Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

4.8 (24.9K)
52.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hit-Point Co., Ltd.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

4.78 out of 5
24.9K Ratings
6 years ago, fiyfcjhvcjhfcmh
A Few Suggestions
I really enjoy playing this game and I play it multiple times everyday. Even though I’ve just recently downloaded this game, I’ve already fallen in love. I love how this game is simple yet exciting and fun. The artwork is so cute and I look forward to finding out which cats are visiting my yard. But, I still have some suggestions that I hope you might use to make this game even better. First of all, I think there should be more expansions. The first one is nice, but just not enough. Think of all the time and fish you spend on new goodies, especially the large ones and ones that cost gold fish. But you can only put two of those out at the same time. What if you made different rooms in the house, like a bathroom, upstairs, downstairs, etc., and made the yard larger. I think this would be a useful feature, and would give you more things to do and save up for. And, what if when you bought new expansions, new cats visited and new toys were available to buy. I think that would really add more to the game and give people more to do and keep them from getting bored of it too quickly. Also, what if the more a cat visited, the more fish it gave. I think this would make sense because it’s like the cat is saying thank you. Otherwise, this game is perfect and I look forward to seeing more cats and buying more goodies. Thank you sooo much for creating this game.
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5 years ago, sanamai
Amazing but I have some suggestions
Over all I love this app and it is great I love that it keeps you off your phone for a while but I think there should be more extensions like for the whole house and like some one els stayed “I think if a cat visits a certain amount of times then they become a “pet” and they stay in the house and just roam around the rooms “ and besides that it’s a great app and mabby you can add a thing where you can interact with the cats and play with them and they will give you more stuff the more u play with them and I think you should be able to use the momentum’s I think I spelt that wrong lol but you know the things the cats give you that you don’t do any thing with those thing I think you should be able to use those to play with the cats and you should be able to make a new world and start agen but still have your progress on another world so you can start agen for the fun but still have your old progress if you know what I mean but I really like this game how it is but I hope you add these things in the game cuz this is more than my thoughts I went thro the comments and use some good ones from there too and I have no clue on how hard it is to make a game and I get you can probably not add all of these but ceep up the good work thanks 😁
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4 years ago, kats are awsome
a few suggestions
This game is one of my favorite games of all time! but there are a few things that could be improved in my opinion. i love how i can go away for an hour or two while leaving food out and come back to see a bunch of kitties in my yard! but i feel like there should be more than one expansion because of how many items there are in shop. and because you only have two spaces in total to put the larger items, considering how many larger items there are. i love how certain items bring different and/or rare cats. the game is super cute and aesthetically pleasing. its so simple its fun. i also would like for there to be more larger items because ive noticed they attract rarer cats. also because they seem more interactive for the cats and have more poses that they can do. thats really all, this is an amazing game. 100% recommendations to anyone who loves cats like i do. theres not much i would change about it. if the developer reads this: thanks for an amazing game that has made my day so many times, even if my day has been horrible the game still finds a way to make it a little better. wether it be finding tubs beside my food bowl, or melange face down into the Sakura pillow. thanks for an amazing game!
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6 years ago, Pop is Glorious
Neko Atsume is Literally the best game ever.
I absolutely adore this game. The designs are simple yet so cute and looking at these adorable kitties always makes my day so much better. The fact that you have to leave the app for the cats to come is so smart, it forces you to spend less time on your phone to advance in the game rather than spending most of the gameplay within the app. But I do have one problem with it, you are limited to only one yard expansion for the entire game, and at times it can be difficult to determine with goodies to place mostly because of the lack of space. It would be nice to see a set of separate yard expansions for the rest of the house. Along with other variations of the house expansion for each remodel setup. I would also recommend a part of the game being where you can interact with the cats when visiting your yard, and depending on how well you treat the visiting cats, the better or worse gifts they give. And when looking in the catbook, along with the feature of a cat’s favorite goodies it would also feature how to interact with that certain cat. Those are the only points I’ll bring up relating to advice, but I still love this game with all my heart and I always will enjoy this game and the cats in it.
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11 months ago, alpaca139
One of my favorite games, would recommend
To everyone reading this, as the title said, this is one of my favorite games to play. I have played on multiple different devices and I have enjoyed collecting furniture to decorate the yard and porch, finding cute new kitties, and taking cute pictures. I also love finding the rare cats. It is especially enjoyable because cats come pretty quickly, it doesn’t take too much commitment to play, and it keeps me playing for a while before I start to get bored after a few weeks or months. The art is adorable as well. I would recommend this game to anyone looking to play a cute, fun, and non time consuming game. I would appreciate a few updates such as maybe adding more rooms and upgrades of space to add more items, new fun items, and a few new cats to keep me and other players playing longer, as I can not say that there has been an update for around the three or four years I have played, and I take breaks every once in a while before coming back. No complaints, just a suggestion to keep me interested and hooked on the game. This is an amazing game so if you see this review you should definitely give it a try.
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2 years ago, gooooooood gaaaaaamme
Great game but some suggestions
This game is super fun! It has become my daily routine to check on it multiple times everyday. First of all I love how you have to leave to get the cats it helps you not glue your eyes on the phone for a few hours. It also is just so simple but so fun and it’s always so happy when you get new cats. The movement of the cats ( which doesn’t happen quite to often) is adorable, I especially love when the cats rub their eye 🥹. It’s just a really fun game that I would recommend to anyone BUT some suggestions. So I’m almost done with getting all the cats, after that happens the game won’t be as fun as before it’ll be a little boring if you know what I mean so maybe there could be somthing at the end of the game?? I don’t really know what but that’s probably my top suggestion. Next I think we should be able to do somthing with the mementos we get them and then we don’t really do anything with em ( although it makes you really happen when you get them ) maybe if you get all of them you get a really rare cat that you only get if you have all the mementos?? Idk those are just my thoughts but otherwise it’s a great game! I definitely recommend it 😻
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6 years ago, User of 3 months
So cute! But, wish there were more to love.
