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Neighbor Storage, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Neighbor

4.7 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
2 years ago, s_hartpoet
Got Scammed Through The App
Update: After reaching out to them by social media they did their own investigation and found out that I really was scammed. They immediately gave me a full refund. I’m so grateful. I’m changing my review from one star to five because of how responsive they were after reaching them on social media. Don’t call. Don’t email. Send a DM on Instagram and they’ll handle it. Thank you Neighbor. I’ll keep using your service now that I know I’m protected. All the best to you. I made a reservation to park my trailer before a vacation, I was told within the app that I would get the exact address after paying for the reservation. I paid and made the reservation only to find I was only given the city and state. No address. When I messaged the host I asked her for the exact the address she didn’t respond until the next day. She gave my the address to an abandoned house boarded up with broken windows. I tried reaching out to Neighbor by email and phone since they promised scam protection and nothing. When I tried to cancel the reservation within the app they referenced their refund policy which stated that I was ineligible. If you care about the safety and security of your place I would recommend a place that has a reputation. The platform makes scamming quite easy and there are no safety checks or protection for renters and no refunds if you are scammed.
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5 years ago, JenHyAd
Super convenient and a way cheaper option!
My husband and I Made a last minute decision to move and we needed to find storage really fast( like within 2 days). We were looking into bigger company storage units that were just way out of our price range. Then I heard about this app from my brother and we decided to look into it. We found tons of listings nearby us so we wouldn’t have to travel out of our way and at such great prices we could afford! I requested a basement and within an hour the owner responded accepting my request. We were able to message him through the app right away to start making plans for the quick move. It was all so smooth and extremely convenient. The parts that I love the best about this app is that you do all of the payments and messaging through the app so you don’t have to worry about getting information from the other person. I would recommend this app to anybody who wants storage space that is cheap and can easily be found right next door to you.
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12 months ago, gdiodt
Wasted my time
I have had great luck with Facebook and facebook market place but thought i would try this out since it specializes in storage. I have found Non existent customer service. Most of my ads were rejected with no reason given as to why. So i spent all that time typing the ad and taking pictures and posting pictures only to get rejected and then not knowing what i need to change or do differently to get accepted. Then when i did finally get an add to get accepted, i hardly got any inquiries and i followed all the recommendations given by the app. I tried this for months, and only got one tenant who only stayed for 1 month. Meanwhile i have tons of storage tenants from facebook that have stayed long term and paid more. This app is supposed to specialize in storage, yet it cant even do as good as facebook that doesn’t have anything to do with storage. I have not found this app to be beneficial in any way. They claim to insure both parties but you never really know how that will play out until your in a bad situation. So i don’t personally trust that. And neither does anyone that i have talked to. The few people that have reached out to me didnt even want to go through the app because they didnt trust it and they already had their own insurance that they trusted. I did get the one person to go through the app but again that only lasted for a month. Alot of work i have gone through making posts only to get denied and alot of work to only gain one tenant for 1 month.
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2 years ago, ramby r
Deceptive company and hosts are SCAMMERS
I don’t typically write reviews for apps but I think it’s important to warn potential customers since this company caused thousands of dollars in damages to my car. Hosts are not vetted. Left a barely 2 year old car in pristine condition in a “garage” for 1.5 years since I needed to temporarily relocate due to Covid. When I retrieved my car it arrived covered in leaves and dirt several inches thick along the windshield. There were even cigarette butts under the wipers. There are STILL leaves and dirt inside of my ventilation system. I had never left my car outside for any extended period of time since I lived in an area with indoor parking. The host clearly didn’t store the car in a garage otherwise there is no way it would be covered in debris to that extent. The host even had the audacity to charge me to “clean” my car halfway through the storage period. After I cleaned as much of the debris as I could I realized that the paint on the car had become so damaged that it was no longer even glossy. You could see the paint loss from being constantly rained on. It will cost thousands of dollars to fix. Even though I had paid for an indoor garage storage he had stored it outside the majority of the time. I’m devastated by what the host has done to my car. Neighbors response to this was that they didn’t care. If you want major damage caused to your items and still have to pay the rent of the storage space then this is it!
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2 years ago, Nanna15Df
This app allows misogynistic, homophonic men to host!!
