NetXInvestor™ Mobile

1.9 (198)
20.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pershing, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NetXInvestor™ Mobile

1.9 out of 5
198 Ratings
5 years ago, Teem y tm
Needs A LOT of improvement!
I wouldn't be using the app at all, if not for the mobile deposit feature. Wish I could just electronically transfer funds instead of writing myself a check, then mobile deposit it. Who writes checks anymore?It's cumbersome and inconvenient for those that periodically want to add/move funds around. And when you DO use the mobile deposit, you cannot see the deposit right away. No email to confirm the transaction, no where in the account does it show a pending deposit, no confirmation at all. Leaves you feeling like you just sent money into a CYBERSPACE BLACK HOLE and hope it gets there. Not user friendly. Not streamlined. Please have electronic transfer/direct deposit and add confirmations for mobile deposits!!! When someone wants to give you money, make it as easy as possible. As for the rest of the app, admittedly, I have no idea if it works as it should. I'm turned off by the lack of basic features that I don't even bother.
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2 years ago, Still Another Bob
Touch ID doesn’t work. Again.
As an app, NETXInvestor works OK. Nothing stellar, but it does the basics that I need it do which is: (1) Tell me how much money I have, (2) Allow me to mobile deposit a check, and (3) Tell me that the check actually got deposited. It would be nice if it would allow at least one-time ACH deposits, but maybe that’s too much of a security concern or maybe there’s a law that says they can’t do that. My biggest gripe is that I can’t seem to get Touch ID working. Before today (Jan 23, 2022), I could only set up Touch ID on a clean install of the app. If I changed my password via my Internet login, then I had to delete the NETXInvestor mobile app on my iPad and reinstall it in order for Touch ID to work again. It looks like there was an update to the mobile app either today or yesterday because the login dialog is different than it was two days ago and there is no longer any provision to use Touch ID to log on even though Touch ID can be set to “On” on the Settings page. Deleting the mobile app and reinstalling it doesn’t even help any more even though it does go through the motions of setting up Touch ID. (I’ve tried toggling the Touch ID switch on the Settings page and reinstalling the app twice with no luck.) If it weren’t for mobile deposit, I probably wouldn’t bother with this app.
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4 years ago, LRabinowitz
Terribly slow to load.
It takes up to 20+ seconds to load after you tap on the icon. This is the app used by some banks that represent very large portfolios. The load time needs to be fixed and they should compare their utilities to E*TRADE and Schwab to see the deficiencies.
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2 months ago, Kmonahan425
Modern Theme requires scrolling
Bring back the ‘old’ theme. The new ‘Modern’ theme is not as easy to use as the old one. (The screenshots are from the old theme). You now need to scroll or use landscape view to see what was visible in portrait view in the old theme. Holdings screen doesn’t show quantity owned in summary view so you need to open each line and scroll down. Holdings also has a bug where sometimes the Total gives option to broken down by ‘Investment, Equities, and Cash’ and other times it is ‘US Equity or International’ with ETF’s and equities listed together. I use the app to Buy new securities and Transfer Funds from my bank into my account. This is more convenient than using a laptop but it is hard to use the app to view my overall status, Holdings, Order Status, and Gain/Loss info now.
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5 years ago, NateKastner
Ignore PS1100’s review...
His ineptitude is not a sign that the app is no good, it just means he’s inept. You CAN see individual holdings, you just have to tap on “mutual fund” or “stock” heading to get details. Also, dividends are always shown on the business day following the payable date. The stock company pays the dividend to Pershing on day X and Pershing credits it to your money market that same evening. It’s available the next morning. It’s no different than most banks. You can’t deposit money and withdraw it on the same day. That is industry standard. Also, stock and ETF orders are entered and processed immediately. Orders execute typically seconds after being submitted. Mutual funds, however, always trade at the end of the day. Again, this is industry regulation and has nothing to do with Pershing.
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6 years ago, PS1100
Horrible app!!!
