NerdWallet: Manage Your Money

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User Reviews for NerdWallet: Manage Your Money

4.84 out of 5
111.2K Ratings
5 years ago, IAME.O.Houston
The truth for me at least.
I was working hard as hell at a fast food restaurant for about 2 years when I met a guy who taught me about credit. He recommended this app, I quickly download it and started my journey on building my credit. I use to think “why have credit? why worry about credit?, why would I put myself at risk of owing money to a bank or personal lender, I have heard so many bad things.” But the guy I met explained to me vividly how to go about building and maintaining my credit to insure that “in the worst case scenario you’ll be taken care of, but only if you use credit for credit not to splurge. Don’t use it as a means to obtain cash you don’t have at hand. Use it as a means that ensures that as you progress in life, even if things turn sour you’ll be okay but only if you maintain you’re credibility. This app will help you, I’m certain.” This helped me out a lot, I watched my credit go from 552 to 688 in a matter of 8 months of being responsible and paying back what was owed and maintaining current or new credit accounts. I give NerdWallet a 1,000,000 star rating.
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3 years ago, judye63
Worst thing ever!
I tried to get into the website to see my information… no problem as soon as I tried to run the maze requires to cancel my account after 4 years, I came off the site to try again later. Then SUDDENLY the (phone saved) password suddenly does not work. GUESS WHAT, they have no service by phone… you can only contact them on the site that I can no longer get on!!! If this was a legitimate business they would not ask other members to help you out! What a crock!!! I still can’t get in, I will have to go to the bank and turn it over to fraud and have it stopped at that end! I do have an account with Self. And they are amazing, when I determined I was no longer in need of these services, they ANSWERED the phone immediately and put a check in my account by midnight that night of what I had saved with them and the posted closing of that account was midnight of the night we spoke. Nerd Wallet may have better advertising but a terrible way to run a business. Trying to save you all from this kind of aggravation . Try it out for a month or two then try to cancel THERE IS THE TRUE TEST! Then quickly go to your bank and ask them to close the account for you.. Get the SELF. App and move on.. to those of you from Nerd Wallet reading this please don’t state your usual answer.. we’re sorry you were not happy… well you have time to answer these posts but not your own web site… justify that!
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9 months ago, Disturbed Theatre
Doesn’t give up to date information.
This app started out good and quickly deteriorated. I put in all my cards and bank accounts. It gave fairly accurate information for about a month. Although one credit card continuously needed to be re linked. After a few months although the accounts showed an average of 10 hours since last update they were weeks and sometimes months behind. Then one day for no reason my bank account was not updating although it showed all the balances it’s balance was never changing for weeks. Trying to get help I emailed them. No response. Went online for help and suggested in linking and relinking the account which I did. It updated the balance but I lost all history. The transactions were all still there I could see them but the cash flow looked like I had a zero bank balance for 5 months. I emailed again and guess what? No response. They can’t do what they say. They spend a lot of money on advertising that should go into support. Get a phone support system unless of course what I suspect is true. You can’t fix the problems with the app. Apparently they are just trying to sell access to your credit reports. Thanks but I want an accurate financial tracking system and this ain’t it. Too bad I had high hopes.
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5 years ago, 5/5 - Read
Nerd Wallet
I normally calculate my finances on my IMac, however, I have multiple bank accounts so it’s nice to see how much money I have with all my accounts combined. I can get the balance for each account by logging in into each app, but to make it simpler it’s easier to use only one (nerdwallet). What I appreciate is I also have my few credit card accounts & an investment account so it saves me lots of extra time. It also shows you credit score (only one unfortunately) which normally there are 3 credit bureaus. If you pay everything w/ debit and credit card it’ll automatically post your transactions to the select fields: (grocery, travel, gas, payments, etc). It’s simple to use if you have multiple accounts. If you’re seeing this; take this golden nugget: never max out your credit card but purchase all items w/ credit cards. You’ll at least get some $ back that you were already going to spend. Save yourself at least some money. Best of luck, I haven’t read any other reviews but only going based off my own personal belief.
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5 years ago, Mackenzie9823
I LOVE NerdWallet!!