If I could give zero stars I would! There’s been quite a few postings and the locations are VERY misleading. A host we picked that seemed to be a quiet private storage ended up being more of a junkyard where the host actually lives (he did not tell us this until he started yelling at us) and has a hidden food truck where he sells food illegally. He did not disclose he lived here and any rules/expectations he needed us to follow. We made sure to ask. The only thing he said was to inform him ahead of time when we’d be going so he can meet us and open the gate. As well as no one could live in it. We informed him the 2 times we went as he requested, but he became very hostile when we got there the 2nd time because we were disturbing his peace. I didn’t know he lived in that junkyard. If it was an issue he could have said so before we confirmed if the timing would be good and left to the location we stored our RV on. This app allows misogynistic, homophonic men to host! If I would have known we would have been yelled at for coming before dark to see the RV I have in storage I would not have even bothered with this app. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! Please use a regular storage unit. This app needs to hold their hosts accountable!!! Horrifying experience. Please don’t waste your time or money. We are taking this out and never using this app ever again.
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2 months ago, nicknametaken#
Bad idea for many reasons
1) This app takes way more then 4.9% fee as the present it, you have to dig deep in the terms and conditions to find it-I found it after I had a reservation and seen the payout 35 bucks less. They say 1st month only but I’m assuming the 2nd month would bring another issue that’s in the fine print. 2) Don’t expect to get paid for the 1st month, they collect before tenant moves in and then you get your money a month later after they deduct a bunch of fees. 3) They change the pricing of YOUR space and don’t allow you to switch it back-they call it smart pricing and say the algorithm will determine the pricing. 4) I could go on and on about what a rip off this is but they wasted so much of my time alread. My best advice is if this is the side hustle your looking for then place your own ad on a free site and draw up your own contract between you and the person renting space, make sure it’s notarized but don’t let these greedy people tell you what you can and can’t do with your space or hold your money for a month while your space is being used 24/7. The insurance is something you can add to your own homeowners policy if you don’t already have those limits already but most people do if they are in the OC with space to spare
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1 year ago, Syanechka
Great App
I recently used this mobile app to rent out my garage, and it exceeded my expectations. The app's interface is user-friendly, allowing for seamless navigation. The customer service team was outstanding, promptly addressing my inquiries and offering valuable assistance. Thanks to the app, I found a renter within a week of posting. While the renter's suitability depends on various factors, the app played a vital role in connecting me with interested individuals swiftly. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a convenient and efficient way to find renters. It's user-friendly, backed by exceptional customer service, and helped me secure a tenant quickly. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fantastic tool. I'll definitely be using it again and recommending it to others!
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2 years ago, he took my money
Host unresponsive
One star because a zero is not available. I had high hopes for storing my car for the winter. The host was close and reasonably priced. I signed up and made a reservation and was eventually contacted by the host. Ever since the initial contact it has been one excuse after another why I couldn’t meet, and finally no response at all. He took my money and left me hanging. I went to the address and no one was there, and I have no phone number for him. I’m very disappointed. Time wasted. Update from one to two stars since I was refunded. I was able to get a refund from the app after reviewing my messages with the host. All in all it was a big waste of time for me. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to get my car back if getting it stored was this difficult. After this I contacted a second host who responded within 24 hours, instead of the six hours posted. I told him I would go ahead and reserve if I could move in the following weekend. I received no reply from the second host, so more wasted time waiting.
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3 years ago, polkoploip
Terrible service
in my case, I used this nasty company to leave my car for the time of the move in the parking lot of an absolutely unknown person to me, for which I paid $ 70,50 for one month of parking, after my car stood on it for three weeks I took my car earlier for a week of the paid period, I notified the owner of the parking in advance about this, after I took my car, I asked him to close the contract since I would not need his services in the future, to which he replied that I, on my own, should cancel (why cancel, I did not understand, it seems to me that it was logical to close) in general, I tried to cancel it on my part and I was asked from the app to pay an additional $ 65, I did not cancel and waited until the end of the parking period. today they charged me $ 135,60 twice, after which I made a decision that these are ordinary scammers, do not download this application and in any case do not use their services, they will find a way to deceive you by deceiving extra payments and adjust them to this situation own rules. Terrible people who own that business.