This app seems like a not so glorified version of the website. You can’t even see a full list of your positions in your account- you can only see categories (equity, mutual fund, cash). Seems par for the course with Pershing. Late dividend payment processing (seriously who doesn’t process on the payable date?), double execution of orders, order numbers that change from the time you enter the order to the time you view the order status, can’t get Apple Watch app to show accounts peoperly (or at all). If you are considering an advisor that clears through Pershing, do yourself a favor and RUN. Absolutely horrible client experience. If you are an advisor considering where to clear your business through please look ANYWHERE else. Your clients will appreciate it.
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2 months ago, teeth1432
This app is absolutely horrible. The only reason I use it is because my financial advisor uses this company for investments. The interface is terrible although it is literally brand new. This company could log onto any other bank’s app and take an example of what it should look like. On the front page, for example, is a very small box and you can only see the four most important numbers by scrolling through them like an old picture-reel websites from 10 years ago. Then, there is a huge and somewhat meaningless graph of the last six months of performance. Want to see a longer period of time? Can’t do that. I wish they would rewrite this entire app to be more useful.
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2 years ago, WinterSnow
This is a poorly designed app with an awkward UI that doesn’t allow the user to zoom so unless I dig out my reading glasses, which I can manage without much of the time, the numbers look like tiny tiny specs on the page. The UI is not great kn most ways. It is much better to login through a browser than it is to use this app. This app also has very limited dividend information and no breakdown on when and how much each dividend is expected to pay in the next year. That information, while not 100% accurate, is available when signing in through a browser. Netx is not a good app.
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4 years ago, person-j
Current version does not load consistently on iPad Pro and current iOS release
I have used this app for years. Not great but it works for portfolio monitoring, reporting and trading. Until the current release that loads inconsistently. Sometimes in seconds, usually in minutes and sometimes not at all. I have a 3 year old iPad Pro. I finally figured out it was a weak Wi-Fi connection. It seems to affect this App more than others. For example, Schwab worked fine when this App did not.
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2 years ago, wellforgetit
Purpose of this
I find nothing called “holdings” nor see any of those windows shown in the App Store. There is no information about today’s activity or what the investment is presently worth, nor any menu for actions aside from things like changing the account password. Just a bunch of documents. When I press the item in the left upper hand corner (I guess it’s communication language preferences-English or Spanish) I have a heck of a time making that item go away. So this program is frustrating and useless. What’s the purpose of this thing?
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1 year ago, ralokz
Poorly designed
App is clunky to use, feels like the website but stripped down. Sometimes gets stuck on loading screen forever (seems to be a network issue, but the app gives no indication that it’s having trouble connecting let alone troubleshooting options). Having to enter the financial organization number on each log in is frustrating and breaks the workflow of using a password manager (auto fill doesn’t matter if I need to look up the number every time)
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3 years ago, Bored990
Easy to use
This app is very easy to use. I can easily access information when I receive notifications in my email. Navigation in the app is user friendly and I was able to set up E-delivery and link my accounts together quickly.
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2 months ago, TLT00
Update to display is awful
The display has been super dummed down, has a bunch of moving text and it’s super hard to get meaningful data. ROI information is missing and it is pretty unpleasant to look at or work with - if “classic” display is possible to return to as an option that would be great because this new version is highly unpleasant and not helpful for information and meaningful data.
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3 years ago, flashstepz1
Terrible app. Terrible experience.
I usually don't write reviews but the sign up process for Pershing has been pretty terrible. User IDs don't work. Password resets don't work. I was sent a user id and was locked out of my account. Called Pershing and they said my user id doesn't exist? You just sent me the user id email. How does it not exist? Oh yeah, this app also doesn't load on iPhone. Don't work with Pershing and don't use this app. I'm moving my investments elsewhere.
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6 years ago, MikeKeeler
The 2000’s called, they want their App back
I’m an Advisor and decided to Try out the mobile check deposit. I kept getting errors saying the image wasn’t clear. I never have problems using mobile deposit at my bank. I finally called my help desk and they pointed me to a document on how to use it. Seriously, I need a separate instruction sheet to use this? Turns out I didn’t write ‘Mobile Deposit’ on the front. My bank’s app walks me through the deposit process step by step. Why doesn’t Pershing do the same? I shouldn’t have to read a separate instruction sheet. If I can’t figure this out, how will my clients? I’m better off not telling them about this app so I don’t have to do the technical support.