As someone who just graduated college and started earning income, paying bills, and building my credit, this app has made my life so much easier. I am able to stay on top of my finances and see everything in one place. The best part is I can connect all my different accounts (acorns, Robinhood, checking/savings, retirement, car loan, etc) and know exactly how much is in each account. This is the first time I’ve gotten a full picture of how much money I have and how much money I owe. I also love that I can see which categories my spending goes towards and recategorize purchases if I need to (something that a lot of other budgeting apps I’ve tried don’t let you do). This has helped me come up with a realistic budget and savings goals. The personalized advice has helped me raise my credit score by over 40 points in the last 4 months. This app is awesome- I can’t believe it’s free. Thanks so much for the amazing service you provide.
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2 years ago, pixelgamer3000
Disappointed :(
I had high hopes for this app. When I linked my credit card account to the app, it showed my due balance right away. However, after selecting to add another account and attempting to link my bank account to the app, things went wrong. First, when confirming that it was linking to the correct accounts, the amounts in both my checking and savings were correct, so I go to confirm. However after I confirmed, on the main “cash flow” screen, the only information still being tracked is that from my credit account. The last four numbers showing that are supposed to represent my checking and savings accounts do not match with the real numbers of those accounts through my bank. The balances are also still showing as $0, even though the app took ages to officially “link” to my accounts and I refreshed the page. I’ve tried to link the bank accounts three times now and the issue has not resolved itself. I obviously can’t get an accurate idea of my spending habits if the app is only tracking what my credit card is doing.
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3 years ago, cblicsw
We love you too!
Got the annoying “how are we doing” pop up, and I clicked “I love it” (because I do!) expecting to be solicited for a review, and instead got another pop up that said “we love you too!” It’s the little things, for real. And it’s why I’m here taking the time to write a review! As far as the app, I really do love it! I’ve been using NerdWallet resources and recommendations for years, so when I went looking for a budget app, it was a no brainer to choose theirs. It’s very comprehensive, much more than others I looked it - you can see your credit score, bank balance (if you link your account), a break down of your spending, etc. You can enter bills and choose whether they are weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. And they provide personalized recommendations based on all of that. Another win for NerdWallet! Love you guys :)
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4 years ago, Cocoa Cari
Nice app but could use some improvement.
I just downloaded this app yesterday and at face value I was in love. Seemed user-friendly and incorporated many of the things that I need to manage my finances at a time when I’m preparing to buy a home. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced three major problems since downloading the app. 1 - I have two Capital One accounts that I would like to link. However, the app only lets me register one. Once one of the accounts’ info is input and I try to “add another account” it deletes the info of the previously registered one and replaces it with the second account. 2 - I’m receiving an incorrect balance from my bank account. NerdWallet shows one thing while my bank apps shows a completely different number (which is accurate). I tried refreshing the account to see if it’ll update the balance to the correct amount but nothing happens when I do. A day later, it’s still reflecting an incorrect amount. Hopefully this corrects itself soon. 3 - First Premier Bank will not link for unknown reasons. I have gone through the verification process multiple times and yet I’m still not able to link this account. So frustrating! I want these problems to be fixed so bad so that I can experience the benefits of this app. I was so happy to find what I thought was the ideal financial management app that I’ve been looking for for a while now. Albeit, I’m confident that it still can be once these minor issues are fixed.
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4 years ago, Show Me The Beaches
Excellent app and very helpful articles!
If it wasn’t for NerdWallet, my credit score could’ve sustained an irreparable hit. Unfortunately I forgot to pay a $39 balance on a credit card, and NerdWallet alerted me my credit score dropped by over 80 points. Fortunately, advice from one of their articles helped fix my credit score. They recommended that I contact the bank and see if they could revoke the hit to my credit score (since this was the only time this had ever happened to me). And it worked! A month later I got a notification that my credit score is nearly back to where it was before this ordeal. Thank you, NerdWallet!! Also, the app is fantastic! It’s helped me monitor my finances and helps me make better financial choices. Their reviews of credit cards are quite helpful, currently looking into signing up for one now.
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3 years ago, Reptileskin124
Not quite there
As a finance assistant app, NerdWallet is not quite there. I have financial accounts across many different institutions so an app like this has a lot of appeal to me. However, too many banks are not supported or there are bugs that prevent them from linking. I love the interface, I feel like it presents valuable information with relatively little configuration in a clean manner. However, the data it provides is just not useful with so many of my accounts not included in the picture. Update: After receiving a developer response, reducing rating to 1 star from 2. I submitted an e-mail as suggested and received no indication that my unlinkable accounts are even in a list for consideration. A waste of time. I have been receiving a flurry of failed sign in attempts for weeks, which I assume is the result of 3rd party testers trying to access my account, and would mask any serious malicious access attempts. This application might be fine for those with few accounts and simple finances, but is nothing more than a liability for my situation.