I've been playing Neko Atsume for awhile. It's become a ritual everyday to check on the cats. I love love love the novelty of leaving the app with an empty yard, and coming back to a yard full of adorable kitties. It's magical, and I think Neko Atsume is one of those few games that manages to be magical and simple at the same time, which is excellent, and I don't want to change that- BUT, I wish there were just a COUPLE more features. That way veteran users like myself, don't get bored, stop playing altogether and eventually delete the app. Maybe a few mini games within the app that had a "caring for the cats" theme, like brushing/giving them a bath etc, which you could earn fish from. Also maybe, when a cat has visited your yard a specific amount of times, they can become a "pet", and you can buy collars and accessories for them (the "pet" cats can still come and go, like an indoor-outdoor kitty.) And an extra yard expansion and some new themes would be nice, too. Again, Neko Atsume is an incredible game, and I appreciate its simplicity in comparison to some others. It makes it overall, very relaxing to look at and play, but if you've been playing it a long time, it can get a little old.
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5 years ago, cadence🌈
GREAT game! Try it!!
This has basically NOTHING wrong with it! The cats are adorable, the goodies are fun and cute and satisfying to buy! I love checking to see if I got any special cats, or any just new cats! I like to get the special goodies that certain cats like, it’s honestly just fun 😂 The graphics are GREAT! The cool houses are fun and cute, as well. So basically you have a house and you set up goodies and food outside it, and random cats come. You can take pictures, they also get saved to your cat book or album. The pictures get saved to one of those too. There are a bunch of different cats to find. I remember the first special cat I got but I’m not telling 😂 You get these sardines or whatever and you get golden ones as well, you use them to buy goodies and stuff for your cats. You buy the food with the fish too. The golden ones are for special goodies and better food! You can buy both of them with REAL money and the are supposedly cheap. You also earn more of those for the items that the cats use! Cats have favorite items and they have at least three of those and it shows them on the cats profile. I think that whoever’s reading this will like it 👍 try it! Seriously, you should!! Sincerely, -Happy User!
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4 years ago, @blu3bang
Super great! Love this game!
I absolutely love this game. I love how simple it is and how relaxing it is. With other games similar to this you have to log in everyday for a daily spin and then stress about getting enough currency to buy items, but with this one you just get to relax and know that the cats will come and hang out regardless. I’ve seen a few other reviews make this suggestion as well, but I 100% agree that the game would be better than it already is if there was more room. Like different rooms for different remodel versions and stuff. For example, there are stairs in the café area and I think it would be neat if you could buy an upstairs expansion, or maybe just for the original room add a bedroom extension or something like that would be super cool. It just would be nice to be able to place more items, especially because there is a lot of cool ones in the game and I can’t put them all out how I’d like to. These are just suggestions though and I just wanted to say that this is my favorite mobile collector game that I have played and I hope the creators have a wonderful day. (n_n)
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5 years ago, TortillaKitties
This game is truly amazing it’s a good no WiFi game that’s oddly calming. I play this from time to time and it’s enjoyable indeed no matter the time age ect it’s a good game. Although they could add more like more expansions and a way to “interact” or interfere with the cats. Also if they could fix the rarity of some of the cats coming around would be nice like I have all the regular cats but Sapphire doesn’t come around to often, oppose from the two times she did. I don’t think that this is game is bad at all but with a few updates this game could be even better I think I defiantly recommend this game as I did to most of my friends and family for sure because it’s something everyone can bond over. With the cute graphics and anticipation that comes with this adorable game it’s really been helping me get off my phone for awhile. So finally if you took the time to read this please download the game it’s worth your time nostalgia from when I first downloaded it on my old phone and I’m glad it’s still alive after the years so if you can if you will go ahead and give it a try no harm done thank you for reading this ok goodbye
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2 years ago, 🐼🐝🐽🦉🙈🐥🐷🐦🐷🐥🐸🐝
Hi! I love love LOVE this game. It’s super simple and super cute. I have a few suggestions tho that I think would make it more fun to play. While reading some reviews I noticed that some ppl said that they wanted the yard expansions to be bigger, and I totally agree. If that’s possible I think I think you guys should definitely add that! It would definitely make the game much more funner since you’d be able to put out more treats for more number of cats to show up!! Another thing you guys can do to make things more fun is maybe give the cats some other faces. Like maybe one with their tongue out, that’b be awesome :) also when they’re just sitting or laying, you can make some of them lay on top of another cat, that would super adorable. Otherwise, this game is great and definitely cures boredom because you can collect the cats and look at which ones you still need to collect or just simply look at the ones you already got in your album. And the items and treats you can buy for them are also super adorable and not too pricey. I live this game. Thank you for reading my review if u did 😸
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4 years ago, snailobituaries
neko atsume has perfected the art of zen
nothing chills me out like this game. i love how low stakes it is, no time constraints, no leveling up, no real goals, no go go go like other apps. it's just you and the cats. there's so little do in this game you end up getting really into the minutia, like coming up with the perfect names for your cats or deciding what item is more worth spending your meager fish salary on- the cardboard box or the fluff toy?! my favorite item has to be the stump house. my favorite cat is.. all of them!! but my favorite favorite is probably Chip, who i renamed Drool. the one thing is i wish there were more seasonal changes. i love that it snows in the winter, but i wish the music would change through out the day, like daytime and evening themes. i wish the app would change from daytime to nighttime depending on your time zone. it'd also be cool if it rained sometimes in the world of neko atsume and there was a little rain song to go along with it. just little stuff like that to make the world feel more real! i also wish i could pet the cats in real life but i don't know if technology has advanced to that point yet.
