Neighbours from Hell - Season 1

3.9 (1.9K)
1093 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Neighbours from Hell - Season 1

3.91 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, روز١٢٣
Not worth it if it’s not for free😡😡😡
Can u make it free😭🙏🏻this game was part of my life and I still loved l used to play it in pc then I was so glad that I can play it on my iPad but unfortunately I was shook when I realised that I have to pay to continue playing can’t u just written it’s not free so I could save my time and not installing it 😡
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3 years ago, SamPez308
So unique
Im so happy that I found this old game in here. Really enjoyable game. I don't understand why some people want this game for free. Its only $1.99 and if that helps the creators to come up with more games like this then Im happy to support. The level of paying attention to details is remarkable and I hope to see more games like this in future.
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4 years ago, Sonicastle
Very entertaining
I and my brother used to play this game on the PC all the time. Oh, what memories!! Back then we didn't have any money to buy this game and had to down the cracked version. Now it's time to give back. It's only 2$. I hope to play this again with him. Thank you for having this on the app store.
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2 years ago, ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
Just 3 fisrt missions are free
So awkward that you download 1gb, and at last,you can play 2 missions and then you've got to pay for it, come on, it worth the download, but doesn't worth the money.
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1 year ago, MysteryZ360
Can’t retrieve PAID process
The only reason I’m not decreasing any stars is because of countless memories I’ve had from this game back in previous decades! But I’d appreciate if you guide me with something, I’ve downloaded this game with same Apple ID few years ago and also paid the full price both S1 and S2 For Storage issues I had to delete and redownload it on new device. But I couldn’t get my account back and I HAVE TO pay again! Any possible way to solve this? Thank you ;D
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3 years ago, 𝓟𝓲𝓰𝓰𝔂
Broo i use to always play this when I was little! I didn't mind about the ads, or how much it costs. I love the game! its so good 😛i hope this have season 3 maybe? But ty for making my childhood better! Have a great day! 😎
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5 years ago, its really nice :3
It’s good but...
I love the game and it’s all fun and I love how the neighbor gets mad,but there are so much ads and I get really annoyed.i usually think it only happens once but the ads are too much..can you please remove the ads?
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2 years ago, Zohsal
Make it free
You should have written it's not free😡 I just wanna continue but I can't, please make it free cause I live in a country that I cant pay to continue.
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1 year ago, Pegahhh2002
Make free the game
I live in Iran and Iranians are limited to pay money for every type of games which makes us not able to purchase this game , thus please make free the game , I feel extremely upset because of not playing my favorite game 😔
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4 months ago, Wolf-guy
I can’t play de second season
For some reason, when I try to play the second season of the game titled “on vacation,” It sends me to App Store again .
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6 years ago, Huynh Kim Ong
Disappointed :(
This game is literally a part of my childhood. I was so excited when I found it available on App Store, but then it is such a disappointment. Too many ads vs. we have to pay to get the new episodes which is already being around for a while. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Kristian love MARVEL
There are so many people mad about not wanting to pay for it but I think it’s worth it, It’s only 2 bucks and so much fun thanks guys.
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4 years ago, eudjfjgjrjejedjghtgjntj
Don’t want ads
Here is a tip if your on mobile put it on airplane mode and no ads will play and your game may run smooth
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3 years ago, SavvySlav
A blast from the Shockwave Flash past!
Haven’t played this thing since seventh grade. God, did I miss it!
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7 years ago, Vy and katy
Too much ads and game crashing
As much as I love this game on pc and pretty sure I'll like it on iOS too. But why do u have so many ads? Plus the game crash after an ad pops up or it's the game itself idk. But plz remove the ads and fix the game from NOT crashing. Thx u
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4 months ago, It’s the good idea
How old is this game
I always wonder how old this game is when was it made
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11 months ago, KGHOST007
In app purchases payment issue
I bought the rest of the missions but when re downloaded the game it wants me to buy it again so please fix the issue
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7 years ago, aaronfox55
Even if you pay it still the ads..?
This is a very important question about this game and the other one.. Why the ads still on even if we pay for the app..!?
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4 months ago, 青罗罗
In-app purchase does not work
I love this game and I paid for it to unlock - the bad thing is that even I paid for it, the content varnish once I downloaded the app to another mobile or redownload to the same device…so weird.