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2 years ago, BlackManKAS
Good, but some improvements needed
I like the account tracking features of this app, but I’d like to see a few improvements: 1. You should be able to make an account as being closed, with a date of closure such that the balance of that account doesn’t affect your “Net Worth” calculation anymore after that date. I have some accounts that have been closed, but NerdWallet shows them with balances still and that’s throwing off my numbers. 2. On the cash flow screen, you should be able to filter by account and date range. 3. I’d like the ability to more easily manually refresh individual accounts. This can be done after a period of time if an account is out of sync, but that doesn’t quite work well. 4. You’ve provided on option to link an account with a different system, but that’s only when Plaid doesn’t work. Whether or not the appropriate prompt shows up at all is a bit inconsistent. I’d like to see a screen/option that allows you to choose which system you want to (re-)link an account with proactively as certain accounts I have, I know don’t work with Plaid on your site. 5. It would be nice to be able to create budgets in the app. There’s a lot to like about NerdWallet, but I think these improvements could help make it that much more usable for someone like me.
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7 months ago, jeangrey-thebattlers
It’s got potential, but not for me
I’m looking for a new budgeting/financial planner app, now that Mint’s demise is in the horizon. Really wanted this one to work but not quite there yet. It only links accounts via Plaid, and apparently my investment bank (Fidelity) is not supported!! If this wasn’t enough of a reason for me to skip the app, I found the budget categories to be missing a lot of key categories, and there is no option to add new categories. The dashboard displays cash flow from week by week, which makes no sense considering monthly bills (going to the cash flow page was more like I’d expect, showing monthly cumulative expenses, month over month for trending, so then what’s the dashboard for?). No option to customize the dashboard either. Sorry NW, I really wanted to make this work, but the app is pretty rough, and if I have to choose between NW and a paid app that offers what I need, maybe I need to accept that it may cost money to get the features I used to get from Mint for free.
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3 years ago, unguardia
Accurate and insightful, but could use more firepower
I’ve been using NerdWallet for the past year and it’s quickly been my go-to source of truth when it comes to my net worth. Even then, I found a few things that might make this app even more powerful. Needs: A graph/trendline that can help estimate how my worth will grow based on previous X months of data on my savings and spending (For example, if I am saving up to buy a house, this will help me predict around when i’ll enough of money saved.) Custom balances that I can define and is not directly related to a bank. Part of my net worth comes from the value of the assets I own. (Examples: cars, watches, sneaker collection, etc.) Nice to haves: Shorter time intervals when updating balances (12 hours instead of 24) Accounting for more money saved than spent on the cash flow graph. (When I receive a lot of refunds for a particular month, my spending goes negative, but it displays as a horizontal line on the graph.) Custom account categories that I can define. Instead of the default Cash, Investments, Credit Cards that Nerdwallet automatically assigns, I would like to group them myself. (This is helpful when I want to define a fixed vs liquid asset.) Errors: It happens rarely, but on some occasions i’ve been unable to update a category for a specific transaction. (Error says: Something went wrong)
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5 years ago, Spadekicker
Better Than Mint!
I’ve only been using this app for a week but I can already tell I will be dropping Mint. First off, this is the only other app that connects to all accounts besides Mint. Even if you don’t want to give access you can enter manually. Very intuitive interface with details a touch away. Even though it has limited categories for spending they help me see what I need to see. Mint had more categories (often labeled wrong) but it didn’t help me anymore than this app. The suggestions/advertisements are not in your face like Mint. Cash back is awesome! Nerd Wallet has some great articles which have already given me some great insight! Looking forward to see improvements in the bills area of the app. It’s only been a week so this is subject to change. Go to financial app until proven otherwise! Thanks Nerd Wallet!!
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10 months ago, Cleocatra_123
misleading age-limit
I’m 17 and I’ve been able to use my account on the Nerdwallet website for a couple months with no problems. I don’t have a credit score yet since I’m a minor but the website only told me I wouldn’t be able to use all their functions with no linked credit score. This is fine, but the app tells a different story. I tried to log onto my account on the app and I was prompted to enter my birthdate so they could find my credit score. After inputting it, I was told I need to be 18+ to link my credit score. I can’t do anything on the app because I’m locked to this screen. It’s really annoying because I’m going to college and getting a federal work-study in less than a month and I want to be able to access Nerdwallet on my phone as well as my computer. What’s the point of listing the age limit as 4+ on the app store when that isn’t the case at all? Until this problem is fixed I’m leaving this review so other people like me don’t waste their time. Just stick to the desktop version.
