Nevada State Bank

4.8 (5.7K)
95.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZB, N.A.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nevada State Bank

4.78 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Photos with text
A Bank That Actually Walks It’s Talk
I have always been a fan and customer of home town banks and when I moved to Las Vegas I opened with Nevada State Bank. I no longer live in Nevada however I will always continue to use this bank. It is hard to find people, associates who have great banking stories to tell but this is one of the best. They are extremely professional, smart and on the ball and they actually work for you. How refreshing and I am not one of their top depositors. I highly recommend to everyone who would like a banking partner to use this bank. Someone who doesn’t look for ways to tack on charges but looks for ways to remove them and actually assist you. If you are tired of being over charged for everything you do in regards to using your money this is the right choice for you. With the mobile app available you don not even have to be in the same state as your bank.
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6 years ago, ACooper628
New issues (fixed!)
Update! After a response from the developer everything is working properly again! Thank you - I’ve been using this app for ages now and I love it! However it appears with one of the recent updates that some of the features are no longer available - such as details on recent transactions, saving user Login details, use of Touch ID, access to certain menu items such as settings, and more. It would be great if these bugs would get worked out and it could go back to normal. Oddly I’ve also seen a slew of issues I hadn’t previously on the website as well. Seems there may have been an IT breakdown somewhere that could use a fix.
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3 years ago, Memaw F
Satisfied Customer
I have never had an issue with NSB and I have been with them for 20+ years. The customer service team have been absolutely wonderful. No matter who I talk to they solve my issue courteously, with professionalism, and they are willing to answer all my questions. If they are not able to answer my question they will go out of their way to get the answer or they will transfer my call to someone that deals with the type of question I asked. NSB…you’re the best. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, noavailablebicknames
Terrible capabilities…
So this is a really difficult app to execute anything but a Zelle payment or internal NSB account transfer on. Adding a Payee is difficult and it doesn’t even recognize a lot of real routing numbers from major banks. There is also no way to make a payment to the account from an external account unless I set them up in the system as an external bank account and then initiate a transfer which takes several days to post and I don’t necessarily want to do. There is also no way to make a payment to a HELOC account unless you are transferring from an NSB account, so it takes double the time to post if your primary checking account is at a different bank, super annoying, I actually go to the bank to do it because it’s such a frustrating process online and impossible in the app.
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4 years ago, akingfuhvv
Don’t trust this App
So I never write a review of anything, if you are able to read this review please don’t trust this app, I had been using this app for a while and always checking my balance religiously every day and night. So 1 day l checked as always and l seen some overdrafts fees supposed they said it was from 2 weeks before and it had just them ask them why the charges and they explained that it where 2 weeks before so they make me pay them. l couldn’t get any help from them...told them that My my account was never at a 0 balance or showing negative l explained that l was checking up my balance at my APP and there you go they said they don’t understand why the app didn’t show me with a -negative balance. Don’t trust this APP. “When it tells you have balance” hope you understand my poor English.
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2 years ago, jasonbeaver
Awful bank & customer service
I had an account w/ them over 15 years, & they’ve been repeatedly shady. The other day my debit card was embarrassingly declined despite knowing there was funds. I couldn’t sign in the app either so I called customer service. They have now locked my account several times for “suspicious activity”, however they never bother to call email or even text that they were suspending my account without my knowledge. The guy dealing with online banking service was rude and said my account wasn’t locked despite the lady just telling me it was & me being on speaker phone still not being able to sign in. I closed my account, they have lied repeatedly, horrible rude customer service and I wouldn’t trust them with another cent.
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2 years ago, Chandra L.
Horrible app. Continual issues
Nevada State Bank can’t seem to build a sound banking app - it’s lightyears behind every other financial app on my phone. Crashes every other week. It’s almost like they don’t want their customers having access to their account info. No prompt for password changes, but every few months you can’t access your account and you have to call their “customer service” #, and spend anywhere between 10-20 minutes doing a simple password reset IME. It seems the only thing Nevada State Bank is good at is fraudulently reordering same day debits in front of credits to generate additional fees. They should start from scratch… for the third time and attempt to build an app that doesn’t have so many issues.