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2 years ago, @johnnymerch
Still needs improvements
It’s by far and away the slowest loading app that I have (over a hundred). 50% of the time when it does open (25% of the time it does NOT open) , it opens on the wrong login page. I’m embarrassed for the owner of app, because it’s performance is atrocious!! Please spend some money, tested it, fix it, then test it again and again in real life.
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4 years ago, lion2137
A clean interface for actionable insights
Great features for investment decision making, close to real time data and trade information. Can pay bills and deposit checks too!
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5 days ago, I'm not fun
Why is this so crappy ?
I am currently using this app because it’s what one of my brokerage houses used . I have Fidelity App and Schwab app and they are both 100 times better with features and ease of use . It is difficult to navigate , and useless to use to make decisions from . I don’t know why it exists at this point and time .
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5 years ago, Stevehmiller
App wiped out my settings!
I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. All was fine, but the last update wiped out all my settings for signing on! I had it set to where I used fingerprint sign on. It used to sign me in all the way. Now, it prompts me for my fingerprint, accepts it, then takes me to a blank sign-on page, where I have to enter the financial org, user id and password! Really????????
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3 years ago, Fadizeidan
Basically a terrible app front to the website
Really terrible app, it simply serve the website content and it does poor job of that. I can complain about the website itself as well and how terrible it is, but from the app perspective, it should simplify things not complicate it more. You can do the same by browsing to the site. - add face or finger print recognition - add easier and native way to buy/sell - if you login and take no action, log me out not leave me on a page that waiting for me to take action to tell me sorry you will now be logged out Fidelity is 100 times better, and fidelity is not that great.
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6 years ago, AZDale
You cannot paste password from a password manager for access. This is brain dead design. Makes it impossible to use. Write down password ? Bad idea. Make it simple to remember? Bad idea this app? Bad ideas in fundamental access design. Every other financial institution can figure this out and provide thumb print access even. Does not give confidence in their systems capability
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3 weeks ago, ScottInTucsonToo
Do the developers use this?
I’m just wondering? Because it seems obvious they don’t given the uselessness of the app. For example, look at the account activity. The display shows date, type and a column that says cash. No amount, no # of shares. Nothing useful. Write this puppy off and go back to the old version!
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3 years ago, hongrn
Requires Password to log on
How about using the fingerprint reader to log on to the app??? You guys ever heard of that innovation??? You’re still requiring a password, which is completely asinine for a phone app. And how about facial recognition??? Ughhhh...
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1 year ago, Mister Jody
Billion dollar company
App will not let you identify or contact your account manager, at a minimum I should be able to send a text or email for minor inquiries. If it’s real important I would call. You can put a disclaimer about transactions or services will not be completed till phone confirmation.
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2 years ago, .B i l l . S
Nothing but settings
There seems to be no way to navigate away from the notifications and paperless settings and back to anything useful. I saw my balances when I first set it up, but after it prompted me to go to settings I can’t get back to the other menu.
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5 years ago, hekelam
Won’t open mobile deposit
So how do I get my 401k funds transferred to my new IRA at a new financial advisor company. Tried x 20 without success. Logged out. Closed app and kept trying but then app wouldn’t even open so had to reload app. Currently regretting my decision to go with a company that uses such a poor app. Why stay with them when you know it’s bad?
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4 years ago, wrf3
Can’t print tax documents
With the latest version, log in, menu -> All Communications, Tax Documents, pick a document, document displays. Clicking on the blue share icon does nothing, so I can’t AirPrint from my phone.
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1 year ago, Lockwood1970
This is a financial app?
This is a neglected app that is in serious need of an update. The most important feature—the mobile deposit—doesn’t work unless I uninstall and reinstall it each time unwanted to use it. Really? Not much confidence in the security of this thing.
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3 years ago, DeaconDad
Won’t even open
I don’t know what has happened to this app. It was always somewhat slow but now it will not open. I’ve even delete and reinstalled and the app just spins its wheel - for hours if I let it. Is their service no longer working?