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1 year ago, OliveAce
Teaching me what my parents didn’t
I’m going to sound like a bit of a salesman when I say this, but this app has been such a relief. I was never really taught anything about finances, what I was taught was usually paranoia based lies. I’m 22 and always froze up at the thought of finances. Being a disabled student not knowing how to apply for a credit card is a bit terrifying. But I love that this app is completely judgement free and helps you figure everything out. I saw the ads for it teaching you about finances, and how to find the best choices for you. But, I had no idea you could also link your bank accounts to see your cash flow! I really love this app, highly recommend for people like me that are a bit afraid to admit they don’t know much about finances.
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11 months ago, Larthnor
Nice interface, limited functionality
I was mainly excited to try this budgeting app because I read in reviews that it could find your bills based on past payments and provide insight into what hadn’t been paid yet each month. I was disappointed to find while this functionality exists, it is limited in two ways. First, I can only select past transactions that it suggests, and there’s no way for me to tell it some other transaction is a bill. Entering it manually is a huge pain because often the transaction name is long or convoluted and I have to jump back and forth to find the dates. Second, it can only recognize a specific transaction name, so for my phone bill which has one number different in the name every single month, it can’t recognize this as the same bill. I hope that this functionality will be updated in the future to work!
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5 years ago, awdexter60611
Awsome App!!!
Was skeptical at first but took a look into it and became addicted to the app very knowledgeable very helpful has gave me a lot of insight and a lot of knowledge from multiple situations you’ll come across in life I found the app extremely useful and extremely helpful and I think the developers have more than earned their five stars if it was out of 10 I would’ve gave them 10 me personally are very appreciative of the developers and looking out for The middle class and younger generation and also people that have experience hard times and are looking and trying to rebuild... I have suggested this app to multiple friends and family and they have enjoyed it and appreciated it just as much as I have!!!!
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5 years ago, rachellense
Finally I can start to be smart with my money!!!
I only just started using this app, and I’m already in love!!! It is so easy to navigate, the layout of the app is aesthetically pleasing to me, and it is super helpful. I love that nerd wallet does cashback that is super rewarding. I was suing mint but I find this nicer even though they don’t have as many spending categories they are usually labeled correctly unlike mint. I also enjoy the layout way better than mint, less ads in your face, more clean and simple design. I only have one suggestion that would put this app over the top and I hope it’s something that gets implemented in the near future. A budgeting goals section would be great! I would love to budget my spending throughout the month and see how above or below I go over budget in certain categories, which mint does. Overall awesome app
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4 years ago, kymbie
Would like to make more personal to my spending
I like this app a lot so far but three things would really make this app 5 stars to me: 1) Create my own categories (and sub-categories). There are a few basic categories but there are more that are personal to me that I’d love to add, and sub-categories would be helpful too. This way I can get a more precise idea of what I am spending and where. For example with sub-categories, gas and toll charges go under “Transportation,” but it’d be awesome to be able to see automatically how much I’m spending in each separately. 2) Some way to edit & rename the automatic charges that come in. This isn’t huge, but it bothers me that some charges will start with capital letters and some don’t, it kind of ruins the neat aesthetic for me. Also, some charges have names that are confusing to me at first. It’d be cool to automatically apply a charge to be renamed every time like with categories can be with recurring charges. 3) Manually add transactions. I still have to pay some things in cash so this would be really helpful. Thanks if you’re able to read this! :) My favorite features so far are being able to exclude a charge from calculations and applying a category to recurring charges!
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4 years ago, Longmire85
Not Great Paycheck to Paycheck
Not a great budgeting app if you are trying to stay afloat from paycheck to paycheck. Like most all the other comparable apps out there, it’s bloated with overly complicated gadgets and tech that overwhelm the average user. What the average middle class person needs is a SIMPLE app that let’s them easily see what comes IN and when, what goes OUT and when, by month AND most importantly by each week. All this app does is show you a birds eye view of your monthly in and out, and it does so poorly. Connecting your accounts screws things up even worse as the information is too difficult to organize/categorize, and half of it’s missing anyway so it does no good to begin with. If you are trying to figure out which week is best for a grocery run or a vet visit, you’ll see that this isn’t the app for you. If you are a handsomely paid tech geek with a overpriced apartment full of expensive mid century modern furniture that wants to monitor credit score and investments then maybe it will work you. You’re seriously better off tracking your expenses with a pad and pencil. I’ve come to believe that the problem with most all of these platforms is that the people who design them aren’t living on the edge of their seat when it comes to finances. They all think they created something super intuitive when in reality it doesn’t work for the average working joe.