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3 years ago, metromomma
Nevada State Bank is the best
I love Nevada State Bank. I’ve been with them for over forty years. I’ve always had wonderful service with the tellers and other people who help with special requests. I’ve also used Peter Cox to help me with investing money when I sold a property. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I now live out of state, but continue to use my bank account with them. I continue to receive great service.
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3 years ago, 冷たい
Can I have the old version of the app back?
The bank is great, but the app is borderline unusable since they redesigned it. The register is unreadable because every transaction name is cut off, showing nothing useful. It’s more aesthetically pleasing, but the functionality has been gutted. You have to click on each transaction to see what it was, then when you hit the back button it takes you to the top of the register/transactions screen. Then you get to scroll back down and try to remember which random string of numbers you just selected so you can try to select a different register entry this time. Either put the reference number at end of the transaction name or shrink the fonts and let the title wrap to two lines, I am BEGGING you.
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5 years ago, TOMsanLV
Can’t pay credit card
Overall, the app is very good. My only issue, and something that I would like to see added, is that I can’t make a payment on my NSB credit card. I can check my balance, and recent transactions. But there’s no where to make a payment. I have to access the account from their regular website, and make the payment that way. Please add a “make payment” feature to the app please.
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4 years ago, KiskaAlaska
App is refusing to open
UPDATE: App is working again per usual! Thanks for paying attention!!! PREVIOUS REMARKS: I have been using this app for years, but starting 2 days ago the app will not open properly. I use the facial recognition and it pops open, but crashes when the app opens. Currently I don’t have time to write a longer explanation, but I am currently opening my account through the Internet with no problems
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6 years ago, loriinvegas
Needs iPhone X update
Love NSB! Love the mobile banking app and the ability to deposit checks through the app! Thank you for the recent face recognition update. Just need one more to make it fully functional for iPhone X users. The iPhone X doesn’t have a button to exit screens. Instead there is a line across the bottom center of the screen to swipe up and exit apps. The lower nsb app menu (accounts, recents, locations, more) needs to be raised so there isn’t interference with our swipe up bar
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3 years ago, forwash2000
Review on NSB app on cell
I am a person that takes a while to learn new technology. To my surprise, it did take me about 15-30 minutes to completely understand how to set up my recurring payments on my bill. Yes, I am elated I didn't have to bug my kids. My confidence increased quite a bit because usually, the Grands have to be summoned. Thank you very much
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6 months ago, littleres22
Please FIX THIS APP!!!
NSB updated their app a few months ago, and ever since then it only allows me to log in about 25% of the time!!! I do all my banking through the app and it is really frustrating when I can’t access my accounts. I’ve called my local branch, the 1-800 number and even added my own Sign-in for our joint account with my husband, and now both of us are locked out all the time! PLEASE, please, Please fix this problem. It might come to us switching banks just for this ridiculous reason. If I can’t access my accounts online, I can’t bank there.
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2 years ago, ProducerDanny
Digital Ease
I use this app to manage my account at all times, especially when I’m on the road. It is so easy and makes transferring between accounts, even with different banks easy. I am asked if I feel safe using it the answer is absolutely. I have never had an issue of breach of security. Never.
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4 months ago, Jdez7
Biometric Login
Is anyone else experiencing issues with FaceID Login? My phone & the app are both up-to-date, but every time I try to login it automatically reverts to using biometrics & says “An error occurred while trying to login using biometric data”. I’ve tried going to settings to remove FaceID, but there’s no option to do so on the app. Please note, FaceID works with everything else on my phone.
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3 months ago, Maestrobaw
App continues to fail
Since the major update with the app a few months ago, I constantly get “invalid credentials” or “problems with biometrics” even though I know my banking credentials and use them multiple times/week. After 2 attempts it locks me out of my account and I have to call customer service. I use online banking multiple times per week and it’s frustrating when the account can’t be accessed to transfer money or make payments. I hope there are some plans in the works to get this app back to on track!
