godspeed in your racing!!
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3 years ago, I am poop scoop dop
Ughh ok
This game is fun but when you get to level 30 or so it's all pay to win. It says you have to upgrade your car to race but the only other way to get materials to upgrade the said car you have to go on the black market but to get money and gold to pay for black market items you have to race but we can’t because our car is not at the certain level so now all you can do is watch ads for one gold mother freaking one gold witch is nothing or pay the game and the events are dumb because for another stage( one stage takes like ten minutes)( also you only get 5/5 tickets when there are like 5 to 8 stages and the refueling time is 58 minutes so it could take like an hour only because of refuel time) takes a whole day to unlock again in instead of just unlocking after the first one. The graphics are great and the Physics are funny but realistic. Just fix what I said and the 10/10 game also the underground rival is so dumb that you have to have specific cars so you can’t complete the daily challenge also the cars that they pick are rare like Lamborghini type rare.
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6 years ago, whatgamescouldhavebeen
No Limits issues
First, the cars are way too hard to build. EA makes blueprints so hard to get that to build a car or to stage one up you have go hardcore or farm for them. Even then some you can’t get without buying 5 premium crates in a row or winning them in a special event. Speaking of the premium crates, please at least make it so that they drop only blueprints. That would make getting new cars a whole lot easier. You also need to adjust the wait time so that you can get one every day and not once every 2 days if you don’t want to spend money on it. Please take away the pay to play/win concept that you keep playing implementing into all the special events so you can earn money. It’s very annoying and it has an adverse effect on your revenue. That concept turns away casual players and that makes for a lot of revenue loss. Also please revamp blackridge rivals sponsorship wait times. No one wants to wait for 3 hours for the next sponsorship. I’ve started playing this game in 6th grade, stopped, then came back to it in 8th. I love the game but the problems in it reduce the possibility that it could achieve something greater that I see for it.
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4 years ago, Spencergamerdude
The events on this game simply cannot be beat freely, they give you 5 tickets to start with a 45 minute time to get back one ticket, they give you 24 hours to complete one day of the 7 day event, all the way up to the 6th day then they give you 48 hours for the two days but each day has like 15 races that also require the car to be a certain PR which takes more tickets from the main event itself, all in all it is a fantastic game but the one thing dragging it is the non free to play friendly event system that gives you a free car for completing the seventh day, if you complete all the way up to 6 but not 7 you get maybe 45 blueprints, which isnt even enough for the car, but then the car gets stripped of all its parts that you spent the week working on, but if you beat day seven you get to keep all the parts and get the car at a higher star and PR than when you started and you get to keep all your parts, again this game is fully the best racing game ive ever played, but the events are literally impossible for free to play people.
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2 years ago, JP9008
Could be 5 stars if made a simple change
I love this game. Very fun all around, the driving experience and missions are fun, but the pay to play stuff is overpriced. Only game I have ever done the in game purchases for the in game currency to further my game experience. Wouldn’t mind it for this game, but the amount of gold you get for your money is far from being a fair price and it doesn’t get you much in the game. You can buy a full game with zero in game purchases and get all the car unlocks etc for $60 on a game console, but it took me around $15 just to be able to beat one of the bounty car unlocks in special events in the designated time because they don’t reward you with enough car upgrades to be able to complete it in the allotted time without paying gold for the needed parts to upgrade your car or refill your fuel tickets. And in the special events come on EA an hour to refresh a ticket is ridiculous, should be 30 minutes tops. If EA would double the amount of gold you receive in your purchases and shorten the wait times on special events, that you have to complete to unlock new cars, I would give this 5 stars.
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4 years ago, imsearsy2
Fun, Frustrating & high $$$ grab
I have been playing this game for a while and though I enjoy it, there are aspects of the game that are beyond frustrating. The ability to reach certain levels requires a substantial $$ drop to achieve the next level. The weekly challenges are geared for those who have the time to just sit on a screen all day long, but as a working man, the events aren’t timed in a manner to make me to not want to keep coming back. Extended wait times to wait for reloads of drive time is excessive, or the money grab part of buying gold to accelerate the process is not worth the reward. Some challenges are impossible or are timed in a way that even after the 6 attempts per round to clear a challenge are just thrown away. There seems to be mechanisms where if you need to take down the cops but also need to beat a competitor, the game doesn’t come close to allowing you the opportunity to win and move to the next you use gold to attempt again or spend to enhance your car to not be any further ahead. I like a challenge....but feel I am being cheated more often than not.
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4 years ago, Korosuu
Would be higher....but
I’d Honestly put a much higher rating, I enjoy the game it’s enjoyable like most need for speed games. However, I recently found out this game has a MAJOR downside. Event races are RIGGED or IMPROPERLY done. There are countless races that are IMPOSSIBLE to beat even if you are at a rating level that at most shows a “yellow” difficulty. Normally those yellow difficulties are winnable either on the first try or after a try or two once you correct your mistakes. This is not the case with several event races however. No matter how many times I tried and no matter how many mistakes I correct I am unable to beat it even if I further upgraded the loaned car, nothing except spending gold to skip the race works. I spent a lot of gold trying to finish 1 event I even reloaded gold, but in the end I can’t beat the event because of these races and I am all out of gold and unable to afford more. This is unfair and very disappointing for a Need for Speed game. Please re-evaluate the way you guys do event races and make it more fair for players who can’t afford to be spending hundreds of dollars on in game gold. It’s very unfair.
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