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2 years ago, Michelle Apple 7
Not as expected
I’m trying to rebuild my credit and get a hold of my finances, and I keep seeing the commercials for this app so I thought I would give it a try. My biggest problem is nothing is up-to-date. My bank account is never accurate, my credit cards do not show updated information at all, there are some accounts I cannot lake, there are accounts where I have two separate accounts with one company and it only lets me link one. Overall, really disappointed considering the hype. I like the features that could be available if everything worked correctly, I like be able to see everything all in one place. But if it’s not accurate information, what’s the point? I will check back and hopefully some of these things have been fixed. But in the meantime I’ll be searching for a different app to help me out.
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4 years ago, Foolish app
Latest release
Update 10/15: Thanks for the response! The latest version is far more stable. Transfers work again! The Redfin property link still doesn’t seem to work “Redfin can’t find your home in their system.” Which is odd since I receive regular email updates of estimated value on my property from Redfin. 🤷‍♂️ I like the improvements and you’re an improvement over Mint (Intuit seems to have given up on it). Keep up the good work. Not sure what happened but like many others who have commented it constantly loops around trying to refresh accounts, cannot reach server, etc. Transfers feature no longer works at all. I’m glad you finally got real estate into the net worth calculation - that was the only plus but you broke basic features in the process.
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4 months ago, an guly rat 🐀
Simply didn't work. I have a modern phone and it is up-to-date on software. I signed up and poked around a bit, and discovered that I cannot set up the cash flow page. I hit the "get started" button and went through the process, and it sent me back to the "get started" page, over and over again. I tried restarting my phone but that did not work. Then I deleted and re-downloaded the app, and could not log back in again. I know I used the right email and password because I took a screenshot when I signed up, but regardless, I kept receiving the error message "invalid credentials". Deleted; I have wasted enough of my time. I can't say if the program is any good because I didn't get a chance to properly try it. If you download it, best of luck to you. From the advertising, it looks like a very useful tool with a nice interface.
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4 years ago, Gameplay Rd
Updates Not Accurate
I really like NerdWallet, because I compare it to another credit monitor app. I have noticed that here in NerdWallet isn’t up to date on my credit score, credit limits, my utilization, as the other apps are. My credit score has gone up, my credit limits have gone up and my credit utilization is half what it shows on here. Instead of updating every week, it should be updated everyday, as other apps. If I didn’t have other apps I would have never known that my credit score went up and utilization went down by half as what is in this app. With this said, it’s still a good app to have.
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1 year ago, Phil.Lacio
Almost useful
I don't know if the problem is with this app or with their partner Plaid. First, what a hassle to link accounts. It bumps you over to Plaid, then bumps you out to your credit card company. It’s so time consuming and very slow. Then at the very end of all that, for two of my accounts, it gave an error - integration isn’t supported yet “but we’re working on it”. Please. My biggest problem is how many of my accounts they do not support. About half of my credit cards I can not link. You’d think this was a new start up app or something. If I can’t link all of my accounts, then it renders the whole point of this app useless. I’m very disappointed, because it looks like it could be a helpful tool. But “could” doesn’t cut it.
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3 years ago, Newcitydad
NerdWallet is a terrible app
Had high hopes for this app when I downloaded to my iPhone but was totally disappointed when I could not link my Citibank account. I was able to link all of my other accounts from the major banks except Citibank. Contacted support and they tried to help but they indicated that there was a technical issue. Would have given zero stars for this app but I gave one star because customer support at least tried to help. I recommend Mint because there was no issue linking my Citibank account with that app. NerdWallet is a terrible app and would avoid. REVIEW FOLLOW-UP: Received a message today from the developer regarding my issue. The message essentially contained the same response I had already received by email. Basically the problem was someone else’s fault and they are working on a solution but there is no eta. Very weak corporate response. I recommend Mint.