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6 years ago, PresidentBozo
I love my Bank but CitiBank Should Be ShutDown for Crimes
I love my Bank! But they still won’t give you credit if you lost your home to the crooked other banks! CitiBank and Bank of America made this cancer patient homeless illegally! Still Alive! Disabled And Fighting Mad! No one should ever be ripped off by your bank! Thanks Nevada State Bank! Only charging me $7.50 a month to keep my $20 in savings! Yeah Baby!
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4 years ago, Bratman22
Problems with auto login
Overall app is great except for saved login with faceID. Seems to constantly ask for pass after error. Also seem to get JSON error when logging in too. Annoying that it won’t keep password saved and there never seemed to be issues with touchID. I went from iPhone 7 to 11.
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2 years ago, mit223
Thank you
The developers were very responsive in resolving the issues I was experiencing along with other users. Thank you for fixing the persistent formatting and overlapping text problems when reviewing account content.
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5 years ago, Katniss forever 1
Not the best bank..
This bank is not the best in Nevada, and could be way better. If you don’t deposit a check before 6pm on Friday’s, it won’t be available until Tuesday of the following week. Meanwhile, you can deposit a check before 9pm on Friday’s with Wells Fargo and it will be deposited and available the next morning. To add on, the Nevada State Bank also charges you useless fees. Overall, I would never recommend using this bank or this app to anyone. No wonder my family doesn’t use it, but now i’ll switch to Wells Fargo.
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4 years ago, Hbommmbbb
App doesn’t load all the time.
Sometimes when I try to check my balance, the app says “temporarily not working please check again later” and I’ll keep checking for hours and it still does that. It’s very inconvenient when I need to check my account urgently. I’m currently having this issue right now. Please fix ASAP!
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3 years ago, TwicetheFunnyMom
I’ve been using the app for the past year doing transfers and Zell payments, and checking my balances. So far, I’ve never had a glitch or issue with any of the processing and it’s been super fast and convenient.
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10 months ago, cv32122
Poor app deisgn
I've been a member for the past 5 years. My complaint is more so about the app than the service. I cannot access any information on my account about 3-4 times a week. I open and close the app and It always appears to be down.I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, nothing. I've banked with other institutions and never had an issue. This is such an inconvenience.
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2 years ago, ovistvin
Poor mobile deposit performance
App has trouble with mobile deposits. The app rejects many endorsements even though my company uses a stamp with well defined letters and account numbers. The workaround is to manually write the endorsement information which is time consuming when we have many checks to deposit.
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2 years ago, notthedoctor123
Updates are always pure trash
Literally every time there is an app update, it adds “features” that reek of ignorance to customer discovery. The latest forced update makes the app look like an unresponsive web app, which has caused me to finally submit a review. Previously I would have given the feedback that the bill pay updates are the absolute worst UX - added clicks and actions that make no sense.
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3 years ago, Grannyelmer
I wish when transferring between accounts, the “from” button would show more info to identify the accounts, like the “to” button does.
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3 years ago, Pyrobeast
Garbage Update
Have you ever wanted an over-complicated banking app? Then this is for you! If you wanted a simple banking app look somewhere else! Seriously why does this app have to open a browser window to see credit card transactions. Workflow for transfers between accounts takes much longer than before. This update makes the app busier than a 90’s website.
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4 years ago, esmi199
This app is so bad nothing works and there is a “PayPal” option when I go there it takes me to edocuments why would it be called PayPal when it has NOTHING to do with paypal . I been trying to lock my card until I find it “card control” option has been down for 3 days maybe more
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3 years ago, HermioneMe
New app
I don’t like your new app for one reason. I have a hard time printing out the items for a specific period. I used to be able to enlarge the print (due to eyesight issues)before I printed it and now I can’t. The print is too small now. Also when I print it, it does not show the running balances.
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5 years ago, TylerBranson
Used to work well
This app was always pretty good, but after the latest update I’m no longer able to transfer money from my account to my credit card. I can see the current balance, but as soon as I hit transfer, the account does not show up as an option. I now have to use the browser version just to pay my balance. At least Face ID works all the time.
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2 years ago, CousinRick
Started using full screen pop up ads on login.
Cant believe they would invade our mobile banking app with dangerous, unsecure, unsolicited full screen pop up banners!!! Whatever genius thought this was a good idea should immediately be fired! If the advertisement pop ups are still here in 30 days, I will close my account and find a bank that is not so desperate that they would risk mobile banking security to advertise!