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4 years ago, boy
More fixes to work on
Here are some updates/fixes you need to make: (all from mobile version) 1. You need to resize and hold our images. Because we crop an image on our phone and upload it to your app, it shouldn’t be all too big for your app and parts cut off for our viewers. You need to hold the size and make them all one size on your end. Furnished Finders had This same issue in the past and fixed it. So you should be able to as well 2. We need the ability to move our images in the order we want, easily. Hold and move. 3. We should have a comments area under the image and be able to easily write/type on it while using the mobile version 4. You need to hold our paragraph separations on the descriptions...not jumble them all together as one gigantic run on statement. Looks very messy and puts us in a bad light to clients. 5. If we start a draft, I don’t want to keep seeing it on the top of my page. It was a mistake. How can we get rid of it? 6. You need a way to do add-ons for extra costs, earnings and products to offer. 7. You need to consider allowing higher price caps It’s should be natural supply and demand. My place is near a college. Four blocks away is not the same price as two blocks from campus. Zip codes aren’t the answer for all caps. You have some growth to go. Keep up the deduction toward it.
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5 years ago, Jeffsco
Creative Idea
Whoever would’ve thought they could rent out an empty space on their property and make money? To me, this is a brilliant idea because more than likely the renters fee will be far less than competing businesses. Neighbor helps both the renter and the property owner and making a fair deal. The app is easy to use and customer support is very helpful. They actually reached out to me when I first started just to answer questions and meet me. I really appreciated that personal touch. If you’re looking for a side hustle to part time job, this is for you granted you have the space. If I could clear out my spare bedroom, I’d rent that out too.
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1 year ago, Rickeylu
Waste of time
I own a property in Southwest Atlanta a few minutes from the airport. Theoretically, perfect for individuals needing a place to park a vehicle long term for travel or storage. I have had a profile on the app for over a year and have received multiple inquiries. Unfortunately, every inquiry can be categorized into two groups. The first group is the homeless individuals looking for a place to park and live. (Van life= glorified homelessness). The second group is people that either can not read or can not follow simple instructions. The app lets you list how often the individual can come by and I selected “once a month” yet when the individual inquires about parking they ask to visit 4x a week. Several times a Neighbor representative called or texted about responding to the people that clearly did not read the posting. Lastly it’s not simple to delete the listing. Avoid this app and just use Facebook marketplace.
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2 years ago, Iakiv Shvydko
Parking on Van Nuys ,CA.
Buy parking for my box truck . No gate, no camera nothing. I pay 280$ including small coverage from site neighbor . On second week some crazy people cut catalytic converter . The coverage should pay about 5000$ depends from damage and working job . Almost one month I am waiting for compensation. Avery week answer the same your case in process . I am put just two stars because I don’t know if they pay or not . But any case if they will ignore my problem more . I have to beginning process…. I don’t have full objective review for now . But looks like they don’t want pay . So probably this information will be useful for new people. Because if that site not looks safety. You can not be sure if they pay compensation even you take that option from them . So be careful.
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3 years ago, St&it
No customer service AT ALL
It’s fine as long as you don’t have any issues or questions if so then there’s no phone # to call. Their “insurance” is a scam so beware. I’m a host and a vehicle I rented a spot to cause some major damage I’ve tried to report it through neighbor app and it’s been a month and I’ve never even received an email back to address it. Another case I have a couple who broke up and had a trailer here and I need Neighbor to advise me on who actually paid the reservation and when was last payment so they can take it and nothing once again it’s been such a nightmare with this couple and and Neighbor is literally looking the other way ignoring my texts & emails. I got one text reply offering help and then when I replied with the issue they ghosted me again. DO NOT HOST HERE. Not worth the headaches. Good in theory if they had some sort of customer services
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3 years ago, OCMomoftwo
Unprofessional and Fraudulent Business
Horrible customer service and fraudulent business practices!!! I booked my storage for four months and used my Apple ID to create my sign in for my account. I was signed out of my Apple ID login and the only app on my phone not working was the Neighbor app. I contacted customer service for assistance to find my account to update my billing payment. They were rude, unprofessional, technologically not trained to find my account and I lost my entire condo personal belongings. Only way to get assistance on my account will be driving 6 hours to Orange County on a holiday week to arrive in person to speak with my renter of my storage. They require appointments every visit and they can basically do anything they choose with your belongings of value so there is no safety, insurance or paperwork sent to you to identify your storage space. DO NOT RENT WITH THIS STORAGE COMPANY!!!!!