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1 year ago, coconutwater11
No customization :(
I wanted to love this app, at first I thought it would be the perfect alternative to Mint, the integrations work much more smoothly so far. However, there’s a major problem with it that made it basically useless for me - you can’t create customized categories. This makes it very difficult to actually track where money is being spent when, for example, buying clothes for fun and buying cleaning products because you need them are part of the same broad “Shopping” category Some examples of purchases that were hard to categorize: - Moving expenses - there’s no category for home related expenses - Bare bones furniture for new apartment - I would put this as a need vs a want but it just gets lumped in with generic shopping - Laundry - it’s just “uncategorized” which is annoying and there’s no good place to put it - Taxes - again, nowhere to put these If the team could implement the following features the app would be way more useful: - create custom categories / subcategories - manually assign categories to need vs want Then I would love to use this app every day! But for now, sticking with Mint and using this as a secondary app.
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3 years ago, hdhehdbejs
Great site
I love the actual website better but the app is still great! The ability to navigate articles is a little tricky but still easy to read and factual. Still linking all of my accounts to it, but the ability to freely learn new financial information at your finger tips is amazing, I never had a financial class in my life but after reading articles on here I can safely say I can effectively manage my finance with no issues. And if I do I can always look it up on here. Keep up the good work and maybe consider a tab with stuff you should have learned in a personal finance tab with how to balance a checkbook and how to set up a budget.
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4 years ago, IPLaw1172
Better than Mint at syncing
I’ve been impressed with the NerdWallet (NW) interface, but the standout is the partnership with Plaid to allow syncing of accounts from institutions that do not allow Intuit web syncing (this is what Mint relies on). Not having 1 or 2 accounts in Mint was manageable until I saw what NW could show, at one glance, without having to memorize balances or open up web windows with the missing accounts. The other features are pretty much analogs to what other apps provide, but NW pushes them all into a single app, with a decent interface. All in all I think NW will be my one mobile app for tracking debt & income, savings & investments at a glance, while I’ll keep using Quicken and Intuit for individual transactions on my computer.
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11 months ago, mrm4v3rick
Solid financial tool
The NerdWallet app is a fantastic tool for managing personal finances. Its sleek, user-friendly interface makes tracking expenses, investments, and credit scores a breeze. I appreciate its comprehensive financial insights that make complex terms and concepts easy to understand. The budgeting tool is especially helpful, allowing for personalized financial planning. Notifications for credit score changes and personalized money-saving tips are handy features that have saved me both time and money. Overall, this is an invaluable app for anyone seeking control and understanding of their financial health. Five stars without a doubt!
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9 months ago, Concerneduser8765
Loved it for years but…
App has been amazing for me over the years! Helped me dig out of a tough situation. One thing I don’t like about the current update though! Upcoming bills section was always able to be controlled manually, (whether or not a bill was paid or not paid), but recently it has been changed to not allow me to mark a bill paid earlier than the due date. And if It come to due date the app automatically marks it as paid, so I I go in on due date to figure out what bills need payments, at first glance it looks like I’m paid up to date. Almost missed a couple bills this month due to this change in the feature!!
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4 years ago, Son of a Martinus
Was a Great App Until
Been using the app for a year. Very easy to segregate and categorize your expenses as you go. NerdWallet asks to delink all of my accounts, once complete, 100% of all of the segregation and categorization, that I reclassified over a year, thousands of transactions reclassified by me, differently than their base categorization, are all back in the generic classifications. Pretty deflating feeling, and basically useless categorical information, which is what I appreciated about the app to this point. If I wanted to know how much in total I spent each month I can look at my bank accounts.
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6 years ago, LaurenNicoleD1984
Could be better
Overall this is a great app with a lot of tips and good finance and credit education articles. You can link accounts including your employer sponsored 401k which I love. The reason I gave 3 stars is because it doesn’t separate transactions when both checking and savings accounts are linked. I use 1 bank for checking and a different bank for savings. It shows I’ve saved $0 each month because it doesn’t look at my bank transfer deposit as a savings deposit. These types of flaws should be an easy fix and hope it updates in the future. Update: when transfers are made from checking to savings it is showing up as money saved in my goal.
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4 years ago, AnonymousYetDissapointed
I got the app so that I could track my account balances in real time and know where my money was being allocated to. However, each time I would log into NerdWallet, the account balance was always wrong and never accurately reflected my account balance. I would understand if the transactions took a day or so to update, however NerdWallet was unable to detect transactions that were processed even 5 days prior. This then defeats the purpose of why I downloaded the app since I was never able to track funds accurately since it was always super behind (even after syncing my bank manually several times a day). I do not recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a reliable app to track funds. It appears that their soul purpose is to aggressively offer you credit cards which I have been notified about several times since using the app.