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4 years ago, Mironick
Cheap people
Cmon, you seriously can’t afford to pay 2 dollars for a game? Then you must be a complete loser! Great game!
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12 months ago, asalbp
in iran we cant pay
in our country we don’t have anyway to pay for games and this game is one of my memories and i was so happy that i can find this game hear but when i know that is not free I become very upset.
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5 years ago, Amira123fathi
Neighbors from hell
I hope it will be free for all episodes 🌹thanks
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2 years ago, mo_h7876
Hey man make it free here in our country we cant pay
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3 years ago, trueafreview
Totally worth paying
It’s very cheap and an amazing game.
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3 years ago, Mmmshsuish
Good game and it is worth $1.99 thats one cup of coffee and you have game forever
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2 years ago, Plz hlp 993838
Can’t open the levels after purchase
You can’t open the levels after purchasing.
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4 years ago, JudyJuj
Thank you for making this game free and available to us. I’m so happy it’s amazing it’s fast it’s elegant it’s so nice!!
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11 months ago, ndverjdnhshbedhhehe
Can’t make a payment.
Living in the US. Have iPhone 13. Can’t complete the payment:(
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3 years ago, OhSoSecretCoupons
Paid for the full season but it didn’t unlock. There is no way to fix this.
The first few levels were fun so I paid for the rest but they never unlocked. What a waste of money.
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7 years ago, hosseinmv
Purchased, bot doesn't work
I have purchased the game but i still keep getting ads and the episodes are still locked for me. Also, when i tap on the season 2 it directs me to the AppStore!
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3 years ago, houry_21
Please we love this game and we would us makeing it free
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4 years ago, Mukasuka
Game make purchases and not asked
The game make purchases not asked me , just send a lot time to confirm with my Touch ID, so when I push bottom it make purchases and go home screen together!!!
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10 months ago, Nice..wonderful
Waste of money
I have paid for the full episodes but it did not unlock….It was a waste of money and time 🥲
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6 years ago, doctor dero
paying for other episodes
Why it’s not free , I was so HAPPY to see this game in iPhone and you guys broken my heart by this option , I played only three episodes 💔💔💔 I swear I cried because I can’t pay
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6 years ago, silurians
Not a free game
Was so happy to see this game coming to iphone until they wanted me to pay. Don’t even download, you just start enjoying it then you need to pay for the stages
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6 years ago, COBOROZO
Not working properly
Too much ads! I bought the full version but the episodes r still locked ! Season 2 is not even there! It directs me to the app store
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6 years ago, Adoodleso
I paid for the full season and it didn’t unlock it. I’ve reached out to the company 3 response. The restore purchases button isn’t even active
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6 years ago, archerthegod
Awful game
first,too nany ads. Second,too many ads. Third,too many ads. Finally,not as smooth as other apps. You should stay low.
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7 years ago, Pleasefixitsoooonnn
I looove this game and i remember playing it on like 2008 its such a good game but the app keeps crashing and exiting out in the middle of the level :( Please fix it and i will change my rating stars
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10 months ago, sabbasabaa
I payed the 1.99$ to continue playing but still I can’t play!! At least give my money back!!
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3 years ago, Abaltazor
Amazing game.
Thank you, I love this game.
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6 years ago, Sweetlove391
As soon as you open this app it tries to charge you! Glad I had in app purchases blocked! Also, WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! I didn’t even get a chance to play the stupid game!
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6 years ago, baby1249
Sorry for you
How bad it is that you install this game, you will see with enthusiasm for the money you want to continue! I regretted installing it
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3 years ago, fa DJ feed d
Hey I love the game but the part is lock
I get it and downloaded and you can too download it or in safari app and thanks for
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2 years ago, sama-1231
The game is not free
You could only play 3 episodes and it’s not worth downloading.
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1 month ago, flyveryhigh
Way too expensive
Show more
2 years ago, Pavel0326.Apple
How to restore purchases?
How to restore purchases?
Show more
1 year ago, pataposhaa
Cannot change languages
Language icons are not clicable in game settings.
Show more
5 years ago, sunyrry
I grew up with this game. But why do I have to pay for new episodes? 🤨
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3 years ago, Peyman jooyandeh
Bad game because...
At first it’s free, but after 6 level you should purchase it
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