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1 year ago, Jannnhannn
A few ideas to make it even better 💡
First of all, I would really appreciate it if you would reset the daily password at 12:00 so that it was available when I want to input it before school, because I noticed it was pretty late in the day when it resets so, just a minor issue I have. Also, when I first got Tubbs, he was really cute and funny, but after a while he got kind of annoying because he ate all my good food. I would really appreciate it if you put a limit on Tubbs’ food to just Frisky Bits. Also, haha, the power levels of some cats are really keeping me from getting Sassy Fran, and it would be nice if you made it easier to get her. The game is awesome and I want to list a few super awesome things I LOVE about this game: first, I love the little descriptions under the photos in the cat book like especially for the rare cats, it is hilarious! Second, I love the rare cats, and Lady Meow-Meow is my fave, because of her little sunglasses! So overall, super awesome game LOVE IT, a few minor issues I have with it, but other than that it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️😻😻
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2 years ago, faith1marie
i've always loved this game, played it years ago and finished it and got it again to play again!
When i was probably 7 or 8 and got my first IPad, one of the first things i looked up on the app store was "Cat Games" and Neko Atsume was one of the first to pop up. I may have downloaded others, but this one was the only one that stuck, that I played for literally years just to finish the game and get every item. Tiny me spent forever just collecting cats and finally, FINALLY catching Whiteshadow, and I bought every item available in the game and looked up guides to attain every background and wallpaper and waited forever to get every memento. Nowadays, I've got no idea what everything is or how to do it, but i'm getting to relive the nostalgia of it all. I recommend this game to everyone who sees me playing it, and I will never regret the time i spent on it. It is lovely, it's nostalgic even for those who have never played it before, and it is just happy! Serotonin boost, every day. Thank you, creators, for making this. It gets better every time I see new things added. :-)
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4 years ago, Penzelwashington10
I really love this game and enjoy almost every aspect of it. I remember when I first started and getting new cats and finally getting the yard expansion! But since I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now, there are some things I would fix or add. First of all we need more yard expansions and I totally agree with the people saying to add, basically a house! I think that’s such a creative idea! I have a lot of toys so having more space would be terrific to have for me, and other players. And if not a house than maybe more yard expansions. There can definitely be a time in my day where I struggle to place different goodies for my cats out of lack of space. I would also add more in game experiences so you can interact with your cats more often! Cleaning them up or even playing with them. I actually forgot about this game for a while, so I think adding stuff like this would make it more captivating for other players! Besides that I really enjoy playing this game and I hope others really enjoy playing this as well.
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5 years ago, Icebear70
So adorable! Just some suggestions (◕‿◕✿)
I have been playing Neko Atsume for a long time and it has been one of my personal favorite games! My favorite cat is Peaches and I love the feeling of a new cat coming! But I feel that they need more little cats,like an update with 20+ but I myself- am not a game developer and cannot understand how hard or easy it will be to create that many little cats. However, it doesn't have to be that many cats of course😅 but I do feel it would be a good edition to the game and for those who have nearly completed the task of collecting all the cats can have more to collect which will leave them playing longer. Oh and maybe to make some extra cash , 😅😸 try making a helpful guide to get all the cats for a dollar or so, I believe it will help with some players stuck with getting a cat that they want. Anyways thank you so much for taking you're time to read thus long review! I hope you developers please respond just to see if my ideas are complete crap or not🥴😜 And I know they are, only because these are just little daydreams and thoughts lol. Anyways bye ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ🌸😸🐱👌💯
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4 years ago, Kitkatzgr8
One of the Best Games I’ve Experienced In a While
This game is, simply put, an adorable and relaxing experience. You can stay on the app as long as you’d like, watching these adorable cats enjoying your virtual backyard, or you can leave food out for them and let them do their own thing while you exit the app. There’s no pressure to constantly reopen the app, which only adds to the relaxing experience and keeps it from becoming an adorable ‘chore,’ but the joy of seeing which cats enjoyed the toys you put out keeps you coming back for more! This is the perfect mix of everything I would want out of a game and, come on, it’s just plain adorable! The animations never cease to make me smile, and I am determined to change up my yard enough to get a photo of every cat possible! And surprisingly enough, this game is free to play and keeps ads as optional, which is incredibly nice of them! (Though the addition of in-the-face ads wouldn’t diminish my love for this game; I want to support you guys in whatever way I can!) All in all, this is just a fantastically relaxing, yet involving, game. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Reiki Meowster
Neko Atsume Should Be #1
I L😻VE THIS GAME! That’s why I gave it a 5 Star Rating. I do, however, have a BIG bone to pick with the Developer... So, here goes.. Hello, Hit Point Developer! It’s been a while since you’ve added new goodies and cats. Neko Atsume is long overdue for additional rooms with expansions, too. It would be nice to see updates to the game with some consistency and on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a handful of new Cats and goodies added 2x in five years just isn’t enough to keep most player’s interest. Also, I was looking forward to 2019’s Christmas music and snow, too. But, the snow never fell and the sweet, snow globe music, never played, either! Bah Humbug to you for that! I’ve kept Neko Atsume on every iPhone upgrade since the game came to iOS in 2015. I still play the game every day. Can’t leave those adorable kitties without food and attention, can WE? Neko Atsume has the potential to be the most popular game, holding title to #1 on iOS for years to come. But, that can’t happen, unless you light the fire, down below. Hint, HINT...