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3 years ago, WazeBlaze
App Works Good/People are unresponsive
Would be great if the buyer could rate the seller. Seems like a legit app. Not enough people signed up in my area. Not sure if the people that are on the app are real people. I sent 5-6 messages to a person that says they respond in 6 hours. They never responded. I even reserved the space meaning I prepaid and nothing. Oh and whatever price you see be ready to have more fees added on when you actually reserve a spot. You the buyers get stuck with a monthly fee for the app. I think that should fall on the person renting out the space since they’re the ones making all the cash. Also the people that have spaces for rent seem to have high prices. I can rent an Airbnb for the same rate.
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2 years ago, KLEANTRIX
So far so good as a Host only one issue
I have been using this app for a few months now. I have had one renter. Pretty good experience in terms of the app. It does have a glitchy messaging system however I can see the developers are working on it. I will continue using this app, however it terms of marketing, I feel like there needs to be more of it. My renter left and gave me a great review. My spot is still empty and would like another renter for them to have a safe place to store their stuff ASAP.
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1 month ago, KseattleP
Terrible experience. DO NOT TRUST
I made a reservation to park my boat. It was an instant booking & I received an auto response asking to provide my personal information which I did in order to receive the instructions as stated. I never received any message from the host. So after waiting a day, I drove to the location & called the number on the gate, the host answered and began to bad mouth the app and gave no regard to my boat parking and repeatedly stated, you need to take it up with the app. After agreeing to wait until Monday, I contacted him again and he said I needed to pay an additional $200 or cancel. He was extremely rude & disrespectful. I contacted customer service and they took 2 weeks to “investigate” before issuing my refund. I ended up with an additional $300 truck rental charge due to waiting for the host over the weekend.
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2 years ago, Jer from SD
Hidden charges
I went in here because I saw a listing online for a spot to park my camper for 100$ a month. I only needed two weeks then I was taking it and moving out of state. All parties knew this. So the neighbor app gets involved right away. Telling me do not pay the owners directly. To pay through the app. Ok. Whatever that’s fine. So I go to pay and there it is. The 100$ spot has now jumped up to 135$ because the app wants its cut. Whatever I just pay it. I pick up my trailer two weeks later like I said I would. The app instructs you to close out through them so I do. Holy crap. They charge me another 135$ for leaving before the end of the month. Are you freaking serious!!!!! You took my 100$ spot jacked to 260$ and straight ripped me off and walked away. Don’t do any business with these thieves. You have been warned.
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2 years ago, imoggio
Good platform needs improvement
Overall, the system works. I made a nice profit, with minimal work and haven’t had any issues with renters. Usually people have been honest and trustworthy. The app sometimes glitches and customer service isn’t great. I understand everything comes at a cost, and maybe they will work through the glitches. For example, I referred a friend and supposedly they would give me $50 once they register and use the app. I’ve confirmed the registered and use the app and never received the $50. Customer service never replied to my email. I had other issues come up and I am still waiting for customer service. Regardless I still continue to use the app.
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2 years ago, Cep55
Good idea, but DON’T call me!
The app is a good idea that is okay (not great) in its execution. Filtering and area search functionality have room for improvement. But what really annoys me is that within two hours of signing up, I got two calls, a voicemail, and a text message from a salesperson. (Seems like this level of aggression is a pattern, because my iPhone flagged the number as ‘spam risk’.) I don’t know why this is so hard for tech companies to understand, but I use apps because I don’t want phone calls and I don’t want to talk to salespeople. It’s a nice option for people who aren’t tech-savvy, but come on—this is 2022, most of us don’t want or need phone calls for these types of services.
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1 year ago, JS2490
App is nice, customer service is intrusive and annoying
App is nice, customer service is intrusive and annoying. I have had a few rentals through the app, but customer service reads all your messages and texts you on your cell number saying things like “remember, you can’t accept payment off the app” just from mere mention of how to pay when a customer messages, or “I see you have a new storage request, would you like us to accept it for you?” Literally 2 minutes after the request comes in. I’m talking to you Rose, people don’t need you to help them and don’t need you snooping in all our messages with customers. I had to block their phone number because they kept getting into my business.
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4 days ago, Bobby hind
Host was great, but the company will rip you off.