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7 years ago, RN45ure
Two more security steps please
NerdWallet website & app are fantastic. Please help make it more secure. 1) There is a pre-select to "remember my password". The box is already checked. 2) Only one security question. 3) No log off icon. I closed out of the app (and didn't have my password saved). I tapped on the app again expecting to need to log in and my NerdWallet account opened right up. I love the idea of this app and would love to fully use it by adding my financial accounts. I'm hesitant to do that if someone could tap on the app on my phone & get right in to my financial information. I understand that there may be great encryption for financial transactions. I'm more worried about the login leniency.
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3 years ago, Dangerous Kaos
Ok, but…
It’s a 2 for me. They have great amenities and nice items to help with financial items. However, when adding your accounts it could go either way. I’ve been struggling to add certain accounts as well as get help adding those accounts. I’d say use it for financial reasons to plan, but don’t bother use it for personal reasons. Don’t add your account info to it if you’re trying to get a snapshot at your gross income, investments, and credit cards etc. Look for another app, preferably one that has better support that won’t delete your message when you try to contact them for the 3rd time about the same issue. Whether they respond to this review or not, I assure you the issue I have will not be resolved and yours won’t be either. Find another app.
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2 months ago, chungle down thr bim
was great, bugs in new version
this app was great until about a week ago. new update did something to filter options but now it's harder to see my transaction history. it shows transactions from accounts i've hidden, it doesn't show any transactions unless I turn on certain filters, and it won't show transactions more than a week old. very frustrating. Also this design was already bad -- the number 1 thing I do when I open the app is view my transaction history to make sure everything was sorted correctly. and I have to wade through various screens of financial junk to get to my own data. stop giving me random tips, I just need to see what I spent.
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1 year ago, dre__24
Great app, but has potential to be even better
The app doesn’t correctly categorize each transaction. The “Apply to all from this place” feature doesn’t perform its function when changing the category of a specific transaction. It is tedious going through each transaction and changing the category to get an accurate visual of overall monthly spendings. Aside from those issues, the service provides an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for users to track their cashflow. One improvement would be to allow users to visibly see their total spendings for particular years, and offer suggestions on how to budget based on user’s spending habits.
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4 years ago, juliekeith62
Income issues
First off I would like to say that the Idea is good. The income is all wrong. Transfers from 1 account to another should not be counted as income but are counted. This makes then come seem much more then what it is. The only thing that should be counted is income from deposits made from direct deposits and paychecks. I also tried to link my Robinhood account and it wouldn’t link. I even changed the pass word. It won’t link to my 401k either because the bank I go thru is not listed. It also won’t link to my mortgage because the mortgage I have is between myself and Market Street Church of Christ. It needs to be interred manually. If that’s not there then my net worth is not correct. Please let me know if theses changes can be made. Thank you.
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5 years ago, LalDawg
Great start and can’t wait to see it progress
The app is really useful for monitoring credit and seeing all (or almost all) your accounts in one place. It’s a little bit hard to tel l’égard actually getting spent each month though. For example moving money from one account to another or paying off credit cards can sort of look like cash outflow when it isn’t. Another great feature would be a look back over months. If it exists in the app, it’s hard to find. I’d love to see my total outflows for a couple months ago, not just the last month. I’ve used Nerdwallet for a while and I don’t plan on stopping; new features keep me around so don’t stop! :)
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3 months ago, mac5u
Sheer Laziness by the Developer
I do like the app. It is easier to navigate and does provide useful information. It uses Plaid to connect to one’s financial institutions. I find it far more reliable than its chief competitor, Yodlee. Empower, which I also use, has Yodlee. I encounter more connection issues with Empower. It’s Achilles Heel are the paucity of Categories. I’ve not seen a budgeting app so lacking in Categories. When I try to categorize transactions, far too many have no home except “Other” rendering the app almost useless for serious consideration as a budgeting app. Especially in the wake of Mint closing, NerdWallet could step in as a worthy replacement but currently falls short. Way short. How hard can it be to add more categories? Fix this, NerdWallet, and you get five stars.
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7 months ago, JaneDoe789
Wish it can do more like Mint!