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4 months ago, Happygirl201412
It’s amazing
Like I said on the title it’s amazing I like the calm atmosphere the cute art style it’s like one of those breath apps like headspace but there is one feature that makes it one of a kind it kind of helps your eyes meaning that since you have to wait outside the app it takes you away from your device. Now for my suggestions I know the yard is pretty cute but I feel like you can do more than just a yard like I see a little door to another room maybe you can go there but it doesn’t work for me my 2nd suggestion is maybe you can add some toys like in the vr version but I’ll talk about that later just can you add some sort of way to interact with a cat. Like I said earlier about the vr thing this game actually convinced me to buy the vr version of this game it’s so much better maybe you can go see my review over there ,and it was so worth $16 (just saying it might not be $16 for everyone but so for me i got a discount, just letting you know because I don’t want it to look like I ripped you off)
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4 years ago, 1stCeye
...this has to be the cutest game I have played. The cats are adorable and you can watch as they play with the toys you purchased with the fish they gifted you with...for buying them, win❤️❤️❤️. It is wonderful to look in on my “home” and see who is there playing with what...the cats come and go...leaving YOU FISH....GOLD FISH,too! I smile everytime I pop’s a heartwarming thing.....and yes! Please create a “dollhouse” ....a whole house where we can have cats in the bathtub, sink (one of cats’ favorite places, swinging from the blinds..... (NEVER in my home!!😮😮😮). You have created a wonderful place to visit...may we have more? ......under the bed....hiding in slippers.....lying on bookshelves...playing tug of war with cloths.... OCT. 2020. It seems as if the creators have abandoned their game. There are, and haven’t been any new questions in the HELP section for at least a year. I have long ago purchased ALL the items in the Market. I am down to photographing my last 5 cats....tricky little buggers, they are, too! Please come back and add to this game....
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1 year ago, Yzzy L
A Classic
Simple and pleasant cat collection game, it’s just as playable if you don’t use the micro transactions but just takes a little longer. It takes kinda a long time to get all the cats and mementos but it’s charming enough for that to not bother me. If you have Apple Arcade there are a few more “goodies” (the toys for the cats) that you can’t get if you play the game without Apple Arcade. Also unfortunately there is one rare cat that is only available in a specific Japanese version of the game. I don’t have a problem with those things but I thought it might be something that others might want to know before getting the game. I think most enjoyable way to play is without looking up any guides. However, if you want to 100% the game, it’s probably something you’ll do eventually. Try to fed the cats frisky bitz unless you’re trying to get a specific rare cat to show up. (It’s just more cost effective since the expensive food doesn’t help to get more cod to my knowledge.)
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6 years ago, Clafo😋
So I LOVE this game. That cats are so cute and my joy is trying to collect the rare kitties! The art style is adorable but one thing has happened today that is really weird. So only 1 cat is in my yard and he is sitting on the yellow Cushion. I named him Tashihaka. (I can’t remember his original name) I close the app for a little while while I’m doing some stuff. I come back about 15 minutes later and open the app. Tashihaka is still there on the yellow Cushion and no other cats are there. I’ve been checking every now And then but he’s still there with no other cats. This is his first visit and he just won’t leave! He has a power level of 155 so that might be deterring other cats that want to go on the yellow cushion but I don’t know. It’s weird. Please fix it! Ok so legit I wrote this review 10 minutes ago. After I wrote this review I went into the app to see if Tashihaka had left. Guess what. HE WAS GONE!! He had been there since noon and at this point it was 5 so yeah a little bit bothered by that but great game!!
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4 years ago, crazy chinlken
Good game but some suggestions
I have been obsessed with this kitty collectors game ever since my friend introduced me to this game. I just love the cats because they are just so cute!!! Although I really love this game, I wanted to point out some suggestions to make this game even more better and enjoyable for others. First, since I play on multiple devices, I really want to continue on my old account but I can’t so I really want a way to fix that. Also, I want a way to like visit others places like if they have a certain cat you want to look at and you can use like your own character you can control and customize. My last suggestion for this WONDERFUL app is that you can be able to pet the cats because every time I look at those cute cats I just want to pet them so bad!!!!! All in all, these are just my suggestions that people might like and if you add some or all my suggestions I would be honored to help make Neko Atsume more enjoyable.
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5 years ago, Shelovesthe80s
Why can’t we save our data on this game while we’re transferring to a different phone???
I have been playing this game since it has come out. I collected every cat and photo I could. But what disappoints me that I can’t bring up that saved game on a different phone. I’ve gone through 2 phones and I’ve had to start over. When it first came out tbh I spent over $50 for everything in game and there’s no way of bringing back all the progress. I’ve bought plushies and extensions because this game gives me life. I’m on my 3rd phone and I’ve had to start over. I wish there was an option to recover all the work I’ve put into this. I’m allergic to cats and this game has brought so much joy but I’m tired of starting over. I’ve been playing over 15 weeks on this new phone and I’m not at the purchases I’ve been at before. I love this game and support this came 100% but I’m tired of starting over constantly. I’m getting a new phone next week and I’m sad to see my progress go to waste is there a way we can get an option for save and gamer mode on this????