I rented a drive way for about six months, had a great connection with my host, and was very satisfied. I moved out of town a couple days ago, and told the host I’d be cancelling in a day or two. The payment date passed, and due to being so busy with the move, I cancelled a couple days after. Neighbor of course got paid for the coming month, and I figured I’d get a prorated refund. No dice. They keep the whole month’s payment, a policy markedly different from the one they use to get you hooked in the first place. Now I am paying to rent an empty drive way for the next month, and I have no use for it. I wonder if the host can immediately rent it out again, and get _two_ incomes this month?! Scam much???
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2 years ago, SammGore
Sign up
I’m trying to sign up and take photo of my ID (drivers license) for verification but it keeps saying it can’t read my photos, when I take a picture of the front of my ID it takes its time and loads in clear and nice, then will take the picture on its own. BUT as soon as I try taking pictures of the back of my ID it starts glitching- taking super fast shots, I press retake and it’s an immediate snap shot, doesn’t even let me focus. I’ve tried 5 times on different counters, lighting, etc. so it can never register the back of my ID for the barcode, it’s too fast, constantly making it blurry. Idk what to do. What would be nice is if it doesn’t force the picture for you, if it just lets ME click “Take a photo” on my own behalf I think it would work for me
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2 years ago, Draw awesome
Do not use this app! SCAM!!
I normally don’t write reviews, actually this is my first ever review. They do not look into renters, I left a brand new RV parked in one of there spots a week later my RV was totaled from them breaking everything to get in there and all my stuff was stolen. Over 13,000 dollars of stuff was stolen and a 75,000 dollar RV was totaled… “they have insurance” a bunch of crap don’t trust them. The insurance will just come back and say too bad! To not make the story long, a employee of where I rented told me they would always break into that place something that was not mentioned before! Neighbor pretty much helps thief’s! After a year of going back and forth with them, they have denied any responsibility! They should be held liable for not vetting the renters they allow on there site!
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2 years ago, Freewill77
Insurance coverage is bad advertisement
Unfortunately you can not give them no stars. The first month that I moved in someone broke into my vehicle. They had completely shattered my passengers side side window, thrashed the interior, damaged the wiring in my engine bay, damaged the passengers side fender & headlight. I had filled a report with the local PD & reported it to both Amir & Neighbor (As per the terms & conditions) and to this day the issue has not been resolved. I have not even received a reply to my email. I was finally able to remove my truck to a safer location. My experience with Neighbor has been horrible & do not recommend it to anyone. You are far better taking the risk & parking your vehicle on a public street it would probably be far less expensive.
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1 year ago, Beldir Falasdar
Renter Communication
First time user of the app here. I needed to a place to store my vehicle for two months but my storage request timed out with two separate people. It went over the 24 hour time table for both of them and my messages were never read. You have to wonder if the app is notifying them properly or if they just don’t use the app anymore and have active profiles. Either way, I had to find a different (and more expensive) option with a different business. I don’t think this is the regular experience for most users after reading other reviews though.
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11 months ago, Ilaria_Jinx
Refunded (Thank you)
I paid for a scam spot, and when I went through Neighbor, I wasn’t given an immediate refund, so I disputed the charge through the bank. I was really convinced I wouldn’t get my money back, so I jumped the gun. Instead of fighting it, they accepted the disputed charge, and I got my money back within a day. They didn’t need to do that, especially given the fact that I didn't give them any time, but they did, and I did get my money back. I’m really grateful
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2 years ago, Alexuz777
Solid platform with unfair policies.
Have been using app for 2nd month now. Got one client and even if client decided to take the car earlier than 1 month, renter still pays for entire month and they dont have prorated rates, which is fair. However, app allows renters to cancel anytime. I had reservation on June 21st, which I confirmed after answering all questions from the renter. After that another person reached out to me and I declined since I confirmed first reservation. The day when renter was supposed to show up, renter decided to cancel in less than 24 hours because renter found storage elsewhere. So that means following: 1. System does not penalize renter for cancellations last minute. 2. Renters are allowed to reserve for several months but cancel after 1 months, with no penalty. 3. Renters can reserve spots with multiple hosts and play a game and then cancel all or pick one. Above 3 were confirmed by rep who called me back on support inquiry on June 29th around 7pm EST. Not fair rules to the host at all !