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5 years ago, Jayserg87
App doesn’t work on iPhone XS
I’m currently up to date software wise and the app doesn’t work on my iPhone XS but it works on my work iPhone 7 and a 2018 iPad Pro. This doesn’t make any sense since they are all running the same software I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still crashes. Please fix this
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5 months ago, RV574169428
Brutally Functional
I expect more from a BNY Mellon company. This app delivers all information you would normally find in NetX, and that’s about it. It does work, however.
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3 years ago, thejwatkins
Cannot Login
No matter what I try I cannot login. This app needs some serious development and maybe new engineers to work on it. There must be very little testing performed. At this level maybe just have a mobile website
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3 years ago, Jlo10311982
Please fix mobile deposit
I work at a RIA that has clients use this app for mobile deposit and it’s terrible. The check image comes up as invalid. My local credit union has a better mobile deposit. How is this one so bad? Now we get an error saying the MICR line numbers don’t work. Hot garbage.
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5 years ago, Acorn2022
App died today
I have used app without issue until today. It will not open, only flashes and crashes. Was unable to even delete and reinstall it, but was able to after awhile. Reinstall did nothing.
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3 years ago, Rmgordonphd
too many bugs
I worked with the nice people on line but I still get it to make a deposit and the login is awful! If they are behind this app I would put your money elsewhere!
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6 years ago, da bum
Not useful
Beware if: - you use a password manager. You can’t copy/paste your user ID or password. - you like Face ID. Can’t use it here - You are considering a financial adviser/planner/company that contracts with Pershing (which developed this app as a low-priority project) and you like digital access. It’s not an “entitlement” issue so much as a weak excuse for an app that’s built for the 1990s, as another reviewer stated. Few features, clunky navigation and and unrefined interface thats outshined by just about any other brokers’ or banks’ iOS app
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3 years ago, Palmer of Tiburon
Won’t even launch
Downloaded the app and can’t even get past he initial app loading screen. I force quit several times and tried again with no success.
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2 years ago, fjjrnxjvnwna
Absolutely horrible! Negative stars
Would give negative stars I could. App is practically useless. Feels like this app was made in 2005 when its 2022! You would think Pershing who manages $1.9 trillion would have a decent app. Embarrassing!
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2 years ago, Life. Is good
Poor App
Sometimes you can open app. Other times, you can’t open it. Very inconsistent. Have to close I phone and then try again. That usually works.
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3 years ago, psalm2316
Terrible app
It takes forever to sign up. Moreover, often times, you simply cannot sign up. I would have given 0 stars if possible. Truly a shame!
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2 years ago,
Remember my device does not work
Yep I checked the box and got the email that says it remembered my device but next login it doesn’t. No support contact to help with the app either so u get a 1
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2 years ago, Rsdonovan
Always down
The site has been down for days. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it several times with no success
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5 months ago, Joe Maselli
Great way to organize finances
Great way to organize finances
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6 years ago, Loper85
Can only initiate one action at a time. App will not step back. Have to log out and in again to initiate another action. Very frustrating and there is no help line or tech support. Makes me wonder who owns this? Very poor.
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4 years ago, Matttop
This is stuck in a hopeless loop
It is good to know that my investments are impossible to look at, but I suppose lousy software is yet another way to save money and push responsibility back on the person with the account.
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2 months ago, LibGar
App has recently been “updated”…previous version was a ton better. Positions aren’t and can’t be grouped by category (cash, stocks, bonds etc.) Can’t even see values of positions in unrealized g/l mode. Apps is utterly horrible
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5 years ago, Slopirate
Mobile deposit does not work
The mobile check deposit functionality does not work at all. Clicking the button logs me out of the app.
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2 years ago, sjr141414
Mobile deposit doesn’t work.
Sending perfectly good images and it won’t load.
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2 years ago, Former Storm App user
App Keeps Crashing….
This app keeps crashing with an unknown location error when it opens up. I have deleted and reinstalled it FIVE TIMES! Terrible!
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2 years ago, roar59
Would give zero stars if I could. Login is lousy and unreliable. App gets stuck all the time. All around the most pathetic app I have on my phone.
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