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2 years ago, squisypup10
Amazing just a few coments! :)
Ok so right of the bat, I have had this for over three years on multiple devices. It’s amazing I hope that if you just started the game you wait till you unlock more stuff cause it gets better! My favorite remodel is probably the cafe it’s so cute I love white-shadows hiding spot! I am collecting all the remodels and all the toys! I’m so close to achieving this. I have been playing forever and I have read most critical reviews and I just wanted to say I have had none of those problems :) and I would totally recommend this game for people who like small games and cats! Also, I LOVE MACCHIATO IDK. -this is just random info you don’t need feel free to keep reading tho!-Also we ship pasty and chip it’s just a thing- don’t deny it embrace it. And even after all this, I still don’t have peaches memento. Please I need a complete set and also tell sapphire and her butler I’m waiting for them I have the umbrella thing and the tower of treats waiting.
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5 years ago, Camdyn wren
Where is my money going?
I absolutely love this game! Being a cat person in real life, this game was perfect. However, there is this one really big problem I’m having. I am on a family plan with one of my family members, which means in order to buy something I have to ask permission, then they will approve. I decided to buy some gold fish, (which is money currency in the game,) and my family member approved it, (while I was out of the game.) I went back to the game but nothing. I had no goldfish from what I had purchased. So I clicked the option that I had purchased and it says, “This purchase had already been bought, it will restore for free.” So I wait for about 20 to 30 minutes but no response from the game. I leave the game click the purchase again, still nothing. I have proof that I have purchased items in the game. I’m also getting alerts in my email that I have purchased these items. There’s an option in the game to send feed back and I wrote something similar to this, hit send, and then my screen turned black and lead me to the home screen. I’m very upset and what is happening is not ok.
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11 months ago, JodiLynnPin
A few suggestions but adorable game
So first THIS GAME IS ADORABLE! Especially seince I’m a cat lover. I would defiantly recommend this to people who love animals/cats. But a few suggestions, first, maybe make the time a little shorter for new cats, second, with the box toy it IS adorable how they just kinda lay in the box the whole time but, I want to see there face so you should make it so they stick there head out the other side some times. Third I think you should lower the price on the yard expansion. Fourth, I think you should add a bigger variety of cats. Fifth, I think you should add a few more spots to place stuff in. That’s all other than that I think this game is the CUTEST cat game I’ve ever had p.s people who look at this review btw if you don’t like games were you don’t have to do very much I wouldn’t recommend but if you do + are a cat lover, I 100% recommend this game for ya! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!! 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈🐈💕💕❤️❤️ -Kenadi age 9
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2 years ago, k.friendly
So cute!
I love this game. It’s fun, and it’s not difficult or fast-paced, so it’s good if you have anxiety and extra time on your hands. The kitties are cute, you get to feed them and take pictures of them using the various items you can buy for them using fish that u can either earn by playing or buy with in-app purchases. I’ve been playing for probably a year or so, and I may have spent like $20 on unnecessary extras just because I wanted to buy items sooner than if I’d had to earn the fish to pay for said items. It’s plenty fun without owning everything they offer though, if you don’t have cash to spend. I actually just wish there were more items to choose from, now that I’ve played it for this long and own almost everything, and also that there was more space in the photo albums for pictures you take of your kitties. No ads, which is also a major plus! I play it every day!
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6 years ago, RoggieD
Love this!
I love this app. It’s cute and strangely addicting. I look forward to checking on my cats and feeding them but now that I’ve collected all the things and purchased all the backgrounds I am disappointed at times hoping there will be something new. I go through periods of time not using the app because there’s nothing new. I agree with many of these reviews and would like to see some additions to keep seasoned players interested. I think it would be awesome to have some seasonal items and backgrounds added. It would be awesome to have various holiday items to collect. Imagine a spooky haunted cat house or cozy Christmas house with blinking holiday lights, summer pool theme, fall park with pretty leaves, spring yard with pretty blooming flowers and get the picture. There could be rare cats added to go along with the themes. Players could work for awhile to collect and prepare to enjoy their new kitties and always have something to work for and collect. Thank you for creating a fun app and I look forward to seeing some new things hopefully soon.
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4 years ago, Lyllin Chyle
Okay, this is literally the best game ever. I love how the ads aren’t even something to be mad about! They make it look so cute that you WANT to read that little brochure Pumpkin brought you! I love how every cat has their own little personality and breed, I love the...... well, everything! 😍 But... okay, I think that they could do just a little bit better on the type of cats. I have a torbie cat, and she looks nothing like Princess! But also don’t change the ones you already have. That would just make it confusing! I also think that they should do different shapes of cats, like long-haired, hairless, fat! And, yeah, I don’t just mean the special cats, people! 😡 But otherwise, I love the game and I really hope you take this review into account! P.S. don’t let my slightly negative review stop you from getting this game! It’s entirely worth it!
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7 months ago, JayJay2006yay
Fun For Awhile
I’ve deleted and redownloaded this game off and on, getting bored and then remembering how cute it is and wanting it again. I’ve had the app for a little over a year now; I’ve bought everything in the shop, and seen almost every cat. Though the game is cute, it doesn’t have enough going on. I believe I kept getting bored with it because there wasn’t much to do other than change decor/food and buy more decor/food. Now that I’ve bought all decor possible, and seen almost all the cats, it’s not something I care to look at very often because now all there is to do is finish my cat collection. I don’t have the oppoortunity throughout my day to keep checking on the app to see if any new cats show up. So, I would request that more is added to the game, more interaction for the player. Maybe mini games, maybe just add more excitng things to the shop, maybe allow the player to interact with the cats when they come by. This would make the game more interesting and worthwhile. Other than that, it’s a cute, simple game.