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5 years ago, atennisninja
Win-Win for Renter and Host
Brilliant idea to follow the AirBnB model. People are always looking for the best deal in personalized and flexible options! You could say this company is taking a more green and economical approach to helping people find storage space. I could see them becoming the largest storage facility chain without owning a single storage unit. The user interface is simple to use for both the renter and host. Having the protections give a great peace of mind to both parties. Looking forward to the passive income I can earn for my unused space!
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1 month ago, Teacher Genne
Art is amazing!
We are so grateful for the peace of mind and service that Art provided for us. He was super responsive, which was amazing. He stayed on the phone and made sure we got to his house in the easiest and most accessible way. He even backed up our trailer for us, which was an above and beyond service. We are so happy to have found him and have our mini crisis averted. I would absolutely recommend parking here.
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2 months ago, be kjjkjja
Sketchy service
I went ahead and booked a reservation here because it provided a discount if booked for 2 months. While on the trip for some reason my card declined the second month. I was in Mexico and i wasn’t checking my email. Once I saw the email i went on the app but everything looked good it didn’t say my card was declined and i had no way of calling them because of no service but I emailed them. They replied saying I owed 300 dollars when it was only supposed to be 200. Once I got back and called them they sent my balance to collections! Like come on. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to them. I think their sketchy to be honest I will not be using this app again.
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2 months ago, 2seldomseen
Messaging function is poor
I’ve been using this app for aver a year now to rent spaces for my travel trailer. My complaint is that the messaging function does not work consistently. It frequently truncates messages between myself and the other party, so we can only read the first line of the messages we sent one another. This is frustrating, especially given that Neighbor certainly wants you to avoid communicating outside of the app. However, it does send a backup email copy that somewhat helps with this problem.
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4 years ago, reves23
Made renting my space so easy!
I have a tandem spot and live alone so thought I would rent out the spot for extra $$$. Tried posting on my own with no response. Saw billboards for the app and decided to give it a try. Within 2 days got a response just end of May and have a car stored for 2 months. App made it really easy with price recommendations by size. Still waiting to get paid (standard commission rates) but really easy to use, highly recommend if you’re looking to make some extra $$ on the side!
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4 years ago, ssshky710
Customer service
Their customer service is horrible. If you need to speak to a live person, good luck. There is no online chat option, their customer service line rings then goes to voicemail like a cell phone. What kind of large business is this? Do they not expect people to have immediate problems with STORAGE? And no immediate solution or help. SMH. and on top of that they charge a fee that they do not mention until you are already booking your reservation. Just sloppy. Hopefully as time goes on and the business grows they will learn how to better their service.
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3 years ago, Fochesworld
Best Option Out There!!
I’ve been using the Neighbor App for about a year now and it’s been excellent! I get paid within a day or two of the customer being charged. When dealing with a non-paying customer, Neighbor took care of everything! I can always get my space rented within a day or two of it going live. Highly, highly recommend using them!!
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4 years ago, Goincrazy35642
Charged without using the space
UPDATE: I wrote this review in April, and even after I had cancelled the reservation, they still charged me $69 on May 23rd. Horrible experience. Looks like others have had the same issue with being overcharged. Horrible experience with Neighbor. You have to make a reservation before being able to see the space to rent. They then charge you for the space even after you finally see it and decide it doesn’t fit your needs. When you contact them about a refund they say you agreed to their terms upon making a reservation and it’s out of their hands. Bad customer service.
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3 years ago, Ankgriff
Horrible company
I reserved a space to park my car while out of town. Money was accepted but the host would not respond. I messaged 4 times. I’ve messaged neighbor twice via email, and twice via text. They never accept calls even though they say you can call them. I can’t talk to anyone about a refund. I was incredibly uncomfortable parking at someone’s house I’ve never spoken to. I wouldn’t even know where to park. And I wasn’t coming until late in the evening. I don’t know if I will ever get my money back. If I had parked I have a feeling I would of come back to a towed car. That’s just how everything else has went.
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3 months ago, suzy-buddha
Happy overall, but please fix messaging
I have had a positive experience with my host, storing my vehicle. PLEASE fix the messaging… the end of messages get cut off. Are you only allowed a certain number of characters?? I don’t want to use my personal phone texting for security purposes. I hope this request is seen and is taken seriously. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Michael_5000
Why all the good reviews?