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6 years ago, OrbUnion4Life
Simple and easy to use!
Aside from how good this bank is to me, the mobile banking app from Nevada State Bank serves a great purpose in my everyday purchase’s. It’s vey simple and easy to use when dealing with my assets. Really don’t have any complaints about this app.
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5 years ago, truckiefyrman
Would like to see more features
Could you add the ability to lock and unlock (freeze)debit and credit cards through the app? I greatly enjoy that feature through my other bank as well as credit card companies.
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6 years ago, NBS Senior
NSB Senior
I really enjoy the freedom of being able to go online and check my account .transfer money. deposit checks on line is awesome .. so easy and really saves me time and money of having to drive to the bank .. thanks NSB
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6 years ago, NullifiedSky
Works Excellent Except..
Everything works well except the mobile deposits, it will freeze my phone, will not open my camera up so I can take a picture, but shows a white screen instead. Very good app, just not the mobile deposits, varies of issues with it from what I’ve read and experienced.
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2 years ago, finajuan
I have always been happy with all the services I had online and the representative being professional.
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6 years ago, Tequilagold
Great App
Have used this since it came out. Never any issues. Makes banking so much easier. Wish the limits were higher maybe based on time with the bank or balances.
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6 years ago, Sideman7
Mobile check deposit needs work
When it works it’s decent, but the mobile check deposit function is maddening at best. It repeatedly has errors because it decides the amount is something other than it actually is and tells you to take the photo over and over again until you give up.
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2 years ago, DesignerGirL3089
New Update Issues
I’ve not had an issue with the app before, and I find the mobile check deposit feature very convenient, but since the new update, I cannot easily read my transactions. Instead of reading the purchase description column left to right (like normal…) it has for some reason switched to read vertically—up and down one letter at a time. L I K E T H I S I looked for a way to maybe zoom out on the page to help to no avail. Please return the user interface to how it was before as I cannot use the app currently. Thank you.
Show more
4 years ago, Jersey Alicia
Recent issues
I have been very happy with the app for a very long time, checking daily. Just in the last week or so, the app keeps shutting down when I try to log on. The desktop version is fine. Just happening in the app.
Show more
1 year ago, kobe04
Mobile Check Deposit
Finally here able to deposit checks through the app! Great job folks!!!
Show more
4 years ago, Praguejl
Still Keep Crashing!!
Very frustrated, always crashing and errors. Hope developers will fix this so I can continue banking with them. Terrible!
Show more
6 years ago, Bushwacker05
Never any Problems
Easiest way to bank. I have had no problems with this app. And hope to never see the inside of a bank again.
Show more
6 years ago, ggdivjihhu
why wouldn’t you use this!
It’s a great app. it’s east to use, deposit checks from anywhere, transfer money, and even pay your credit card.
Show more
1 year ago, trickytbiscuit
Works great
I like the app much better than the bank, atm is typically out of order. So this is a good way to deposit my checks
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3 years ago, Ren Carr
Bill Pay Section
I am very annoyed that the Bills section and the scheduled sections are totally separate. I also have Bank of America, and theirs is so much better. You can look at all you Payees and see what is scheduled and what you still need to pay. With this app, I am constantly clicking back and forth & it is very annoying and not user friendly.
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3 years ago, nvtaz75
happy with the app again!! Update the app to allow VPN’s
No I get app failed to load not good!!! iPhone 12 Pro Max. Found out today the nsb app does not like the ExpressVPN I have on my phone! Please allow my app to work with my vpn provider.
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2 years ago, NSB loyal customer
Mobile Deposit is the worst!
Since the app has been updated, it will never accept my mobile deposits! It always says “deposit failed” and then I have to find time in my already busy day to go to the bank. What is the point of having the mobile deposit function if it doesn’t work!?
Show more
2 years ago, TerrapinMountainSouth1
It’s better than it was…
The app previously was atrocious. The app now is alright. Take a look at chase and wells for inspiration when designing features and UI/UX. This one is better than the last and we appreciate the effort, but it’s not best in class. Sorry.
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