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6 years ago, catleb7
I Have Some Suggestions!!!
This is my all time favorite game ever! It is the only game that I use every day. I do however have some suggestions. I think that it would be cool if you added a litter box feature and different types of cat litter to the shop. It would be sort of like the food feature. You would tap on the litter box to fill it with litter. Then a cat would use it. Then you would tap it to replace the dirty litter with fresh litter and when you remove the dirty litter, you would get either regular or gold fish depending on the type of litter. I also think that you should add a feature to the shop where you can buy a cat that you get to customize. You would design the fur color and pattern, you would choose its personality, and you would name the cat. Then you could add a cat clothing shop to buy some clothes which you would put on the cat for it to wear. Those are all of my suggestions. I hope that you will consider some of them for the game!
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5 years ago, Echosong2006
A couple of suggestions.
I absolutely like this game! It is simple but still very addictive. I only have a couple of ideas that I hope you guys will think about. #1 more kitties. make a couple of new cats. I mean the ones we have now are great but eventually I am going to run out of cats to hunt, things to buy and mementos to collect. #2 more expansions. I the number one review is correct. Their should be a few more expansions like a bigger yard and other rooms. #3 genders. I would like it to show the genders of the cats. That would be amazing. Or even better you can chose the gender. #4 kittens! This one is kinda a lot to ask but if you would consider it I would REALLY appreciate it. When you see your favorite cat you can have like a pick up button or something. Then you can put it into a room for breeding. Then you can take another cat and put it in there as well. Then after about a day they should have kittens. And you can name the kittens and put them and the parents in another room. Like a nursery. And then when he kittens grow up you can set them free or keep them in your room. And your room can have as many cute kitties as you want as long as you upgrade the room enough. The last one was a lot to ask for but I would really appreciate it if you maybe think about it? Also I want a dog one too 🐶. Thanks! Other than those this is truly an amazing app and it’s great for little kids!
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6 years ago, JustARandomCatlover
Amazing! A few ideas...
So a year ago I downloaded this game, and had an amazing time playing it. However, by summertime I had gotten bored. I had seen all the cats, I had way to much fish, nearly all the goodies, and most remodels. So I just ended up deleting it after going weeks without checking the app. From what I’ve heard, there’s been a new cat or two added since, however. But ever since I was playing, I thought it would be a really cool idea if there could be an upstairs or another section of the house. It would allow for more goodies, cats, and it would add something new to the game! I also like the idea of a litter box, which could be similar to the food bowl (cats don’t come if it hasn’t been cleaned out). However I don’t like the idea of adding things like cat care, or making a cat your pet. I quite enjoy the simplicity of the game, and it would be frustrating to have to use that. Also, the caretaker or whoever we play in it doesn’t have much of a role. We put out food and toys, and we get to look at cute kitties in return. But adding in features like pets or more involved things like that would make it way to complicated. Having more cats and goodies more often would be nice, but I know how difficult that would be. Overall, I think it’s a wonderful game! I was just reading the reviews, and of course I had to put in my own two cents. I hope you consider my ideas! -JustARandomCatlover
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5 years ago, soggy-lizard
Overall great game, but could be better with more options.
This game is one of the few I instantly liked and took no time at all to grab my attention and make me focus on getting rare cats, and still enjoy the more common ones. The art style is adorable, as expected, and the colors, backgrounds, and designs are all very good. My personal favorite cat so far is Socks. A lot of reviews have one similar complaint- a change of scenery would keep seasoned players hooked. After a while, if you unlock all the cats, I can imagine it will get boring- and I don’t blame the developers for not having tons of new cats and items and backgrounds ready to go. It does take time to program and draw. That’s why I still gave the app five stars. For what you can play, it’s very enjoyable! I’ve already recommended it to my friends, and actually found it through one’s screenshots and was pulled in by the cute style and promise of cats. All in all, a very good game.
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6 years ago, Cowgirl6222
Seriously the best game on universe. Sometimes I’ll play it for hours on end. One time I was playing it for 13.5 hours straight, but my sister Carlos came in and made me get off. I have collected every single cat there is, and I have restarted 4 times and collected every single cat once again. My favorite kitty is Mr. Tubbs, I just love his personality and carelessness of his surroundings. HE DON’T GIVE A CRAP. This game gives me endless fulfillment. And it makes my heart flutter in the breeze of serenity. A couple years ago, I struggled with type 1 schizophrenia. One day, I discovered Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. I was instantly cured. My doctor said it was a miracle, but I said it was Neko Atsume. What people just don’t realize is that Kitty Collecting is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle. If you have any doubts about this game, you shouldn’t because it is the most magnificent game to ever be. All the cats are just so majestic. Thank you creators for blessing this planet with such a joy. Hakuna Matata my loves.
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2 years ago, kimkaskal
Best game ever, buuuut…
Ok this is my favorite game ever!! I do have a couple of idea and suggestions like: WE NEED MORE CATS!! I’ve almost collected all of the cats and I can’t just have to quit because there are no cats left to collect please add more cats :), more rooms, it would be great if you could add events that would add more cats! Like In Christmas you could collect a Christmas cat including, Halloween, thanksgiving, maybe Valentine’s Day, Easter, st patrick’s day (you could add a green cat with a hat maybe!), and basically every single holiday! I feel like that would just be so much fun, I have a bunch of ideas that I can’t write out cause it would take to long!! I love this app/game and I think it’s so much fun! Developers, I really hope your reading this and I would love it if you could put my ideas into consideration!! I really hope you get this game/app it’s so fun and just a really great game. Thank you so much for reading this!! Bye!