I’ve used the app and rented half of a garage from a local user. The fact is, this company does not control or set limits on pricing by its users. Many many users have completely unrealistic pricing for half of garage space. I’ve seen spaces for as much as $400 and $500 a month in rural Texas, completely outrageous. Now, no one actually rents these because they continue to show up on the app. It’s obvious that many of the users on this app are just out to make a quick buck, it’s just unethical in my opinion. This company needs to rethink how it allows its users to set pricing on the platform.
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3 years ago, Ky Cam
Great app, but one suggestion
I really love this app, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I would like to make a suggestion though. Unless I’m missing something, there doesn’t appear to be a way to bookmark specific listings. It’s like I have to start over each time I open the app because there’s no way to save the listings I’m interested in. It’s either “rent this immediately” or nothing. Can you uodate the app with that function? Thanks
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5 years ago, Jarvislady
Love Hosting
As a host I am enjoying this experience of helping others with there air bnb storage needs. I have about seven listing spots as a host and have been doing this for almost a year now. It has been a wonderful experience to work with the staff at Neighbor for any questions I may have had. I feel like they are taking care of me and my tenants with their provided supplemental insurance policies to me as a host and to my tenants. Thank you Neighbor!
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2 years ago, Sid.daGreat
Spot filled within 3 days of posting👍
I know not everyone will have the same experience. I posted my parking spots and within 3 days I got my first booking. So far so good. Only issue at the moment is the messaging within the app is glitchy. Had written messages several times and it would disappear or it would send only part of the message. Getting more storage spaces to get to see how it far it can go.
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1 month ago, smg1092
Great Hosts
Christa and her husband have been great to work with. The space on their property is clean, organized, and allows for the easy storage of my travel trailer. They have been super flexible on when I can pickup as well as drop off my trailer after trips. Also, having the storage location under camera surveillance gives peace of mind that my trailer is safe secure.
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5 years ago, rymartin24
Just as they claim - the AirBnB of storage
If you’re familiar with AirBnB then this service will be a no-brainer. Their simple interface and functionality make finding a place to store all my extra belongings a breeze. Clearly defined monthly pricing and available space gives you an idea of how much you’ll spend for the amount of stuff you have. Way more convenient than renting a storage unit!
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3 years ago, saltz80
BOTTOM LINE … THIS COMPANY FARMS OUT YOUR INFO TO TELEMARKETING COMPANIES AND OTHER MARKETING AGENCIES. Since signing up for this app the other day I have received an overwhelming number of spam calls including annoying calls and texts, one after the other from the app themselves “following up” on my recent app purchase. The calls are from Oklahoma, which subsequently I have received dozens of calls from different Oklahoma numbers. This is how these companies boost their bottom line and I reluctantly understand that however this one took it to the next level. Lose my number for the love of all that is good… please.
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3 years ago, 802.11 Hedy Lamarr
Issue with Stripe Fixed
I initially wrote a scathing review due to JP Morgan Chase Bank account not connecting on the app. I already had a Stripe account associated with the bank for small biz. The app would never accept it. So instead of adding the debit with that account, I added a different account from a different bank entirely. It finally went through… nearly six months of incoming rental payments will hit in a couple of days. THANK YOU 😊
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3 years ago, MC blast
Set up for renter and not for the person who needs a space!
My experience is not many really want to rent the spaces they post! I haven’t got a real response and they have 48 hours to respond after laying out the money? So we have to reserve 5 to get one answer? And always a story when they do respond! I had a hard time getting an account because mysterious glitches and seen the same posts with the same spaces but different prices! Honestly, I think this app is a phishing site! Scammers on steroids! I’m reporting it! Do I need to tap a star to rate it? I really wanted to give zero stars!!!
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4 years ago, hapie_camper
Very Necessary and Convenient
As the cost of living rises and business charge more due to inflation and an non proportional increase in wages occurs, sites such as these will be of utmost importance in leveling the playing field in our capitalist economy. We need business prices to be held accountable and also government fees and costs to go down, sites like this will do that. The more people doing this will drive prices down everywhere.
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1 year ago, Aherati
Stay away from this app / company! I hosted a renter for a few months. After we ended the reservation, a glitch in the app kept withdrawing payments from the renter. I was advised by the company that I would not be taxed on these extra payments when I return the excess payments, which I was happy to do. Despite their false reassurance, I received a 1099 statement showing the extra payments made to me and subsequently refunded were still reported to the IRS. The company was not willing to correct this and kept responding “thanks for sharing your feedback” and “sorry for your inconvenience.”
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