Like many people, I’m trying out new budgeting app since the beloved Mint app is going away. Nerdwallet app seems more promising to those who wish not to pay to budget (which seems very counterintuitive to me.) I like the simplicity of it, but I wish they added a little more features like splitting categories. For example, we buy lots of things from Costco: food, pet food, household items like toilet papers and paper towels, and toys etc. Since I can’t split a receipt into a multiple categories, I have to choose one category like “food” which bloats up the budget within that category… Please add a little bit more Mint like feature and you’ll be great!!!
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5 months ago, shingofan
Amex Not Updating
Switched to NerdWallet after Mint merged with Credit Karma and lost all its features. I just really need an app shows my overall net worth with certain accounts I choose. I like the snapshot of my finances that the Net Worth section shows, and I really like the Cash Flow tab, something that I never knew I needed but now check on constantly. My only issue is that NerdWallet has problems connecting and staying connected to American Express credit cards. It constantly asks me to relink the account but it never updates when I do. As I write this it hasn’t updated the transactions or balance for 2 weeks now, even though I relink the account almost daily. Please fix, NerdWallet.
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3 years ago, mushseetrix
Love it but I wish….
This is a great app to show me where I’m overspending, what my net worth is, and my credit score. However, I wish there were more categories to choose from for how I spend my money. For example… I’d rather put my car loan as a loan rather than say transportation. What about investment (money going out weekly into Roth IRA), beauty (cause a girl has got to get her nails and hair done and buy supplies), credit card (it’s a monthly payment that I’d like to track rather than in other). There’s a handful more I can think of too. If NerdWallet can’t think of these categories to add then give the user an option to create and add them.
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6 years ago, Joe123951
Hard to link accounts, and double counts expenses
This is a nice app, and give good advice on how to reach financial goals, but I found 2 flaws with it: 1. It is far too difficult to like your accounts. After trying over and over to add my accounts, and receiving a messages claiming “We’re experiencing difficulties try again later” at least 15-20 times, I finally got MOST of my accounts on there. 2. If you link your credit card and checking account to the app, if will do a good job of tracking expenses on both, but it also shows the transactions in which you are using your checking account to make a payment to your credit card. This leads to an inflation of your expenses, and I have yet to find a solution.
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4 years ago, cellophilip
Going Downhill
This app used to be great but has several MAJOR issues as of late. They reported via email and a notification that all my credit accounts were closed which was first of all false and second very scary to see happen. On the same matter there was no follow up email or notification sent out to correct this and I had to contact customer service in order to ensure this was actually an error. The second major issue is that the app has not been able to connect to Robinhood for weeks if not months. Customer service also told me this would be fixed soon and it has not so I am very disappointed. Furthermore when manually refreshing account balances etc it frequently requires you to login again which is annoying. Lastly, the app has become very spammy with way too many ads
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4 years ago, AshleyW89
Exactly what I needed
As a young adult who didn’t have parents that passed on any kind of sound financial advice, I learned from every mistake I made when I moved away from home. How, post-graduate school I needed to make many changes and NerdWallet has been exactly the saving grace I needed. Unlike its competitors, which I’ve also tried, the blog posts and helpful tips have helped me make more informed decisions. Plus, the app is the most user friendly and organic. I can easily navigate it and find all my information without being bombarded with credit card ads. Great for novices and experts in money management.
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7 months ago, iloveyouihateyouline
Does not support 2/7 financial institutions I use
I love mint, and sadly I have to move all my data before mint is discontinued. Since this app provides the most simile services, (tried rocket money and it used the same platform to link all financial associations) and it beats rocket money by not charging premium to show the full amount of assets and having interfaces like mint. However, it’s using plaid to get the authorization for the banks/financial associations. And it does not have fidelity investment, having error to link the Citi and Optum. 3 out of my 7 banks can’t be linked. I hope this app can keep negotiating with plaid to add more banks or keep annoying plaid to improve their service and lists.
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4 years ago, Podes21
Would not directly compare to Mint!
After a few weeks of using the NerdWallet app, I find myself really impressed with everything. I love how it can connect to all my accounts (which Mint can’t do yet), give me updated credit scores every week, and tell me my overall summary of my money! What I wish NerdWallet had which Mint does is have a “Goals” tracker as well as a more accurate budget tracker. The Mint budget overview is in my opinion much better, as you can set more descriptive categories for all transactions. Overall, as a general money overview app NerdWallet is perfect. However, I don’t think it’ll be replacing Mint for me until it can add some more features.
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