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5 years ago, Felius Fidelio
I am now on my third phone and my fifth time through this game, which, you might have noticed, I love. I love this game! It’s hardly even a game, with an incredible lack of action or player activity - it’s loaded with moments when you want to do something and can do nothing - this high level of player restraint matched with the merchandise available to shop but the complete lack of coin to buy so mimicked real life as to be, after playing through at least twice, shockingly high in verisimilitude. Unlike other games such as brick-breaker or solitaire or FPS-type games, multiple plays have revealed the bones of the experience, which turns out to be a brilliant exposition on the meditative nature of existence. I look forward to the revelations in store in future play-throughs. The days (weeks?) long drama of building up the 180 gold to buy the room extension offers a level of semi-passive drama unmatched by little outside the slow progress of an accumulating 401k - and that’s just the first of many intensively plodding yet immensely satisfying treks through the long chords of accumulation, acquisition, and expression this game provides in abundance. Transcending mere enjoyment, the intensification of being is the benefit provided by this simple app. Enjoyment is certainly part of the game, but the transformative reflection of self is relentlessly, fondly wrought upon the players new-found sense of the cosmos.
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3 years ago, Slayer123491
Veteran Player (4+ years)
Hi! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game! I have been playing this game for what feels like forever and have even had a reset game save when I jumped from iPod to iPhone. I have maxed out my game almost twice now! I think this game is extremely fun for an idol game! I think that the game is very well thought out wether it’s the tokens or the interactions with different items! This game is cute and wholesome and I am happy with the enjoyment it has brought! I think it would be fun to have even more cats! Or even more things, to get like tokens, after you get more visits. I think it would be amazing to have a badge system! It could have achievements for having certain cats together (like tubs and Joe Demeowgio and maybe you could get something like the “Big League Badge”) just a thought! I love the game! Thank you for the years of enjoyment! Have a great day! Thank you :)
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7 years ago, Motherof3
Love this game my kids showed me
I truly love this game and think about my cats all day. A few requests/suggestions. I wish you could make your yard bigger. Having to choose between your large toys is hard. There should be another expansion you can buy that goes sideways to add another place for large toys. We play and play or or sometimes buy fish to get these things and then we can't use them. The yards need to be bigger period. I appreciate that this is nothing like an American pet game where you could probably buy the cats houses, but a little more yard please. If we could use fish as before to buy the second expansion and maybe make it crazy expensive. But give us a chance to use the dinosaur scratcher we spent 1000 fish on, and our cho cho train, and our crazy gyms. Do you see the problem? You can change the look of your yard but they are all the same size. Please give us more spots to put things.
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6 years ago, idonthaveanamesothisisit;-;
So this is a sort-of new update. Basically they added these wallpapers of cats that you unlock. You can buy them for 20 gold fish, and save them onto your device to use as a background/lock screen. I was SO excited and decided to save up to buy all the ones that I had unlocked! By the time I was done going through, buying them, and “saving” them to my device, I decided to put one as my background. I was looking through my recently saved photos... it wasn’t there. I started freaking out and skimming all of my photos... it wasn’t there. I tried to “save” it to my device again, but it didn’t work. As you can guess I was pretty upset because I just wasted all 136 gold fish on nothing -,- I’m not sure if this was a glitch or intentional, but either way I was wondering if you could fix it. Besides that, I love the style, music, and game overall! (Just food for thought but maybe you could also add more extensions. Upstairs to the house, downstairs, bigger yard, maybe even a pool I think would be cool, etc.)
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2 years ago, EarthShards
Pretty Fun!
I recently finished this game a few months ago. It took a year or two to do everything but I’ve got every cats mementos, all the wallpapers, and bought everything in the shop. Be aware (for new players if your thinking about getting this game) there isn’t a lot to do. But it is fun once and a while to check back in the game to see some cute cats hanging out in your backyard. So if your the type of person that doesn’t like to do 100 things in a game and you just want a relaxing one. This one might be for you, who knows try it out lol Also If your suffering on money and can’t buy food try going to the news button everyday and there will be a word that appears at the top. Then go to “other” then “connect” in the menu. There will be an input password and then it will pit the word on this list. And I think it gives you a little bit of fish to everyday. Anyway if you keep doing that everyday eventually the list will fill and it will give you a can of food. Then it’s just that cycle over again. Also if you get stuck there’s always a wiki to help you out. (Which you have to search up online it isn’t in the game) and be aware of spoilers there as well. I hope some new players have fun with this one! It’s been one of my favorite games for a long time even if there isn’t much to do.
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4 years ago, SubSwigSwogYT
Best game you should have on your phone, missing just one thing though.
Wow this game is actually amazing. I’ve already done 3 play through after switching devices/losing my data. It’s always a treat after some hard studying or some biking to come to this app and see how your cats have interacted with the toys you put out. Needless to say this game is probably one of the best phone games I’ve played (and trust me I used to play wayyyy to many mobile games before I got a pc). However I just want one thing that would make the game even better. I’d really like different times of days in the game. Now what do I mean? Well no matter what time u open the app the sky will remain white and the atmosphere lighting etc will stay the same. While this is fine, real time atmospheric changes would make the game so much more immersive and enjoyable, please consider adding this feature! Great job on the great game nonetheless!!!!! :D
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5 years ago, KRTKJT21199213
My favorite app
I’m reading some other reviews about wanting to keep the cats as pets and pet them and provide care etc and I think that would be cool as a different app. I love the simplicity of this app. Also I think a litter box to clean out would be gross and it would take away from the fantasy of this game and just collecting cats. The cats are all happy and smiling and enjoy the yard and I think it should stay that way. This game is meant to be a fantasy. Not real life. I do wish the yard could be expanded a little bit more and we could put out a third dish for food. But other than that I have no complaints and this is my favorite game. It’s so soothing and rewarding. I’ll rearrange my goodies and put out fresh food, do something in the real world and come back to see my precious kitties and it just fills me with so much joy. I love that the cats can leave us Momentos and it never gets boring. Thank you for this game
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3 years ago, Frozen Echos
Adorable App ♥️
I never really write reviews but I feel like I had to for this app. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and I’m addicted. It’s a perfect game for people who don’t have time to sit on their phones for hours and it’s so basic. I love the cat designs and the music is very cute. I really recommend this game for everyone because it’s quite hard to find anything wrong with it. My favorite cat that has visited my yard so far is Marshmallow. His (or her) coloring is so pretty. It’s nice just to be able to come back every now and then to check to see if you have any feline visitors instead of having to wait on the app. You can close the app and go on with your day and check back every 30 minutes to an hour+ If you are looking for an idle game that’s adorable and addictive, look no further because this app is perfect and flawless. ~A satisfied customer (^з^)
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4 years ago, Kuroo The Cat
I had so much fun playing this game. I love coming back to my yard to see that my yard that used to be empty, is now full of the cutest cats ever. There are so many cute goodies to buy from in the shop. The art style is also the most unique art styles that I’ve seen in popular cat games. I also like how you are able to not only expand your yard, but you could also change the style of the yard as well. I also like how the expenses in the game were fish and gold fish it ties in with the theme of cats. The generic money that you get is fish but sometimes you can get gold fish. I love that the gold fish is not almost impossible to get. It also won’t give you 1 gold fish. Today I logged in and got 8 gold fish in one of the cat’s gift. The only thing that I wish for this game is that you can keep expanding the yard more and more so you can discover more cats and place more goodies
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3 years ago, glassesalien
This game is addicting
Hi! I love this game so much. I’ve had it for 3 years now on 4 different devices and I have never gotten bored of it once. If you’re an impatient person, then this game is not for you, but I personally enjoy it. Basically, you buy goodies like food and toys in the shop. Then you place them out, wait a bit, and voila! Cats appear in your yard and interact with the toys and food. Each cat has a different personality and favorite toys. When they leave, you get fish to buy more stuff with! After a while they will even leave you mementos :) There are even rare cats, mostly based on real-life celebrities or fictional characters. Some examples are Hermeowne, Lady Meow-Meow, and Joe DiMeowgio. They’ll only come if you put out specific items, like Hermeowne only comes if you put out the night egg bed. If you like cute cats I 100% recommend downloading! Cutest game ever <3
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6 years ago, Kylie 🌸🦊 13
Amazing Game, But...
So I got this game a long time ago and obviously I love it. The kitties are so adorable! I love coming to the app in the morning and filling up the food bowls just to come back in 10 minutes to see that there is cute cats sitting there playing! But...... I just wish that you could but little collars or something or you could play with them and bathe them while you are waiting for other bundles of joy to arrive🐱. Also, I want to see bigger yard expansions because I have a lots of ‘goodies’ that I want to use but sadly I can’t use them all because there isn’t enough room!! 😐 One more thing, customizable kitties sounds fun. Just imagine if you have a cat at your own home, making a virtual one on you device! That would be cute!! Hopefully the developer(s) are coming with a BIG update. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been one in such a long time. Developer(s) if your reading this, please consider this!!! It would attract a LOT of more people!!!! 🙃🐱
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4 years ago, Cbeeler
Great little game!
I really enjoy this mini game, and I have a few ideas for improvements. First of all, we can all seem to agree (based on other reviews I read) that we need more expansions. There’s lots of goodies but not enough space to hold them! A bigger yard and a couple more rooms would satisfy most of us I’d think. Other than that the only thing I’d like is more holiday goodies so we can have out kitties celebrate too, and more aesthetic goodies to match our model. For example, we have an excellent cowboy hat for the western remodel, but it would be nice to have enough things to decorate all the space, like a boot and toy cactus, or say some candy toys for the sugar land. Minor issues, still a great game. Other things I’d like would be another, maybe bigger aquarium and some plants the cats could nibble or lay on, to make a garden theme. Only game that beats it is Minecraft, otherwise tied with all my other favorite games. Thanks for reading please consider my ideas! -OakLiz111
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5 years ago, SeriouslyEveryNicknameIsTaken!
Good, but could be better...
It’s an amazingly cute game, but not super addictive or anything. You see, when the cats are gone, you just buy decor, and wait. And wait. And wait. It could kill a patient person! And they only come when you’re gone. And I can’t be on 24/7! They only come when I’m gone, leaving a gift and a picture in CatBook as a record that they came at all. I’m in the fourth grade, not kindergarten! I have homework, classes, a life! And they do the same thing when they come. Play with the same ball that attracted them. I wish they’d eat and stuff, and you could pet them and all that. Other than that though, it’s SUPER CUTE and I love it, so don’t take anything bad I say personally. But, it would be very nice if you took my advice! Also, I like replies on my reviews, but only so I know they listened. Simply an update would be nice. Anyway, thanks for reading, and it really is a cute game. PS: I have to agree with most people on this part. I want minigames!!!
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